The BBC has announced that it has a sustainable plan for the future of the BBC Singers, in association with The VOCES8 Foundation.
The threat to reduce the staff of the three English orchestras by 20% has not been lifted, but it is being reconsidered.
See the BBC press release here.

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Alfred, Lord TennysonWords and Music2021-04-2517:3000:19:46Duration 00:01:24 Link
Alice OswaldWords and Music2021-04-2517:3000:36:25Duration 00:01:03 Link
Edward ThomasWords and Music2021-04-2517:3001:12:30Duration 00:01:00 Link
Eudora WeltyWords and Music2021-04-2517:3001:05:57Duration 00:02:17 Link
FRIDAY POEMBreakfast2021-04-3006:3001:16:13Duration 00:03:27 Link
Jackie KayWords and Music2021-04-2517:3000:47:47Duration 00:00:57 Link
Jackie KayWords and Music2021-04-2517:3000:51:04Duration 00:01:43 Link
John SteinbeckWords and Music2021-04-2517:3000:07:58Duration 00:00:54 Link
Kim MooreWords and Music2021-04-2517:3000:04:38Duration 00:00:54 Link
Victor HugoWords and Music2021-04-2517:3000:13:53Duration 00:02:01 Link
Walt WhitmanWords and Music2021-04-2517:3000:27:57Duration 00:01:10 Link
Walt WhitmanWords and Music2021-04-2517:3000:30:08Duration 00:00:59 Link
Walt WhitmanWords and Music2021-04-2517:3000:41:25Duration 00:01:18 Link
Walt WhitmanWords and Music2021-04-2517:3000:59:48Duration 00:01:37 Link
Aaron CoplandBuckaroo Holiday (Four Dance Episodes from Rodeo)Breakfast2021-04-2906:3002:23:06Duration 00:07:14 Link
Aaron CoplandQuiet CityWords and Music2021-04-2517:3000:29:11Duration 00:08:53 Link
Abdullah Ibrahim (artist)Mannenberg RevisitedJ to Z2021-04-2421:3000:57:15Duration 00:06:06 Link
AC/DC (artist)It's a Long Way to the TopThe Listening Service2021-04-2517:0000:04:43Duration 00:01:26 Link
Alain RomansQuel temps fait-il à Paris ?Essential Classics2021-04-3009:0001:32:01Duration 00:01:45 Link
AlashKara Kush (The Black Bird)Night Tracks2021-04-2823:0000:08:50Duration 00:04:11 Link
Alessandro ScarlattiCanta dolce il rosignolo (La gloria di Primavera)Breakfast2021-04-2507:0000:07:47Duration 00:06:03 Link
Alessandro ScarlattiConcerto à 7 No 3 in F majorBreakfast2021-04-2706:3001:41:57Duration 00:07:54 Link
Alessandro StradellaSinfonia no.2Essential Classics2021-04-2809:0000:28:01Duration 00:06:11 Link
Alexander Alexandrovich AlyabievPiano Trio in A Minor: III. Rondo. AllegrettoEssential Classics2021-04-3009:0000:21:36Duration 00:07:58 Link
Alexander BorodinIn the steppes of central AsiaBreakfast2021-04-2606:3002:24:13Duration 00:07:00 Link
Alexander BorodinIn the steppes of central AsiaThrough the Night2021-04-2900:3004:32:36Duration 00:07:18 Link
Alexander GretchaninovThe Seven Days of Passion 'Thou who clothest Thyself'Breakfast2021-04-3006:3001:50:39Duration 00:03:59 Link
Alexander von ZemlinskyString Quartet No. 1 in A major, Op. 4 - II. AllegrettoEssential Classics2021-04-3009:0002:44:42Duration 00:04:57 Link
Alexander von ZemlinskyTrio for clarinet, cello and piano Op 3Through the Night2021-04-2401:0002:38:52Duration 00:25:29 Link
Alexander von ZemlinskyWaldgesprächRecord Review2021-04-2409:0000:10:55Duration 00:07:03 Link
Alun HoddinottWelsh dances - suite no.1 Op.15 (no.2)Essential Classics2021-04-2609:0000:07:33Duration 00:01:39 Link
Amanda Whiting (artist)Messed UpJ to Z2021-04-2421:3000:47:36Duration 00:04:22 Link
Ambrose Akinmusire (artist)The Beauty of Dissolving PortraitsWords and Music2021-04-2517:3001:10:47Duration 00:04:12 Link
Ami Dang (artist)The DemonUnclassified2021-04-2923:3000:16:37Duration 00:07:26 Link
Amy BeachHermit thrush at morn Op.92`2 for pianoNight Tracks2021-04-2823:0000:38:55Duration 00:04:38 Link
Amy BeachPiano Quintet in F minor (2nd mvt)Essential Classics2021-04-2809:0002:29:22Duration 00:09:59 Link
Andrew HulmeEntrancementNight Tracks2021-04-2723:0000:22:05Duration 00:07:23 Link
André Cardinal DestouchesLes Elements (Act 3 Chaconne)In Tune2021-04-2817:0000:17:20Duration 00:05:28 Link
Anna ClyneStride for string orchestraAfternoon Concert2021-04-3014:0000:29:30Duration 00:11:47 Link
Annea LockwoodFor RuthNew Music Show2021-04-2423:0001:19:27Duration 00:09:30 Link
Anon.MorenicaBreakfast2021-04-2507:0001:07:52Duration 00:03:00 Link
AnonymousCanarioEssential Classics2021-04-2909:0001:27:21Duration 00:02:14 Link
AnonymousDanza moriscaBreakfast2021-04-2507:0001:10:50Duration 00:01:50 Link
AnonymousPolorum Regina (Queen of the Poles)The Night Tracks Mix2021-04-2923:0000:01:11Duration 00:05:50 Link
Anthony HolborneThe Honie-suckle; The Fairie-roundIn Tune2021-04-2917:0001:56:08Duration 00:02:40 Link
Anthony PayneSymphony no.3 in C minor (2nd mvt)In Tune2021-04-3017:0001:14:26Duration 00:09:40 Link
Antoine DauvergneConcert de simphonies à IV parties in F major, Op 3 no 2Through the Night2021-04-2800:3005:23:58Duration 00:20:55 Link
Antoine RenardLe Temps des CerisesBreakfast2021-04-2407:0000:08:46Duration 00:04:38 Link
Anton BrucknerLocus isteEssential Classics2021-04-2709:0001:33:18Duration 00:02:50 Link
Antonio VivaldiAutumn (The Four Seasons)Essential Classics2021-04-2709:0002:15:05Duration 00:10:31 Link
Antonio VivaldiConcerto da Camera in D major (RV.94)Through the Night2021-04-2700:3003:04:47Duration 00:11:20 Link
Antonio VivaldiConcerto in C major for 2 trumpets, RV.537In Tune2021-04-2917:0001:23:40Duration 00:07:11 Link
Antonio VivaldiMandolin Concerto in C major, RV 425Breakfast2021-04-2806:3000:08:36Duration 00:08:40 Link
Antonio VivaldiNasce il Sole from Soprano Cantata 'Sorge Vermiglia in Ciel'Breakfast2021-04-3006:3001:55:34Duration 00:06:03 Link
Antonio VivaldiTrio Sonata in B flat major, Op. 5 No. 17 (RV 76) - II. AllemandaSunday Morning2021-04-2509:0002:01:37Duration 00:02:22 Link
Antonio VivaldiViola d'amore Concerto in A major, RV.396Essential Classics2021-04-2809:0001:00:06Duration 00:09:01 Link
Antonín Dvořák4 Romantic pieces, B150; 1. Allegro moderatoThis Classical Life2021-04-2412:3000:09:26Duration 00:03:21 Link
Antonín DvořákCello Concerto in B minor (Op.104)Through the Night2021-04-2501:0002:01:04Duration 00:40:56 Link
Antonín DvořákCello Concerto in B minor, Op 104Through the Night2021-04-2800:3000:01:13Duration 00:39:31 Link
Antonín DvořákGoin' HomeBreakfast2021-04-2706:3000:49:31Duration 00:05:43 Link
Antonín DvořákMass in D major (Op.86)Through the Night2021-04-2900:3005:19:30Duration 00:40:13 Link
Antonín DvořákRomance Op 11 in F minor vers. for violin and pianoThrough the Night2021-04-2800:3003:19:24Duration 00:11:23 Link
Antonín DvořákSlavonic Dance in A flat major Op.72 no.8Essential Classics2021-04-2809:0002:51:38Duration 00:07:16 Link
Antonín DvořákSlavonic Dance in A major, Op 46 No 5In Tune2021-04-2617:0000:21:35Duration 00:03:10 Link
Antonín DvořákSong to the Moon (Rusalka)Breakfast2021-04-2706:3001:23:35Duration 00:05:24 Link
Antonín DvořákString Quartet in E flat major, Op. 51 - FinaleBreakfast2021-04-2507:0000:33:01Duration 00:06:49 Link
Antonín DvořákSymphony No 8 in G major, Op 88 (3rd mvt)Breakfast2021-04-3006:3002:11:53Duration 00:06:12 Link
Aram KhachaturianAdagio of Spartacus and Phrygia (Spartacus)In Tune2021-04-2917:0001:08:36Duration 00:08:56 Link
Arcangelo CorelliTrio sonata in D major, Op 1 No 12Breakfast2021-04-2706:3002:15:19Duration 00:06:20 Link
Arlo Parks (artist)Too GoodHappy Harmonies with Laufey2021-04-2406:00Duration Link
Arlo Parks (artist)Too GoodPiano Flow with Lianne La Havas2021-04-2405:0000:59:59Duration 00:03:31 Link
Arnaud DonezJardin & Rossignol sur pointesNight Tracks2021-04-2623:0000:53:35Duration 00:04:19 Link
Arnold BaxMaenads (Spring Fire)Essential Classics2021-04-2609:0000:34:28Duration 00:07:41 Link
Arnold BaxMediterraneanEssential Classics2021-04-3009:0000:16:49Duration 00:03:51 Link
Arnold BaxMediterraneanEssential Classics2021-04-3009:0000:47:35Duration 00:00:41 Link
Arnold BaxSpring Fire (3rd mvt, Full Day)Breakfast2021-04-2806:3002:22:53Duration 00:07:19 Link
Arranged MarriageHemantNight Tracks2021-04-2823:0001:13:35Duration 00:10:19 Link
Arthur SullivanThe Dicky Bird and the OwlBreakfast2021-04-2507:0000:26:23Duration 00:04:06 Link
Arvo PärtVariations for the healing of ArinushkaBreakfast2021-04-2407:0000:26:39Duration 00:03:23 Link
Astor PiazzollaSoledadNight Tracks2021-04-2623:0000:59:37Duration 00:07:35 Link
Attilio AriostiVespasiano (Overture)Essential Classics2021-04-2609:0000:02:01Duration 00:05:12 Link
Ayanna Witter-JohnsonRise Up RiddimIn Tune2021-04-2817:0000:33:34Duration 00:04:00 Link
Ayanna Witter-Johnson (artist)Declaration of RightsJ to Z2021-04-2421:3000:37:36Duration 00:04:31 Link
Azimuth (artist)Adios IonyWords and Music2021-04-2517:3000:38:24Duration 00:05:29 Link
Balint Sarosi (artist)Dudanóta II (Bagpipe Song II)The Listening Service2021-04-2517:0000:09:52Duration 00:03:30 Link
Ballaké SissokoBamako - Chamber MusicEssential Classics2021-04-2609:0000:43:01Duration 00:04:08 Link
Barbara Strozzi"L'Eraclito amoroso" for Soprano and continuoThrough the Night2021-04-2700:3004:53:44Duration 00:05:31 Link
Bedrich SmetanaSonata movement in E minor for 2 pianos, 8 handsThrough the Night2021-04-2700:3003:41:51Duration 00:10:36 Link
Bedrich SmetanaVltava (Ma Vlast)Essential Classics2021-04-2909:0002:04:55Duration 00:10:51 Link
Ben PonniahMaida Vale Service (Magnificat)Choral Evensong2021-04-2815:3000:25:27Duration 00:04:55 Link
Ben PonniahMaida Vale Service (Nunc dimittis)Choral Evensong2021-04-2815:3000:32:58Duration 00:02:50 Link
Benjamin BrittenFolksong Arrangements, Vol 4: The Last Rose of SummerIn Tune2021-04-3017:0000:46:47Duration 00:03:30 Link
Benjamin BrittenSix Metamorphoses after Ovid, Op 49 (Phaeton)In Tune Mixtape2021-04-2919:0000:03:48Duration 00:01:22 Link
Benjamin BrittenSunday Morning (4 Sea interludes from Peter Grimes)Breakfast2021-04-2407:0000:34:54Duration 00:03:53 Link
Bernard HerrmannPsycho (Suite from the film)Radio 3 in Concert2021-04-2719:3000:15:28Duration 00:14:39 Link
Bernhard CrusellCarinet Concerto no.2 in F minor Op.5 (3rd mvt)Essential Classics2021-04-2609:0000:57:30Duration 00:05:25 Link
Betty Carter (artist)FakeJ to Z2021-04-2421:3000:52:31Duration 00:03:41 Link
Bill EvansPeace PieceEssential Classics2021-04-3009:0002:31:30Duration 00:06:36 Link
Billy StrayhornBlood CountNight Tracks2021-04-2723:0001:14:34Duration 00:06:34 Link
Billy StrayhornUp and Down, Up and Down (I will lead them up and down) from Such Sweet ThunderIn Tune Mixtape2021-04-2819:0000:24:49Duration 00:03:03 Link
BjörkAuroraEssential Classics2021-04-2709:0002:31:22Duration 00:04:43 Link
Blind Tom WigginsBattle of Manassas (1861) [aka. "First Bull Run"]Through the Night2021-04-2600:3001:25:29Duration 00:07:55 Link
Bohuslav MartinuDance of the Bumblebee (Spalicek)Essential Classics2021-04-2809:0000:11:45Duration 00:03:08 Link
Bohuslav MartinuSonatina for clarinet and piano (Finale)In Tune2021-04-2817:0001:58:06Duration 00:02:22 Link
Brian Eno (artist)ManganeseBreakfast2021-04-2407:0000:55:35Duration 00:03:17 Link
Bulgarian Voices Angelite (artist)Erke, Mori, ErkeIn Tune Mixtape2021-04-3019:0000:23:14Duration 00:02:16 Link
Béla Bartók2 Romanian Dances (Polka and Fast Dance)Record Review Extra2021-04-2521:0000:01:27Duration 00:01:26 Link
Caerwen MartinStars Come Out in a Midnight SkyNight Tracks2021-04-2723:0001:04:50Duration 00:05:17 Link
Camille Saint‐SaënsCarnival of the Animals (Aquarium)Breakfast2021-04-3006:3001:33:49Duration 00:02:05 Link
Camille Saint‐SaënsClarinet Sonata in E flat major, Op.167 (2nd mvt)Breakfast2021-04-2606:3002:20:46Duration 00:02:07 Link
Camille Saint‐SaënsMon coeur s'ouvre a ta voix (Samson et Delilah)Sunday Morning2021-04-2509:0002:20:25Duration 00:05:46 Link
Camille Saint‐SaënsOboe Sonata in D majorThrough the Night2021-04-2501:0003:16:05Duration 00:11:22 Link
Camille Saint‐SaënsPiano Trio No 1 in F major, Op 18Through the Night2021-04-2900:3002:31:04Duration 00:30:21 Link
Camille Saint‐SaënsSeptet for trumpet, piano and strings in E flat major, Op 65Through the Night2021-04-2700:3004:36:19Duration 00:17:04 Link
Carl Friedrich AbelSonata in G major for transverse flute and harpsichord, Op 6 no 6Through the Night2021-04-2900:3004:40:13Duration 00:09:54 Link
Carl Friedrich AbelSymphony in E major, Op 10 no 1Through the Night2021-04-2501:0004:33:31Duration 00:11:07 Link
Carl Maria von WeberInvitation to the Dance Op.65Breakfast2021-04-2906:3000:14:05Duration 00:08:04 Link
Carl Maria von WeberOverture: Der FreischützRadio 3 in Concert2021-04-2619:3000:01:56Duration 00:09:41 Link
Carl Maria von WeberQuintet in B flat major Op.34 for clarinet and strings (J.182)Through the Night2021-04-2700:3002:36:37Duration 00:24:19 Link
Carl NielsenHelios Overture, Op. 17Breakfast2021-04-2507:0000:15:31Duration 00:10:01 Link
Carl NielsenOverture to MaskaradeThrough the Night2021-04-2501:0004:00:50Duration 00:05:00 Link
Carl Philipp Emanuel BachConcerto in C major Wq.20 for harpsichord and stringsAfternoon Concert2021-04-2814:0000:45:47Duration 00:23:52 Link
Carl Philipp Emanuel BachSymphony in E flat major Wq.179Afternoon Concert2021-04-2814:0000:02:41Duration 00:13:10 Link
Carl Philipp Emanuel BachSymphony in E major, Wq 182 No 6In Tune2021-04-3017:0000:10:44Duration 00:08:43 Link
Carlo InnocenziAddio, Sogni di GloriaIn Tune2021-04-2717:0000:00:39Duration 00:03:53 Link
Carlos NiñoPlease Wake up a Little Faster PleaseNight Tracks2021-04-2623:0000:11:10Duration 00:03:33 Link
Carmen McRae (artist)Second ChanceIn Tune Mixtape2021-04-3019:0000:10:16Duration 00:03:38 Link
Carolina EyckLeyohmi (Luminescence)Night Tracks2021-04-2823:0001:00:52Duration 00:05:46 Link
Cassandra MillerPerfect OfferingNew Music Show2021-04-2423:0000:56:41Duration 00:17:52 Link
Charles AvisonConcerto grosso after Scarlatti, No. 6 in D major - Con furia (mov. 2)In Tune2021-04-2817:0001:03:56Duration 00:04:23 Link
Charles AvisonConcerto no. 5 in D minorBreakfast2021-04-2906:3001:46:11Duration 00:10:54 Link
Charles IvesSymphony No 2Through the Night2021-04-2600:3000:41:08Duration 00:41:24 Link
Charles IvesThe Unanswered questionAfternoon Concert2021-04-2714:0000:12:18Duration 00:06:26 Link
Charles Tomlinson GriffesCloudsSunday Morning2021-04-2509:0001:19:56Duration 00:04:14 Link
Charles Villiers StanfordFantasy for Horn Quintet in A MinorEssential Classics2021-04-3009:0000:49:12Duration 00:10:20 Link
Charles Villiers StanfordQuintet in D Minor, Op. 25: III. Adagio espressivoIn Tune2021-04-2817:0000:38:18Duration 00:09:50 Link
