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AnonWords and Music2016-09-1817:3000:01 Link
Antoine de Saint-Exupery, trans Lewis Galantiere PicadorWords and Music2016-09-1817:3000:56 Link
Antonia FraserWords and Music2016-09-1817:3000:47 Link
At the Ruhrtriennale festival in GermanyMusic Matters2016-09-1712:1500:21 Link
Britten in Books: ‘Benjamin Britten and Russia’ by Cameron Pyke, and The letters of Benjamin Britten and Peter PearsMusic Matters2016-09-1712:1500:01 Link
Encyclopaedia BritannicaWords and Music2016-09-1817:3001:05 Link
Ian McEwanWords and Music2016-09-1817:3000:44 Link
John DonneWords and Music2016-09-1817:3000:24 Link
Josephine Preston PeabodyWords and Music2016-09-1817:3000:36 Link
L.P. HartleyWords and Music2016-09-1817:3000:13 Link
Lord MifflinWords and Music2016-09-1817:3001:02 Link
Mark TwainWords and Music2016-09-1817:3000:20 Link
Maurice Ravel - A la maniere de Borodin; A la maniere de ChabrierSaturday Classics2016-09-1713:0000:41 Link
Maurice Ravel - A la manière de Borodine; A la maniere de Chabrier - 2 pieces for pianoSaturday Classics2016-09-1713:0000:30 Link
Molly FiskWords and Music2016-09-1817:3000:59 Link
Nicolaus CopernicusWords and Music2016-09-1817:3000:09 Link
Percy Bysshe ShelleyWords and Music2016-09-1817:3000:06 Link
Samuel Taylor ColeridgeWords and Music2016-09-1817:3001:10 Link
Ted HughesWords and Music2016-09-1817:3000:43 Link
Thomas HardyWords and Music2016-09-1817:3000:39 Link
Wilfred OwenWords and Music2016-09-1817:3000:29 Link
William BlakeWords and Music2016-09-1817:3000:54 Link
William ShakespeareWords and Music2016-09-1817:3000:16 Link
William ShakespeareWords and Music2016-09-1817:3000:50 Link
Aaron CoplandQuiet CityEssential Classics2016-09-2209:0001:44 Link
Aaron CoplandSymphony No.3 (4th mvt)Breakfast2016-09-2206:3001:42 Link
Aaron Diehl (artist)Broadway Boogie WoogieJazz Now2016-09-1923:0001:23 Link
Aaron Diehl (artist)Etude no. 16Jazz Now2016-09-1923:0001:18 Link
Aaron Diehl (artist)Flux CapacitorJazz Now2016-09-1923:0001:13 Link
Aaron Diehl (artist)UranusJazz Now2016-09-1923:0001:06 Link
Adam JarzębskiIn Te Domine Speravi from Canzoni e concertiThrough the Night2016-09-2200:3001:54 Link
Adam JarzębskiSentinellaThrough the Night2016-09-2000:3005:15 Link
Albert Ayler Trio (artist)GhostsLate Junction2016-09-2223:0000:59 Link
Alec RothMy Lute and IRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2016-09-1813:0000:14 Link
Alessandro MarcelloConcerto for trumpet and strings in D minor [orig. oboe and strings]Essential Classics2016-09-1909:0002:48 Link
Alessandro PiccininiToccata; Mariona alla vera spagnola, chiacconaThrough the Night2016-09-1801:0004:37 Link
Alessandro ScarlattiIl primo omicidio - overo Cain - Oratorio a 6 voci, 1707 [part 1]Through the Night2016-09-2100:3000:02 Link
Alessandro ScarlattiIl primo omicidio - overo Cain - Oratorio a 6 voci, 1707 [part 2]Through the Night2016-09-2100:3001:08 Link
Alessandro StriggioMass “Ecco Si Beata Giorno”: CredoBreakfast2016-09-1807:0000:32 Link
Alexander Alexandrovich AlyabievOverture in F minorThrough the Night2016-09-1900:3004:43 Link
Alexander BorodinScherzo in D majorEssential Classics2016-09-2109:0000:33 Link
Alexander GlazunovThe Seasons, ballet in 1 act Op.67, L'Automne 'Bacchanale' and 'Petit Adagio'In Tune2016-09-2116:3001:06 Link
Alexander Glazunov (artist)The Seasons - Op 67 - WinterSunday Morning2016-09-1809:0001:41 Link
Alfonso X el SabioSaltarello (Cantigas 79-119)Breakfast2016-09-2206:3001:21 Link
Alfred GrünfeldSoirees de Vienne for piano, Op.56Through the Night2016-09-2000:3003:45 Link
Alfred SchnittkeFugue & Pantomime from Suite in the Old StyleBreakfast2016-09-2006:3001:55 Link
Anda Union (artist)Lake Dance SaverdenWorld on 32016-09-2323:0000:25 Link
Andrew Van DorsselaerDon’t Call me BabyThe Listening Service2016-09-1817:0000:07 Link
Andrew “Fats” FordWassails and LullabiesThrough the Night2016-09-2200:3004:04 Link
Anna B Savage (artist)IIILate Junction2016-09-2223:0001:14 Link
Anna Bylsma (artist)Sinfonia Concertante In C Minor - 4th movtThe Early Music Show2016-09-1814:0000:14 Link
Anna Meredith (artist)ScrimshawLate Junction2016-09-2023:0000:03 Link
Anon.La PastorellaEssential Classics2016-09-2209:0000:14 Link
Anon.Sunday morningBreakfast2016-09-2206:3001:24 Link
AnonymousPia mater Salvatoris for 3 voices [Old Hall MS, c.1410-15]Essential Classics2016-09-2209:0001:28 Link
Anton BrucknerLibera Me in F minorBreakfast2016-09-1906:3001:42 Link
Anton BrucknerSymphony no.8 – 1st mvtThe Listening Service2016-09-1817:0000:21 Link
Anton Karas (artist)Harry Lime Theme from The Third ManBreakfast2016-09-2106:3000:39 Link
Antonin DvorakConcerto in B minor Op.104 for cello and orchestraThrough the Night2016-09-1801:0000:01 Link
Antonin DvorakCypresses - no.6 "You are my glorious rose"Breakfast2016-09-1807:0000:58 Link
Antonin DvorakIn Nature’s Realm, Op.91Breakfast2016-09-1906:3000:38 Link
Antonin DvorakMass in D major (Op.86)Through the Night2016-09-2300:3001:19 Link
Antonin DvorakRomance in F major, Op.11Essential Classics2016-09-1909:0000:31 Link
Antonin DvorakScherzo furiant (molto vivace) from Piano Quintet no.2 in A major Op.81Through the Night2016-09-2100:3003:45 Link
Antonin DvorakSlavonic Dance in E minor, Op.72 no.2Through the Night2016-09-2200:3002:56 Link
Antonin DvorakSlavonic dances (Op.46), no.5 in A majorIn Tune2016-09-1916:3001:57 Link
Antonio LottiSonata for 2 oboes, bassoon and continuo in F major, 'Echo sonata'Through the Night2016-09-1801:0004:56 Link
Antonio VivaldiBassoon Concerto in C major, RV474Essential Classics2016-09-2109:0002:48 Link
Antonio VivaldiConcerto for Sopranino, Two Violins and Basso Continuo RV 108Through the Night2016-09-2300:3003:51 Link
Antonio VivaldiGloria in D major, RV.589: Gloria in excelsis DeoIn Tune2016-09-1916:3000:32 Link
Antonio VivaldiGloria, cantata for soloists, mixed choir and orchestra in D major (RV.589)Through the Night2016-09-2200:3002:01 Link
Antonio VivaldiThe Four SeasonsAfternoon on 32016-09-1914:0001:40 Link
Antonio VivaldiThe Four SeasonsSunday Morning2016-09-1809:0000:28 Link
Apple of my EyeThe Beast BelowIn Tune2016-09-2016:3000:06 Link
Apple of my Eye (artist)Cloth, Needle and ThreadIn Tune2016-09-2016:3000:40 Link
Arca (artist)Baby DollLate Junction2016-09-2023:0000:51 Link
Arcangelo CorelliConcerto Grosso in G minor Op.6 No.8 “Christmas Concerto”The Listening Service2016-09-1817:0000:25 Link
