The BBC has announced that it has a sustainable plan for the future of the BBC Singers, in association with The VOCES8 Foundation.
The threat to reduce the staff of the three English orchestras by 20% has not been lifted, but it is being reconsidered.
See the BBC press release here.

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"The Way Through the Woods" by Rudyard Kipling, read by Anton Lesser.Breakfast2018-06-2206:3001:38 Link
Carol Ann DuffyWords and Music2018-06-1717:3000:35 Link
Cultural Inspirations: David Nash on "The Wheelwright's Shop"Essential Classics2018-06-2109:0001:50 Link
Cultural Inspirations: David Nash on Indian Classical MusicEssential Classics2018-06-2009:0001:52 Link
Cultural Inspirations: David Nash on his ash domeEssential Classics2018-06-1809:0001:53 Link
Cultural Inspirations: David Nash on meditationEssential Classics2018-06-2209:0001:50 Link
Cultural Inspirations: David Nash on working with woodEssential Classics2018-06-1909:0001:50 Link
Florence PriceMusic Matters2018-06-1612:1500:20 Link
Han KangWords and Music2018-06-1717:3000:47 Link
Herman MelvilleWords and Music2018-06-1717:3000:56 Link
Junichiro TanizakiWords and Music2018-06-1717:3000:15 Link
Lewis CarrollWords and Music2018-06-1717:30 Link
Lewis CarrollWords and Music2018-06-1717:3000:03 Link
Omar KhayyamWords and Music2018-06-1717:3001:13 Link
Philip LarkinWords and Music2018-06-1717:3000:24 Link
Ralph EllisonWords and Music2018-06-1717:3000:28 Link
Riccardo MutiMusic Matters2018-06-1612:1500:31 Link
Richard WilburWords and Music2018-06-1717:3000:20 Link
ShakespeareWords and Music2018-06-1717:3000:39 Link
Ted HughesWords and Music2018-06-1717:3001:04 Link
The Bible, King James VersionWords and Music2018-06-1717:3000:04 Link
Time Traveller: Epping ForestEssential Classics2018-06-2209:0001:15 Link
Time Traveller: Tales Of The ForestEssential Classics2018-06-2009:0001:11 Link
Time Traveller: Tree AlphabetEssential Classics2018-06-1909:0001:12 Link
Time Traveller: Virgin Mary In The WoodsEssential Classics2018-06-1809:0001:13 Link
Time Traveller: YggdrasillEssential Classics2018-06-2109:0001:11 Link
Yo-Yo MaMusic Matters2018-06-1612:1500:03 Link
Aaron CoplandAppalachian SpringRadio 3 in Concert2018-06-2119:3001:34 Link
Aaron CoplandDanzon CubanoEssential Classics2018-06-2209:0002:43 Link
Aaron CoplandHoe-Down (Four Dance Episodes from Rodeo)Breakfast2018-06-2206:3000:42 Link
Aaron CoplandMusic for a Great CityRadio 3 in Concert2018-06-2119:3000:04 Link
Aaron CoplandSimple Gifts (Old American Songs, Set 1, No.4)Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-06-1713:0000:58 Link
Aaron CoplandThe Red Pony Suite; Happy EndingIn Tune2018-06-2117:0001:18 Link
Aaron CoplandTwelve Poems of Emily Dickinson (a selection chosen by Oliver Knussen)Radio 3 in Concert2018-06-2119:3001:02 Link
Adam JarzębskiVenite Exsultemus - concerto a 2Through the Night2018-06-2200:3004:01 Link
Agustín Barrios MangoréUna limosna por el amor de DiosBreakfast2018-06-2106:3002:09 Link
Alan AbbottAlla caccia arr for horn and pianoAfternoon Concert2018-06-1814:0002:17 Link
Alan RawsthorneThe Cruel sea - music for the filmThrough the Night2018-06-1701:0003:05 Link
Albert Roussel3 pieces for piano (Op.49)Through the Night2018-06-1800:3004:08 Link
Alec TempletonIn Rhythm (from Pocket Sized Sonata)In Tune2018-06-1917:0001:50 Link
Alessandro MarcelloConcerto in D minor for oboe and stringsThrough the Night2018-06-2200:3001:48 Link
Alessandro MarcelloConcerto in D minor for oboe and stringsThrough the Night2018-06-1601:0003:22 Link
Alessandro OrologioIntrada II a 5Through the Night2018-06-2100:3000:01 Link
Alessandro PiccininiCourante per la X (Pellegrini); Chiaccona in partite variate (Piccinini)Through the Night2018-06-1701:0005:53 Link
Alessandro ScarlattiConcerto à 7 No 3 in F majorEssential Classics2018-06-1809:0002:14 Link
Alessandro ScarlattiToccata in F majorThrough the Night2018-06-2000:3003:13 Link
Alessandro StradellaSara ver ch'io mai disciolgaThrough the Night2018-06-1701:0004:08 Link
Alexander AlbrechtQuintet for piano, flute, oboe, clarinet and bassoon (Op.6) (1913)Through the Night2018-06-2100:3004:29 Link
Alexander BorodinString SextetEssential Classics2018-06-2209:0000:04 Link
Alexander GlazunovConcert waltz for orchestra no.1 (Op.47 ) in D majorThrough the Night2018-06-2100:3003:50 Link
Alexander GlazunovElegie in D flat major Op 17 arranged for horn and pianoThrough the Night2018-06-1601:0002:52 Link
Alexander GlazunovLes [The Forest] - fantasy Op.19Afternoon Concert2018-06-1814:0001:54 Link
Alexander GlazunovReverie for horn and piano in D flat major (Op.24)Through the Night2018-06-2200:3003:23 Link
Alexander GlazunovThe Sea, Fantasy in E major Op. 28Sunday Morning2018-06-1709:0000:24 Link
Alexander GlazunovViolin Concerto in A minor, Op.82 - finaleIn Tune2018-06-2117:0001:08 Link
Alexander von ZemlinskyHumoreske for wind quintetEssential Classics2018-06-2109:0000:53 Link
Alonso LoboAve Regina CoelorumSunday Morning2018-06-1709:0002:50 Link
Alphons DiepenbrockClair de LuneThrough the Night2018-06-1701:0003:02 Link
Alphons DiepenbrockLa Chanson de l'HypertrophiqueThrough the Night2018-06-1701:0002:58 Link
Alun HoddinottFour Welsh Dances, Op 15 (No 2)In Tune2018-06-1917:0001:06 Link
Amy BeachEskimos, Op.64Radio 3 in Concert2018-06-2119:3002:19 Link
Amy BeachSymphony in E minor 'Gaelic', Op 32 (1st mvt)Essential Classics2018-06-1909:0001:14 Link
Amy Cutler (artist)FOREST: FRAGMENT IILate Junction2018-06-2123:0000:17 Link
Amy Cutler (artist)FOREST: FRAGMENT IIILate Junction2018-06-2123:0000:00 Link
Amy Cutler (artist)FOREST: FRAGMENT IVLate Junction2018-06-2123:0001:29 Link
Amy Cutler (artist)FOREST: FRAGMENT VLate Junction2018-06-2023:0000:48 Link
Amy Cutler (artist)FOREST: INSTRUMENTALLate Junction2018-06-2123:0000:51 Link
Amy Cutler (artist)FOREST: RIOTLate Junction2018-06-2123:0000:22 Link
Amy Cutler (artist)FOREST: VOICELate Junction2018-06-2123:0000:56 Link
Anayampatti Ganesan (artist)JagadhodharanaLate Junction2018-06-2023:0000:42 Link
Andrea Belfi (artist)LeadLate Junction2018-06-2023:0001:18 Link
André PrevinAlan Jay Lerner title song medleyRadio 3 in Concert2018-06-2219:3000:18 Link
Andy ScottSonata for Saxophone and Harp (2nd mvt)In Tune2018-06-2017:0001:43 Link
Anna ClyneThis Midnight HourAfternoon Concert2018-06-1814:0000:02 Link
Anne-Mari Kivimäki (artist)Ilja (Road Trip)Music Planet2018-06-2223:0000:48 Link
Anni Kiriloff (artist)Kantele (Road Trip)Music Planet2018-06-2223:0000:53 Link
Anon ed. Antonio Martin y CollLas FoliasThe Early Music Show2018-06-1714:0000:27 Link
Anon.Miri It Is While Sumer IlastLate Junction2018-06-2023:0000:31 Link
Anon.Robin is to the Greenwood GoneIn Tune2018-06-2017:0001:39 Link
Anon.Robin is to the greenwood goneIn Tune Mixtape2018-06-2019:0000:12 Link
Anon.SuiteThrough the Night2018-06-2000:3003:27 Link
AnonymousAlma redemptoris mater/Ave regina coelorumChoir and Organ2018-06-1716:0000:05 Link
AnonymousBayle del Gran DuqueThe Early Music Show2018-06-1714:0000:53 Link
AnonymousOtce buoha nebeskéhoThrough the Night2018-06-2100:3000:49 Link
AnonymousTanto copiaThe Early Music Show2018-06-1714:0000:47 Link
Anton BrucknerSymphony no. 4 in E flat major (Romantic)Afternoon Concert2018-06-1914:0000:41 Link
Anton WebernIm SommerwindEssential Classics2018-06-1909:0000:45 Link
Antonio RosettiHorn Concerto in E major,Essential Classics2018-06-1809:0001:17 Link
Antonio VivaldiAlma oppressa: La fida ninfaIn Tune2018-06-2117:0000:12 Link
Antonio VivaldiConcerto in C major for 2 trumpets, RV 537In Tune2018-06-1817:0001:33 Link
Antonio VivaldiConcerto in F major for 2 horns, strings and continuo RV 539Breakfast2018-06-1607:0001:12 Link
Antonio VivaldiGloria, cantata for soloists, mixed choir and orchestra in D major (RV.589)Through the Night2018-06-1900:3002:20 Link
Antonio VivaldiTrio Sonata in C major, RV 82Essential Classics2018-06-1809:0001:04 Link
Antonín Dvořák'Silent Woods' for cello and orchestraBreakfast2018-06-2206:3000:02 Link
Antonín DvořákCzech Suite, Op 39 (Polka)In Tune2018-06-2117:0001:50 Link
Antonín DvořákPrague WaltzesThrough the Night2018-06-2000:3003:35 Link
Antonín DvořákQuintet no. 2 in A major Op.81 for piano and stringsThrough the Night2018-06-1601:0001:11 Link
Antonín DvořákSilent WoodsIn Tune2018-06-1917:0000:07 Link
Antonín DvořákSlavonic Dance No. 9 in B major, Op 72 No 1Breakfast2018-06-2106:3001:20 Link
Antonín DvořákSlavonic dance no.10 (Op.72 No.2) in E minor for piano duetThrough the Night2018-06-2200:3003:17 Link
Antonín DvořákSong to the Moon (Rusalka)Essential Classics2018-06-2009:0000:49 Link
Antonín DvořákSymphony no. 8 (Op.88) in G majorThrough the Night2018-06-2000:3001:21 Link
Arcangelo CorelliConcerto grosso in C major Op.6`10: 6th movement; Minuetto (Vivace)Breakfast2018-06-1607:0000:56 Link
Archduke Rudolf of AustriaTrio for clarinet, cello and pianoThrough the Night2018-06-1701:0004:29 Link
ARIADNE (artist)On Your KneesLate Junction2018-06-2023:0001:13 Link
Armas JärnefeltPraeludiumBreakfast2018-06-2206:3002:04 Link
Arnold BaxBax Spring FireAfternoon Concert2018-06-1814:0002:21 Link
Arnold BaxFour Orchestral Sketches (Dance in the Sun)Breakfast2018-06-1806:3000:53 Link
Arnold BaxThe Happy ForestEssential Classics2018-06-2209:0001:05 Link
Arnold BaxThe Tale the Pine Trees KnewBreakfast2018-06-1906:3000:43 Link
Arnold Schoenberg3 Satiren, Op. 28 (II. Vielseitigkeit)The Listening Service2018-06-1717:00 Link
Arturo Zambo Cavero & Oscar Avilés (artist)Y se llama Perú (Mixtape)Music Planet2018-06-2223:0001:39 Link
Arun Ghosh (artist)How Do You Keep Your LoveJazz Now2018-06-1823:0001:06 Link
Arun Ghosh (artist)JerusalemJazz Now2018-06-1823:0001:11 Link
Arun Ghosh (artist)NatarajaJazz Now2018-06-1823:0000:59 Link
Arun Ghosh (artist)The Loneliness Is Killing MeJazz Now2018-06-1823:0000:56 Link
Arvo PärtMozart-AdagioEssential Classics2018-06-1909:0002:31 Link
Arvo PärtSpiegel im SpiegelThrough the Night2018-06-2100:3005:24 Link
Arwel HughesTydi a RoddaistBreakfast2018-06-2006:3002:24 Link
Astor PiazzollaTango Suite: III. AllegroBreakfast2018-06-1607:0000:50 Link
Bedrich SmetanaExcerpts from Czech Dances, book IIThrough the Night2018-06-2000:3000:23 Link
Bedrich SmetanaFrom Bohemia's Woods and Fields (Má vlast)Afternoon Concert2018-06-1814:0001:40 Link
Bedrich SmetanaSalon Polka in F sharp major, Op.7 No.1Essential Classics2018-06-1909:0002:06 Link
Benjamin Britten6 Metamorphoses after OvidThrough the Night2018-06-2200:3004:33 Link
Benjamin BrittenSerenade for tenor, horn and strings - HymnInside Music2018-06-1613:0001:56 Link
Benjamin BrittenString Quartet No. 1 Op. 25 - Movement 2In Tune2018-06-1817:0000:40 Link
Benjamin BrittenThrough the forest have I gone (Midsummer Night's Dream, Act 1)In Tune Mixtape2018-06-2119:0000:18 Link
Benjamin BrittenViolin Concerto Op.15Afternoon Concert2018-06-1814:0000:16 Link
Bernard HerrmannNorth by Northwest (1959): OvertureSound of Cinema2018-06-1615:0000:50 Link
Bill EvansBlue in GreenSunday Morning2018-06-1709:0002:12 Link
Bill Frisell (artist)Change In The AirJ to Z2018-06-1617:0000:53 Link
Billy MayerlBats in the BelfryBreakfast2018-06-2006:3001:17 Link
Billy MayerlSong of the Fir Tree - a Swedish ImpressionEssential Classics2018-06-2009:0001:39 Link
Blick Bassy (artist)Wap Do WapMusic Planet2018-06-2223:0001:04 Link
Bobby McFerrinBlackbirdInside Music2018-06-1613:0001:52 Link
Bohuslav MartinuFlute Sonata (3rd mvt: Allegro)Private Passions2018-06-1712:0000:06 Link