Charles‐François GounodPetite symphonie in B flat major (3rd mvt)Breakfast2021-04-2706:3002:00:36Duration 00:04:08 Link
Charles‐Marie WidorSalve Regina (Organ Symphony No 2 in D major, Op 13)Breakfast2021-04-3006:3002:23:39Duration 00:07:21 Link
Charles‐Marie WidorSuite in C minor Op. 34: I. ModeratoRecord Review2021-04-2409:0001:40:23Duration 00:04:18 Link
Charles‐Marie WidorSymphony No 5 in F minor, Op 42 No 1; 5th mvt, ToccataIn Tune2021-04-2917:0001:59:21Duration 00:04:28 Link
Charlie Parker (artist)My Melancholy BabyJ to Z2021-04-2421:3001:09:57Duration 00:03:22 Link
Cheryl Frances-HoadDon'tNew Music Show2021-04-2423:0001:53:26Duration 00:03:20 Link
Cheryl Frances-HoadHomages (Lullaby)Night Tracks2021-04-2723:0000:10:27Duration 00:03:11 Link
Chick Corea (artist)Bugle Call RagJazz Record Requests2021-04-2516:0000:03:33Duration 00:03:16 Link
Christoph BernhardMissa 'Durch Adams Fall'Through the Night2021-04-2700:3003:16:29Duration 00:09:08 Link
Christoph Willibald GluckDances of the Furies - ballet music from 'Orphee et Euridice'Through the Night2021-04-3000:3004:27:37Duration 00:04:10 Link
Christoph Willibald GluckOrpheus's Lament and Dance arr KempffSunday Morning2021-04-2509:0000:54:54Duration 00:03:01 Link
Christopher SimpsonThe Spring 'Ayre'Breakfast2021-04-3006:3000:34:19Duration 00:04:45 Link
Christopher TinCome TomorrowHappy Harmonies with Laufey2021-04-2406:0000:34:04Duration 00:03:56 Link
Christopher TinSogno Di VolareIn Tune2021-04-3017:0001:29:46Duration 00:03:52 Link
Claire M SingerWranghamNight Tracks2021-04-2623:0000:19:41Duration 00:06:30 Link
Clara IannottaLimunNew Music Show2021-04-2423:0000:36:05Duration 00:07:58 Link
Clara Schumann6 Songs, Op 13, i) Ich stand in dunkeln TräumenIn Tune2021-04-3017:0000:08:21Duration 00:02:00 Link
Clara SchumannPrelude and Fugue in B flat major, Op 16 no 2Through the Night2021-04-2900:3003:55:22Duration 00:04:35 Link
Clara SchumannVariations on a theme of Robert Schumann for piano in F sharp minor, Op 20Through the Night2021-04-2800:3003:42:25Duration 00:09:05 Link
Claude BollingBaroque In RhythmBreakfast2021-04-3006:3002:03:29Duration 00:04:26 Link
Claude DebussyClair de lune (Suite bergamasque)Breakfast2021-04-2606:3000:39:22Duration 00:04:39 Link
Claude DebussyFetes (Nocturnes)Essential Classics2021-04-2609:0002:05:51Duration 00:06:15 Link
Claude DebussyLa Romance d'ArielRecord Review2021-04-2409:0001:35:00Duration 00:04:53 Link
Claude DebussyPreludes Book 1: X. The Submerged CathedralIn Tune2021-04-2817:0001:21:26Duration 00:08:29 Link
Claude DebussyPremière rhapsodieEssential Classics2021-04-2909:0002:17:06Duration 00:07:54 Link
Claude DebussyPrélude à l'après-midi d'un fauneBreakfast2021-04-2706:3002:05:45Duration 00:09:07 Link
Claude DebussyPrélude à l'après-midi d'un fauneThrough the Night2021-04-2800:3004:19:43Duration 00:10:54 Link
Claude DebussySonate en trio (Interlude)Essential Classics2021-04-2709:0000:52:15Duration 00:05:34 Link
Claude DebussyThe Girl with the Flaxen Hair (Preludes, Bk.1)Breakfast2021-04-2507:0000:03:59Duration 00:02:44 Link
Claude DebussyViolin Sonata in G minorEssential Classics2021-04-2809:0002:10:10Duration 00:13:15 Link
Claudia SessaOcchi io vissi di voiNight Tracks2021-04-2723:0001:21:08Duration 00:03:43 Link
Clifford Brown (artist)The Scene Is CleanJazz Record Requests2021-04-2516:0000:51:17Duration 00:05:54 Link
Cole PorterBrush Up Your Shakespeare (Kiss Me Kate)Private Passions2021-04-2512:0000:49:51Duration 00:03:34 Link
Conspirare (artist)The Road HomeHappy Harmonies with Laufey2021-04-2406:0000:22:23Duration 00:03:28 Link
Constant LambertRomeo and Juliet,1st tableau: Rondino; Gavotte & TrioIn Tune Mixtape2021-04-2819:0000:27:48Duration 00:02:04 Link
Corona SchröterOverture to Die FischerinThrough the Night2021-04-3000:3004:57:33Duration 00:03:14 Link
Cosmic Vibrations (artist)Motherless ChildJ to Z2021-04-2421:3000:24:15Duration 00:07:26 Link
Crosby, Stills & Nash (artist)Helplessly HopingHappy Harmonies with Laufey2021-04-2406:0000:03:29Duration 00:02:26 Link
Dame Ethel Mary SmythThe Wreckers (Overture)Breakfast2021-04-3006:3001:36:53Duration 00:09:32 Link
Dame Ethel SmythSerenade in D: 2nd mvt ScherzoEssential Classics2021-04-3009:0002:38:19Duration 00:06:03 Link
Dario CastelloSonata - 1629 No. 1 For Treble Instrument And ContinuoRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2021-04-2813:0000:23:23Duration 00:04:13 Link
Dario CastelloSonata - 1629 No. 12 For 3 Instruments [trtrb] And ContinuoRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2021-04-2813:0000:47:26Duration 00:07:21 Link
Dario CastelloSonata - 1629 No. 2 For Treble Instrument And ContinuoRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2021-04-2813:0000:32:22Duration 00:04:46 Link
Dario CastelloSonata No. 1 In A MinorRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2021-04-2813:0000:10:23Duration 00:05:27 Link
Dario CastelloSonata No. 10 In D MinorRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2021-04-2813:0000:04:19Duration 00:05:08 Link
Dario CastelloSonata no 12, from 'Sonate concertate in stil moderno, Book II'Through the Night2021-04-2700:3003:52:48Duration 00:06:55 Link
Darius MilhaudBrazileira from Scaramouche suiteThis Classical Life2021-04-2412:3000:00:57Duration 00:02:34 Link
Darius MilhaudLa Creation du monde, ballet (Op.81a) (overture & 5 scenes)Through the Night2021-04-3000:3005:01:12Duration 00:19:32 Link
Dave ShepherdThe Rose of RabyNight Tracks2021-04-2623:0000:00:20Duration 00:03:49 Link
David KellnerCampanellaClassical Fix2021-04-2600:0000:16:59Duration 00:04:34 Link
David LangEvening morning dayNight Tracks2021-04-2723:0000:40:28Duration 00:07:40 Link
David MaslankaSong Book for Alto Saxophone & MarimbaThe Night Tracks Mix2021-04-2923:0000:12:40Duration 00:03:28 Link
Dawda JobartehI Met Her By The RiverBreakfast2021-04-2606:3001:10:37Duration 00:04:26 Link
Depeche Mode (artist)JudasThe Listening Service2021-04-2517:0000:16:02Duration 00:00:27 Link
Diane Keaton (artist)Seems Like Old Times [Annie Hall Soundtrack]Piano Flow with Lianne La Havas2021-04-2405:0000:49:56Duration 00:02:33 Link
Dieterich BuxtehudeTrio Sonata in A minor, BuxWV 254Sunday Morning2021-04-2509:0001:09:56Duration 00:09:29 Link
Dionysios LavrangasGreek Suite no.1Through the Night2021-04-2900:3000:01:02Duration 00:13:45 Link
Dizzy GillespieCon almaIn Tune2021-04-3017:0000:20:13Duration 00:03:17 Link
Dmitry ShostakovichLady Macbeth of the Mtsensk district - i PassacagliaAfternoon Concert2021-04-2714:0001:11:59Duration 00:12:28 Link
Dmitry ShostakovichNocturne (The Gadfly Suite, Op.97a)In Tune2021-04-2617:0000:54:03Duration 00:05:02 Link
Dmitry ShostakovichPiano Concerto No 2 in F major, Op 102 (1st mvt)In Tune Mixtape2021-04-2619:00Duration 00:06:50 Link
Dmitry ShostakovichQuartet for strings No.8 (Op.110) in C minorThrough the Night2021-04-2800:3001:38:31Duration 00:21:16 Link
Dmitry ShostakovichString Quartet No. 3 in F Major, Op. 73; 1st mvt "Allegro"In Tune Mixtape2021-04-3019:0000:03:19Duration 00:06:59 Link
Dmitry ShostakovichSuite for jazz band (Waltz 2)In Tune Mixtape2021-04-2919:0000:14:04Duration 00:03:41 Link
Dmitry ShostakovichSymphony no. 5 in D minor Op.47Afternoon Concert2021-04-2714:0002:11:37Duration 00:48:03 Link
Dmitry ShostakovichViolin Concerto no. 1 in A minor Op.77Afternoon Concert2021-04-2714:0001:25:02Duration 00:39:36 Link
Dobrinka TabakovaSuite in the Old Style (Riddle Of The Barrel-Organ Player - Postlude: Hunting)Breakfast2021-04-2806:3001:53:55Duration 00:05:02 Link
Domenico GalloTrio SonatasBreakfast2021-04-2407:0001:12:24Duration 00:06:06 Link
Domenico ScarlattiSonata in A major, K 428In Tune Mixtape2021-04-3019:0000:25:26Duration 00:04:22 Link
Domenico ScarlattiSonata in D major, K.430 (arr. for guitar quartet)Through the Night2021-04-2501:0004:29:59Duration 00:03:02 Link
Domenico ScarlattiSonata in E major, Kk.380Words and Music2021-04-2517:3000:23:44Duration 00:05:19 Link
DooPiano (artist)I Need U (BTS Cover)Piano Flow with Lianne La Havas2021-04-2405:0000:39:02Duration 00:03:37 Link
Dora Stratou (artist)GaidaThe Listening Service2021-04-2517:0000:09:10Duration 00:00:23 Link
Duke EllingtonIt Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)Essential Classics2021-04-2909:0001:49:43Duration 00:07:11 Link
Duke EllingtonSuch Sweet ThunderSunday Morning2021-04-2509:0002:39:00Duration 00:02:31 Link
Duke EllingtonThe Giggling Rapids (The River - suite)Essential Classics2021-04-3009:0001:03:58Duration 00:03:00 Link
Duke Ellington (artist)Part IV (Come Sunday)J to Z2021-04-2421:3001:14:07Duration 00:04:49 Link
Duke Ellington (artist)Serenade To SwedenJazz Record Requests2021-04-2516:0000:58:06Duration 00:03:18 Link
Duke Ellington (artist)Such Sweet ThunderPrivate Passions2021-04-2512:0000:34:02Duration 00:03:16 Link
Eddie DeLangeSolitude in TransblucencyEssential Classics2021-04-2809:0002:39:47Duration 00:04:42 Link
Eduardo di CapuaI te vurria vasaIn Tune2021-04-2717:0000:22:08Duration 00:03:15 Link
Edvard GriegHolberg SuiteAfternoon Concert2021-04-3014:0002:25:28Duration 00:03:42 Link
Edvard GriegHolberg Suite, Op 40: PreludeRadio 3 in Concert2021-04-2719:3000:02:33Duration 00:04:52 Link
Edvard GriegLyric Pieces - book 3, Op.43 (Butterfly)Essential Classics2021-04-2809:0001:40:37Duration 00:01:40 Link
Edvard GriegString Quartet No.1 in G minor (Op.27)Through the Night2021-04-2501:0004:58:45Duration 00:37:09 Link
Edvard GriegThe EnticementIn Tune2021-04-2717:0001:11:17Duration 00:03:20 Link
Edward ElgarElegy Op.58Radio 3 in Concert2021-04-2919:3001:34:59Duration 00:04:20 Link
Edward ElgarPiano Quintet in A minor, Op.84 (2nd mvt)Essential Classics2021-04-2909:0002:34:13Duration 00:13:08 Link
Edward ElgarSalut d'AmourThrough the Night2021-04-2600:3003:38:19Duration 00:03:07 Link
Edward ElgarSalut d'amourBreakfast2021-04-2806:3001:33:19Duration 00:03:12 Link
Edward ElgarSalut d'amour Op 12In Tune2021-04-2717:0000:33:47Duration 00:03:09 Link
Edward ElgarThe Wand of Youth Suite no. 2Radio 3 in Concert2021-04-3019:3002:11:48Duration 00:16:55 Link
Edward ElgarThe Wand of youth - suite no. 2 (Op.1b), The Little BellsIn Tune2021-04-2917:0000:00:22Duration 00:02:40 Link
Edward ElgarViolin Concerto in B minor, Op. 61Radio 3 in Concert2021-04-2619:3001:39:01Duration 00:49:51 Link
Ehua (artist)XanthoUnclassified2021-04-2923:3000:33:57Duration 00:06:07 Link
Einojuhani RautavaaraNocturneNight Tracks2021-04-2623:0000:05:04Duration 00:06:06 Link
Ekegogo player (artist)Ekegogo - Spike LuteLate Junction2021-04-3023:0000:54:40Duration 00:03:54 Link
Elena Kats‐CherninButterflyingEssential Classics2021-04-2809:0000:15:25Duration 00:04:13 Link
Elena Kats‐CherninGood Fairy from Wild SwansBreakfast2021-04-2706:3001:50:47Duration 00:03:16 Link
Elena Kats‐CherninMemorial RagIn Tune Mixtape2021-04-2619:0000:24:02Duration 00:05:25 Link
Elena Kats‐CherninRe-invention no.4 [After J S Bach's Invention no.1 In C Major]Night Tracks2021-04-2623:0000:14:53Duration 00:03:48 Link
Elgar HowarthMosaicEssential Classics2021-04-2809:0001:49:07Duration 00:04:40 Link
Elisabeth Kuyper6 Lieder (Op.17 Nos 1, 2 & 3)Through the Night2021-04-2501:0004:06:06Duration 00:07:08 Link
Ella Fitzgerald (artist)(I Love You) For Sentimental ReasonsHappy Harmonies with Laufey2021-04-2406:0000:30:53Duration 00:03:07 Link
Ella Fitzgerald (artist)The Music Goes Round and RoundWords and Music2021-04-2517:3000:08:03Duration 00:02:27 Link
Emil Kronke2 Papillons Op.165Essential Classics2021-04-2809:0001:31:06Duration 00:03:45 Link
Emilie MayerString Quartet in G minor Op.14 (3rd mvt)Essential Classics2021-04-2709:0001:48:45Duration 00:07:04 Link
Emma JayakumarBell Birds Suite iii Lento sognandoThe Night Tracks Mix2021-04-2923:0000:07:05Duration 00:05:33 Link
Emmylou Harris (artist)Didn't Leave Nobody but the BabyHappy Harmonies with Laufey2021-04-2406:0000:40:42Duration 00:01:53 Link
Engelbert HumperdinckHansel and Gretel (Stop! Hocus pocus, witch's ground)Essential Classics2021-04-2609:0001:39:22Duration 00:01:17 Link
Engelbert HumperdinckHansel und GretelRadio 3 in Concert2021-04-2819:3000:57:40Duration 00:32:32 Link
Enrique SoroDanza fantásticaIn Tune2021-04-2817:0000:00:30Duration 00:04:35 Link
Eric WhitacreThe River CamEssential Classics2021-04-3009:0002:09:55Duration 00:14:18 Link
Erich Wolfgang KorngoldMuch Ado About Nothing, Op. 11 - Garden sceneBreakfast2021-04-2507:0001:41:36Duration 00:05:35 Link
Erich Wolfgang KorngoldMuch Ado About Nothing, Op. 11 HornpipeBreakfast2021-04-2507:0001:47:07Duration 00:02:08 Link
Erik Levander (artist)ExpansionUnclassified2021-04-2923:3000:27:27Duration 00:06:41 Link
Erik Satie'Les Anges' (Trois mélodies)Composer of the Week2021-04-3012:0000:56:07Duration 00:02:45 Link
Erik Satie'Sylvie' (Trois mélodies)Composer of the Week2021-04-3012:0000:00:26Duration 00:02:36 Link
Erik SatieA New Satiesfaction [Gymnopedie no.1]Essential Classics2021-04-2909:0000:52:40Duration 00:04:30 Link
Erik SatieAvant-dernières penséesComposer of the Week2021-04-2912:0000:38:15Duration 00:00:49 Link
Erik SatieChoses vues à droite et à gauche {sans lunettes}Composer of the Week2021-04-2812:0000:21:11Duration 00:04:24 Link
Erik SatieCinq NocturnesComposer of the Week2021-04-3012:0000:05:26Duration 00:12:03 Link
Erik SatieCinéma - entr'acte symphonique de Relâche (arr for piano duet by Darius Milhaud)Composer of the Week2021-04-2712:0000:49:54Duration 00:08:28 Link
Erik SatieEmbryons desséchés (No 1, 'd'Holothurie' - Allez un peu)Composer of the Week2021-04-2712:0000:00:23Duration 00:01:42 Link
Erik SatieGnossienne No 5Breakfast2021-04-2507:0000:56:56Duration 00:02:57 Link
Erik SatieGnossienne No. 3Breakfast2021-04-2906:3002:06:52Duration 00:03:00 Link
Erik SatieGymnopédie No 1 in D majorBreakfast2021-04-2806:3000:17:58Duration 00:04:19 Link
Erik SatieLa Belle Excentrique - fantaisie sérieuseComposer of the Week2021-04-2712:0000:38:36Duration 00:08:44 Link
Erik SatieLe PiccadillyIn Tune2021-04-2817:0000:57:53Duration 00:01:33 Link
Erik SatieLe piège de MéduseComposer of the Week2021-04-2612:0000:27:11Duration 00:03:58 Link
Erik SatieLes trois valses distinguées du précieux dégoûtéComposer of the Week2021-04-2812:0000:00:13Duration 00:02:14 Link
Erik SatieMercure - 'Poses plastiques' in 3 tableaux by PicassoComposer of the Week2021-04-2912:0000:45:37Duration 00:12:14 Link
