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'I wandered lonely as a cloud' by William Wordsworth, read by Ralph FiennesBreakfast2020-04-1006:3001:22:23Duration 00:01:15 Link
Albert WolffWords and Music2020-04-0517:3000:07:06Duration 00:01:14 Link
Alberti translated by John R. Spencer, revised edition 1966Words and Music2020-04-0517:3000:27:09Duration 00:01:27 Link
Bruno AlfieriWords and Music2020-04-0517:3000:45:34Duration 00:01:23 Link
Christina RossettiWords and Music2020-04-0517:3000:41:56Duration 00:01:01 Link
Elizabeth JenningsWords and Music2020-04-0517:3000:31:48Duration 00:01:00 Link
Frank O’HaraWords and Music2020-04-0517:3001:06:21Duration 00:00:20 Link
John DonneWords and Music2020-04-0517:3000:37:24Duration 00:00:35 Link
John RothensteinWords and Music2020-04-0517:3001:00:35Duration 00:01:41 Link
Marcel ProustWords and Music2020-04-0517:3000:52:32Duration 00:01:09 Link
Oscar WildeWords and Music2020-04-0517:3000:46:58Duration 00:00:19 Link
Plato translated by Robin WaterfieldWords and Music2020-04-0517:3000:23:21Duration 00:03:05 Link
Sharifa Rhodes-PittsWords and Music2020-04-0517:3001:06:21Duration 00:01:40 Link
Susan SontagWords and Music2020-04-0517:3000:10:42Duration 00:01:57 Link
Wallace StevensWords and Music2020-04-0517:3000:19:31Duration 00:01:49 Link
Yasmina RezaWords and Music2020-04-0517:3000:57:46Duration 00:00:38 Link
Aaron CoplandLetter from Home (1962 version for chamber orchestra)Essential Classics2020-04-0809:0000:31:44Duration 00:05:40 Link
Aaron CoplandQuiet CityAfternoon Concert2020-04-0614:0001:50:21Duration 00:09:39 Link
Abel Selaocoe (artist)Untitled 4Late Junction2020-04-1023:0001:44:40Duration 00:06:18 Link
Alban BergAltenberg-Lieder op.4, 1. Seele, wie bist su schönerWords and Music2020-04-0517:3000:42:57Duration 00:02:48 Link
Albert Roussel3 pieces for piano (Op.49)Through the Night2020-04-1000:3003:30:26Duration 00:08:30 Link
Albert Roussel3 pieces for piano (Op.49)Through the Night2020-04-0501:0003:42:32Duration 00:08:30 Link
Albert RousselRossignol, mon mignon (Poèmes de Ronsard Op. 26)Record Review2020-04-0409:0000:07:27Duration 00:05:04 Link
Alberto GinasteraDances from Estancia, Op. 8Sunday Morning2020-04-0509:0002:46:56Duration 00:12:09 Link
Albertus GronemanConcerto in G major for solo flute, two flutes, viola & basso continuoThrough the Night2020-04-0401:0004:27:32Duration 00:07:54 Link
Aleksandra VrebalovThe Sea Ranch Songs: Chapel, RainbowsNight Tracks2020-04-0823:0000:00:14Duration 00:04:32 Link
Aleksandra VrebalovThe Sea Ranch Songs: Starry NightNight Tracks2020-04-0823:0001:01:09Duration 00:05:10 Link
Alessandro ScarlattiPartite Sopra FolliaThrough the Night2020-04-0401:0001:20:58Duration 00:07:31 Link
Alexander ArutunyanConcerto for Trumpet and OrchestraEssential Classics2020-04-1009:0002:03:02Duration 00:16:37 Link
Alexander ArutunyanTrumpet concerto in A flat majorAfternoon Concert2020-04-0714:0002:33:12Duration 00:15:34 Link
Alexander BorodinPrince Igor (Polovtsian Dance No.17)Essential Classics2020-04-0809:0002:47:34Duration 00:11:36 Link
Alexander GlazunovRêverie Orientale (2 Pieces Op.14)Breakfast2020-04-0706:3000:00:55Duration 00:06:54 Link
Alexander Scriabin24 Preludes Op. 11 - No. 21 in B flat majorIn Tune2020-04-1017:0001:54:49Duration 00:01:47 Link
Alexander Veprik2 Poems for orchestraAfternoon Concert2020-04-0914:0002:15:49Duration 00:27:05 Link
Alexander VeprikPastoraleAfternoon Concert2020-04-0714:0002:21:07Duration 00:11:11 Link
Alexander VeprikVeprik Dances and songs of the ghetto, Op 12Afternoon Concert2020-04-0914:0001:20:02Duration 00:09:45 Link
Alfonso FerraboscoPrelude: In nomineChoral Evensong2020-04-0515:0000:00:45Duration 00:02:40 Link
Alfred SchnittkePantomime (Suite in Olden Style)Breakfast2020-04-0606:3001:35:33Duration 00:03:33 Link
Alfredo PiattiConcertino in A minor - 2nd mvt: AdagioIn Tune2020-04-0617:0001:32:53Duration 00:05:08 Link
Alma MahlerBei dir ist es traut (5 Songs [1910])Breakfast2020-04-0706:3000:40:20Duration 00:02:00 Link
Alphons DiepenbrockMaanlicht, RC 15 "O guer'ger heft zich ied're bloeme"Sunday Morning2020-04-0509:0001:39:23Duration 00:02:44 Link
Alphons DiepenbrockRecueillementThrough the Night2020-04-0900:3003:44:17Duration 00:05:54 Link
Amy BeachDreamingIn Tune Mixtape2020-04-0919:0000:20:58Duration 00:06:08 Link
Amy BeachHermit Thrush at Morn Op.92`2Mindful Mix2020-04-0523:0000:08:51Duration 00:04:56 Link
Amy BeachQuintet in F sharp minor Op.67 for piano and strings; 2nd mvt; Adagio espressivIn Tune2020-04-0817:0000:33:02Duration 00:09:30 Link
Ana Roxanne (artist)In a Small ValleyLate Junction2020-04-1023:0000:30:43Duration 00:04:36 Link
Anders HillborgO dessa ogon (O these eyes)Night Tracks2020-04-0723:0000:00:31Duration 00:05:17 Link
Andrea TarrodiString quartet no.1 "Miroirs"Essential Classics2020-04-0909:0000:40:14Duration 00:09:56 Link
Andrew PrahlowTimber Hearth (Outer Wilds)Sound of Gaming2020-04-0415:0000:08:20Duration 00:03:24 Link
Anna Phoebe (artist)By the SeaUnclassified2020-04-0923:3000:04:52Duration 00:04:46 Link
Anne MüllerWalzer fur RobertNight Tracks2020-04-0723:0000:44:21Duration 00:03:57 Link
Annette Peacock (artist)Did You Hear Me Mommy?Late Junction2020-04-1023:0000:50:29Duration 00:01:46 Link
Anon.A vous, TristanIn Tune2020-04-1017:0001:50:24Duration 00:04:25 Link
Anon.GrimstockBreakfast2020-04-0507:0000:03:26Duration 00:01:41 Link
Anon.Winchester Troper. AlleluiaNight Tracks2020-04-0723:0000:18:50Duration 00:02:34 Link
AnonymousFaronells GroundBreakfast2020-04-0806:3000:00:52Duration 00:03:39 Link
AnonymousFirmetur manus tua (Antienne de procession)Essential Classics2020-04-0809:0001:03:34Duration 00:03:38 Link
AnonymousKyrie 'Orbis factor'; Nostra avocata seiThrough the Night2020-04-0700:3005:00:38Duration 00:08:56 Link
AnonymousMiserere dominum (Kyrie tropé)Essential Classics2020-04-0809:0001:01:53Duration 00:02:43 Link
Anton BrucknerEcce sacerdos magnusAfternoon Concert2020-04-0714:0000:03:53Duration 00:05:39 Link
Anton BrucknerMass No 2 in E minorAfternoon Concert2020-04-0714:0000:41:08Duration 00:37:18 Link
Anton DiabelliWaltz in C majorBreakfast2020-04-0706:3002:14:41Duration 00:00:49 Link
Antonio CestiTibrino and Gelone's duet 'Pur ti ritrovo alfine': from Orontea, Act 1 Scene 13Through the Night2020-04-0401:0004:53:16Duration 00:07:55 Link
Antonio LottiCrucifixus for 8 voicesBreakfast2020-04-1006:3002:14:27Duration 00:03:41 Link
Antonio VivaldiCello Concerto in A minor, RV 419Essential Classics2020-04-1009:0001:21:40Duration 00:09:17 Link
Antonio VivaldiConcerto in C major 'con molti strumenti', RV 558 (1st mvt)Breakfast2020-04-0806:3000:41:05Duration 00:05:20 Link
Antonio VivaldiConcerto in C major RV.443 for flautino and orchestra (1st mov)In Tune2020-04-1017:0000:00:58Duration 00:03:37 Link
Antonio VivaldiConcerto in D minor, RV.565Through the Night2020-04-0900:3000:01:10Duration 00:09:29 Link
Antonio VivaldiConcerto in G major, RV 151 (Alla rustica)In Tune2020-04-0617:0000:38:09Duration 00:04:07 Link
Antonio VivaldiMandolin Concerto in C major, RV 425Through the Night2020-04-0800:3004:11:35Duration 00:07:09 Link
Antonio VivaldiNulla in mundo pax sincera, RV 630Through the Night2020-04-0501:0004:20:50Duration 00:06:54 Link
Antonio VivaldiSinfonia de L'Olimpiade, RV 725Breakfast2020-04-0606:3001:02:53Duration 00:05:19 Link
Antonio VivaldiTrio Sonata in D minor, RV 63, 'La Follia'Essential Classics2020-04-0709:0001:22:27Duration 00:08:44 Link
Antonín DvořákNocturne in B major, Op.40Breakfast2020-04-0606:3002:08:50Duration 00:07:34 Link
Antonín DvořákSerenade for winds in D minor, Op 44Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2020-04-0713:0000:11:28Duration 00:24:40 Link
Antonín DvořákSlavonic Dance in F major (Op.46 No.4) for piano duetThrough the Night2020-04-0900:3003:50:28Duration 00:06:29 Link
Antonín DvořákSlavonic Dance in G minor, Op 46 No 8Breakfast2020-04-0407:0001:56:48Duration 00:04:18 Link
Antonín DvořákSlavonic Rhapsody in A flat major, Op.45 No.3Essential Classics2020-04-1009:0000:36:42Duration 00:12:19 Link
Antonín DvořákSongs My Mother Taught Me (with Nightingales)Essential Classics2020-04-1009:0002:28:22Duration 00:03:07 Link
Antonín DvořákSymphony No. 8 in G major - FinaleIn Tune2020-04-0617:0001:11:56Duration 00:02:52 Link
Antonín DvořákSymphony No. 8 in G: Allegretto grazioso (3rd mvt)In Tune2020-04-0717:0000:39:16Duration 00:05:57 Link
Antonín DvořákSymphony no 9 in E minor, Op 95 ('From the New World')Through the Night2020-04-0900:3000:42:58Duration 00:36:31 Link
Antonín DvořákTwo Slavonic Dances, op.46 - No. 8 In G Minor and No.3 In A flat majorThrough the Night2020-04-1000:3004:01:02Duration 00:08:00 Link
Aphex TwinKladfvgbung MischkThis Classical Life2020-04-0412:30Duration Link
Aram KhachaturianMovements from Gayane Suite: Gopak, Lullaby, Russian DanceSunday Morning2020-04-0509:0000:49:34Duration 00:12:28 Link
Aram KhachaturianSword Dance of the Young Thracians (Spartacus Suite)In Tune Mixtape2020-04-0719:0000:27:03Duration 00:02:31 Link
Arcangelo CorelliConcerto grosso in D major Op.6`4Essential Classics2020-04-0609:0001:22:22Duration 00:08:45 Link
Arcangelo CorelliConcerto grosso in F major Op.6`2Essential Classics2020-04-0909:0002:44:13Duration 00:09:58 Link
Arnold SchoenbergVerklarte Nacht (conclusion)Night Tracks2020-04-0823:0000:11:30Duration 00:04:15 Link
Art Themen (artist)Forest FlowerJazz Record Requests2020-04-0516:0000:07:16Duration 00:04:51 Link
Arthur SullivanHMS Pinafore: Act I, Song. When I was a ladBreakfast2020-04-0507:0001:50:43Duration 00:02:50 Link
Arthur SullivanIolanthe (Overture)In Tune2020-04-0617:0001:24:42Duration 00:06:59 Link
Arturo MárquezDanzon No.2This Classical Life2020-04-0412:30Duration Link
Ascanio MayoneToccata Seconda - Canzona Francese QuartaThrough the Night2020-04-0401:0000:10:05Duration 00:07:25 Link
Astor PiazzollaOblivion, arranged for Violin & StringsEssential Classics2020-04-1009:0000:17:05Duration 00:04:43 Link
Ballaké Sissoko (artist)NiandouLate Junction2020-04-1023:0001:04:10Duration 00:06:25 Link
Bear McCrearyDeliverance (God of War)Sound of Gaming2020-04-0415:0000:01:38Duration 00:01:17 Link
Bedrich SmetanaVltava (Ma Vlast)Breakfast2020-04-0507:0000:33:09Duration 00:11:35 Link
BeethovenSymphony No 6, Pastorale, 1. Awakening of cheerful feelings upon arrival in the countryWords and Music2020-04-0517:3000:28:34Duration 00:03:14 Link
Benjamin BrittenChoral dances from 'Gloriana'Through the Night2020-04-0800:3003:00:00Duration 00:08:35 Link
Benjamin BrittenNow sleeps the Crimson PetalNight Tracks2020-04-0823:0000:20:19Duration 00:04:10 Link
Benjamin BrittenNow sleeps the crimson petalBreakfast2020-04-0906:3000:47:21Duration 00:04:23 Link
Benjamin BrittenPiano  Concerto in D major, Op.13 Radio 3 in Concert2020-04-0719:3001:36:22Duration 00:32:18 Link
Benny GolsonBlues MarchBreakfast2020-04-0606:3002:01:42Duration 00:06:13 Link
Bernard HerrmannVertigo - Scene d'amourInside Music2020-04-0413:0001:02:56Duration 00:05:05 Link
Bernhard CrusellConcertino for bassoon and orchestra in B flat majorThrough the Night2020-04-0900:3004:36:38Duration 00:19:11 Link
BjörkAurora (Music Box)Night Tracks2020-04-0823:0000:46:29Duration 00:01:03 Link
Bohuslav Martinu3 Czech dances for pianoThrough the Night2020-04-0401:0004:44:01Duration 00:08:54 Link
Brad FotschSpring Jive (Wattam)Sound of Gaming2020-04-0415:0000:30:33Duration 00:02:28 Link
Brian Sewell (artist)Brian SewellWords and Music2020-04-0517:3000:57:06Duration 00:00:44 Link
British Sea PowerDisco Elysium, pt. 1 (Disco Elysium)Sound of Gaming2020-04-0415:0000:55:55Duration 00:04:25 Link
British Sea PowerInstrument of Surrender (Disco Elysium)Sound of Gaming2020-04-0415:0000:44:53Duration 00:05:20 Link
Bruno Bjelinski"Ispijte ovu casu" [Drink up this last glass]Through the Night2020-04-0700:3002:57:31Duration 00:03:45 Link
Bulbils (artist)Cloak of invisibilityLate Junction2020-04-1023:0000:17:48Duration 00:04:53 Link
Béla BartókConcerto for 2 Pianos, Percussion and Orchestra, Sz.115 (3rd mvt)Breakfast2020-04-0606:3000:54:45Duration 00:06:18 Link
Béla BartókDance Suite, BB 86, Sz. 77, No 3 (Allegro vivace)In Tune Mixtape2020-04-0819:0000:00:28Duration 00:03:07 Link
Béla BartókDivertimento for string orchestra, Sz 113Afternoon Concert2020-04-0714:0001:31:00Duration 00:26:02 Link
C. SmithPinetop’s Boogie WoogieWords and Music2020-04-0517:3000:53:40Duration 00:03:20 Link
Camille Saint‐SaënsCaprice for violin and piano, arr. Ysaye after Saint-SaensThrough the Night2020-04-0401:0003:33:24Duration 00:08:26 Link
Camille Saint‐SaënsClarinet Sonata in E flat major, Op 167 (3rd mvt)Essential Classics2020-04-0709:0002:34:01Duration 00:04:43 Link
Camille Saint‐SaënsMon coeur s'ouvre from Samson et Dalila (arr for trumpet & orchestra)Through the Night2020-04-0900:3002:59:18Duration 00:05:50 Link
Camille Saint‐SaënsOboe Sonata in D major, Op 166Essential Classics2020-04-1009:0000:05:24Duration 00:11:02 Link
Camille Saint‐SaënsSeptet in E flat major, Op 65 (4th mvt)Essential Classics2020-04-0809:0000:26:45Duration 00:03:52 Link
Camille Saint‐SaënsSonata for bassoon and piano (Op.168) in G majorThrough the Night2020-04-1000:3004:49:27Duration 00:12:29 Link
Camille Saint‐SaënsThe Swan (Carnival of the Animals)Breakfast2020-04-0507:0001:21:46Duration 00:02:50 Link
Camille Saint‐SaënsValse-Caprice for piano and strings 'Wedding Cake' Op 76In Tune2020-04-0817:0001:04:06Duration 00:05:58 Link
Camille Saint‐SaënsViolin Concerto No. 3 in B minor, Op 61Through the Night2020-04-0700:3000:09:50Duration 00:27:32 Link
Carl CzernyPiano Sonata No 9 in B minor, Op 145, 'Grande fantaisie en forme de Sonate'Through the Night2020-04-0501:0002:36:41Duration 00:33:20 Link
Carl Maria von WeberDivertimento assai facile for guitar and fortepiano (J.207)Through the Night2020-04-0900:3003:18:18Duration 00:11:49 Link
Carl NielsenChaconne, Op 32Breakfast2020-04-0407:0000:31:50Duration 00:09:34 Link
Carl NielsenRomance (2 Fantasy Pieces, Op.2)Mindful Mix2020-04-0523:0000:55:56Duration 00:03:19 Link