Bramwell ToveyCoventry VariationsInside Music2018-06-1613:0000:25 Link
Bud Powell (artist)Un Poco LocoGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2018-06-1700:0000:10 Link
Burton LaneCome back to me (On a Clear Day)Radio 3 in Concert2018-06-2219:3001:23 Link
Burton LaneHow could you believe me (Royal Wedding)Radio 3 in Concert2018-06-2219:3000:23 Link
Burton LaneHurry it's lovely up here (On a Clear Day)Radio 3 in Concert2018-06-2219:3001:26 Link
Burton LaneLerner without Loewe OvertureRadio 3 in Concert2018-06-2219:3001:18 Link
Burton LaneOn a Clear DayRadio 3 in Concert2018-06-2219:3002:01 Link
Burton LaneToo late now (Royal Wedding)Radio 3 in Concert2018-06-2219:3000:26 Link
Burton LaneWhat did I have (On a Clear Day)Radio 3 in Concert2018-06-2219:3001:29 Link
Burton LaneWhy him? (Carmelina)Radio 3 in Concert2018-06-2219:3001:38 Link
Béla BartókSonata for solo violin - PrestoIn Tune2018-06-1917:0001:31 Link
Béla BartókSostenuto rubatoRadio 3 in Concert2018-06-1819:3001:26 Link
Béla BartókViolin Concerto No.1, Sz.36 ( the Night2018-06-1701:0005:14 Link
Béla FleckBlack ForestIn Tune Mixtape2018-06-2119:0000:15 Link
Camille Saint‐SaënsIntroduction and Rondo capriccioso, Op 28Breakfast2018-06-2106:3002:13 Link
Camille Saint‐SaënsThe Cuckoo in the Depths of the Wood (Carnival of the Animals)In Tune Mixtape2018-06-1819:0000:06 Link
Carl Friedrich AbelConcerto for flute and orchestra (Op.6 No.2) in E minorThrough the Night2018-06-1800:3005:06 Link
Carl Friedrich AbelSymphony (K.24) (Op.10 No.6) in A majorThrough the Night2018-06-2200:3003:26 Link
Carl FrühlingTrio for clarinet, cello and piano (Op.40)Through the Night2018-06-2100:3004:57 Link
Carl Maria von WeberArias: 'Wie nahte mir der Schlummer' and 'Leise, Leise, fromme Weise'Through the Night2018-06-2200:3003:39 Link
Carl Maria von WeberClarinet Quintet in B flat major, Op 34Composer of the Week2018-06-1912:0000:08 Link
Carl Maria von WeberConcertino for oboe and wind ensemble in C major (arr. for trumpet)Through the Night2018-06-2000:3003:51 Link
Carl Maria von WeberConcertino in E flat major, Op 26Essential Classics2018-06-1809:0002:41 Link
Carl Maria von WeberDer Freischutz Act 2 Finale "Die Wolfsschlucht"In Tune Mixtape2018-06-2119:0000:22 Link
Carl Maria von WeberDer erste Ton, Op 14Composer of the Week2018-06-1912:0000:02 Link
Carl Maria von WeberEin Konig einst gefangen sassComposer of the Week2018-06-2012:0000:05 Link
Carl Maria von WeberEin steter Kampf ist unser LebenComposer of the Week2018-06-1812:0000:55 Link
Carl Maria von WeberFinale: Wolf's Glen Scene (Der Freischutz)Composer of the Week2018-06-2112:0000:08 Link
Carl Maria von WeberGeld, Geld, Geld! (Abu Hassan)Composer of the Week2018-06-1912:0000:33 Link
Carl Maria von WeberInvitation To The DanceComposer of the Week2018-06-2012:0000:28 Link
Carl Maria von WeberKampf und Sieg, Op 44Composer of the Week2018-06-2012:0000:09 Link
Carl Maria von WeberKavatine: Traure, mein Herz (Oberon, Act 3)Composer of the Week2018-06-2212:0000:15 Link
Carl Maria von WeberKonzertstuck in F minor, Op 79Composer of the Week2018-06-2112:0000:40 Link
Carl Maria von WeberMarch and Finale (Oberon)Composer of the Week2018-06-2212:0000:53 Link
Carl Maria von WeberOverture (Der Freischutz)Composer of the Week2018-06-1812:0000:01 Link
Carl Maria von WeberOverture (Euryanthe)Composer of the Week2018-06-2112:0000:29 Link
Carl Maria von WeberOverture (Oberon)Composer of the Week2018-06-2212:0000:03 Link
Carl Maria von WeberPiano Concerto No 2 in E flat major, Op 32Composer of the Week2018-06-2012:0000:37 Link
Carl Maria von WeberPiano Sonata No 4 in E minor, Op 70Composer of the Week2018-06-2212:0000:22 Link
Carl Maria von WeberPiano Variations, Op 2Composer of the Week2018-06-1812:0000:13 Link
Carl Maria von WeberSind es Schmerzen, sind es Freuden?Composer of the Week2018-06-2012:0000:23 Link
Carl Maria von WeberThe Gallant TroubadourComposer of the Week2018-06-2012:0000:00 Link
Carl Maria von WeberTrio in G minor for flute, cello and pianoComposer of the Week2018-06-1912:0000:38 Link
Carl NielsenSymphony No.2 - 'Andante malincolico'Inside Music2018-06-1613:0000:40 Link
Carl OrffCarmina Burana - Tempus est iocondumInside Music2018-06-1613:0000:05 Link
Carl Philipp Emanuel BachConcerto for harpsichord, fortepiano and orchestra (Wq.47) in E flat majorThrough the Night2018-06-1701:0002:26 Link
Carl Philipp Emanuel BachFlute Concerto in G major, Wq 169 (3rd mvt)In Tune2018-06-2117:0001:34 Link
Carl Philipp Emanuel BachMagnificat in D major (Wq.215)Through the Night2018-06-2000:3002:01 Link
Carl Philipp Emanuel BachTrio sonata for flute, violin and continuo (Wq.143) in B minorThrough the Night2018-06-2100:3004:47 Link
Carl Philipp Emanuel BachTrio sonata in A major for flute, violin and continuo (Wq.146/H.570)Through the Night2018-06-1900:3003:35 Link
Carlos ChávezChapultepec (Marcha provinciana)Breakfast2018-06-2106:3002:04 Link
Carolus LuythonFuga suavissimaThrough the Night2018-06-2100:3000:24 Link
Catrin FinchMigrationBreakfast2018-06-1707:0001:14 Link
Chan Ka NinFour seasons suiteThrough the Night2018-06-1701:0003:20 Link
Charles KoechlinPoeme, Op.70bis (1st mvt)Breakfast2018-06-2106:3001:06 Link
Charles KoechlinThe Jungle Book - The Spring Running: MowgliIn Tune Mixtape2018-06-2219:0000:08 Link
Charles StrouseAnother Life (Dance a little Closer)Radio 3 in Concert2018-06-2219:3001:56 Link
Charles Villiers StanfordSymphony No.5 in D major, Op.56 (3rd mvt)Breakfast2018-06-1806:3001:40 Link
Charles WoodO thou sweetest sourceBreakfast2018-06-1806:3001:53 Link
Charles‐François GounodSuite concertante in A major (2nd mvt)Afternoon Concert2018-06-1814:0002:52 Link
Charlie Parker (artist)KlactoveedsedsteneGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2018-06-1700:0000:06 Link
Charlie Parker (artist)Ko KoGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2018-06-1700:0000:03 Link
Christian GeistSonata for 2 violins; interlude; 'Vater unser, der du bist im Himmel'Through the Night2018-06-1601:0000:24 Link
Christian Ritter'Das deutsche Vaterunser'Through the Night2018-06-1601:0001:01 Link
Christina Vantzou (artist)Glissando for Bodies and Machines in SpaceLate Junction2018-06-2023:0000:40 Link
Christoph Willibald GluckDance of the Furies (Orfeo ed Euridice)Breakfast2018-06-1906:3000:34 Link
Cicada (artist)White ForestLate Junction2018-06-1923:0001:02 Link
Cipriano de RoreCalami Sonum FerentesThe Glory of Polyphony2018-06-1723:3000:46 Link
Clara SchumannKonzertsatz in F minorEssential Classics2018-06-1809:0000:48 Link
Clara SchumannRomance, Op. 22, No. 1In Tune2018-06-2117:0000:09 Link
Claude DebussyCello Sonata in D minorEssential Classics2018-06-1809:0002:01 Link
Claude DebussyChansons de BilitisRadio 3 in Concert2018-06-1819:3000:08 Link
Claude DebussyChildren's Corner - The snow is dancingRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-06-1813:0000:58 Link
Claude DebussyFêtes Galantes 2Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-06-1813:0000:16 Link
Claude DebussyLa Cathedrale EngloutieSunday Morning2018-06-1709:0002:18 Link
Claude DebussyLa danse de Puck (Preludes, Book 1)Breakfast2018-06-2106:3001:42 Link
Claude DebussyPetite Suite - BalletInside Music2018-06-1613:0001:13 Link
Claude DebussyPrelude a l'apres-midi d'un fauneThrough the Night2018-06-1900:3004:27 Link
Claude DebussyPremiere rapsodie for clarinet and orchestraThrough the Night2018-06-1601:0001:51 Link
Claude DebussyPrélude à l'après-midi d'un fauneEssential Classics2018-06-2009:0001:16 Link
Claude DebussyRêverieBreakfast2018-06-2106:3000:02 Link
Claude DebussySonata in D minor for cello and pianoThrough the Night2018-06-1800:3005:22 Link
Claude DebussySyrinxIn Tune Mixtape2018-06-2219:0000:18 Link
Claude DebussyThe Little Shepherd (Children's Corner)Breakfast2018-06-1806:3000:48 Link
Claude DebussyViolin Sonata in G minorThrough the Night2018-06-1701:0002:44 Link
Claudio MonteverdiVoglio di vita uscirBreakfast2018-06-1707:0000:43 Link
Clifford Brown (artist)DaahoudGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2018-06-1700:0000:16 Link
Clifford Brown (artist)Love Is A Many Splendored ThingGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2018-06-1700:0000:26 Link
Clifford Brown (artist)SanduGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2018-06-1700:0000:20 Link
Cole PorterSo In Love (Kiss me Kate)In Tune2018-06-1817:0001:48 Link
Cole PorterWhere is the Life? (Kiss me Kate)In Tune2018-06-1817:0001:43 Link
Cole PorterWunderbar (duet)In Tune2018-06-1817:0001:18 Link
Coreyah (artist)Let's Make a FeastMusic Planet2018-06-2223:0000:20 Link
Cymande (artist)ChangesJ to Z2018-06-1617:0001:12 Link
Cyril Tawney (artist)Midsummer CarolLate Junction2018-06-2023:0001:25 Link
Cécile Louise ChaminadeAutomne Op 35 No 2Through the Night2018-06-1601:0004:01 Link
César FranckPrelude, fugue et variation for organ (M.30) (Op.18)Through the Night2018-06-1601:0004:36 Link
César FranckQuintet for piano and strings (M.7) in F minorThrough the Night2018-06-2100:3002:01 Link
Dakar Audio Club (artist)Diogou YaaLate Junction2018-06-2023:0001:09 Link
Dame Ethel Mary SmythString Quartet in E minor (1st mvt)Essential Classics2018-06-2209:0001:20 Link
Dan ForrestIn ParadisumBreakfast2018-06-2106:3001:45 Link
Dario CastelloSonata - 1629 No. 1 For Treble Instrument And ContinuoRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-06-2013:0000:23 Link
Dario CastelloSonata - 1629 No. 12 For 3 Instruments [trtrb] And ContinuoRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-06-2013:0000:47 Link
Dario CastelloSonata - 1629 No. 2 For Treble Instrument And ContinuoRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-06-2013:0000:32 Link
Dario CastelloSonata No. 1 In A MinorRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-06-2013:0000:10 Link
Dario CastelloSonata No. 10 In D MinorRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-06-2013:0000:04 Link
Dario CastelloSonata No.6 for cornetto and violettaBreakfast2018-06-2006:3002:19 Link
Darius Milhaud"La Cheminée du Roi René" (excerpt from Madrigal-Nocturne)Through the Night2018-06-1601:00 Link
Darius Milhaud"La Cheminée du Roi René" (excerpt from Madrigal-Nocturne)Through the Night2018-06-1701:00 Link
Darius Milhaud"La Cheminée du Roi René" (excerpt from Madrigal-Nocturne)Through the Night2018-06-1800:30 Link
Darius Milhaud"La Cheminée du Roi René" (excerpt from Madrigal-Nocturne)Through the Night2018-06-1900:30 Link
Darius Milhaud"La Cheminée du Roi René" (excerpt from Madrigal-Nocturne)Through the Night2018-06-2000:30 Link
Darius Milhaud"La Cheminée du Roi René" (excerpt from Madrigal-Nocturne)Through the Night2018-06-2100:30 Link
Darius Milhaud"La Cheminée du Roi René" (excerpt from Madrigal-Nocturne)Through the Night2018-06-2200:30 Link
Dave Brubeck (artist)Blessed Are The Poor (Sermon On The Mount)Jazz Record Requests2018-06-1616:0000:37 Link
David LangLight MovingEssential Classics2018-06-2009:0001:08 Link
Derya Yildirim and Grup Şimşek (artist)Dom Dom Kursunu (Studio Session)Music Planet2018-06-2223:0000:31 Link
Derya Yildirim and Grup Şimşek (artist)Kürk (Studio Session)Music Planet2018-06-2223:0000:42 Link
Derya Yildirim and Grup Şimşek (artist)Nem Kaldi (Studio Session)Music Planet2018-06-2223:0000:05 Link
Derya Yildirim and Grup Şimşek (artist)Seni Hala (Studio Session)Music Planet2018-06-2223:0001:18 Link
Dinu LipattiFantasie for piano, Op.8Through the Night2018-06-1701:0001:22 Link