Erik SatieMesse des pauvres (Kyrie eleison)Composer of the Week2021-04-2912:0000:05:28Duration 00:05:29 Link
Erik SatieParade (ballet réaliste)Composer of the Week2021-04-2712:0000:04:49Duration 00:15:36 Link
Erik SatiePièces froidesComposer of the Week2021-04-2812:0000:05:09Duration 00:13:19 Link
Erik SatiePremière pensée Rose+CroixComposer of the Week2021-04-2912:0000:01:25Duration 00:01:06 Link
Erik SatieQuatre OgivesComposer of the Week2021-04-2912:0000:12:43Duration 00:11:49 Link
Erik SatieRelâche - ballet instantanéisteComposer of the Week2021-04-2612:0000:34:18Duration 00:20:44 Link
Erik SatieSocrate (Pt 1, Portrait de Socrate)Composer of the Week2021-04-3012:0000:20:47Duration 00:05:47 Link
Erik SatieSocrate (Pt 2, Les Bords d'Illissus)Composer of the Week2021-04-3012:0000:27:04Duration 00:07:27 Link
Erik SatieSocrate (Pt 3, Mort de Socrate)Composer of the Week2021-04-3012:0000:35:29Duration 00:18:24 Link
Erik SatieSonatine bureaucratiqueComposer of the Week2021-04-2912:0000:42:35Duration 00:01:19 Link
Erik SatieSports et divertissementsComposer of the Week2021-04-2712:0000:23:56Duration 00:12:38 Link
Erik SatieThe Dreamy FishComposer of the Week2021-04-2912:0000:26:04Duration 00:06:01 Link
Erik SatieTrois GnossiennesComposer of the Week2021-04-2812:0000:27:33Duration 00:07:58 Link
Erik SatieTrois Gymnopédies (No 1, Lent et douloureux)Composer of the Week2021-04-2612:0000:00:52Duration 00:03:07 Link
Erik SatieTrois Morceaux en forme de poire, for piano 4 handsComposer of the Week2021-04-2812:0000:44:05Duration 00:14:19 Link
Erik SatieTrois Sarabandes (No 2)Composer of the Week2021-04-2612:0000:07:22Duration 00:03:44 Link
Erik SatieTrois mélodiesComposer of the Week2021-04-2812:0000:37:05Duration 00:04:32 Link
Erik SatieVexations (très lent) - excerptComposer of the Week2021-04-2612:0000:56:54Duration 00:02:02 Link
Erik Satieuspud - ballet chrétien (3rd act)Composer of the Week2021-04-2612:0000:14:57Duration 00:10:21 Link
Erland von KochElegaic theme with variations, Op 17Through the Night2021-04-2800:3004:30:53Duration 00:10:13 Link
Errollyn WallenChorale (for string orchestra)Night Tracks2021-04-2823:0000:19:11Duration 00:05:01 Link
Errollyn WallenPeace on EarthIn Tune2021-04-2617:0001:55:49Duration 00:03:38 Link
Errollyn WallenPhotography (Vivace)Essential Classics2021-04-3009:0002:04:23Duration 00:04:27 Link
Ester MägiMurdunud aer (The broken oar)Through the Night2021-04-2900:3003:34:47Duration 00:04:07 Link
Eugène YsaÿeSonata No 4 in E minor, Op 27 (3rd mvt)In Tune2021-04-2717:0001:28:50Duration 00:03:14 Link
Evelyn GlennieZahra's SongNight Tracks2021-04-2623:0000:33:16Duration 00:06:16 Link
Evelyn SaylorFantas Variation for VoicesLate Junction2021-04-3023:0001:46:04Duration 00:07:38 Link
Ewan MacCollThe First Time I Ever Saw Your FaceIn Tune2021-04-2817:0000:05:22Duration 00:02:37 Link
Fairport Convention (artist)Farewell, FarewellPrivate Passions2021-04-2512:0000:56:48Duration 00:02:38 Link
Fanny Mendelssohn6 Melodies (Allegro molto vivace)Essential Classics2021-04-2709:0001:28:01Duration 00:03:02 Link
Fanny MendelssohnString Quartet in E flat major (4th mvt)Breakfast2021-04-2906:3001:02:58Duration 00:05:33 Link
Fay Victor (artist)StealawayJazz Record Requests2021-04-2516:0000:46:22Duration 00:04:05 Link
Fears (artist)tonntaUnclassified2021-04-2923:3000:44:47Duration 00:02:55 Link
Federico García LorcaCanciones Populares: Las Tres HojasBreakfast2021-04-2906:3001:43:23Duration 00:02:02 Link
Federico García LorcaCanciones Populares: Zorongo GitanoBreakfast2021-04-2906:3001:41:46Duration 00:01:38 Link
Federico MompouCharmes: Nos 1, 3 and 6Essential Classics2021-04-2609:0000:16:40Duration 00:05:31 Link
Felix MendelssohnLieder ohne Worte - book 2 Op.30: no.6; Venetianisches Gondellied in F sharp minEssential Classics2021-04-2909:0000:14:12Duration 00:03:08 Link
Felix MendelssohnOverture: A Midsummer Night's DreamPrivate Passions2021-04-2512:0000:26:14Duration 00:06:19 Link
Felix MendelssohnSt.Paul, Op 36, OvertureThrough the Night2021-04-2600:3004:00:47Duration 00:06:32 Link
Felix MendelssohnString Octet in E flat major Op.20 (3rd mvt)Breakfast2021-04-2407:0000:20:06Duration 00:04:29 Link
Felix MendelssohnSymphony no.1 in C minor, Op.11Through the Night2021-04-2501:0000:25:40Duration 00:34:17 Link
Felix MendelssohnViolin Concerto in E minor, Op 64 (3rd mvt)In Tune2021-04-2617:0000:37:24Duration 00:05:58 Link
Firefly BurningBreathe ShallowNight Tracks2021-04-2623:0001:23:39Duration 00:06:17 Link
First Aid Kit (artist)WolfHappy Harmonies with Laufey2021-04-2406:0000:11:16Duration 00:03:26 Link
Florence PriceThe Deserted gardenBreakfast2021-04-2806:3000:34:35Duration 00:01:59 Link
Foday Musa SusoThe Orchard (The Screens)Essential Classics2021-04-2609:0002:29:56Duration 00:07:09 Link
Franca MasuCanço' per a tuBreakfast2021-04-2806:3001:20:18Duration 00:04:09 Link
Frances Shelley (artist)Racing To BelongUnclassified2021-04-2923:3000:00:07Duration 00:03:10 Link
Francesca Ter‐Berg (artist)WtybcrechkLate Junction2021-04-3023:0000:40:54Duration 00:07:19 Link
Francesco CorbettaPassacailleThrough the Night2021-04-2401:0003:37:39Duration 00:06:19 Link
Francesco CorbettaToccata, Chiaccona (Vitali); Caprice de chaccone (Corbetta)Through the Night2021-04-2401:0003:50:41Duration 00:09:00 Link
Francesco GeminianiConcerto Grosso No 5 in G minor after Corelli (1st mvt)In Tune Mixtape2021-04-3019:0000:20:13Duration 00:03:02 Link
Francesco ScarlattiMassThe Early Music Show2021-04-2514:0000:02:46Duration 00:32:59 Link
Francesco ScarlattiMiserere mei, DeusThe Early Music Show2021-04-2514:0000:36:36Duration 00:23:14 Link
Francesco TuriniSonata 'Il Corisino'Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2021-04-2813:0000:55:06Duration 00:03:57 Link
Francis PoulencConcert ChampêtreRadio 3 in Concert2021-04-2619:3000:13:52Duration 00:27:14 Link
Francis PoulencLe Bal masque - cantate profane for baritone and ensemble; Préambule et air...In Tune2021-04-2917:0000:24:58Duration 00:03:57 Link
Francis PoulencLes Biches, suite from the ballet (1939-1940)Through the Night2021-04-2800:3004:41:28Duration 00:19:52 Link
Francis PoulencPromenadesOpera on 32021-04-2418:3002:45:03Duration 00:15:38 Link
Francis PoulencSept chansonsThrough the Night2021-04-2600:3004:07:48Duration 00:12:18 Link
Francis PoulencSonata for flute and pianoBreakfast2021-04-2806:3000:40:31Duration 00:11:53 Link
Frank Sinatra (artist)I'll Never Smile AgainHappy Harmonies with Laufey2021-04-2406:0000:08:03Duration 00:03:10 Link
František JiránekFlute Concerto in G majorThrough the Night2021-04-2800:3003:31:03Duration 00:11:00 Link
Franz LehárDie lustige Witwe (The Merry Widow): OvertureBreakfast2021-04-3006:3001:06:58Duration 00:08:28 Link
Franz LehárLippen schweigen (The Merry Widow)In Tune2021-04-2817:0001:48:59Duration 00:03:36 Link
Franz LisztLa lugubre gondolaEssential Classics2021-04-2909:0001:31:50Duration 00:07:20 Link
Franz LisztLiebestraume No. 3Breakfast2021-04-2706:3000:34:34Duration 00:05:26 Link
Franz LisztSonetto 123 del Petrarca (Années de pèlerinage, 2ème année)Breakfast2021-04-2606:3000:17:18Duration 00:07:29 Link
Franz LisztTranscendental Study no.12 in B flat minor 'Chasse-neige'Essential Classics2021-04-2809:0000:52:22Duration 00:05:44 Link
Franz LisztVallée d'Obermann, from 'Années de pèlerinage, première année: Suisse, S. 160'Through the Night2021-04-2401:0000:37:03Duration 00:13:50 Link
Franz LisztWiegenlied, S 198Piano Flow with Lianne La Havas2021-04-2405:0000:04:19Duration 00:03:33 Link
Franz SchrekerDie Marionetten & Menuett (Der Geburtstag der Infantin)In Tune2021-04-3017:0001:39:06Duration 00:04:37 Link
Franz SchubertAuf dem Wasser zu singen (D.774) arr. Hope. for violin & pianoNight Tracks2021-04-2823:0000:55:22Duration 00:02:54 Link
Franz SchubertAve Maria, 'Ellens Gesang III' D839 (Scott, trans. Storck)Breakfast2021-04-2606:3001:02:33Duration 00:07:24 Link
Franz SchubertDu bist die Ruh, D.776Essential Classics2021-04-2909:0001:17:24Duration 00:04:47 Link
Franz SchubertImpromptu in F minor D.935 no.4Essential Classics2021-04-2709:0000:05:05Duration 00:06:05 Link
Franz SchubertMoments Musicaux, D.780 (no.4)In Tune2021-04-2717:0000:54:32Duration 00:05:37 Link
Franz SchubertMoments musicaux, D 780 (No 2 in A flat major)In Tune Mixtape2021-04-2619:0000:17:38Duration 00:06:27 Link
Franz SchubertPiano Sonata in A minor, D784Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2021-04-2613:0000:26:29Duration 00:22:00 Link
Franz SchubertPiano Trio in B flat major D.898 (2nd mvt)Night Tracks2021-04-2723:0000:30:40Duration 00:09:33 Link
Franz SchubertQuartettsatz in C minor, D.703Afternoon Concert2021-04-3014:0000:01:55Duration 00:09:29 Link
Franz SchubertRondo in A major for Violin and Strings, D438Through the Night2021-04-2600:3003:08:59Duration 00:14:17 Link
Franz SchubertRondo in A major for piano duet, D 951Breakfast2021-04-2706:3000:10:31Duration 00:09:34 Link
Franz SchubertSix Moments musicaux, D. 780Through the Night2021-04-2401:0000:01:16Duration 00:30:03 Link
Franz SchubertString Quartet 'Death and the Maiden' , D.810, arranged MahlerThrough the Night2021-04-3000:3002:00:53Duration 00:39:56 Link
Franz SchubertString Quartet No 14 in D minor 'Death and the Maiden'Through the Night2021-04-2401:0001:20:29Duration 00:39:05 Link
Franz SchubertStändchenBreakfast2021-04-2407:0001:54:30Duration 00:05:44 Link
Franz SchubertSymphony no.3 in D major D.200 (4th mvt)Essential Classics2021-04-2809:0000:20:29Duration 00:06:12 Link
Franz SchubertWaltzes - Suite arr. ProkofievThrough the Night2021-04-2501:0003:06:02Duration 00:09:38 Link
Franz SchubertWandererfantasie, D760 arranged by Liszt (S.366)Through the Night2021-04-3000:3002:41:32Duration 00:22:37 Link
Franz Xaver SüssmayrSymphony in C major, 'Sinfonia turchesca'Sunday Morning2021-04-2509:0001:27:00Duration 00:18:09 Link
François CouperinConcert No. 4 In E MinorRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2021-04-2913:0000:04:28Duration 00:15:25 Link
François CouperinLe Tic-Toc-Choc (Ordre no.18)Breakfast2021-04-2407:0000:13:24Duration 00:02:28 Link
François CouperinLes Concerts Royaux: No. 1 in G majorSunday Morning2021-04-2509:0002:26:53Duration 00:11:39 Link
François CouperinSonata In D Minor (La Sultane)Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2021-04-2913:0000:44:10Duration 00:09:32 Link
François DompierreLes Beautés du DiableBreakfast2021-04-3006:3000:50:21Duration 00:03:16 Link
Fraser WilsonCome Live With Me And Be My LoveBreakfast2021-04-3006:3002:08:33Duration 00:02:52 Link
FriedmanOrfeo Ed Euridice, Wq 30: Melodie (Arr For Piano)Piano Flow with Lianne La Havas2021-04-2405:0000:52:28Duration 00:04:14 Link
Friedrich von FlotowThe last rose of summer arr BennettBreakfast2021-04-2706:3000:01:49Duration 00:03:02 Link
Frédéric ChopinAndante spianato and Grande polonaiseRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2021-04-2613:0000:53:18Duration 00:14:00 Link
Frédéric ChopinCello Sonata in G minor, Op 65Through the Night2021-04-2700:3005:28:55Duration 00:30:44 Link
Frédéric ChopinFantaisie-impromptu for piano in C sharp minor, Op 66Through the Night2021-04-3000:3004:32:06Duration 00:05:19 Link
Frédéric ChopinIntroduction & variations on a theme from Herold's Ludovic (Op.12) in B flat major ('Varations brillantes')Through the Night2021-04-2800:3002:52:18Duration 00:07:03 Link
Frédéric ChopinMazurka In A Minor, Op. 17/4In Tune2021-04-2917:0001:18:22Duration 00:04:50 Link
Frédéric ChopinPiano Concerto No 2 in F minor, Op 21 (3rd mvt)Breakfast2021-04-2906:3002:10:53Duration 00:07:58 Link
Frédéric ChopinPiano Trio in G minor, Op 8 (4th mvt)Essential Classics2021-04-2909:0001:57:27Duration 00:06:12 Link
Frédéric ChopinPrelude No. 13 in F-Sharp MajorBreakfast2021-04-2606:3001:25:48Duration 00:03:34 Link
Frédéric ChopinPrelude in A flat major (1843)In Tune2021-04-3017:0000:59:05Duration 00:00:43 Link
Frédéric ChopinScherzo no.3 in C sharp minor Op.39Essential Classics2021-04-2809:0002:44:39Duration 00:06:35 Link
Fęlá ŞowándéAfrican Suite (Joyful Day)Essential Classics2021-04-2909:0002:25:41Duration 00:07:49 Link
Gabriel FauréMandoline, Op.58 no.1Essential Classics2021-04-2909:0001:39:09Duration 00:01:52 Link
Gabriel FauréSicilienne, Op 78Essential Classics2021-04-3009:0001:33:44Duration 00:03:40 Link
Gabriel Yared (artist)C'est Le Vent, Betty [Betty Blue Soundtrack]Piano Flow with Lianne La Havas2021-04-2405:0000:30:06Duration 00:03:53 Link
Gamal Abd al-RahimDaughter of the SultanBreakfast2021-04-2906:3001:09:22Duration 00:02:22 Link
Gavsborg (artist)Domestic Termites Love Rock MusicLate Junction2021-04-3023:0000:48:12Duration 00:05:28 Link
Geirr TveittHardanger Fiddle Concerto no.2 (1st mvt)In Tune Mixtape2021-04-2619:0000:13:06Duration 00:04:38 Link
Georg Philipp Telemann'Lieben, und nicht geliebet seyn' (Orpheus)Breakfast2021-04-2806:3000:55:21Duration 00:05:01 Link
Georg Philipp TelemannConcerto for 3 Horns and Violin in D Major, TWV 54:D2 (1st mvt)Essential Classics2021-04-2709:0000:00:47Duration 00:03:41 Link
Georg Philipp TelemannGrand Motet "Deus judicium tuum regi da" (Psalm 71)Through the Night2021-04-2800:3002:31:26Duration 00:20:24 Link
Georg Philipp TelemannIntrada; Brobdingnag Gigue; Lilliput Chaconne (Gulliver Suite)Breakfast2021-04-3006:3001:46:18Duration 00:03:22 Link
Georg Philipp TelemannParis Quartet No 6 In E minorRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2021-04-2713:0000:41:15Duration 00:17:18 Link
Georg Philipp TelemannRecorder Concerto in C major, TWV.51.C1; IV. Tempo di MinuetIn Tune2021-04-2617:0000:04:13Duration 00:05:28 Link
George Frideric HandelBrockes-Passion (Sinfonia)In Tune2021-04-2917:0000:50:45Duration 00:03:54 Link
George Frideric HandelConcerto Grosso in B flat major, Op 3 No 1Breakfast2021-04-2407:0001:36:43Duration 00:09:36 Link
George Frideric HandelConcerto grosso in D major Op.3`6Breakfast2021-04-3006:3000:40:13Duration 00:06:56 Link
George Frideric HandelConcerto grosso in G Major, Op. 3 No. 3, HWV 314 [complete]In Tune2021-04-2617:0000:44:39Duration 00:08:24 Link
George Frideric HandelGiulio Cesare in Egitto (Overture)In Tune2021-04-2717:0001:03:41Duration 00:02:42 Link
George Frideric HandelHave Mercy Upon Me (Chandos Anthem No. 3)Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2021-04-3013:0000:04:24Duration 00:18:36 Link
