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"Russian Doll" by Helen Dunmore, read by Pippa Heywood.Breakfast2018-02-2306:3001:22 Link
Aelred of RievaulxWords and Music2018-02-1817:3000:45 Link
AnonymousWords and Music2018-02-1817:3000:38 Link
AnonymousWords and Music2018-02-1817:3001:03 Link
Charles BaudelaireWords and Music2018-02-1817:3000:32 Link
Diversity in OperaMusic Matters2018-02-1712:1500:28 Link
Emily DickinsonWords and Music2018-02-1817:3000:37 Link
Friedrich NietzscheWords and Music2018-02-1817:3000:24 Link
George HerbertWords and Music2018-02-1817:3000:40 Link
Gerard Manley HopkinsWords and Music2018-02-1817:3001:08 Link
Gospel of St Luke, KJVWords and Music2018-02-1817:3000:15 Link
James StephensWords and Music2018-02-1817:3000:38 Link
Jeremy DenkMusic Matters2018-02-1712:1500:01 Link
John DonneWords and Music2018-02-1817:3000:03 Link
Lonnie HicksWords and Music2018-02-1817:3000:57 Link
Mikhail BakhtinWords and Music2018-02-1817:3000:28 Link
RabelaisWords and Music2018-02-1817:3000:52 Link
Rebecca LindenbergWords and Music2018-02-1817:3000:06 Link
Robert HerrickWords and Music2018-02-1817:3000:18 Link
SWAP'ra (Support for Women and Parents in Opera)Music Matters2018-02-1712:1500:38 Link
Sally Magnusson on Charles DickensEssential Classics2018-02-2109:0001:43 Link
Sally Magnusson on being a clarinettist in another lifeEssential Classics2018-02-2009:0001:51 Link
Sally Magnusson talks about her love of IcelandEssential Classics2018-02-1909:0001:47 Link
Setsuko OnoMusic Matters2018-02-1712:1500:01 Link
Time Traveller - 'Rousseau' by Joanne PaulEssential Classics2018-02-2009:0001:13 Link
Time Traveller : Dr Eleanor Rosamund Barraclough on snowflakesEssential Classics2018-02-1909:0001:05 Link
Time Traveller: Sarah Dillon - The Archimedes PalimpsestEssential Classics2018-02-2109:0000:56 Link
2Alike (artist)In ConversationJazz Now2018-02-1923:0001:15 Link
3MA (artist)AnfazWorld on 32018-02-2323:0001:33 Link
Aaron CoplandBuckaroo Holiday (Four Dance Episodes from Rodeo)Breakfast2018-02-1807:0001:51 Link
Aaron CoplandFanfare for the Common ManIn Tune2018-02-1917:0000:02 Link
Aaron CoplandI Bought Me A CatRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-02-1913:0000:52 Link
Aaron CoplandLincoln PortraitAfternoon Concert2018-02-2114:0000:01 Link
Aaron Spectre (artist)Hey Natty DreadlocksLate Junction2018-02-2023:0001:19 Link
Abbe Joseph BovetLe vieux chalet [The old Swiss cottage]Through the Night2018-02-1801:0005:52 Link
Adam JarzębskiCorona Aurea: concerto a 2 for cornett and violinThrough the Night2018-02-2200:3004:01 Link
Alan HowarthThey Live (1998): Main ThemeSound of Cinema2018-02-1715:0000:55 Link
Alan SilvestriThe Mummy Returns (2001): Main ThemeSound of Cinema2018-02-1715:0000:01 Link
Alan SilvestriThe Seventh Voyage of Sinbad (2001): OvertureSound of Cinema2018-02-1715:0000:16 Link
Alan SilvestriThe Valley of the Gwangi (1969): SuiteSound of Cinema2018-02-1715:0000:20 Link
Alash (artist)Igil / XöömeiWorld on 32018-02-2323:0000:44 Link
Alberto GinasteraHarp ConcertoAfternoon Concert2018-02-2014:0001:29 Link
Alberto GinasteraLos guerreros (Ollantay, Op 17)Essential Classics2018-02-2309:0001:47 Link
Alessandro ScarlattiA battaglia, pensieri (Sinfonia; A battaglia)Essential Classics2018-02-2309:0000:15 Link
Alessandro ScarlattiConcerto Grosso No 6 in E major (Six Concerti in 7 parts)Breakfast2018-02-1906:3001:52 Link
Alex NorthDragonslayer (1981): End TitleSound of Cinema2018-02-1715:0000:32 Link
Alexander ArutiunianElegyIn Tune2018-02-2017:0000:26 Link
Alexander BorodinIn the steppes of central AsiaBreakfast2018-02-1707:0001:04 Link
Alexander BorodinString Quartet No 2 in D major (3rd mvt)Essential Classics2018-02-2109:0002:10 Link
Alexander GlazunovConcert waltz for orchestra No 2 in F major, Op 51Through the Night2018-02-2200:3004:43 Link
Alexander GlazunovGrand Valse (Raymonda)Breakfast2018-02-1807:0000:24 Link
Alexander GlazunovSpring, Op 34Breakfast2018-02-2006:3002:02 Link
Alexander GlazunovSymphony No 5 in B flat major, Op 55 (2nd mvt)In Tune Mixtape2018-02-2219:0000:10 Link
Alexander GoehrSinfonia, Op 42Hear and Now2018-02-1722:3000:02 Link
Alexander von ZemlinskyEine Florentinische TragödieRecord Review2018-02-1709:0002:48 Link
Alexandre DesplatThe Shape of Water (2017): The Shape of WaterSound of Cinema2018-02-1715:0000:51 Link
Ali Farka Touré (artist)Duna Ma YelemaLate Junction2018-02-2123:0001:21 Link
Amy BeachBal masqué, Op 22Essential Classics2018-02-2109:0000:00 Link
Amy BeachFrom Grandmother's Garden, Op 97Essential Classics2018-02-2209:0000:45 Link
Ana & Tara MakiereTurou Aere MaiChoir and Organ2018-02-1816:0000:24 Link
Andrew LewisFern HillHear and Now2018-02-1722:3000:41 Link
Andrew LilesCosmonauts Hail SatanExposure2018-02-2223:0000:55 Link
Andrew LilesIntro: Diario de un MonstruoExposure2018-02-2223:0000:46 Link
Andrew LilesLargactil and Dilaudin for the SoulExposure2018-02-2223:0000:54 Link
Andrew LilesPink Toed UngulatesExposure2018-02-2223:0000:47 Link
Andrew LilesWild BoarExposure2018-02-2223:0000:50 Link
Andrew YorkSanzen-inThrough the Night2018-02-1801:0003:15 Link
André CapletDivertissement no.2 -- A l'EspagnoleThrough the Night2018-02-2300:3004:42 Link
Angelo Francesco LavagninoGorgo (1961): Main TitleSound of Cinema2018-02-1715:0000:13 Link
Angélique KidjoKeleleChoir and Organ2018-02-1816:0000:44 Link
Anonymous2 Moravian ChoralesThrough the Night2018-02-1900:3004:16 Link
AnonymousMorgunstjarna (Icelandic 17th Century)Essential Classics2018-02-2009:0000:15 Link
Anthon van der HorstVariazioni sopra la Sinfonia della Cantata 'Christ lag in Totesbanden'Through the Night2018-02-1900:3004:28 Link
Anton BrucknerSymphony no 9 in D minorThrough the Night2018-02-1801:0000:21 Link
Antonio de Santa CruzFandangoThrough the Night2018-02-2000:3000:58 Link
Antonio SalieriLes Danaides (Overture)Radio 3 in Concert2018-02-2319:3002:24 Link
Antonio SalieriSinfonia in D major 'Veneziana'Through the Night2018-02-2300:3002:46 Link
Antonio VivaldiConcerto VIII in A minor for 2 violins, strings and continuo, RV 522Through the Night2018-02-1801:0003:21 Link
Antonio VivaldiConcerto da Camera in G minor, RV 107Through the Night2018-02-2100:3003:00 Link
Antonio VivaldiConcerto for lute, 2 violins & continuo (RV.93) in D majorThrough the Night2018-02-1701:0004:13 Link
Antonio VivaldiConcerto for violin, strings and continuo (Op.8 No.12) (RV.178)Through the Night2018-02-2100:3004:09 Link
Antonio VivaldiTrio Sonata In D Minor, RV 63 (La Follia)Afternoon Concert2018-02-2214:0002:50 Link
Antonio VivaldiTrio Sonata in D minor (Op.1 No.12) 'La Folia' (1705)Through the Night2018-02-1900:3003:27 Link
Antonio VivaldiTrio in C major for lute, violin and continuo, RV 82Essential Classics2018-02-2209:0000:11 Link
Antonín DvořákBagatelle for 2 violins, cello and harmonium, Op 47 No 5Essential Classics2018-02-2209:0001:00 Link
Antonín DvořákNocturne, Op 40Essential Classics2018-02-2109:0001:43 Link
Antonín DvořákPiano Concerto in G minor, Op 33 (2nd mvt)Essential Classics2018-02-2109:0002:29 Link
Antonín DvořákPiano Quintet No 2 in A major, Op 81 (3rd mvt)Breakfast2018-02-2006:3002:26 Link
Antonín DvořákRomance In F Minor, Op.11Afternoon Concert2018-02-2314:0000:01 Link
Antonín DvořákRomance for violin and orchestra (Op.11) in F minorThrough the Night2018-02-2300:3003:47 Link
Antonín DvořákSerenade for wind instruments in D minor (Op.44)Through the Night2018-02-2000:3002:37 Link
Antonín DvořákSlavonic Dance No 10 in E minor Op 72 No 2Through the Night2018-02-2100:3003:19 Link
Antonín DvořákSlavonic Dance in C major, Op 72 No 7In Tune2018-02-2017:0000:17 Link
Antonín DvořákSlavonic Dance, op.72 no.3 in F majorIn Tune2018-02-1917:0001:03 Link
Antonín DvořákString Quartet No. 12 In F Major, Op.96 (American)Afternoon Concert2018-02-2014:0000:39 Link
Antonín DvořákString Quintet No 2 In A, Op 81 (Scherzo)Radio 3 in Concert2018-02-2219:3001:49 Link
Antonín DvořákSymphony No. 9 In E Minor Op.95 (from The New World)Afternoon Concert2018-02-2114:0000:43 Link
Antonín DvořákSymphony no 5 in F major, Op 76Through the Night2018-02-2100:3005:03 Link
Antonín DvořákTrio no. 4 Op.90 (Dumky) for piano and strings (2nd mvt)In Tune2018-02-1917:0001:37 Link
Arcangelo CorelliConcerto Grosso in D major, Op 6 No 7In Tune2018-02-2017:0001:12 Link
Arcangelo CorelliTrio sonata (Op.3 No.8) in C majorThrough the Night2018-02-2000:3005:31 Link
Armstrong, Lillian Hardin/Raye, DonStruttin’ With Some BarbecueWords and Music2018-02-1817:3000:54 Link
Arnold BaxInto the Twilight (Eire)Night Music2018-02-1823:3000:00 Link
Arnold BaxOliver Twist - music from the film (Finale)Essential Classics2018-02-2109:0001:54 Link
Arnold BaxSummer MusicNight Music2018-02-1823:3000:50 Link
Arnold BaxViolin ConcertoNight Music2018-02-1823:3000:14 Link
Arnold SchoenbergErwartungThe Listening Service2018-02-1817:00 Link
Arthur SullivanAh, leave me not to pine (The Pirates of Penzance)Breakfast2018-02-1906:3002:01 Link
Arthur SullivanFrom the briny sea; I shipped, d'ye see; Hornpipe (Ruddigore)Breakfast2018-02-2106:3001:38 Link
Arturo Jorge y El Cuarteto Tradicion (artist)Bailen NengoWorld on 32018-02-2323:0000:07 Link
Baltasar BibiloniTon pare non te nas (arr. B. Bibiloni)In Tune Mixtape2018-02-2319:0000:05 Link
Barbara StrozziLagrime MieBreakfast2018-02-1807:0000:45 Link
Barney Bigard and His JazzopatersCaravanGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2018-02-1800:0000:05 Link
Barney Bigard and His JazzopatersStompy JonesGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2018-02-1800:0000:08 Link
Basil PoledourisStarship Troopers (1997): Bugs!Sound of Cinema2018-02-1715:0000:28 Link
Bedrich SmetanaPiano Trio in G minor (Op.15)Through the Night2018-02-1701:0005:11 Link
Bedrich SmetanaTrio in G minor Op.15 for piano and strings (3rd mvt)In Tune2018-02-1917:0001:50 Link
Benjamin Britten1st movement (Declamation) from Solo Cello Suite No.2, Op.80Through the Night2018-02-1701:0000:49 Link
Benjamin BrittenA Charm (from A Charm of Lullabies)In Tune2018-02-2017:0001:29 Link
Benjamin BrittenAt the mid hour of nightRadio 3 in Concert2018-02-2019:3001:49 Link
Benjamin BrittenCa' the yowesRadio 3 in Concert2018-02-2019:3001:44 Link
Benjamin BrittenCello Sonata in C major, Op 65Radio 3 in Concert2018-02-1919:3001:01 Link
Benjamin BrittenCome you not from Newcastle?Radio 3 in Concert2018-02-2019:3001:48 Link
Benjamin BrittenHow sweet the answer (Folk-Song Arrangements Vol. 4)Breakfast2018-02-1807:0001:15 Link
Benjamin BrittenLachrymae, Op 48aComposer of the Week2018-02-2112:0000:36 Link
Benjamin BrittenNocturnal after John DowlandComposer of the Week2018-02-1912:0000:40 Link
Benjamin BrittenO Waly, WalyRadio 3 in Concert2018-02-2019:3001:51 Link
Benjamin BrittenPiano Concerto No 1, Op 13Radio 3 in Concert2018-02-1919:3000:26 Link
Bill EvansPeace PieceEssential Classics2018-02-2309:0002:30 Link
BishiThe Good ImmigrantPrivate Passions2018-02-1812:0000:04 Link
Bob DylanRainy Day Woman #12 And 35Words and Music2018-02-1817:3000:30 Link
Bohuslav MartinuPrimrose H348Sunday Morning2018-02-1809:0002:45 Link
Brad WarnaarHorn Concerto: I. TintinnabulationsEssential Classics2018-02-1909:0000:14 Link
Brian Eno'Heroes'Saturday Classics2018-02-1713:0001:33 Link
Burt BacharachThe Blob (1988): ThemeSound of Cinema2018-02-1715:0000:00 Link
Béla BartókConcerto for OrchestraRadio 3 in Concert2018-02-1919:3001:30 Link
Béla BartókRomanian Folk Dances (selection)Breakfast2018-02-2106:3002:21 Link
Béla BartókSuite for piano (Sz.62) (Op.14)Through the Night2018-02-2100:3003:10 Link
Camille Saint‐SaënsBacchanale (Samson et Dalila)In Tune2018-02-2017:0000:51 Link
Camille Saint‐SaënsCoccinelleRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-02-1913:0000:16 Link
Camille Saint‐SaënsHavanaise, Op 83Essential Classics2018-02-2309:0001:20 Link
Camille Saint‐SaënsLa Brise (Melodies persanes Op.26)Breakfast2018-02-1906:3000:34 Link
Camille Saint‐SaënsPhaeton Op. 39Breakfast2018-02-1807:0000:04 Link
Camille Saint‐SaënsSerenade, Op 15 (vers. for orchestra)Essential Classics2018-02-2109:0000:24 Link