Armas JärnefeltKanteletarThrough the Night2016-09-2000:3004:01 Link
Arnold BaxFour Orchestral Pieces: Dance in the Sun (extract)Words and Music2016-09-1817:3000:26 Link
Arnold SchoenbergPelleas und Melisande (Op.5) (1902-03)Through the Night2016-09-1701:0002:01 Link
Arnold SchoenbergShine on us, dear sun (extract)Words and Music2016-09-1817:3001:00 Link
Art Blakey (artist)Cranky SpankyJazz Record Requests2016-09-1716:0000:01 Link
Art Pepper (artist)You'd Be So Nice To Come Home ToGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2016-09-1800:0000:34 Link
Arthur BenjaminJamaican RumbaRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2016-09-2313:0000:55 Link
Arthur BenjaminJamaican RumbaSunday Morning2016-09-1809:0001:57 Link
Arthur HoneggerPacific 231 - mouvement symphonique no. 1Saturday Classics2016-09-1713:0001:24 Link
Arthur HoneggerPacific 231 - mouvement symphonique no. 1Saturday Classics2016-09-1713:0001:40 Link
Arve Henriksen (artist)Plume of AshJazz Line-Up2016-09-1717:0000:43 Link
Arvo PärtCantus in Memoriam Benjamin BrittenEssential Classics2016-09-2209:0000:34 Link
Asha Bhosle (artist)Eena Meena DeekaLate Junction2016-09-2223:0000:00 Link
Astor PiazzollaTango Suite for two guitars (Parts 2 and 3)Through the Night2016-09-1801:0003:29 Link
BAS JAN (artist)Sat NavLate Junction2016-09-2023:0000:39 Link
Baluji Shrivastav (artist)Raag ShobhavariThe Listening Service2016-09-1817:0000:03 Link
Bartolomeo TromboncinoScopri linguaEssential Classics2016-09-2009:0000:19 Link
Battle Trance (artist)Blade of Love IIILate Junction2016-09-2223:0001:19 Link
Bedrich SmetanaMa Vlast: 1. Vysehrad (The High Castle)Breakfast2016-09-1707:0000:40 Link
Bedrich SmetanaOn the seashore – A reminiscenceBreakfast2016-09-2006:3000:04 Link
Benjamin AshbyBeatitudeRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2016-09-2213:0000:10 Link
Benjamin BrittenA Midsummer Night's Dream, Op. 64Record Review2016-09-1709:0002:50 Link
Benjamin BrittenHoliday Diary, Op. 5 - II. SailingBreakfast2016-09-1906:3002:04 Link
Benjamin BrittenLachrymae (Reflections on a song of Dowland) for viola and piano (Op.48)Through the Night2016-09-2000:3002:22 Link
Benjamin BrittenLes Illuminations: Fanfare & VillesBreakfast2016-09-2306:3000:54 Link
Benjamin BrittenWar Requiem: Lacrimosa (extract)Words and Music2016-09-1817:3000:29 Link
Benjamin GodardLanterne magique (Op. 66), no. 2; Hommage a ChopinBreakfast2016-09-1707:0000:03 Link
Bent SørensenHavet står så blankt og stille (The Sea Stands So Still and Shining)Late Junction2016-09-2123:0000:16 Link
Bill Charlap Trio (artist)Make Me RainbowsJazz Line-Up2016-09-1717:0000:52 Link
Bill Evans (artist)Peace PieceIn Tune2016-09-2116:3001:15 Link
Billy MayerlAutumn crocus for pianoIn Tune2016-09-2116:3000:01 Link
Bitori (artist)Bitori nha BibinhaLate Junction2016-09-2223:0000:24 Link
Björn Isfält (artist)My Life As A DogLate Junction2016-09-2223:0001:05 Link
Blaz ArnicOverture to the Comic Opera (Op.11)Through the Night2016-09-2300:3004:01 Link
Bob Crosby (artist)Oh Mistress MineJazz Record Requests2016-09-1716:0000:26 Link
Bohuslav MartinuPart-song book - 4 madrigals for mixed chorus [1959]Through the Night2016-09-2100:3005:02 Link
Bohuslav MartinuSonatine for trumpet and pianoBreakfast2016-09-2206:3001:04 Link
Bonnie “Prince” Billy (artist)Most PeopleLate Junction2016-09-2023:0001:12 Link
Brian Eno (artist)M386Private Passions2016-09-1812:0000:24 Link
Brian Eno (artist)Patrolling Wire BordersPrivate Passions2016-09-1812:0000:22 Link
Bruce Springsteen (artist)The RiverLate Junction2016-09-2223:0000:55 Link
Bud Powell (artist)You Go To My HeadJazz Record Requests2016-09-1716:0000:06 Link
Bunny Berigan (artist)The Prisoner's SongJazz Record Requests2016-09-1716:0000:21 Link
Béla BartókConcerto for orchestra (Sz.116), 5th mvt; Finale (Pesante - presto)Breakfast2016-09-1807:0001:44 Link
Béla BartókDance Suite: III. Allegro vivaceEssential Classics2016-09-2309:0002:21 Link
Béla BartókThe Miraculous Mandarin - SuiteRadio 3 in Concert2016-09-2319:3001:33 Link
Camille Saint‐SaënsDalila's aria: 'Mon coeur s'ouvre' (from "Samson et Dalila", Act 2 Scene 3)Through the Night2016-09-2200:3003:03 Link
Camille Saint‐SaënsHavanaise, Op 83Breakfast2016-09-1906:3002:11 Link
Camille Saint‐SaënsLe Carnaval des animaux: Elephant; Kangaroos; Donkeys; Aquarium; FinaleSaturday Classics2016-09-1713:0001:15 Link
Camille Saint‐SaënsLe Carnaval des animaux: Elephant; Kangaroos; Donkeys; Aquarium; FinaleSaturday Classics2016-09-1713:0001:03 Link
Camille Saint‐SaënsPiano Quartet in B flat, Op. 41 - i. AllegrettoIn Tune2016-09-2216:3001:49 Link
Carl Maria von WeberInvitation to the dance - rondo brillantBreakfast2016-09-2306:3002:05 Link
Carl NielsenAladdin - suite [7 pieces] [from incidental music Op.34]Through the Night2016-09-1701:0003:29 Link
Carl NielsenHelios Overture (extract)Words and Music2016-09-1817:3001:03 Link
Carl NielsenMit hjerte altid vankerRadio 3 in Concert2016-09-2119:3001:45 Link
Carl NielsenSnefrid - incidental music (FS.17), Love musicBreakfast2016-09-1906:3000:15 Link
Carl NielsenString Quartet no.1 in G minor, Op.13Through the Night2016-09-2000:3000:01 Link
Carl NielsenString Quartet no.3 in E flat major, Op.14Through the Night2016-09-2000:3000:35 Link
Carl OrffCarmina Burana: Part III, Cour d'amours - 'Amor volat undique'Essential Classics2016-09-2209:0001:06 Link
Carl Philipp Emanuel BachKeyboard Concerto in D minor Wq. 17Radio 3 in Concert2016-09-2219:3000:28 Link
Carl StamitzConcerto for Cello and Orchestra No.2 in AThrough the Night2016-09-2200:3005:39 Link
Carl William Smith Raynard MinerRescue MeThe Listening Service2016-09-1817:0000:01 Link
Carlo GesualdoAve dulcissima Maria for 5 voices (1603a) - sacred motetThrough the Night2016-09-1900:3004:36 Link
Catherine Russell (artist)Swing! Brother, Swing!Jazz Line-Up2016-09-1717:0000:02 Link
Chaim Tannenbaum (artist)Farther AlongWorld on 32016-09-2323:0000:42 Link
Charles IvesThe Alcotts - third movement of Concord Sonata (Piano Sonata No 2)Breakfast2016-09-2106:3001:03 Link
Charles KoechlinLes Bandar-Log, a symphonic poem, Op.176Essential Classics2016-09-2309:0001:44 Link
Charles Mingus (artist)GG TrainThe Listening Service2016-09-1817:0000:24 Link
Charles Tomlinson Griffes3 Tone pictures Op.5 vers. for chamber ensembleSaturday Classics2016-09-1713:0000:47 Link
Charles Tomlinson Griffes3 Tone pictures Op.5, version for chamber ensembleSaturday Classics2016-09-1713:0001:00 Link