Carl Philipp Emanuel BachMagnificat in D major (Wq.215)Through the Night2020-04-0401:0002:01:01Duration 00:35:38 Link
Carl Philipp Emanuel BachViolin Sonata in C minor Wq 78 - ii Adagio ma non troppoClassical Fix2020-04-0600:0000:04:13Duration 00:04:39 Link
Carl ReineckeFlute Sonata in E minor, Op 167 "Undine"Through the Night2020-04-0501:0005:16:05Duration 00:21:24 Link
Carla BleyMusique MechaniqueRadio 3 in Concert2020-04-0819:3000:21:28Duration 00:09:46 Link
Carlo GesualdoTenebrae Responsories for Maundy Thursday: First Nocturn: In monte OlivetiBreakfast2020-04-0906:3000:01:08Duration 00:04:45 Link
Carlo GesualdoTenebrae Responsories for Maundy Thursday: Second Nocturn: Judas mercator pessimBreakfast2020-04-0906:3001:26:16Duration 00:02:27 Link
Carolina Eyck (artist)WavesUnclassified2020-04-0923:3000:09:40Duration 00:05:06 Link
Caroline ShawEntr'acteInside Music2020-04-0413:0000:18:55Duration 00:05:40 Link
Catriona McKaySwan LK243Breakfast2020-04-0507:0001:25:03Duration 00:04:51 Link
Cesar CuiScherzo, Op.82 no.1Breakfast2020-04-0407:0000:54:23Duration 00:04:43 Link
Charles IvesNew England HolidaysRadio 3 in Concert2020-04-0819:3001:22:37Duration 00:40:20 Link
Charles IvesThey Are There!Radio 3 in Concert2020-04-0819:3001:17:47Duration 00:01:57 Link
Charles IvesThree Places in New EnglandRadio 3 in Concert2020-04-0719:3002:09:55Duration 00:19:52 Link
Charles Mingus (artist)Hog Callin' BluesJazz Record Requests2020-04-0516:0000:52:05Duration 00:07:24 Link
Charles Villiers StanfordAt the Abbey Gate, Op 177Afternoon Concert2020-04-0914:0002:43:20Duration 00:12:07 Link
Charles‐François GounodAve MariaIn Tune2020-04-1017:0001:13:21Duration 00:02:59 Link
Charles‐François GounodTo a NightingaleBreakfast2020-04-1006:3001:56:15Duration 00:04:48 Link
Chiara Margarita CozzolaniLaudate pueri - psalm for 8 voicesThrough the Night2020-04-0401:0004:18:35Duration 00:08:40 Link
Chicago Underground Duo (artist)Micro ExitJ to Z2020-04-0417:0001:08:17Duration 00:02:22 Link
Chris FitkinSextetEssential Classics2020-04-0609:0000:23:23Duration 00:06:55 Link
Christian Lillinger's Open Form For Society (artist)Sisyphos / LaktatFreeness2020-04-0500:0000:17:39Duration 00:08:54 Link
Christoph von GluckOrfeo ed Euridice, Act 3, ‘Che faro senza Euridice?’Words and Music2020-04-0517:3000:32:48Duration 00:04:37 Link
Christoph Willibald GluckOrphee et Eurydice: Act 1 from the Royal Opera House, Covent GardenOpera on 32020-04-0418:3000:11:23Duration 00:31:49 Link
Christoph Willibald GluckOrphee et Eurydice: Act 2 from the Royal Opera House, Covent GardenOpera on 32020-04-0418:3000:43:15Duration 00:40:36 Link
Christoph Willibald GluckOrphee et Eurydice: Act 3 from the Royal Opera House, Covent GardenOpera on 32020-04-0418:3001:40:06Duration 00:48:04 Link
Cipriani PotterSymphony No 1 in G minorAfternoon Concert2020-04-0914:0001:51:11Duration 00:24:05 Link
Clara SchumannScherzo no 2 in C minor Op.14Essential Classics2020-04-0909:0000:19:51Duration 00:04:46 Link
Claude BollingSuite for Flute & Jazz Trio - mov. 1 'Baroque and Blue'In Tune2020-04-1017:0000:36:20Duration 00:05:32 Link
Claude DebussyBeau soir arr for flute and harpMindful Mix2020-04-0523:0000:53:30Duration 00:02:17 Link
Claude DebussyDanse de la poupée (La boite a joujoux)Breakfast2020-04-0706:3000:42:50Duration 00:04:38 Link
Claude DebussyL'EgyptienneRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2020-04-0613:0000:55:34Duration 00:03:26 Link
Claude DebussyL'isle joyeuseEssential Classics2020-04-0909:0001:00:33Duration 00:05:26 Link
Claude DebussyLa MerThrough the Night2020-04-0700:3001:00:26Duration 00:25:02 Link
Claude DebussyLa MerWords and Music2020-04-0517:3000:14:47Duration 00:04:44 Link
Claude DebussyLa Plus que lente, arr. RoquesRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2020-04-0513:0000:36:52Duration 00:04:00 Link
Claude DebussyLa plus que lenteMusic for Holy Week2020-04-0519:3003:29:43Duration 00:05:39 Link
Claude DebussyLa plus que lenteRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2020-04-0513:0000:35:17Duration 00:04:10 Link
Claude DebussyPetite suite arr BusserEssential Classics2020-04-1009:0001:43:16Duration 00:13:07 Link
Claude DebussyPour l'égyptienneRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2020-04-0613:0000:55:31Duration 00:03:44 Link
Claude DebussyPrélude à l'après-midi d'un fauneAfternoon Concert2020-04-0914:0001:09:23Duration 00:09:52 Link
Claude DebussyPrélude à l'après-midi d'un fauneIn Tune2020-04-0817:0000:04:40Duration 00:11:09 Link
Claudio MonteverdiHor che'l ciel e la terraSunday Morning2020-04-0509:0001:16:55Duration 00:07:25 Link
Claudio MonteverdiL’Orfeo, ToccataWords and Music2020-04-0517:3001:06:42Duration 00:01:36 Link
Claudio MonteverdiMadrigals, book 8: Dolcissimo uscignolo [Loveliest nightingale]Essential Classics2020-04-1009:0000:31:35Duration 00:04:13 Link
Claudio MonteverdiNisi Dominus (Vespro della Beata Vergine)Breakfast2020-04-0507:0001:09:44Duration 00:03:48 Link
Claudio MonteverdiResponsory: Adoramus te, ChristeChoral Evensong2020-04-0815:3000:23:46Duration 00:05:58 Link
Clément JanequinLe chant des oiseauxEssential Classics2020-04-1009:0001:36:32Duration 00:05:24 Link
Cole PorterIn the Still of the NightNight Tracks: The Archive Remix2020-04-0923:0000:17:28Duration 00:02:51 Link
Colin M.Turnbull, Francis ChapmanMusical SticksWords and Music2020-04-0517:3001:02:13Duration 00:01:44 Link
Cécile Louise ChaminadeDanse païenne, Op 158Essential Classics2020-04-0809:0000:00:38Duration 00:04:45 Link
Dame Ethel Mary SmythString Quartet in E minor (1st mvt)Essential Classics2020-04-0709:0000:48:01Duration 00:12:05 Link
Daniel OlsénSayonara Wild Heart (Sayonara Wild Hearts)Sound of Gaming2020-04-0415:0000:34:36Duration 00:01:21 Link
Dave Swarbrick (artist)Carthy's MarchBreakfast2020-04-0906:3002:03:09Duration 00:02:38 Link
David LangHave mercy, my God (The Little Match Girl Passion)Breakfast2020-04-0706:3001:06:55Duration 00:04:38 Link
David Lukács (artist)Moonlight On The GangesJazz Record Requests2020-04-0516:0000:31:05Duration 00:03:09 Link
David PopperHungarian rhapsody, Op 68Through the Night2020-04-0501:0004:27:52Duration 00:08:00 Link
David WikanderVaren ar ung och mild (Spring is young and mild)Through the Night2020-04-0900:3003:57:20Duration 00:02:33 Link
Delia DerbyshireBlue Veils And Golden SandsNight Tracks2020-04-0823:0001:17:04Duration 00:03:25 Link
Deradoorian (artist)Saturnine NightLate Junction2020-04-1023:0001:23:47Duration 00:07:10 Link
Diana Policarpo (artist)Water GongFreeness2020-04-0500:0000:32:45Duration 00:02:53 Link
Dieterich BuxtehudeLaudate pueri, Dominum, BuxWV 69Essential Classics2020-04-0909:0001:16:46Duration 00:04:57 Link
Dizzy Reece (artist)Scrapple From The AppleJ to Z2020-04-0417:0000:23:13Duration 00:05:36 Link
Dmitry Shostakovich2 Pieces (Prelude and scherzo) Op 11Through the Night2020-04-0800:3004:01:04Duration 00:10:12 Link
Dmitry ShostakovichCello Sonata in D minor, Op 40Through the Night2020-04-0800:3000:14:53Duration 00:29:44 Link
Dmitry ShostakovichPiano Concerto no.2 in F major Op.102 (2nd mvt)Breakfast2020-04-0606:3001:08:59Duration 00:07:16 Link
Dmitry ShostakovichSonata in D minor, Op 40Through the Night2020-04-1000:3002:33:55Duration 00:29:16 Link
Dmitry ShostakovichThe Gadfly Suite, Op. 97a: RomanceSunday Morning2020-04-0509:0001:52:36Duration 00:03:35 Link
Dobrinka TabakovaNocturneEssential Classics2020-04-1009:0001:56:50Duration 00:03:30 Link
Dobrinka TabakovaWhispered LullabyBreakfast2020-04-0407:0001:45:30Duration 00:04:20 Link
Doc Wör Mirran (artist)Hominine 1Freeness2020-04-0500:0000:48:54Duration 00:11:05 Link
Domenico DragonettiDouble Bass Concerto in A major (2nd mvt)Breakfast2020-04-0706:3000:33:04Duration 00:06:00 Link
Domenico ScarlattiSonata in D major, Kk.491Breakfast2020-04-0806:3001:01:07Duration 00:03:55 Link
Domenico ScarlattiSonata in E major K380In Tune2020-04-0717:0001:49:09Duration 00:04:14 Link
Don Cherry (artist)Complete CommunionJ to Z2020-04-0417:0001:04:30Duration 00:03:45 Link
Don McLeanVincentWords and Music2020-04-0517:3000:38:00Duration 00:03:59 Link
Donnacha DennehyBridgetNew Music Show2020-04-0422:0001:36:18Duration 00:09:15 Link
Dora PejačevićNocturne for orchestraThrough the Night2020-04-0700:3005:10:00Duration 00:04:38 Link
Duke EllingtonThe Giggling Rapids (The River - suite)Breakfast2020-04-1006:3001:18:38Duration 00:03:00 Link
Dylan Henner (artist)A river drying outUnclassified2020-04-0923:3000:39:00Duration 00:05:10 Link
Edvard GriegHolberg Suite, Op 40Through the Night2020-04-0401:0005:39:36Duration 00:20:02 Link
Edvard GriegHolberg Suite, Op.40 (Praeludium)Breakfast2020-04-0606:3001:40:19Duration 00:02:53 Link
Edvard GriegPeer Gynt Suite No 1, Op 46Afternoon Concert2020-04-0614:0000:01:47Duration 00:14:46 Link
Edvard GriegSonata for Violin and Piano no 3. in c minorRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2020-04-0513:0000:05:26Duration 00:21:23 Link
Edvard GriegSonata no. 3 in C minor Op.45Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2020-04-0513:0000:04:38Duration 00:24:00 Link
Edvard GriegString Quartet no 1 in G minor, Op 27Through the Night2020-04-0900:3001:25:33Duration 00:34:23 Link
Edward Elgar'My Love dwelt in a Northern Land (3 Part Songs, Op.18)In Tune Mixtape2020-04-0719:0000:13:37Duration 00:04:34 Link
Edward ElgarIn Haven (Sea Pictures, Op.37)Breakfast2020-04-0706:3001:21:21Duration 00:02:05 Link
Edward ElgarLa capricieuse, Op.17Breakfast2020-04-0606:3002:17:23Duration 00:04:22 Link
Edward ElgarLux Aeterna, Arr. Cameron For Chorus [from 'Nimrod' Of 'Enigma' Variations]Radio 3 in Concert2020-04-0719:3000:03:38Duration 00:03:31 Link
Edward ElgarSea Slumber Song (Sea Pictures)In Tune2020-04-0617:0001:15:51Duration 00:05:37 Link
Edward GregsonToccata (Symphony in 2 Movements)Record Review2020-04-0409:0000:27:29Duration 00:05:24 Link
Edward MacDowellTo an old white pine [New England Idyls, Op.62]Breakfast2020-04-0407:0001:18:35Duration 00:01:08 Link
Edwin T. AstleyThe World Ten Times OverPrivate Passions2020-04-0512:0000:34:14Duration 00:02:57 Link
Einojuhani RautavaaraSymphony No. 6 ‘Vincentiana’, 2. The CrowsWords and Music2020-04-0517:3000:23:28Duration 00:04:32 Link
Elizabeth MaconchyAnd death shall have no dominionAfternoon Concert2020-04-0714:0000:30:10Duration 00:10:17 Link
Emil von SauerPiano Concerto no.1 in E minor (3rd mvt)Essential Classics2020-04-0809:0002:35:43Duration 00:07:44 Link
Emilia GiulianiPrelude Op.46 no.1Breakfast2020-04-1006:3000:40:59Duration 00:02:07 Link
Emmanuel ChabrierBourée fantasqueBreakfast2020-04-0706:3001:24:11Duration 00:05:10 Link
Emmerich Imre KalmanTörek/Tassilo's Aria (Komm Zigany) from Grafin MarizaThrough the Night2020-04-0900:3003:05:29Duration 00:06:19 Link
Eric CoatesThe Three BearsEssential Classics2020-04-0709:0002:40:01Duration 00:09:30 Link
Eric CoatesWestminster (London Everyday)Essential Classics2020-04-0909:0002:54:56Duration 00:05:06 Link
Erich Wolfgang KorngoldRose Garden (The Sea Hawk)Breakfast2020-04-1006:3000:58:27Duration 00:04:12 Link
Erich Wolfgang KorngoldThe Adventures of Robin Hood: Robin Hood and his Merry MenIn Tune Mixtape2020-04-0919:0000:17:11Duration 00:03:53 Link
Erich Wolfgang KorngoldViolin Concerto No.1 in D MajorThis Classical Life2020-04-0412:30Duration Link
Erich Wolfgang KorngoldViolin Concerto in D major Op 35Through the Night2020-04-0700:3005:35:55Duration 00:23:44 Link
Erik SatieGnossienne no 1 for pianoThrough the Night2020-04-0600:3004:46:33Duration 00:04:31 Link
Erik SatieJe te veuxBreakfast2020-04-0606:3000:31:37Duration 00:05:13 Link
Eriks EsenvaldsRivers of lightEssential Classics2020-04-0809:0002:28:19Duration 00:06:26 Link
Erkel FerencWine Song , from the opera Bank banThrough the Night2020-04-0700:3002:55:04Duration 00:02:32 Link
Erkki MelartinKarelian Scenes, Op 146Through the Night2020-04-0900:3002:48:24Duration 00:10:34 Link
Erno DohnanyiPiano Concerto No. 2 in B Minor, Op. 42: III. Allegro vivaceEssential Classics2020-04-0609:0000:14:24Duration 00:08:23 Link
Errollyn WallenCello ConcertoRadio 3 in Concert2020-04-0819:3002:06:53Duration 00:22:15 Link
Eugene ZádorDance OvertureBreakfast2020-04-0706:3001:13:10Duration 00:07:33 Link
Eugène YsaÿeSonata for Violin solo No. 3 "Ballade" op. 27Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2020-04-0513:0000:28:26Duration 00:06:54 Link
Eugène YsaÿeSonata no. 3 in D minor Op.27`3 (Ballade)Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2020-04-0513:0000:28:29Duration 00:07:00 Link
Fanny MendelssohnLied (Lenau): Larghetto; Wanderlied: Presto Op 8 Nos 3 & 4 (1840)Through the Night2020-04-0700:3004:23:31Duration 00:06:09 Link
Felix MendelssohnConcert Piece No 1 in F minor, Op 113Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2020-04-0813:0000:06:45Duration 00:07:59 Link
Felix MendelssohnGreeting, Op.63 no.3Private Passions2020-04-0512:0000:42:20Duration 00:02:36 Link
Felix MendelssohnHebrides Overture, Op. 26Classical Fix2020-04-0600:0000:25:11Duration 00:03:45 Link
Felix MendelssohnOctet in E flat major, Op 20 (4th mvt)Essential Classics2020-04-0809:0000:46:52Duration 00:05:45 Link
Felix MendelssohnQuartet for strings No 2 Op 13 in A minorThrough the Night2020-04-0600:3002:01:04Duration 00:31:51 Link
Felix MendelssohnQuartet for strings No. 2 (Op.13) in A minorThrough the Night2020-04-1000:3005:02:10Duration 00:30:08 Link
Felix MendelssohnSong Without Words in E major, Op.19 no.1Mindful Mix2020-04-0523:0000:50:10Duration 00:03:27 Link
Felix MendelssohnSong without Words in E flat major, Op 38 No 1Essential Classics2020-04-0609:0002:47:29Duration 00:02:40 Link
Felix MendelssohnVariations concertantes, Op 17Essential Classics2020-04-0709:0001:50:20Duration 00:09:24 Link
Felix MendelssohnWar March of the Priests (Athalie, Op.74)Breakfast2020-04-0806:3002:03:17Duration 00:04:49 Link
Felix MendelssohnWedding March (A Midsummer Night's Dream, Op 61)Essential Classics2020-04-1009:0001:02:01Duration 00:04:43 Link