Camille Saint‐SaënsSonata for bassoon and piano (Op.168) in G majorThrough the Night2018-02-1801:0004:15 Link
Camille Saint‐SaënsWedding-Cake: Caprice-Valse in A flat Major, Op.76In Tune Mixtape2018-02-2319:0000:23 Link
Capel BondConcerto No 1 in D major (Six Concertos in Seven Parts)Breakfast2018-02-2306:3002:01 Link
Carl CzernyVariations on a Theme by Rode, Op. 33Breakfast2018-02-2206:3001:44 Link
Carl Maria von WeberConcertino for clarinet and orchestra (Op.26) in E flat majorThrough the Night2018-02-2100:3003:25 Link
Carl NielsenSymphony no.5 (Op.50)Through the Night2018-02-1900:3005:24 Link
Carl Philipp Emanuel BachConcerto no. 3 in A major Wq.172 for cello and strings: 3rd mvt AllegroIn Tune2018-02-2217:0001:40 Link
Carl Philipp Emanuel BachFlute Sonata in G major (Wq.133/H.564) "Hamburger Sonata"Through the Night2018-02-2100:3004:32 Link
Carl ReineckeBallade for flute and orchestraThrough the Night2018-02-2300:3003:25 Link
Carl ReineckeFlute Sonata in E minor, Op 167, 'Undine' (1st mvt)In Tune Mixtape2018-02-2219:0000:05 Link
Carlo GesualdoMaria, mater gratiaeSunday Morning2018-02-1809:0001:19 Link
Cecil Armstrong GibbsFields Are FullIn Tune2018-02-2017:0001:52 Link
Charles IvesMemoriesRadio 3 in Concert2018-02-2019:3001:21 Link
Charles IvesSerenityRadio 3 in Concert2018-02-2019:3001:15 Link
Charles IvesSongs my mother taught meRadio 3 in Concert2018-02-2019:3001:24 Link
Charles IvesThe Housatonic at StockbridgeRadio 3 in Concert2018-02-2019:3001:17 Link
Charles WoodHail, gladdening lightBreakfast2018-02-2006:3001:34 Link
Charles‐François GounodAve MariaChoir and Organ2018-02-1816:0000:40 Link
Charles‐François GounodO Dieu! Que de bijoux... Ah! je ris (Faust)Essential Classics2018-02-2209:0002:25 Link
Charles‐François GounodWaltz (Faust)Through the Night2018-02-2200:3002:22 Link
Cheryl Frances-HoadHomages: i.Contemplation; ii. In the DewSunday Morning2018-02-1809:0002:34 Link
Chiara Margarita CozzolaniColligite, pueri, floresRadio 3 in Concert2018-02-1919:3002:14 Link
Chiara Margarita CozzolaniTu dulcis, O bone JesuRadio 3 in Concert2018-02-1919:3002:22 Link
Christoph Willibald GluckLa rencontre imprévue (Overture)In Tune2018-02-2317:0001:03 Link
Christoph Willibald GluckOrphée et Eurydice, Wq. 30, Act II: Danse des FuriesEssential Classics2018-02-2009:0000:27 Link
Clara SchumannRomance in B major, Op 5 No 3Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-02-1913:0000:56 Link
Claude DebussyChildren's CornerRadio 3 in Concert2018-02-2019:3000:55 Link
Claude DebussyClair de lune (Suite Bergamasque)The Listening Service2018-02-1817:00 Link
Claude DebussyCloches a travers les feuilles (Images, set 2)In Tune2018-02-2117:0001:26 Link
Claude DebussyDanse de la poupée (La boite a joujoux)Breakfast2018-02-2306:3001:25 Link
Claude DebussyEn blanc et noir for 2 pianosThrough the Night2018-02-2100:3001:42 Link
Claude DebussyEstampes [1903]Through the Night2018-02-2000:3005:17 Link
Claude DebussyIberia - from Images for OrchestraThrough the Night2018-02-2200:3002:01 Link
Claude DebussyJeuxThe Listening Service2018-02-1817:00 Link
Claude DebussyJeuxThe Listening Service2018-02-1817:00 Link
Claude DebussyJeuxThe Listening Service2018-02-1817:00 Link
Claude DebussyLa Mer: 1st movementThe Listening Service2018-02-1817:00 Link
Claude DebussyLa Mer: 1st movementThe Listening Service2018-02-1817:00 Link
Claude DebussyLa Mer: 2nd movementThe Listening Service2018-02-1817:00 Link
Claude DebussyLa Mer: 3rd movementThe Listening Service2018-02-1817:00 Link
Claude DebussyLa Mer: 3rd movementThe Listening Service2018-02-1817:00 Link
Claude DebussyLa Mer: 3rd movementThe Listening Service2018-02-1817:00 Link
Claude DebussyLa sérénade interrompue (Preludes, Book 1)Essential Classics2018-02-2309:0001:36 Link
Claude DebussyMinstrelsIn Tune Mixtape2018-02-1919:0000:15 Link
Claude DebussyPassepied (from Suite bergamasque)In Tune2018-02-2017:0001:08 Link
Claude DebussyPelleas et Melisande - Act 1 openingThe Listening Service2018-02-1817:00 Link
Claude DebussyPelleas et Melisande - Act 3 InterludeThe Listening Service2018-02-1817:00 Link
Claude DebussyPelleas et Melisande - Act 3 InterludeThe Listening Service2018-02-1817:00 Link
Claude DebussyPelleas et Melisande - Act 4 “Maintenant que le pere de Pelleas est sauvé”The Listening Service2018-02-1817:00 Link
Claude DebussyPelleas et Melisande - Act 4 “Quel est ce bruit?”The Listening Service2018-02-1817:00 Link
Claude DebussyPelleas et Melisande - Act 4 “Quel est ce bruit?”The Listening Service2018-02-1817:00 Link
Claude DebussyPelleas et Melisande Act 3 - “Prenez garde; par ici”The Listening Service2018-02-1817:00 Link
Claude DebussyPoissons d'or (Images, set 2)In Tune2018-02-2117:0001:52 Link
Claude DebussyPour les Quartes (Etudes)The Listening Service2018-02-1817:00 Link
Claude DebussyPour les Quartes (Etudes)The Listening Service2018-02-1817:00 Link
Claude DebussyPour les degrés chromatiques (Etudes)The Listening Service2018-02-1817:00 Link
Claude DebussyPrelude à l'apres-midi d'un fauneThrough the Night2018-02-2100:3004:39 Link
Claude DebussyWhat the west wind has seenIn Tune Mixtape2018-02-1919:0000:06 Link
Claude Le JeuneApres avoir constamment attenduEarly Music Late2018-02-1822:3000:53 Link
Claude Le JeuneOr sus serviteurs du Seigneur (Psalm 134)Choir and Organ2018-02-1816:0000:29 Link
Claudio MonteverdiLaetatus sum (Vespro della Beata Vergine)Essential Classics2018-02-2309:0002:13 Link
Claudio MonteverdiMadrigal: "Altri canti d'Amor" à 6Through the Night2018-02-2100:3003:36 Link
Claudio MonteverdiMadrigals book 8: 'Ballo: Volgendo Il Ciel - Movete al mio bel suon'Radio 3 in Concert2018-02-2119:3002:17 Link
Claudio MonteverdiSi dolce è il tormentoEssential Classics2018-02-2009:0000:41 Link
Constant LambertThe Rio GrandeBreakfast2018-02-2306:3001:09 Link
Cootie Williams & His Rug CuttersChasin' ChippiesGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2018-02-1800:0000:28 Link
Cootie Williams & His Rug CuttersI Can't Believe That You're In Love With MeGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2018-02-1800:0000:12 Link
Cootie Williams & His Rug CuttersSharpieGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2018-02-1800:0000:32 Link
Cécile Louise ChaminadeConcertino for flute and orchestra, Op 107Essential Classics2018-02-2009:0002:16 Link
César FranckViolin Sonata in A major (4th mvt)In Tune Mixtape2018-02-2319:0000:13 Link
DakhaBrakha (artist)VesnaLate Junction2018-02-2300:0000:23 Link
Darius Milhaud"La Cheminée du Roi René" (excerpt from Madrigal-Nocturne)Through the Night2018-02-1701:00 Link
Darius Milhaud"La Cheminée du Roi René" (excerpt from Madrigal-Nocturne)Through the Night2018-02-1801:00 Link
Darius Milhaud"La Cheminée du Roi René" (excerpt from Madrigal-Nocturne)Through the Night2018-02-1900:30 Link
Darius Milhaud"La Cheminée du Roi René" (excerpt from Madrigal-Nocturne)Through the Night2018-02-2000:30 Link
Darius Milhaud"La Cheminée du Roi René" (excerpt from Madrigal-Nocturne)Through the Night2018-02-2100:30 Link
Darius Milhaud"La Cheminée du Roi René" (excerpt from Madrigal-Nocturne)Through the Night2018-02-2300:30 Link
Darius MilhaudDuo concertante for clarinet and pianoBreakfast2018-02-2306:3000:05 Link
David BriggsImprovisation on Baa-Baa, Black Sheep (Finale)Breakfast2018-02-2006:3000:25 Link
David ButtolphThe Beast from 20,000 Fathoms (1954): Main TitleSound of Cinema2018-02-1715:0000:12 Link
David Lol Perry (artist)Flos Regalis VirginalisLate Junction2018-02-2123:0000:30 Link
David PopperElfentanz, Op. 39In Tune Mixtape2018-02-2319:0000:07 Link
Dead Rat Orchestra (artist)Foxes' WeddingLate Junction2018-02-2123:0000:45 Link
Dieterich BuxtehudeJubilate Domino, omnis terra, BuxWV 64Through the Night2018-02-2300:3004:01 Link
Dieterich BuxtehudeSonata in C major BuxWV.256, Op.1 No.5Essential Classics2018-02-2009:0002:47 Link
Dingwei (artist)GypsyWorld on 32018-02-2323:0000:41 Link
DJ Olive (artist)Olive's HornLate Junction2018-02-2300:0000:02 Link
DJ Tudo e sua gente de todo lugar (artist)Sama BleuLate Junction2018-02-2123:0000:24 Link
Dmitri Shostakovich24 Preludes, Op 34Through the Night2018-02-1900:3001:10 Link
Dmitri ShostakovichChamber Symphony in F major, Op 73a, based on String Quartet No. 3 in F major, Op 73Afternoon Concert2018-02-2314:0001:49 Link
Dmitri ShostakovichElegy from Five Pieces for two violins and piano, arr. for solo violin and pianoThrough the Night2018-02-2300:3002:42 Link
Dmitri ShostakovichHypothetically Murdered, Op 31a (Galop)In Tune Mixtape2018-02-2119:0000:14 Link
Dmitri ShostakovichJazz suite no. 2Saturday Classics2018-02-1713:0000:06 Link
Dmitri ShostakovichPrelude in E minor, Op 34 No 4Essential Classics2018-02-2109:0001:40 Link
Dmitri ShostakovichString Quartet No. 11 in F minor, Op 122Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-02-2213:0000:39 Link
Dmitri ShostakovichSuite for Jazz Band No 1Essential Classics2018-02-2009:0000:32 Link
Dmitri ShostakovichSuite for jazz band (Waltz 2)Breakfast2018-02-2306:3001:03 Link
Dmitri ShostakovichThe Gadfly - ...(Op.97a) - no.3; Folk festival (People's holiday)In Tune Mixtape2018-02-2219:0000:21 Link
Domenico ScarlattiSonata in A major, K 212In Tune Mixtape2018-02-2319:0000:02 Link
Dorothy Carter (artist)Along The RiverLate Junction2018-02-2300:0000:10 Link
Duke EllingtonPyramidGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2018-02-1800:0000:22 Link
Duke EllingtonSelf Portrait of the BeanGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2018-02-1800:0000:51 Link
Duke EllingtonThe Intimacy of The BluesGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2018-02-1800:0000:56 Link
Duke EllingtonWanderlustGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2018-02-1800:0000:25 Link
Duke Ellington and Johnny HodgesSt Louis BluesGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2018-02-1800:0000:45 Link
E.T. Mensah (artist)205World on 32018-02-2323:0000:53 Link
Ecos de Borinquen (artist)Nuestro Amigo El Flamboyán (Our Friend The Flame Tree) [Seis A Borinquen]World on 32018-02-2323:0001:00 Link
Edvard GriegHolberg Suite, Op.40 (Praeludium)Breakfast2018-02-2306:3000:01 Link
Edvard GriegNorwegian Dance (Allegro marcato) (Op.35 No.1) [orig for piano duet]Through the Night2018-02-1801:0003:53 Link
Edvard GriegTriumphal March from "Sigurd Jorsalfar"Through the Night2018-02-1900:3004:01 Link
Edvard GriegViolin Sonata No 2 in G major, Op 13 (3rd mvt)Breakfast2018-02-1807:0001:25 Link
Edward ElgarAubade (Nursery Suite)Essential Classics2018-02-2209:0000:06 Link
Edward ElgarCello Concerto in E minor, Op.85Through the Night2018-02-1701:0000:19 Link
Edward ElgarDeath on the hills, Op 72In Tune Mixtape2018-02-2119:0000:09 Link
Edward ElgarHarmony Music No 1Breakfast2018-02-1707:0000:30 Link
Edward ElgarMarch of the Mogul Emperors (The Crown of India)Essential Classics2018-02-1909:0001:47 Link
Edward ElgarSalut d'amourRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-02-2213:0000:55 Link
Edward ElgarThe Dream of Gerontius (Priase to his name!....Take me away - Angel's farewell)Breakfast2018-02-2106:3000:45 Link
Einojuhani RautavaaraLähtöThrough the Night2018-02-2100:3000:19 Link
Elena Kats-CherninButterflyingBreakfast2018-02-1906:3002:06 Link
Elena Kats-CherninThe Witching Hour - Concerto for 8 double-basses & orchestra (1st movement)Essential Classics2018-02-2309:0000:53 Link
Elephant9 (artist)Actionpack1Late Junction2018-02-2123:0000:47 Link
Elizabeth MaconchySirens' SongBreakfast2018-02-1707:0000:39 Link
Elmer BernsteinAn American Werewolf in London (1981): MetamorphosisSound of Cinema2018-02-1715:0000:36 Link
Emerald Web (artist)Voices Of The SageLate Junction2018-02-2300:0000:07 Link
Emmanuel ChabrierJoyeuse marche for orchestraIn Tune2018-02-2317:0000:02 Link
Engelbert HumperdinckMy children astray in the haunted wood (Hansel and Gretel)Breakfast2018-02-2206:3001:56 Link
Ennio MorriconeThe Ecstasy of Gold (The Good, The Bad and The Ugly)Private Passions2018-02-1812:0000:36 Link
Ennio MorriconeThe Thing (1982): Main ThemeSound of Cinema2018-02-1715:0000:42 Link