Charlie Haden (artist)The Good LifeGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2016-09-1800:0000:55 Link
Chick Corea (artist)Mozart Goes DancingSaturday Classics2016-09-1713:0000:22 Link
Chick Corea (artist)Mozart Goes DancingSaturday Classics2016-09-1713:0000:33 Link
Chico HamiltonThe Morning AfterBreakfast2016-09-1707:0000:35 Link
Chico Hamilton (artist)The Morning AfterGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2016-09-1800:0000:21 Link
Christoph Willibald GluckDance of the Furies from "Orfeo ed Euridice", Act 2Through the Night2016-09-1900:3003:44 Link
Christoph Willibald GluckWhat Is Life?Private Passions2016-09-1812:0000:07 Link
Christopher E. HajianThe Infiltrator (2016) - I'm Going To Miss Bob MusellaSound of Cinema2016-09-1715:0000:53 Link
Chrysanthemum Bear (artist)Graphene 1b For JeremyLate Junction2016-09-2023:0000:35 Link
Chuck Berry (artist)You Never Can TellThe Listening Service2016-09-1817:0000:27 Link
Clara Schumann12 Poems from 'Liebesfruhling' (Op.37), no.11; Warum willst du andre fragen?Breakfast2016-09-2006:3000:58 Link
Clara SchumannTrio for piano and strings (Op.17) in G minorThrough the Night2016-09-1701:0001:32 Link
Claude Debussy3 Preludes - Book 1 nos 11, 3 and 8 – La danse de Puck; Le vent dans la plaine; La fille aux cheveux de linBreakfast2016-09-1906:3001:50 Link
Claude DebussyDe FleursSunday Morning2016-09-1809:0002:20 Link
Claude DebussyEstampes [1903]Through the Night2016-09-2000:3004:15 Link
Claude DebussyL'Isle joyeuseThrough the Night2016-09-1801:0003:09 Link
Claude DebussyLa Cathedrale engloutie - no.10 from Preludes book 1 (1910)Through the Night2016-09-1900:3004:21 Link
Claude DebussyLa fille aux cheveux de LinIn Tune2016-09-2016:3001:33 Link
Claude DebussyLes sons et les parfums tournentIn Tune2016-09-2016:3001:36 Link
Claude DebussyPrelude a l'apres-midi d'un fauneRadio 3 in Concert2016-09-2319:3000:02 Link
Claude DebussyPreludes - Book 1: No.10; La Cathedrale engloutieSaturday Classics2016-09-1713:0000:53 Link
Claude DebussyPreludes - book 1: no.10; La Cathedrale engloutieSaturday Classics2016-09-1713:0000:40 Link
Claude DebussyPrologue (1st movement) from Cello sonata in D minorBreakfast2016-09-1707:0000:31 Link
Claude DebussyQuartet for strings (Op.10) in G minorThrough the Night2016-09-1701:0005:25 Link
Claude DebussyReverieEssential Classics2016-09-2309:0001:10 Link
Claude DebussySelection from Images Set 2, Danse de Khamma, and Epigraphes AntiquesRadio 3 in Concert2016-09-1819:3000:25 Link
Claude GervaiseGalliardEssential Classics2016-09-2209:0000:12 Link
Claude GervaiseGalliardEssential Classics2016-09-2209:0000:15 Link
Claude GervaisePavane et Galliarde d’AngleterreEssential Classics2016-09-1909:0000:15 Link
Claudin de SermisyFour Renaissance chansonsThrough the Night2016-09-1900:3003:24 Link
Cloud Becomes Your Hand (artist)Garden of the ApeLate Junction2016-09-2023:0000:57 Link
Clément JanequinLe chant des oiseauxBreakfast2016-09-2206:3000:41 Link
Colin Edwin (artist)KupalaLate Junction2016-09-2123:0000:42 Link
Colin MatthewsQuatrain (Be in the Audience)Afternoon on 32016-09-2314:0002:13 Link
Craig ArmstrongBridget Jones's Baby (2016) - Race to Mark's FlatSound of Cinema2016-09-1715:0000:57 Link
Curtis Counce (artist)CompleteGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2016-09-1800:0000:27 Link
Cécile Louise ChaminadeConcertino Op.107Through the Night2016-09-2000:3004:07 Link
Cécile Louise ChaminadeGuitare Op.32 for pianoBreakfast2016-09-1807:0000:04 Link
Darius Milhaud"La Cheminée du Roi René" (excerpt from Madrigal-Nocturne)Through the Night2016-09-1701:0000:00 Link
Darius Milhaud"La Cheminée du Roi René" (excerpt from Madrigal-Nocturne)Through the Night2016-09-1801:0000:00 Link
Darius Milhaud"La Cheminée du Roi René" (excerpt from Madrigal-Nocturne)Through the Night2016-09-1900:3000:00 Link
Darius Milhaud"La Cheminée du Roi René" (excerpt from Madrigal-Nocturne)Through the Night2016-09-2100:3000:00 Link
David PickardThe Flight of Icarus (extract)Words and Music2016-09-1817:3000:34 Link
Death Grips (artist)WarpingLate Junction2016-09-2123:0000:02 Link
Denes Agay5 Easy Dances for flute, oboe, clarinet in Bb, bassoon, hornThrough the Night2016-09-2000:3003:52 Link
Diego OrtizRecercada segundaLate Junction2016-09-2223:0001:11 Link
Dieterich BuxtehudeChaconne in E minorBreakfast2016-09-2206:3000:53 Link
Dieterich BuxtehudePassacaglia in D minor (BuxWV.161)Through the Night2016-09-1701:0003:22 Link
Dizzee RascalDance wiv meThe Listening Service2016-09-1817:0000:27 Link
Dizzy Gillespie (artist)The ChampJazz Record Requests2016-09-1716:0000:30 Link
Dmitri ShostakovichCello Sonata Op.40 in D minorIn Tune2016-09-2317:0001:06 Link
Dmitri ShostakovichSuite for Variety Orchestra: Waltz 2Breakfast2016-09-1906:3000:33 Link
Dobrinka TabakovaConcerto for cello and orchestra, 2rd movement; RadiantBreakfast2016-09-1707:0001:29 Link
Domenico CimarosaOboe Concerto in C majorEssential Classics2016-09-2109:0002:01 Link
Domenico Scarlatti3 Sonatas for pianoThrough the Night2016-09-2100:3005:37 Link
Domenico ScarlattiSonata (Kk.67) in F sharp minorBreakfast2016-09-2206:3002:14 Link
Domenico ScarlattiSonata (Kk.72) in C majorIn Tune2016-09-1916:3000:00 Link
Domenico ScarlattiSonata in D minor Fugue (K.41); Presto (K. 18)Through the Night2016-09-1900:3004:27 Link
Domenico ScarlattiSonata in D minor Kk.517Breakfast2016-09-2306:3002:15 Link
Domenico ScarlattiSonata in F major K445In Tune2016-09-2016:3001:43 Link
Domenico da PiacenzaPizochara - for treble viol, small lute and tambourineThrough the Night2016-09-2000:3003:35 Link
Doreen CarwithenOverture: Men of Sherwood Forest (1954 film)In Tune2016-09-1916:3001:12 Link
Dudley Moore (artist)And The Same To YouSaturday Classics2016-09-1713:0000:02 Link
Dudley Moore (artist)And the same to youSaturday Classics2016-09-1713:0000:01 Link
Dudley Moore (artist)Little Miss Britten for voice and pianoSaturday Classics2016-09-1713:0000:07 Link
Dudley Moore (artist)Little Miss Britten for voice and piano ['Little Miss Muffet' set in the style of Britten]Saturday Classics2016-09-1713:0000:05 Link
Duke EllingtonHot and Bothered (extract)Words and Music2016-09-1817:3000:15 Link
Edgar SampsonIf Dreams Come TrueIn Tune2016-09-2317:0002:13 Link
Edmund Rubbra9 Tenebrae Motets Op.72 - no.3 Ecce vidimus eumComposer of the Week2016-09-2112:0000:54 Link