Ferde GroféOn the Trail (from Grand Canyon Suite)Breakfast2020-04-0507:0000:52:08Duration 00:07:20 Link
Fernando Lopes-Graça3 Portuguese Dances, Op 32Through the Night2020-04-0600:3003:27:23Duration 00:06:39 Link
Fernando SorIntroduction and Variations on Mozart's 'O cara Armonia' for guitar, Op 9Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2020-04-0913:0000:25:25Duration 00:08:41 Link
Fernando SorIntroduction and variations on a theme from Mozart's Magic Flute, Op 9Through the Night2020-04-0401:0003:16:38Duration 00:08:19 Link
Floating Points (artist)Bias (Mayfield Depot Mix)Unclassified2020-04-0923:3000:54:37Duration 00:05:22 Link
Florence PricePiano Sonata in E minor (2nd mvt)Breakfast2020-04-0906:3001:08:37Duration 00:05:16 Link
Four Tet (artist)Insect Near Piha BeachUnclassified2020-04-0923:3000:50:16Duration 00:04:18 Link
Francesca CacciniRomanescaNight Tracks2020-04-0623:0000:33:46Duration 00:04:56 Link
Francesco GeminianiConcerto grosso in E minor, Op 3 no 6Through the Night2020-04-0501:0004:01:04Duration 00:08:54 Link
Francis PoulencConcert champêtre for harpsichord and orchestraThrough the Night2020-04-0800:3005:34:20Duration 00:25:24 Link
Francis PoulencConcerto for Piano & Orchestra, FP 146: II. Andante con motoIn Tune2020-04-1017:0000:15:34Duration 00:05:11 Link
Francis PoulencConcerto for Piano & Orchestra, FP 146: III. Rondeau à la FrançaiseIn Tune2020-04-1017:0000:23:37Duration 00:04:07 Link
Francis PoulencOrgan Concerto in G minor - Mvts 1 & 2Inside Music2020-04-0413:0001:22:41Duration 00:05:16 Link
Francis PoulencTrois mouvements perpétuels - III - AlerteSunday Morning2020-04-0509:0000:03:51Duration 00:03:12 Link
Francisco GuerreroMotet: Hei mihi, DomineChoral Evensong2020-04-0815:3000:52:58Duration 00:05:02 Link
Francisco GuerreroSurge properaNight Tracks: The Archive Remix2020-04-0923:0000:20:25Duration 00:07:22 Link
Franjo von LucicMissa JubilarisThrough the Night2020-04-0501:0001:31:16Duration 00:28:32 Link
Frank BridgeA Sea Idyll for piano (H.54a)Night Tracks2020-04-0723:0001:09:11Duration 00:04:46 Link
Frank BridgeThe Sea (Moonlight)In Tune2020-04-0817:0001:18:46Duration 00:05:51 Link
Frank BridgeValse intermezzoIn Tune Mixtape2020-04-0819:0000:23:23Duration 00:06:54 Link
Frank DenyerThe Fish That Became The Sun (Songs Of The Dispossessed): Part 12 & 13Late Junction2020-04-1023:0001:15:12Duration 00:08:40 Link
Frank MartinBallade for tromboneAfternoon Concert2020-04-0714:0001:22:23Duration 00:07:33 Link
Frank ZappaMaggioBreakfast2020-04-0806:3001:45:08Duration 00:02:40 Link
Frank ZappaPerfect StrangerRadio 3 in Concert2020-04-0819:3000:06:04Duration 00:12:51 Link
Franz BerwaldSeptet in B flat major (1st mvt)Breakfast2020-04-0806:3002:18:45Duration 00:08:15 Link
Franz DanziWind Quintet in F major, Op.56`3 (3rd mvt)Breakfast2020-04-0407:0001:50:31Duration 00:05:02 Link
Franz KrommerOctet-Partita in F major (4th mvt)In Tune Mixtape2020-04-0819:0000:06:42Duration 00:04:20 Link
Franz LisztLegende No.1: St. Francois d'Assise prechant aux oiseaux (S.175)Through the Night2020-04-1000:3004:09:22Duration 00:08:50 Link
Franz LisztLiebesträume (Notturno No 3 in A flat major)Breakfast2020-04-1006:3000:43:01Duration 00:04:49 Link
Franz Schubert2 German Dances and 2 Landler, D618Essential Classics2020-04-0809:0002:04:59Duration 00:07:25 Link
Franz SchubertAuf dem Strom, D.943Breakfast2020-04-0806:3001:51:29Duration 00:09:49 Link
Franz SchubertAve Maria, D 839Breakfast2020-04-0906:3001:55:11Duration 00:06:00 Link
Franz SchubertGesang der Geister uber den Wassern Op. 167 D 714Inside Music2020-04-0413:0001:09:04Duration 00:12:19 Link
Franz SchubertGesang der Geistern über den Wassern, Op 167Through the Night2020-04-0501:0004:43:32Duration 00:09:47 Link
Franz SchubertIm Frühling, D 882In Tune2020-04-0717:0000:06:47Duration 00:04:17 Link
Franz SchubertImpromptu in E flat major, D.899 no.2In Tune2020-04-0917:0001:21:20Duration 00:06:44 Link
Franz SchubertMusical Moment No 3 in F minor arr Tarrega, D 780Essential Classics2020-04-0909:0002:26:59Duration 00:01:39 Link
Franz SchubertMut (Winterreise D.911)In Tune2020-04-1017:0000:58:23Duration 00:01:21 Link
Franz SchubertPiano Quintet in A major, D 667, 'Trout' (1st mvt)Essential Classics2020-04-0909:0000:05:58Duration 00:12:38 Link
Franz SchubertPiano Quintet in A major, D 667, 'Trout' (4th mvt)In Tune2020-04-1017:0001:23:30Duration 00:07:44 Link
Franz SchubertPiano Sonata no 20 in A major (D.959)Through the Night2020-04-0401:0002:37:04Duration 00:32:52 Link
Franz SchubertRosamunde, D 797 (Ballet in G major)Essential Classics2020-04-0609:0000:54:30Duration 00:05:24 Link
Franz SchubertSonata in A major D.959 for pianoRadio 3 in Concert2020-04-0919:3000:43:57Duration 00:42:36 Link
Franz SchubertSonata in A minor D.821 (3rd mvt)Breakfast2020-04-1006:3001:38:03Duration 00:10:29 Link
Franz SchubertSonata in B flat major D.960 for pianoRadio 3 in Concert2020-04-0919:3001:32:43Duration 00:40:51 Link
Franz SchubertSonata in C minor D.958 for pianoRadio 3 in Concert2020-04-0919:3000:02:57Duration 00:34:27 Link
Franz SchubertSymphony No 5 in B flat major, D 485Essential Classics2020-04-0709:0001:15:07Duration 00:06:44 Link
Franz SchubertSymphony No.2 in B flat major (D.125)Through the Night2020-04-1000:3002:01:07Duration 00:32:19 Link
Franz SchubertSymphony No.9 (D.944) in C major "The Great"Through the Night2020-04-0800:3002:01:10Duration 00:51:18 Link
Franz SchubertViolin Sonata No 1 in D major, D 384, 'Sonatina' (2nd mvt)Mindful Mix2020-04-0523:0000:13:33Duration 00:04:27 Link
François CouperinLeçons de Tenebres pour le Mercredi SaintThe Early Music Show2020-04-0514:0000:19:03Duration 00:39:50 Link
François CouperinTroisième Leçon de ténèbresRecord Review2020-04-0409:0001:32:45Duration 00:12:08 Link
Frederic CurzonThe BoulevardierEssential Classics2020-04-0609:0002:50:29Duration 00:03:58 Link
Frederick DeliusOn hearing the first cuckoo in spring for orchestra (RT.6.19) (1911/12)Through the Night2020-04-0900:3004:00:52Duration 00:07:53 Link
Frederick DeliusThe Walk to the Paradise Garden (A Village Romeo and Juliet)Breakfast2020-04-1006:3000:07:52Duration 00:08:38 Link
Frederick LoeweI'm Glad I'm Not Young Anymore (Gigi)Breakfast2020-04-0806:3001:26:06Duration 00:02:50 Link
Friedrich KunzenHusitterne (The Hussites), (Overture)Through the Night2020-04-0501:0003:34:53Duration 00:07:18 Link
Frédéric Chopin6 Polish Songs, S.480 (Meine Freuden; Die Heimkehr)Mindful Mix2020-04-0523:0000:04:47Duration 00:05:46 Link
Frédéric ChopinBallade No 3 in A flat major, Op 47Essential Classics2020-04-0809:0000:38:11Duration 00:07:24 Link
Frédéric ChopinBallade No.2 in F major (op. 38)Essential Classics2020-04-0909:0000:51:25Duration 00:06:58 Link
Frédéric ChopinGrand duo in E major on themes from Meyerbeer's 'Robert le Diable'Through the Night2020-04-0700:3003:03:00Duration 00:11:24 Link
Frédéric ChopinMazurka in A minor, Op 7 No 2In Tune2020-04-0917:0001:56:00Duration 00:03:41 Link
Frédéric ChopinPolonaise in D minor, Op 71 No 1In Tune Mixtape2020-04-0819:0000:10:52Duration 00:05:25 Link
Frédéric ChopinStudy in A flat major, Op.10 no.10Breakfast2020-04-0606:3001:26:46Duration 00:02:16 Link
Frédéric ChopinStudy in A flat major, Op.25 no.1Essential Classics2020-04-1009:0002:45:58Duration 00:01:09 Link
Frédéric ChopinStudy in E major, Op 10 No 3In Tune Mixtape2020-04-0619:0000:06:08Duration 00:04:24 Link
Gabriel FauréMazurka in B flat major, Op 32Essential Classics2020-04-0609:0001:08:32Duration 00:05:56 Link
Gabriel FauréNocturne for piano in E flat minor, Op 33 no 1Through the Night2020-04-0600:3003:43:44Duration 00:07:57 Link
Gabriel FauréViolin Sonata no 1 in A major Op 13Through the Night2020-04-0900:3004:56:17Duration 00:23:13 Link
Gareth Williams (artist)Raindrops From HeavenLate Junction2020-04-1023:0001:37:18Duration 00:05:10 Link
Gavin BryarsGlorious HillEssential Classics2020-04-0609:0002:35:26Duration 00:11:52 Link
Gavin BryarsThe Fifth Century: IV Eternity is a mysterious absence of times and agesNight Tracks2020-04-0723:0000:21:28Duration 00:06:37 Link
Gaz Hughes (artist)Ping PongJazz Record Requests2020-04-0516:0000:01:30Duration 00:04:54 Link
Georg Philipp Telemann"Mercordi" (TWV42:G5)Through the Night2020-04-0600:3004:37:35Duration 00:08:34 Link
Georg Philipp TelemannConcerto for 2 chalumeaux and strings in D minor (c.1728)Through the Night2020-04-1000:3003:18:38Duration 00:11:26 Link
Georg Philipp TelemannGrand Motet "Deus judicium tuum regi da" (Psalm 71)Through the Night2020-04-0900:3002:01:05Duration 00:20:24 Link
Georg Philipp TelemannSeptet in A minor TWV 44:42Sunday Morning2020-04-0509:0002:29:24Duration 00:07:05 Link
George EnescuCantabile and presto for flute and pianoRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2020-04-0613:0000:05:37Duration 00:07:56 Link
George EnescuCantabile et prestoRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2020-04-0613:0000:04:24Duration 00:06:00 Link
George Frideric HandelAcis and Galatea, K 566 (Overture and prelude to act II)Through the Night2020-04-0800:3004:19:08Duration 00:09:32 Link
George Frideric HandelBut as for his people (Israel in Egypt)Breakfast2020-04-0906:3001:03:47Duration 00:04:08 Link
George Frideric HandelConcerto Grosso in F major, Op 3 No 4 (1st mvt)In Tune Mixtape2020-04-0619:0000:00:20Duration 00:05:48 Link
George Frideric HandelConcerto grosso in B flat major Op.6 No.7Through the Night2020-04-1000:3004:18:37Duration 00:13:53 Link
George Frideric HandelDixit Dominus Domino meo (Dixit Dominus)In Tune2020-04-0717:0000:46:12Duration 00:05:50 Link
George Frideric HandelDove sei, amato bene (Rodelinda)Breakfast2020-04-0407:0001:40:29Duration 00:05:02 Link
George Frideric HandelMessiah, HWV 56: Pt. 1: Sinfonia (Overture) [Goossens/Beechan Edition]In Tune2020-04-0917:0001:29:01Duration 00:03:58 Link
George Frideric HandelMessiah, HWV 56: Pt. 2: Hallelujah (Goossens/Beechan Edition)In Tune2020-04-0917:0001:44:50Duration 00:04:29 Link
George Frideric HandelMessiah, HWV 56: Pt. 2: He was despised (Goossens/Beechan Edition)In Tune2020-04-0917:0001:37:19Duration 00:04:48 Link
George Frideric HandelRecorder Sonata in A minorSunday Morning2020-04-0509:0000:38:44Duration 00:10:19 Link
George Frideric HandelSuite in F major, HWV 348, 'Water Music' (Aria)Essential Classics2020-04-1009:0002:20:25Duration 00:06:54 Link
George Frideric HandelVa tacito (Giulio Cesare)In Tune2020-04-0617:0000:10:20Duration 00:06:47 Link
George Frideric HandelWater music - suite in D major HWV.349Essential Classics2020-04-0709:0000:19:35Duration 00:10:55 Link
George Frideric HandelWelcome as the dawn of day (Solomon)Breakfast2020-04-0706:3002:22:53Duration 00:03:04 Link
George GershwinPiano Concerto in F (Jazz band version), 3rd mvt; AllegroBreakfast2020-04-0507:0001:56:12Duration 00:06:41 Link
George GershwinPromenade (Walking the Dog)Essential Classics2020-04-0609:0001:33:04Duration 00:02:54 Link
George GershwinPromenade (Walking the Dog)In Tune2020-04-0817:0000:00:48Duration 00:02:54 Link
Gerald FinziIntimations of Immortality (closing sections)Breakfast2020-04-0706:3001:49:41Duration 00:08:29 Link
Gerald FinziWelcome sweet and sacred feast Op.27 No.3Essential Classics2020-04-0709:0001:06:03Duration 00:07:27 Link
Gerard SchurmannThe Gambler Suite (A New Beginning)Breakfast2020-04-1006:3002:07:32Duration 00:06:15 Link
Germaine TailleferreSonata for solo harp - i AllegrettoClassical Fix2020-04-0600:0000:21:58Duration 00:03:07 Link
Giacomo PucciniLa Boheme: 'O soave fanciulla'Breakfast2020-04-0507:0000:46:54Duration 00:03:40 Link
Giacomo PucciniO mio babbino caro (Gianni Schicchi)In Tune2020-04-1017:0001:57:19Duration 00:02:27 Link
Gillian WelchDear SomeoneInside Music2020-04-0413:0000:40:27Duration 00:03:15 Link
Gioachino RossiniOverture from La Gazza Ladra (The Thieving Magpie)Through the Night2020-04-1000:3003:08:08Duration 00:10:13 Link
Gioachino RossiniQuartet for flute, clarinet, horn and bassoon no 6 in F majorThrough the Night2020-04-0700:3003:48:43Duration 00:11:03 Link
Giovanni Antonio Pandolfi MealliSonata in E minor Op.4`1 (La Bernabea) for violin and continuoThrough the Night2020-04-0900:3004:09:08Duration 00:06:02 Link
Giovanni Battista BononciniLa conversione di Maddalena: In tepidi fiumiEssential Classics2020-04-0709:0000:05:55Duration 00:02:37 Link
Giovanni de MacqueThree WorksThrough the Night2020-04-0401:0000:01:13Duration 00:08:35 Link
Giovanni Maria TrabaciThree WorksThrough the Night2020-04-0401:0000:17:55Duration 00:07:30 Link
Giovanni Pierluigi da PalestrinaAve Regina Caelorum for 8 voicesThrough the Night2020-04-1000:3003:03:38Duration 00:04:06 Link
Giovanni Pierluigi da PalestrinaLamentations for Holy Thursday (Lectio I)In Tune2020-04-0917:0000:41:30Duration 00:06:06 Link
Giovanni Pierluigi da PalestrinaLamentations for Holy Thursday: Lectio INight Tracks2020-04-0823:0000:05:30Duration 00:06:01 Link
Giovanni Pierluigi da PalestrinaMagnificat Quarti Toni a 6Choral Evensong2020-04-0815:3000:36:48Duration 00:12:12 Link
Giovanni SalvatoreThree WorksThrough the Night2020-04-0401:0001:11:55Duration 00:08:46 Link
Girolamo FrescobaldiCanzona TernaThrough the Night2020-04-0401:0001:28:46Duration 00:04:33 Link
Girolamo FrescobaldiFour WorksThrough the Night2020-04-0401:0000:43:31Duration 00:14:57 Link
Girolamo FrescobaldiThree WorksThrough the Night2020-04-0401:0000:25:42Duration 00:17:32 Link
Giuseppe Baldassare SammartiniSinfonia in F majorThrough the Night2020-04-0600:3003:52:02Duration 00:07:53 Link
Giuseppe TartiniViolin Concerto in E Minor, D. 56 (2nd mvt)Night Tracks2020-04-0723:0000:48:18Duration 00:04:58 Link
Giuseppe TorelliTrumpet concerto in D majorEssential Classics2020-04-0909:0002:00:33Duration 00:05:44 Link
Giuseppe VerdiAdagio for trumpet and orchestraIn Tune Mixtape2020-04-0819:0000:18:06Duration 00:05:19 Link
Giuseppe VerdiDon Carlos Act III, Scene II: Rodrigo, Marquis of Posa's aria 'Per me giunto'Through the Night2020-04-0900:3005:19:54Duration 00:09:54 Link