Dmitri ShostakovichCello Sonata in D minor, Op.40: I. Allegro non TroppoSunday Morning2018-06-1709:0000:44 Link
Dmitri ShostakovichFugue No.1 in C MajorWords and Music2018-06-1717:3000:00 Link
Dmitri ShostakovichHamlet: Ball at the PalaceBreakfast2018-06-1607:0001:43 Link
Dmitri ShostakovichHamlet: In the GardenBreakfast2018-06-1607:0001:40 Link
Dmitri ShostakovichSuite for Jazz Orchestra No.1Sunday Morning2018-06-1709:0000:57 Link
Domenico AulettaConcerto for harpsichord and strings in C majorThrough the Night2018-06-1900:3002:01 Link
Domenico GalloTrio Sonata No. 12 in E major (III. Allegro)The Listening Service2018-06-1717:00 Link
Domenico GalloTrio Sonata No.1 in G major (I. Moderato)The Listening Service2018-06-1717:00 Link
Domenico MazzocchiAmar a Dios por DiosThe Early Music Show2018-06-1714:0000:07 Link
Domenico ScarlattiFandangoThe Early Music Show2018-06-1714:0000:16 Link
Don't DJ (artist)Forest People PlotLate Junction2018-06-1923:0001:13 Link
Dona Onete (artist)Lua JaciMusic Planet2018-06-2223:0001:23 Link
Donald Byrd (artist)Wind ParadeJazz Record Requests2018-06-1616:0000:47 Link
Donald ShawA Precious PlaceBreakfast2018-06-1906:3002:15 Link
Dorcha (artist)JessicaLate Junction2018-06-2023:0000:14 Link
Doreen CarwithenMen of Sherwood Forest (Overture)In Tune2018-06-2217:0001:29 Link
Doreen CarwithenSonata for violin & pianoRadio 3 in Concert2018-06-1819:3000:56 Link
Duke EllingtonFinesseBreakfast2018-06-1707:0001:10 Link
Duke EllingtonThe Giggling Rapids (The River - suite)Breakfast2018-06-1906:3001:06 Link
Duke Ellington (artist)Money JungleGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2018-06-1700:0000:44 Link
Duke Ellington (artist)Stevedore StompJazz Record Requests2018-06-1616:0000:04 Link
Duncan ChisholmThe Erchless ScoutBreakfast2018-06-1906:3002:10 Link
Edvard GriegConcerto for piano and orchestra in A minor (Op.16)Through the Night2018-06-2100:3005:32 Link
Edvard GriegLyric pieces, Op. 71/4: Still woodsEssential Classics2018-06-2209:0000:47 Link
Edvard GriegSymphonic Dance, Op 64 No 3Breakfast2018-06-1906:3002:03 Link
Edvard GriegViolin Sonata No. 2 in G major, Op. 13: 3rd movementIn Tune2018-06-2117:0000:49 Link
Edward Elgar4 Choral Songs (Op. 53)Through the Night2018-06-1900:3004:12 Link
Edward ElgarScenes from the Bavarian HighlandsAfternoon Concert2018-06-1914:0001:51 Link
Edward ElgarSymphony No. 2 In E Flat Major Op.63: iii. Rondo. PrestoRecord Review2018-06-1609:0000:03 Link
Edward ElgarSymphony No.1 - Allegro MoltoInside Music2018-06-1613:0000:10 Link
Edward ElgarThe Blue-Eyes Fairy (The Starlight Express, Op 78)Essential Classics2018-06-2109:0001:14 Link
Edward MacDowellTo a wild rose (Ten Woodland Sketches)Essential Classics2018-06-1909:0000:02 Link
Eleanor AlbergaSuite from 'Dancing with the Shadow' - DuoRadio 3 in Concert2018-06-2019:3002:25 Link
Elena Kats-CherninGreen Leaf PreludeBreakfast2018-06-2106:3001:07 Link
Elizabeth MaconchyMusic for Strings (2nd mvt)In Tune2018-06-2217:0001:15 Link
Emily HowardLeviathanHear and Now2018-06-1622:0001:46 Link
Emily HowardThrenosHear and Now2018-06-1622:0000:02 Link
Emily HowardTo See The InvisibleHear and Now2018-06-1622:0000:19 Link
Enemy (artist)BrandyJ to Z2018-06-1617:0001:00 Link
Engelbert HumperdinckEvening Prayer (Hänsel und Gretel)Essential Classics2018-06-2209:0000:32 Link
Engelbert HumperdinckThe Sandman, and the Evening Prayer (Hansel & Gretel)Breakfast2018-06-2006:3001:34 Link
Enrique GranadosGoyescas, H. 64, Book 2: No. 6, Epilogo. Serenata del EspectroEssential Classics2018-06-2109:0000:07 Link
Erich Wolfgang Korngold5 Lieder (Op.38) [1947]Through the Night2018-06-1800:3004:55 Link
Erich Wolfgang KorngoldRobin meets Little John (The Adventures of Robin Hood)In Tune Mixtape2018-06-2119:0000:00 Link
Erich Wolfgang KorngoldSchauspiel Overture, Op 4Essential Classics2018-06-2109:0002:45 Link
Erich Wolfgang KorngoldThe Adventures of Robin Hood (Original Theatrical Trailer Music)Breakfast2018-06-2106:3001:34 Link
Erich Wolfgang KorngoldThe Adventures of Robin Hood: Flirt-Feast-Poor People's Feast-GoldBreakfast2018-06-1707:0000:36 Link
Erich Wolfgang KorngoldThe Maiden in the Bridal Chamber (from Much ado about Nothing)In Tune2018-06-1917:0001:45 Link
Erkki MelartinLohdutus (Consolation)Through the Night2018-06-1601:0003:54 Link
Ermanno Wolf-FerrariDanza napolitana (I gioielli della Madonna Suite)Essential Classics2018-06-2109:0000:28 Link
Ermanno Wolf-FerrariI Quatro Rusteghi: PreludeEssential Classics2018-06-2209:0000:01 Link
Ernest Bristow FarrarEnglish pastoral impressions Op.26 for orchestra: no.3 Over the Hills and Far Away: Allegro moderatoEssential Classics2018-06-2009:0000:01 Link
Eugène BozzaEn ForetBreakfast2018-06-1607:0000:12 Link
EVHA (artist)Sahino de PlataLate Junction2018-06-2123:0001:04 Link
Ewan McLennan (artist)Rolling Hills of the BordersIn Tune2018-06-2017:0000:40 Link
Fairport Convention (artist)Flowers Of The ForestLate Junction2018-06-1923:0001:25 Link
Familia Pillco (artist)Pasacalle (Mixtape)Music Planet2018-06-2223:0001:45 Link
Felix MendelssohnA Midsummer Night's Dream (Overture)Breakfast2018-06-2106:3000:34 Link
Felix MendelssohnA Midsummer Night's Dream - incidental music (Op.61)Through the Night2018-06-1800:3005:35 Link
Felix MendelssohnA Midsummer Night's Dream, Op 61 (Scherzo)Essential Classics2018-06-2109:0000:01 Link
Felix MendelssohnCapriccio brillante in B minor, Op 22Essential Classics2018-06-2009:0002:49 Link
Felix MendelssohnElijah (End of Part II)Choir and Organ2018-06-1716:0000:44 Link
Felix MendelssohnIn the woods (6 Songs to sing in the open air, Op.41)Breakfast2018-06-1906:3001:03 Link
Felix MendelssohnScherzo (A Midsummer Night's Dream, Op 61)In Tune2018-06-2117:0000:03 Link
Felix MendelssohnScherzo from A Midsummer Night's DreamSunday Morning2018-06-1709:0001:34 Link
Felix MendelssohnScherzo from A Midsummer's Night's DreamBreakfast2018-06-1707:0001:33 Link
Felix MendelssohnString Quartet in E flat major, Op.12Radio 3 in Concert2018-06-1919:3000:38 Link
Felix MendelssohnString Quartet in F Minor Op. 80 - Movement 3In Tune2018-06-1817:0000:46 Link
Felix MendelssohnSymphony No 4 in A major, Op 90, 'Italian' (1st mvt)Breakfast2018-06-1806:3000:35 Link
Felix MendelssohnViolin Concerto in E minor, Op. 64: iii) Allegro molto vivaceEssential Classics2018-06-1809:0000:15 Link
Ferdinand HummelSehnsucht nach dem Walde (Waldwanderung, Op. 48)Breakfast2018-06-2106:3000:16 Link
Fernand de la TombelleAndante espressivo for cello and pianoIn Tune2018-06-2017:0000:18 Link
Francesco Canova da MilanoFantasia 56Early Music Late2018-06-1722:3000:58 Link
Francesco GeminianiConcerto no.1 in D major (after Corelli's op.5)Through the Night2018-06-2100:3004:01 Link
Francesco GeminianiThe Enchanted Forest (Act V)Breakfast2018-06-2006:3001:20 Link
Francesco TuriniSonata 'Il Corisino'Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-06-2013:0000:55 Link
Francis PoulencConcerto in D minor for 2 pianos and orchestraThrough the Night2018-06-2200:3004:47 Link
Francis PoulencFlute SonataEssential Classics2018-06-2209:0000:14 Link
Francis PoulencLaudamus te (Gloria)Choir and Organ2018-06-1716:0000:18 Link
Francis PoulencLes Chemins de L'AmourRadio 3 in Concert2018-06-1721:3000:50 Link
Francis PoulencSalve reginaIn Tune2018-06-1817:0001:28 Link
Francis PoulencSept Repons de Tenebrae - Nos. 1&2Inside Music2018-06-1613:0001:05 Link
Francis PoulencSonata for Two Pianos (1953)Through the Night2018-06-2000:3005:20 Link
Francis PoulencSouvenirs for cello and pianoIn Tune2018-06-2017:0000:09 Link
Frank BridgeEnter Spring - rhapsody for orchestraThrough the Night2018-06-1601:0002:34 Link
Franz BerwaldString Quartet No 2 in A minor (1849)Through the Night2018-06-2000:3005:00 Link
Franz DanziQuintet in G minor, Op 56 No 2 (1st mvt)Essential Classics2018-06-2109:0001:59 Link
Franz DanziWind Quintet in D minor, Op 68 No 3 (4th mvt)Breakfast2018-06-1906:3001:26 Link
Franz LisztAu bord d'une source (Années de pèlerinage I)Breakfast2018-06-1806:3001:34 Link
Franz LisztConcert-Study No 1, 'Waldesrauschen'Essential Classics2018-06-1809:0000:00 Link
Franz LisztFantasy on 'Szozat' (2nd Hungarian National Anthem)Through the Night2018-06-1601:0003:00 Link
Franz LisztLa CampanellaThrough the Night2018-06-1701:0003:46 Link
Franz LisztTranscendental Study No 12 in B flat minor, 'Chasse-neige'Afternoon Concert2018-06-2014:0001:23 Link
Franz Schubert3 Songs - Liebesbotschaft, Heidenroslein & Litanei auf das FestThrough the Night2018-06-2100:3004:19 Link
Franz SchubertDer Hirt auf dem Felsen, D 965Essential Classics2018-06-2109:0001:30 Link
Franz SchubertDer blinde Knabe D.833In Tune2018-06-2117:0001:30 Link
Franz SchubertDie Nachtigall, D 724Essential Classics2018-06-2009:0001:35 Link
Franz SchubertErlkönig D.328In Tune2018-06-2117:0001:45 Link
Franz SchubertHeidenrosleinEssential Classics2018-06-1809:0002:58 Link
Franz SchubertIm Walde, D.839Essential Classics2018-06-1909:0001:26 Link
Franz SchubertNachtgesang im Walde (D913)In Tune Mixtape2018-06-2119:0000:23 Link
Franz SchubertNachtgesang im Walde, D 913Breakfast2018-06-1906:3001:33 Link
Franz SchubertPiano Sonata no 15 in C major, D840Through the Night2018-06-1900:3005:18 Link
Franz SchubertQuartet for strings in C minor (D.703) [fragment]Through the Night2018-06-1601:0004:08 Link
Franz SchubertSonata in A D.959: ii. AndantinoSunday Morning2018-06-1709:0001:13 Link
Franz SchubertStandchenIn Tune Mixtape2018-06-2219:0000:03 Link
Franz SchubertString Quartet in C minor, D 703, 'Quartettsatz'Essential Classics2018-06-1909:0000:23 Link
Franz SchubertViolin Sonata in D major, D 384, 'Sonatina'New Generation Artists2018-06-2016:3000:12 Link
Franz SchubertWandrers Nachtlied, D.768Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-06-1813:0000:54 Link
François CouperinConcert No. 4 In E MinorRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-06-2113:0000:04 Link
François CouperinLes silvains (Premiere livre de pièces de clavecin, Ordre I)Breakfast2018-06-2106:3001:25 Link
François CouperinSonata In D Minor (La Sultane)Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-06-2113:0000:44 Link
François CouperinThe tiny fly ( Keyboard Pieces - 6th order)Breakfast2018-06-1906:3000:38 Link
François DevienneSinfonia concertante in G Major, Op. 76: II. Adagio - Allegretto con graziaEssential Classics2018-06-2009:0000:24 Link
Frederic CurzonMaid Marian (Robin Hood Suite)Breakfast2018-06-2106:3000:56 Link
Frederick DeliusIdylle de printempsEssential Classics2018-06-2009:0000:13 Link
Frederick DeliusOn hearing the first cuckoo in SpringSunday Morning2018-06-1709:0000:09 Link
Frederick LoeweAlmost like being in love (Brigadoon)Radio 3 in Concert2018-06-2219:3001:51 Link
Frederick LoeweBrigadoon (excerpt)Radio 3 in Concert2018-06-2219:3001:45 Link
Frederick LoeweGigiRadio 3 in Concert2018-06-2219:3000:49 Link
Frederick LoeweHeather on the Hill (Brigadoon)Radio 3 in Concert2018-06-2219:3001:47 Link
Frederick LoeweHow to handle a woman (Camelot)Radio 3 in Concert2018-06-2219:3000:30 Link
Frederick LoeweI could have danced all night (My Fair Lady)Radio 3 in Concert2018-06-2219:3000:09 Link
Frederick LoeweI remember it well (Gigi)Radio 3 in Concert2018-06-2219:3000:53 Link
Frederick LoeweIf I would ever leave you (Camelot)Radio 3 in Concert2018-06-2219:3000:35 Link
Frederick LoeweOn the street where you live (My Fair Lady)Radio 3 in Concert2018-06-2219:3000:12 Link