Edmund RubbraA Hymn to the virginComposer of the Week2016-09-1912:0000:06 Link
Edmund RubbraA Tribute, Op 56Breakfast2016-09-1906:3000:57 Link
Edmund RubbraConcerto in A major Op.75 -1st movement; Introduzione quasi una fantasia - moderatoComposer of the Week2016-09-2112:0000:25 Link
Edmund RubbraDormi, Jesu - lullaby Op.3Composer of the Week2016-09-1912:0000:01 Link
Edmund RubbraImprovisations On Virginal Pieces By Giles Farnaby Op.50 - Farnaby's conceitComposer of the Week2016-09-2012:0000:01 Link
Edmund RubbraMissa In Honorem Sancti Dominici Op.66Composer of the Week2016-09-2012:0000:38 Link
Edmund RubbraMissa a 3 Op.98Composer of the Week2016-09-2212:0000:01 Link
Edmund RubbraOde To The Queen Op.83Composer of the Week2016-09-2112:0000:38 Link
Edmund RubbraPiano Trio No. 1 Op.68Composer of the Week2016-09-2112:0000:01 Link
Edmund RubbraSonata In G Minor Op.60 - 3rd movement; Tema con variazioniComposer of the Week2016-09-2012:0000:22 Link
Edmund RubbraSonata no. 2 Op.31Composer of the Week2016-09-1912:0000:27 Link
Edmund RubbraSonatina Op.19Composer of the Week2016-09-1912:0000:11 Link
Edmund RubbraString Quartet No. 4 Op.150Composer of the Week2016-09-2312:0000:23 Link
Edmund RubbraSymphony No. 4 Op.53 - 1st movement; Con motoComposer of the Week2016-09-2012:0000:06 Link
Edmund RubbraSymphony no. 1 Op.44Composer of the Week2016-09-1912:0000:48 Link
Edmund RubbraSymphony no. 11 Op.153Composer of the Week2016-09-2312:0000:43 Link
Edmund RubbraSymphony no. 7 in C major Op.88 - 2nd movement; Vivace e leggieroComposer of the Week2016-09-2212:0000:11 Link
Edmund RubbraSymphony no. 9 Op.140 (Sinfonia Sacra) - And Jesus Led Them'; 'Viri Galilaei'Composer of the Week2016-09-2312:0000:11 Link
Edmund RubbraTenebrae – Second Nocturn Op.72Breakfast2016-09-2006:3001:47 Link
Edmund RubbraThe Jade mountain Op.116 extractsComposer of the Week2016-09-2212:0000:52 Link
Edmund RubbraVariations on 'The shining river' Op.101Composer of the Week2016-09-2212:0000:40 Link
Edmund RubbraVeni, creator spiritus - motet Op.130Composer of the Week2016-09-2312:0000:01 Link
Edmund RubbraViolin Concerto Op.103 - 1st movement; AllegroComposer of the Week2016-09-2212:0000:24 Link
Edvard Grieg3 Pieces from Slatter (Norwegian Peasant Dances) (Op.72)Through the Night2016-09-1900:3003:36 Link
Edvard GriegAndante con moto for piano trioEssential Classics2016-09-2209:0000:18 Link
Edvard GriegLyric Pieces Op.65 No.6 : Wedding Day at TroldhaugenEssential Classics2016-09-2009:0001:24 Link
Edvard GriegMorning Mood, from 'Peer Gynt, Suite No.1, Op.46' arr. piano four handsThrough the Night2016-09-2200:3001:14 Link
Edvard GriegPeer Gynt Suite No.1 (Op.46)Through the Night2016-09-1801:0005:43 Link
Edvard GriegPeer Gynt Suite No.1: In the Hall of the Mountain KingEssential Classics2016-09-1909:0001:09 Link
Edward ElgarAndante and AllegroRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2016-09-2013:0000:04 Link
Edward ElgarCello Concerto - III AdagioPrivate Passions2016-09-1812:0000:37 Link
Edward ElgarChanson de Nuit, op.15 no.1In Tune2016-09-1916:3000:03 Link
Edward ElgarChanson de nuit Op.15`1Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2016-09-2113:0000:05 Link
Edward ElgarLa Capricieuse Op.17Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2016-09-2013:0000:12 Link
Edward ElgarNimrod [Enigma Variations] arr. for string octetBreakfast2016-09-2006:3001:26 Link
Edward ElgarQuintet in A minor Op.84Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2016-09-2313:0000:19 Link
Edward ElgarSalut d'amour Op.12Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2016-09-2113:0000:03 Link
Edward ElgarThe Spirit of England: To WomenAfternoon on 32016-09-1914:0002:23 Link
Edward ElgarThe Wand of youth - suite no. 1 (Op.1a)Breakfast2016-09-2006:3000:37 Link
Edward GermanNell Gwyn OvertureEssential Classics2016-09-1909:0000:02 Link
Edward GregsonConcerto for Piano and Wind (Homages)Afternoon on 32016-09-2014:0001:09 Link
Elena Kats-CherninRussian RagThrough the Night2016-09-2300:3003:24 Link
Elisabeth KuyperDer Pfeil und das Lied; Marien Lied; Ich komme Heim (Op.17 Nos 1, 2 & 3)Through the Night2016-09-1900:3005:27 Link
Elizabeth MaconchyMusic for Woodwind and Brass (Be in the Audience)Afternoon on 32016-09-2314:0001:52 Link
Elliott CarterMusicians Wrestle EverywhereBreakfast2016-09-1707:0001:26 Link
Emmanuel ChabrierEspana - rhapsodySaturday Classics2016-09-1713:0000:33 Link
Emmanuel ChabrierEspana - rhapsodySaturday Classics2016-09-1713:0000:45 Link
Emmanuel ChabrierJoyeuse MarcheBreakfast2016-09-1807:0001:56 Link
Ennio MorriconeOnce Upon a Time in America (1984) - Childhood MemoriesSound of Cinema2016-09-1715:0000:19 Link
Ennio MorriconeThe Untouchables (1987) - The Untouchables (End Title)Sound of Cinema2016-09-1715:0000:47 Link
Erich Wolfgang KorngoldConcerto for violin and orchestra (Op.35) in D major, 3rd mvt; Allegro assai...In Tune2016-09-2216:3000:19 Link
Erik SatieSports et Divertissements (excerpts)In Tune2016-09-2016:3001:52 Link
Ernest BlochAbodah - AllegroIn Tune2016-09-2317:0001:14 Link
Ernest BlochPrayer (From Jewish Life)In Tune2016-09-2216:3000:40 Link
Ernest TomlinsonSuite of English Folk DancesEssential Classics2016-09-2109:0000:11 Link
Eugène YsaÿeSonata no.2 - 1st mvtIn Tune2016-09-1916:3001:00 Link
Fairweather-Brown All Stars (artist)China BoyJazz Record Requests2016-09-1716:0000:18 Link
Feliks Nowowiejski3 Songs (Op.56) from "The Bialowieza Forest folder"Through the Night2016-09-2000:3004:53 Link
Felix MendelssohnHebrides - overture (Op.26)Through the Night2016-09-2200:3003:29 Link
Felix MendelssohnIncidental Music to A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Wedding MarchEssential Classics2016-09-2009:0001:04 Link
Felix MendelssohnLieder ohne Worte - book 1 (Op.19), no.5; Presto agitato in F sharp minorBreakfast2016-09-1906:3001:26 Link
Felix MendelssohnLieder ohne Worte - book 2 (Op.30), no.6; Venetianisches Gondellied...Breakfast2016-09-1906:3001:21 Link
Felix MendelssohnSymphony no. 4 (Op.90) in A major "Italian"Through the Night2016-09-1701:0004:47 Link
Felix MendelssohnVerleih' uns FriedenBreakfast2016-09-2306:3000:38 Link
Filip KutevPastoral for flute and orchestra (1943)Through the Night2016-09-2300:3004:49 Link
Florence PriceSymphony No.3 in C minorEssential Classics2016-09-2109:0001:31 Link
Francesco CavalliChe Citta from L’OrmindoThe Listening Service2016-09-1817:0000:14 Link