Giya KancheliPiano Piece No.23Night Tracks2020-04-0623:0001:10:51Duration 00:01:14 Link
GoldfrappUlla (instrumental)Night Tracks: The Archive Remix2020-04-0923:0000:03:36Duration 00:04:22 Link
Gordon LangfordRhapsody on Sea ShantiesEssential Classics2020-04-0609:0002:27:30Duration 00:06:19 Link
Grandmaster FlashAdventures of Grandmaster Flash on the Wheels of SteelWords and Music2020-04-0517:3000:02:04Duration 00:00:32 Link
Grant OldingLighten up and stay low from One Man, Two GuvnorsSunday Morning2020-04-0509:0001:58:31Duration 00:01:52 Link
Gregorio StrozziFive WorksThrough the Night2020-04-0401:0000:58:47Duration 00:12:51 Link
Grouper (artist)LabyrinthLate Junction2020-04-1023:0001:52:01Duration 00:03:45 Link
Gustav HolstBrook Green Suite H.190Breakfast2020-04-1006:3000:32:53Duration 00:07:22 Link
Gustav HolstGood Friday (Six Choruses, Op 53)Essential Classics2020-04-1009:0001:06:56Duration 00:03:20 Link
Gustav HolstI Vow to thee My CountryThe Listening Service2020-04-0517:00Duration Link
Gustav MahlerSymphony No 5 (Adagietto)Night Tracks2020-04-0623:0001:12:05Duration 00:12:18 Link
Guy JacksonOvercome with Emotion / I Picture You Before Me (Sea of Solitude)Sound of Gaming2020-04-0415:0000:16:15Duration 00:03:00 Link
Gyula FeketeDream of the Red ChamberThrough the Night2020-04-0900:3000:11:06Duration 00:31:32 Link
György LigetiArtikulation (for 4-track tape)Night Tracks2020-04-0823:0000:30:02Duration 00:03:35 Link
György LigetiConcert RomanescSunday Morning2020-04-0509:0002:12:19Duration 00:12:11 Link
Hamish MacCunnThe Land of the Mountain and the FloodBreakfast2020-04-0507:0001:39:09Duration 00:09:11 Link
Harold ArlenI Could Go On SingingEssential Classics2020-04-0809:0001:01:15Duration 00:03:10 Link
Harold McNair (artist)MentoJ to Z2020-04-0417:0000:49:58Duration 00:04:45 Link
Hazel Scott (artist)Git Up From ThereJazz Record Requests2020-04-0516:0000:19:09Duration 00:04:29 Link
Heather Phillipson (artist)Splashy PhasingLate Junction2020-04-1023:0001:42:23Duration 00:02:32 Link
Hector BerliozHungarian March (The Damnation of Faust)Essential Classics2020-04-0909:0000:00:23Duration 00:04:29 Link
Hector BerliozReverie et Caprice Op. 8Sunday Morning2020-04-0509:0000:22:31Duration 00:08:17 Link
Hector BerliozSymphonie Fantastique, Op 14Opera on 32020-04-0418:3002:35:56Duration 00:53:21 Link
Hector BerliozSymphonie fantastique Op.14 (Un Bal)Breakfast2020-04-0606:3000:38:11Duration 00:06:00 Link
Heinrich SchützIntroit: Verba mea auribus percipeChoral Evensong2020-04-0815:3000:00:40Duration 00:04:56 Link
Heitor Villa‐LobosBachianas Brasileiras, No. 5: Aria (Cantilena)Essential Classics2020-04-0809:0000:20:04Duration 00:05:51 Link
Heitor Villa‐LobosPrelude No 1 in E minor (Five Preludes for guitar)Essential Classics2020-04-0709:0002:16:31Duration 00:05:10 Link
Henri DuparcL'invitation au voyageBreakfast2020-04-0906:3001:14:37Duration 00:04:19 Link
Henri DutilleuxLe Jeu des contraires from Trois PréludesRecord Review2020-04-0409:0001:48:25Duration 00:05:16 Link
Henri VieuxtempsViolin concerto No 4 in D minor, Op 31 (2nd mvt)In Tune Mixtape2020-04-0919:0000:12:12Duration 00:05:02 Link
Henrik Lindstrand (artist)Home AloneUnclassified2020-04-0923:3000:33:30Duration 00:01:35 Link
Henrik Lindstrand (artist)Kid and DadUnclassified2020-04-0923:3000:35:06Duration 00:03:51 Link
Henrique OswaldPiano Quintet in C major, Op.18; Mvt 2 ScherzoIn Tune2020-04-0817:0000:25:02Duration 00:04:01 Link
Henry LitolffPiano Trio no.2 in E flat major Op.56 (2nd mvt)Breakfast2020-04-0706:3001:42:33Duration 00:06:11 Link
Henry PurcellChacony in G minorBreakfast2020-04-0407:0000:27:30Duration 00:04:22 Link
Henry PurcellHear My Prayer, O Lord (Z.15), Arr. Sandstrom For ChorusRadio 3 in Concert2020-04-0719:3000:26:51Duration 00:04:39 Link
Henry PurcellLet mine eyes run down with tears, Z.24Through the Night2020-04-0900:3004:15:34Duration 00:08:29 Link
Henry PurcellThe Fairy Queen, Z. 629, Act II: Prelude & Song - See, Even Night Herself Is HerIn Tune2020-04-1017:0001:38:29Duration 00:05:07 Link
Henry PurcellThe Fairy Queen, Z. 629, Act IV: Chorus - Hail! Great Parent of us All (I) [SuckIn Tune2020-04-1017:0001:32:38Duration 00:02:01 Link
Henry PurcellThe Fairy Queen, Z. 629, Act V: Song - They Shall be as Happy as They're Fair (1In Tune2020-04-1017:0001:46:56Duration 00:02:10 Link
Henry PurcellTrumpet SuiteThrough the Night2020-04-0700:3003:19:38Duration 00:07:17 Link
Henry Thomas SmartPSALMS 12, 13, 14Choral Evensong2020-04-0515:0000:09:04Duration 00:08:10 Link
Herbert HowellsNunc dimittis (The Winchester Service)Essential Classics2020-04-0809:0001:08:58Duration 00:03:20 Link
Horace SilverDoodlin'Night Tracks2020-04-0823:0001:11:15Duration 00:05:49 Link
Howard SkemptonRise Up, My LoveBreakfast2020-04-0806:3000:46:53Duration 00:09:58 Link
Hubert ParrySongs of Farewell: Never Weather-Beaten SailNight Tracks2020-04-0723:0001:23:10Duration 00:03:18 Link
Hubert ParrySongs of Farewell: There is an Old BeliefNight Tracks2020-04-0723:0001:18:32Duration 00:04:36 Link
Hugo WolfItalian SerenadeThrough the Night2020-04-0401:0004:35:45Duration 00:07:56 Link
Hugo WolfItalian Serenade arr for stringsEssential Classics2020-04-1009:0002:38:33Duration 00:07:19 Link
Huw WatkinsTrio for stringsAfternoon Concert2020-04-0914:0001:30:55Duration 00:10:39 Link
Ibrahim FerrerDe camino a la veredaIn Tune2020-04-0617:0000:00:45Duration 00:04:59 Link
Ignaz MoschelesAllegretto: Tempo di polacca - 3rd mvt from Piano concerto no.2 in Eb majorEssential Classics2020-04-0609:0001:01:32Duration 00:10:45 Link
Ignaz MoschelesStudy No 4 (Melodisch-Contrapunktische Studien, Op 137)Essential Classics2020-04-0609:0001:03:21Duration 00:03:22 Link
Igor StravinskySong of the NightingaleThrough the Night2020-04-0700:3000:37:49Duration 00:22:19 Link
Igor StravinskySymphonies of wind instrumentsAfternoon Concert2020-04-0714:0000:10:11Duration 00:09:48 Link
Igor StravinskySymphony of Psalms: Part IThe Listening Service2020-04-0517:00Duration Link
Igor StravinskyThe Rite of Spring, 2. Dances of the Young GirlsWords and Music2020-04-0517:3001:08:15Duration 00:03:21 Link
Imogen Heap (artist)Little Bird (instrumental)Night Tracks2020-04-0623:0000:25:03Duration 00:04:15 Link
J.J. IpsenGreen Shoots (Planet Zoo)Sound of Gaming2020-04-0415:0000:19:46Duration 00:03:33 Link
Jaakko KuusistoPlay III for string quartetThrough the Night2020-04-0700:3004:01:06Duration 00:11:04 Link
Jacob ObrechtOmnis spiritus laudet - offertory motet for 5 voicesThrough the Night2020-04-1000:3004:32:54Duration 00:05:52 Link
Jacques IbertEscales (Palermo)Breakfast2020-04-0606:3000:01:08Duration 00:06:13 Link
Jah Lion (artist)Hay FeverLate Junction2020-04-1023:0001:00:26Duration 00:02:38 Link
Jaimie Branch (artist)Theme 002J to Z2020-04-0417:0000:58:42Duration 00:05:18 Link
Jakob Bro (artist)Song For NikolaiJazz Record Requests2020-04-0516:0000:35:07Duration 00:05:14 Link
James HookThe Lass of Richmond HillEssential Classics2020-04-1009:0001:03:31Duration 00:02:43 Link
Jan SandströmEs Ist Ein Ros' Entsprungen (There Is A Rose In Bloom)Radio 3 in Concert2020-04-0719:3000:31:49Duration 00:04:59 Link
Jan van GilseNonet (4 wind and 5 strings) (1916)Through the Night2020-04-0700:3001:25:57Duration 00:33:51 Link
Janez GregorcSans respirer, sans soupirThrough the Night2020-04-0401:0003:10:18Duration 00:05:57 Link
Jason SinghPassing LightBreakfast2020-04-0407:0000:48:40Duration 00:05:23 Link
Jason Singh (artist)ChangesFreeness2020-04-0500:0000:36:51Duration 00:05:10 Link
Jasper Hoiby (artist)ConsciousnessFreeness2020-04-0500:0000:10:20Duration 00:05:33 Link
Jean d'EstréePavane LesquercadeSunday Morning2020-04-0509:0000:20:09Duration 00:01:35 Link
Jean SibeliusKarelia - Suite Op.11 - IntermezzoIn Tune2020-04-0617:0001:03:27Duration 00:03:58 Link
Jean SibeliusNarcissWords and Music2020-04-0517:3000:58:24Duration 00:02:11 Link
Jean SibeliusSymphony No.7This Classical Life2020-04-0412:30Duration Link
Jean SibeliusThe Oceanides, Op 73Afternoon Concert2020-04-0714:0002:49:20Duration 00:09:47 Link
Jean‐Paul‐Égide MartiniPlaisir d'amourPrivate Passions2020-04-0512:0000:18:59Duration 00:04:15 Link
Jeremy Paxman (artist)Jeremy Paxman interviews Damien Hirst, NewsnightWords and Music2020-04-0517:3000:01:49Duration 00:00:15 Link
Joanna BailieSymphony-Street-SouvenirNew Music Show2020-04-0422:0001:00:33Duration 00:14:26 Link
Joaquín RodrigoCanario (Fantasía para un gentilhombre)In Tune2020-04-0717:0000:00:42Duration 00:05:04 Link
Joaquín RodrigoConcierto de AranjuezThrough the Night2020-04-0501:0005:37:53Duration 00:21:57 Link
Joaquín TurinaHomenaje a NavarraThrough the Night2020-04-0800:3003:37:59Duration 00:06:18 Link
Joby TalbotPath of MiraclesAfternoon Concert2020-04-0914:0000:05:25Duration 01:01:57 Link
Joby TalbotPath of Miracles: LeonRadio 3 in Concert2020-04-0919:3002:17:35Duration 00:11:38 Link
Johan DuijckCantiones Sacrae in honorem Thomas Tallis, Op 26, Book 1Through the Night2020-04-0600:3003:01:40Duration 00:09:43 Link
Johan SvendsenNorwegian Artists' Carnival, Op 14Essential Classics2020-04-0809:0000:54:15Duration 00:06:40 Link
Johan SvendsenNorwegian artists' carnival (Op.14) [Norsk kunstnerkarneval]Through the Night2020-04-0501:0004:36:15Duration 00:06:57 Link
Johann Baptist Georg NerudaTrumpet Concerto in E flat majorEssential Classics2020-04-0709:0002:01:40Duration 00:14:17 Link
Johann Christian SchickhardtFlute Sonata in C majorThrough the Night2020-04-0600:3004:51:21Duration 00:09:25 Link
Johann Christoph PezelSuite of German dances, arr for brass ensembleThrough the Night2020-04-0401:0003:42:14Duration 00:07:38 Link
Johann Joachim QuantzTrio in E flat major (QV 218)Through the Night2020-04-0501:0003:51:20Duration 00:08:35 Link
Johann KuhnauBiblical Sonatas: Suonata prima - Der Streit zwischen David und GoliathThrough the Night2020-04-1000:3001:46:32Duration 00:13:18 Link
Johann Nepomuk HummelSonata No. 3, Op. 20: Finale. PrestoIn Tune2020-04-1017:0000:05:18Duration 00:04:36 Link
Johann Nepomuk HummelTrumpet Concerto in E or E flatEssential Classics2020-04-0609:0001:59:59Duration 00:17:30 Link
Johann PachelbelCanon in D  Essential Classics2020-04-0709:0002:54:29Duration 00:04:29 Link
Johann Sebastian BachBach St Matthew Passion - choraleIn Tune2020-04-1017:0001:11:25Duration 00:01:06 Link
Johann Sebastian BachBlithe bells - a free ramble on Bach's aria 'Sheep may graze'Night Tracks2020-04-0623:0000:29:46Duration 00:03:59 Link
Johann Sebastian BachCantata BWV.127 'Herr Jesu Christ, wahr' Mensch und Gott'Breakfast2020-04-0806:3000:11:36Duration 00:18:57 Link
Johann Sebastian BachCantata BWV.159 'Seht, wir gehn hinauf gen Jerusalem'Breakfast2020-04-0706:3000:18:03Duration 00:13:06 Link
Johann Sebastian BachCantata BWV.22 'Jesus nahm zu sich die Zwölfe'Breakfast2020-04-0906:3000:14:25Duration 00:16:18 Link
Johann Sebastian BachCantata no.23 BWV.23 'Du wahrer Gott und Davids Sohn'Breakfast2020-04-0606:3000:15:17Duration 00:14:56 Link
Johann Sebastian BachCello Suite in C major, BWV 1009 (Allemande)Afternoon Concert2020-04-0914:0001:45:41Duration 00:04:01 Link
Johann Sebastian BachChorale-Prelude 'Nun freut euch, lieben Christen g'mein', BWV 734Essential Classics2020-04-0809:0001:29:13Duration 00:02:01 Link
Johann Sebastian BachEin feste Burg ist unser Gott, BWV80: openingThe Listening Service2020-04-0517:00Duration Link
Johann Sebastian BachFrench Suite No 2 in C minor, BWV 813 (Courante)In Tune2020-04-0617:0001:58:23Duration 00:02:00 Link
Johann Sebastian BachFugue in G major, BWV 577, 'Alla gigue'Essential Classics2020-04-0609:0001:45:30Duration 00:03:06 Link
Johann Sebastian BachFugue, BWV 542Through the Night2020-04-0800:3002:52:50Duration 00:06:46 Link
Johann Sebastian BachHarpsichord Concerto No. 2 in E Major, BWV 1053: I. AllegroIn Tune2020-04-0917:0000:10:07Duration 00:07:55 Link
Johann Sebastian BachJesu, Joy of Man's DesiringBreakfast2020-04-0806:3002:09:12Duration 00:03:41 Link
Johann Sebastian BachKeyboard Partita No 1 in B flat major, BWV 825Through the Night2020-04-0501:0001:12:51Duration 00:18:00 Link
Johann Sebastian BachKeyboard Partita no.4, BWV.828 (Allemande)Mindful Mix2020-04-0523:0000:24:20Duration 00:11:19 Link
Johann Sebastian BachKomm, Jesu, komm, BWV 229Essential Classics2020-04-0709:0002:24:30Duration 00:08:40 Link
Johann Sebastian BachLute Suite BWV 996: 2. AllemandeWords and Music2020-04-0517:3000:21:21Duration 00:02:00 Link
Johann Sebastian BachMass (BWV 232)in B minor, Part 4; SanctusThe Listening Service2020-04-0517:00Duration Link
Johann Sebastian BachMass (BWV.232) in B minor: Part 4 - SanctusThe Listening Service2020-04-0517:00Duration Link
Johann Sebastian BachMass in B minor (Sanctus and Osanna)In Tune2020-04-1017:0001:17:31Duration 00:05:08 Link
Johann Sebastian BachOboe Concerto in G minorThrough the Night2020-04-0401:0003:50:10Duration 00:09:30 Link
Johann Sebastian BachOrchestral Suite No 1 in C major, BWV 1066 (Bourrée 1 and 2)In Tune2020-04-0817:0000:43:18Duration 00:06:08 Link
Johann Sebastian BachPartita for solo violin No.3 in E major, BWV.1006Through the Night2020-04-0600:3005:23:28Duration 00:17:31 Link
Johann Sebastian BachPrelude after BachBreakfast2020-04-0806:3002:13:21Duration 00:05:06 Link
Johann Sebastian BachPrelude in B flat minor (Well-tempered Clavier, book 1)Private Passions2020-04-0512:0000:09:01Duration 00:03:24 Link
Johann Sebastian BachPrelude in B minor (Well-Tempered Clavier, book 1)Private Passions2020-04-0512:0000:04:09Duration 00:02:57 Link
Johann Sebastian BachRicercar a 6Night Tracks2020-04-0723:0000:36:32Duration 00:07:03 Link
Johann Sebastian BachSinfonias (15 three-part Inventions) (BWV.787-801)Through the Night2020-04-0900:3002:21:52Duration 00:26:07 Link
Johann Sebastian BachSonata No. 1 in G minor - IV - PrestoInside Music2020-04-0413:0000:05:19Duration 00:03:11 Link
Johann Sebastian BachSonata for Solo Violin No. 3 in C major, BWV 1005 - IV - Allegro assaiSunday Morning2020-04-0509:0001:45:33Duration 00:03:40 Link