Frederick LoeweOverture - My Fair LadyRadio 3 in Concert2018-06-2219:3000:02 Link
Frederick LoeweOverture - Paint your WagonRadio 3 in Concert2018-06-2219:3000:40 Link
Frederick LoeweThe Night they invented champagne (Gigi)Radio 3 in Concert2018-06-2219:3000:56 Link
Frederick LoeweThey call the wind Maria (Paint your Wagon)Radio 3 in Concert2018-06-2219:3000:45 Link
Frederick LoeweWhy can't the English (My Fair Lady)Radio 3 in Concert2018-06-2219:3000:06 Link
Frederick LoeweWith a little bit of luck (My Fair Lady)Radio 3 in Concert2018-06-2219:3002:05 Link
Friedrich KuhlauThe Robbers' Castle (Overture)Essential Classics2018-06-2009:0001:26 Link
Friedrich KuhlauTrylleharpen (The Magic Harp) for orchestra (Op.27)Through the Night2018-06-2200:3003:48 Link
FriggFalse Legenyes (Road Trip)Music Planet2018-06-2223:0000:59 Link
Frédéric Chopin24 Preludes Op.28 for pianoThrough the Night2018-06-2100:3002:38 Link
Frédéric ChopinEtude in G Flat major, Op.10, No.5 (“Black Key”)Words and Music2018-06-1717:3000:03 Link
Frédéric ChopinMazurka In A Flat, Op. 24/3New Generation Artists2018-06-2016:3000:27 Link
Frédéric ChopinMazurkas (selection)Through the Night2018-06-1900:3001:41 Link
Frédéric ChopinNocturne in B flat major, Op 9 No 1Essential Classics2018-06-2209:0001:44 Link
Frédéric ChopinValse Brilliante, Op. 18 arr. for Jazz TrioBreakfast2018-06-1607:0001:54 Link
Frédéric ChopinWaltz in C sharp minor Op.64'2Choral Evensong2018-06-1715:0000:57 Link
Gabriel FauréIntroit; Kyrie (Requiem, Op 48)In Tune2018-06-2217:0000:24 Link
Gabriel FauréNocturne No.1 in E flat minor (Op.33 No.1)Through the Night2018-06-2100:3003:42 Link
Gabriel FauréNocturne in C sharp minor (Op.74)Through the Night2018-06-1800:3003:18 Link
Gabriel FauréPiano Quartet op.45Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-06-1713:0000:26 Link
Gabriel FauréSicilienne (Pelléas et Mélisande, Op 80)Breakfast2018-06-1906:3000:02 Link
Gabriel YaredBetty Blue (1986): Betty and ZorgSound of Cinema2018-06-1615:0000:02 Link
Gabriel YaredChocolat (2016): Overture and Le Grand CirqueSound of Cinema2018-06-1615:0000:45 Link
Gabriel YaredCity of Angels (1999): City of AngelsSound of Cinema2018-06-1615:0000:21 Link
Gabriel YaredCold Mountain (2003): Love ThemeSound of Cinema2018-06-1615:0000:31 Link
Gabriel YaredL'amant (1992): L'amantSound of Cinema2018-06-1615:0000:13 Link
Gabriel YaredL'amant (1992): Un baiser sur la vitreSound of Cinema2018-06-1615:0000:11 Link
Gabriel YaredNumber One Ladies' Detective Agency (2008): Main ThemeSound of Cinema2018-06-1615:0000:00 Link
Gabriel YaredSauve qui peut la Vie (1980): Slow MotionSound of Cinema2018-06-1615:0000:18 Link
Gabriel YaredThe English Patient (1996): The English PatientSound of Cinema2018-06-1615:0000:27 Link
Gabriel YaredThe Happy Prince (2018): CemeterySound of Cinema2018-06-1615:0000:56 Link
Gabriel YaredThe Lives of Others (2006): Sonata For A Good ManSound of Cinema2018-06-1615:0000:41 Link
Gabriel YaredThe Talented Mr Ripley (1999): ItaliaSound of Cinema2018-06-1615:0000:29 Link
Gabriel YaredTroy (2004): The Sacking of TroySound of Cinema2018-06-1615:0000:38 Link
Gabriel YaredVincent and Theo (1990): ThemeSound of Cinema2018-06-1615:0000:09 Link
Gaetano DonizettiUna Furtiva Lagrima (from L'elisir d'amore)In Tune2018-06-2217:0001:42 Link
Gaspar SanzJacarasThe Early Music Show2018-06-1714:0000:41 Link
Gaspar SanzMarionasThe Early Music Show2018-06-1714:0000:03 Link
Gavin BryarsTitanic Hymn: Autumn (The Sinking of the Titanic) Breakfast2018-06-1806:3001:22 Link
Gazelle Twin (artist)Deep EnglandLate Junction2018-06-2023:0000:08 Link
Gene Krupa’s Swing Band (artist)Leave Us LeapJazz Record Requests2018-06-1616:0000:00 Link
Georg Philipp TelemannOverture in F for 2 oboes, 2 horns & bassoon (La Chasse) TWV 55:F9Through the Night2018-06-2100:3003:30 Link
Georg Philipp TelemannParis Quartet No 6 In E minorRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-06-1913:0000:41 Link
Georg Philipp TelemannQuartet for flute, violin, cello & continuo in E minorEarly Music Late2018-06-1722:3000:36 Link
Georg Philipp TelemannThree Heroic MarchesIn Tune2018-06-2217:0001:36 Link
Georg Philipp TelemannVivace from Quartet for flute, violin, cello & continuo in A majorEarly Music Late2018-06-1722:3000:54 Link
George ButterworthLoveliest of Trees (A Shropshire Lad)In Tune2018-06-1817:0000:02 Link
George EnescuOrchestral Suite No 3 in D major, Op 27, 'Villageoise' (5th mvt)Breakfast2018-06-1707:0000:49 Link
George EnescuRomanian Rhapsody no 1 in A major, Op 11 no 1Through the Night2018-06-1701:0000:01 Link
George Frideric Handel'Va tacito' (Giulio Cesare)Breakfast2018-06-1607:0000:36 Link
George Frideric HandelAcis and Galatea: Act 2 ('Wretched lovers!' to 'Love sounds th' alarm')Record Review2018-06-1609:0002:50 Link
George Frideric HandelAthalia: When storms the proud to terrors doomIn Tune2018-06-2017:0000:36 Link
George Frideric HandelConcerto Grosso in A minor, Op 6 No 4Essential Classics2018-06-2009:0000:56 Link
George Frideric HandelHave Mercy Upon Me (Chandos Anthem No. 3)Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-06-2213:0000:04 Link
George Frideric HandelI Will Magnify Thee (Chandos Anthem No. 5)Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-06-2213:0000:36 Link
George Frideric HandelIl Pastor Fido - ballet musicThrough the Night2018-06-1900:3003:48 Link
George Frideric HandelLascia la spina - from Il Trionfo del Tempo e del DisingannoThrough the Night2018-06-2200:3005:54 Link
George Frideric HandelOmbra mai fu (Serse)Breakfast2018-06-2106:3001:03 Link
George Frideric HandelOmbra mai fu (Serse)Essential Classics2018-06-1809:0000:44 Link
George Frideric HandelOrgan Concerto in F major, HWV 295, 'The Cuckoo and the Nightingale'Breakfast2018-06-1806:3001:06 Link
George Frideric HandelSonata (Op.1 No.5) in F major (HWV.363a) vers. oboe & bcThrough the Night2018-06-1800:3003:44 Link
George Frideric HandelThree Arias "Tornami" / "Un momento" / "No, no, I'll take no I'll take no less"Early Music Late2018-06-1722:3000:17 Link
George Frideric HandelTrio Sonata In F, Op 2 No 4Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-06-1913:0000:25 Link
George Frideric HandelTrio Sonata In G minor, Op 2 No 6Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-06-2213:0000:26 Link
George Frideric HandelTrio Sonata in F majorEarly Music Late2018-06-1722:3000:02 Link
George Frideric HandelWater Music No.1 in FIn Tune2018-06-1917:0001:08 Link
George GershwinGirl Crazy (Overture)Essential Classics2018-06-2209:0000:41 Link
George GershwinPorgy and Bess - suite arr. Jascha Heifetz: Summertime - A woman is a sometime thingIn Tune2018-06-2117:0001:55 Link
Georges AuricDans la Foret (from La Belle et la Bete)In Tune Mixtape2018-06-2119:0000:19 Link
Georges BizetAu fond du temple saint (The Pearl Fishers)Essential Classics2018-06-2209:0001:39 Link
Georges BizetL'Arlesienne Suites Nos.1 & 2Through the Night2018-06-2100:3001:38 Link
Georges BizetL'Arlésienne Suite No 2 (Farandole)In Tune2018-06-2117:0000:55 Link
Gerald FinziIt was a lover and his lass (Let us garlands bring, Op 18)Breakfast2018-06-2106:3000:46 Link
Germaine TailleferrePiano Trio (2nd mvt - Allegro vivace)Breakfast2018-06-1707:0001:39 Link
Ghazaros SaryanPassacagliaThrough the Night2018-06-1601:0004:45 Link
Giacomo PucciniEdgarAfternoon Concert2018-06-2114:0001:14 Link
Giacomo PucciniLe VilliAfternoon Concert2018-06-2114:0000:02 Link
Gian Francesco MalipieroLentoRadio 3 in Concert2018-06-1819:3001:23 Link
Gil Scott‐HeronThe Revolution will not be TelevisedWords and Music2018-06-1717:3000:32 Link
Gioachino RossiniD'amore al dolce impero (Armida)Essential Classics2018-06-2009:0001:44 Link
Gioachino RossiniOtello, ossia Il moro di Venezia (Assisa appie d'un salice 'Willow song')Breakfast2018-06-2206:3001:16 Link
Giovanni Battista PergolesiSinfonia for cello and continuo (IV. Presto)The Listening Service2018-06-1717:00 Link
Giovanni GabrieliCanzon I a 5Through the Night2018-06-2100:3000:47 Link
Giovanni GabrieliCanzon No. 1 a 4, 'La spiritata'Essential Classics2018-06-1909:0000:59 Link
Giovanni Pierluigi da PalestrinaAve MariaEssential Classics2018-06-1909:0002:38 Link
Giuseppe VerdiDi quella pira (Il trovatore)In Tune2018-06-1917:0001:53 Link
Giuseppe VerdiIl Trovatore - All'erta, all'erta! Di due figli vivea!In Tune2018-06-2017:0001:10 Link
Giuseppe VerdiOverture (La Forza del Destino)Through the Night2018-06-1900:3003:04 Link
Giuseppe VerdiRequiemThrough the Night2018-06-1800:3000:01 Link
Grace WilliamsPenillion (1st mvt)Breakfast2018-06-2006:3002:12 Link
Grace WilliamsSea Sketches: V. Calm Sea in SummerBreakfast2018-06-1707:0001:22 Link
Granville BantockCeltic symphony for strings and 6 harpsThrough the Night2018-06-1900:3005:38 Link
Granville BantockPagan SymphonyAfternoon Concert2018-06-2014:0000:17 Link
Grażyna BacewiczFolk sketches for small orchestral ensemble (1948)Through the Night2018-06-2200:3003:12 Link
Grażyna BacewiczPiano Quintet no. 1: I. Moderato molto espressivo-AllegroBreakfast2018-06-1607:0000:26 Link
Grażyna BacewiczViola ConcertoRadio 3 in Concert2018-06-1919:3002:10 Link
Grupo Gualajo (artist)La Gallina CulidurIn Tune Mixtape2018-06-1819:0000:17 Link
Gustav HolstA Hampshire suite (March)Breakfast2018-06-2206:3001:03 Link
Gustav HolstChoral Symphony No 1Essential Classics2018-06-2209:0002:29 Link
Gustav HolstMercury (The Planets)Private Passions2018-06-1712:0000:42 Link
Gustav MahlerAbschied (Das Lied von der Erde)In Tune2018-06-1817:0000:24 Link
Gustav MahlerDas Klagende Lied no.1; Waldmarchen [Forest legend]Afternoon Concert2018-06-2014:0000:54 Link
Gustav MahlerSymphony No. 1 in D major - 2nd movt: ScherzoIn Tune2018-06-2117:0000:30 Link
Gustav MahlerSymphony No. 3 in D Minor: III. Comodo. ScherzandoEssential Classics2018-06-1909:0002:12 Link
Gustav MahlerSymphony no 2 in C minor ('Resurrection')Through the Night2018-06-2200:3000:01 Link
Gustav MahlerSymphony no. 2 "Resurrection": iii In ruhig fliessender BewegungSunday Morning2018-06-1709:0001:22 Link
Gwydion Powel RhysY Pibydd Llon (The joyful piper)Breakfast2018-06-2006:3002:29 Link
Hamish MacCunnThe Land of the Mountain and the FloodBreakfast2018-06-1906:3001:15 Link
Hans AbrahamsenCanon 4A (minore)Words and Music2018-06-1717:3000:17 Link
Hans AbrahamsenCanon 4B (maggiore)Words and Music2018-06-1717:3000:22 Link
Harold Budd (artist)WandererLate Junction2018-06-1923:0001:09 Link
Harrison BirtwistleKeyboard Engine, Construction for two pianosRadio 3 in Concert2018-06-1819:3001:39 Link
Harrison BirtwistleThree Songs from The Holy ForestRadio 3 in Concert2018-06-1819:3000:34 Link
Hastings of Malawi (artist)Visceral Underskinnings Pt.1Late Junction2018-06-2023:0000:18 Link
Hatun Kotama (artist)Kotama ÑanLate Junction2018-06-2023:0001:24 Link
Hatun Kotama (artist)Llaz Tuaz (Llaz tuaz "Llaz Tuaz")Late Junction2018-06-2023:0000:04 Link
Hector BerliozBenvenuto Cellini (Overture)Essential Classics2018-06-2109:0001:18 Link
Hector BerliozLes nuits d'ete (Op.7) (Six songs on poems by Theophile Gautier)Through the Night2018-06-2200:3002:34 Link
Heinrich Ignaz Franz von BiberNisi DominusEssential Classics2018-06-1809:0000:22 Link
Heinrich Ignaz Franz von BiberRosary Sonata No.9 - The Carrying of the CrossInside Music2018-06-1613:0000:54 Link
Heitor Villa‐LobosChoros No.10 finale "Rasga o Coracao"In Tune Mixtape2018-06-2019:0000:23 Link
Heitor Villa‐LobosChõro No 2Breakfast2018-06-1707:0000:55 Link