Francesco DuranteConcerto per quartetto for strings No.2 in G minorThrough the Night2016-09-2100:3004:01 Link
Francesco GeminianiConcerto Grosso In D Minor Op.2 No.3The Early Music Show2016-09-1814:0000:57 Link
Francesco GeminianiConcerto Grosso in D MinorSunday Morning2016-09-1809:0000:04 Link
Francesco Provenzale"Io pur vi miro" Menalippa's aria from the opera "Il schiavodi sua moglie"Through the Night2016-09-2100:3004:45 Link
Francesco VeraciniOverture VI for 2 oboes, bassoon & stringsThrough the Night2016-09-2300:3004:38 Link
Francis LaiA BicycletteBreakfast2016-09-2006:3001:09 Link
Francis Monkman (artist)The Long Good Friday (1980) - End TitleSound of Cinema2016-09-1715:0000:24 Link
Francis PoulencFlute SonataEssential Classics2016-09-2309:0001:18 Link
Francis PoulencLes Chemins de l'amour, FP 106Sunday Morning2016-09-1809:0000:20 Link
Francis PoulencLes Chemins de l'amour, FP106Sunday Morning2016-09-1809:0000:23 Link
Francis PoulencOboe SonataEssential Classics2016-09-2009:0002:04 Link
Francis PoulencTrio for oboe, bassoon and piano: III. RondoEssential Classics2016-09-2009:0000:01 Link
Frank BridgeThree Poems: Sunset (extract)Words and Music2016-09-1817:3000:54 Link
Frank MartinPassacaille (1944)Through the Night2016-09-1900:3000:11 Link
Franz LehárPot-pourri of WaltzesIn Tune2016-09-2317:0001:30 Link
Franz LisztAnnees de pelerinage: Premiere annee, Suisse: IV. Au bord d’une sourceEssential Classics2016-09-2109:0000:00 Link
Franz LisztConcerto for piano and orchestra no.2 (S.125) in A majorThrough the Night2016-09-1900:3005:05 Link
Franz LisztHungarian FantasyBreakfast2016-09-2106:3001:14 Link
Franz SchubertAdagio in E flat major, D.897 ‘Notturno’Breakfast2016-09-1807:0000:08 Link
Franz SchubertAn Die Musik, D547Sunday Morning2016-09-1809:0000:16 Link
Franz SchubertDer LeiermannPrivate Passions2016-09-1812:0000:56 Link
Franz SchubertDie Forelle (S.564)Through the Night2016-09-2100:3003:11 Link
Franz SchubertDie Schone Mullerin - song-cycle (D.795), no.14; Der JagerIn Tune2016-09-2216:3001:27 Link
Franz SchubertPiano Trio No. 2 in E flat D.929: Andante con motoBreakfast2016-09-2006:3002:20 Link
Franz SchubertQuartet for strings (D.810) ... "Death and the maiden, 3rd mvt; Scherzo and trioBreakfast2016-09-2206:3002:01 Link
Franz SchubertRondo in A major for Violin and Strings (D.438)Through the Night2016-09-1900:3004:06 Link
Franz SchubertStandchen [Serenade] arr. for piano -- from Schwanengesang (D.957)Through the Night2016-09-1701:0005:14 Link
Franz SchubertTrio for piano and strings (D.897) in E flat major 'Notturno'Through the Night2016-09-1801:0003:39 Link
Franz Xaver SchnizerSonata No.1 in C major – from Sei Sonate per il Cembalo ed Organo (Op.1)Through the Night2016-09-2000:3003:21 Link
François CouperinLecon de tenebre - premiere (excerpt)In Tune2016-09-1916:3001:24 Link
François CouperinLecon de tenebre - premiere (excerpt)In Tune2016-09-1916:3001:38 Link
Frederick DeliusOn Hearing The First Cuckoo In Spring RT.6.19 for orchestraSaturday Classics2016-09-1713:0001:09 Link
Frederick DeliusOn hearing the first cuckoo in spring RT.6.19 for orchestraSaturday Classics2016-09-1713:0000:55 Link
Frederick DeliusString Quartet: III. Late Swallows (arr. for string orchestra)Breakfast2016-09-1807:0001:21 Link
Fritz KreislerPraeludium and Allegro in the style of Gaetano PugnaniBreakfast2016-09-2206:3000:47 Link
Fryderyk Chopin2 Nocturnes for piano, Op.27Through the Night2016-09-2200:3000:32 Link
Fryderyk Chopin24 Preludes for piano (Op.28); no.2 in A minorThe Listening Service2016-09-1817:0000:20 Link
Fryderyk Chopin3 Nocturnes for piano, Op.15Through the Night2016-09-2200:3000:19 Link
Fryderyk Chopin3 Nocturnes for piano, Op.9Through the Night2016-09-2200:3000:01 Link
Fryderyk ChopinBallade for piano no. 1 (Op.23) in G minorThrough the Night2016-09-1801:0004:11 Link
Fryderyk ChopinBallade for piano no. 4 (Op.52) in F minorThrough the Night2016-09-2300:3004:27 Link
Fryderyk ChopinBerceuse in D flat major, Op.57Radio 3 in Concert2016-09-2119:3002:25 Link
Fryderyk ChopinEtude in G flat major, Op.25 No.9Essential Classics2016-09-1909:0000:00 Link
Fryderyk ChopinMazurka in A minor Op. 17 No. 4Record Review2016-09-1709:0000:18 Link
Fryderyk ChopinMazurka in F sharp minor Op 59 No 3Radio 3 in Concert2016-09-1919:3002:27 Link
Fryderyk ChopinNocturne for piano in C minor, Op.48 No.1Through the Night2016-09-2200:3000:45 Link
Fryderyk ChopinNocturne for piano in C sharp minor, Op.posthThrough the Night2016-09-2200:3001:09 Link
Fryderyk ChopinNocturne for piano in E major, Op.62 No.2Through the Night2016-09-2200:3001:01 Link
Fryderyk ChopinNocturne for piano in F sharp minor, Op.48 No.2Through the Night2016-09-2200:3000:52 Link
Fryderyk ChopinNocturne in C minor (Op.48 No.1)Through the Night2016-09-2000:3001:53 Link
Fryderyk ChopinNocturne in E flat (Op.55 No.2) arr. for flute, cor anglais and harpThrough the Night2016-09-2200:3004:23 Link
Fryderyk ChopinWaltz in B minor, Op.69 No.2Essential Classics2016-09-1909:0001:04 Link
Gabriel FauréLes roses d'Ispahan (Op.39 No.4) (1884)Through the Night2016-09-2300:3003:47 Link
Gabriel FauréMazurka in B flat major Op 32Breakfast2016-09-2306:3000:02 Link
Gabriel FauréNocturne No.1 in E flat minor (Op.33 No.1)Through the Night2016-09-2200:3003:10 Link
Gabriel FauréPelleas et Melisande - suite (Op.80)Through the Night2016-09-1701:0004:10 Link
Gaetano DonizettiOverture to La Fille du regiment [Daughter of the Regiment]Through the Night2016-09-1701:0003:08 Link
Gaspar CassadóRequiebrosIn Tune2016-09-2317:0001:51 Link
Genevieve Lacey (artist)Pale Blue EveningsLate Junction2016-09-2023:0000:44 Link
Georg Philipp TelemannBurlesque de Don Quixotte (Le couche de Quixotte)The Early Music Show2016-09-1814:0000:01 Link
Georg Philipp TelemannConcerto a 5Through the Night2016-09-1900:3003:49 Link
Georg Philipp TelemannConcerto for 3 oboes and orchestra in B flat majorThrough the Night2016-09-2000:3003:12 Link
Georg Philipp TelemannConcerto in E major TWV.53: E1Breakfast2016-09-1707:0000:12 Link
George Frideric HandelAgrippina condotta a morire: Dunque sara pur vero (HWV.110)Through the Night2016-09-2200:3004:50 Link
George Frideric HandelAlessandro - OvertureIn Tune2016-09-2116:3001:00 Link
George Frideric HandelDixit Dominus - Psalm 110 - Dixit Dominus Domino meoThe Choir2016-09-1816:0000:03 Link
George Frideric HandelEternal source of light - birthday ode for Queen AnneBreakfast2016-09-2106:3000:01 Link