Johann Sebastian BachSonata for solo violin No.1 in G minor, BWV1001, 2nd mvt; FugaIn Tune2020-04-0717:0001:54:54Duration 00:05:25 Link
Johann Sebastian BachSonata no. 5 in C major BWV.529 for organ, I. AllegroIn Tune Mixtape2020-04-0719:0000:18:10Duration 00:04:17 Link
Johann Sebastian BachSt John Passion (conclusion)Breakfast2020-04-1006:3000:17:47Duration 00:13:18 Link
Johann Sebastian BachSt John Passion, BWV 245 - Part 1Through the Night2020-04-1000:3000:01:03Duration 00:31:34 Link
Johann Sebastian BachSt John Passion, BWV 245 - Part 2Through the Night2020-04-1000:3000:33:02Duration 01:12:56 Link
Johann Sebastian BachSt Matthew Passion Part OneRadio 3 in Concert2020-04-1019:0000:02:50Duration 01:12:37 Link
Johann Sebastian BachSt Matthew Passion Part TwoRadio 3 in Concert2020-04-1019:0001:17:41Duration 01:40:18 Link
Johann Sebastian BachSt. John Passion, BWV 245Afternoon Concert2020-04-1014:0000:06:20Duration 01:53:23 Link
Johann Sebastian BachSuite for solo cello No.1 in G major, BWV.1007 (Prelude)Breakfast2020-04-0407:0001:11:33Duration 00:02:43 Link
Johann Sebastian BachViolin Concerto in A minor, BWV 1041Essential Classics2020-04-0909:0002:11:54Duration 00:13:55 Link
Johann Strauss IIAn der schonen, blauen Donau - waltz for orchestra (Op.314) 'The Blue Danube'Through the Night2020-04-0700:3003:38:18Duration 00:10:13 Link
Johann Strauss IITales from the Vienna Woods, Op 325Essential Classics2020-04-0609:0000:36:16Duration 00:11:09 Link
Johann Strauss IIThunder and Lightning, Op 324Essential Classics2020-04-0709:0000:31:17Duration 00:03:02 Link
Johann Wenzel KalliwodaMorceau de salon for oboe and piano, Op 228Through the Night2020-04-0900:3005:50:30Duration 00:09:22 Link
Johannes Brahms8 Pieces for Piano (Op.76)Through the Night2020-04-0600:3002:33:18Duration 00:27:53 Link
Johannes BrahmsCello Sonata No 2 in F, Op 99Through the Night2020-04-0800:3000:58:12Duration 00:29:36 Link
Johannes BrahmsCello Sonata no.2 in F major, Op.99 (2nd mvt)Breakfast2020-04-0706:3000:09:12Duration 00:07:46 Link
Johannes BrahmsClarinet Sonata, Op.120`1 (2nd mvt)Breakfast2020-04-1006:3000:00:49Duration 00:06:06 Link
Johannes BrahmsDouble Concerto for Violin and Cello in A minor, op. 102Through the Night2020-04-0501:0000:01:04Duration 00:33:50 Link
Johannes BrahmsHorn Trio in E flat, Op.40 (1st mvt)Breakfast2020-04-0806:3000:32:05Duration 00:07:56 Link
Johannes BrahmsPiano Concerto No. 2 in B flat Major, Op. 83: IV. Allegretto graziosoIn Tune2020-04-0617:0000:27:44Duration 00:09:23 Link
Johannes BrahmsPiano Quintet in F minor, Op 34Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2020-04-0813:0000:18:29Duration 00:42:07 Link
Johannes BrahmsSonata No.2 op 100, 3. Allegretto graziosa (quasi Andante)Words and Music2020-04-0517:3000:47:17Duration 00:05:15 Link
Johannes BrahmsSymphony No. 3 in F, op. 90Through the Night2020-04-0501:0000:35:23Duration 00:37:03 Link
Johannes BrahmsTrio in A minor for clarinet, cello and piano, Op 114Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2020-04-1013:0000:04:47Duration 00:24:09 Link
John A. Glover-KindI Do Like To Be Beside The SeasideEssential Classics2020-04-0909:0000:59:50Duration 00:01:48 Link
John AdamsShort ride in a fast machineAfternoon Concert2020-04-0914:0002:55:35Duration 00:04:40 Link
John BarryGoldfinger (arr. C Egan and J Vintner)In Tune2020-04-0617:0001:08:01Duration 00:02:58 Link
John CageSonata No. 5This Classical Life2020-04-0412:30Duration Link
John Coltrane Quartet (artist)Soul EyesNight Tracks2020-04-0723:0000:05:57Duration 00:05:22 Link
John DowlandCome again, sweet love doth now inviteNight Tracks2020-04-0823:0000:33:37Duration 00:05:04 Link
John DowlandCome again, sweet love doth now inviteRecord Review2020-04-0409:0000:21:35Duration 00:05:12 Link
John Fahey (artist)Poor BoyLate Junction2020-04-1023:0000:00:03Duration 00:02:26 Link
John FouldsKeltic Overture, Op 28 [1930]Through the Night2020-04-0501:0003:10:28Duration 00:07:25 Link
John FouldsSicilian AubadeBreakfast2020-04-1006:3001:49:53Duration 00:05:43 Link
John HullahSome Folks who have Grown Old (The Village Coquettes)Essential Classics2020-04-0609:0001:02:32Duration 00:00:49 Link
John IrelandA Downland Suite (Prelude)Essential Classics2020-04-0609:0000:07:45Duration 00:05:49 Link
John IrelandThe HillsBreakfast2020-04-0507:0000:20:48Duration 00:02:42 Link
John IrelandThe Holy BoyNight Tracks: The Archive Remix2020-04-0923:0000:08:02Duration 00:02:54 Link
John RutterO Clap Your HandsBreakfast2020-04-1006:3001:33:24Duration 00:03:15 Link
John SheppardMissa 'Cantate': SanctusEssential Classics2020-04-0809:0000:14:45Duration 00:04:05 Link
John TavenerAkhmatova Songs: I. DanteIn Tune2020-04-0817:0001:53:54Duration 00:02:13 Link
John TavenerEternity's SunriseIn Tune2020-04-0817:0001:34:45Duration 00:06:07 Link
John TavenerThe Earth cries to Krishna (extract)In Tune2020-04-0817:0001:47:23Duration 00:01:13 Link
John TavernerSanctus (Missa Corona spinea)Breakfast2020-04-0606:3000:45:13Duration 00:08:13 Link
John WardDown, caitiff wretchChoral Evensong2020-04-0515:0000:38:02Duration 00:09:20 Link
John WardFor Double OrganChoral Evensong2020-04-0515:0000:53:56Duration 00:04:52 Link
John WilliamsDonnybrook Fair (from Far and Away)In Tune2020-04-0717:0000:11:33Duration 00:03:53 Link
Johnny Hodges and His Orchestra (artist)Squatty RooJazz Record Requests2020-04-0516:0000:24:04Duration 00:02:23 Link
Jonathan DoveSeek Him that maketh the Seven StarsIn Tune Mixtape2020-04-0619:0000:26:55Duration 00:06:25 Link
Jones - Collins Astoria Hot Eight (artist)Damp WeatherJazz Record Requests2020-04-0516:0000:27:03Duration 00:03:19 Link
Jorgen Plaetner (artist)NocturneNight Tracks2020-04-0623:0001:04:20Duration 00:05:23 Link
Joseph HaydnHaydn Sinfonia concertante in B flat major, H 1.105Afternoon Concert2020-04-0814:0000:55:18Duration 00:20:31 Link
Joseph HaydnMy mother bids me bind my hair, H XXVIa 27Essential Classics2020-04-0609:0001:00:58Duration 00:03:29 Link
Joseph HaydnString Quartet in D major, Op.50`6 'The Frog' (1st mvt)Breakfast2020-04-0906:3000:06:44Duration 00:07:02 Link
Joseph HaydnString Quartet in G minor, Op 74 No 3, 'Rider' (4th mvt)In Tune Mixtape2020-04-0919:00Duration 00:05:39 Link
Joseph HaydnSymphony No 49 in F minor 'La passione', Presto (Finale)Essential Classics2020-04-1009:0000:01:44Duration 00:03:02 Link
Joseph HaydnSymphony No 6 in D major, 'Le matin' (1st mvt)Essential Classics2020-04-0609:0000:00:57Duration 00:06:08 Link
Joseph HaydnSymphony No 8 in G major, H 1.8, 'Le soir'Afternoon Concert2020-04-0814:0000:03:33Duration 00:21:12 Link
Joseph HaydnSymphony no 60 in C major 'Il distratto' (Hob.1:60)Through the Night2020-04-0401:0001:33:42Duration 00:25:46 Link
Joseph HaydnSymphony no.101 in D major 'Clock' (2nd mvt)Essential Classics2020-04-0909:0000:32:04Duration 00:07:04 Link
Joseph HaydnThe Seasons H.21/3 (Winter)Through the Night2020-04-0800:3001:28:06Duration 00:31:35 Link
Joseph HaydnTrumpet Concerto in E flat major, H.7e.1 (1st mvt)Essential Classics2020-04-0809:0002:13:18Duration 00:14:28 Link
Joseph HaydnTrumpet concerto in E flat (1st mvt 'Allegro')Through the Night2020-04-0800:3003:08:55Duration 00:07:24 Link
Juan Crisóstomo de ArriagaString Quartet No. 1 in D minorNew Generation Artists2020-04-0816:3000:01:04Duration 00:23:50 Link
Judith WeirArise, Arise! You Slumbering SleepersBreakfast2020-04-0806:3000:57:56Duration 00:02:24 Link
Judith WeirNunc DimittisThe Listening Service2020-04-0517:00Duration Link
Judith WeirPsalm 148Afternoon Concert2020-04-0714:0000:20:20Duration 00:06:24 Link
Judith WeirVertueRadio 3 in Concert2020-04-0619:3002:21:51Duration 00:07:15 Link
Jules HollandFairy to a childSunday Morning2020-04-0509:0002:37:23Duration 00:03:34 Link
Jules MassenetManon: "En fermant les yeux"Night Tracks2020-04-0723:0001:27:07Duration 00:02:52 Link
Jules MassenetSuite de Cendrillon (Nos 5-7)Breakfast2020-04-0706:3002:05:24Duration 00:08:17 Link
Julian AndersonThe Imaginary MuseumRadio 3 in Concert2020-04-0819:3000:40:36Duration 00:24:17 Link
Jóhann JóhannssonGood Night, DayBreakfast2020-04-0407:0001:23:06Duration 00:03:52 Link
Jörg WidmannDiabelli-VariationBreakfast2020-04-0706:3002:18:10Duration 00:03:33 Link
Karol Szymanowski6 Kurpian songsThrough the Night2020-04-0800:3005:17:18Duration 00:16:33 Link
Kenny Dorham (artist)My Old FlameJazz Record Requests2020-04-0516:0000:13:06Duration 00:05:24 Link
Krzysztof PendereckiViolin Sonata No.2, 2nd mvt; Allegretto scherzandoIn Tune2020-04-0717:0000:20:44Duration 00:04:03 Link
KT Tunstall (artist)Crescent Moon (instrumental)Night Tracks2020-04-0623:0000:11:02Duration 00:04:14 Link
Kurt WeillJe ne t'aime pasIn Tune Mixtape2020-04-0919:0000:07:52Duration 00:04:28 Link
Kurt WeillLonely house (Street Scene)Breakfast2020-04-0606:3001:44:10Duration 00:03:40 Link
Kurt WeillSymphony no.2 (3rd mvt)Essential Classics2020-04-0809:0001:57:06Duration 00:06:42 Link
Lal And Mike Waterson (artist)Bright PhoebusBreakfast2020-04-0906:3002:05:45Duration 00:02:54 Link
Laurence ChapmanHeaven's Vault (Heaven's Vault)Sound of Gaming2020-04-0415:0000:36:11Duration 00:02:28 Link
Laurie AndersonExample #22Radio 3 in Concert2020-04-0819:3000:31:41Duration 00:02:57 Link
Leah Worth, Bobby TroupThe Meaning of the BluesWords and Music2020-04-0517:3001:03:53Duration 00:02:30 Link
Leo Abrahams / Sølyst / Simon Fisher-Turner (artist)From Isolation 1Unclassified2020-04-0923:3000:22:59Duration 00:05:54 Link
Leonard BernsteinSongfest: 6) To my dear and loving husbandEssential Classics2020-04-0909:0002:30:21Duration 00:03:57 Link
Leonard Cohen (artist)Famous Blue RaincoatNight Tracks2020-04-0623:0001:24:53Duration 00:05:06 Link
Leonardo LeoCello Concerto in D minor (in three movements)Through the Night2020-04-0900:3003:30:27Duration 00:13:26 Link
Leopold MozartSinfonia da camera - III - AdagioSunday Morning2020-04-0509:0000:08:09Duration 00:04:15 Link
Leopold MozartSinfonia da camera - IV - AllegroSunday Morning2020-04-0509:0000:12:24Duration 00:02:26 Link
Leos JanáčekString Quartet No 2, 'Intimate Letters' (1st mvt)Essential Classics2020-04-0809:0001:37:25Duration 00:05:52 Link
Leroy AndersonThe Syncopated ClockEssential Classics2020-04-0909:0001:44:15Duration 00:02:28 Link
Let Spin (artist)MorecambeFreeness2020-04-0500:0000:05:29Duration 00:04:56 Link
Libby LarsenAubadeEssential Classics2020-04-0909:0002:06:41Duration 00:04:24 Link
Lili BoulangerNocturne for flute and pianoThrough the Night2020-04-0700:3005:14:35Duration 00:03:15 Link
Lisa IlleanWeather a Rare BlueNew Music Show2020-04-0422:0001:46:55Duration 00:10:48 Link
Lol Coxhill (artist)Bath 72Late Junction2020-04-1023:0000:23:37Duration 00:07:16 Link
Loraine James (artist)ALB19 27Late Junction2020-04-1023:0000:11:42Duration 00:06:13 Link
Lorenzo Senni (artist)Canone InfinitoUnclassified2020-04-0923:3000:14:48Duration 00:05:13 Link
Louis Moreau GottschalkScherzo romantique for pianoEssential Classics2020-04-0709:0000:01:01Duration 00:03:53 Link
Louise FarrencCello Sonata in B major, Op.46 (2nd mvt)Breakfast2020-04-0606:3000:08:31Duration 00:05:53 Link
Louis‐Claude DaquinRondeaux - Les Enchainements harmonieuxThrough the Night2020-04-0700:3003:14:48Duration 00:04:37 Link
Luciano BerioAzerbaijan love song (Folk Songs, No 11)In Tune Mixtape2020-04-0919:0000:27:03Duration 00:02:10 Link
Luciano BerioSix Encores: III. WasserklavierNight Tracks2020-04-0723:0000:34:06Duration 00:02:25 Link
Luciano WilliamsonKemal at GallipoliAfternoon Concert2020-04-0614:0002:07:49Duration 00:08:22 Link
Ludvig ForssellSpatial Awareness (Death Stranding)Sound of Gaming2020-04-0415:0000:25:09Duration 00:03:27 Link
Ludwig ThuilleWaldeinsamkeit (Woodland Solitude)Night Tracks2020-04-0723:0000:54:18Duration 00:05:44 Link
Ludwig van Beethoven12 Variations on 'Ein Mädchen oder Weibchen', Op. 66Record Review2020-04-0409:0001:26:49Duration 00:10:01 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenBagatelles Op. 33 No. 2Sunday Morning2020-04-0509:0002:41:26Duration 00:02:47 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenBagatelles Op. 33 No. 7Sunday Morning2020-04-0509:0002:44:14Duration 00:02:04 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenChrist on the Mount of Olives, op. 85, oratorioThrough the Night2020-04-0600:3000:35:27Duration 00:52:01 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenCoriolan Overture, Op 62Breakfast2020-04-0407:0000:00:01Duration 00:07:18 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenFantasia in G minor, Op 77Essential Classics2020-04-0909:0002:34:51Duration 00:08:46 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenOverture 'Leonore' no.3, Op.72bBreakfast2020-04-0806:3001:05:18Duration 00:12:19 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Concerto No 1 in C major, Op 15 (2nd mvt)Night Tracks2020-04-0823:0000:47:31Duration 00:12:18 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Concerto No. 2 in B flat maj, Op 19 (1st mvt)Composer of the Week2020-04-0612:0000:30:36Duration 00:13:47 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Concerto No. 4 in G, op. 58Through the Night2020-04-0600:3000:01:07Duration 00:33:43 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Concerto no.1 in C major, Op.15 (3rd mvt)Breakfast2020-04-0906:3000:52:50Duration 00:08:46 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Sonata No. 12 in A flat maj, Op 26 (4th mvt)Composer of the Week2020-04-0912:0000:00:57Duration 00:03:11 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Sonata No. 15 in D maj, Op 28, "Pastoral" (3rd mvt)Composer of the Week2020-04-0712:0000:00:27Duration 00:02:03 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Sonata No. 17 in D min, Op 31, No 2 "The Tempest" (1st mvt)Composer of the Week2020-04-0912:0000:15:33Duration 00:07:40 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Sonata No. 17 in D min, Op 31, No 2 "The Tempest" (2nd mvt)Composer of the Week2020-04-0712:0000:04:37Duration 00:06:38 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Sonata No. 17 in D min, Op 31, No 2 "The Tempest" (3rd