Enrique GranadosGoyescas, Book 1, Nos. 2-4Through the Night2018-02-2000:3001:12 Link
Enrique GranadosLa Maja y el Ruiseñor [The Maiden and the Nightingale] from GoyescasThrough the Night2018-02-1801:0004:08 Link
Eric CoatesLondon Suite: III. Knightsbridge (March)In Tune2018-02-2017:0001:03 Link
Eric WhitacreA Boy and A GirlThrough the Night2018-02-2100:3000:11 Link
Erich Wolfgang KorngoldPiano Quintet in E, Op 15Radio 3 in Concert2018-02-2219:3001:16 Link
Erich Wolfgang KorngoldRobin Hood and his Merry Men - march (The Adventures of Robin Hood)Breakfast2018-02-2206:3001:40 Link
Erich Wolfgang KorngoldSongs of Farewell (Abschiedslieder), Op 14Radio 3 in Concert2018-02-2219:3000:56 Link
Erik SatieGnossienne No.1Essential Classics2018-02-2309:0000:32 Link
Erik SatieGnossienne No.5Essential Classics2018-02-2309:0000:35 Link
Erik SatieGymnopédie No 1 in D majorBreakfast2018-02-2006:3001:15 Link
Eriks EsenvaldsRivers of LightBreakfast2018-02-1707:0001:42 Link
Eriks EsenvaldsStarsEssential Classics2018-02-1909:0002:31 Link
Erkel FerencOverture to Névtelen hosök (Unknown Heroes) a comic opera [1880]Through the Night2018-02-2000:3004:01 Link
Ernest ChaussonPoeme de l'amour et de la mer Op.19 vers. for voice and orchestraThrough the Night2018-02-1801:0002:01 Link
Ernest John MoeranCello Concerto - 3rd mvt 'Allegretto deciso, alla marcia'Essential Classics2018-02-2309:0002:43 Link
Errollyn Wallen (artist)RainLate Junction2018-02-2023:0000:09 Link
EtnoRom (artist)Azt Álmodtam Cigány VoltamWorld on 32018-02-2323:0001:46 Link
Felix Kubin (artist)Musik für neue BüromaschinenLate Junction2018-02-2123:0001:17 Link
Felix Mendelssohn3 Studies Op.104b for pianoThrough the Night2018-02-2200:3003:34 Link
Felix Mendelssohn6 Songs, Op 71 (No 6, Nachtlied)In Tune2018-02-1917:0000:43 Link
Felix MendelssohnConcert Piece No 2 in D minor, Op 114Essential Classics2018-02-2109:0000:46 Link
Felix MendelssohnOctet for Strings (Op. 20 ) in E flat major [1825]Through the Night2018-02-2100:3001:10 Link
Felix MendelssohnOctet in E flat major, Op 20 (4th mvt)Essential Classics2018-02-2309:0001:00 Link
Felix MendelssohnOverture for Wind Instruments, Op.24Breakfast2018-02-2206:3000:14 Link
Felix MendelssohnScherzo from A Midsummer Night's DreamEssential Classics2018-02-2009:0002:11 Link
Felix MendelssohnSong without Words (Op. 109)Through the Night2018-02-2000:3003:48 Link
Felix MendelssohnString Quartet No. 4 in E Minor, Op. 44 No. 2 (II. Scherzo. Allegro)In Tune Mixtape2018-02-2319:0000:19 Link
Felix MendelssohnSymphony No. 4 In A Major, Op.90 (Italian)Afternoon Concert2018-02-2314:0000:41 Link
Felix MendelssohnThe Hebrides Overture, Op.26 'Fingal's Cave'Breakfast2018-02-2106:3001:02 Link
Felix MendelssohnThree Psalms (Op.78)Through the Night2018-02-2300:3004:48 Link
Ferdinand Fürchtegott HuberLueget vo Bergen und Tal (Look at the Mountains)Through the Night2018-02-1801:0005:55 Link
Fernando SorIntroduction and variations on Mozart's 'O cara armonia' for guitar (Op.9)Through the Night2018-02-2000:3004:21 Link
Florence PriceSymphony No 3 in C minor (1st mvt)Essential Classics2018-02-2209:0002:14 Link
Florent GhysPetits Artéfacts: 2. InformationLate Junction2018-02-2123:0001:13 Link
Francesco Maria VeraciniSe mai piagato (Adriano in Siria)The Early Music Show2018-02-1814:0000:28 Link
Francis PoulencAvant le cinémaIn Tune2018-02-2017:0001:21 Link
Francis PoulencSonata for clarinet and bassoonRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-02-1813:0000:25 Link
Francis PoulencViolin Sonata, 1st mvt: Allegro con fuocoRecord Review2018-02-1709:0000:11 Link
Francis PoulencVoyage à Paris (Banalités)In Tune2018-02-2317:0001:57 Link
Francisco GuerreroIn conspectu angelorumEarly Music Late2018-02-1822:3000:28 Link
Francisco GuerreroSimile est regnum caelorum à 4Essential Classics2018-02-2309:0001:07 Link
Frantisek JiranekSinfonia in D majorThrough the Night2018-02-1701:0003:17 Link
Franz DanziWind Quintet in G minor, Op 56 No 2Radio 3 in Concert2018-02-2319:3002:09 Link
Franz LisztLes Preludes - symphonic poem after Lamartine (S.97)Through the Night2018-02-1701:0004:31 Link
Franz LisztOrpheusEssential Classics2018-02-1909:0000:42 Link
Franz LisztPiano Concerto no 1 in E flat major, S124Through the Night2018-02-2300:3000:18 Link
Franz LisztTranscendental Study No 3 in F major, 'Paysage'Breakfast2018-02-2006:3002:20 Link
Franz Schubert4 Impromptus (Op.142) (D.935)Through the Night2018-02-1701:0002:01 Link
Franz SchubertAn Emma (D.113c, Op.58 No.2)Through the Night2018-02-1900:3003:12 Link
Franz SchubertCredo (Mass No 6 in E flat major, D 950)Essential Classics2018-02-1909:0000:06 Link
Franz SchubertDer AlpinejagerRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-02-1913:0000:11 Link
Franz SchubertDie ForelleRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-02-1913:0000:04 Link
Franz SchubertDie Forelle, D 550Essential Classics2018-02-2209:0001:47 Link
Franz SchubertDie VogelRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-02-1913:0000:06 Link
Franz SchubertJägers Liebeslied D909Essential Classics2018-02-2209:0001:06 Link
Franz SchubertKlavierstuck in E flat major, D946 No. 2Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-02-2213:0000:26 Link
Franz SchubertMoment Musicaux in A flat, D.780 No.2In Tune2018-02-2017:0000:07 Link
Franz SchubertNachthelle, D 892Essential Classics2018-02-2109:0001:25 Link
Franz SchubertPiano Sonata in A minor (Op.posth.164, D.537) **NOT D.784 as previously thoughtThrough the Night2018-02-2200:3004:52 Link
Franz SchubertQuartettsatz in C minor, D 703Breakfast2018-02-1906:3001:34 Link
Franz SchubertSonata in A minor D.845, Op.42 for pianoThrough the Night2018-02-2000:3002:01 Link
Franz SchubertString Quartet No.14 in D minor ‘Death & the Maiden’ D810; IV. Presto – PrestissimoWords and Music2018-02-1817:3000:59 Link
Franz SchubertVariations for flute and piano in E minor (D.802)Through the Night2018-02-2100:3002:24 Link
Franz SchubertWanderers Nachtlied D.768Radio 3 in Concert2018-02-2019:3001:57 Link
François-Joseph GossecQuartet, Op 15 No 6New Generation Artists2018-02-2116:3000:17 Link
Frederick DeliusTo be sung of a summer night on the waterIn Tune Mixtape2018-02-2019:0000:26 Link
Friedrich KunzenOverture to the play 'Husitterne' (The Hussites)Through the Night2018-02-2000:3003:30 Link
Frigg (artist)Chris Stout's Compliments To The Bon Accord Ale HouseWorld on 32018-02-2323:0000:48 Link
Fritz KreislerViolin Concerto in C MajorAfternoon Concert2018-02-2214:0002:35 Link
Frédéric ChopinBallade No. 3 in A flat majorIn Tune2018-02-2317:0001:35 Link
Frédéric ChopinBallade No.1 in G minor Op.23Through the Night2018-02-1900:3003:45 Link
Frédéric ChopinBallade for piano no 4 in F minor, Op 52Through the Night2018-02-2300:3004:16 Link
Frédéric ChopinBarcarolle in F sharp Op. 60Sunday Morning2018-02-1809:0001:37 Link
Frédéric ChopinBarcarolle in F sharp major op.60 for pianoBreakfast2018-02-2306:3002:17 Link
Frédéric ChopinBarcarolle in F sharp major, Op 60In Tune2018-02-1917:0001:19 Link
Frédéric ChopinBarcarolle in F sharp minor, Op 60Opera on 32018-02-1716:3005:50 Link
Frédéric ChopinMazurka in A minor 'for Emile Gaillard'Breakfast2018-02-2006:3001:19 Link
Frédéric ChopinNocturne No 4 in F major, Op 15 no 1Through the Night2018-02-2300:3000:36 Link
Frédéric ChopinNocturne in C minor, Op 48, No 1Through the Night2018-02-1801:0003:46 Link
Frédéric ChopinRondo for piano (Op.1) in C minorThrough the Night2018-02-1701:0004:05 Link
Frédéric ChopinTarantelle in A flat major, Op 43In Tune Mixtape2018-02-2119:0000:06 Link
Frédéric ChopinWaltz in G flat major, Op 70 No 1Essential Classics2018-02-2009:0002:56 Link
Gabriel FauréAgnus Dei (Requiem)Choir and Organ2018-02-1816:0000:09 Link
Gabriel FauréBerceuse in D Major, Op. 16Essential Classics2018-02-2109:0000:20 Link
Gabriel FauréLe Papillon et la FleurRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-02-1913:0000:13 Link
Gabriel PiernéScherzo-Caprice in D major, Op 25Breakfast2018-02-1807:0001:03 Link
Gaetano DonizettiLiqueur traîtresse (Le Duc d'Albe)Breakfast2018-02-1906:3000:49 Link
Gang ChenThe Butterfly Lovers (Opening - extract)Breakfast2018-02-1906:3001:06 Link
Gaspar CassadóRequiebros for cello and pianoEssential Classics2018-02-2209:0000:01 Link
Gaspar SanzMarizapalosThrough the Night2018-02-2000:3000:53 Link
Gaspar SanzTarantellaThrough the Night2018-02-2000:3000:41 Link
Gaspar SanzXácaras and Canarios (Instrucción de música sobre la guitara española" [1674])Through the Night2018-02-2000:3001:02 Link
Georg Philipp TelemannConcerto for 2 chalumeaux and strings in D minor (c.1728)Through the Night2018-02-2300:3005:48 Link
Georg Philipp TelemannFantasia No 1 in C minor (1st mvt)In Tune Mixtape2018-02-2019:0000:22 Link
Georg Philipp TelemannLateinisches Magnificat TVWV 9:17Record Review2018-02-1709:0000:25 Link
Georg Philipp TelemannTriple Concerto in E for flute, oboe d'amore and viola d'amore TWV 53Sunday Morning2018-02-1809:0000:27 Link
George ButterworthLoveliest of Trees (A Shropshire Lad)Essential Classics2018-02-1909:0001:38 Link
George EnescuRomanian Rhapsody No 1 in A major, Op 11Essential Classics2018-02-1909:0002:02 Link
George EnescuRomanian Rhapsody No. 2Breakfast2018-02-1707:0000:46 Link
George Frideric HandelAgitato da fiere tempeste (Riccardo Primo)In Tune2018-02-2117:0001:03 Link
George Frideric HandelAl lampo dell'armi (Giulio Cesare)The Early Music Show2018-02-1814:0000:05 Link
George Frideric HandelConcerto Grosso Op.3 no.1 in B flatBreakfast2018-02-2206:3002:10 Link
George Frideric HandelConcerto Grosso in F major, Op 6 No 2Essential Classics2018-02-2209:0002:02 Link
George Frideric HandelDopo notte (Ariodante)Breakfast2018-02-2006:3001:48 Link
George Frideric HandelEternal source of light divine (Birthday Ode for Queen Anne)Breakfast2018-02-1906:3000:01 Link
George Frideric HandelFor unto us a child is born (Messiah)Essential Classics2018-02-2309:0002:38 Link
George Frideric HandelIn the Lord put I my trust (excerpt)Early Music Late2018-02-1822:3000:09 Link
George Frideric HandelLet thy hand be strengthened, HWV 259In Tune2018-02-1917:0001:28 Link
George Frideric HandelMusic for the Royal Fireworks, HWV 351 (La Réjouissance)In Tune2018-02-2017:0000:02 Link
George Frideric HandelPensieri notturni di Filli: Italian cantata No 17, HWV 134Through the Night2018-02-2300:3003:01 Link
George Frideric HandelSerse, HWV 40; Act 1 – ‘Ombra mai fu’Essential Classics2018-02-1909:0000:30 Link
George Frideric HandelSuite for keyboard in G minor - 1733 no.6 (HWV.439)Through the Night2018-02-1801:0001:27 Link
George Frideric HandelThe King shall rejoice - Coronation Anthem No 3, HWV 260Essential Classics2018-02-2109:0001:58 Link
George Frideric HandelVorrei poterti amar (Orlando)The Early Music Show2018-02-1814:0000:22 Link
George Frideric HandelWhere'er you walk (Semele)Essential Classics2018-02-1909:0001:34 Link
George Gershwin3 Preludes (1926) No.1 in B flat; No.2 in C sharp minor; no.3 in E flatThrough the Night2018-02-2100:3004:50 Link
George GershwinConcerto in F (3rd mvt, Allegro agitato)In Tune2018-02-2217:0001:33 Link
George GershwinRhapsody in blue for piano and jazz band or orchestraSaturday Classics2018-02-1713:0001:38 Link
George GershwinSummertimeSunday Morning2018-02-1809:0002:01 Link
Georges BizetL'Arlésienne Suite No 2Essential Classics2018-02-2309:0001:57 Link
Georges BizetSymphony in C major (1st mvt)Breakfast2018-02-2306:3000:12 Link
Geraldine MuchaSongs Of John Webster (Call For The Robin-Red-Breast And The Wren)Breakfast2018-02-1807:0001:21 Link
Gerry Mulligan (artist)I'm Beginning To See The LightLate Junction2018-02-2123:0001:09 Link
Ghédalia Tazartès (artist)Schulevy Maker Part 1Late Junction2018-02-2123:0000:34 Link
Giacomo PucciniMi chiamano Mimi (La bohème)In Tune2018-02-1917:0000:29 Link
Giacomo PucciniScherzo in A minor for orchestraIn Tune2018-02-2117:0001:41 Link
Giles FarnabyDreame; A Toye (Six Dances by Giles Farnaby)In Tune Mixtape2018-02-2119:0000:26 Link
Gioachino RossiniOverture from Il Barbiere di Siviglia (The Barber of Seville)Through the Night2018-02-1900:3003:37 Link