George Frideric HandelEternal source of light divineWords and Music2016-09-1817:3000:39 Link
George Frideric HandelFaramondo - overtureThrough the Night2016-09-1701:0004:01 Link
George Frideric HandelFloridante: SinfoniaEssential Classics2016-09-2109:0000:58 Link
George Frideric HandelGiulio Cesare in Egitto - Act 1; Va tacito (Go silently)Breakfast2016-09-2206:3002:06 Link
George Frideric HandelIl Trionfo del tempo e del disinganno: Lascia la spinaEssential Classics2016-09-1909:0001:24 Link
George Frideric HandelMessiah - All we like sheepThe Early Music Show2016-09-1814:0000:28 Link
George Frideric HandelMessiah: Pt.1, no.3; And the glory of the Lord [chorus]Breakfast2016-09-1807:0001:33 Link
George Frideric HandelMi restano le lagrime from Alcina (Act 3 Sc.5)Through the Night2016-09-2000:3003:05 Link
George Frideric HandelO come, let us sing unto the Lord, 'Chandos Anthem No 8', HWV253Essential Classics2016-09-2309:0002:25 Link
George Frideric HandelSolomon - oratorio, Act 3; Sinfonia (Arrival of the Queen of Sheba)In Tune2016-09-2016:3000:32 Link
George Frideric HandelTrio Sonata in C HEC ‘Saul’Breakfast2016-09-2006:3001:34 Link
George Frideric HandelWhy do the nations rage so furiously together? (from Messiah)In Tune2016-09-2216:3000:33 Link
George Gershwin3 PreludesIn Tune2016-09-2317:0000:23 Link
George Russell (artist)Life On Earth BeginsJazz Record Requests2016-09-1716:0000:55 Link
Georges BizetFarandole from l'Arlesienne suite no.2Radio 3 in Concert2016-09-1919:3001:01 Link
Georges BizetHabenera from CarmenThe Listening Service2016-09-1817:0000:12 Link
Georges BizetL' Arlesienne - suite no. 1, CarillonBreakfast2016-09-2106:3000:34 Link
Georges BizetPrelude to l'Arlesienne suite no.1Radio 3 in Concert2016-09-1919:3001:01 Link
Gerald FinziEclogueEssential Classics2016-09-1909:0002:21 Link
Gerald FinziInterlude in A minor Op.21Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2016-09-2013:0000:45 Link
Gerry Mulligan (artist)Black NightgownGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2016-09-1800:0000:40 Link
Giacinto ScelsiAve MariaLate Junction2016-09-2223:0000:31 Link
Giacinto ScelsiCanti Del Capricorno No 1Late Junction2016-09-2123:0000:46 Link
Giacinto ScelsiThree Latin Prayers (1970) For Clarinet: Pater NosterLate Junction2016-09-2023:0001:24 Link
Giacomo PucciniLa Boheme - Act 2 (A square outside the Cafe Momus)The Choir2016-09-1816:0000:34 Link
Giacomo PucciniTosca - Act 2; Vissi d'arte [Tosca]Breakfast2016-09-1906:3002:26 Link
GinasteraVariacinoes concertantesAfternoon on 32016-09-2114:0000:19 Link
Gioachino RossiniIntroduction, theme and variations for oboe and orchestraBreakfast2016-09-1707:0001:36 Link
Gioachino RossiniO salutaris hostia for chorus [1857]Breakfast2016-09-1906:3001:16 Link
Gioachino RossiniOverture: The Italian Girl in AlgiersBreakfast2016-09-2206:3001:12 Link
Gioachino RossiniWilliam Tell - overtureRadio 3 in Concert2016-09-1919:3000:05 Link
Giorgio MoroderI Feel LoveThe Listening Service2016-09-1817:0000:02 Link
Giovanni Battista BovicelliDiminutionen on Palestrina's 'Io son ferito' for cornet and bcThrough the Night2016-09-2200:3003:40 Link
Giovanni Battista PergolesiSu tu m’amiEssential Classics2016-09-2009:0002:56 Link
Giovanni Benedetto PlattiCello Concerto in D, WD650Sunday Morning2016-09-1809:0002:08 Link
Giovanni Pierluigi da PalestrinaMotet: Peccantem me quotidieBreakfast2016-09-1707:0000:07 Link
Girls In Airports (artist)Sea TrailLate Junction2016-09-2123:0000:20 Link
Giuseppe TartiniSonata for violin and continuo (B.g5) in G minor "Devil's trill"Breakfast2016-09-2306:3001:45 Link
Giuseppe TorelliSonata in D for Trumpet, Strings and Basso ContinuoThrough the Night2016-09-1801:0003:15 Link
Giuseppe VerdiAida, Act 3: ‘Pur ti riveggo, mia dolce Aida’; 
'Fuggiam gli ardori inospiti'Essential Classics2016-09-2009:0001:13 Link
Giuseppe VerdiPrelude from La TraviataThrough the Night2016-09-1801:0001:30 Link
Glen Campbell (artist)Wichita LinemanLate Junction2016-09-2223:0001:02 Link
Granville BantockPagan SymphonyAfternoon on 32016-09-2014:0001:49 Link
Grażyna BacewiczOverture for orchestraBreakfast2016-09-2306:3001:35 Link
Gustav HolstIndra - symphonic poem Op.13Breakfast2016-09-1807:0000:41 Link
Gustav HolstSt Paul's SuiteRadio 3 in Concert2016-09-2119:3001:52 Link
Gustav HolstThe Mystic TrumpeterAfternoon on 32016-09-2014:0001:30 Link
Gustav HolstThe Planets - suite Op. 32: MarsRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2016-09-2013:0000:37 Link
Gustav HolstThe Planets: Jupiter, the bringer of jollityRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2016-09-2113:0000:32 Link
Gustav HolstThe Planets: Venus, the bringer of peaceRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2016-09-2313:0000:11 Link
Gustav MahlerIch bin der welt abhanden gekommenSunday Morning2016-09-1809:0002:00 Link
Gustav MahlerSymphony no.6 – 1st mvtThe Listening Service2016-09-1817:0000:02 Link
Guy BéartEncore Un EteBreakfast2016-09-2306:3001:41 Link
György LigetiEtude No.8: FémIn Tune2016-09-2016:3001:45 Link
György LigetiOld Hungarian Ballroom DancesEssential Classics2016-09-1909:0001:51 Link
György LigetiRomanian ConcertoBreakfast2016-09-2306:3001:14 Link
Hannah James (artist)The CarpenterWorld on 32016-09-2323:0000:08 Link
Harold Land (artist)Little ChrisGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2016-09-1800:0000:44 Link
Hayrik Mouradian (artist)Tune For DancingLate Junction2016-09-2123:0000:58 Link
Hector BerliozOverture from Beatrice et Benedict - opera in 2 acts (Op.27)Through the Night2016-09-2100:3004:54 Link
Hector BerliozSymphonie fantastique Op. 14 - ii. Un balIn Tune2016-09-2016:3000:11 Link
Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber von BibernSonata No.1 à 8, from sonatae tam aris, quam aulis servientes (1676)Through the Night2016-09-2300:3003:18 Link
Heinrich SchützPsalm 123 'Der Herr ist mein Hirt'; Psalm 84 'Wie lieblich sind deine Wohnungen'Through the Night2016-09-1900:3000:41 Link
Heinrich SchützPsalm 130 'Aus der Tiefe rufe ich' & Psalm 137 'An den Wasser zu Babel'Through the Night2016-09-1900:3000:01 Link
Heinz RoemheldThe Roaring Twenties (1939) - Incidental MusicSound of Cinema2016-09-1715:0000:17 Link
Heitor Villa‐LobosBachianas Brasilieras no.7Afternoon on 32016-09-2114:0000:46 Link
Helen GrimeEveryone sangAfternoon on 32016-09-2214:0002:15 Link
Henri VieuxtempsCello Concerto No.1 in A minor (Op.46)Through the Night2016-09-1900:3002:27 Link