Helen WalkerDivertissement No.3 for guitarRadio 3 in Concert2018-06-1919:3002:07 Link
Henri Debs Quintet (artist)Douce KombassMusic Planet2018-06-2223:0000:12 Link
Henri DuparcLa vie anterieureRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-06-1813:0000:04 Link
Henri DuparcPhidyleRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-06-1813:0000:09 Link
Henri DutilleuxSonatine for flute and pianoThrough the Night2018-06-1900:3003:12 Link
Henriette ReniéAu bord du Ruisseau (On the banks of a stream)Breakfast2018-06-1806:3001:19 Link
Henry EcclesSonata for double bass, continuo and stringsThrough the Night2018-06-1800:3004:26 Link
Henry LitolffConcerto symphonique No 4 in D minor, Op 102 (3rd mvt)Breakfast2018-06-1806:3002:03 Link
Henry PurcellA Bird's Prelude (The Fairy Queen)Breakfast2018-06-2006:3000:48 Link
Henry PurcellAn Evening HymnEssential Classics2018-06-2209:0001:35 Link
Henry PurcellHush no more (The Fairy Queen)Breakfast2018-06-2006:3000:42 Link
Henry PurcellMy Heart is Inditing, Z. 30Breakfast2018-06-1707:0000:11 Link
Henry PurcellSuite from the Fairy QueenEssential Classics2018-06-2109:0000:38 Link
Henry PurcellTrumpet SuiteThrough the Night2018-06-1601:0004:52 Link
Hildegard von BingenO ignee spiritusRadio 3 in Concert2018-06-2019:3002:14 Link
Hildegard WesterkampBeneath the Forest FloorIn Tune Mixtape2018-06-2119:0000:26 Link
Horace Silver (artist)Psychedelic SallyJazz Record Requests2018-06-1616:0000:20 Link
Horst JankowskiA Walk in the Black ForestBreakfast2018-06-1806:3001:02 Link
Housewives (artist)Excerpt 2Late Junction2018-06-2023:0000:58 Link
Howard FergusonCalen-O (5 Irish Folksongs)Breakfast2018-06-1806:3001:28 Link
Howard FergusonNo.4 The Swan (5 Irish Folksongs)Breakfast2018-06-1806:3002:26 Link
Howard ShoreLord of the Rings (Rivendell)Breakfast2018-06-2006:3002:02 Link
Hugo AlfvénAftonen (evenings) for mixed choir (R.187) (1941)Through the Night2018-06-1701:0005:10 Link
Hugo AlfvénMidsummer Vigil- Swedish Rhapsody No.1 Op.19Afternoon Concert2018-06-2014:0000:02 Link
Hugo AlfvénSymphony No. 1 in F Minor, Op. 7; 3rd movenentEssential Classics2018-06-1909:0000:15 Link
Hugo WolfItalian serenadeThrough the Night2018-06-1701:0004:01 Link
Igor Stravinsky3 Easy Pieces for Piano Duet (II. Waltz)The Listening Service2018-06-1717:00 Link
Igor StravinskyApollon musagète (Naissance d'Apollon)The Listening Service2018-06-1717:00 Link
Igor StravinskyEbony ConcertoThe Listening Service2018-06-1717:00 Link
Igor StravinskyFragments des Symphonies pour instruments a vent a la memoire de DebussyRadio 3 in Concert2018-06-1819:3001:30 Link
Igor StravinskyMavra (Chanson russe)The Listening Service2018-06-1717:00 Link
Igor StravinskyMovements for Piano and Orchestra (V. Eighth note = 104)The Listening Service2018-06-1717:00 Link
Igor StravinskyOedipus Rex (Act II: Oracula mentiuntur - Pavesco maxime)The Listening Service2018-06-1717:00 Link
Igor StravinskyPetrushka (The Shrove-tide Fair)Essential Classics2018-06-1909:0000:33 Link
Igor StravinskyPulcinella (I. Overture)The Listening Service2018-06-1717:00 Link
Igor StravinskyPulcinella (XIX. Allegro assai)The Listening Service2018-06-1717:00 Link
Igor StravinskyPulcinella (XVII. Vivo)The Listening Service2018-06-1717:00 Link
Igor StravinskyRequiem Canticles (IX. Postludium)The Listening Service2018-06-1717:00 Link
Igor StravinskySymphonies of Wind InstrumentsThe Listening Service2018-06-1717:00 Link
Igor StravinskySymphony No.1 in E flat, Op.1 (II. Scherzo)The Listening Service2018-06-1717:00 Link
Igor StravinskySymphony in C (IV. Largo - Tempo giusto, alla breve)The Listening Service2018-06-1717:00 Link
Igor StravinskySymphony of Psalms (II. Expectans expectavi, Dominum)The Listening Service2018-06-1717:00 Link
Igor StravinskySymphony of Psalms (III. Alleluia. Laudate Dominum)The Listening Service2018-06-1717:00 Link
Igor StravinskyThe Fairy's Kiss (Allegretto grazioso (fig. 132))The Listening Service2018-06-1717:00 Link
Igor StravinskyThe FirebirdIn Tune Mixtape2018-06-2219:0000:13 Link
Igor StravinskyThe Firebird (Scene 2: Kastchei's spell is broken)The Listening Service2018-06-1717:00 Link
Igor StravinskyThe Rake’s Progress (Act 1, Sc.2 Cavatina: Love, too frequently betrayed)The Listening Service2018-06-1717:00 Link
Igor StravinskyThe Rite of Spring (Part 1: L'Adoration de la Terre)The Listening Service2018-06-1717:00 Link
Igor StravinskyThe Rite of Spring (Part 1: L'Adoration de la Terre)The Listening Service2018-06-1717:00 Link
Igor StravinskyVariations 'Aldous Huxley in memoriam'The Listening Service2018-06-1717:00 Link
Igor StravinskyViolin Concerto in D Major: IV. CapriccioEssential Classics2018-06-2109:0000:15 Link
Ilmari HannikainenPiano Concerto, Op 7Through the Night2018-06-1800:3002:01 Link
Imogen HolstSonata For Violin And Cello: Allegro RitmicoEssential Classics2018-06-1809:0002:51 Link
Isaac AlbénizIbera, Book 2: No.3 TrianaBreakfast2018-06-1607:0001:27 Link
Isaac AlbénizIberiaRadio 3 in Concert2018-06-2019:3000:30 Link
Isaac AlbénizMerlin: Orchestral PreludeSunday Morning2018-06-1709:0001:50 Link
Isaac AlbénizRapsodia EspagnolaRadio 3 in Concert2018-06-2019:3000:15 Link
Isaac AlbénizThe Magic Opal OvertureRadio 3 in Concert2018-06-2019:3000:04 Link
Isaac AlbénizThe Magic Opal Suite (Prelude and Ballet)Breakfast2018-06-2006:3001:53 Link
Ivo ParacPastorale for organThrough the Night2018-06-1701:0001:51 Link
Jacobus VaetTe Deum a 8Through the Night2018-06-2100:3000:55 Link
Jacques CastérèdeSonatine (2nd movement)In Tune2018-06-2217:0001:19 Link
Jagger/RichardPaint it BlackWords and Music2018-06-1717:3001:00 Link
James Findlay (artist)Tam LinLate Junction2018-06-2123:0000:38 Link
James OswaldSonata on Scots TunesBreakfast2018-06-1906:3001:51 Link
Jan Trojan TurnovskýVsemohouci stvoriteliThrough the Night2018-06-2100:3000:39 Link
Jana Winderen (artist)SubmergedLate Junction2018-06-1923:0001:21 Link
Jayme OvalleAzulaoIn Tune Mixtape2018-06-2019:0000:29 Link
Jazz Re:freshed Sonic Orchestra (artist)Enter InJazz Now2018-06-1823:0001:14 Link
Jean de Sainte-ColombeConcert No. 3 (Le Tendre)Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-06-2113:0000:22 Link
Jean SibeliusCinq Esquisses (Five Sketches), Op. 114 No. 4: Metsälaulu (Song In The Forest)Late Junction2018-06-2123:0000:48 Link
Jean SibeliusDanses champetres Op.106 for violin and piano (nos 1 & 2)Through the Night2018-06-2000:3003:19 Link
Jean SibeliusKarelia Suite: Alla Marcia arr. for Harmonica QuartetBreakfast2018-06-1707:0001:55 Link
Jean SibeliusKing Christian II - suite Op.27 [from the incidental music]; BalladeIn Tune2018-06-2217:0001:50 Link
Jean SibeliusKuusi ("The Spruce")Breakfast2018-06-2006:3000:16 Link
Jean SibeliusSpring Song, Op 16Essential Classics2018-06-2209:0002:19 Link
Jean SibeliusSymphony No 5 in E flat major, Op 82 (3rd mvt)In Tune2018-06-1917:0000:45 Link
Jean SibeliusSymphony no 1 in E minor, Op 39Through the Night2018-06-1900:3000:01 Link
Jean SibeliusSymphony no 5 in E flat major, Op 82Through the Night2018-06-1900:3000:38 Link
Jean SibeliusSymphony no. 7 (Op.105) in C majorThrough the Night2018-06-1601:0005:38 Link
Jean SibeliusTapiolaIn Tune2018-06-1917:0000:35 Link
Jean SibeliusTapiola, Op.112Essential Classics2018-06-2009:0002:04 Link
Jean-Joseph de MondonvilleGrand Motet 'Dominus regnavit'Through the Night2018-06-1701:0002:01 Link
Jean‐Marie LeclairSonata In C Major Op.3 No. 3Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-06-2113:0000:31 Link
Jean‐Philippe RameauForets paisibles - from Les Indes GalantesIn Tune Mixtape2018-06-2019:0000:18 Link
Jean‐Philippe RameauLe Rappel des Oiseaux in E minor, from Pieces de clavecin (1724, revised.1731)In Tune Mixtape2018-06-1819:0000:13 Link
Jean‐Philippe RameauLes Paladins (Air de furie)In Tune2018-06-2217:0000:10 Link
Jef van HoofWillem de Zwijger - overtureThrough the Night2018-06-1800:3003:52 Link
Joachim RaffDance of the Dryads (Symphony No 3 in F major, Op 153, 'In the Forest')Essential Classics2018-06-2209:0001:17 Link
Joachim RaffOrchestral Prelude to Macbeth, WoO 50Essential Classics2018-06-2009:0000:37 Link
Joachim RaffSymphony no. 3 in F major Op.153 (Im Walde)Afternoon Concert2018-06-1914:0002:14 Link
Joan TrimbleButtermilk PointBreakfast2018-06-1806:3001:59 Link
Joan TrimbleGreen RainBreakfast2018-06-1806:3000:21 Link
Joaquin NinSeguida EspanolaThrough the Night2018-06-1701:0003:11 Link
Joby TalbotThe Mad Hatter's Tea Party (Suite from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland)Breakfast2018-06-2206:3001:34 Link
Jocy de Oliveira (artist)OníricoLate Junction2018-06-1923:0000:53 Link
Joel MartinsonAria on a Chaconne for organThrough the Night2018-06-2200:3005:06 Link
Johan Dalgas Frisch (artist)Aves Da Floresta AmazônicaLate Junction2018-06-1923:0000:40 Link
Johan HalvorsenScenes from Norwegian Fairy Tales, Op 37 (Nos 2-4)Essential Classics2018-06-2109:0002:23 Link
Johan Peter Emilius HartmannEtudes instructives (Op.53) (1851)Through the Night2018-06-2100:3004:09 Link
Johan SvendsenNorwegian artists' carnival (Op.14) [Norsk kunstnerkarneval]Through the Night2018-06-1800:3004:01 Link
Johann Christian BachQuartet for flute/violin and strings (T.309/3) in A major [no.5 in "6 QuartettosThrough the Night2018-06-2000:3005:42 Link
Johann Ernst BachOde on 77th Psalm 'Das Vertrauen der Christen auf Gott'Through the Night2018-06-2200:3005:11 Link
Johann Fischer'Herzlich tut mich verlangen' from ChoralfantasieThrough the Night2018-06-1601:0000:53 Link
Johann PachelbelCanon and Gigue in D majorEssential Classics2018-06-1909:0002:01 Link
Johann PachelbelCanon in D major arr. for 3 violinsThrough the Night2018-06-1701:0004:13 Link
Johann RosenmüllerSonata No 2 in E minor (1682)Through the Night2018-06-1601:0000:34 Link
Johann Sebastian BachBog Oak BouréeBreakfast2018-06-2106:3000:52 Link
Johann Sebastian BachCapriccio in B flat BWV 992, 'Sopra la lontananza del suo fratello dilettissimo'Through the Night2018-06-1900:3002:48 Link
Johann Sebastian BachChorale Prelude: Valet will ich dir geben BWV 736In Tune2018-06-1817:0001:09 Link
Johann Sebastian BachConcerto No. 1 In A Minor, BWV1041: i. AllegroRecord Review2018-06-1609:0000:24 Link
Johann Sebastian BachConcerto for cor anglais after BWV 54Essential Classics2018-06-1909:0000:04 Link
Johann Sebastian BachFlute Sonata in C major, BWV 1033Breakfast2018-06-2106:3000:21 Link
Johann Sebastian BachFugue in C major BWV 953Breakfast2018-06-1707:0001:03 Link
Johann Sebastian BachIch habe genug (Cantata No 82)Essential Classics2018-06-2009:0002:31 Link
Johann Sebastian BachJesus bleibet meine Freude (Cantata No 147)Breakfast2018-06-2206:3000:24 Link
Johann Sebastian BachPartita No 1 in B flat major, BWV 825 arr for marimba (Courante)Breakfast2018-06-2206:3002:08 Link
Johann Sebastian BachPartita no. 3 in E: PreludioSunday Morning2018-06-1709:0000:04 Link
Johann Sebastian BachPrelude and Fugue in C major, BWV 846 (Book 1, The Well-Tempered Clavier)In Tune2018-06-2217:0000:16 Link
Johann Sebastian BachPrelude and Fugue in E flat major, BWV 852 (Book 1, The Well-Tempered Clavier)Breakfast2018-06-1906:3000:23 Link
Johann Sebastian BachSheep may safely graze (Cantata No 208, 'Was mir behagt, ist nur die muntre Jagd')Breakfast2018-06-1806:3000:25 Link
Johann Sebastian BachSuite for solo Cello No.3 in C major (BWV.1009)Through the Night2018-06-2200:3001:23 Link
Johann Sebastian BachTrio Sonata in C minor (from 'Musical Offering, BWV1079)Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-06-1913:0000:04 Link