George Frideric HandelI Will Magnify Thee (Chandos Anthem No. 5)Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2021-04-3013:0000:36:32Duration 00:22:34 Link
George Frideric HandelMa quando tornerai (Alcina)Essential Classics2021-04-2809:0002:24:11Duration 00:04:19 Link
George Frideric HandelMessiahThe Listening Service2021-04-2517:0000:18:02Duration 00:00:28 Link
George Frideric HandelOverture (Agrippina); 'Son contenta di morire' (Radamisto)Through the Night2021-04-2600:3003:41:48Duration 00:08:12 Link
George Frideric HandelThe Trumpet's Loud Clangour (Ode for St Cecilia's Day)Words and Music2021-04-2517:3000:12:40Duration 00:03:44 Link
George Frideric HandelTrio Sonata In F, Op 2 No 4Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2021-04-2713:0000:25:46Duration 00:12:15 Link
George Frideric HandelTrio Sonata In G minor, Op 2 No 6Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2021-04-3013:0000:26:57Duration 00:08:08 Link
George Frideric HandelVa tacito (Giulio Cesare)In Tune Mixtape2021-04-2919:0000:23:10Duration 00:06:29 Link
George Frideric HandelWater Music Suite in F major, HWV 348 (Hornpipe)Breakfast2021-04-2806:3001:25:13Duration 00:03:39 Link
George Frideric HandelZadok the priest HWV.258Essential Classics2021-04-2709:0001:39:22Duration 00:05:10 Link
George GershwinPiano Concerto in F majorThrough the Night2021-04-2600:3000:06:13Duration 00:34:30 Link
George GershwinVariations on 'I got rhythm'Essential Classics2021-04-2909:0000:23:56Duration 00:08:59 Link
Georges BizetAu fond du temple saint (The Pearl Fishers)Essential Classics2021-04-3009:0001:15:02Duration 00:04:35 Link
Georges BizetL'amour est un oiseau rebelle [Habanera] (Carmen)Essential Classics2021-04-2709:0000:59:50Duration 00:04:09 Link
Gerald FinziMy Spirit Sang All DayHappy Harmonies with Laufey2021-04-2406:0000:05:57Duration 00:02:07 Link
Gerald FinziOh Fair to See, Op 13, iii) As I lay in the early sunIn Tune2021-04-3017:0000:35:29Duration 00:02:00 Link
Geri Allen (artist)Shadow SeriesJazz Record Requests2021-04-2516:0000:28:19Duration 00:06:03 Link
Ghislaine Reece-TrappPsalms 136, 137, 138Choral Evensong2021-04-2815:3000:08:37Duration 00:12:09 Link
Giacomo PucciniAria: Sola, perduta, abbandonata - from Act IV of Manon LescautThrough the Night2021-04-2800:3003:13:22Duration 00:05:43 Link
Giacomo PucciniCrisantemiRadio 3 in Concert2021-04-2719:3000:07:27Duration 00:06:38 Link
Giacomo PucciniHumming Chorus (Madame Butterfly)Essential Classics2021-04-2809:0001:34:46Duration 00:03:10 Link
Giacomo PucciniVissi d'arte (Tosca)In Tune Mixtape2021-04-3019:0000:16:58Duration 00:03:14 Link
Gioachino RossiniL'Italiana in Algeri (Overture)In Tune2021-04-2717:0001:51:44Duration 00:08:01 Link
Gioachino RossiniLa Boutique fantasque (version original) (2006 - Remaster): TarantellaEssential Classics2021-04-3009:0001:45:59Duration 00:02:03 Link
Gioachino RossiniOverture to TancrediSunday Morning2021-04-2509:0001:02:37Duration 00:05:55 Link
Gioachino RossiniQuartet for flute, clarinet, horn and bassoon no 6 in F majorThrough the Night2021-04-2900:3004:21:00Duration 00:11:03 Link
Gioachino RossiniThe Barber of Seville (Overture)In Tune2021-04-2617:0001:48:49Duration 00:06:47 Link
Giovanni Battista BononciniCosi stanco Pellegrino (Crispo)Essential Classics2021-04-3009:0000:30:59Duration 00:05:50 Link
Giovanni Battista PergolesiStabat Mater dolorosaIn Tune2021-04-2817:0000:52:25Duration 00:04:39 Link
Giuseppe ValentiniConcerto Grosso No. 3 in D minor, Op. 7Breakfast2021-04-2606:3000:45:20Duration 00:10:02 Link
Giuseppe VerdiOverture to 'Les Vêpres siciliennes'Through the Night2021-04-3000:3003:10:21Duration 00:08:57 Link
Grażyna BacewiczKrakowiakThrough the Night2021-04-2501:0003:01:12Duration 00:04:35 Link
Gretchen Parlato (artist)Flor De LisIn Tune Mixtape2021-04-2619:0000:06:45Duration 00:06:30 Link
Guillaume de MachautLove without EndNight Tracks2021-04-2823:0001:24:48Duration 00:05:10 Link
Guillaume DufayNuper rosarum floresBreakfast2021-04-2606:3000:10:02Duration 00:06:20 Link
Gus KahnLove Me or Leave MeBreakfast2021-04-3006:3001:02:20Duration 00:03:20 Link
Gus ViseurFlambée montalbanaiseBreakfast2021-04-2606:3001:45:20Duration 00:02:38 Link
Gustav HolstAve MariaThrough the Night2021-04-3000:3003:19:34Duration 00:05:53 Link
Gustav HolstSuite de ballet in E flat major, Op 10 (Valse)In Tune2021-04-2917:0001:03:48Duration 00:03:42 Link
Gustav MahlerRückert-Lieder - IV. Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommenBreakfast2021-04-2706:3002:23:43Duration 00:06:33 Link
Gustav MahlerRückert-Lieder - IV. Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommenIn Tune2021-04-2617:0001:12:57Duration 00:06:33 Link
Gustav MahlerSymphony no 4 in GThrough the Night2021-04-2800:3000:41:02Duration 00:57:09 Link
Gustav MahlerSymphony no.7 (2nd mvt)Essential Classics2021-04-2709:0002:44:13Duration 00:14:43 Link
Hans GálVariations on a Viennese 'Heurigen' melody Op.9Essential Classics2021-04-2609:0000:48:59Duration 00:07:11 Link
Hans KunstovnySwinnerton's Dream [After Elgar's Organ Sonata Op.28] (3rd mvt)Night Tracks2021-04-2623:0000:26:11Duration 00:06:13 Link
Hans NeusidlerDance of the WasherwomenSunday Morning2021-04-2509:0000:42:34Duration 00:03:11 Link
Hayden Powell (artist)Wakeup CallWords and Music2021-04-2517:3000:53:45Duration 00:02:01 Link
Hector BerliozHungarian March (The Damnation of Faust)In Tune2021-04-2617:0000:10:19Duration 00:04:51 Link
Hector BerliozL' Enfance du Christ Op.25The Listening Service2021-04-2517:0000:18:30Duration 00:00:23 Link
Hector BerliozLes Nuits d'ete Op.7Radio 3 in Concert2021-04-2919:3000:27:37Duration 00:28:48 Link
Hector BerliozLes Troyens a Carthage (O blonde Ceres)Essential Classics2021-04-2609:0001:15:02Duration 00:04:37 Link
Hector BerliozOverture from Béatrice et BénédictThrough the Night2021-04-2800:3003:04:47Duration 00:08:19 Link
Hector BerliozTe Deum, Op 22 'Marche Pour La Présentation Aux Drapeaux'Breakfast2021-04-3006:3000:54:15Duration 00:05:17 Link
Heinrich Ignaz Franz von BiberBattaliaEarly Music Now2021-04-2616:3000:20:14Duration 00:09:36 Link
Heinrich Ignaz Franz von BiberBattalia a 10Essential Classics2021-04-2909:0000:59:13Duration 00:09:35 Link
Heinrich Ignaz Franz von BiberSonata XI in C minor, from Fidicium sacro-profanumEarly Music Now2021-04-2616:3000:01:47Duration 00:05:45 Link
Henri DuparcLa Vie anterieure [The Former Life] for voice and piano [1884]Through the Night2021-04-2800:3002:59:46Duration 00:04:36 Link
Henriette ReniéDanse des LutinsIn Tune Mixtape2021-04-2819:0000:20:56Duration 00:03:56 Link
Henriette ReniéTrio for Violin, Cello and Harp - Finale: AllegroEssential Classics2021-04-2909:0000:33:38Duration 00:07:02 Link
Henry LawesPsalm 106 vv.1-23Choral Evensong2021-04-2515:0000:05:07Duration 00:06:31 Link
Henry LitolffConcerto symphonique No 4 in D minor (2nd mvt)Sunday Morning2021-04-2509:0002:52:12Duration 00:07:26 Link
Henry LitolffScherzo (2nd mvt) from Piano Trio No 2 in E flat major, Op 56Breakfast2021-04-2606:3001:48:53Duration 00:06:11 Link
Henry PurcellCanzona for Queen Mary's FuneralWords and Music2021-04-2517:3000:20:32Duration 00:01:46 Link
Henry PurcellKeyboard Suite No 5 in C major (Almand)Breakfast2021-04-2906:3002:19:21Duration 00:02:16 Link
Henry PurcellSonata - 1683 no.10 in A major Z.799Essential Classics2021-04-2609:0002:42:31Duration 00:04:11 Link
Henry PurcellThe Indian Queen (Act 3, Trumpet Overture)Breakfast2021-04-2507:0001:04:24Duration 00:02:33 Link
Herbert HowellsMagnificat and Nunc dimittis 'Collegium Regale'Breakfast2021-04-2706:3001:08:02Duration 00:09:17 Link
Herbert HughesShe moved thro' the fairEssential Classics2021-04-2709:0001:13:20Duration 00:03:00 Link
Hildegard von BingenO Rubor Sanguinis: Antienne (Antiphon)Sunday Morning2021-04-2509:0000:45:42Duration 00:01:32 Link
Hildur GuðnadóttirVichnaya Pamyat [Memory Eternal] (Chernobyl)Breakfast2021-04-2606:3001:56:03Duration 00:04:07 Link
Horatio ParkerA Northern Ballad (1899)Through the Night2021-04-2600:3005:46:10Duration 00:13:29 Link
Hugo AlfvénFinale, from The Prodigal Son (ballet)Through the Night2021-04-3000:3001:56:23Duration 00:03:24 Link
Iglooghost (artist)AmuUnclassified2021-04-2923:3000:41:02Duration 00:03:44 Link
Igor DeklevaThe Wind Is SingingThrough the Night2021-04-2401:0003:44:20Duration 00:06:01 Link
Igor Stravinsky'Ah, jois, emplis mon coeur' from Le Rossignol, Act IIStravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0001:58:52Duration 00:03:25 Link
Igor Stravinsky2 Poems of Konstantin Bal'montStravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0004:49:21Duration 00:02:49 Link
Igor Stravinsky3 Japanese LyricsStravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0001:10:20Duration 00:03:07 Link
Igor Stravinsky5 Easy pieces for piano duet - No. 1 AndanteStravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0005:27:14Duration 00:01:06 Link
Igor StravinskyA Lyke-wake dirge - This ae nighte (Cantata)Stravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0004:07:47Duration 00:02:00 Link
Igor StravinskyAgon (Act 3 - excerpt)Stravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0005:11:57Duration 00:03:14 Link
Igor StravinskyAirs du rossignol from Le RossignolStravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0002:02:16Duration 00:04:52 Link
Igor StravinskyBerceuses du chat (3rd mvt, Dodo)Stravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0003:19:44Duration 00:01:20 Link
Igor StravinskyCanon (on a Russian Popular Tune)Stravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0000:50:24Duration 00:01:07 Link
Igor StravinskyCapriccio (2nd mvt - Andante)Stravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0003:44:00Duration 00:05:07 Link
Igor StravinskyCircus polka for a Young Elephant orchestraThis Classical Life2021-04-2412:3000:02:52Duration 00:03:32 Link
Igor StravinskyConcerto for 2 pianos (2nd mvt - Notturno)Stravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0004:30:12Duration 00:05:35 Link
Igor StravinskyConcerto for piano and wind (3rd mvt - Allegro)Stravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0005:07:29Duration 00:04:26 Link
Igor StravinskyConcerto in E flar for chamber orchestra 'Dumbarton Oaks'Stravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0001:15:16Duration 00:14:42 Link
Igor StravinskyDanses concertantes (mvts 1-3)Stravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0004:18:32Duration 00:11:39 Link
Igor StravinskyDies Irae (Requiem Canticles)Stravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0002:46:21Duration 00:00:54 Link
Igor StravinskyDivertimento (3rd mvt, Scherzo - Allegetto grazioso)Stravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0003:05:54Duration 00:03:09 Link
Igor StravinskyDivertimento: IVc. Pas de deux - CodaRecord Review2021-04-2409:0000:00:50Duration 00:02:26 Link
Igor StravinskyEbony ConcertoRecord Review2021-04-2409:0002:21:08Duration 00:09:04 Link
Igor StravinskyEbony ConcertoStravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0003:49:10Duration 00:09:18 Link
Igor StravinskyElegy for solo violaStravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0000:15:12Duration 00:05:16 Link
Igor StravinskyEpitaphiumStravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0002:35:16Duration 00:01:05 Link
Igor StravinskyExcerpt from Stravinsky's The Soldier's TaleIn Tune2021-04-2917:0001:36:18Duration 00:02:39 Link
Igor StravinskyFireworksStravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0003:01:14Duration 00:03:57 Link
Igor StravinskyFour Norwegian MoodsStravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0002:47:16Duration 00:08:25 Link
Igor StravinskyHistoire du soldat (The Royal March, Ragtime, The Devil's Dance)Stravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0002:40:15Duration 00:06:05 Link
Igor StravinskyHow the mushrooms went to warStravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0002:29:19Duration 00:05:55 Link
Igor StravinskyIn Petrushka's CellStravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0002:18:47Duration 00:05:03 Link
Igor StravinskyJeu de Cartes - I. First DealStravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0003:37:29Duration 00:05:44 Link
Igor StravinskyLe baiser du fee (Scene II, excerpt)Stravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0003:09:04Duration 00:10:41 Link
Igor StravinskyLes Noces - i. The Tresses & ii. At the Bridegroom's HouseStravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0002:07:11Duration 00:05:14 Link
Igor StravinskyMass - Sanctus & Agnus DeiStravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0001:52:01Duration 00:06:49 Link
Igor StravinskyOde (2nd mvt - Epitaph)Stravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0004:14:18Duration 00:03:20 Link
Igor StravinskyOedipus Rex (end of Act II)Stravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0003:31:53Duration 00:05:35 Link
Igor StravinskyOedipus Rex (extract)Record Review2021-04-2409:0001:49:17Duration 00:05:10 Link
Igor StravinskyOrpheus - Scene 1 (excerpt)Stravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0002:12:24Duration 00:05:32 Link
Igor StravinskyOrpheus ballet in three scenes (1947)Through the Night2021-04-3000:3001:27:53Duration 00:28:11 Link
Igor StravinskyOu ca, ou ca? (Renard)Stravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0005:05:43Duration 00:01:46 Link
Igor StravinskyPas d'action (Orpheus, Scene 2)Breakfast2021-04-2806:3000:53:23Duration 00:01:56 Link
Igor StravinskyPastorale transc. for orchestraIn Tune Mixtape2021-04-3019:0000:13:51Duration 00:03:15 Link
Igor StravinskyPater nosterStravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0001:13:29Duration 00:01:44 Link
Igor StravinskyPersephone - 'Reste avec nous, princesse Persephone' from Part IStravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0000:20:32Duration 00:05:48 Link
Igor StravinskyPetrushkaThrough the Night2021-04-2700:3002:01:04Duration 00:35:11 Link
Igor StravinskyPetrushka (excerpt)Stravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0002:23:51Duration 00:05:27 Link
Igor StravinskyPetrushka (extract)Record Review2021-04-2409:0002:13:00Duration 00:05:11 Link
Igor StravinskyPraeludiumStravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0000:04:49Duration 00:01:43 Link
Igor StravinskyPulcinellaStravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0000:06:34Duration 00:08:37 Link