Gioachino RossiniOverture: La Gazza LadraPrivate Passions2018-02-1812:0000:18 Link
Gioachino RossiniThe Silken Ladder (Overture)Breakfast2018-02-1707:0000:03 Link
Giovanni GabrieliBuccinate in neomenia tubaChoir and Organ2018-02-1816:0000:20 Link
Giovanni Perluigi da PalestrinaPeccantem me quotidiChoral Evensong2018-02-1815:0000:42 Link
Giovanni Pierluigi da PalestrinaAgnus Dei (Missa Confitebor tibi Domine)Breakfast2018-02-2106:3000:01 Link
Giovanni RovettaLa bella Erminia - from Madrigali concertati a 2.3.4 & uno a sei vociThrough the Night2018-02-2100:3004:19 Link
Giovanni Stefano CarbonelliSonata No 4: II. AndanteLate Junction2018-02-2023:0000:54 Link
Giuseppe TorelliSinfonia in C Major G.33 For 4 Trumpets, Strings and ContinuoEssential Classics2018-02-2009:0000:46 Link
Giuseppe VerdiLa Traviata, “Libiamo ne’ lieti calici” (Brindisi)Words and Music2018-02-1817:3000:33 Link
Giuseppe VerdiO Padre NostroThrough the Night2018-02-1701:0003:25 Link
Giuseppe VerdiTutto nel mondo è burla (Falstaff)Essential Classics2018-02-2109:0001:32 Link
Gotthelf Heinrich KummerVariations for OphicleideBreakfast2018-02-2106:3001:47 Link
Graeme KoehneDivertissement: Trois pieces bourgeoisesThrough the Night2018-02-2300:3001:47 Link
Grażyna BacewiczConcerto for String OrchestraThrough the Night2018-02-2300:3004:27 Link
Gregorian chantPsalm 58Early Music Late2018-02-1822:3000:01 Link
Gregorio AllegriMiserere mei Deus [Psalm 51] for 9 voicesSaturday Classics2018-02-1713:0000:35 Link
Gregorio AllegriPsalm 51: Miserere mei, DeusChoral Evensong2018-02-1815:0000:05 Link
Gustav HolstA Fugal Overture, Op 40 No 1Essential Classics2018-02-2309:0000:00 Link
Gustav HolstA Hampshire suite in F majorBreakfast2018-02-1807:0001:17 Link
Gustav HolstMercury, the Winged Messenger (The Planets, Op 32)In Tune Mixtape2018-02-2219:0000:26 Link
Gustav HolstNeptune, the Mystic (The Planets, Op 32)Breakfast2018-02-2306:3000:54 Link
Gustav HolstSaturn, the Bringer of Old Age (The Planets, Op 32)Breakfast2018-02-1707:0001:51 Link
Gustav HolstThe Planets - suite Op.32Saturday Classics2018-02-1713:0000:10 Link
Gustav HolstWind Quintet (Op.14) in A flat majorThrough the Night2018-02-1701:0001:45 Link
Gustav MahlerKindertotenliederRadio 3 in Concert2018-02-2019:3000:32 Link
Gustav MahlerSymphony No 2 in C minor, 'Resurrection' (4th mvt; Urlicht)Essential Classics2018-02-2109:0001:14 Link
Gustav MahlerSymphony No 6 in A minor (2nd mvt)Essential Classics2018-02-2009:0002:33 Link
Gustav MahlerSymphony No 7 in E minorRadio 3 in Concert2018-02-2119:3000:54 Link
Gustav MahlerSymphony no. 2 in C minor "Resurrection": 4th movement; UrlichtIn Tune Mixtape2018-02-2019:0000:13 Link
Gustav MahlerSymphony no. 5 in C sharp minorSaturday Classics2018-02-1713:0000:47 Link
Gyorgy LigetiMusica ricercata, Adaptation for Barrel Organ; IV. Tempo de Valse (pocco vivace – “à l’orgue de Barbarie”)Words and Music2018-02-1817:3000:39 Link
Hamza El Din (artist)A WishWorld on 32018-02-2323:0001:15 Link
Hans SalterThe Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954): Prologue / Main TitleSound of Cinema2018-02-1715:0000:09 Link
Haruomi Hosono (artist)Bara To YajuuLate Junction2018-02-2123:00 Link
Hector BerliozSymphonie fantastiqueThrough the Night2018-02-1701:0000:54 Link
Heinrich BaermannAdagio in D major from Quintet No 3, Op 23 in E flat majorThrough the Night2018-02-2300:3002:56 Link
Heinrich Ignaz Franz von BiberSonatae tam aris quam aulis servientes (Sonata VII)Essential Classics2018-02-1909:0001:05 Link
Heinrich SchützIch rufe von ganzem Herzen, SWV 491Essential Classics2018-02-2109:0000:04 Link
Heinrich SchützMagnificat anima mea Dominum SWV.468Through the Night2018-02-2200:3005:21 Link
Heitor Villa‐LobosSong of the Black Swan (orig. for cello and piano)Through the Night2018-02-1900:3004:14 Link
Helen GrimeBright TravellersRadio 3 in Concert2018-02-2019:3001:26 Link
Henri DuparcLa Vie anterieure [The Former Life] for voice and piano [1884]Through the Night2018-02-2300:3003:33 Link
Henry PurcellCurtain Tune (From Timon of Athens)In Tune Mixtape2018-02-2319:0000:00 Link
Henry PurcellFantazia No 9 in A minor for four instrumentsIn Tune2018-02-2317:0001:16 Link
Henryk Mikolaj GóreckiTotus tuusChoir and Organ2018-02-1816:0000:48 Link
Herbert HowellsMagnificat and Nunc dimittis, 'Collegium Regale'Breakfast2018-02-2306:3001:41 Link
Hermann AmbrosiusSuite (Andante con moto; Fuga poco vivace; Vivo e giocoso)Through the Night2018-02-1900:3002:48 Link
Heroin in Tahiti (artist)SartanaLate Junction2018-02-2300:0000:28 Link
Howard SkemptonWell, well CorneliusEssential Classics2018-02-2309:0001:33 Link
Hugo AlfvénShepherd girl's dance [Vallflickans dans] (The Mountain King, Op.37)Breakfast2018-02-2006:3001:56 Link
Hugo Wolf3 SongsThrough the Night2018-02-2200:3004:38 Link
Hugo WolfDer Mond hat einen schwere Klag' erhobenIn Tune2018-02-2017:0001:50 Link
Hugo WolfItalian Serenade in G majorSunday Morning2018-02-1809:0001:53 Link
Hugo WolfWohl kenn' ich Euern StandIn Tune2018-02-2017:0001:42 Link
Huw WatkinsIn my craft or sullen art - Goodison Quartet No 4Radio 3 in Concert2018-02-1919:3001:09 Link
Huw WatkinsString TrioHear and Now2018-02-1722:3000:30 Link
Hyväluoma Group (artist)Bulgarian PunishmentWorld on 32018-02-2323:0000:57 Link
Iannis XenakisPleiades: II. Metaux (Metals)Late Junction2018-02-2123:0000:55 Link
Ida PrestiEtude de matinIn Tune2018-02-2317:0001:20 Link
Igor StravinskyCapriccio for Piano and Orchestra (3rd mvt)In Tune2018-02-2317:0000:21 Link
Igor StravinskyPetrushkaPrivate Passions2018-02-1812:0000:28 Link
Igor StravinskyRite of Spring: Auguries of SpringThe Listening Service2018-02-1817:00 Link
Igor StravinskyThe Rite Of SpringAfternoon Concert2018-02-1914:0000:54 Link
Igor StravinskyThe Rite of SpringSaturday Classics2018-02-1713:0001:02 Link
Ildebrando PizzettiCon impeto (3 preludes for Sophocles's Oedipus Rex)Essential Classics2018-02-2109:0000:13 Link
Ingvar LidholmFyra körer - [Havet, Uppbrott]Through the Night2018-02-2100:3000:20 Link
Isaac AlbénizAsturiasIn Tune Mixtape2018-02-1919:0000:00 Link
Isaac AlbénizAsturias, from 'Suite española, op. 47' (1887)Through the Night2018-02-2000:3001:53 Link
Isaac AlbénizCastilla (Seguidillas)Breakfast2018-02-2206:3002:03 Link
Isaac AlbénizIberia Book 3 (El Polo)Essential Classics2018-02-2009:0000:19 Link
Isaac AlbénizTorre bermeja (12 Piezas caracteristicas)Breakfast2018-02-2106:3001:13 Link
Ivan LukačićThree motets from "Sacrae Cantiones"SS versionThrough the Night2018-02-1900:3001:45 Link
Ivor CutlerThere's A Turtle In My SoupBreakfast2018-02-2206:3001:22 Link
Jacob van EyckCan she excuse my wrongsComposer of the Week2018-02-2012:0000:04 Link
Jacques IbertTrois Pieces Breves [Three Short Pieces]Through the Night2018-02-1900:3004:20 Link
Jacques OffenbachCan-Can (Orpheus in the Underworld)In Tune2018-02-2317:0001:52 Link
Jah Shaka (artist)The Spirit DubLate Junction2018-02-2300:0000:20 Link
James MacMillanMouth of the Dumb (Os mutorum)In Tune2018-02-2317:0001:11 Link
Jan Garbarek (artist)GARBAREK, Jan (Saxophone) on (Parce mihi domine) [Morales: Officium defunctorum, sung by Hilliard Ensemble]Saturday Classics2018-02-1713:00 Link
Jan Pieterszoon SweelinckQual Vive SalamandraThrough the Night2018-02-2000:3003:23 Link
Jan Pieterszoon SweelinckTes beaux yeux causent mon amour - chanson for 4 voicesThrough the Night2018-02-2000:3003:26 Link
Jane HarbourBurning BridgeIn Tune2018-02-2217:0000:07 Link
Jane HarbourThe sky is a blue bowlIn Tune2018-02-2217:0000:39 Link
Jane HarbourWelcome joy and welcome sorrowIn Tune2018-02-2217:0000:47 Link
Jean FrançaixDivertissement for bassoon and string quartetBreakfast2018-02-1807:0000:14 Link
Jean FrançaixOctet (Scherzo)Breakfast2018-02-2206:3002:26 Link
Jean MoutonBenedicam Dominum in omni temporeEarly Music Late2018-02-1822:3000:23 Link
Jean Sibelius6 Impromptus, (Op.5)Through the Night2018-02-1701:0004:54 Link
Jean SibeliusFinlandia, Op 26In Tune2018-02-2317:0000:27 Link
Jean SibeliusLemminkainen suite Op.22, 3rd movement: The Swan of TuonelaThrough the Night2018-02-2200:3001:01 Link
Jean SibeliusLemminkainen's ReturnSunday Morning2018-02-1809:0002:53 Link
Jean SibeliusSymphony no 6 in d minor, op. 104Radio 3 in Concert2018-02-1819:3000:02 Link
Jean SibeliusSymphony no. 5 in E flat major Op.82Through the Night2018-02-2200:3001:11 Link
Jean SibeliusSymphony no. 7 (Op.105) in C majorThrough the Night2018-02-2100:3002:39 Link
Jean SibeliusTapiola - symphonic poem, Op. 112 (1926)Through the Night2018-02-1701:0003:39 Link
Jean-Jacques RousseauQuand on sait bien aimer que la vie est charmante (Le Devin du Village)Essential Classics2018-02-2009:0001:15 Link
Jean‐Baptiste LullySuite for OrchestraThrough the Night2018-02-2200:3004:26 Link
Jelly Roll Morton (artist)Dr JazzJazz Record Requests2018-02-1716:0000:09 Link
Jenn Kirby (artist)PhoneticsLate Junction2018-02-2023:0001:24 Link
Jerry GoldsmithAlien (1979): The Eggs / End TitleSound of Cinema2018-02-1715:0000:45 Link
Jimmy RowlesThe PeacocksSaturday Classics2018-02-1713:0000:29 Link
Joe Zawinul (artist)In a Silent WayJazz Record Requests2018-02-1716:0000:17 Link
Johann Adolf HasseVa' tra le selve ircane (Artaserse)The Early Music Show2018-02-1814:0000:46 Link
Johann Christian BachQuintet (Op. 11) no 4 in E flat for flute, oboe, violin, viola and double bassThrough the Night2018-02-2200:3001:43 Link
Johann Friedrich FaschQuartet in F major for horn, oboe d'amore, violin and basso continuo, FWV N:F3Through the Night2018-02-1801:0004:01 Link
Johann Friedrich FaschQuartet in F major for horn, oboe d'amore, violin and basso continuo, FWV N:F3Through the Night2018-02-2300:3004:09 Link
Johann Hermann ScheinCantional, ‘Vom Himmel hoch, da komm ich her’Words and Music2018-02-1817:3000:19 Link
Johann Joseph FuxTurcaria - Eine musikalische BeschreibungThrough the Night2018-02-2200:3003:16 Link
Johann Nepomuk HummelClarinet Quartet in E flat majorThrough the Night2018-02-2200:3005:32 Link
Johann Nepomuk HummelConcerto for Trumpet and Orchestra in E major (original version of E flat majorThrough the Night2018-02-1801:0001:42 Link
Johann Nepomuk HummelMandolin Concerto, Op 73 (1st mvt)Essential Classics2018-02-1909:0000:33 Link
Johann SchelleDurch Adams FallWords and Music2018-02-1817:3000:04 Link
Johann Sebastian Bach"Leipziger Chorale" - Fantasia super "Komm Heiliger Geist" BWV 651Breakfast2018-02-2206:3000:25 Link
Johann Sebastian BachAC_Wk08_Tues_Bach_Brandenburg Concerto No. 1 In F Major, BWV 1046Afternoon Concert2018-02-2014:0001:08 Link
Johann Sebastian BachAllein Gott in der Hoh' sei Ehr' - chorale-prelude for organ (BWV.662)Through the Night2018-02-1701:0004:24 Link
Johann Sebastian BachAn Wasserflüssen Babylon, BWV 653Choral Evensong2018-02-1815:0000:52 Link
Johann Sebastian BachArt of Fugue: 14th ContrapunctusWords and Music2018-02-1817:3000:00 Link
Johann Sebastian BachBrandenburg Concerto No 6 in B flat major, BWV 1051Breakfast2018-02-1707:0001:23 Link
Johann Sebastian BachBrandenburg Concerto No. 3 In G MajorIn Tune Mixtape2018-02-1919:0000:24 Link
Johann Sebastian BachBrandenburg concerto no. 2 (BWV.1047) in F major, 3rd movement; Allegro assaiIn Tune Mixtape2018-02-2219:0000:18 Link
Johann Sebastian BachCantata BWV54, 'Widerstehe doch der Sünde'Essential Classics2018-02-2309:0000:40 Link
Johann Sebastian BachCello Suite No.1 in G Major, BWV1007 (4th mvt, Sarabande)Essential Classics2018-02-2109:0000:43 Link
Johann Sebastian BachCello Suite No.3 mvt CouranteIn Tune2018-02-2317:0000:40 Link
Johann Sebastian BachChaconne in D minor transc. for piano, BWV 1004Essential Classics2018-02-2209:0001:14 Link
Johann Sebastian BachChromatic Fantasy and Fugue in D Minor, BWV 903Afternoon Concert2018-02-2314:0001:35 Link
Johann Sebastian BachConcerto for keyboard and string orchestra No. 1 in D minor (BWV.1052)Through the Night2018-02-2000:3005:39 Link
Johann Sebastian BachConcerto for keyboard and string orchestra No.1 in D minor (BWV.1052)Through the Night2018-02-1701:0005:39 Link