Johann Sebastian BachViolin Concerto in G minor after BWV 1056Breakfast2018-06-2006:3000:19 Link
Johann Strauss IITales from the Vienna Woods, Op 325Breakfast2018-06-1906:3000:11 Link
Johann WalterFuga primi et secundi in DiapenteThrough the Night2018-06-1601:0000:15 Link
Johann WalterFuga quinti, octavi, secundiThrough the Night2018-06-1601:0000:44 Link
Johannes Brahms3 Lieder, arr. for cello and pianoThrough the Night2018-06-2200:3003:04 Link
Johannes Brahms4 Ballades for piano (Op.10)Through the Night2018-06-1800:3001:23 Link
Johannes BrahmsHungarian Dances Nos 6, 7 and 18Essential Classics2018-06-1909:0000:39 Link
Johannes BrahmsMarienlieder Op 22Through the Night2018-06-1601:0002:01 Link
Johannes BrahmsPiano Sonata no 3 in F minor, op 5Through the Night2018-06-2000:3000:41 Link
Johannes BrahmsSymphony No 3 in F major, Op 90 (2nd mvt)Breakfast2018-06-1607:0001:03 Link
Johannes BrahmsTrio in E flat major Op.40 (1st mvt)Breakfast2018-06-2206:3001:52 Link
Johannes Hieronymus KapsbergerToccata E BalloRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-06-2013:0000:40 Link
John AdamsSon of Chamber SymphonyThe Listening Service2018-06-1717:00 Link
John BarryIn the broken promised land of fifteen (Lolita my Love)Radio 3 in Concert2018-06-2219:3001:35 Link
John Field1. Aria; 2. Nocturne & ChansonThrough the Night2018-06-1701:0003:51 Link
John Horler (artist)Child's PlayJazz Record Requests2018-06-1616:0000:11 Link
John JenkinsFantasy No 6 in D major for six-part consortEssential Classics2018-06-2109:0002:19 Link
John ParryLesson No 1 in D majorRadio 3 in Concert2018-06-1819:3002:20 Link
John TavernerDum transisset sabbatum à 5Breakfast2018-06-1607:0001:46 Link
John Walter BrattonThe Teddy Bears' PicnicIn Tune2018-06-1917:0001:03 Link
John Walter BrattonThe Teddy Bears' PicnicIn Tune Mixtape2018-06-2119:0000:26 Link
John WhitePiano Sonata No. 76Late Junction2018-06-2023:0000:12 Link
John WilbyeDraw on, sweet nightIn Tune2018-06-2217:0001:23 Link
John WilliamsMain theme from 'Jaws'The Listening Service2018-06-1717:00 Link
John WilliamsTreesong (1st mvt)In Tune Mixtape2018-06-2119:0000:04 Link
Jonas Bonnetta (artist)Interlude and FogoIn Tune Mixtape2018-06-1819:0000:21 Link
Josef StraussSphärenklänge, Op 235Breakfast2018-06-1806:3000:10 Link
Josef SukPiano Pieces op 7 - LiebesliedThrough the Night2018-06-2000:3000:16 Link
Joseph CanteloubeSongs of the Auvergne: BaileroEssential Classics2018-06-2109:0000:32 Link
Joseph HaydnConcerto for cello and orchestra in D major (H.7b.2)Through the Night2018-06-2200:3005:28 Link
Joseph HaydnConcerto in E flat major H.7e.1 for trumpet and orchestraThrough the Night2018-06-1701:0003:32 Link
Joseph HaydnPiano Trio in D major, H.15.8Essential Classics2018-06-2109:0002:06 Link
Joseph HaydnSonata for Piano in G major (H.16.27) (1774-76)Through the Night2018-06-1601:0003:11 Link
Joseph HaydnSonata in C major H.16.50 for pianoThrough the Night2018-06-1701:0005:36 Link
Joseph HaydnString Quartet in C major, Op 33 No 3, 'The Bird' (1st mvt)Breakfast2018-06-2106:3000:07 Link
Joseph HaydnSymphony No 101 in D major, 'Clock' (2nd mvt)In Tune2018-06-2217:0001:03 Link
Joseph HaydnSymphony No.90 in C major (H.1.90) arr. SalomonThrough the Night2018-06-1900:3004:51 Link
Joseph HaydnSymphony no. 83 in G minor 'The Hen': i) Allegro spiritosoEssential Classics2018-06-1809:0000:32 Link
Joseph HaydnTrio Hob. XV:14Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-06-1713:0000:04 Link
Joseph KainzConcerto in C major for harpsichord, 2 oboes, 2 violins and bass continuoThrough the Night2018-06-1800:3001:46 Link
Joseph SchwantnerVelocities for solo marimbaBreakfast2018-06-1707:0000:27 Link
JPP (artist)Karjalan yleiskatrilli (Road Trip)Music Planet2018-06-2223:0001:01 Link
Juan de AraujoAy AndarEssential Classics2018-06-2109:0000:22 Link
Juan HidalgoAntorcha brillanteThe Early Music Show2018-06-1714:0000:44 Link
Juan HidalgoAye que si, aye que no!The Early Music Show2018-06-1714:0000:37 Link
Jules MassenetEau couranteBreakfast2018-06-1906:3001:09 Link
Kamaal Williams (artist)Broken ThemeLate Junction2018-06-2023:0000:35 Link
Kammerchor Stuttgart (artist)Hymn on Psalm 84Choir and Organ2018-06-1716:0000:12 Link
Karol KurpińskiDwie Chatki (Two Huts)Through the Night2018-06-1800:3003:35 Link
Kaustisen Purppuripelimannit (artist)Hauranmaan polska (Road Trip)Music Planet2018-06-2223:0000:57 Link
Kongo Dia Ntotila (artist)Feti (BBC Music Introducing)Music Planet2018-06-2223:0001:50 Link
Konsta Jylhä (artist)Vaiennut Viulu (the Silent Violin) (Road Trip)Music Planet2018-06-2223:0000:58 Link
Krystof HarantAgnus DeiThrough the Night2018-06-2100:3000:43 Link
Krystof HarantCredoThrough the Night2018-06-2100:3000:18 Link
Krystof HarantKyrie and GloriaThrough the Night2018-06-2100:3000:07 Link
Krystof HarantMaria Kron, die Engel schonThrough the Night2018-06-2100:3000:27 Link
Krystof HarantQui confidunt in DominoThrough the Night2018-06-2100:3000:14 Link
Krystof HarantQui confidunt in DominoThrough the Night2018-06-2100:3001:04 Link
Krystof HarantSanctus, Crucifixus, BenedictusThrough the Night2018-06-2100:3000:34 Link
La Bottine Souriante (artist)La Ziguezon (Classic Artist)Music Planet2018-06-2223:0001:29 Link
La Bottine Souriante (artist)Reel Du Forgeron (The Blacksmith's Reel) (Classic Artist)Music Planet2018-06-2223:0001:33 Link
La Lá (artist)Selva Negra (Mixtape)Music Planet2018-06-2223:0001:42 Link
Le Concert BriséImprovisation on 'La Monica'Through the Night2018-06-2100:3003:22 Link
Lee Paterson (artist)Waterboatmen, Cley Marsh, Norfolk, July 2006Late Junction2018-06-1923:0001:07 Link
Leevi MadetojaOverture, Op.7 (1911)Through the Night2018-06-2000:3004:01 Link
Leo BrouwerOjos brujos for guitar (Enchanter's Eyes)In Tune Mixtape2018-06-2219:0000:11 Link
Leonard BernsteinTake care of this house (1600 Pennsylvania Avenue)Radio 3 in Concert2018-06-2219:3001:42 Link
Leonel PowerSalve ReginaThrough the Night2018-06-1601:0004:28 Link
Leos JanáčekIn the Mists (No 4)Radio 3 in Concert2018-06-2219:3002:12 Link
Leos JanáčekOn the Overgrown Path: The barn owl has not flown away!Essential Classics2018-06-2009:0001:32 Link
Leos JanáčekOn the overgrown path (Book 1)In Tune Mixtape2018-06-2019:0000:03 Link
Leos JanáčekQuartet No. 1 'the Kreutzer sonata'Radio 3 in Concert2018-06-1721:3000:02 Link
Leos JanáčekThe Cunning Little Vixen (Act 1: excerpt)In Tune Mixtape2018-06-2219:0000:20 Link
Lester Young Kansas City Six (artist)I Want A Little GirlJazz Record Requests2018-06-1616:0000:07 Link
Liberale ZanchiCanzona II a 4Through the Night2018-06-2100:3000:30 Link
Lieven Martens (artist)Sinfonieta Amazonia: Small abstractions of the rainforest and the river. For Toru Takemitsu and Charles Ives.Late Junction2018-06-1923:0000:19 Link
Lili BoulangerNocturneEssential Classics2018-06-2109:0001:55 Link
Lili BoulangerNocturneIn Tune2018-06-2117:0000:41 Link
Louis CouperinPavanne In F Sharp Minor B`D.121 For Harpsichord ["Pieces De Clavecin" Ed. BrunRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-06-2113:0000:55 Link
Louis-Claude DaquinLe CoucouBreakfast2018-06-2206:3000:10 Link
Louis-Claude DaquinLe coucou (Harpsichord Suite No 3 in E minor)In Tune Mixtape2018-06-2019:0000:15 Link
Louis-Claude DaquinPremier Livre de pièces de clavecin, troisième suite: Le coucoû: RondeauSunday Morning2018-06-1709:0000:21 Link
Luca MarenzioDolorosi martirThrough the Night2018-06-2100:3000:03 Link
Lucas Niggli (artist)Tuned ArrowLate Junction2018-06-2023:0000:05 Link
Ludvig Norman2 Charakterstucke for piano (Op.1) (1850)Through the Night2018-06-2000:3004:21 Link
Ludvig NormanString Quartet in C major (Op.42) (1871)Through the Night2018-06-1900:3001:10 Link
Ludwig van Beethoven'Serioso' Quartet Op. 95 - Movement 1In Tune2018-06-1817:0000:05 Link
Ludwig van Beethoven12 Variations on 'Ein Madchen oder Weibchen' for cello and piano (Op.66)Through the Night2018-06-2000:3004:31 Link
Ludwig van Beethoven8 Variations on Mozart's 'La ci darem la mano'Through the Night2018-06-1800:3004:35 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenAndante for piano (WoO.57) in F major "Andante favori"Essential Classics2018-06-1809:0002:31 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenConcerto no. 1 in C major Op.15 for piano and orchestraAfternoon Concert2018-06-1914:0000:01 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Concerto No.3 in C minor Op.37 - 1st movementInside Music2018-06-1613:0001:19 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Sonata in C sharp minor, Op 27, 'Moonlight' (1st mvt)Essential Classics2018-06-2209:0002:13 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenRomance in F major for violin and orchestra, Op 50Breakfast2018-06-1607:0000:03 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenSanctus (Mass In C)Choir and Organ2018-06-1716:0000:30 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenString quartet no.1 in F major (1st mvt)Breakfast2018-06-2006:3000:50 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenSymphony No. 6 'Pastoral' Op.68Afternoon Concert2018-06-1814:0000:50 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenSymphony no 7 in A major, Op 92Through the Night2018-06-1701:0000:46 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenThe lovely lass of Inverness (25 Scottish Songs, Op.108)Breakfast2018-06-1906:3002:27 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenTo the Blackbird (26 Welsh Songs, WoO 155)In Tune Mixtape2018-06-2019:0000:08 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenTrio in B flat major Op 11 for clarinet, cello and pianoThrough the Night2018-06-1601:0005:16 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenViolin Sonata No 5 in F major, Op 24, 'Spring' (4th mvt)In Tune2018-06-1917:0000:28 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenWind Sextet in E flat major, Op 71 (4th mvt)Breakfast2018-06-2206:3001:25 Link
Malcolm ArnoldStrathspey (Four Scottish Dances, Op 59)Radio 3 in Concert2018-06-2219:3002:28 Link
Malcolm Clarke (artist)Midsummer ElvesLate Junction2018-06-2023:0000:50 Link
Manuel de FallaDance of the Neighbours (Three Dances from The Three-Cornered Hat)Essential Classics2018-06-1909:0001:33 Link
Manuel de FallaLa Vida BreveRadio 3 in Concert2018-06-2019:3000:55 Link
Marc‐Antoine CharpentierLa descente d'Orphée aux enfersIn Tune2018-06-2117:0001:03 Link
Mari Kalkun (artist)Mõtsavele mäng (The Forest Brother Game)Late Junction2018-06-1923:0000:00 Link
Mari Kalkun (artist)Ngadei!Late Junction2018-06-2123:0001:10 Link
Mari Kalkun (artist)Ngadei!Music Planet2018-06-2223:0001:55 Link
Maria Grand (artist)TI:IsisJ to Z2018-06-1617:0000:22 Link
Marianne MartinesConcerto per cembalo in E majorSunday Morning2018-06-1709:0002:27 Link
Mario Castelnuovo-TedescoRomancero Gitano: Baladilla de los Tres RiosChoir and Organ2018-06-1716:0000:35 Link
Marjan Mozetich"Postcards from the Sky" for string orchestra (1997)Through the Night2018-06-2200:3004:20 Link
Marjan MozetichFantasia sul linguaggio perduto for string instrumentsThrough the Night2018-06-1601:0002:19 Link
Marlui Miranda (artist)Tchori TchoriLate Junction2018-06-1923:0000:46 Link
Maurice DurufléUbi caritas (Quatre motets sur des themes gregoriens)Private Passions2018-06-1712:0000:23 Link
Maurice RavelChants populaires (Popular Songs)Through the Night2018-06-1900:3003:22 Link
Maurice RavelDanse générale (Daphnis et Chloé)In Tune Mixtape2018-06-2219:0000:26 Link