Igor StravinskyQuatres EtudesStravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0003:58:28Duration 00:09:19 Link
Igor StravinskyRagtimeStravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0004:09:49Duration 00:04:27 Link
Igor StravinskyScenes de Ballet (Danses & Apotheose)Stravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0002:36:23Duration 00:03:02 Link
Igor StravinskyScherzo from The FirebirdSunday Morning2021-04-2509:0000:01:49Duration 00:02:52 Link
Igor StravinskySerenade in AStravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0000:51:32Duration 00:11:50 Link
Igor StravinskySonata in F sharp minor (1st mvt)Stravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0003:21:05Duration 00:10:46 Link
Igor StravinskySuite Italienne (3rd mvt, Aria)Stravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0002:55:45Duration 00:05:26 Link
Igor StravinskySuite No. 2 for small orchestraStravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0001:03:25Duration 00:06:03 Link
Igor StravinskySymphonies of Wind InstrumentsStravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0004:55:32Duration 00:10:10 Link
Igor StravinskySymphony in C - 1st movementStravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0000:26:20Duration 00:09:44 Link
Igor StravinskySymphony in E flat major - movements 3 & 4Stravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0001:34:08Duration 00:17:08 Link
Igor StravinskySymphony of Psalms (1930 revised 1948)Through the Night2021-04-2900:3003:14:28Duration 00:19:55 Link
Igor StravinskySymphony of Psalms (3rd mvt - Psalm 150)Stravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0005:15:14Duration 00:11:33 Link
Igor StravinskyTangoStravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0004:52:13Duration 00:02:31 Link
Igor StravinskyThe Firebird (extract)Stravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0000:36:49Duration 00:13:35 Link
Igor StravinskyThe Rake's Progress Act 1Opera on 32021-04-2418:3000:06:15Duration 00:40:21 Link
Igor StravinskyThe Rake's Progress Act 2Opera on 32021-04-2418:3000:54:22Duration 00:37:57 Link
Igor StravinskyThe Rake's Progress Act 3Opera on 32021-04-2418:3001:46:21Duration 00:55:16 Link
Igor StravinskyThe Rake's Progress; Anne Truelove aria "No word from Tom."This Classical Life2021-04-2412:3000:20:31Duration 00:02:17 Link
Igor StravinskyThe Rite of SpringAfternoon Concert2021-04-2614:0001:55:47Duration 00:35:10 Link
Igor StravinskyThe Rite of Spring (extract)Record Review2021-04-2409:0001:58:51Duration 00:04:06 Link
Igor StravinskyThe Rite of Spring - Part I (excerpt)Stravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0004:35:48Duration 00:13:30 Link
Igor StravinskyThe Soldier's Tale (The Little Concert)Breakfast2021-04-2906:3001:23:00Duration 00:03:08 Link
Igor StravinskyThree pieces for solo clarinetStravinsky 50 - River of Music2021-04-2413:0001:30:00Duration 00:04:06 Link
Igor StravinskyViolin Concerto in DRecord Review Extra2021-04-2521:0000:51:21Duration 00:20:37 Link
Ilona SekaczProcession and Chant (King Lear - incidental music)Private Passions2021-04-2512:0000:42:17Duration 00:02:12 Link
Isaac AlbénizAsturias (Leyenda)Essential Classics2021-04-2709:0000:28:34Duration 00:06:57 Link
Isaac AlbénizAsturias (Suite española)Breakfast2021-04-2407:0001:46:33Duration 00:06:08 Link
Isaac AlbénizIberia Suite (El Puerto)Essential Classics2021-04-3009:0001:37:21Duration 00:04:05 Link
Isaac AlbénizSuite from The Magic Opal (Overture)Essential Classics2021-04-2609:0001:51:29Duration 00:08:45 Link
Ivor GurneyFar in a Western Brookland (Ludlow and Teme)Night Tracks2021-04-2723:0001:25:55Duration 00:04:01 Link
Jack Teagarden (artist)Basin Street BluesJazz Record Requests2021-04-2516:0000:07:20Duration 00:03:10 Link
Jacobus GallusPater noster, qui es in coelis (OM 1/69), Ave verum corpus (OM 3/25)Through the Night2021-04-2800:3004:08:04Duration 00:06:57 Link
Jacques IbertDivertissementAfternoon Concert2021-04-2714:0000:19:31Duration 00:17:08 Link
Jacques‐Christophe NaudotRecorder Concerto in C, Op.17 no 1Breakfast2021-04-2906:3000:45:31Duration 00:07:58 Link
James OswaldNarcissus (Airs for the Four Seasons)Essential Classics2021-04-2809:0001:37:58Duration 00:02:39 Link
James WeeksSummerNew Music Show2021-04-2423:0000:19:52Duration 00:13:34 Link
Jan Dismas ZelenkaOverture a 7 in F major ZWV.188Through the Night2021-04-2401:0003:04:38Duration 00:06:58 Link
Jan Dismas ZelenkaRequiem mass in D major, ZWV.46Through the Night2021-04-2700:3001:16:15Duration 00:43:38 Link
Jan EngelSymphony in G majorThrough the Night2021-04-2401:0001:03:01Duration 00:17:09 Link
Jas Kayser (artist)Fela's WordsJ to Z2021-04-2421:3000:06:24Duration 00:09:27 Link
Jean de Sainte-ColombeConcert No. 3 (Le Tendre)Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2021-04-2913:0000:22:50Duration 00:06:04 Link
Jean Sibelius6 Impromptus, Op 5Through the Night2021-04-2900:3001:43:52Duration 00:16:02 Link
Jean SibeliusFinlandiaThrough the Night2021-04-2800:3003:51:48Duration 00:07:52 Link
Jean SibeliusPelleas et Melisande - incidental music Op.46Radio 3 in Concert2021-04-2819:3000:02:53Duration 00:27:02 Link
Jean SibeliusSymphony No 1 in E minor, Op 39Radio 3 in Concert2021-04-2919:3001:40:55Duration 00:38:24 Link
Jean SibeliusTapiola - symphonic poem, Op. 112 (1926)Through the Night2021-04-2700:3003:26:00Duration 00:15:27 Link
Jean SibeliusThe Swan of Tuonela (Lemminkainen suite Op.22Through the Night2021-04-3000:3003:37:58Duration 00:10:02 Link
Jean‐Baptiste LullyLes Plaisirs De L'Ile Enchantee (Overture)Essential Classics2021-04-2609:0001:40:39Duration 00:01:36 Link
Jean‐Marie LeclairSonata In C Major Op.3 No. 3Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2021-04-2913:0000:31:37Duration 00:10:46 Link
Jean‐Philippe RameauHippolyte et Aricie, Act V: ChaconneEssential Classics2021-04-3009:0000:13:06Duration 00:03:07 Link
Jean‐Philippe RameauL'Egyptienne (Concert en sextuor no.6)In Tune Mixtape2021-04-3019:0000:00:14Duration 00:03:18 Link
Jean‐Philippe RameauLa Cupis (Pieces de clavecin en concerts - concert no.5)Night Tracks2021-04-2623:0001:15:56Duration 00:04:03 Link
Jean‐Philippe RameauLa DanseThe Listening Service2021-04-2517:0000:17:15Duration 00:00:47 Link
Jean‐Philippe RameauLes Indes Galantes (Prologue)Record Review Extra2021-04-2521:0000:13:12Duration 00:36:06 Link
Jean‐Philippe RameauLes Indes Galantes: Entrée I - Le Turc Généreaux (Scenes 2-6)Record Review2021-04-2409:0002:26:14Duration 00:18:56 Link
Jean‐Philippe RameauLes Indes galantes: Air pour les sauvages & ChaconneEssential Classics2021-04-2909:0002:51:43Duration 00:07:09 Link
Jess ArrowsmithThe Changeling's LullabyThe Night Tracks Mix2021-04-2923:0000:22:30Duration 00:05:59 Link
Jim FassettSymphony of the BirdsNight Tracks2021-04-2823:0000:29:16Duration 00:04:13 Link
Jimmy Giuffre (artist)Down HomeJazz Record Requests2021-04-2516:0000:21:50Duration 00:05:40 Link
Jimmy Giuffre (artist)The Train and The RiverJ to Z2021-04-2421:3000:32:21Duration 00:04:44 Link
Joachim RaffSymphony No.8 in A major, Op.205 'Fruhlingsklage': ii. In der Walpurgis NachtEssential Classics2021-04-3009:0002:50:22Duration 00:08:31 Link
Joanna MarshEvening PrayerChoral Evensong2021-04-2815:3000:02:52Duration 00:03:53 Link
Joaquín RodrigoConcierto Andaluz (1st mvt)Breakfast2021-04-2606:3001:33:49Duration 00:07:44 Link
Joaquín RodrigoSarao (Concierto serenata)Essential Classics2021-04-3009:0001:08:10Duration 00:05:58 Link
Joaquín TurinaDanzas FantasticasThrough the Night2021-04-2501:0004:13:36Duration 00:16:04 Link
Jocelyn PookDESH (Hallelujah)Night Tracks2021-04-2723:0000:05:53Duration 00:04:34 Link
Joep BevingAb OvoNight Tracks2021-04-2623:0001:11:51Duration 00:03:55 Link
Johan Helmich RomanSymphonia No 20 in E minorThrough the Night2021-04-2600:3003:23:36Duration 00:08:14 Link
Johan Svendsen2 Icelandic Melodies (no.2)Night Tracks2021-04-2623:0001:20:51Duration 00:02:48 Link
Johann Christoph BachAch, daß ich Wassers g'nug hateThis Classical Life2021-04-2412:3000:25:42Duration 00:03:59 Link
Johann Heinrich SchmelzerSonata in D major for 3 violins and continuoThrough the Night2021-04-3000:3003:48:24Duration 00:06:39 Link
Johann Joseph FuxExcerpts from Ouverture in D minor K.357, Op.1`6Early Music Now2021-04-2616:3000:07:51Duration 00:11:38 Link
Johann Michael BachSei, lieber Tag, willkommenThrough the Night2021-04-2600:3003:32:14Duration 00:05:48 Link
Johann Nepomuk HummelTrumpet Concerto in E flat major (3rd mvt)Words and Music2021-04-2517:3000:03:39Duration 00:03:32 Link
Johann Sebastian Bach'Den soll mein Lorbeer schützend decken'; Ritornello (Duet from Cantata BWV 207 'Vereinigte Zwietracht der wechselnden Saiten'Breakfast2021-04-2606:3000:25:15Duration 00:06:01 Link
Johann Sebastian BachAdagio from 'Keyboard Concerto in D minor, BWV 974'Through the Night2021-04-2401:0000:59:15Duration 00:03:29 Link
Johann Sebastian BachAir from Orchestral Suite no.3 in D major, BWV1068Through the Night2021-04-2700:3004:32:24Duration 00:03:27 Link
Johann Sebastian BachAir on a G stringIn Tune Mixtape2021-04-2919:0000:05:04Duration 00:03:34 Link
Johann Sebastian BachAllein Gott in der Hoh' sei Ehr' - chorale-prelude for organ, BWV.662Through the Night2021-04-2800:3004:00:48Duration 00:06:58 Link
Johann Sebastian BachAllemande from Partita no.1 in B flat majorBreakfast2021-04-3006:3000:23:50Duration 00:05:10 Link
Johann Sebastian BachBrandenburg Concerto No 2 in F major, BWV1047Record Review Extra2021-04-2521:0001:13:19Duration 00:11:08 Link
Johann Sebastian BachBrandenburg Concerto No. 1 in F, BWV1046: IV. MenuettoRecord Review2021-04-2409:0001:20:04Duration 00:06:38 Link
Johann Sebastian BachBrandenburg concerto no.2 in F major BWV.1047In Tune2021-04-2717:0000:48:42Duration 00:05:37 Link
Johann Sebastian BachCantata BWV.197 (Gott ist unsre Zuversicht)Essential Classics2021-04-2809:0001:23:33Duration 00:05:20 Link
Johann Sebastian BachCantata BWV.21 'Ich hatte viel Bekummernis'Through the Night2021-04-2501:0001:00:22Duration 00:36:59 Link
Johann Sebastian BachCantata BWV131 Aus der Tiefen rufe ich, Herr, zu dirBreakfast2021-04-2706:3000:20:48Duration 00:09:27 Link
Johann Sebastian BachCello Suite No.4 in E flat major, BWV.1010 (Sarabande)In Tune Mixtape2021-04-2719:0000:11:35Duration 00:04:03 Link
Johann Sebastian BachChorale Prelude (BWV.654)Through the Night2021-04-2401:0003:29:29Duration 00:07:48 Link
Johann Sebastian BachConcerto in A minor for four keyboards and strings, BWV.1065Essential Classics2021-04-3009:0001:20:30Duration 00:09:37 Link
Johann Sebastian BachEndlich wird mein Joch (Cantanta No 56 Ich will den Kreuzstab gerne tragen)Breakfast2021-04-2806:3000:23:18Duration 00:07:03 Link
Johann Sebastian BachOboe Sonata in B minor BWV 1030bRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2021-04-2513:0000:14:54Duration 00:16:00 Link
Johann Sebastian BachPartita No 3 in E, BWV 1006: Gavotte en RondeauBreakfast2021-04-2906:3000:27:23Duration 00:03:15 Link
Johann Sebastian BachPartita for keyboard no. 4 (BWV.828) in D major: SarabandeThe Night Tracks Mix2021-04-2923:0000:16:09Duration 00:06:18 Link
Johann Sebastian BachPartita no.3 in E Major, BWV.1006 (Loure)Breakfast2021-04-2906:3000:22:51Duration 00:04:32 Link
Johann Sebastian BachPrelude and Fugue in G major BWV 541Choral Evensong2021-04-2515:0000:51:07Duration 00:07:08 Link
Johann Sebastian BachSinfonia from Christmas Oratorio (BWV.248 Part 2)Through the Night2021-04-3000:3003:04:25Duration 00:05:38 Link
Johann Sebastian BachTrio Sonata in C minor (from 'Musical Offering, BWV1079)Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2021-04-2713:0000:04:31Duration 00:18:51 Link
Johann Sebastian BachZion hört die Wächter singen (Cantata No 140)Sunday Morning2021-04-2509:0000:05:42Duration 00:03:37 Link
Johann Strauss IIThe Blue DanubeEssential Classics2021-04-2709:0001:56:42Duration 00:09:13 Link
Johannes Brahms3 Hungarian DancesThrough the Night2021-04-2900:3004:00:52Duration 00:08:23 Link
Johannes BrahmsBallade in G minor, Op 118 No 3Breakfast2021-04-3006:3001:16:13Duration 00:03:27 Link
Johannes BrahmsDein blaues Auge, (No. 8 from Acht Lieder und Gesänge, Op. 59In Tune2021-04-2817:0001:09:39Duration 00:02:12 Link
Johannes BrahmsRondo alla Zingarese (Piano Quartet Op.25)Essential Classics2021-04-2909:0000:42:43Duration 00:09:02 Link
Johannes BrahmsSchicksalslied [Song of destiny] Op.54Through the Night2021-04-3000:3004:09:08Duration 00:18:09 Link
Johannes BrahmsSymphony No. 2 in D Major, Op. 73 (4th mvt)Breakfast2021-04-2606:3001:16:11Duration 00:09:17 Link
Johannes BrahmsSymphony no. 4 in E minor Op.98Afternoon Concert2021-04-2614:0001:12:46Duration 00:41:43 Link
Johannes BrahmsTrio in E flat major for horn, violin and piano, Op 40 (4th mvt)In Tune Mixtape2021-04-2919:0000:08:37Duration 00:05:30 Link
Johannes BrahmsViolin Sonata No. 2 in A Major, Op. 100: I. Allegro amabileBreakfast2021-04-2906:3000:36:45Duration 00:08:01 Link
Johannes BrahmsWaltz in A flat major for piano duet, Op 39 No 15Piano Flow with Lianne La Havas2021-04-2405:0000:34:00Duration 00:01:35 Link
Johannes Hieronymus KapsbergerToccata E BalloRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2021-04-2813:0000:40:38Duration 00:06:23 Link
John AnsellNautical OvertureThrough the Night2021-04-2900:3003:01:56Duration 00:07:49 Link
John BullWalsinghamRadio 3 in Concert2021-04-2619:3000:43:44Duration 00:17:11 Link
John CageSuite for Toy PianoNight Tracks2021-04-2823:0000:58:53Duration 00:01:33 Link
John DowlandBook of Songs, Book 2: Oh sweet woods, the delight of solitarinessSunday Morning2021-04-2509:0002:13:47Duration 00:06:34 Link
John DowlandPrelude, P. 98Late Junction2021-04-3023:0000:08:12Duration 00:01:03 Link
John Luther AdamsCanticles of the Holy Wind: III. Dream of the Hermit ThrushNight Tracks2021-04-2823:0000:33:34Duration 00:05:17 Link
John Luther AdamsCanticles of the Sky - I. Sky with Four SunsClassical Fix2021-04-2600:0000:04:52Duration 00:04:14 Link
John TavenerFragments Of A PrayerRadio 3 in Concert2021-04-2819:3002:14:54Duration 00:15:17 Link
John TavenerFuneral CanticleClassical Fix2021-04-2600:0000:21:31Duration 00:03:06 Link
John WilliamsJurassic Park (main theme)Sunday Morning2021-04-2509:0002:46:05Duration 00:05:18 Link
John WilliamsTheme from Schindler's ListThis Classical Life2021-04-2412:3000:16:23Duration 00:04:06 Link