mvt)Composer of the Week2020-04-0912:0000:27:52Duration 00:06:00 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Sonata No. 2 in A maj, Op 2, No 2 (3rd mvt)Composer of the Week2020-04-0612:0000:00:31Duration 00:03:14 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Sonata No. 20 in G maj, Op 49, No 2Composer of the Week2020-04-1012:0000:00:30Duration 00:02:56 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Sonata No. 21 in C maj, Op 53 "Waldstein" (3rd mvt)Composer of the Week2020-04-0712:0000:47:45Duration 00:10:51 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Sonata No. 23 in F min, Op 57 "Appassionata" (1st mvt)Composer of the Week2020-04-0712:0000:16:40Duration 00:09:32 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Sonata No. 23 in F min, Op 57 "Appassionata" (2nd & 3rd mvt)Composer of the Week2020-04-0712:0000:30:40Duration 00:13:35 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Sonata No. 27 in E min, Op 90Composer of the Week2020-04-1012:0000:23:41Duration 00:11:52 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Sonata No. 3 in C maj, Op 2, No 3 (4th mvt)Composer of the Week2020-04-1012:0000:08:24Duration 00:05:03 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Sonata No. 30 in E maj, Op 109 (1st & 2nd mvt)Composer of the Week2020-04-0812:0000:30:08Duration 00:06:10 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Sonata No. 30 in E maj, Op 109 (1st mvt)Composer of the Week2020-04-0812:0000:00:33Duration 00:00:31 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Sonata No. 30 in E maj, Op 109 (3rd mvt)Composer of the Week2020-04-0812:0000:45:43Duration 00:12:33 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Sonata No. 31 in A flat maj, Op 110 (1st mvt)Composer of the Week2020-04-0812:0000:04:06Duration 00:06:38 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Sonata No. 32 in C min, Op 111 (2nd mvt)Composer of the Week2020-04-1012:0000:42:30Duration 00:16:05 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Sonata No. 4 in E flat maj, Op 7 (1st mvt)Composer of the Week2020-04-0612:0000:06:41Duration 00:07:41 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Sonata No. 4 in E flat maj, Op 7 (2nd mvt)Composer of the Week2020-04-0612:0000:19:24Duration 00:08:06 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Sonata No. 4 in E flat maj, Op 7 (4th mvt)Composer of the Week2020-04-0612:0000:47:59Duration 00:10:46 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Sonata No. 5 in C min, Op 10, No 1 (1st mvt)Composer of the Week2020-04-0812:0000:19:00Duration 00:05:11 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Sonata no.22 in F Major Op.54Breakfast2020-04-0606:3001:48:58Duration 00:10:33 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano trio op.11 in B flat major, 'Gassenhauer-Trio'Through the Night2020-04-0501:0004:53:47Duration 00:21:52 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenRondo in G major, Op 129, 'Rage over a lost penny'Breakfast2020-04-0507:0000:25:47Duration 00:05:50 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenSonata Quasi Una Fantasia in C sharp min, Op 27, No 2, "Moonlight"Composer of the Week2020-04-0912:0000:43:25Duration 00:15:38 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenString Quartet Op. 59 No. 2 - 1st movementInside Music2020-04-0413:0001:29:42Duration 00:13:07 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenString Quartet in B flat major, Op 18 No 6Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2020-04-0913:0000:37:18Duration 00:23:43 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenString Quartet in E minor, Op. 59 No. 2 'Razumovsky': Allegretto - MaggioreIn Tune Mixtape2020-04-0619:0000:10:24Duration 00:06:31 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenSymphony No 2 in D major, Op 36 (2nd mvt)Essential Classics2020-04-0909:0001:33:39Duration 00:10:39 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenSymphony No 6 in F major, Op 68, 'Pastoral'Essential Classics2020-04-0709:0001:32:54Duration 00:40:05 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenSymphony no. 5 in C minor Op.67 - first movementIn Tune2020-04-1017:0001:03:48Duration 00:06:42 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenSymphony no. 6 in F major, Op.68 'Pastoral' (2nd mvt)Breakfast2020-04-1006:3001:07:56Duration 00:10:25 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenSymphony no.3 in E flat major Op.55 'Eroica' (3rd mvt)Breakfast2020-04-0706:3001:35:35Duration 00:05:26 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenTriple Concerto - 3rd mvt: Rondo all PolaccaIn Tune2020-04-0717:0000:30:34Duration 00:08:08 Link
Luigi BoccheriniString Quintet no.11 in E major, G.275 (Minuet)Breakfast2020-04-0706:3001:02:21Duration 00:03:36 Link
Malcolm ArnoldA Sussex OvertureEssential Classics2020-04-0709:0000:09:19Duration 00:09:16 Link
Malcolm ArnoldFantasy for brass band, Op 114In Tune2020-04-0917:0000:48:04Duration 00:10:31 Link
Malcolm ArnoldThe Padstow LifeboatBreakfast2020-04-0507:0001:33:13Duration 00:04:42 Link
Malcolm ArnoldThree Shanties for wind quintet (No 3)Essential Classics2020-04-0809:0002:43:56Duration 00:02:51 Link
Manuel CardosoLamentations for Maundy Thursday for 4 vvEssential Classics2020-04-0909:0000:25:04Duration 00:05:41 Link
Manuel de FallaNights in the gardens of Spain (En el generalife)In Tune2020-04-0717:0001:35:57Duration 00:08:15 Link
Marc-André HamelinFour PerspectivesThrough the Night2020-04-0800:3000:45:02Duration 00:12:49 Link
Marcel TournierLa lettre du jardinièreEssential Classics2020-04-0809:0001:33:30Duration 00:03:59 Link
Marc‐Antoine CharpentierAve regina coelorum, H.19Early Music Now2020-04-0616:3000:12:29Duration 00:02:53 Link
Marc‐Antoine CharpentierCinquieme repons apres la seconde leçon du second nocturne, H. 115Early Music Now2020-04-0616:3000:05:37Duration 00:01:59 Link
Marc‐Antoine CharpentierSecond repons apres la seconde leçon du premier nocturne, H. 112Early Music Now2020-04-0616:3000:07:36Duration 00:04:52 Link
Marc‐Antoine CharpentierSeconde leçon du Jeudi Saint H.103The Early Music Show2020-04-0514:0000:03:10Duration 00:13:50 Link
Marc‐Antoine CharpentierSeptieme repons apres la premiere leçon du troisieme nocturne, H. 117Early Music Now2020-04-0616:3000:02:39Duration 00:02:57 Link
Maria Theresia von ParadisSicilienne in E flat major arr. for clarinet and pianoSunday Morning2020-04-0509:0002:09:12Duration 00:02:30 Link
Marietta VeulensMúsica de los niños invisible Parte IIMindful Mix2020-04-0523:0000:41:40Duration 00:03:52 Link
Mario Castelnuovo‐TedescoCapriccio diabolico, Op 85Through the Night2020-04-0600:3003:34:24Duration 00:08:53 Link
Marko RuzdjakApril is the Cruellest MonthThrough the Night2020-04-0501:0003:27:03Duration 00:07:22 Link
Marlos NobrePoema XXI, Op.94 No.21In Tune2020-04-0817:0000:16:39Duration 00:03:55 Link
Masakatsu Takagi (artist)Marginalia #78Late Junction2020-04-1023:0000:07:04Duration 00:03:56 Link
Mateo FlechaLa bombaIn Tune Mixtape2020-04-0919:0000:05:35Duration 00:02:27 Link
Maurice RavelConcerto for Piano in G, 2nd MovementThis Classical Life2020-04-0412:30Duration Link
Maurice RavelIntroduction & Allegro for harp, string quartet, flute & clarinetSunday Morning2020-04-0509:0001:05:27Duration 00:10:37 Link
Maurice RavelLa Valse, poème chorégraphique, M. 72In Tune2020-04-0917:0000:19:01Duration 00:12:18 Link
Maurice RavelMa mère l'oyeIn Tune Mixtape2020-04-0619:0000:20:45Duration 00:08:10 Link
Maurice RavelUne barque sur l'océan (Miroirs)Through the Night2020-04-0700:3000:01:05Duration 00:08:24 Link
Mauro GiulianiGuitar Concerto No 1 in A major, Op 30Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2020-04-1013:0000:30:27Duration 00:29:11 Link
Max BruchViolin Concerto no.1 in G minor, Op.26 (3rd mvt)Breakfast2020-04-0606:3002:22:58Duration 00:07:38 Link
Max RichterDiabelliBreakfast2020-04-0706:3002:15:26Duration 00:02:45 Link
Max Richter (artist)Dream 1 (before the wind blows it all away) Pt 1Unclassified2020-04-0923:3000:20:03Duration 00:02:55 Link
Meredith MonkDawn (Book of Days, album version)Essential Classics2020-04-0809:0001:48:38Duration 00:03:21 Link
Meredith WillsonMy White Knight (The Music Man)Inside Music2020-04-0413:0001:56:57Duration 00:03:04 Link
Michael HaydnAve Regina for double choir (MH.140)Through the Night2020-04-0700:3004:12:31Duration 00:10:49 Link
Michael TippettFive Negro Spirituals from the oratorio "A Child of our Time"Through the Night2020-04-0700:3004:36:35Duration 00:10:42 Link
Michael TorkeJavelinEssential Classics2020-04-0609:0001:49:40Duration 00:08:30 Link
Michel CorretteLe PhenixBreakfast2020-04-1006:3002:19:00Duration 00:08:42 Link
Michel‐Richard de LalandeCantique Quatrième sur le Bonheur des JustesEarly Music Now2020-04-0616:3000:15:22Duration 00:14:25 Link
Mikalojus Konstantinas ČiurlionisDe Profundis (cantata)Through the Night2020-04-0600:3004:19:22Duration 00:08:31 Link
Mikhail Ivanovich GlinkaOverture to 'Ruslan and Lyudmila'Through the Night2020-04-0900:3001:19:50Duration 00:05:15 Link
Mikhail Ivanovich GlinkaRuslan and Lyudmila, Op.5 (Overture)In Tune2020-04-0917:0000:01:02Duration 00:04:36 Link
Mikhail Ivanovich GlinkaViola Sonata (1st mvt)Essential Classics2020-04-0609:0002:18:03Duration 00:09:02 Link
Miles Davis (artist)MilestonesJazz Record Requests2020-04-0516:0000:00:49Duration 00:00:23 Link
Mira CalixBattery BeachNight Tracks: The Archive Remix2020-04-0923:0000:15:53Duration 00:01:36 Link
Modest MussorgskyPictures at an Exhibition: Cum mortuis in lingua mortua (Orch. Maurice Ravel)Record Review2020-04-0409:0002:34:05Duration 00:01:54 Link
Modest MussorgskyPictures at an Exhibition: IX. The Hut On Fowl's Legs (Baba-Yaga) (Orch. Maurice Ravel)Record Review2020-04-0409:0002:35:58Duration 00:03:22 Link
Modest MussorgskyPictures at an Exhibition: Promenade IV (Orch. Maurice Ravel)Record Review2020-04-0409:0002:26:47Duration 00:00:40 Link
Modest MussorgskyPictures at an Exhibition: V. Ballet of the Chickens in their Shells (Orch. Maurice Ravel)Record Review2020-04-0409:0002:27:27Duration 00:01:17 Link
Modest MussorgskyPictures at an Exhibition: VI. Samuel Goldenberg and Schmuyle (Orch. Maurice Ravel)Record Review2020-04-0409:0002:28:43Duration 00:02:16 Link
Modest MussorgskyPictures at an Exhibition: VII. The Marketplace At Limoges (Orch. Maurice Ravel)Record Review2020-04-0409:0002:31:00Duration 00:01:20 Link
Modest MussorgskyPictures at an Exhibition: VIII. The Catacombs (Sepulchrum romanum)Record Review2020-04-0409:0002:32:19Duration 00:01:45 Link
Modest MussorgskyPictures at an Exhibition: X. The Great Gate Of Kiev (Orch. Maurice Ravel)Record Review2020-04-0409:0002:39:20Duration 00:05:05 Link
Morten LauridsenO Magnum MysteriumMindful Mix2020-04-0523:0000:35:30Duration 00:05:52 Link
Morton FeldmanMorton Feldman: For John CageRecord Review2020-04-0409:0002:14:03Duration 00:05:00 Link
Naomi Pinnockeverything does changeNew Music Show2020-04-0422:0001:30:02Duration 00:05:06 Link
Nathan ShramOyeloInside Music2020-04-0413:0001:51:29Duration 00:03:46 Link
Nguyen Le Quartet (artist)Swing a MingJ to Z2020-04-0417:0000:15:22Duration 00:05:52 Link
Nicholas MawSpring MusicAfternoon Concert2020-04-0614:0002:16:34Duration 00:14:33 Link
Nick Drake (artist)Time Has Told MeEssential Classics2020-04-1009:0001:03:11Duration 00:00:19 Link
Nicolas GilbertPortraitThrough the Night2020-04-0800:3000:01:07Duration 00:13:25 Link
Nicolò PaganiniLa Campanella op.7Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2020-04-0513:0000:48:38Duration 00:07:46 Link
Nicolò PaganiniLa Campanella, arr. KreislerRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2020-04-0513:0000:49:30Duration 00:10:00 Link
Nikita KoshkinThe Fall of BirdsThrough the Night2020-04-0600:3004:28:13Duration 00:08:59 Link
Nikolai Rimsky-KorsakovThe tale of Tsar Saltan - suite Op 57Through the Night2020-04-0401:0005:01:33Duration 00:21:49 Link
Nino RotaOtto e mezzo (Eight and a Half)Through the Night2020-04-0800:3003:16:39Duration 00:05:07 Link
Obadovic Tixier Duo (artist)Dear YouFreeness2020-04-0500:0000:00:08Duration 00:04:29 Link
Olafur ArnauldsEyes Shut - Nocturne in C MinorNight Tracks2020-04-0723:0000:11:21Duration 00:06:45 Link
Olivier DerivièreMassacre (A Plague Tale: Innocence)Sound of Gaming2020-04-0415:0000:51:01Duration 00:03:10 Link
Olivier MessaienQuartet for the end of time: VIII. Louange a l'immortalite de JesusNight Tracks2020-04-0823:0001:20:30Duration 00:07:02 Link
Olivier MessiaenRegard du Pere (Vingt regards sur l'enfant Jesus)Private Passions2020-04-0512:0000:49:49Duration 00:03:19 Link
Orlando GibbonsFancies for viols: Fantasia in G minor a 6Inside Music2020-04-0413:0000:51:24Duration 00:05:01 Link
Orlando GibbonsGo from my windowEssential Classics2020-04-0709:0001:45:34Duration 00:04:22 Link
Orlando GibbonsThe Silver SwanBreakfast2020-04-0507:0001:20:24Duration 00:01:18 Link
Otto NicolaiOverture to "The Merry Wives of Windsor"Through the Night2020-04-0401:0004:01:09Duration 00:08:57 Link
Ottorino RespighiAncient Airs and Dances - Suite No.2Through the Night2020-04-0600:3005:41:23Duration 00:18:21 Link
Ottorino RespighiPines of Rome (The Pines of the Appian Way)Essential Classics2020-04-0609:0001:39:08Duration 00:05:03 Link
Ottorino RespighiSpring (Three Botticelli Pictures)Breakfast2020-04-1006:3001:23:39Duration 00:05:31 Link
Pablo de SarasateZigeunerweisen for violin and orchestra (Op.20)Through the Night2020-04-0600:3004:01:13Duration 00:09:06 Link
Pau CasalsSong of the Birds (El Cant del Ocells)Essential Classics2020-04-1009:0001:33:20Duration 00:03:11 Link
Paul Ben-HaimCello ConcertoAfternoon Concert2020-04-0714:0001:57:53Duration 00:21:57 Link
Paul DukasLa Peri - poeme danseThrough the Night2020-04-0600:3005:01:09Duration 00:21:55 Link
Paul HindemithSymphonic Metamorphosis (Scherzo)Essential Classics2020-04-0909:0001:22:40Duration 00:07:21 Link
Paul Muller-ZurichCapriccio for flute and piano, Op 75Through the Night2020-04-1000:3003:52:39Duration 00:07:05 Link