Johann Sebastian BachEnglish Suite No 2 in A minor, BWV 807 (Prelude)In Tune2018-02-2117:0001:46 Link
Johann Sebastian BachFugue in G minor for lute, BWV 1000Essential Classics2018-02-2109:0002:23 Link
Johann Sebastian BachGloria in Excelsis Deo (BWV.191)Through the Night2018-02-1900:3004:38 Link
Johann Sebastian BachHerr, unser Herrscher (St. John Passion)Breakfast2018-02-1906:3002:14 Link
Johann Sebastian BachJesus, bleibet meine Freude (from Cantata No 147)In Tune2018-02-2017:0000:32 Link
Johann Sebastian BachKeyboard Concerto No 5 in F minor, BWV.1056Through the Night2018-02-2100:3003:49 Link
Johann Sebastian BachMagnificat in D major BWV243 - opening chorusIn Tune2018-02-2217:0001:03 Link
Johann Sebastian BachMagnificat, BWV 243; 1. Magnificat, tuttiWords and Music2018-02-1817:3000:42 Link
Johann Sebastian BachMusikalisches Opfer, BWV 1079; Canon 1 a 2 (Canon cancricans)Words and Music2018-02-1817:3000:37 Link
Johann Sebastian BachMusikalisches Opfer, BWV 1079; Canon 2 a 2 violini in unisonoWords and Music2018-02-1817:3000:36 Link
Johann Sebastian BachPartita No 2 in D minor for violin, BWV 1004 (Allemande)Breakfast2018-02-2306:3000:23 Link
Johann Sebastian BachPartita in B minor BWV 1002: AllamandaSunday Morning2018-02-1809:0000:43 Link
Johann Sebastian BachPassacaglia and Fugue and C minor, BWV 582Breakfast2018-02-1906:3000:16 Link
Johann Sebastian BachPrelude and Fugue in D minor BWV.875Essential Classics2018-02-1909:0002:36 Link
Johann Sebastian BachSheep may safely grazeBreakfast2018-02-2006:3000:20 Link
Johann Sebastian BachSonata no. 2 in A minor BWV.1003 for violin solo - 3rd mov: AndanteThrough the Night2018-02-2200:3000:56 Link
Johann Sebastian BachSuite No. 2 in D minor for solo cello BWV1008Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-02-2213:0000:05 Link
Johann Sebastian BachSuite for Orchestra No.2 (BWV.1067) in B minorThrough the Night2018-02-2300:3005:09 Link
Johann Sebastian BachSuite for solo Cello, No.1 in G major, (BWV.1007)Through the Night2018-02-1801:0004:47 Link
Johann Sebastian BachThe Art of Fugue, BWV 1080 - Contrapunctus 1Words and Music2018-02-1817:30 Link
Johann Sebastian BachThree-part inventions for keyboard: No.11 in G minorBreakfast2018-02-1807:0001:48 Link
Johann Sebastian BachViolin Concerto in A minor, BWV 1041Breakfast2018-02-2106:3000:16 Link
Johann StamitzClarinet Concerto in B flat major (1st mvt, Allegro moderato)In Tune2018-02-1917:0000:35 Link
Johannes BrahmsAll meine HerzgedankenChoir and Organ2018-02-1816:0000:06 Link
Johannes BrahmsClarinet Sonata in E flat major, Op 120 No 2 (1st mvt)Essential Classics2018-02-1909:0000:56 Link
Johannes BrahmsConcerto No. 1 In D Minor Op.15 For Piano And OrchestraAfternoon Concert2018-02-1914:0000:01 Link
Johannes BrahmsCradle SongBreakfast2018-02-1707:0001:18 Link
Johannes BrahmsGesang der Parzen (Song of the Fates), Op 89Through the Night2018-02-2200:3004:17 Link
Johannes BrahmsHungarian Dance No.5 in G minor (originally in F sharp minor)Through the Night2018-02-1900:3002:56 Link
Johannes BrahmsHungarian Dances Nos 20 and 21 orch DvorakIn Tune2018-02-2017:0001:56 Link
Johannes BrahmsIntermezzo (Op.117 No.1) in E flat major "Schlummerlied"Through the Night2018-02-2000:3003:03 Link
Johannes BrahmsPiano Pieces, Op. 118: No. 2 Intermezzo in A majorIn Tune2018-02-2317:0001:26 Link
Johannes BrahmsPiano Pieces, Op. 118: No. 2 Intermezzo in A majorRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-02-2313:0000:24 Link
Johannes BrahmsPiano Pieces, Op. 118: No. 2 Intermezzo in A majorRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-02-2313:0000:27 Link
Johannes BrahmsPiano Pieces, Op. 118: No. 2 Intermezzo in A majorRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-02-2313:0000:28 Link
Johannes BrahmsPiano Trio in B Major, Op. 8 (4th mvt)Breakfast2018-02-1906:3000:06 Link
Johannes BrahmsSerenade No.1 in D major Op.11 - Finale: RondoIn Tune2018-02-2117:0001:08 Link
Johannes BrahmsString Quartet No. 3 in B flat major, Op 67Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-02-2113:0000:24 Link
Johannes BrahmsString Sextet No 1 in B flat major, Op 18In Tune Mixtape2018-02-2219:0000:15 Link
Johannes BrahmsSymphony No 3 in F major, Op 90 (3rd mvt)Essential Classics2018-02-2309:0002:24 Link
Johannes BrahmsVariations on a theme by Haydn (Op.56a) vers. for orchestraThrough the Night2018-02-1801:0004:27 Link
Johannes Le FebureMotet: Venit Michael archangelusThrough the Night2018-02-1900:3004:11 Link
John AdamsShort Ride in a Fast MachineEssential Classics2018-02-2209:0001:57 Link
John DouglasWild MountainsideIn Tune2018-02-1917:0001:14 Link
John DowlandA Shepherd in a ShadeComposer of the Week2018-02-2012:0000:36 Link
John DowlandA piece without TitleComposer of the Week2018-02-2012:0000:13 Link
John DowlandAll ye, whom Love or FortuneComposer of the Week2018-02-2212:0000:18 Link
John DowlandAway with these self-loving ladsComposer of the Week2018-02-2112:0000:12 Link
John DowlandCaptain Digorie Piper his GalliardComposer of the Week2018-02-2112:0000:28 Link
John DowlandClear or CloudyComposer of the Week2018-02-2012:0000:44 Link
John DowlandCome again, sweet love doth now inviteComposer of the Week2018-02-1912:0000:29 Link
John DowlandCome away, come sweet loveComposer of the Week2018-02-1912:0000:27 Link
John DowlandCome heavy sleepComposer of the Week2018-02-1912:0000:36 Link
John DowlandFantasie arr. Duarte/Galbraith for guitarThrough the Night2018-02-1701:0003:13 Link
John DowlandFarewellComposer of the Week2018-02-1912:0000:14 Link
John DowlandFine Knacks for LadiesComposer of the Week2018-02-2012:0000:49 Link
John DowlandFlow my tearsComposer of the Week2018-02-1912:0000:02 Link
John DowlandFolorn Hope FancyComposer of the Week2018-02-2112:0000:30 Link
John DowlandFrog GalliardComposer of the Week2018-02-2012:0000:00 Link
John DowlandGo from my windowComposer of the Week2018-02-2012:0000:20 Link
John DowlandGo nightly caresComposer of the Week2018-02-2312:0000:54 Link
John DowlandHis Golden LocksComposer of the Week2018-02-2012:0000:40 Link
John DowlandI must complainComposer of the Week2018-02-2112:0000:07 Link
John DowlandI saw my lady weepeComposer of the Week2018-02-2012:0000:28 Link
John DowlandIf that a sinner's sighsComposer of the Week2018-02-2312:0000:20 Link
John DowlandIn Darkness Let Me DwellComposer of the Week2018-02-2312:0000:05 Link
John DowlandLachrimae or Seven TearsComposer of the Week2018-02-2212:0000:32 Link
John DowlandLady Riches galyerdComposer of the Week2018-02-2312:0000:36 Link
John DowlandLoth to DepartComposer of the Week2018-02-2312:0000:45 Link
John DowlandM. George Whitehead his AlmandComposer of the Week2018-02-2212:0000:05 Link
John DowlandMistris Whites thingeComposer of the Week2018-02-2012:0000:24 Link
John DowlandMr Henry Noel, his GalliardBreakfast2018-02-2006:3000:02 Link
John DowlandMrs Whites NothingComposer of the Week2018-02-2012:0000:19 Link
John DowlandMrs Winter's JumpComposer of the Week2018-02-1912:0000:00 Link
John DowlandMy Lady Hunsdon's PuffeComposer of the Week2018-02-1912:0000:10 Link
John DowlandMy lord willobies welcome homeComposer of the Week2018-02-2012:0000:15 Link
John DowlandNow, O now I needs must partComposer of the Week2018-02-2012:0000:53 Link
John DowlandO sweet WoodsComposer of the Week2018-02-2012:0000:46 Link
John DowlandOrlando sleepethComposer of the Week2018-02-2012:0000:18 Link
John DowlandSay, Love, if ever thou didst findComposer of the Week2018-02-2112:0000:17 Link
John DowlandSemper Dowland semper dolensComposer of the Week2018-02-2112:0000:00 Link
John DowlandSir Henry Umpton's FunerallComposer of the Week2018-02-2212:0000:08 Link
John DowlandSir John Langton's PavanComposer of the Week2018-02-2112:0000:21 Link
John DowlandSir John Smith his AlmaineComposer of the Week2018-02-1912:0000:11 Link
John DowlandSleepe wayward thoughtsComposer of the Week2018-02-1912:0000:23 Link
John DowlandTarletones riserrectioneComposer of the Week2018-02-2312:0000:42 Link
John DowlandThe Earl of Essex his GalliardComposer of the Week2018-02-2212:0000:07 Link
John DowlandThe King of Denmark's GalliardComposer of the Week2018-02-2212:0000:14 Link
John DowlandThe Lady Laiton's almoneComposer of the Week2018-02-2012:0000:16 Link
John DowlandThe Lord Viscount Lisle, his GalliardComposer of the Week2018-02-2312:0000:00 Link
John DowlandThe Right Honourable Ferdinando Earle of Darby, his GalliardComposer of the Week2018-02-2312:0000:38 Link
John DowlandThe Shoemaker's Wife (A Toy)Composer of the Week2018-02-2112:0000:27 Link
John DowlandThe lowest trees have topsComposer of the Week2018-02-2212:0000:25 Link
John DowlandThe most sacred Queen Elizabeth, her GalliardComposer of the Week2018-02-2312:0000:40 Link
John DowlandThou mighty GodComposer of the Week2018-02-2312:0000:24 Link
John DowlandTo ask for all thy loveComposer of the Week2018-02-2112:0000:15 Link
John DowlandWhat if I never speedComposer of the Week2018-02-2112:0000:05 Link
John DowlandWhen David's LifeComposer of the Week2018-02-2312:0000:27 Link
John DowlandWhen the poor crippleComposer of the Week2018-02-2312:0000:30 Link
John DowlandWilt thou unkind thus reave meComposer of the Week2018-02-2212:0000:00 Link
John FouldsApril- EnglandIn Tune2018-02-2117:0001:15 Link
John HarleA Painted Life II: The Interpretation of DreamsSaturday Classics2018-02-1713:0000:17 Link
John IrelandA Downland suite for brass band (Elegy)Breakfast2018-02-2306:3002:12 Link
John IrelandSea FeverBreakfast2018-02-2006:3001:23 Link
John Luther AdamsSila: The Breath of the WorldLate Junction2018-02-2023:0000:27 Link
John PlayfordA New Scotch Jig (The English Dancing Master)Breakfast2018-02-2306:3002:27 Link
John RutterGloria in excelsis Deo (Gloria)In Tune Mixtape2018-02-2219:0000:00 Link
Johnny HodgesPassion FlowerGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2018-02-1800:0000:38 Link
Johnny HodgesSquatty RooGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2018-02-1800:0000:35 Link
Johnny Hodges and His OrchestraJeep's BluesGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2018-02-1800:0000:18 Link
Joly Braga SantosSymphony No 2 in B minor (3rd mvt)Breakfast2018-02-2206:3000:02 Link
Jon BrionLady Bird (2017): Main TitleSound of Cinema2018-02-1715:0000:56 Link
Jonathan BatesToccataIn Tune Mixtape2018-02-2219:0000:24 Link
Jonathan DoveIn beauty may I walkBreakfast2018-02-1906:3001:26 Link
Jonathan DoveThe Magic Flute DancesEssential Classics2018-02-1909:0002:39 Link
Jonny GreenwoodSandalwood - from Phantom ThreadEssential Classics2018-02-2309:0000:20 Link
Josef StraussPizzicato-PolkaBreakfast2018-02-1707:0000:16 Link
Josef TriebenseeVariations on 'Fin ch'han dal vino' [Don Giovanni] for wind octetRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-02-1813:0000:55 Link
Joseph Bologne de Saint‐GeorgesSymphony In G Major, Op. 11 No. 1Afternoon Concert2018-02-2014:0000:01 Link
Joseph CanteloubeBaïlèro (Chants d'Auvergne, Set 1)Breakfast2018-02-2306:3000:33 Link
Joseph Haydn3rd Movement of Gypsy RondoIn Tune Mixtape2018-02-1919:0000:17 Link
Joseph HaydnAwake the Harp (The Creation)Choir and Organ2018-02-1816:0000:01 Link
Joseph HaydnBaryton Trio no, 97: i. Adagio cantabileSunday Morning2018-02-1809:0000:59 Link
Joseph HaydnConcerto for Violin and Orchestra in G major Hob.VIIa:4, 3rd mvt: AllegroIn Tune2018-02-2217:0000:03 Link
Joseph HaydnKeyboard Concerto in F major H.18.7 - 3rd mvtEssential Classics2018-02-2009:0000:01 Link
Joseph HaydnL'infedelta delusa, Act 1: Bella seraSunday Morning2018-02-1809:0000:49 Link
Joseph HaydnMaker of all! Be thou my guardEarly Music Late2018-02-1822:3000:33 Link
Joseph HaydnOverture (Sinfonia) (L'Isola disabitata, Hob.28:9)Essential Classics2018-02-2109:0002:39 Link
Joseph HaydnOverture in C major to 'Il Mondo della luna', Hob. XXVIII:7Through the Night2018-02-2100:3004:26 Link
Joseph HaydnPiano Sonata No 38 in F major, H XVI 23 (3rd mvt)In Tune Mixtape2018-02-2019:0000:09 Link
Joseph HaydnPiano Trio in F H.XV No.39 - ScherzoIn Tune2018-02-2217:0001:59 Link
Joseph HaydnQuartet Op. 20 No. 4 in D major (final movement)Essential Classics2018-02-2309:0001:39 Link