Maurice RavelGaspard de la nuit: I. OndineBreakfast2018-06-1707:0000:04 Link
Maurice RavelHistoires NaturellesRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-06-1813:0000:25 Link
Maurice RavelMiroirsThrough the Night2018-06-2200:3002:01 Link
Maurice RavelPavane de la belle au bois dormant (Ma mère l'oye for piano duet)Breakfast2018-06-2206:3001:40 Link
Maurice RavelPavane oour une infante defunteRadio 3 in Concert2018-06-1721:3000:53 Link
Maurice RavelQuartet in F majorRadio 3 in Concert2018-06-1721:3000:21 Link
Maurice RavelSérénade grotesqueEssential Classics2018-06-2109:0002:41 Link
Maurice RavelTrois Ballades De Don QuichotteRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-06-1813:0000:45 Link
Max BruchViolin Concerto No. 1 in G minor - FinaleIn Tune2018-06-2017:0000:45 Link
Max Roach (artist)Salt PeanutsGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2018-06-1700:0000:56 Link
Max Roach (artist)St Louis BluesGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2018-06-1700:0000:50 Link
Mbendjele people of northern Congo, from the Pemba village (artist)Mbenjele Forest CallIn Tune Mixtape2018-06-1819:00 Link
Mbendjele people of northern Congo, from the Pemba village (artist)Mbenjele spirit ceremonyIn Tune Mixtape2018-06-1819:0000:25 Link
Michael TippettLilliburlero (Four Songs from the British Isles)Choir and Organ2018-06-1716:0000:00 Link
Michael TippettRitual Dances from The Midsummer MarriageAfternoon Concert2018-06-2214:0001:07 Link
Michel CamiloWhy Not?Private Passions2018-06-1712:0000:13 Link
Michel LegrandLe CinemaWords and Music2018-06-1717:3000:36 Link
Michelangelo RossiToccata No. 7 In D MinorRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-06-2013:0000:27 Link
Mikolajus Konstantinas CiurlionisMiske [In the forest] - symphonic poemAfternoon Concert2018-06-2214:0002:01 Link
Miles Davis (artist)Petits MachinsJazz Record Requests2018-06-1616:0000:28 Link
Modest MussorgskyNight on a Bare Mountain ed RimskyIn Tune2018-06-2217:0000:47 Link
Monty Python (artist)Holzfaller Song (The Lumberjack Song)In Tune2018-06-2017:0001:36 Link
Morten LauridsenAgnus Dei-Lux AeternaWords and Music2018-06-1717:3000:05 Link
Morton FeldmanMary Anne ThemeRadio 3 in Concert2018-06-1819:3000:03 Link
Morton FeldmanStructuresRadio 3 in Concert2018-06-2119:3001:24 Link
Mélanie BonisSuite en trio, Op. 59: I. SérénadeEssential Classics2018-06-2009:0002:21 Link
Nathaniel Robin Mann (artist)The Greenwood TyrantLate Junction2018-06-2123:0000:05 Link
Nicolò PaganiniSonata No. 2 in D (Centone di sonate): i. Adagio cantabileRecord Review2018-06-1609:0000:13 Link
Nicolò PaganiniSonata no. 6 in a (from Centone di sonate)Essential Classics2018-06-1809:0000:06 Link
Nikolai Rimsky-KorsakovNocturne (Pan Voyevoda Suite)In Tune2018-06-1817:0001:20 Link
Nikolai Rimsky-KorsakovSalieri's Aria from Mozart and Salieri - opera in 1 act (Op.48)Through the Night2018-06-1601:0003:46 Link
Nina Simone (artist)Love Me Or Leave MeJ to Z2018-06-1617:0001:15 Link
Olivier MessiaenCatalogue d'Oiseaux 1/42 no. 8: L'Alouette CalandrelleSunday Morning2018-06-1709:0000:16 Link
Olivier MessiaenLe merle noirAfternoon Concert2018-06-1814:0001:33 Link
Orchéstre Baka Gbiné (artist)Twilight Yelli parts 1 & 3Late Junction2018-06-2123:0000:10 Link
Oreka Tx (artist)OrekaLate Junction2018-06-2123:0000:02 Link
Orlande de Lassus3 motets: Jubilate Deo; Io ti voria; Tristis est anima meaThrough the Night2018-06-2200:3004:07 Link
Orlande de LassusMedia VitaThe Glory of Polyphony2018-06-1723:3000:53 Link
Orlande de LassusMissa Bel'Amfitrit'altera (Credo)The Glory of Polyphony2018-06-1723:3000:29 Link
Orlande de LassusProphetiae Sibyllarum: Carmina chromatico; Sibylla Persica; Sibylla LibicaThe Glory of Polyphony2018-06-1723:3000:37 Link
Orlando GibbonsO All True Faithful HeartsChoir and Organ2018-06-1716:0000:21 Link
Orlando GibbonsVariations on The Woods So WildBreakfast2018-06-2006:3001:44 Link
Otto NicolaiThe Merry Wives of Windsor (Overture)Breakfast2018-06-2006:3000:06 Link
Ottorino RespighiConcerto in modo misolidio for piano and orchestraThrough the Night2018-06-2000:3002:37 Link
Ottorino RespighiImpressioni brasiliane - III. Canzone e DanzaEssential Classics2018-06-1909:0002:43 Link
Ottorino RespighiThe BirdsEssential Classics2018-06-1809:0001:34 Link
Ottorino RespighiThe Pines of the Appian Way (The Pines of Rome)Breakfast2018-06-1906:3002:21 Link
Padre Antonio SolerFandangoEssential Classics2018-06-1909:0002:48 Link
Paul DukasLa plainte, au loin, du fauneRadio 3 in Concert2018-06-1819:3001:33 Link
Per NørgårdString Quartet no.1 ('Quartetto Breve')Through the Night2018-06-1800:3003:27 Link
Percy GraingerBrigg FairEssential Classics2018-06-1909:0001:39 Link
Percy GraingerChinese MelodyEssential Classics2018-06-2209:0001:55 Link
Percy GraingerFree Music No 1 for four thereminsRadio 3 in Concert2018-06-1819:3002:27 Link
Percy GraingerTo a Nordic Princess (bridal song) vers. pianoThrough the Night2018-06-1900:3004:05 Link
Pete Lee (artist)EdinburghJ to Z2018-06-1617:0000:00 Link
Peter SculthorpeFrom Kakadu: ComodoIn Tune2018-06-2117:0001:40 Link
Philip CashianPiano Concerto 'The Book of Ingenious Devices'Radio 3 in Concert2018-06-2119:3000:34 Link
Philipp Heinrich ErlebachSonata No 3 in A majorThrough the Night2018-06-1601:0000:01 Link
Portico QuartetSpinnerBreakfast2018-06-1707:0001:44 Link
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky"Souvenir de Florence": IV. Allegro vivaceEssential Classics2018-06-2009:0000:05 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyEugene Onegin: Act 1Opera on 32018-06-1618:3000:06 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyEugene Onegin: Act 2Opera on 32018-06-1618:3001:26 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyEugene Onegin: Act 3Opera on 32018-06-1618:3002:15 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyFrancesca da Rimini, Op 32Afternoon Concert2018-06-2214:0002:37 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyLullabySunday Morning2018-06-1709:0001:38 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyNocturne in C sharp minor, Op 19 No 4Opera on 32018-06-1618:3002:55 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyPique Dame: Act III Scene 6: Uzh polnoch blizitsya (Liza's Aria)Breakfast2018-06-1607:0001:21 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyRomeo and Juliet - Fantasy OvertureAfternoon Concert2018-06-2214:0000:01 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyString quartet No..1 in D Major Op.11 (1st mvt)Breakfast2018-06-2206:3000:12 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyThe Sleeping Beauty (suite), Op 66aAfternoon Concert2018-06-2214:0000:49 Link
R+R=NOW (artist)Colours In The DarkJ to Z2018-06-1617:0000:07 Link
Ralph Vaughan Williams'Songs of Travel' - The VagabondInside Music2018-06-1613:0000:19 Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsFantasia on GreensleevesIn Tune2018-06-1817:0000:55 Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsHugh's Song of the Road (A Cotswold Romance)Choir and Organ2018-06-1716:0000:07 Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsNorfolk Rhapsody No 1 in E minorEssential Classics2018-06-2109:0000:58 Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsSilence and Music - madrigal for chorusThrough the Night2018-06-1800:3003:12 Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsThe Lover's Ghost (Five English Folk Songs)Private Passions2018-06-1712:0000:55 Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsThe Solent (Three Impressions)Breakfast2018-06-2206:3000:48 Link
Rebecca LeeThis Certifies ThatRadio 3 in Concert2018-06-2019:3002:05 Link
Reinhold Moritzevich GlièreHarp Concerto, Op 74Afternoon Concert2018-06-2214:0000:21 Link
Richard BlackfordNiobe: i. Niobe the loverRecord Review2018-06-1609:0000:17 Link
Richard Rodney BennettI never went awayInside Music2018-06-1613:0001:49 Link
Richard Skelton (artist)Noon Hill WoodLate Junction2018-06-2123:0001:14 Link
Richard StraussDie Gottin im PutzzimmerThrough the Night2018-06-2100:3003:16 Link
Richard StraussPotpourri from the opera Die schweigsame FrauThrough the Night2018-06-1900:3004:01 Link
Richard StraussSeptember (Four Last Songs)In Tune2018-06-1917:0001:37 Link
Richard StraussTill Eulenspiegels lustige Streiche Op 28Through the Night2018-06-1601:0005:00 Link
Richard StraussTransformation Scene (Daphne)Breakfast2018-06-2206:3002:16 Link
Richard StraussWaldseligkeit, Op 49 No 1Essential Classics2018-06-1909:0001:57 Link
Richard Thompson (artist)Sumer is icumen inLate Junction2018-06-2023:0000:00 Link
Richard WagnerSiegfried (Act 2, Sc 2: Forest Murmurs)Essential Classics2018-06-1809:0002:24 Link
Richard WagnerSiegfried Idyll for small orchestraThrough the Night2018-06-1701:0004:50 Link
Richard WagnerSiegfried's Horn Call; Folksong "Wille, wille will der Mann ist kommen"In Tune Mixtape2018-06-2219:0000:00 Link
Richard WagnerTräume (Wesendonck-Lieder)Breakfast2018-06-1707:0001:49 Link
Rita StrohlTitus et Berenice - Great dramatic sonata for cello and piano, III Lento, TristamenteIn Tune2018-06-2017:0000:29 Link
Robert SchumannArabeske for piano (Op.18) in C majorThrough the Night2018-06-2200:3004:13 Link
Robert SchumannEintritt; Einsame Blumen; Herberge (Waldszenen, Op 82)Breakfast2018-06-1806:3000:02 Link
Robert SchumannFantasie in C major, Op.17Radio 3 in Concert2018-06-1919:3000:03 Link
Robert SchumannHor' ich das Liedchen klingen - from Dichterliebe (Op.48 No.10)Through the Night2018-06-1900:3005:13 Link
Robert SchumannMarchenerzahlungen, Op.132Essential Classics2018-06-2209:0001:57 Link
Robert SchumannPiano Concerto in A minor, Op 54Through the Night2018-06-1701:0000:14 Link
Robert SchumannPiano Quintet in E flat major, Op.44Radio 3 in Concert2018-06-1919:3001:32 Link
Robert SchumannPiano Sonata No.1 in F sharp minor (Op.11)Through the Night2018-06-2100:3001:08 Link
Robert SchumannSo wahr die Sonne scheinetChoir and Organ2018-06-1716:0000:02 Link
Robert SchumannTragödie 1 & 2In Tune2018-06-2117:0001:22 Link
Robert SchumannTragödie 1 & 2In Tune2018-06-2217:0001:56 Link
Robert SchumannVogel als Prophet (Waldszenen, Op 82)Essential Classics2018-06-2009:0000:31 Link
Robert WyattForestIn Tune Mixtape2018-06-2119:0000:11 Link
Robert Wyatt (artist)ForestLate Junction2018-06-2123:0001:20 Link
Rodion ShchedrinThe Lord's Prayer (The Sealed Angel)Choir and Organ2018-06-1716:0000:26 Link
Roger Robinson (artist)Survivor (For The Grenfell Survivors)Late Junction2018-06-1923:0000:11 Link
Rokia TraoréM’BifoWords and Music2018-06-1717:3000:41 Link
Ronnie Moipolai (artist)DitakanengMusic Planet2018-06-2223:0000:16 Link
Samuel BarberDover beach for voice and string quartet (Op.3)Through the Night2018-06-1800:3004:17 Link
Samuel Coleridge-TaylorOthello Suite, Op.79Breakfast2018-06-1806:3002:15 Link
Samuel Coleridge-TaylorThe Phantom tells his tale of longing (Forest Scenes)Breakfast2018-06-2206:3000:35 Link
Santiago de MurciaCumbeesThe Early Music Show2018-06-1714:0000:23 Link
Santiago de MurciaFandangoThe Early Music Show2018-06-1714:0000:12 Link
Santiago de MurciaFollias gallegasThe Early Music Show2018-06-1714:0000:32 Link
Sarah Vaughan (artist)Mean To MeJ to Z2018-06-1617:0001:09 Link
Sergei ProkofievDance of the Five Couple (Romeo and Juliet)In Tune2018-06-1817:0001:04 Link
Sergei ProkofievDance of the Knights (from Romeo and Juliet)In Tune2018-06-1917:0001:22 Link