Henry Purcell"When I am laid in earth", from Dido and AeneasBreakfast2016-09-2106:3002:18 Link
Henry PurcellA New GroundBreakfast2016-09-2006:3000:34 Link
Henry PurcellCold SongPrivate Passions2016-09-1812:0000:16 Link
Henry PurcellDido And Aeneas - Overture & opening chorusThe Early Music Show2016-09-1814:0000:20 Link
Henry PurcellThe Fairy Queen, Z.629: Act I - Scene of the Drunken PoetEssential Classics2016-09-2309:0001:03 Link
Henryk WieniawskiLegende, for violin & piano (Op.17) (published 1860)Through the Night2016-09-2300:3003:38 Link
Herb Alpert (artist)Human NatureJazz Line-Up2016-09-1717:0000:18 Link
Herbert HowellsRhapsodic quintet Op.31Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2016-09-2013:0000:24 Link
Herbert HowellsThree Dances for violin and orchestra, Op.7Essential Classics2016-09-1909:0001:36 Link
Hess Is More (artist)HeyIthinkyouareterrificLate Junction2016-09-2023:0000:16 Link
Hoagy CarmichaelSkylarkThe Choir2016-09-1816:0000:02 Link
Hoagy CarmichaelSkylarkThe Choir2016-09-1816:0000:09 Link
Hot 8 Brass Band (artist)Just My ImaginationWorld on 32016-09-2323:0000:31 Link
Howard Rumsey (artist)Viva ZapataGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2016-09-1800:0000:13 Link
Howard ShoreGangs of New York (2002) - Brooklyn Heights ISound of Cinema2016-09-1715:0000:06 Link
Hugo AlfvénAftonen (evenings) for mixed choir (R.187) (1941)Through the Night2016-09-2300:3003:14 Link
Hugo AlfvénSuite from "King Gustav II Adolf" (Op.49)Through the Night2016-09-2100:3003:16 Link
Igor Stravinsky3 Easy Pieces for piano four hands: No.3 PolkaEssential Classics2016-09-2309:0002:56 Link
Igor StravinskyApollon musagete: Birth of Apollo (extract)Words and Music2016-09-1817:3000:06 Link
Igor StravinskyMass for chorus and wind instrumentsThrough the Night2016-09-1900:3000:24 Link
Igor StravinskyPulcinellaEssential Classics2016-09-2009:0002:18 Link
Igor StravinskyPulcinella - suite: no.1; Movements 1-3Saturday Classics2016-09-1713:0000:20 Link
Igor StravinskyPulcinella Suite (Movements 1-3)Saturday Classics2016-09-1713:0000:23 Link
Igor StravinskySymphonies of Wind InstrumentsAfternoon on 32016-09-2014:0000:58 Link
Igor StravinskyThe Firebird Suite (1919)Radio 3 in Concert2016-09-1919:3002:00 Link
Ilkka KuusistoSalve Regina, GloriaIn Tune2016-09-2317:0000:26 Link
Isaac AlbénizIberia - book 1 for piano, no.2; El PuertoDrama on 32016-09-1821:0001:26 Link
Isaac AlbénizMallorca - barcarola Op.202 for pianoBreakfast2016-09-1707:0001:05 Link
Isaac AlbénizTangoIn Tune2016-09-2317:0000:38 Link
Isglem (artist)EgsmilJazz Line-Up2016-09-1717:0000:40 Link
Jacques ArcadeltAve MariaThrough the Night2016-09-2200:3004:01 Link
Jacques CastérèdeFlutes en Vacances: JoyeusesBreakfast2016-09-1807:0000:28 Link
Jacques OffenbachCan-Can (Orpheus in the Underworld)Breakfast2016-09-2006:3001:03 Link
Jaga Jazzist (artist)Music! Dance! Drama!Late Junction2016-09-2123:0001:02 Link
Jaga Jazzist (artist)Press PlayLate Junction2016-09-2223:0000:35 Link
James MacMillanKiss on woodRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2016-09-2213:0000:26 Link
Jan Dismas ZelenkaTrio Sonata in F Major - first movtThe Early Music Show2016-09-1814:0000:37 Link
Jan Ladislav DusíkPiano Concerto in G minor Op 49Through the Night2016-09-2300:3000:08 Link
Jan Pieterszoon SweelinckBeati pauperes spiritu (motet)Through the Night2016-09-1701:0003:17 Link
Jazz Studio 2 (artist)MulliganesqueGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2016-09-1800:0000:07 Link
Jean SibeliusAndante festivoBreakfast2016-09-2006:3001:49 Link
Jean SibeliusDrömmarnaEssential Classics2016-09-2109:0000:44 Link
Jean SibeliusFinlandia - hymn tune, arr. misc. for mixed chorus [from the symphonic poem]Breakfast2016-09-2306:3002:02 Link
Jean SibeliusHumoresque No.5 for violin and orchestra, from Humoresques [nos.3-6] Op.89Breakfast2016-09-2206:3000:14 Link
Jean SibeliusSymphony No. 4 in A minor Op.63Through the Night2016-09-2000:3001:12 Link
Jean SibeliusTen Pieces, Op.58: No.1 ReverieEssential Classics2016-09-2109:0000:46 Link
Jean-Baptiste LullyBallet du la nuit: Le Roi representant le soleil levantWords and Music2016-09-1817:3000:48 Link
Jean-Baptiste LullyMarche pour la ceremonie des Turcs for intrumental ensembleBreakfast2016-09-2006:3000:02 Link
Jean-Philippe RameauSuite from "Les Indes galantes"Through the Night2016-09-1801:0002:01 Link
Jean‐Joseph MouretSuite de Symphonies - FanfaresIn Tune2016-09-2016:3000:00 Link
Jerome KernPick Yourself Up (Swing Time)Essential Classics2016-09-2309:0000:28 Link
Jerry Leiber and Mike StollerJailhouse RockThe Listening Service2016-09-1817:0000:24 Link
Jerry Leiber and Mike StollerStand By MeThe Listening Service2016-09-1817:0000:29 Link
Jimmy Giuffre (artist)Finger SnapperGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2016-09-1800:0000:24 Link
Joaquín TurinaSinfonia sevillana, Op. 23 III. Fiesta en San Juan de AznalfaracheBreakfast2016-09-1906:3001:34 Link
Johan HalvorsenPassacaglia on a Theme of HandelRecord Review2016-09-1709:0000:05 Link
Johan Severin SvendsenSymphony No.2 in B flat major (Op.15)Through the Night2016-09-2300:3002:01 Link
Johann Christian BachSymphony in G minor Op. 6 No. 6Radio 3 in Concert2016-09-2219:3001:15 Link
Johann David Heinichen‘Dresden’ Concerto in G major, S.215 (for 2 recorders, 2 oboes, violin and continuo)Essential Classics2016-09-2209:0000:44 Link
Johann Kaspar MertzHungarian Fatherland FlowersThrough the Night2016-09-2200:3004:29 Link
Johann Sebastian BachAir from Suite No. 3 in D Major BWV.1068The Early Music Show2016-09-1814:0000:07 Link
Johann Sebastian BachAllegro, from Violin Sonata No 2, BWV 1003Through the Night2016-09-1701:0000:40 Link
Johann Sebastian BachArt of Fugue: Contrapunctus 14Breakfast2016-09-2306:3000:20 Link
Johann Sebastian BachBrandenburg Concerto No 5 in D major, BWV1050Breakfast2016-09-2106:3000:06 Link
Johann Sebastian BachCantata BWV.118 "O Jesu Christ, mein's Lebens Licht"Through the Night2016-09-2100:3003:36 Link
Johann Sebastian BachCantata No. 11 BWV.11 - SinfoniaThe Early Music Show2016-09-1814:0000:51 Link
Johann Sebastian BachCapriccio on the depature of a beloved brother, BWV992Essential Classics2016-09-2209:0001:33 Link
Johann Sebastian BachChaconne in D minor, from 'Partita No. 2, BWV 1004' arr. BrahmsThrough the Night2016-09-1701:0004:33 Link