Joseph HaydnQuartet for strings (Op.64`5) in D major "Lark"Through the Night2018-02-2300:3005:29 Link
Joseph HaydnQuartet in B flat op 71 no 1, 1st mvtIn Tune2018-02-2217:0001:18 Link
Joseph HaydnSonata in C minor H16.20Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-02-2013:0000:15 Link
Joseph HaydnString Quartet in C major, Op 33 No 3, 'Bird' (4th mvt)Breakfast2018-02-2306:3002:08 Link
Joseph HaydnString Quartet in D major, Op 20 No 4 (4th mvt)Breakfast2018-02-1807:0000:54 Link
Joseph HaydnSun Quartet Op. 20 No. 3 in G minor, 4th mvt: FinaleRecord Review2018-02-1709:0000:03 Link
Joseph HaydnSymphony No 1 in D majorBreakfast2018-02-1906:3001:12 Link
Joseph HaydnSymphony no. 26 in D minor H.1.26 (Lamentatione)Through the Night2018-02-2000:3004:06 Link
Joseph HaydnTrio for strings in B flat major (Op.53 No.2) arr. from Piano Sonata (H.16.41)Through the Night2018-02-1900:3003:14 Link
Joseph ShabalalaWonke Amehlo AzokumbonaIn Tune Mixtape2018-02-2019:0000:06 Link
Juan MarcoliniOverture to La diche en la desgracia y vida campestreEssential Classics2018-02-2009:0001:47 Link
Judith BinghamPrague (Rabbi Low creates the Golem)Breakfast2018-02-2106:3001:43 Link
Judith BinghamThe Drowned LoversBreakfast2018-02-2206:3000:54 Link
Jules MassenetLa Mort de la CigaleRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-02-1913:0000:18 Link
Juventino RosasSobre las OlasIn Tune2018-02-2317:0000:12 Link
Jóhann JóhannssonDaisy, DaisySunday Morning2018-02-1809:0002:39 Link
Jóhann JóhannssonOrphic HymnSunday Morning2018-02-1809:0002:41 Link
Józef ElsnerOverture to the opera duo-drama "Echo w leise" [The Echo in the Wood] 1808Through the Night2018-02-2100:3004:56 Link
Jānis MediņšFlower Waltz - from the ballet 'Victory of Love'Through the Night2018-02-1801:0003:10 Link
Kaija SaariahoL'Amour e Loin (J'ai appris à parler du bonheur)Breakfast2018-02-2306:3001:51 Link
Kaija SaariahoLumiere et pesanteurRadio 3 in Concert2018-02-1819:3000:33 Link
Kalevi AhoGejia, Chinese Images for OrchestraAfternoon Concert2018-02-1914:0002:43 Link
Karol SzymanowskiStabat Mater op.53; 4. ‘Spraw, niech p?acz? z Tob? razem’. ModeratoWords and Music2018-02-1817:3000:15 Link
Kaspar ForsterBeatus vir (KBPJ.3) for soprano, alto, bass, 2 violins & basso continuoThrough the Night2018-02-2200:3003:42 Link
Katja Šulc (artist)Blues of the MiserableWorld on 32018-02-2323:0001:05 Link
Kenneth LeightonGloriaIn Tune Mixtape2018-02-1919:0000:10 Link
Kerry AndrewArchbishop Parker's Psalm 150In Tune2018-02-2117:0000:22 Link
Kevin VolansSecond Dance (String Quartet No 1, 'White Man Sleeps')Breakfast2018-02-1807:0001:32 Link
Kit Downes (artist)Flying FoxesLate Junction2018-02-2023:0000:24 Link
Krzysztof PendereckiSt Luke Passion, Part II; Popule Meus (Improperia)Words and Music2018-02-1817:3001:04 Link
Kría Brekkan (artist)Pickup SleepyLate Junction2018-02-2300:0000:08 Link
Kurt WeillJe ne t'aime pas for voice and pianoSaturday Classics2018-02-1713:0001:23 Link
Kurt WeillThe Threepenny Opera (Pirate Jenny)Essential Classics2018-02-2009:0001:41 Link
Laura Cortese & The Dance Cards (artist)Pace MyselfWorld on 32018-02-2323:0001:43 Link
Laura Cortese & The Dance Cards (artist)Swing & Turn (Jubilee)World on 32018-02-2323:0000:19 Link
Laurie AndersonDarkness FallsRecord Review2018-02-1709:0000:08 Link
Laurie AndersonGalaxiesRecord Review2018-02-1709:0000:07 Link
Laurie AndersonOur Street is a Black RiverRecord Review2018-02-1709:0000:06 Link
Legion of Green Men (artist)Synaptic ResponseLate Junction2018-02-2300:0000:21 Link
Leo BrouwerDanza del AltiplanoBreakfast2018-02-2006:3000:16 Link
Leonard BernsteinChichester Psalms (Urah, hanevel, v'chinor!)Breakfast2018-02-2106:3002:26 Link
Leonard BernsteinPrelude, Fugue and RiffsEssential Classics2018-02-2009:0001:34 Link
Leonardo LeoMiserere Mei Deus - concertato a due choriThrough the Night2018-02-2200:3002:32 Link
Leos JanáčekJealousy OvertureEssential Classics2018-02-2109:0002:17 Link
Leos JanáčekKozich (Five Moravian Dances for orchestra)In Tune2018-02-2117:0001:56 Link
Leos JanáčekString Quartet No 1 (The Kreutzer Sonata)Radio 3 in Concert2018-02-2219:3000:35 Link
Leos JanáčekVlci stopa (The wolf's trail) for soprano, female choir & pianoThrough the Night2018-02-2000:3004:30 Link
Leroy AndersonBugler's HolidayBreakfast2018-02-2106:3001:18 Link
Lewis AllanStrange FruitSaturday Classics2018-02-1713:0001:43 Link
Lili BoulangerD'un Matin de PrintempsSunday Morning2018-02-1809:0000:03 Link
Lili BoulangerD'un matin de printempsIn Tune2018-02-2217:0000:16 Link
Lilja María Ásmundsdóttir (artist)HulduheimarLate Junction2018-02-2023:0001:13 Link
Liza LehmannMockturtle Soup (Nonsense Songs from 'Alice in Wonderland')Breakfast2018-02-2206:3001:18 Link
Louis Armstrong (artist)A Kiss to Build a Dream OnJazz Record Requests2018-02-1716:0000:13 Link
Louis Bellson's Just Jazz All StarsJohnny Come LatelyGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2018-02-1800:0000:41 Link
Louis CouperinTombeau de M. de Blancrocher in F majorNew Generation Artists2018-02-2116:3000:00 Link
Louis Sclavis (artist)RecifsJazz Now2018-02-1923:0001:27 Link
Louis VierneCello Sonata in B minor (Op.27)Through the Night2018-02-1801:0002:28 Link
Lucia Cadotsch (artist)Moon River (Marc Neyen version)Late Junction2018-02-2023:0000:00 Link
Luciano BerioRendering - after SchubertBreakfast2018-02-2006:3001:38 Link
Luciano BerioRitirata notturna di Madrid (after Boccherini)Breakfast2018-02-1707:0001:11 Link
Lucy PankhurstThe Pankhurst Anthem (excerpt)Breakfast2018-02-2306:3000:50 Link
Ludwig van Beethoven7 bagatelles, OP 33Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-02-2313:0000:04 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenFive Scottish and Irish songsThrough the Night2018-02-1801:0003:32 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenHorn Sonata in F major Op 17 (1st mvt)In Tune2018-02-2117:0000:08 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenOctet in E flat major Op.103 for windRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-02-1813:0000:35 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Concerto No 1 in C major, Op 15Through the Night2018-02-2100:3000:36 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Sonata No.24 in F sharp major, Op.78Essential Classics2018-02-2009:0000:56 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Sonata in E major, Op 14 No 1Breakfast2018-02-2206:3001:02 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Sonata no. 14 in C sharp minor 'Moonlight' Op.27 no.2, 1st mvt: AdagioIn Tune2018-02-2217:0000:30 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Trio in B flat major, Op 97, 'Archduke' (2nd mvt)Breakfast2018-02-2306:3001:34 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano concerto No 4 In G Major, Op 58Afternoon Concert2018-02-2314:0002:22 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano sonata in E major, Op 109Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-02-2113:0000:05 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenSextet in E flat Op. 71, 2nd mvt: AdagioRecord Review2018-02-1709:0000:19 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenSextet in E flat Op. 71, 3rd mvt: MenuettoRecord Review2018-02-1709:0000:22 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenSextet in E flat major Op.71 for windRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-02-1813:0000:04 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenSonata quasi una fantasia in C sharp minor for piano, Op 27 No 2 (Moonlight)Through the Night2018-02-2300:3003:08 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenSymphony No 2 in D major, Op 36Radio 3 in Concert2018-02-2219:3001:56 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenSymphony No 3 in E flat major, Op 55, 'Eroica' (3rd mvt)Breakfast2018-02-2006:3001:02 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenVariations on La Stessa, la stessissima, Wo073Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-02-2013:0000:04 Link
Ludwig van BethovenSymphony No.6: 5th movement - AllegrettoThe Listening Service2018-02-1817:00 Link
Luigi BoccheriniCello Sonata No 6 in A majorEssential Classics2018-02-2109:0002:47 Link
Luigi BoccheriniCello Sonata in A majorBreakfast2018-02-1906:3000:51 Link
Luigi BoccheriniLa Musica Notturna delle strade di Madrid Quintet No 6, Op 30 (G.324)Through the Night2018-02-2000:3001:36 Link
Luigi BoccheriniQuintet No. 4 in D major (G. 448) (Grave Assai - Fandango)Radio 3 in Concert2018-02-2019:3002:00 Link
Luigi CherubiniBallet music from AnacreonThrough the Night2018-02-2200:3003:51 Link
MagpahiAs I Went to the ShoreExposure2018-02-2223:0000:27 Link
MagpahiBeauty and KindnessExposure2018-02-2223:0000:35 Link
MagpahiHawthorne HeartExposure2018-02-2223:0000:24 Link
MagpahiPower and GloryExposure2018-02-2223:0000:38 Link
Malcolm ArnoldDivertimento for flute, oboe and clarinet, Op 37Essential Classics2018-02-2209:0002:51 Link
Malcolm ArnoldFour English Dances Set 2 (No 1)Breakfast2018-02-2106:3000:33 Link
Manos HadjidakisCloudy Sunday (Six Popular Pictures Op.5)Breakfast2018-02-1906:3002:24 Link
Manuel de FallaEl Sombrero de tres picos - suite no. 2: Dance of the miller (Farruca)Through the Night2018-02-2000:3001:49 Link
Manuel de FallaNoches en los jardines de Espana [Nights in the Gardens of Spain]Through the Night2018-02-2000:3004:38 Link
Manuel de FallaSuite populaire espagnole arr KochanskiEssential Classics2018-02-2009:0001:19 Link
Marco Marconi (artist)I Remember MichelJazz Record Requests2018-02-1716:0000:00 Link
Margaret SutherlandConcerto Grosso (3rd mvt)Breakfast2018-02-1906:3001:44 Link
Mari TakanoConcerto for Flute and String Orchestra (2nd mvt)Breakfast2018-02-2106:3000:37 Link
Master Musicians of the Aga Khan Music Initiative (artist)JoshWorld on 32018-02-2323:0001:54 Link
Maurice DurufléRequiem (Op.9) [original version]Through the Night2018-02-2300:3002:01 Link
Maurice RavelChansons Madecasses: i. NahandoveSunday Morning2018-02-1809:0002:05 Link
Maurice RavelChansons Populaires - Chanson FrançaiseNew Generation Artists2018-02-2116:3000:27 Link
Maurice RavelConcerto In G MajorIn Tune Mixtape2018-02-1919:0000:21 Link
Maurice RavelDaphnis & Chloe: Pantomime; Danse GeneraleSunday Morning2018-02-1809:0000:09 Link
Maurice RavelHistoires NaturellesRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-02-1913:0000:22 Link
Maurice RavelJeux d'eauBreakfast2018-02-2106:3002:01 Link
Maurice RavelMother Goose: SuiteRadio 3 in Concert2018-02-2319:3000:03 Link
Maurice RavelRapsodie espagnoleThrough the Night2018-02-2000:3005:02 Link
Maurice RavelSonata for violin and piano in G major [1927]Through the Night2018-02-2100:3005:42 Link
Max BruchViolin Concerto No. 1 In G Minor Op.26Afternoon Concert2018-02-2114:0000:17 Link
Meredith MonkTurtle DreamsPrivate Passions2018-02-1812:0000:49 Link
Meshmass (artist)AltiplanoJazz Now2018-02-1923:0001:10 Link
Mica LeviLonely VoidPrivate Passions2018-02-1812:0000:43 Link
Michael HeadLimehouse ReachIn Tune2018-02-1917:0000:55 Link
Michael NymanProspero's books - music for the filmSaturday Classics2018-02-1713:0000:57 Link
Michael TippettSuite for the Birthday of Prince CharlesRadio 3 in Concert2018-02-1919:3000:05 Link
Mieczyslaw WeinbergQuintet Op.18 for piano and stringsThrough the Night2018-02-1900:3000:01 Link
Mikhail Ivanovich GlinkaOverture from Ruslan i LyudmilaThrough the Night2018-02-1900:3003:54 Link
Miklós RózsaEl Cid: OvertureSunday Morning2018-02-1809:0001:06 Link
Misha Mullov-AbbadoThe BearNew Generation Artists2018-02-2116:3000:09 Link
Modulus III (artist)The ChurJazz Now2018-02-1923:0001:03 Link
Mogens PedersonMin siel nu loffue herrenEarly Music Late2018-02-1822:3000:20 Link
Moheddine Effendi Bayoun (artist)Rashsh Ibrahimi (1924)World on 32018-02-2323:0001:39 Link
Mutamassik (artist)Immigrants On CourseLate Junction2018-02-2300:0000:18 Link
Nadia BoulangerThree Pieces for cello and pianoEssential Classics2018-02-1909:0002:19 Link
Nicola PorporaAlto giove (Polifemo)The Early Music Show2018-02-1814:0000:33 Link