Percy GraingerHill-Song No 1Through the Night2020-04-1000:3003:39:09Duration 00:13:12 Link
Percy GraingerIrish Tune From County Derry Vers. For Chorus Unacc.Radio 3 in Concert2020-04-0719:3000:19:08Duration 00:03:23 Link
Percy GraingerMock MorrisBreakfast2020-04-0706:3002:27:30Duration 00:03:17 Link
Percy GraingerShallow BrownBreakfast2020-04-1006:3000:49:44Duration 00:06:33 Link
Percy GraingerThe Sussex Mummers' Christmas Carol Vers. ChorusRadio 3 in Concert2020-04-0719:3000:22:45Duration 00:02:10 Link
Percy GraingerWalking Tune No 1Essential Classics2020-04-0609:0000:31:24Duration 00:03:55 Link
Percy GraingerWalking Tune No 1Essential Classics2020-04-0609:0001:07:18Duration 00:00:17 Link
Peter WarlockSerenade for String Orchestra (To Frederick Delius on his 60th birthday)Afternoon Concert2020-04-0614:0001:42:04Duration 00:07:26 Link
Peteris VasksPlainscapes (for choir, violin and cello)Night Tracks2020-04-0623:0000:43:48Duration 00:16:35 Link
Petko StainovSymphonic ScherzoThrough the Night2020-04-1000:3004:39:14Duration 00:09:50 Link
Petri AlankoLoquitur Ahti Sequuntur (Control)Sound of Gaming2020-04-0415:0000:14:15Duration 00:01:15 Link
Philip SawyersHommage to KandinskyAfternoon Concert2020-04-1014:0002:02:22Duration 00:27:50 Link
Pieter HellendaalSonata No. 2 in A Major (mvts 1 & 2)Record Review2020-04-0409:0000:02:55Duration 00:04:33 Link
Pietro LocatelliIntroduzione teatrale in D major, Op 4 No 5Breakfast2020-04-0906:3001:19:25Duration 00:06:33 Link
Pietro MascagniCavalleria Rusticana: IntermezzoBreakfast2020-04-0407:0001:28:45Duration 00:03:11 Link
Pietro MascagniCavalleria rusticana: Intermezzo sinfonicoEssential Classics2020-04-0809:0001:52:44Duration 00:03:05 Link
Pietro MascagniDanza esoticaBreakfast2020-04-0407:0001:31:56Duration 00:08:00 Link
Piotr MossWiosenno [In a Spring Mood]Through the Night2020-04-0501:0003:18:15Duration 00:08:28 Link
PlainsongPsalms 61, 66Choral Evensong2020-04-0815:3000:10:10Duration 00:07:04 Link
Poul Gernes (artist)3:16Late Junction2020-04-1023:0000:03:51Duration 00:03:13 Link
Preston Field Audio (artist)Conductor - Recorded At Preston Bus StationLate Junction2020-04-1023:0001:56:07Duration 00:03:53 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyApril 'Snowdrop' (The Seasons, Op.37b)Breakfast2020-04-1006:3001:04:58Duration 00:02:44 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyFestival Coronation MarchBreakfast2020-04-0407:0001:00:34Duration 00:05:02 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyLetter Scene (Eugene Onegin)Essential Classics2020-04-0809:0001:43:12Duration 00:04:08 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyPezzo capriccioso, Op 62Breakfast2020-04-0906:3002:09:43Duration 00:07:01 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyRomeo and Juliet (fantasy overture, 1880 version)Through the Night2020-04-0900:3005:30:14Duration 00:19:58 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskySwan Lake Suite (No 3, 'Dance of the Swans and Cygnets')Essential Classics2020-04-0709:0002:22:22Duration 00:01:25 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskySwan Theme (Swan Lake)Breakfast2020-04-0507:0001:16:51Duration 00:02:59 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskySymphony No 6 in B minor, Op 74, 'Pathetique'Afternoon Concert2020-04-0614:0000:53:23Duration 00:47:08 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyValse sentimentale from 6 Pieces Op.51 arr. for violin & pianoRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2020-04-0513:0000:57:53Duration 00:02:36 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyValse-Scherzo op. 34Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2020-04-0513:0000:41:08Duration 00:06:15 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyValse-scherzo in C major Op.34Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2020-04-0513:0000:41:48Duration 00:06:00 Link
PérotinViderunt OmnesThe Listening Service2020-04-0517:00Duration Link
Rachel’sFirst Self-Portrait SeriesClassical Fix2020-04-0600:0000:13:58Duration 00:03:21 Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsBread of the World - Rendez a DieuSunday Morning2020-04-0509:0000:35:56Duration 00:01:38 Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsFantasia on a theme by Thomas TallisThrough the Night2020-04-0800:3004:52:23Duration 00:15:44 Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsGalop from Suite for viola and small orchestraAfternoon Concert2020-04-0814:0001:26:19Duration 00:02:00 Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsGalop from Suite for viola and small orchestraIn Tune2020-04-0817:0000:01:16Duration 00:02:00 Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsNorfolk Rhapsody no 1 in E minorThrough the Night2020-04-0700:3003:27:17Duration 00:10:36 Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsPrelude on RhosymedreSunday Morning2020-04-0509:0000:31:25Duration 00:04:36 Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsThe Lark Ascending arr. Paul DraytonRadio 3 in Concert2020-04-0719:3000:51:17Duration 00:15:23 Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsThe Running SetIn Tune2020-04-0717:0001:03:52Duration 00:06:16 Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsThe Vagabond (Songs of Travel)Essential Classics2020-04-0609:0001:35:58Duration 00:03:10 Link
Ravi ShankarHomage To Mahatma Gandhi (Raga Mohan Kauns) - AlapMusic Planet2020-04-0416:0000:29:37Duration 00:07:06 Link
Ravi ShankarPrabhujeeMusic Planet2020-04-0416:0000:37:48Duration 00:08:02 Link
Ravi ShankarRaga Devgiri BilawalMusic Planet2020-04-0416:0000:01:19Duration 00:07:36 Link
Ravi ShankarRaga PilooMusic Planet2020-04-0416:0000:18:34Duration 00:04:28 Link
Ravi ShankarRaga Piloo, Aochar (Introduction)Night Tracks: The Archive Remix2020-04-0923:0000:11:03Duration 00:04:52 Link
Ravi ShankarRaga Sindh Bhaibavi (Morning Music)Music Planet2020-04-0416:0000:51:51Duration 00:08:54 Link
Ravi ShankarSare Jahan Se AchchhaMusic Planet2020-04-0416:0000:14:20Duration 00:02:11 Link
Ravi ShankarSitar Concerto (Raga Adana)Breakfast2020-04-0706:3001:59:33Duration 00:03:29 Link
Ravi Shankar (artist)Swara KakaliLate Junction2020-04-1023:0000:36:08Duration 00:08:46 Link
Reinhold Moritzevich GlièreThe Red Poppy Suite Op.79 (Phoenix)Breakfast2020-04-0906:3001:47:49Duration 00:05:42 Link
Reynaldo HahnA ChlorisIn Tune2020-04-0617:0000:06:25Duration 00:03:03 Link
Reynaldo HahnL'heure exquiseNight Tracks2020-04-0623:0000:15:17Duration 00:02:22 Link
Ricardo Richaid (artist)FormigasLate Junction2020-04-1023:0000:53:04Duration 00:00:53 Link
Ricardo Richaid (artist)O Velho CaiLate Junction2020-04-1023:0000:53:56Duration 00:05:49 Link
Richard FarrantCall to remembranceChoral Evensong2020-04-0515:0000:03:29Duration 00:01:48 Link
Richard RodgersThis Nearly Was Mine (South Pacific)Breakfast2020-04-0706:3000:48:26Duration 00:02:01 Link
Richard RodgersWedding Processional (The Sound of Music)Breakfast2020-04-1006:3002:03:33Duration 00:02:27 Link
Richard Rodney BennettPartita for orchestra (Finale)Essential Classics2020-04-0609:0002:54:56Duration 00:04:58 Link
Richard StraussArabella (excerpt)Private Passions2020-04-0512:0000:27:38Duration 00:03:14 Link
Richard StraussEine Alpensinfonie Op 64Through the Night2020-04-0700:3002:01:15Duration 00:53:24 Link
Richard StraussLe Bourgeois Gentilhomme suite, Op 60Through the Night2020-04-0501:0002:01:04Duration 00:35:08 Link
Richard StraussMorgen!In Tune2020-04-0617:0000:43:07Duration 00:03:56 Link
Richard StraussSerenade in E flat major for 13 wind instruments, Op 7Breakfast2020-04-0906:3000:37:11Duration 00:08:54 Link
Richard StraussTill Eulenspiegels lustige Streiche, Op 28Through the Night2020-04-0800:3003:22:13Duration 00:15:23 Link
Richard StraussWiegenlied from OrchesterliederInside Music2020-04-0413:0001:44:53Duration 00:04:41 Link
Richard StraussWiegenlied, Op 41 No 1In Tune2020-04-0717:0001:27:58Duration 00:04:17 Link
Richard WagnerDie Meistersinger von Nurnberg: PreludeWords and Music2020-04-0517:3000:02:36Duration 00:04:35 Link
Richard WagnerDie Walküre, WWV 86B, Act III Scene 1: Walkürenritt - Hojotoho! Heiaha! (Live)In Tune2020-04-1017:0000:28:43Duration 00:07:36 Link
Richard WagnerOverture to Tannhauser S.442Through the Night2020-04-0401:0005:23:42Duration 00:15:34 Link
Richard WagnerPilgrim's Chorus (Tannhauser)Private Passions2020-04-0512:0000:56:15Duration 00:02:58 Link
Richard WagnerSiegfried-IdyllThrough the Night2020-04-0800:3004:29:00Duration 00:17:49 Link
Rie Nakajima (artist)Whistle & BagLate Junction2020-04-1023:0001:10:29Duration 00:03:48 Link
Rob HarbronTrain Tune / TomcatIn Tune Mixtape2020-04-0719:0000:22:25Duration 00:04:44 Link
Robert Ashley (artist)Automatic WritingLate Junction2020-04-1023:0000:45:55Duration 00:04:44 Link
Robert MackintoshScottish ReelsBreakfast2020-04-0606:3001:17:19Duration 00:03:10 Link
Robert SchumannArabesque in C minor Op. 18Inside Music2020-04-0413:0000:10:12Duration 00:06:29 Link
Robert SchumannCello Concerto in A minor - 3rd mvtIn Tune2020-04-0617:0001:42:38Duration 00:07:45 Link
Robert SchumannDichterliebe (conclusion)Night Tracks: The Archive Remix2020-04-0923:0000:27:51Duration 00:01:20 Link
Robert SchumannDichterliebe: Am leuchtenden SommermorganNight Tracks: The Archive Remix2020-04-0923:0000:01:10Duration 00:02:25 Link
Robert SchumannIm wunderschönen Monat Mai (Dichterliebe)Breakfast2020-04-1006:3002:29:49Duration 00:01:32 Link
Robert SchumannMondnacht (Liederkreis Op 39)Night Tracks2020-04-0823:0000:24:31Duration 00:04:32 Link
Robert SchumannMondnacht (Liederkreis Op 39)Night Tracks2020-04-0823:0001:06:18Duration 00:03:39 Link
Robert SchumannString Quartet No.1 - 2nd mvt: ScherzoBreakfast2020-04-0507:0000:17:06Duration 00:03:43 Link
Robert SchumannSymphonische Etuden, Op.13 [1837]Through the Night2020-04-0600:3001:27:52Duration 00:32:03 Link
Robert SchumannSymphony No.3 in E flat major (Op.97) "Rhenish"Essential Classics2020-04-1009:0001:11:31Duration 00:09:07 Link
Robert SchumannVariations on a Theme by Clara WieckThrough the Night2020-04-0401:0004:10:24Duration 00:07:46 Link
Roderick WilliamsAve Verum Corpus Re-Imagined For ChorusRadio 3 in Concert2020-04-0719:3000:42:12Duration 00:04:28 Link
Roxanna PanufnikCelestial BirdIn Tune2020-04-0917:0001:14:49Duration 00:05:42 Link
Ruaidri Dáll Ó CatháinTabhair dom do LamhSunday Morning2020-04-0509:0002:24:40Duration 00:04:21 Link
Rufus Reid (artist)Always In The MomentFreeness2020-04-0500:0000:28:17Duration 00:04:28 Link
Rufus WainwrightSonnet 43In Tune2020-04-0917:0001:50:58Duration 00:04:22 Link
Ruth AndersonSo WhatNew Music Show2020-04-0422:0001:16:27Duration 00:03:17 Link
Ruth AndersonThe Pregnant DreamNew Music Show2020-04-0422:0000:00:25Duration 00:01:27 Link
Ruth Crawford SeegerThree SongsRadio 3 in Concert2020-04-0819:3001:08:15Duration 00:08:36 Link
Rymden (artist)BergenJ to Z2020-04-0417:0000:08:28Duration 00:06:16 Link
Ryo NagamatsuSword Search on Koholint Island (The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening)Sound of Gaming2020-04-0415:0000:39:50Duration 00:02:38 Link
Ryo NagamatsuTitle (The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening)Sound of Gaming2020-04-0415:0000:39:15Duration 00:00:34 Link
Sally BeamishGala Water for cello solo: LentoIn Tune Mixtape2020-04-0819:0000:16:10Duration 00:01:56 Link
Sam BirdOperation Receiver (Wattam)Sound of Gaming2020-04-0415:0000:33:00Duration 00:01:02 Link
Sam Sweeney (artist)St Patrick's Day - Young May MoonNight Tracks2020-04-0623:0000:05:21Duration 00:05:17 Link
Sam Sweeney (artist)Sun Beams / Highway to WarringtonIn Tune2020-04-0917:0000:36:51Duration 00:03:38 Link
Sam Sweeney (artist)The GeneralIn Tune2020-04-0917:0000:06:07Duration 00:03:15 Link
Samuel BarberAgnus Dei For Chorus [& Kb Ad Lib], Arr. From Adagio Of Quartet For StringsRadio 3 in Concert2020-04-0719:3000:10:32Duration 00:07:00 Link
Samuel Coleridge-TaylorThe Phantom tells his tale of longing (Forest Scenes)Mindful Mix2020-04-0523:0000:45:20Duration 00:04:53 Link
Scott JoplinFig Leaf RagSunday Morning2020-04-0509:0000:15:23Duration 00:03:21 Link
Scott JoplinSunflower slow dragIn Tune Mixtape2020-04-0719:0000:05:36Duration 00:03:57 Link
Serge KoussevitskyAndante Cantabile & Valse Miniature (Op.1 Nos. 1 & 2)Through the Night2020-04-0600:3003:11:45Duration 00:08:59 Link
Sergei Prokofiev5 Melodies Op. 35bisRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2020-04-0613:0000:12:54Duration 00:13:00 Link
Sergei Prokofiev5 Songs without words Op.35Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2020-04-0613:0000:13:42Duration 00:15:13 Link
Sergei ProkofievCinderella [Zolushka] - Suite No 1, Op 107Through the Night2020-04-1000:3005:32:39Duration 00:27:05 Link
Sergei ProkofievFlute Sonata in D major Op. 94Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2020-04-0613:0000:28:34Duration 00:25:00 Link
Sergei ProkofievMarch, Op.99Breakfast2020-04-0806:3001:47:48Duration 00:02:09 Link
Sergei ProkofievSonata in D major Op.94 for flute and pianoRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2020-04-0613:0000:29:44Duration 00:25:45 Link
Sergei ProkofievViolin Concerto No 1 in D major, Op 19 (2nd mvt)In Tune Mixtape2020-04-0619:0000:16:53Duration 00:03:52 Link
Sergei Vasilyevich RachmaninoffPiano Concerto No.2This Classical Life2020-04-0412:30Duration Link
Sergey RachmaninovPiano concerto No 2 in C minor, Op 18Afternoon Concert2020-04-0614:0000:17:10Duration 00:35:32 Link
Sergey RachmaninovPrelude in D major, Op. 23 no.4Breakfast2020-04-0806:3000:05:24Duration 00:05:34 Link
Sergey RachmaninovRomance Op.6 No.1In Tune2020-04-0617:0000:52:49Duration 00:05:41 Link
Sergey RachmaninovSymphony No.2 in E minor (Op.27)Essential Classics2020-04-0809:0001:13:33Duration 00:15:02 Link
Sergey RachmaninovSymphony in D minor, 'Youth'Essential Classics2020-04-1009:0002:47:54Duration 00:10:51 Link
Sergey RachmaninovVocalise, Op 34 No 14 arr for cello and pianoMindful Mix2020-04-0523:0000:18:12Duration 00:06:09 Link