Johnny Flynn (artist)WaterHappy Harmonies with Laufey2021-04-2406:0000:18:13Duration 00:04:10 Link
Jon Brion (artist)Peer Pressure [Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind]Piano Flow with Lianne La Havas2021-04-2405:0000:35:33Duration 00:01:11 Link
Jorge Ben JorMas Que NadaBreakfast2021-04-3006:3002:19:03Duration 00:03:14 Link
Josef Bohuslav FoersterWind Quintet in D major Op. 95 (3rd mvt)Essential Classics2021-04-3009:0002:25:01Duration 00:05:35 Link
Josef SukFantastic scherzo for orchestra, Op 25Through the Night2021-04-2600:3005:09:25Duration 00:14:04 Link
Josef SukSerenade for strings, Op 6Through the Night2021-04-2700:3004:59:46Duration 00:28:43 Link
Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-GeorgesSymphony in G major Op 11 No 1 (1779)Through the Night2021-04-2501:0003:27:43Duration 00:14:19 Link
Joseph HaydnFinale from Symphony No 46 in B MajorBreakfast2021-04-2706:3000:06:01Duration 00:04:10 Link
Joseph HaydnLa fedeltà premiata (Overture)In Tune2021-04-3017:0001:03:41Duration 00:03:46 Link
Joseph HaydnPiano Sonata No 40 in E flat major, H XVI 25 (2nd mvt)In Tune Mixtape2021-04-2819:0000:02:03Duration 00:02:43 Link
Joseph HaydnPiano Sonata in C major, no 58, H.16.48 (2nd mvt)Essential Classics2021-04-2909:0002:47:27Duration 00:03:58 Link
Joseph HaydnPiano Sonata in D major H.16.24 (1st mvt)Essential Classics2021-04-2709:0002:36:32Duration 00:07:12 Link
Joseph HaydnPiano Trio in C major H.15.27 (3rd mvt)Essential Classics2021-04-2609:0002:37:31Duration 00:04:37 Link
Joseph HaydnPiano Trio in E flat major, Hob:15.29Through the Night2021-04-2600:3004:20:34Duration 00:16:32 Link
Joseph HaydnPiano Trio in G major, H.15.25, 'Gypsy' (1st mvt)In Tune Mixtape2021-04-2719:0000:19:20Duration 00:05:56 Link
Joseph HaydnSinfonia concertante in B flat major H.1.105 (1st mvt)Essential Classics2021-04-3009:0000:37:49Duration 00:09:21 Link
Joseph HaydnSonata for Piano in G major, H.16.27Through the Night2021-04-2700:3004:21:31Duration 00:10:39 Link
Joseph HaydnString Quartet in Bb major 'Sunrise' Op. 76 No. 4; 1st mvt - Allegro con spiritoBreakfast2021-04-2806:3001:44:26Duration 00:08:51 Link
Joseph HaydnString Quartet, Op. 20 No. 2 in C majorSunday Morning2021-04-2509:0000:17:56Duration 00:19:45 Link
Joseph HaydnSymphony 101; 2nd Mvt. (extract)Breakfast2021-04-2407:0000:30:55Duration 00:01:53 Link
Joseph HaydnSymphony No 22 in E flat major, 'The Philosopher' (4th mvt)In Tune2021-04-2617:0000:00:36Duration 00:02:56 Link
Joseph HaydnSymphony No 57Radio 3 in Concert2021-04-3019:3000:02:38Duration 00:23:00 Link
Joseph HaydnSymphony No 80 in D minorRadio 3 in Concert2021-04-3019:3001:21:55Duration 00:22:50 Link
Joseph HaydnSymphony no. 103 in E flat major H.1.103 (Drum roll)Afternoon Concert2021-04-2714:0000:37:35Duration 00:32:04 Link
Joseph HaydnSymphony no. 104 in D major H.1.104 (London)The Listening Service2021-04-2517:0000:18:53Duration 00:00:34 Link
Joseph HaydnSymphony no. 52 in C minor H.1.52Afternoon Concert2021-04-2814:0001:10:59Duration 00:20:13 Link
Joseph HaydnSymphony no. 6 in D major H.1.6 (Le Matin)Radio 3 in Concert2021-04-2919:3000:03:03Duration 00:19:32 Link
Joseph HaydnTrumpet Concerto in E flat major (3rd mvt: Allegro)Words and Music2021-04-2517:3001:03:57Duration 00:04:32 Link
Josquin des PrezAve MariaIn Tune Mixtape2021-04-2819:0000:15:39Duration 00:05:25 Link
Josquin des PrezMille Regretz (Chanson)In Tune2021-04-3017:0000:32:34Duration 00:02:13 Link
Julius HarrisonBredon HillEssential Classics2021-04-2609:0001:03:23Duration 00:10:35 Link
Julius HarrisonWorcestershire Suite: III. Pershore PlumsEssential Classics2021-04-3009:0001:56:53Duration 00:02:23 Link
Julius RöntgenWind Serenade no.1 Op.14 (2nd mvt)Essential Classics2021-04-2609:0001:20:48Duration 00:06:24 Link
Jung Jae-il (artist)Jung Jae Il [Parasite Soundtrack]Piano Flow with Lianne La Havas2021-04-2405:0000:26:42Duration 00:02:02 Link
Jóhann JóhannssonGood Day, Night (from Orphee)Sunday Morning2021-04-2509:0000:57:56Duration 00:03:58 Link
Jóhann JóhannssonGood Night, DayBreakfast2021-04-2407:0001:31:35Duration 00:03:58 Link
Kalevi AhoTheremin Concerto 'Acht Jahreszeiten' (Mitternachtsson)Night Tracks2021-04-2623:0000:39:41Duration 00:06:39 Link
Karl JenkinsI'll Make MusicHappy Harmonies with Laufey2021-04-2406:0000:49:24Duration 00:04:16 Link
Kaspar ForsterDialogus a 5 'Quid faciam misera?'Through the Night2021-04-2900:3004:50:30Duration 00:06:57 Link
Kate BushThe Sensual WorldThe Listening Service2021-04-2517:0000:15:40Duration 00:00:22 Link
Kate Bush (artist)This Woman's WorkPiano Flow with Lianne La Havas2021-04-2405:0000:45:41Duration 00:03:27 Link
Kathryn TickellAprilBreakfast2021-04-2507:0000:40:42Duration 00:03:40 Link
Kerry AndrewApples, Plums, CherriesEssential Classics2021-04-3009:0001:59:16Duration 00:03:41 Link
Kooshin (artist)Meeday DahabadeydiiLate Junction2021-04-3023:0000:00:04Duration 00:06:23 Link
Krzysztof PendereckiTe Deum for solo voices, chorus and orchestraThrough the Night2021-04-2401:0002:01:17Duration 00:37:16 Link
LA Timpa (artist)Deaf In Three CornersUnclassified2021-04-2923:3000:53:07Duration 00:03:16 Link
Lalo SchifrinMission Impossible (Theme)Essential Classics2021-04-2709:0000:11:35Duration 00:04:32 Link
Lars‐Erik LarssonDe nakna tradens sanger, Op 7 (Songs of the Naked Trees)Through the Night2021-04-3000:3005:21:08Duration 00:15:12 Link
Laufey (artist)Best FriendHappy Harmonies with Laufey2021-04-2406:0000:38:00Duration 00:02:42 Link
Laura MarlingBlow By BlowPiano Flow with Lianne La Havas2021-04-2405:0000:23:52Duration 00:03:07 Link
Laura MvulaSing to the MoonBreakfast2021-04-2606:3000:35:50Duration 00:03:36 Link
Laurence CraneGuitar PreludeNew Music Show2021-04-2423:0000:01:39Duration 00:03:13 Link
Laurence CranePiano Prelude No. 2New Music Show2021-04-2423:0000:04:54Duration 00:01:08 Link
Leander SchlegelViolin Sonata, Op 34 (1910)Through the Night2021-04-2600:3005:23:49Duration 00:21:58 Link
Leonard BernsteinCandide overtureThrough the Night2021-04-2600:3000:01:00Duration 00:04:53 Link
Leonardo da VinciL'amore là sol mi fa remirareIn Tune2021-04-2817:0001:17:51Duration 00:02:47 Link
Leos JanáčekKatya Kabanova - suiteRadio 3 in Concert2021-04-2819:3000:31:31Duration 00:23:37 Link
Leos JanáčekOn an overgrown path: Good nightBreakfast2021-04-2407:0001:28:18Duration 00:03:17 Link
Leos JanáčekTaras Bulba - rhapsody for orchestraThrough the Night2021-04-2501:0005:36:25Duration 00:23:14 Link
Leslie BricusseWilly Wonka & The Chocolate Factory; Main TitleBreakfast2021-04-2407:0001:24:21Duration 00:02:06 Link
Lili BoulangerD'un matin de printempsRadio 3 in Concert2021-04-2919:3001:13:51Duration 00:04:55 Link
Lili BoulangerNocturneThrough the Night2021-04-2700:3003:01:17Duration 00:03:15 Link
Lili BoulangerPsalm 24Essential Classics2021-04-2909:0001:22:53Duration 00:03:48 Link
Lou HarrisonHarp Suite (1952-1977)Through the Night2021-04-2600:3002:24:04Duration 00:15:21 Link
Louis AndriessenUn beau baiserSunday Morning2021-04-2509:0000:38:04Duration 00:04:08 Link
Louis CouperinPavanne In F Sharp Minor B`D.121 For Harpsichord ["Pieces De Clavecin" Ed. BrunRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2021-04-2913:0000:55:25Duration 00:04:16 Link
Louis James Lefebure-WelySortie in B flat majorBreakfast2021-04-2507:0001:56:58Duration 00:04:04 Link
Louis VierneOrgan Symphony No 1 in D major, Op 14 (6th mvt)Essential Classics2021-04-3009:0001:49:23Duration 00:06:27 Link
Louise FarrencClarinet Trio in E-Flat Major, Op. 44: III. Minuetto: AllegroIn Tune Mixtape2021-04-2719:0000:00:05Duration 00:03:58 Link
Louis‐Nicolas ClérambaultApollon et Doris (cantate profane)Through the Night2021-04-2501:0002:42:25Duration 00:18:23 Link
Ludovic LamotheFeuillet d'album No. 1Night Tracks2021-04-2823:0000:24:17Duration 00:04:04 Link
Ludvig SchyttePiano Concerto in C Sharp minor Op 28 (2nd mvt)Breakfast2021-04-2806:3001:37:10Duration 00:06:04 Link
Ludwig August LebrunOboe Concerto No 2 in G minor (3rd)Essential Classics2021-04-3009:0000:01:42Duration 00:06:51 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenCavatina from String Quartet no.13 in B flat, Op.130Afternoon Concert2021-04-3014:0000:42:59Duration 00:07:03 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenCoriolan OvertureBreakfast2021-04-2706:3001:33:53Duration 00:07:28 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenFidelio, Act 2Afternoon Concert2021-04-2914:0001:10:12Duration 00:43:35 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenFidelio, Overture and Act 1Afternoon Concert2021-04-2914:0000:04:01Duration 01:03:58 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenGrosse Fuge in B flat, Op.133Afternoon Concert2021-04-3014:0000:50:50Duration 00:16:12 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenLeonore Overture No 1, Op 138Through the Night2021-04-2600:3003:50:22Duration 00:09:10 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenMarche slave Op.31Afternoon Concert2021-04-2614:0000:28:59Duration 00:10:07 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Concerto no.3 in C minor, Op.37Through the Night2021-04-2700:3000:01:12Duration 00:39:18 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Sonata No 23 in F Minor, Op 57, 'Appassionata'Through the Night2021-04-2600:3004:46:06Duration 00:22:50 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Sonata no 18 in E flat major, Op 31 no 3Through the Night2021-04-2501:0001:37:43Duration 00:22:08 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenRomance in F major (Op.50)Through the Night2021-04-2401:0003:11:55Duration 00:08:50 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenSeptet in E flat major Op.20 (3rd mvt)Essential Classics2021-04-2609:0000:12:52Duration 00:03:13 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenString Quartet No 13 in B flat major, Op 130 (3rd mvt)In Tune2021-04-2717:0001:37:43Duration 00:06:36 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenString Quartet no.13 in B flat major Op.130 - 5th mvt 'Cavatina'Breakfast2021-04-2606:3000:02:07Duration 00:07:19 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenSymphony No. 8 in F Major, Op. 93: I. Allegro vivace con brioBreakfast2021-04-2507:0001:31:40Duration 00:08:07 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenSymphony No.4 in B flat, Op.60Radio 3 in Concert2021-04-2619:3001:03:14Duration 00:33:32 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenSymphony No.7 in A major, Op. 92Radio 3 in Concert2021-04-2819:3001:31:57Duration 00:42:43 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenSymphony no. 5 in C minor Op.67Afternoon Concert2021-04-2914:0001:55:57Duration 00:32:51 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenSymphony no.5 in C minor, Op.67Through the Night2021-04-2700:3000:40:53Duration 00:34:54 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenThe Consecration of the House - Overture Op.124Essential Classics2021-04-2709:0000:17:18Duration 00:10:16 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenThe Creatures Of Prometheus - Finale. AllegrettoBreakfast2021-04-2906:3001:34:10Duration 00:06:11 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenTurkish March (The Ruins of Athens)In Tune Mixtape2021-04-2819:0000:00:25Duration 00:01:41 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenViolin Concerto in D Major, Op. 61: III. Rondo. AllegroIn Tune2021-04-2617:0001:20:06Duration 00:10:03 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenViolin Sonata in E flat major Op 12`3Through the Night2021-04-3000:3004:37:49Duration 00:19:19 Link
Luigi BoccheriniRitirata notturna di MadridClassical Fix2021-04-2600:0000:09:09Duration 00:03:40 Link
Luigi DenzaFiniculi, FiniculáEssential Classics2021-04-2709:0001:44:29Duration 00:02:45 Link
Luigi NigroTarantella alla IonnuvucchiaThe Listening Service2021-04-2517:0000:09:33Duration 00:00:19 Link
Lynne Plowmanfloating turning spinningNight Tracks2021-04-2723:0000:48:33Duration 00:06:35 Link
Léo DelibesFlower Duet from LakmeIn Tune2021-04-2817:0001:12:55Duration 00:03:58 Link
Léo DelibesSylvia, suite from the balletThrough the Night2021-04-3000:3001:09:45Duration 00:17:41 Link
M. Nageswara Rao (artist)Telisi Rama ChintanatoLate Junction2021-04-3023:0001:55:10Duration 00:04:50 Link
Ma RaineyJealous Hearted BluesBreakfast2021-04-2606:3000:56:08Duration 00:03:10 Link
Maalem Mahmoud Gania (artist)Shaba KouriaLate Junction2021-04-3023:0001:07:22Duration 00:08:52 Link
Mahalia Jackson (artist)Joshua fit the Battle of JerichoWords and Music2021-04-2517:3000:18:26Duration 00:02:01 Link
Manuel de FallaRitual Fire Dance (El amor brujo)Essential Classics2021-04-2609:0001:35:06Duration 00:04:16 Link
Maple Glider (artist)As TraditionPiano Flow with Lianne La Havas2021-04-2405:0000:15:09Duration 00:03:37 Link
Margaret BondsDream Variation from Three Dream PortraitsBreakfast2021-04-3006:3000:47:48Duration 00:02:38 Link
Marianne Schuppe (artist)DeuxLate Junction2021-04-3023:0001:00:53Duration 00:05:32 Link
Marin MaraisLa sonnerie de Sainte-Geneviève du Mont de ParisEssential Classics2021-04-2709:0001:04:49Duration 00:07:42 Link
Marin MaraisPrelude, Allemande and Caprice (3rd book of pieces for viol: Suite in G major)Record Review Extra2021-04-2521:0001:59:35Duration 00:08:08 Link
Marin MaraisSuite No. 1 in A minor (Book 3): PreludeRecord Review2021-04-2409:0000:19:16Duration 00:03:41 Link
Mark SimpsonViolin Concerto (3rd mvt - extract)In Tune2021-04-2717:0000:43:06Duration 00:05:02 Link
Marshall MathersBagpipes from BaghdadThe Listening Service2021-04-2517:0000:06:15Duration 00:00:08 Link
Martin WegeliusRondo quasi FantasiaThrough the Night2021-04-3000:3005:49:04Duration 00:10:35 Link
Mary Halvorsen (artist)Walls And RosesJazz Record Requests2021-04-2516:0000:41:34Duration 00:03:28 Link
Matt Maltese (artist)Rom-Com Gone WrongHappy Harmonies with Laufey2021-04-2406:0000:53:41Duration 00:03:16 Link
Matthew Bourne (artist)IIIUnclassified2021-04-2923:3000:04:12Duration 00:06:21 Link
Maurice Louca (artist)Benhayyi Al​-​Baghbaghan (Salute the Parrot)Late Junction2021-04-3023:0001:41:30Duration 00:04:34 Link
Maurice RavelAlborada del graciosoBreakfast2021-04-2407:0001:03:36Duration 00:07:21 Link
Maurice RavelLe Tombeau de Couperin (Toccata)Essential Classics2021-04-2909:0000:00:39Duration 00:03:49 Link