Sergei RachmaninovAll-Night VigilPrivate Passions2018-06-1712:0000:29 Link
Sergei RachmaninovPrelude in G major, Op 32 No 5Breakfast2018-06-2106:3002:23 Link
Sergei RachmaninovTarantelle (Suite No 2 in C major for two pianos, Op 17)Essential Classics2018-06-2109:0000:45 Link
Sergei RachmaninovVocalise, Op 34 No 14In Tune2018-06-1817:0001:53 Link
Shirley Scott (artist)Hoe DownJ to Z2018-06-1617:0000:56 Link
Sir Eugene GoossensHommage a DebussyRadio 3 in Concert2018-06-1819:3001:28 Link
Sonido Gallo Negro (artist)La Danza de los DiablosMusic Planet2018-06-2223:0000:25 Link
Sonny Rollins (artist)St. ThomasGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2018-06-1700:0000:31 Link
Soweto Kinch (artist)The HealingJazz Now2018-06-1823:0001:28 Link
Sproatly Smith (artist)Rosebud in JuneLate Junction2018-06-2023:0000:25 Link
Stephen SondheimAny moment in the woods (from Into The Woods)In Tune Mixtape2018-06-2119:0000:02 Link
Stephen SondheimCompany: The Ladies Who LunchSunday Morning2018-06-1709:0001:07 Link
Stephen SondheimIt Takes Two (Into The Woods)Breakfast2018-06-2106:3001:58 Link
Stick in the Wheel (artist)Lemady AriseLate Junction2018-06-2023:0001:01 Link
StingFields of GoldPrivate Passions2018-06-1712:0000:48 Link
Sylvius Leopold WeissLute Sonata No. 39 in C major, 'Partita Grande'In Tune2018-06-2117:0000:18 Link
Sylvius Leopold WeissPrelude, Toccata and Allegro in G majorThrough the Night2018-06-2000:3004:41 Link
Tan DunThe Herdboy’s Song (Eight Memories in Watercolour, Op.1)Breakfast2018-06-1806:3000:47 Link
Tarquinio MerulaCiaconnaRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-06-2013:0000:15 Link
The Baruku Bamboo Band of Ughele (artist)Seni Tataru (Love Chain)Music Planet2018-06-2223:0001:07 Link
The Congos (artist)FishermanJ to Z2018-06-1617:0001:13 Link
The Dissolute Society (artist)Kind FolkLate Junction2018-06-2023:0000:51 Link
The East PointersParty WaveIn Tune2018-06-1917:0000:23 Link
The East PointersTanglewoodIn Tune2018-06-1917:0000:03 Link
The East Pointers/Liz Stringer82 FiresIn Tune2018-06-1917:0000:18 Link
The London Jazz Players (artist)The News Where You AreJazz Record Requests2018-06-1616:0000:16 Link
The Pointer Sisters (artist)That's How I FeelJ to Z2018-06-1617:0000:28 Link
The Sallyangie (artist)Children Of The SunLate Junction2018-06-2023:0001:04 Link
The Scorpios (artist)MashenaLate Junction2018-06-2123:0000:33 Link
Theodor GrigoriuHommage to Enescu - Symphonic pieceThrough the Night2018-06-1601:0003:34 Link
Thiago Nassif (artist)O AscoLate Junction2018-06-1923:0000:05 Link
Thiago Nassif (artist)Uirapuru UairuruLate Junction2018-06-1923:0000:32 Link
Thomas RobinsonA GalliardIn Tune2018-06-2117:0000:28 Link
Thomas TomkinsAdieu, ye city-prisoning towers! - To the shady woods now wend weBreakfast2018-06-2006:3000:02 Link
Thomas TomkinsUt-re-mi-fa-so-la à 4Essential Classics2018-06-1909:0001:43 Link
Tigran Hamasyan (artist)Fides Tua (live session)J to Z2018-06-1617:0000:13 Link
Tigran Hamasyan (artist)Road Song (live session)J to Z2018-06-1617:0000:44 Link
Tigran Hamasyan (artist)Self - Portrait (live session)J to Z2018-06-1617:0000:49 Link
Tigran Hamasyan (artist)Someday My Prince Will Come (live session)J to Z2018-06-1617:0001:19 Link
Toivo KuulaPrelude and Fugue for orchestra Op 10 (1909)Through the Night2018-06-1601:0004:18 Link
Tomás Luis de VictoriaAscendens Christus in altumSunday Morning2018-06-1709:0002:45 Link
Tomás Luis de VictoriaAve Maria a 8The Glory of Polyphony2018-06-1723:3000:13 Link
Tomás Luis de VictoriaIesum tradidit impius [Responsories]The Glory of Polyphony2018-06-1723:3000:09 Link
Tomás Luis de VictoriaO Magnum MysteriumThe Glory of Polyphony2018-06-1723:3000:21 Link
Tomás Luis de VictoriaRequiem a 6The Glory of Polyphony2018-06-1723:3000:05 Link
Tomás Luis de VictoriaResponsories: Sepulto DominoIn Tune2018-06-1917:0000:56 Link
Trad.6 Renaissance DancesThrough the Night2018-06-1900:3004:40 Link
Trad.Amazing GraceWords and Music2018-06-1717:3001:05 Link
Trad.Black is the colour; Rossignolet du bois; Azerbaijan Love SongIn Tune Mixtape2018-06-2019:0000:02 Link
Trad.Caru yn y Coed / Cerdd y Gog Lwydlas (Courting in the Woods / The Grey Cuckoo's Song)Breakfast2018-06-2006:3001:41 Link
Trad.I Wandered by the BrooksideBreakfast2018-06-2206:3002:11 Link
Trad.Mae'r Ddaear yn Glasu (The Earth is Greening)Breakfast2018-06-2006:3001:51 Link
Trad.Through Lonesome WoodsBreakfast2018-06-2206:3001:09 Link
Trad. IrishThe Last Rose of SummerBreakfast2018-06-1806:3002:11 Link
Traditional IndianPrabhati (based on Raga Gunkali) [a morning rag]Essential Classics2018-06-2009:0001:57 Link
Traditional MalianJarabiBreakfast2018-06-1607:0001:33 Link
Traditional ScottishUnknown airBreakfast2018-06-1906:3001:40 Link
Traditional SpanishThe Song of the BirdsBreakfast2018-06-1906:3000:07 Link
Traditional WelshAr Lan y Mor (Beside the Sea)In Tune2018-06-2217:0001:47 Link
Traditional WelshBeth yw'r haf i mi? (What is the summer to me?) and Yr hwch yn yr haidd (The sow in the barley)Breakfast2018-06-2006:3002:07 Link
Traditional WelshDau A DwyBreakfast2018-06-2006:3002:10 Link
Traditional WelshMyfanwyBreakfast2018-06-2006:3001:11 Link
Traditional WelshNos Galan yr Hen Ffordd (New Year's Eve, the old way)Breakfast2018-06-2006:3002:29 Link
Traditional WelshThe Ash GroveBreakfast2018-06-2006:3001:02 Link
Traditional WelshThe Ash GroveBreakfast2018-06-2006:3001:05 Link
Traditional WelshThe Ash GroveEssential Classics2018-06-1809:0001:58 Link
Trent FreemanJune TuneSunday Morning2018-06-1709:0002:54 Link
TrädOl' Arks AmoverinBreakfast2018-06-1707:0001:19 Link
Tuuletar (artist)Kohma (Road Trip)Music Planet2018-06-2223:0001:00 Link
Ulla Katajavuori (artist)Konevitsan kirkonkellot (Road Trip)Music Planet2018-06-2223:0000:54 Link
Urbex (artist)Aux ContemplatifsJ to Z2018-06-1617:0000:33 Link
Vassos NicoaouFramesRadio 3 in Concert2018-06-1819:3001:11 Link
Veera Lumi12 Seconds of LightRadio 3 in Concert2018-06-1819:3002:10 Link
Veljo TormisThe Singer's ChildhoodChoir and Organ2018-06-1716:0000:40 Link
Veronique VellaWensRadio 3 in Concert2018-06-2119:3002:11 Link
Vladimir Ruždjak5 Folk Tunes for baritone and orchestraThrough the Night2018-06-2000:3004:51 Link
Värttinä (artist)Kelo (Fir tree)In Tune Mixtape2018-06-1819:0000:00 Link
Vítezslav NovákMemories op 6Through the Night2018-06-2000:3000:01 Link
Waller/Brooks/Razaf(What did I do to be so) Black and Blue?Words and Music2018-06-1717:3000:25 Link
Walter Smith III (artist)ContrafactJazz Now2018-06-1823:0000:24 Link
Walter Smith III (artist)Lonely Woman / Light BlueJazz Now2018-06-1823:0000:40 Link
Walter Smith III (artist)Nobody Else But MeJazz Now2018-06-1823:0000:33 Link
Walter Smith III (artist)The PeacocksJazz Now2018-06-1823:0000:03 Link
Walter Smith III (artist)We'll Be Together AgainJazz Now2018-06-1823:0000:14 Link
Wendy Kirkland Quartet (artist)It's Not UnusualJazz Record Requests2018-06-1616:0000:54 Link
Wilhelm Friedemann BachCantata for Easter Sunday 'Erzittert und fallet', F83Record Review2018-06-1609:0001:45 Link
Wilhelm Friedemann BachConcerto In F Minor: ii. AndanteRecord Review2018-06-1609:0001:32 Link
Wilhelm Friedemann BachConcerto In F Minor: iii. AllegroRecord Review2018-06-1609:0001:34 Link
Wilhelm Friedemann BachFantasia In A Minor, F.23Record Review2018-06-1609:0001:40 Link
Wilhelm Friedemann BachHarpsichord Concerto in D major, Fk41: III. PrestoBreakfast2018-06-1707:0001:05 Link
Wilhelm Friedemann BachSinfonia In D Minor, F.65: i. AdagioRecord Review2018-06-1609:0001:27 Link
Wilhelm Friedemann BachSinfonia In F Major, F.67: i. VivaceRecord Review2018-06-1609:0001:22 Link
Wilhelm Friedemann BachTrio Sonata In D Major, F.47: i. Allegro ma non troppoRecord Review2018-06-1609:0001:36 Link
Wilhelm StenhammarQuartet for strings no.4 (Op.25) in A minorThrough the Night2018-06-1800:3002:35 Link
William AlwynConcerto for oboe, strings & harpRadio 3 in Concert2018-06-1919:3001:07 Link
William BoyceHeart of oak - marchBreakfast2018-06-2206:3002:03 Link
William ByrdBrowning, 'The leaves be green' à 5In Tune2018-06-1817:0000:31 Link
William CornyshAh, RobinBreakfast2018-06-2106:3002:27 Link
William Grant StillModerato AssaiWords and Music2018-06-1717:3000:48 Link
William MathiasDance Overture, Op.16Breakfast2018-06-2006:3000:35 Link
William MathiasMay MagnificatInside Music2018-06-1613:0001:37 Link
William MundyBeatus et sanctusIn Tune2018-06-1917:0001:57 Link
William WaltonTouch Her Soft Lips, arr. Bob ChilcottChoir and Organ2018-06-1716:0000:56 Link
William WilliamsSonata 'In Imitation of Birds'Breakfast2018-06-2206:3001:42 Link
Winston McAnuff & Fixi (artist)Big BrotherMusic Planet2018-06-2223:0000:00 Link
Witold LutoslawskiDance Preludes, for clarinet and pianoThrough the Night2018-06-2000:3004:10 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart5 Contredanses, K. 609Sunday Morning2018-06-1709:0001:43 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart5 movements from "Les petits riens" ballet music (K.299b)Through the Night2018-06-1800:3004:44 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartAdagio and Fugue in C minor, K 546Essential Classics2018-06-1909:0001:02 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartAdagio for violin and orchestra (K.261) in E majorThrough the Night2018-06-2100:3004:38 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartAllegro moderato from Piano Sonata K330Through the Night2018-06-2000:3001:16 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartClarinet Concerto in A major, K 622 (3rd mvt)In Tune2018-06-1817:0000:11 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartFantasy in C minor (K.396)Through the Night2018-06-2000:3003:43 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartLe Nozze di Figaro, Act 4: Susanna's aria 'Deh vieni, non tardar'Through the Night2018-06-1900:3002:59 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartNon più andrai (The Marriage of Figaro)In Tune2018-06-2017:0000:03 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartRondo in A minor K.511 for pianoThrough the Night2018-06-1701:0004:18 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartSerenade in B flat major, K 361, 'Gran Partita' (2nd mvt)Essential Classics2018-06-2209:0002:50 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartString Quartet in B flat major, K 458, 'Hunt' (1st mvt)Essential Classics2018-06-2009:0002:40 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartString Quintet in C major, K 515 (3rd mvt)Essential Classics2018-06-2109:0002:31 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartSymphony No 39 in E flat major, K 543 (3rd mvt)Breakfast2018-06-1906:3001:46 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartViolin Sonata in C major K.303Choral Evensong2018-06-2015:3000:59 Link
You Are WolfAs Sylvie was walkingBreakfast2018-06-1607:0000:20 Link
Zara McFarlane (artist)Peace Begins WithinJ to Z2018-06-1617:0001:05 Link
Zdenek FibichToman und die WaldnympheSunday Morning2018-06-1709:0001:58 Link
Zoltán KodályIntermezzo (Hary Janos Suite, Op 35a)In Tune2018-06-2217:0000:04 Link
Élisabeth-Claude Jacquet de La GuerreSonata No 3 in F major for violin, obbligato viol and basso continuoEssential Classics2018-06-2209:0000:54 Link
Özdemir Erdoğan (artist)Gurbet (Heritage Track)Music Planet2018-06-2223:0001:13 Link
Üzeyir HacıbəyovShikasta (Minstrel's Song)Sunday Morning2018-06-1709:0002:58 Link
叶小纲Spring In The ForestAfternoon Concert2018-06-2214:0002:19 Link