Seth LakemanBury NightsIn Tune2020-04-0717:0001:16:00Duration 00:03:31 Link
Sheila Jordan (artist)Baltimore OrioleJ to Z2020-04-0417:0000:55:25Duration 00:02:24 Link
Sigurd HoleYngeldansRecord Review2020-04-0409:0001:56:40Duration 00:04:26 Link
Silvestre RevueltasNoche de Jaranas [La Noche de las Mayas]Breakfast2020-04-0407:0000:20:22Duration 00:05:02 Link
Simmy Singh (artist)LA Trance (restrung)Unclassified2020-04-0923:3000:44:15Duration 00:06:00 Link
Sir James MacMillanMitte manum tuam [Strathclyde Motets]Breakfast2020-04-0606:3001:20:22Duration 00:03:02 Link
Sir James MacMillanThe Confession of Isobel GowdieRadio 3 in Concert2020-04-0719:3001:09:14Duration 00:26:10 Link
Squarepusher (artist)Midi Sans Frontières (Avec Batterie)Unclassified2020-04-0923:3000:28:54Duration 00:04:36 Link
Stars of the Lid (artist)Broken Harbors (part I)Night Tracks2020-04-0723:0001:13:57Duration 00:03:36 Link
Stefanie Kunckler Ymonos (artist)In VenditaFreeness2020-04-0500:0000:41:56Duration 00:06:06 Link
Stephen SondheimNo Life from Sunday In the Park with GeorgeWords and Music2020-04-0517:3000:13:24Duration 00:01:23 Link
Steve ReichEight LinesThrough the Night2020-04-0700:3005:18:10Duration 00:17:28 Link
Steve ReichFour OrgansWords and Music2020-04-0517:3000:08:18Duration 00:04:25 Link
Sunleif RasmussenFanfare LontaneRecord Review2020-04-0409:0002:05:17Duration 00:05:42 Link
Sven-Erik BäckString Quartet No 2Through the Night2020-04-0700:3004:47:41Duration 00:12:46 Link
Teruyuki NodaKokiriko Variations on a Japanese folk tuneNight Tracks2020-04-0623:0001:00:52Duration 00:03:28 Link
The Dave Brubeck Quartet (artist)Everybody's Jumpin'Night Tracks2020-04-0623:0000:39:28Duration 00:04:20 Link
The Routes In Jazz Quintet (artist)Ahmed - Live in Session for J to Z 2019J to Z2020-04-0417:0000:41:25Duration 00:07:07 Link
The Routes In Jazz Quintet (artist)Con Man - Live in Session for J to Z 2019J to Z2020-04-0417:0000:00:46Duration 00:06:16 Link
The Routes In Jazz Quintet (artist)Stargazing - Live in Session for J to Z 2019J to Z2020-04-0417:0001:21:44Duration 00:07:41 Link
The Routes In Jazz Quintet (artist)The Rake - Live in Session for J to Z 2019J to Z2020-04-0417:0000:31:30Duration 00:07:31 Link
The Secret SistersYou don't own me anymoreInside Music2020-04-0413:0000:57:46Duration 00:03:50 Link
Thomas AdèsThe Fayrfax CarolNight Tracks2020-04-0623:0000:00:08Duration 00:04:11 Link
Thomas AdèsTotentanz (excerpt - last section)Record Review2020-04-0409:0002:19:40Duration 00:09:54 Link
Thomas CampionNever weather-beaten sailBreakfast2020-04-0507:0000:00:52Duration 00:02:35 Link
Thomas MorleyApril is in my mistress' faceSunday Morning2020-04-0509:0000:18:57Duration 00:01:13 Link
Thomas TallisIf Ye Love MeBreakfast2020-04-0407:0001:20:27Duration 00:02:44 Link
Thomas TallisLoquebantur variis linguis for 7 voicesThrough the Night2020-04-0800:3004:47:09Duration 00:04:51 Link
Thomas TallisO nata lux de lumineBreakfast2020-04-0806:3002:28:17Duration 00:02:00 Link
Thomas TallisSpem in aliumBreakfast2020-04-0806:3001:35:24Duration 00:08:35 Link
Thomas TomkinsMAGNIFICAT: Fifth ServiceChoral Evensong2020-04-0515:0000:19:46Duration 00:05:29 Link
Thomas TomkinsNUNC DIMITTIS: Fifth ServiceChoral Evensong2020-04-0515:0000:27:28Duration 00:02:36 Link
Thomas WinghamVexilla RegisSunday Morning2020-04-0509:0002:02:59Duration 00:05:47 Link
Tim HeckerIs A Rose Petal Of The Dying Crimson LightNight Tracks2020-04-0823:0000:16:52Duration 00:03:26 Link
Tom LehrerLobachevskyBreakfast2020-04-0906:3002:17:44Duration 00:03:08 Link
Tom LehrerPoisoning pigeons in the parkBreakfast2020-04-0906:3001:35:56Duration 00:02:18 Link
Tomi RäisänenPortal (Marimba Concerto)New Music Show2020-04-0422:0000:03:37Duration 00:18:24 Link
Tomoko Sauvage (artist)In Some Brighter SphereNight Tracks2020-04-0723:0000:29:09Duration 00:04:56 Link
Tomás Luis de VictoriaIncipit lamentatio (Lamentations of Jeremiah - Maundy Thursday)In Tune2020-04-0617:0001:51:20Duration 00:06:04 Link
Tomás Luis de VictoriaLamed (Lamentations of Jeremiah - Good Friday)Essential Classics2020-04-1009:0002:32:03Duration 00:05:33 Link
Tomás Luis de VictoriaO vos omnes - responsory for 4 voicesIn Tune2020-04-0817:0000:49:59Duration 00:03:06 Link
Tomás Luis de VictoriaRequiem Mass, 1605 - KyrieClassical Fix2020-04-0600:0000:17:21Duration 00:04:31 Link
Tomás Luis de VictoriaTenebrae Responsories - Iudas mercator pessimusIn Tune2020-04-1017:0000:10:48Duration 00:02:12 Link
Tortoise (artist)SenecaJ to Z2020-04-0417:0001:10:37Duration 00:03:51 Link
Trad.Hur var du i aftes så sildig (Where were you last night so late?)Night Tracks2020-04-0723:0001:06:28Duration 00:02:01 Link
Trad.Jasmine Flower (arr. Peter Schindler)In Tune2020-04-0717:0000:52:30Duration 00:06:44 Link
Trad.Jovana JovankaNew Generation Artists2020-04-0816:3000:25:32Duration 00:04:16 Link
Trad.Trumpet Hornpipe [Captain Pugwash theme]Breakfast2020-04-1006:3000:57:00Duration 00:01:05 Link
TraditionalAfternoon PrayersThe Listening Service2020-04-0517:00Duration Link
TraditionalAfternoon PrayersThe Listening Service2020-04-0517:00Duration Link
TraditionalAle Ile (for Egungun)The Listening Service2020-04-0517:00Duration Link
TraditionalAntifona from Officum sancti SeveriThe Listening Service2020-04-0517:00Duration Link
TraditionalChant ChamaniqueThe Listening Service2020-04-0517:00Duration Link
TraditionalHicaz Ayini III. SelamThe Listening Service2020-04-0517:00Duration Link
TraditionalJag vet en dejlig rosaThis Classical Life2020-04-0412:30Duration Link
TraditionalJewish Liturgical MusicThe Listening Service2020-04-0517:00Duration Link
TraditionalMaulah Ali Maulah Ali (Traditional Sufi Qawwali)The Listening Service2020-04-0517:00Duration Link
TraditionalMi Shesoso nisimThe Listening Service2020-04-0517:00Duration Link
TraditionalOffertorio from Feria VI stacio ad sanctum VitalemThe Listening Service2020-04-0517:00Duration Link
TraditionalPachyu NghachhyaThe Listening Service2020-04-0517:00Duration Link
TraditionalParavi lucernam Christo meoThe Listening Service2020-04-0517:00Duration Link
TraditionalPsalmodie bouddhique, pomp’eThe Listening Service2020-04-0517:00Duration Link
TraditionalRaag BhatiyarThe Listening Service2020-04-0517:00Duration Link
TraditionalTenores su cuntrattu de Seneghe: GososThe Listening Service2020-04-0517:00Duration Link
Traditional AppalachianSwing and TurnSunday Morning2020-04-0509:0001:32:20Duration 00:02:35 Link
Traditional ChineseGao Shan Liu ShuiNight Tracks2020-04-0823:0000:39:17Duration 00:06:21 Link
Traditional ScottishMary MorrisonBreakfast2020-04-0606:3001:23:20Duration 00:02:54 Link
Umeko Ando (artist)Iyomante UpopoLate Junction2020-04-1023:0001:31:30Duration 00:06:00 Link
Unsuk ChinParaMetaString for strings quartet and tape (3rd mvt)Night Tracks2020-04-0723:0001:01:00Duration 00:05:27 Link
Vagn HolmboeA Song at Sunset, Op 138bThrough the Night2020-04-0401:0003:25:21Duration 00:07:46 Link
Vashti Bunyan (artist)Here BeforeBreakfast2020-04-0407:0001:14:16Duration 00:02:06 Link
Vernon DukeApril in ParisSunday Morning2020-04-0509:0001:00:29Duration 00:03:52 Link
Vincent YoumansTea for TwoBreakfast2020-04-0507:0001:05:29Duration 00:03:40 Link
Vittorio MontiV: CsardasInside Music2020-04-0413:0000:43:43Duration 00:06:02 Link
Walter LeighConcertino for keyboard and stringsBreakfast2020-04-0706:3000:51:37Duration 00:09:33 Link
Weston OlenckicapacityNew Music Show2020-04-0422:0000:25:36Duration 00:20:41 Link
Weston Olenckifor trumpetNew Music Show2020-04-0422:0000:54:09Duration 00:03:05 Link
Weston OlenckiuntitledNew Music Show2020-04-0422:0000:46:17Duration 00:07:43 Link
William AlwynSymphony no. 1 in D majorEssential Classics2020-04-0909:0001:06:28Duration 00:09:36 Link
William BolcomCabaret Songs: Vol 1 No 4 WaitinNight Tracks2020-04-0823:0001:28:33Duration 00:01:27 Link
William ByrdAve Verum Corpus For 4 Voices [gradualia Vol.1, 1605]Radio 3 in Concert2020-04-0719:3000:38:32Duration 00:03:30 Link
William ByrdFirste Pavian and GalliardeThrough the Night2020-04-0600:3003:21:01Duration 00:06:00 Link
William ByrdMiserere mihi DomineIn Tune2020-04-0717:0001:33:04Duration 00:02:18 Link
William WaltonTouch Her Soft Lips, arr. Bob ChilcottRadio 3 in Concert2020-04-0719:3000:07:31Duration 00:01:50 Link
Willie Colón (artist)Pa ColombiaJ to Z2020-04-0417:0001:14:28Duration 00:05:50 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartAdagio in E major, K 261Afternoon Concert2020-04-0814:0000:47:13Duration 00:06:54 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartAndante in C major, K315Through the Night2020-04-0900:3003:12:12Duration 00:05:41 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartAve verum corpus, K 618Essential Classics2020-04-0709:0002:50:04Duration 00:04:04 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartChampagne Aria: 'Finch'han dal vino' from 'Don Giovanni'Through the Night2020-04-0700:3003:01:10Duration 00:01:30 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartCosi fan tutte (selection), arr. Wendt for windsRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2020-04-0713:0000:06:06Duration 00:04:18 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartDivertimento in D Major, K. 136 "Salzburg Symphony No. 1"Essential Classics2020-04-0709:0000:35:03Duration 00:11:24 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartDon Giovanni - OvertureInside Music2020-04-0413:0000:32:49Duration 00:05:39 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartDuo in G major for violin and viola, K 423 (3rd mvt)Breakfast2020-04-0407:0000:42:15Duration 00:05:17 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartHorn Quintet in E flat major, K 407 (3rd mvt)In Tune Mixtape2020-04-0719:0000:09:32Duration 00:04:11 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartLarghetto and Allegro in E flat, KV deestThrough the Night2020-04-0900:3004:24:29Duration 00:11:50 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartLe nozze di Figaro (extracts), arr. Wendt for windsRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2020-04-0913:0000:06:48Duration 00:16:20 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartLe nozze di Figaro, K. 492 - OvertureSunday Morning2020-04-0509:0001:24:55Duration 00:04:08 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartOuverture Il re pastore K208In Tune2020-04-1017:0000:54:41Duration 00:03:15 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartOverture from 'Don Giovanni' (K.527)Through the Night2020-04-0700:3004:29:58Duration 00:06:23 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartPiano Concerto No 23 in A major, K 488 (3rd mvt)Breakfast2020-04-0906:3002:21:49Duration 00:08:18 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartPiano Quartet in E flat major, K 493 (2nd mvt)Essential Classics2020-04-0909:0001:48:12Duration 00:10:22 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartPrelude and Fugue in C, K. 394, for pianoThrough the Night2020-04-0600:3004:10:34Duration 00:08:32 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartQuartet for strings K.421 in D minor (2nd mvt)Night Tracks2020-04-0623:0000:18:37Duration 00:06:25 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartRequiem in D minor K.626 - Lacrimosa dies illa; Domine JesuThe Listening Service2020-04-0517:00Duration Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartRondo in A minor, K 511Essential Classics2020-04-1009:0000:50:21Duration 00:09:35 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartString Quartet No. 4 in C, K. 157Through the Night2020-04-0800:3003:44:36Duration 00:15:15 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartString Quartet in B flat major, K589Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2020-04-0713:0000:38:05Duration 00:23:17 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartSymphony No 26 in E flat major, K 184Essential Classics2020-04-0809:0000:05:57Duration 00:07:59 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartSymphony No 38 in D major, K 504, 'Prague' (2nd mvt)Breakfast2020-04-0507:0000:06:04Duration 00:09:53 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartSymphony No 39 in E flat major, K 543 (4th mvt)In Tune2020-04-0817:0001:25:52Duration 00:08:02 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartSymphony No 41 in C major, K 551, 'Jupiter'Essential Classics2020-04-0609:0001:15:27Duration 00:05:48 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartSymphony no. 40 (K.550) in G minor, 4th movement; Allegro assaiIn Tune2020-04-0717:0001:21:01Duration 00:06:24 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartViolin Sonata in C major, K 303Through the Night2020-04-0501:0004:10:22Duration 00:10:02 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartViolin Sonata in D Major K.7 (2nd mvt)Breakfast2020-04-0806:3001:18:40Duration 00:06:27 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartViolin concerto No 1 in B flat major, K 207Afternoon Concert2020-04-0814:0000:25:10Duration 00:21:36 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartViolin concerto No 5 in A major, K 219 (3rd mvt)Afternoon Concert2020-04-0814:0001:16:26Duration 00:09:49 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartVorrei spiegarvi, oh Dio, K 418In Tune2020-04-0917:0001:03:50Duration 00:06:08 Link
Wouter HutschenruyterOuverture voor Groot OrkestThrough the Night2020-04-0800:3005:08:25Duration 00:08:32 Link
Yaniv SegalA Fidelio Symphony (After Beethoven's Op. 72): III. ApotheoseRecord Review2020-04-0409:0000:13:33Duration 00:07:13 Link
Yuquijiro YocohSakura VariationsEssential Classics2020-04-0609:0000:48:46Duration 00:05:03 Link
Zdenek FibichQuintet in D major Op.42 (Scherzo)Breakfast2020-04-0906:3001:39:02Duration 00:07:04 Link
Zoltán KodályViennese Musical Clock (Hary Janos Suite, Op 35a)Essential Classics2020-04-0909:0001:31:44Duration 00:01:55 Link
Ólafur Arnalds (artist)UnfoldUnclassified2020-04-0923:3000:00:54Duration 00:03:55 Link