Maurice RavelRapsodie espagnole, M. 54: IV. FeriaRecord Review2021-04-2409:0000:23:46Duration 00:06:59 Link
Maurice RavelViolin Sonata in G major (Blues)Essential Classics2021-04-2809:0000:05:40Duration 00:05:39 Link
Maurice YvainMon HommeBreakfast2021-04-2407:0000:15:50Duration 00:03:09 Link
Mauro LanzaJSB Bleibet Meine Freude (excerpt)New Music Show2021-04-2423:0000:47:46Duration 00:05:35 Link
Max BruchScottish fantasy, Op 46Through the Night2021-04-2900:3002:00:54Duration 00:29:51 Link
Max Roach (artist)TimeJ to Z2021-04-2421:3001:18:57Duration 00:05:02 Link
Meredith MonkBook of Days (Dawn)Night Tracks2021-04-2723:0000:18:38Duration 00:03:27 Link
Michael FinnissyAlternative ReadingsNew Music Show2021-04-2423:0000:09:06Duration 00:06:51 Link
Michael FlandersThe Slow TrainIn Tune2021-04-2717:0001:07:52Duration 00:02:51 Link
Michael HaydnMissa Tempore Quadragesimae, MH 553Through the Night2021-04-2800:3005:45:16Duration 00:14:23 Link
Michael KorbHighland CathedralThe Listening Service2021-04-2517:0000:22:16Duration 00:01:46 Link
Michael PraetoriusHow a RoseNight Tracks2021-04-2623:0000:47:01Duration 00:06:30 Link
Michael TippettA Birthday Suite for Prince CharlesRadio 3 in Concert2021-04-2719:3002:09:48Duration 00:18:09 Link
Michael TippettRitual Dances from The Midsummer MarriageRadio 3 in Concert2021-04-3019:3001:46:31Duration 00:24:34 Link
Michel LegrandYou Must Believe in SpringBreakfast2021-04-2806:3002:07:00Duration 00:05:42 Link
Michelangelo RossiToccata No. 7 In D MinorRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2021-04-2813:0000:27:53Duration 00:04:10 Link
Miki Yamanaka (artist)Mr PancakeJazz Record Requests2021-04-2516:0000:35:07Duration 00:05:28 Link
Miklós RózsaSpellboundEssential Classics2021-04-2609:0001:42:15Duration 00:04:52 Link
Miles Davis (artist)In a Silent Way/It's about that TimeWords and Music2021-04-2517:3000:44:50Duration 00:04:10 Link
Miles Davis (artist)Stella By StarlightPiano Flow with Lianne La Havas2021-04-2405:0000:56:46Duration 00:03:12 Link
Modest MussorgskyKhovanshchina (Prelude [Dawn over the Moscow River])Essential Classics2021-04-2809:0002:03:22Duration 00:05:54 Link
Morten LauridsenContre qui, rose (Les chansons des roses)In Tune Mixtape2021-04-2719:0000:08:21Duration 00:03:15 Link
Morton FeldmanRothko Chapel (1971)Through the Night2021-04-2600:3001:33:54Duration 00:25:50 Link
Muriel HerbertLoveliest of treesBreakfast2021-04-2906:3001:57:46Duration 00:02:16 Link
Muzio ClementiGradus ad Parnassum, Op. 44 No. 48 VelocissimoSunday Morning2021-04-2509:0002:41:24Duration 00:03:57 Link
Nakul KrishnamurthyLalitam Varnnam AsuramNew Music Show2021-04-2423:0001:30:20Duration 00:11:13 Link
Nardi SimpsonOf Stars and BirdsNight Tracks2021-04-2823:0000:04:47Duration 00:04:01 Link
Neill MacCollThe Invisible WomanIn Tune2021-04-2817:0001:30:24Duration 00:03:45 Link
Nikolai Girshevich KapustinPastoral, Op 40 No 6 (Eight Concert Etudes)Essential Classics2021-04-3009:0000:09:07Duration 00:03:19 Link
Nikolai Rimsky-KorsakovMlada (Procession of the Nobles)In Tune2021-04-3017:0000:00:24Duration 00:05:24 Link
Nikolai Rimsky-KorsakovSheherazade - symphonic suite (Op.35)Through the Night2021-04-2900:3000:56:04Duration 00:47:23 Link
Nikos Skalkottas36 Greek dances A/K.11 Series 1 no.2 'Cretikos'Essential Classics2021-04-2709:0001:19:15Duration 00:01:36 Link
Nikos Skalkottas36 Greek dances A/K.11 Series 1 no.3 'Epirotikos'Essential Classics2021-04-2709:0001:20:51Duration 00:02:27 Link
Nikos Skalkottas6 Greek dances A/K.11 Series 1 no.4 'Peloponnissiakos'Essential Classics2021-04-2709:0001:23:15Duration 00:04:10 Link
Nikos SkalkottasGreek Dance Series 1 no.1 'Tsamikos (Enas aitos)'Essential Classics2021-04-2709:0001:16:57Duration 00:02:22 Link
Nino RotaO Venezia, Venaga, VenusiaEssential Classics2021-04-2909:0001:41:03Duration 00:04:32 Link
Nubya Garcia (artist)SourceThis Classical Life2021-04-2412:3000:12:47Duration 00:03:35 Link
Ola GjeiloSerenity [O magnum mysterium]In Tune2021-04-2617:0000:25:39Duration 00:06:29 Link
Olivier MessiaenEt exspecto resurrectionem mortuorum (5th mvt)Words and Music2021-04-2517:3000:55:49Duration 00:06:31 Link
Olivier MessiaenTrois MélodiesRecord Review Extra2021-04-2521:0000:04:39Duration 00:06:46 Link
Olivier MessiaenTurangalilaAfternoon Concert2021-04-3014:0001:08:24Duration 01:17:12 Link
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (artist)Never EnoughPiano Flow with Lianne La Havas2021-04-2405:0000:08:18Duration 00:03:18 Link
Oskar FriedVerklärte Nacht, Op 9Sunday Morning2021-04-2509:0001:53:02Duration 00:08:31 Link
Oskar MerikantoMerella [At The Sea] [originally for voice and piano]Through the Night2021-04-2900:3003:10:04Duration 00:03:52 Link
Ottorino RespighiBergamasca (Ancient Airs and Dances, Suite No 2)Breakfast2021-04-2806:3002:00:40Duration 00:05:07 Link
Ottorino RespighiLa Primavera (Trittico Botticelliano)In Tune2021-04-3017:0000:52:39Duration 00:06:09 Link
Ottorino RespighiPassacaglia (Ancient Airs and Dances Suite No 3)In Tune Mixtape2021-04-2719:0000:15:35Duration 00:03:52 Link
Ottorino RespighiThe cuckoo (The Birds)Breakfast2021-04-2507:0001:50:45Duration 00:04:19 Link
Pablo de SarasateZigeunerweisen, Op.20In Tune Mixtape2021-04-2819:0000:04:35Duration 00:08:59 Link
PapillonMoyoNight Tracks2021-04-2623:0001:07:42Duration 00:04:09 Link
Patrick Mor MacCrimmonLament for the ChildrenThe Listening Service2021-04-2517:0000:02:55Duration 00:01:48 Link
Paul MealorUbi caritasIn Tune2021-04-2917:0000:20:17Duration 00:03:55 Link
Paule MauriceThe Bumblebee (Pictures of Provence)Breakfast2021-04-2706:3000:55:52Duration 00:04:00 Link
Peggy SeegerGotta Get Home By MidnightIn Tune2021-04-2817:0001:45:33Duration 00:02:18 Link
Peggy SeegerHow I Long For Peace (live)In Tune2021-04-2817:0001:37:57Duration 00:03:20 Link
Peter Broderick (artist)All-Boy All-GirlUnclassified2021-04-2923:3000:57:00Duration 00:02:57 Link
Peter Maxwell DaviesAn Orkney wedding, with sunrise for orchestra and bagpipesThe Listening Service2021-04-2517:0000:19:27Duration 00:02:49 Link
Peter SculthorpeDjilileAfternoon Concert2021-04-2914:0002:54:57Duration 00:04:25 Link
Peter WarlockWarlock: Serenade for Strings in D Major, "To Frederick Delius on his 60th Birthday"Breakfast2021-04-3006:3000:01:54Duration 00:09:08 Link
Petronio FranceschiniSonata for 2 trumpets, strings & basso continuo in D majorThrough the Night2021-04-2401:0003:21:03Duration 00:08:05 Link
Philip GlassString Quartet no.5 (3rd mvt)Essential Classics2021-04-2909:0000:18:04Duration 00:05:28 Link
Philip GlassThe OlympianEssential Classics2021-04-2709:0001:36:09Duration 00:03:18 Link
Philip GlassViolin Concerto - 2nd movementSunday Morning2021-04-2509:0002:03:53Duration 00:07:57 Link
Philip HerbertElegy (In Memoriam Stephen Lawrence)In Tune2021-04-2917:0001:48:38Duration 00:07:03 Link
Philip van WilderPater nosterEssential Classics2021-04-2609:0002:01:36Duration 00:04:21 Link
Pierre de ManchicourtNunc enim si centum lingue sint (Antwerp 1547)Through the Night2021-04-2501:0003:42:20Duration 00:07:21 Link
Pierre-Gabriel BuffardinFlute Concerto in E minorThrough the Night2021-04-3000:3005:36:42Duration 00:12:01 Link
Pietro LocatelliConcerto grosso in F major Op.1`7Essential Classics2021-04-2809:0001:54:52Duration 00:08:02 Link
Pietro NardiniViolin Concerto in A major, Op.1'1Through the Night2021-04-2501:0000:10:44Duration 00:14:37 Link
PJ Harvey (artist)Dear DarknessPiano Flow with Lianne La Havas2021-04-2405:0000:42:39Duration 00:02:57 Link
Porkell SigurbjornssonHeyr, Himna SmiourHappy Harmonies with Laufey2021-04-2406:0000:42:34Duration 00:01:58 Link
Praed Orchestra! (artist)Embassy Of EmbarrassmentLate Junction2021-04-3023:0000:22:02Duration 00:11:42 Link
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky6 Songs, Op 6, vi) None but the lonely heartIn Tune2021-04-3017:0000:40:59Duration 00:02:30 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyEugene Onegin, Op 24 (Act 2: Introduction & waltz)Through the Night2021-04-3000:3004:00:51Duration 00:07:56 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskySlavonic March in B flat minor 'March Slave'Through the Night2021-04-2501:0003:50:07Duration 00:09:36 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskySymphony No 2 in C minor, Op 17, 'Little Russian'Record Review Extra2021-04-2521:0001:25:56Duration 00:32:24 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskySymphony No 6 in B minor, Op 74 'Pathetique' (2nd mvt)Essential Classics2021-04-2909:0001:09:06Duration 00:07:42 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskySymphony No.4 in F minor, Op. 36: III. Scherzo: Pizzicato ostinato - AllegroRecord Review2021-04-2409:0000:04:11Duration 00:05:26 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskySymphony no.4 in F Minor, Op.36Through the Night2021-04-2900:3000:15:16Duration 00:40:18 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskySymphony no.6 in B minor Op.74 'Pathetique' (3rd mvt)In Tune2021-04-2917:0000:10:55Duration 00:08:37 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyThe Nutcracker Op 71 (Ballet in 2 Acts)Through the Night2021-04-3000:3000:01:13Duration 01:08:12 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyWaltz of the Flowers (The Nutcracker)In Tune2021-04-2717:0001:15:07Duration 00:06:54 Link
Rachel GrimesSystems / LayersClassical Fix2021-04-2600:0000:12:50Duration 00:04:08 Link
Ralph TownerAlpenbridgeSunday Morning2021-04-2509:0001:45:42Duration 00:06:31 Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsBredon Hill; Clun (On Wenlock Edge)Breakfast2021-04-3006:3001:21:52Duration 00:07:45 Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsFantasia on a Theme by Thomas TallisRadio 3 in Concert2021-04-2719:3000:50:02Duration 00:15:56 Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsSerenade to musicThrough the Night2021-04-2700:3004:07:42Duration 00:13:25 Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsSongs of travel, arr. composer & others for voice & orch. The VagabondIn Tune2021-04-2917:0001:43:31Duration 00:03:02 Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsSymphony No.5 in D major; Romanza: LentoClassical Fix2021-04-2600:0000:24:39Duration 00:04:36 Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsThe Lark ascendingAfternoon Concert2021-04-3014:0000:12:39Duration 00:15:51 Link
Raven Bush (artist)Start of Something NewUnclassified2021-04-2923:3000:10:33Duration 00:05:06 Link
Raven Chacon (artist)ChoraleLate Junction2021-04-3023:0000:34:07Duration 00:06:01 Link
Raz UllahMy God it's full of starsNight Tracks2021-04-2723:0001:10:07Duration 00:03:25 Link
Reet Maff'l (artist)I'm Just a Bit Concerned / TrolleyLate Junction2021-04-3023:0001:22:29Duration 00:04:20 Link
Reynaldo Hahn7 Chansons grises: L'heure exquiseBreakfast2021-04-2906:3000:02:11Duration 00:02:30 Link
Reynaldo HahnLa Barcheta (Venezia)Essential Classics2021-04-2809:0001:09:58Duration 00:03:17 Link
Richard ShephardEvening Service in B flat (Magnificat)Choral Evensong2021-04-2515:0000:14:45Duration 00:04:06 Link
Richard ShephardEvening Service in B flat (Nunc dimittis)Choral Evensong2021-04-2515:0000:22:03Duration 00:02:27 Link
Richard ShephardNever weather beaten sailChoral Evensong2021-04-2515:0000:00:34Duration 00:02:46 Link
Richard ShephardYe choirs of new JerusalemChoral Evensong2021-04-2815:3000:43:07Duration 00:06:53 Link
Richard StraussDon Juan Op.20Afternoon Concert2021-04-2614:0000:10:11Duration 00:18:16 Link
Richard StraussFour Last SongsRecord Review Extra2021-04-2521:0002:09:14Duration 00:19:54 Link
Richard StraussHorn concerto No 1 in E flatThrough the Night2021-04-2900:3003:39:16Duration 00:15:38 Link
Richard StraussPresentation of the Rose, Act 2 Duet, ‘Mir ist die Ehre widerfahren’ Der RosenkavalierBreakfast2021-04-2606:3002:02:48Duration 00:06:51 Link
Richard StraussSalome - i Dance of the seven veilsAfternoon Concert2021-04-2914:0002:30:05Duration 00:09:26 Link
Richard StraussSalome - i Final sceneAfternoon Concert2021-04-2914:0002:39:39Duration 00:14:32 Link
Richard StraussSchlagobers Op. 70; Dance of Sugar, Coffee and CocoaBreakfast2021-04-2407:0001:20:00Duration 00:04:06 Link
Richard WagnerPrelude to 'Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg'Afternoon Concert2021-04-2714:0000:01:17Duration 00:10:00 Link
Richard WagnerSiegfried's Rhine Journey (Götterdämmerung)Essential Classics2021-04-2609:0002:13:36Duration 00:11:00 Link
Richard WagnerThe Ride of the Valkyries (Die Walküre)Essential Classics2021-04-2809:0001:42:16Duration 00:05:18 Link
Richard WagnerWesendonck LiederThrough the Night2021-04-2800:3005:01:56Duration 00:21:44 Link
Robert MacfarlaneHeartwoodIn Tune2021-04-2617:0001:32:35Duration 00:03:30 Link
Robert MackintoshScottish ReelsEssential Classics2021-04-2609:0000:09:11Duration 00:03:10 Link
Robert SchumannAdagio & Allegro in A flat, Op. 70Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2021-04-2513:0000:04:17Duration 00:09:00 Link
Robert SchumannGhost VariationsRadio 3 in Concert2021-04-3019:3001:04:51Duration 00:13:23 Link
Robert SchumannPapillons Op.2Radio 3 in Concert2021-04-2919:3000:58:12Duration 00:14:34 Link
Robert SchumannPiano Quartet in E Flat Major, Op 47 (3rd mvt)Breakfast2021-04-2806:3000:01:52Duration 00:06:04 Link
Robert SchumannPiano Trio No 2 in F major, Op 80 (1st mvt)In Tune2021-04-3017:0000:24:26Duration 00:07:22 Link
Robert SchumannSymphony No. 1 in B flat major, Op. 38 'Spring'Breakfast2021-04-2906:3001:13:09Duration 00:08:27 Link
Robert SchumannSymphony No. 3 in E flat major, Op. 97 'Rhenish': ii. ScherzoSunday Morning2021-04-2509:0000:48:11Duration 00:05:59 Link
Rodrigo AmaranteTuyo ("Narcos" Theme)Essential Classics2021-04-2609:0001:48:23Duration 00:02:29 Link
Romanos (artist)Lover's DespairUnclassified2021-04-2923:3000:24:03Duration 00:02:47 Link
Roxanna PanufnikWestminster Mass: Deus, Deus meusBreakfast2021-04-3006:3000:16:43Duration 00:06:25 Link
Roy Hargrove (artist)Strasbourg/St DenisWords and Music2021-04-2517:3000:49:05Duration 00:04:30 Link
Ruth Crawford SeegerRisselty rosseltyIn Tune2021-04-2817:0000:48:47Duration 00:02:56 Link
Ryuichi SakamotoMerry Christmas Mr LawrencePiano Flow with Lianne La Havas2021-04-2405:0000:19:19Duration 00:04:42 Link
Sally BeamishSeavaigers - concerto for fiddle, clarsach and string orchestra: 2nd mvt; LamentNight Tracks2021-04-2823:0001:06:44Duration 00:06:11 Link