Nicola PorporaArianna in Nasso (I. Overture)The Early Music Show2018-02-1814:0000:16 Link
Nicola PorporaGermanico in Germania (I. Sinfonia)The Early Music Show2018-02-1814:0000:12 Link
Nicola PorporaMira in cielo (Arianna e Teseo)The Early Music Show2018-02-1814:0000:02 Link
Nicola PorporaNobil onda (Adelaide)In Tune2018-02-2317:0000:06 Link
Nicola PorporaSento pietade (Oh se fosse il mio core)The Early Music Show2018-02-1814:0000:57 Link
Nicola PorporaVa'per la vene il sangue (Il trionfo di Camilla)The Early Music Show2018-02-1814:0000:19 Link
Nicola PorporaVaghi amori (La festa d'Imeneo)The Early Music Show2018-02-1814:0000:51 Link
Niels Wilhelm GadeOctet for strings in F major, Op 17 (3rd mvt)Breakfast2018-02-2206:3000:34 Link
Niels Wilhelm GadeString Sextet in E flat major, Op 44: ii ScherzoEssential Classics2018-02-1909:0000:00 Link
Nikolai Karlovich MedtnerFour Skazki Op 34Radio 3 in Concert2018-02-2319:3000:44 Link
Nikolai Rimsky-KorsakovCapriccio espagnol, Op 34Essential Classics2018-02-2209:0001:32 Link
Nikolai Rimsky-KorsakovScheherazade, Op 35 (The Sea and Sinbad's Ship)Breakfast2018-02-1906:3000:37 Link
Nils FougstedtSommarsvitThrough the Night2018-02-2100:3000:01 Link
Nils ØklandTravel setBreakfast2018-02-2106:3002:08 Link
Nino RotaDeath on the Nile - Main TitlesIn Tune Mixtape2018-02-2119:0000:12 Link
Nérija (artist)The FishermanJazz Record Requests2018-02-1716:0000:23 Link
O'Hooley & Tidow (artist)Fire & WineWorld on 32018-02-2323:0001:09 Link
Olivier MessiaenJoie du sang des étoiles (Turangalîla-Symphonie)In Tune2018-02-2117:0000:31 Link
Olivier MessiaenLouange à l'Éternité de Jésus (Quartet for the End of Time)Breakfast2018-02-1807:0000:32 Link
Olivier MessiaenL’Ascension - (ii) Alléluias Serein D'Une Âme Qui Désire Le CielWords and Music2018-02-1817:3000:47 Link
Orlande de LassusMira loquor sed digna fideBreakfast2018-02-2206:3001:33 Link
Orlando GibbonsSing unto the LordEarly Music Late2018-02-1822:3000:39 Link
Orlando LassusSt Matthew Passion: Mors tua, mors ChristiIn Tune2018-02-2217:0000:53 Link
Oskar MorawetzClarinet sonataThrough the Night2018-02-2200:3003:05 Link
Ottorino RespighiFountains of RomeRadio 3 in Concert2018-02-2019:3002:12 Link
Ottorino RespighiIl cuccu (The Birds)Essential Classics2018-02-2309:0001:16 Link
Ottorino RespighiImpressioni Brasiliane [Brazilian Impressions] for orchestra (1928)Through the Night2018-02-1801:0005:32 Link
Paul SchoenfieldTrio For Clarinet, Violin and PianoAfternoon Concert2018-02-2314:0001:14 Link
Percy GraingerDanny Deever for bass and orchestra (Kipling Settings)Essential Classics2018-02-2009:0002:24 Link
Peter LiondevKaval sviriPrivate Passions2018-02-1812:0000:57 Link
Peter Maxwell DaviesCaroline Mathilde - Suite from Act 2Through the Night2018-02-2200:3000:01 Link
Peteris VasksMāte sauleThrough the Night2018-02-2100:3000:29 Link
Philip GlassAguas da Amazonia: No. 2, Xingu RiverEssential Classics2018-02-2009:0001:08 Link
Philip GlassMetamorphosis for pianoSaturday Classics2018-02-1713:0001:26 Link
Philippe de MonteDonnez au Seigneur gloireEarly Music Late2018-02-1822:3000:15 Link
Pierre de la RueLauda anima mea DominumEarly Music Late2018-02-1822:3000:46 Link
Pierrot Premier (artist)Electric Kool - Aid Acid TestLate Junction2018-02-2300:0000:27 Link
Pieter MaessinsEn venant de LyonChoir and Organ2018-02-1816:0000:18 Link
Pietro MascagniCavalleria Rusticana: Intermezzo sinfonicoSunday Morning2018-02-1809:0002:11 Link
Pino DonaggioPiranha (1978): Restricted AreaSound of Cinema2018-02-1715:0000:31 Link
Pocket Dragon (artist)PoxitJazz Now2018-02-1923:0001:25 Link
Priscilla Ermel (artist)AmericuaLate Junction2018-02-2300:0000:04 Link
Psilosamples (artist)PSYKHÉ Audio Massagens 1Late Junction2018-02-2123:0001:27 Link
Pyjaen (artist)Free Your DreamsJazz Now2018-02-1923:0000:55 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyAndante cantabile from Quartet no 1 in D op 11In Tune2018-02-2217:0001:25 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyCapriccio italien, Op 45Essential Classics2018-02-2209:0000:31 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyIntroduction and waltz from "Eugene Onegin" - lyric scenes in 3 acts (Op.24)Through the Night2018-02-2100:3004:01 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyPezzo Capriccioso for Cello and OrchestraSunday Morning2018-02-1809:0001:46 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskySerenade for Strings, Op 48 (4th mvt)In Tune2018-02-1917:0000:14 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskySix Pieces, Op 19Through the Night2018-02-2300:3001:15 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskySwan Lake (Act 2, No 10: Scene)Breakfast2018-02-2006:3000:34 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskySymphony No.6 in B minor 'Pathetique' (Op.74)Through the Night2018-02-1900:3002:01 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyViolin Concerto in D major (Op.35)Through the Night2018-02-1701:0002:33 Link
Quasimoto (artist)Come On FeetLate Junction2018-02-2300:0000:19 Link
Rafael MéndezCsárdás for trumpet and pianoThrough the Night2018-02-1701:0004:01 Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsFantasia on GreensleevesIn Tune Mixtape2018-02-2019:0000:02 Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsFantasia on a theme by Thomas Tallis for double string orchestraThrough the Night2018-02-2200:3002:49 Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsThe Hundredth PsalmChoir and Organ2018-02-1816:0000:31 Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsThe Vagabond (Songs of Travel)Breakfast2018-02-2006:3001:26 Link
Rapoon (artist)Yi-TunLate Junction2018-02-2300:0000:06 Link
Ravi ShankarPrashantiPrivate Passions2018-02-1812:0000:10 Link
Renegade Brass Band (artist)All OutJazz Now2018-02-1923:0001:20 Link
Rex Stewart & His 52nd Street StompersThe Back Room RompGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2018-02-1800:0000:15 Link
Richard AddinsellSouthern Rhapsody for piano and orchestraBreakfast2018-02-2106:3002:15 Link
Richard Rodney BennettMurder on the Orient Express - OvertureIn Tune2018-02-2117:0001:59 Link
Richard StraussAlso sprach Zarathustra Op.30 [1895-6]Saturday Classics2018-02-1713:0000:21 Link
Richard StraussAndante for horn and pianoIn Tune2018-02-2117:0000:42 Link
Richard StraussDaphne: Moonlight musicEssential Classics2018-02-1909:0001:41 Link
Richard StraussDon JuanThrough the Night2018-02-1701:0000:01 Link
Richard StraussFestmusik der Stadt Wien AV.133 for brass and percussion [1943]Through the Night2018-02-1900:3003:01 Link
Richard StraussMorgen (4 Lieder Op.27)Breakfast2018-02-2106:3001:34 Link
Richard StraussTrio from Der Rosenkavalier Act III, final scene "Maria Theres ..."Through the Night2018-02-2200:3003:28 Link
Richard StraussWasserrose, Op 22 No 4 (Mädchenblumen)Breakfast2018-02-2206:3002:06 Link
Richard Wagner"Mogst du, mein kind" (Daland's aria from Act II Die Fliegende Hollander)Through the Night2018-02-1701:0004:49 Link
Richard WagnerDie Meistersinger von Nurnberg (Prelude to Act 1)Essential Classics2018-02-2009:0000:05 Link
Richard WagnerParsifal, Vorspiel – Prelude – Nicht Dank! Ha, ha! Was wird es helfen?Words and Music2018-02-1817:3001:09 Link
Richard WagnerPilgrim's Chorus (Tannhauser)Afternoon Concert2018-02-2314:0002:56 Link
Richard WagnerTristan and Isolde: Prelude to Act 1 - concert versionSunday Morning2018-02-1809:0001:24 Link
Riikka TalvitieMême mort - [Mais je suis mort]Through the Night2018-02-2100:3000:06 Link
Riikka TalvitieMême mort - [Mais je suis mort]Through the Night2018-02-2100:3000:24 Link
Robert BurnsAe Fond KissIn Tune2018-02-2217:0001:07 Link
Robert BurnsMy Love is Like a Red Red RoseEssential Classics2018-02-2209:0001:53 Link
Robert de ViséeSuite in D minorThrough the Night2018-02-2000:3000:01 Link
Robert KajanusFinnish Rhapsody No 1Through the Night2018-02-2000:3003:37 Link
Robert SchumannAdagio and allegro for horn [or other] and piano (Op.70) in A flat majorThrough the Night2018-02-2300:3003:38 Link
Robert SchumannCarnaval, op.9; PréambuleWords and Music2018-02-1817:3000:26 Link
Robert SchumannDie wandelnde GlockeIn Tune2018-02-2017:0001:31 Link
Robert SchumannFantasiestucke, Op 12Through the Night2018-02-1900:3004:58 Link
Robert SchumannFrauenliebe und -Leben Op. 42Radio 3 in Concert2018-02-2019:3000:11 Link
Robert SchumannGenoveva: OvertureEssential Classics2018-02-1909:0000:20 Link
Robert SchumannTraumerei from Kinderszenen Op. 15Radio 3 in Concert2018-02-2019:3000:06 Link
Rosen (artist)IlumLate Junction2018-02-2300:0000:29 Link
Run Child Run (artist)Stay ThereLate Junction2018-02-2023:0000:49 Link
Ryan WigglesworthClocks (from A Winter's Tale)Hear and Now2018-02-1722:3000:59 Link
Sainkho Namtchylak (artist)IntroductionLate Junction2018-02-2300:0000:03 Link
Sainkho Namtchylak (artist)Lonely SoulLate Junction2018-02-2300:0000:14 Link
Sally BeamishPiano Concerto No. 3 (City Stanzas)Afternoon Concert2018-02-2014:0002:30 Link
Samo VremšakThree Poems by Tone KuntnerThrough the Night2018-02-1900:3003:23 Link
Samuel Coleridge-TaylorA Summer IdyllBreakfast2018-02-1906:3002:11 Link
Santiago de MurciaCumbéeThrough the Night2018-02-2000:3000:49 Link
Santiago de MurciaMariona por la BThrough the Night2018-02-2000:3000:36 Link
Santiago de MurciaSuite on the 7th tonThrough the Night2018-02-2000:3000:16 Link
Satoshi AshikawaStill Park (1981)Late Junction2018-02-2023:0000:33 Link
Scott JoplinMagnetic RagEssential Classics2018-02-2109:0001:20 Link
Sergei ProkofievCantata for the 20th Anniversary of the October Revolution: i) PreludeRecord Review2018-02-1709:0001:30 Link
Sergei ProkofievCantata for the 20th Anniversary of the October Revolution: ii) The PhilosophersRecord Review2018-02-1709:0001:32 Link
Sergei ProkofievCantata for the 20th Anniversary of the October Revolution: iii) InterludeRecord Review2018-02-1709:0001:35 Link
Sergei ProkofievCantata for the 20th Anniversary of the October Revolution: iv) A Tight Little BandRecord Review2018-02-1709:0001:36 Link
Sergei ProkofievCinderella: Duet of the Prince and Cinderella; Waltz Coda; MidnightSunday Morning2018-02-1809:0001:10 Link
Sergei ProkofievPiano Concerto No. 2, 2nd mvt: ScherzoRecord Review2018-02-1709:0001:40 Link
Sergei ProkofievPiano Concerto No. 2, 3rd mvt: IntermezzoRecord Review2018-02-1709:0001:42 Link
Sergei ProkofievPiano Sonata No 8 in B flat Major, Op 84In Tune2018-02-2117:0001:36 Link
Sergei ProkofievSymphony No 1 in D major, Op 25, 'Classical' (1st mvt)In Tune2018-02-2117:0000:02 Link
Sergei ProkofievToccata in D minor, Op 11Breakfast2018-02-1906:3001:01 Link
Sergei ProkofievViolin Concerto No 1 in D major (3rd mvt)In Tune2018-02-2317:0000:51 Link
Sergei ProkofievViolin Concerto No. 2 in G minor Op. 63, 2nd mvt: AndanteRecord Review2018-02-1709:0001:19 Link
Sergei Rachmaninov3 Symphonic Dances for orchestra, Op 45Through the Night2018-02-2300:3000:42 Link
Sergei RachmaninovElegiac Trio No 1 in G minorEssential Classics2018-02-2109:0000:56 Link
Sergei RachmaninovEtude tableau Op 39 No 6Radio 3 in Concert2018-02-2319:3001:02 Link
Sergei RachmaninovMoments musicaux, Op. 16: No. 4 Presto in E minorIn Tune2018-02-2317:0001:48 Link
Sergei RachmaninovPiano Concerto No. 2, 3rd mvt: Allegro scherzandoRecord Review2018-02-1709:0001:44 Link
Sergei RachmaninovPrelude in D major, Op.23, no.4Breakfast2018-02-1707:0000:10 Link
Sergei RachmaninovPrelude in F sharp minor, Op 23 No 1Breakfast2018-02-2206:3002:20 Link
Sergei RachmaninovSymphony No 2Radio 3 in Concert2018-02-2319:3001:07 Link
Sergei RachmaninovVocalise (Op.34 No.14) [orig. for voice and piano]Through the Night2018-02-1701:0003:33 Link
Sigmund HemmelDeus stetit in synagogaEarly Music Late2018-02-1822:3000:05 Link
Simon HoltA table of noisesRadio 3 in Concert2018-02-2119:3000:03 Link
Simon HoltTauromaquiaRadio 3 in Concert2018-02-2119:3000:38 Link
Simon JeffesGiles Farnaby's DreamIn Tune Mixtape2018-02-2119:0000:27 Link
Sofia GubaidulinaOffertorium (excerpt)Breakfast2018-02-2006:3001:09 Link
Soweto Kinch (artist)The HealingJazz Now2018-02-1923:0000:00 Link