Samuel BarberAdagio for StringsRadio 3 in Concert2021-04-2719:3000:40:02Duration 00:08:37 Link
Samuel BarberTo be sung on the waterEssential Classics2021-04-2909:0001:45:36Duration 00:03:18 Link
Samuel BarberViolin Concerto, Op 14Through the Night2021-04-2600:3002:39:48Duration 00:23:37 Link
Samuel Coleridge-Taylor4 African dances (no.2)Breakfast2021-04-2507:0001:16:26Duration 00:02:54 Link
Samuel Coleridge-TaylorClarinet quintet in F sharp minor, Op.10 - 1st mvt, Allegro energicoBreakfast2021-04-2806:3001:06:54Duration 00:09:28 Link
Samuel Coleridge-TaylorNonet in F minor, Op.2 (4th mvt)Essential Classics2021-04-2709:0002:06:34Duration 00:08:20 Link
Samuel ScheidtGalliarda Battaglia (Galliard)Breakfast2021-04-2906:3002:01:56Duration 00:03:52 Link
Samuel Sebastian WesleyAscribe unto the LordChoral Evensong2021-04-2515:0000:31:25Duration 00:15:45 Link
Sathönay (artist)TekirdagLate Junction2021-04-3023:0000:14:46Duration 00:06:05 Link
Sean ConnorsArchetypes: X. The CreatorNight Tracks2021-04-2823:0000:14:08Duration 00:05:02 Link
Sergei ProkofievLove Dance (Romeo and Juliet)Breakfast2021-04-2706:3001:54:29Duration 00:04:51 Link
Sergei ProkofievPiano Concerto no. 2 in G minor Op.16Afternoon Concert2021-04-2614:0000:39:53Duration 00:31:54 Link
Sergei ProkofievPiano Sonata No. 3 in A minor, op. 28Through the Night2021-04-2401:0000:51:11Duration 00:07:45 Link
Sergei ProkofievSymphony No 6 in E flat minor, Op 111 (3rd mvt)In Tune2021-04-3017:0001:47:59Duration 00:11:14 Link
Sergei ProkofievSymphony no. 1 in D major Op.25 (Classical)Radio 3 in Concert2021-04-2919:3001:20:13Duration 00:14:20 Link
Sergei ProkofievWaltz suite Op.110 for orchestra .......: Happiness ["Cinderella" no.19]Breakfast2021-04-2407:0000:04:30Duration 00:03:19 Link
Sergey RachmaninovSymphony No. 2 in E Minor, Op. 27Radio 3 in Concert2021-04-2719:3001:08:38Duration 00:58:50 Link
Sharon Van Etten (artist)The End Of the WorldThis Classical Life2021-04-2412:3000:22:48Duration 00:02:54 Link
Sidney BechetBlue HorizonIn Tune Mixtape2021-04-2719:0000:04:02Duration 00:04:19 Link
Simon BainbridgeAd ora incerta (no.1, Il canto del corvo)New Music Show2021-04-2423:0001:43:05Duration 00:08:07 Link
Sir George DysonOverture - At the Tabard Inn (The Canterbury Pilgrims)Essential Classics2021-04-2609:0002:47:22Duration 00:11:34 Link
Sonny Rollins (artist)Blue SevenJ to Z2021-04-2421:3001:03:25Duration 00:06:31 Link
Sounds of A & R (artist)Social CallJ to Z2021-04-2421:3000:42:42Duration 00:04:53 Link
Southeast of Rain (artist)Day 8 Between Fleeting SomethingsLate Junction2021-04-3023:0000:09:15Duration 00:05:31 Link
Soweto Kinch (artist)ZionJ to Z2021-04-2421:3000:01:46Duration 00:03:29 Link
Spell Songs / Jackie MorrisThe Red FoxIn Tune2021-04-2617:0001:41:19Duration 00:05:46 Link
Stanislao GastaldonMusica ProibitaIn Tune2021-04-2717:0000:28:06Duration 00:03:51 Link
Stanislaus GastaldonMusica ProibitaIn Tune2021-04-3017:0001:24:54Duration 00:03:57 Link
Stephen WilkinsonThe GardenBreakfast2021-04-2906:3000:54:34Duration 00:03:58 Link
Steve ReichMallet Quartet (Fast)Essential Classics2021-04-2609:0001:27:31Duration 00:05:04 Link
Steven MackeyTricerosRecord Review2021-04-2409:0001:27:49Duration 00:21:11 Link
Steven StuckyO Sacrum Convivium (3 New motets 'in memoriam Thomas Tallis')Essential Classics2021-04-2809:0000:35:29Duration 00:03:03 Link
Sukuma Bin OngaroChiroBreakfast2021-04-2507:0001:25:12Duration 00:03:29 Link
Tanya EkanayakaJuly 2016/17 (12 Piano Prisms, No 1 in E flat major)Breakfast2021-04-2706:3001:02:56Duration 00:04:35 Link
Tarquinio MerulaCiaconnaRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2021-04-2813:0000:15:50Duration 00:02:47 Link
Tears for Fears (artist)ShoutThe Listening Service2021-04-2517:0000:06:09Duration 00:00:06 Link
Telavi Ensemble (artist)DililmeLate Junction2021-04-3023:0000:58:34Duration 00:02:20 Link
Teresa CarreñoVals gayoIn Tune Mixtape2021-04-2719:0000:25:11Duration 00:04:47 Link
The Beacon Sound ChoirDrone 3Night Tracks2021-04-2823:0000:51:09Duration 00:04:07 Link
The Bug (artist)In Love With A GhostUnclassified2021-04-2923:3000:47:50Duration 00:05:18 Link
The Ink Spots (artist)I Don't Want to Set the World On FireHappy Harmonies with Laufey2021-04-2406:0000:25:49Duration 00:02:57 Link
The Pipes and Drums of the Royal Tank Regiment (artist)Scotland the BraveThe Listening Service2021-04-2517:0000:02:37Duration 00:00:18 Link
The Secret Sisters (artist)Late BloomerHappy Harmonies with Laufey2021-04-2406:0000:11:16Duration 00:03:26 Link
The Walker Brothers (artist)In My RoomThis Classical Life2021-04-2412:3000:06:24Duration 00:03:00 Link
The White Stripes (artist)Prickly Thorn, But Sweetly WornThe Listening Service2021-04-2517:0000:16:29Duration 00:00:21 Link
Thirdstory (artist)Still in LoveHappy Harmonies with Laufey2021-04-2406:0000:45:41Duration 00:03:43 Link
Thomas MorleyAprill is in my mistris faceBreakfast2021-04-2906:3000:34:42Duration 00:01:29 Link
Thomas MorleyIt was a lover and his lassPrivate Passions2021-04-2512:0000:07:04Duration 00:03:21 Link
Thomas TallisIf Ye Love MeHappy Harmonies with Laufey2021-04-2406:0000:28:47Duration 00:02:04 Link
Thomas TallisO Sacrum Convivium (for 5 voices)In Tune2021-04-2917:0000:55:08Duration 00:04:12 Link
Till Brönner (artist)The Fifth Of BeethovenJazz Record Requests2021-04-2516:0000:11:47Duration 00:04:49 Link
Tomaso Giovanni AlbinoniConcerto à 5 in C major, Op 9 No 5Breakfast2021-04-2806:3002:13:06Duration 00:08:38 Link
Tomás Luis de VictoriaVidi speciosamIn Tune2021-04-2717:0001:45:08Duration 00:06:21 Link
Tore Bjorn LarsenThree RosettesThrough the Night2021-04-2501:0004:44:55Duration 00:13:23 Link
Toru Takemitsu (artist)Kwaidan: 3. Biwa-UtaLate Junction2021-04-3023:0001:31:34Duration 00:09:05 Link
Trad.Are mou rindineddhaEssential Classics2021-04-3009:0001:41:26Duration 00:04:36 Link
Trad.Arpeggiata addioNight Tracks2021-04-2823:0000:44:02Duration 00:07:05 Link
Trad.La RomanescaThrough the Night2021-04-2800:3004:15:26Duration 00:03:56 Link
Trad.Lament For Donald Doughal MackayThe Listening Service2021-04-2517:0000:13:59Duration 00:01:41 Link
Trad.ShosholozaThrough the Night2021-04-2600:3001:22:49Duration 00:02:20 Link
Trad.The BellsNight Tracks2021-04-2623:0000:58:40Duration 00:00:57 Link
Trad.This Joyful EastertideBreakfast2021-04-2806:3000:37:29Duration 00:02:21 Link
Trad.Waltzing MatildaAfternoon Concert2021-04-2714:0002:04:50Duration 00:05:10 Link
Traditional BalkanImprovisationNight Tracks2021-04-2723:0000:55:08Duration 00:04:19 Link
Traditional IcelandicNow again in your graceful nameEssential Classics2021-04-2709:0002:26:33Duration 00:04:49 Link
Traditional SardinianCantu A Ballu SeriuBreakfast2021-04-2806:3001:17:23Duration 00:03:57 Link
Traditional SardinianPastorale della notte di NataleBreakfast2021-04-2806:3001:18:37Duration 00:01:42 Link
Traditional ScottishThe Piper o' DundeeBreakfast2021-04-2906:3000:58:30Duration 00:02:02 Link
Traditional ScottishWestern Lilt / The Harsh February / Far From HomeIn Tune2021-04-2817:0001:53:28Duration 00:04:18 Link
Trent Reznor (artist)Big Wide World [Mid 90s Soundtrack]Piano Flow with Lianne La Havas2021-04-2405:0000:01:02Duration 00:03:15 Link
TrädGaidarski MelodiiThe Listening Service2021-04-2517:0000:13:22Duration 00:00:37 Link
TrädIntermezzo and Shine you no moreBreakfast2021-04-2706:3001:18:07Duration 00:05:02 Link
TrädLAMENT FOR MARY MACLEODThe Listening Service2021-04-2517:0000:24:02Duration 00:01:49 Link
TrädThe Dark Eyed SailorBreakfast2021-04-2407:0000:38:47Duration 00:04:58 Link
Unnamed ComposerTornala MaikaThe Listening Service2021-04-2517:0000:06:23Duration 00:02:47 Link
Valerie CapersPortraits in Jazz - Blues for The DukeEssential Classics2021-04-3009:0001:00:16Duration 00:03:45 Link
Various ArtistsThe Three Peaks of South UistThe Listening Service2021-04-2517:00Duration 00:02:37 Link
Victor HerbertThe Fortune Teller (Excerpts)Through the Night2021-04-2600:3004:37:24Duration 00:08:26 Link
Victor TongiFive Liturgical Inventions (Alleluia)Choral Evensong2021-04-2815:3000:56:50Duration 00:03:36 Link
Vijay Iyer (artist)Children Of FlintJ to Z2021-04-2421:3000:16:59Duration 00:06:15 Link
Vincent YoumansRise 'N' ShineBreakfast2021-04-2906:3001:26:52Duration 00:02:20 Link
Virgil ThomsonQuartet for strings No.2Through the Night2021-04-2600:3002:00:57Duration 00:22:42 Link
Walter BraunfelsAriels Gesang Op.18Essential Classics2021-04-2809:0001:14:27Duration 00:08:32 Link
Walter EigerEn avril a ParisBreakfast2021-04-2606:3001:42:29Duration 00:02:50 Link
Warmer Than Blood (artist)UntitledJ to Z2021-04-2421:3001:24:58Duration 00:05:24 Link
Wes Montgomery (artist)Up And At ItJazz Record Requests2021-04-2516:0000:17:33Duration 00:03:25 Link
Willem JethsRitratto; War is beautifulThis Classical Life2021-04-2412:3000:01:31Duration 00:00:49 Link
William BolcomThrough Eden's Gates (The Garden of Eden)Night Tracks2021-04-2723:0001:00:14Duration 00:04:37 Link
William ByrdBow thine ear O LordBreakfast2021-04-3006:3000:11:36Duration 00:04:32 Link
William Grant StillLand of romance (Africa)Breakfast2021-04-2507:0001:20:11Duration 00:06:53 Link
William LawesConsort Sett a 5 No. 1 in G MinorBreakfast2021-04-2906:3000:05:39Duration 00:07:42 Link
William Parker (artist)Essence Calling OutLate Junction2021-04-3023:0001:16:52Duration 00:05:37 Link
Wings (artist)Mull of KintyreThe Listening Service2021-04-2517:0000:16:50Duration 00:00:25 Link
Wojciech KilarLittle Overture (1955)Through the Night2021-04-2700:3004:00:42Duration 00:06:34 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartConcerto for Three Pianos & Orchestra, K242 - slow movIn Tune2021-04-2817:0000:08:32Duration 00:08:08 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartDivertimento in D major, K136Through the Night2021-04-3000:3003:25:38Duration 00:11:53 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartFlute Quartet in D major K.285 (1st mvt.)Essential Classics2021-04-2609:0000:23:01Duration 00:09:37 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartHorn Concerto No 2 in E flat major, K 417 (3rd mvt)Breakfast2021-04-2806:3001:02:50Duration 00:03:16 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartHorn Concerto no.3 in E flat major K.447 (1st mvt: Allegro)Private Passions2021-04-2512:0000:15:16Duration 00:07:00 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartKirchen-Sonate in B flat, K212Through the Night2021-04-2600:3003:03:41Duration 00:05:02 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartLe nozze di Figaro, K492 - "Non so più cosa son, cosa faccio"In Tune2021-04-2617:0001:04:02Duration 00:03:18 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartOverture to The Marriage of Figaro arranged for brass by BerglerEssential Classics2021-04-2809:0000:00:35Duration 00:04:05 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartOverture, 'Le nozze di Figaro' K490Through the Night2021-04-3000:3003:55:17Duration 00:04:22 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartPiano Concerto No 27 (K595)Radio 3 in Concert2021-04-3019:3000:31:31Duration 00:28:00 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartPiano Concerto No 27 in B flat major, K 595 (3rd mvt)Breakfast2021-04-2407:0000:44:58Duration 00:08:56 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartPiano Concerto No. 17 in G Major, K. 453: III. AllegrettoBreakfast2021-04-2507:0000:47:40Duration 00:07:25 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartPiano Concerto no 24 in C minor, K.491Through the Night2021-04-2800:3002:00:49Duration 00:30:06 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartPiano Concerto no.21 in C Major K.467 (1st mvt)Essential Classics2021-04-2709:0000:37:14Duration 00:14:34 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartPiano Concerto no.8 in C major, K.246Through the Night2021-04-2900:3004:57:44Duration 00:21:22 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartPiano Sonata in B flat major, K 333Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2021-04-2613:0000:04:42Duration 00:18:00 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartRondo for Violin and Orchestra in B flat, K269Breakfast2021-04-2706:3000:40:57Duration 00:07:43 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartRondo in A minor, K. 511Radio 3 in Concert2021-04-2919:3002:19:38Duration 00:10:49 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartSoave sia il vento (Così fan tutte)Essential Classics2021-04-2609:0002:25:44Duration 00:03:04 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartSymphony No. 39 in E flat major, K543 (1st mvt)Breakfast2021-04-2606:3002:10:30Duration 00:10:03 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartSymphony no. 29 in A major K.201Afternoon Concert2021-04-2814:0000:16:21Duration 00:27:26 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartSymphony no.10 in G major, K.74Through the Night2021-04-2501:0000:01:05Duration 00:09:09 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartViolin Concerto No 1 in B flat major, K 207 (3rd mvt)In Tune Mixtape2021-04-2919:0000:17:45Duration 00:05:29 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartViolin Concerto No 5 in A major, K 219 (3rd mvt)Essential Classics2021-04-2909:0000:04:53Duration 00:08:35 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartViolin Sonata in Bb K454 (transc. O Stankiewicz)Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2021-04-2513:0000:35:25Duration 00:23:00 Link
Xylouris White (artist)Goat Hair BowLate Junction2021-04-3023:0001:26:48Duration 00:03:26 Link
Yann Tiersen (artist)Comptine D'un Autre Été: L'après Midi [Amélie Sondtrack]Piano Flow with Lianne La Havas2021-04-2405:0000:36:45Duration 00:02:12 Link
YirumaRiver Flows In YouPiano Flow with Lianne La Havas2021-04-2405:0000:11:37Duration 00:03:06 Link
York Bowen3 miniatures, Op. 44Sunday Morning2021-04-2509:0000:10:09Duration 00:07:01 Link
You Are WolfMurmuration (spoken)Night Tracks2021-04-2823:0000:00:22Duration 00:03:32 Link
Zibuokle MartinaityteDarkness of Light (Chiaroscuro Trilogy)Night Tracks2021-04-2723:0000:00:20Duration 00:04:46 Link
Zoltán Kodály4 Italian madrigals for female chorusThrough the Night2021-04-2900:3004:09:43Duration 00:10:59 Link
Zoltán KodályDances of MarosszekEssential Classics2021-04-2809:0000:39:13Duration 00:12:39 Link