Stanislaw Moniuszko4 Choral SongsThrough the Night2018-02-1801:0002:51 Link
Stephen PaulusHymn to the Eternal FlameAfternoon Concert2018-02-2014:0002:23 Link
Stephen PaulusMass For A Sacred PlaceAfternoon Concert2018-02-2014:0001:55 Link
Stephen SondheimA Little Night Music: Send in the ClownsIn Tune Mixtape2018-02-2319:0000:09 Link
Steve Lehman Octet (artist)13 ColorsJazz Now2018-02-1923:0000:40 Link
Steve Lehman Octet (artist)AlloyJazz Now2018-02-1923:0000:23 Link
Steve Lehman Octet (artist)As Things ChangeJazz Now2018-02-1923:0000:10 Link
Steve Lehman Octet (artist)ChimeraJazz Now2018-02-1923:0000:46 Link
Steve Lehman Octet (artist)EchoesJazz Now2018-02-1923:0000:17 Link
Steve Lehman Octet (artist)RudreshmJazz Now2018-02-1923:0000:02 Link
Steve Lehman Octet (artist)Segregated and SequentialJazz Now2018-02-1923:0000:33 Link
Steve ReichElectric Counterpoint: II. SlowIn Tune Mixtape2018-02-2019:0000:18 Link
Steve ReichNagoya MarimbasEssential Classics2018-02-1909:0002:26 Link
Sulho RantaFinnish Folk Dances - suite for orchestra (Op.51)Through the Night2018-02-2200:3005:12 Link
Szirtes Edina Mókus (artist)Small WindowWorld on 32018-02-2323:0000:10 Link
Tarotplane (artist)Excursions 2 - Sacramental Circles & Liquid DreamsLate Junction2018-02-2300:0000:13 Link
Tarquinio MerulaCiaccona for 2 Violins and basso continuo (Op.12) (encore)Through the Night2018-02-1900:3004:54 Link
Tchaikovsky (ed. Fitzenhagen)Variations on a Rococo ThemeRadio 3 in Concert2018-02-2319:3000:24 Link
The Duke Ellington SextetIndigo EchoesGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2018-02-1800:0000:01 Link
The Slowest LiftHi from the Skyline SwimExposure2018-02-2223:0000:13 Link
The Slowest Liftand and and andExposure2018-02-2223:0000:06 Link
The Young'uns (artist)These HandsWorld on 32018-02-2323:0000:14 Link
Thelonious Monk (artist)Off MinorJazz Record Requests2018-02-1716:0000:06 Link
Thomas (2) LinleyWhere the bee sucks (The Tempest - incidental music)Choir and Organ2018-02-1816:0000:56 Link
Thomas AdèsDarknesse VisibleComposer of the Week2018-02-2312:0000:09 Link
Thomas AdèsPowder Her Face (Overture)Essential Classics2018-02-2309:0002:19 Link
Thomas Attwood WalmisleyMagnificatChoral Evensong2018-02-1815:0000:19 Link
Thomas Attwood WalmisleyNunc DimittisChoral Evensong2018-02-1815:0000:28 Link
Thomas TallisLitanyChoral Evensong2018-02-1815:0000:40 Link
Thomas TallisMiserere NostriEarly Music Late2018-02-1822:3000:56 Link
Thomas TomkinsPavan à 5Breakfast2018-02-2206:3000:09 Link
Théodore DuboisToccata in G major (12 Pieces for organ)Essential Classics2018-02-1909:0001:26 Link
Tomoko Sauvage (artist)ClepsydraLate Junction2018-02-2123:0000:17 Link
Tomás Luis de VictoriaCredidi propter quodEarly Music Late2018-02-1822:3000:37 Link
Tomás Luis de VictoriaGaude MariaChoir and Organ2018-02-1816:0000:03 Link
Tomás Luis de VictoriaResponses for Holy Saturday: O vos omnesIn Tune2018-02-2317:0001:44 Link
Tootard (artist)CirclesWorld on 32018-02-2323:0001:26 Link
Tootard (artist)JeenaWorld on 32018-02-2323:0001:18 Link
Tootard (artist)Laissez PasserWorld on 32018-02-2323:0000:23 Link
Tootard (artist)Oya MarhabaWorld on 32018-02-2323:0000:00 Link
Tootard (artist)SahraWorld on 32018-02-2323:0000:33 Link
Toru TakemitsuMusic of Training and Rest - from Jose TorresEssential Classics2018-02-2009:0002:03 Link
Toru TakemitsuWaltz - from Face of AnotherEssential Classics2018-02-2009:0002:08 Link
Toto Bona Lokua (artist)Ma MamaWorld on 32018-02-2323:0001:49 Link
Trad.GreensleevesSunday Morning2018-02-1809:0000:22 Link
Trad.Thalassa lypisouBreakfast2018-02-2006:3000:55 Link
trad. IrishThe Rolling Wave/Martin Wynne'sIn Tune2018-02-2217:0001:53 Link
TraditionalCold and raw (The Beggar's Opera)The Early Music Show2018-02-1814:0000:09 Link
TraditionalDanish Wedding SongThrough the Night2018-02-2100:3003:45 Link
TraditionalLoch LomondEssential Classics2018-02-2309:0001:53 Link
TraditionalNader my God by uThrough the Night2018-02-2100:3000:15 Link
TraditionalUnclouded DayChoir and Organ2018-02-1816:0000:15 Link
Traditional MexicanTarantellaEssential Classics2018-02-2009:0002:28 Link
Tremor (artist)Reloj de ArenaLate Junction2018-02-2023:0000:21 Link
TrädAll in a Garden GreenSunday Morning2018-02-1809:0000:24 Link
TrädGregor's Lament (Gaelic tune from about 1500)In Tune2018-02-2217:0001:47 Link
TrädJog OnSunday Morning2018-02-1809:0000:21 Link
Ursula K. Le Guin (artist)Heron DanceLate Junction2018-02-2123:0000:06 Link
Vernon DukeOgden Nash's Musical ZooRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-02-1913:0000:39 Link
Veronica UngureanuSweet YouthThrough the Night2018-02-1900:3002:58 Link
Victoria Borisova-OllasOpen GroundIn Tune2018-02-2217:0000:25 Link
Vincenzo BelliniIl Pirat:a Act 2Afternoon Concert2018-02-2214:0001:20 Link
Vincenzo BelliniIl Pirata: Act 1Afternoon Concert2018-02-2214:0000:02 Link
Vladimir MartynovThe BeatitudesBreakfast2018-02-2006:3000:37 Link
Wei Zhongle (artist)On Its WayLate Junction2018-02-2023:0000:06 Link
Wendy CarlosOverture: La Gazza LadraPrivate Passions2018-02-1812:0000:21 Link
Wilhelm Peterson‐BergerFrosoblomster [Flowers from Froson Island] for Piano, Book 2 (1900)Through the Night2018-02-1801:0005:07 Link
Wilhelm StenhammarSymphony no 2 in g minor, op 34Radio 3 in Concert2018-02-1819:3000:40 Link
Wilhelm ZehleWellingtonBreakfast2018-02-2206:3001:26 Link
Willem de FeschSonata in D minor Op.8, no.3 (2nd mvt)Breakfast2018-02-2206:3000:49 Link
William BoyceBirthday Ode for George IIIBreakfast2018-02-2106:3001:21 Link
William BradeDer heilig BergBreakfast2018-02-2106:3000:57 Link
William ByrdAve verum corpus for 4 voicesIn Tune2018-02-2117:0000:14 Link
William ByrdPaduana LachrimaeComposer of the Week2018-02-2112:0000:53 Link
William C.BanfieldSymphony no.6 '4 Songs for 5 American voices' (4th mvt)Breakfast2018-02-2306:3000:41 Link
William DamanLord Jesus, Think On Me (Southwell)Choral Evensong2018-02-1815:0000:50 Link
William HerschelSymphony No 13 in D majorEssential Classics2018-02-2209:0002:39 Link
William WaltonConcerto in B minor for violin and orchestraThrough the Night2018-02-2200:3000:25 Link
William WaltonGranada - Prelude for orchestraBreakfast2018-02-2006:3002:13 Link
William WaltonSonata For String OrchestraAfternoon Concert2018-02-2314:0000:14 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartAbendempfindung (K.523) for voice and pianoThrough the Night2018-02-1701:0003:08 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartAdagio and Rondo in C minor, K 617Breakfast2018-02-2006:3000:05 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartBatti, batti, o bel Masetto (Don Giovanni)In Tune2018-02-1917:0000:07 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartClarinet Concerto in A major, K 622 (3rd mvt)Essential Classics2018-02-2009:0001:53 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartConcerto No. 12 In A Major K.414 for Piano and OrchestraAfternoon Concert2018-02-1914:0002:17 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartConcerto in C major for flute and harp, K 299 (2nd mvt)Breakfast2018-02-1707:0000:19 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartDer Vogelfänger bin ich ja (The Magic Flute)Essential Classics2018-02-1909:0002:15 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartDon Giovanni (K. 527) - overtureThrough the Night2018-02-2000:3003:53 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartFantasy in C minor (K.396)Through the Night2018-02-1801:0002:59 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartMass in C major (K.317) "Coronation"Through the Night2018-02-2100:3002:01 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartNon più andrai (The Marriage of Figaro)Breakfast2018-02-2106:3001:55 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartOverture to The Marriage of Figaro, K 492Afternoon Concert2018-02-2014:0002:54 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartPiano Concerto No 20 in D minor, K 466 (2nd mvt)Essential Classics2018-02-2309:0000:05 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartPiano Concerto No 23 in A major, K 488 (2nd mvt)Essential Classics2018-02-2209:0002:30 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartPiano Concerto No.4 in G, K.41Through the Night2018-02-2000:3003:09 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartPiano Sonata in C, K. 330 (2nd mvt)In Tune2018-02-2317:0000:43 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartPiano Sonata in C, K330 - 2nd mvt:In Tune2018-02-2017:0000:43 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartQuintet in E flat major, K 452 (3rd mvt)Essential Classics2018-02-2309:0002:54 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartRondo in A major, K 386In Tune Mixtape2018-02-2119:0000:18 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartSerenade No. 12 in C Minor, K388Afternoon Concert2018-02-2014:0000:13 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartSinfonia Concertante in E flat major, KV 297b (3rd mvt)Breakfast2018-02-2006:3000:44 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartSonata for piano 4 hands in D major (K.381)Through the Night2018-02-2200:3004:07 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartString Quartet in B flat major, K589Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2018-02-2013:0000:35 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartString Quartet in C major, K 465, 'Dissonance' - 3rd movement, Menuetto and TrioIn Tune2018-02-2117:0000:54 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartString Quartet in C, K465 (Dissonance)Radio 3 in Concert2018-02-2219:3000:03 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartString Quartet in G major, K 387 (4th mvt)Essential Classics2018-02-2109:0001:36 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartSymphony No 23 in D major, K 181Essential Classics2018-02-1909:0001:17 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartSymphony No 32 in G major, K 318 (Overture)Breakfast2018-02-1807:0001:39 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartSymphony No 4 in D major, K 19 (3rd mvt)In Tune Mixtape2018-02-2019:0000:00 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartSymphony No 41 in C major, K 551, 'Jupiter' (4th mvt)Essential Classics2018-02-2109:0000:30 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartSymphony No.1 in E flat major, K.16Breakfast2018-02-2206:3000:39 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartSymphony No.40, K.550; I. Molto allegroWords and Music2018-02-1817:3000:07 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartSymphony no. 21 in ASunday Morning2018-02-1809:0002:15 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartVedrai, carino (Don Giovanni)In Tune2018-02-1917:0000:49 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartViolin Concerto No.5 in A major - 3rd movement: RondeauIn Tune2018-02-2017:0001:33 Link
Wolfgang RihmIn-SchriftThrough the Night2018-02-1801:0000:01 Link
Wynton MarsalisAt The Octoroon Balls - Quartet No. 1 For StringsAfternoon Concert2018-02-1914:0001:32 Link
Xalq Women Collective (artist)MubarekLate Junction2018-02-2023:0001:07 Link
York BowenHorn Sonata, Op 101 (3rd mvt)In Tune2018-02-2117:0000:48 Link
You Are Wolf (artist)DragonflyLate Junction2018-02-2023:0001:02 Link
You Are Wolf (artist)If Boys Could SwimLate Junction2018-02-2123:0000:10 Link
You Are Wolf (artist)The Baffled Knight/The Shepherd Lad (intro)Late Junction2018-02-2023:0001:00 Link
Zoltán KodályDances of Galánta [Galanta tancok] for orchestraThrough the Night2018-02-2300:3000:01 Link
Zoltán KodályNo.3 from Hegyi ejszakak (Mountain nights) - 5 songs without words (1955-56)Through the Night2018-02-1701:0003:55 Link
Zygmunt KoniecznyString Quartet (2016)Through the Night2018-02-1900:3000:45 Link
Émile WaldteufelLes Patineurs [The skaters] - waltzEssential Classics2018-02-2309:0000:23 Link
Ólafur ArnaldsNear LightBreakfast2018-02-2106:3000:12 Link
Širom (artist)Deset Besed (Ten Words)World on 32018-02-2323:0001:32 Link