Johann Sebastian BachConcerto for violin, harpsichord and orchestra in C minor (BWV.1060)Through the Night2016-09-2300:3005:00 Link
Johann Sebastian BachFantasia and fugue in C minor BWV.537 (arranged by Elgar)Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2016-09-2313:0000:09 Link
Johann Sebastian BachGoldberg Variations Bwv.988Record Review2016-09-1709:0001:35 Link
Johann Sebastian BachGoldberg Variations: Variation 30 and Aria da capoIn Tune2016-09-2016:3001:17 Link
Johann Sebastian BachGoldberg variations BWV.988Early Music Late2016-09-1822:3000:03 Link
Johann Sebastian BachMagnificat anima mea & Et exsultavit spiritus mea from Magnificat BWV 243Breakfast2016-09-2006:3000:18 Link
Johann Sebastian BachMass in B minor Bwv.232 - Dona nobis pacemThe Choir2016-09-1816:0000:18 Link
Johann Sebastian BachOrchestral Suite No.3: II. AirEssential Classics2016-09-2109:0000:51 Link
Johann Sebastian BachOverture in D major (BWV.1068): AirThrough the Night2016-09-1701:0003:04 Link
Johann Sebastian BachPartita no. 1 in B flat major BWV.825 for keyboardThrough the Night2016-09-2100:3004:13 Link
Johann Sebastian BachPassacaglia in C minor, BWV 582Breakfast2016-09-2206:3000:19 Link
Johann Sebastian BachSonata for Flute and Keyboard in E flat Major, BWV.1031Breakfast2016-09-1906:3000:18 Link
Johann Sebastian BachSonata for keyboard & violin No 4 in C minor - iv. AllegroIn Tune2016-09-2016:3000:18 Link
Johann Sebastian BachSonata no.3 in C major - LargoIn Tune2016-09-1916:3000:53 Link
Johann Sebastian BachSt John Passion, BWV245: ‘Ruht wohl, ihr heiligen Gebeine’Essential Classics2016-09-1909:0001:16 Link
Johann Sebastian BachSuite for cello solo no. 1 (BWV.1007) in G major, PreludeThe Listening Service2016-09-1817:0000:15 Link
Johann Sebastian BachSuite for orchestra no. 2 (BWV.1067) in B minor, 7th mvt; BadinerieBreakfast2016-09-2106:3001:33 Link
Johann Sebastian BachSuite in E major (BWV.1006a)Through the Night2016-09-2000:3005:19 Link
Johann Sebastian BachSuite no.3 in D major. II AirThe Listening Service2016-09-1817:0000:02 Link
Johann Wilhelm HertelCello Concerto in A minorEssential Classics2016-09-2309:0000:03 Link
Johannes Brahms3 Lieder, arr. for cello and pianoThrough the Night2016-09-2300:3004:08 Link
Johannes BrahmsAcademic festival overture (Op.80)Through the Night2016-09-1900:3003:11 Link
Johannes BrahmsClarinet Quintet in B minor (Op.115)Through the Night2016-09-2300:3002:36 Link
Johannes BrahmsEin deutsches Requiem: Wie lieblich; Ihr habt nun TraurigkeitEssential Classics2016-09-2309:0001:32 Link
Johannes BrahmsHungarian Dance No.7Essential Classics2016-09-2309:0000:00 Link
Johannes BrahmsNachtensAfternoon on 32016-09-2114:0001:23 Link
Johannes BrahmsScherzo in C minor, 'F-A-E Sonata', WoO 2Essential Classics2016-09-2109:0000:25 Link
Johannes BrahmsSonata for violin and piano No.1 (Op.78) in G majorThrough the Night2016-09-2200:3002:30 Link
Johannes BrahmsSymphony no. 1 in C minor Op.68Through the Night2016-09-1701:0000:46 Link
Johannes BrahmsSymphony no. 2 in D major Op.73Through the Night2016-09-1801:0000:46 Link
Johannes BrahmsTrio for piano and strings No.3 in C minor (Op.101)Through the Night2016-09-1801:0005:06 Link
Johannes BrahmsUnbewegte laue LuftAfternoon on 32016-09-2114:0001:25 Link
Johannes BrahmsViolin Conceto in D major (Op.77)Through the Night2016-09-1701:0000:01 Link
Johannes BrahmsVor der TurAfternoon on 32016-09-2014:0002:26 Link
Johannes BrahmsWalpurgisnachtAfternoon on 32016-09-2314:0002:57 Link
Johannes BrahmsWaltz No.11 in B minor & Waltz No.12 in E major (arranged for chamber orchestra)Through the Night2016-09-2100:3003:08 Link
Johannes BrahmsWarum ist das Licht gegeben dem Muhseligen (Op.74) (part 1)Through the Night2016-09-1701:0004:04 Link
Johannes OckeghemMissa prolationumThrough the Night2016-09-1801:0002:34 Link
John AdamsShort Ride in a Fast MachineEssential Classics2016-09-1909:0000:55 Link
John AdamsThe Chairman dances - foxtrot [reworked from the opera 'Nixon in China']Breakfast2016-09-1707:0001:46 Link
John BlowSalvator MundiEssential Classics2016-09-2009:0000:57 Link
John CageMysterious Adventure (extract)Words and Music2016-09-1817:3000:43 Link
John DowlandCome again, sweet love doth now inviteRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2016-09-1813:0000:08 Link
John DowlandCome ye heavy states of nightRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2016-09-1813:0000:04 Link
John DowlandNow, o now, I needs must part (aka Frog Galliard)Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2016-09-1813:0000:10 Link
John FieldQuintet in A flat major H.34 for piano and stringsBreakfast2016-09-2306:3000:08 Link
John FouldsMirage (extract)Words and Music2016-09-1817:3000:56 Link
John Grant (artist)Voodoo Doll (Anna Meredith Remix)Late Junction2016-09-2023:0000:19 Link
John IrelandA Downland Suite - III. Minuet, allegretto grazioso [arr. for strings by Ireland/Geoffrey Bush]Breakfast2016-09-2206:3000:01 Link
John SheppardLibera nos, salva nos for 7 voices - 1st settingThe Choir2016-09-1816:0000:25 Link
John WilbyeDraw on, sweet night for violin & violsThrough the Night2016-09-2100:3003:31 Link
Jon Hopkins (artist)Open Eye SignalLate Junction2016-09-2223:0000:39 Link
Jon and Vangelis (artist)I Hear You NowLate Junction2016-09-2223:0000:50 Link
Jonathan DoveSeek Him that maketh the seven starsAfternoon on 32016-09-2014:0000:17 Link
Jonathan HarveyCome, Holy GhostAfternoon on 32016-09-2014:0000:00 Link
Jonathan HarveyThe Annunication (BBC Singers 2016-17 Season)In Tune2016-09-2216:3000:04 Link
Josef StraussMusic of the Spheres (Sphärenklänge) - waltzBreakfast2016-09-2106:3001:36 Link
Josef SukBagatelleBreakfast2016-09-2106:3000:42 Link
Josef SukSerenade for string orchestra in E flat major (Op.6)Through the Night2016-09-2000:3002:36 Link
Josef SukUnder the Apple Tree Suite, Op. 20: IntroductionBreakfast2016-09-1807:0000:20 Link
Josef SzulcClaire de luneAfternoon on 32016-09-2214:0002:26 Link
Joseph HaydnDer Sturm (The Storm) - madrigal for chorus and orchestra (H.24a.8)Through the Night2016-09-2300:3004:16 Link
Joseph HaydnDivertimento for 2 flutes and cello (H.4.1) in C major "London trio" no.1Through the Night2016-09-1701:0005:50 Link
Joseph HaydnInsanae et vanae curaeThe Choir2016-09-1816:0000:02 Link
Joseph HaydnInsanae et vanae curaeThe Choir2016-09-1816:0000:46 Link
Joseph HaydnJahreszeiten - Der HerbstSunday Morning2016-09-1809:0001:08 Link
Joseph HaydnPiano Sonata in F major, Hob.XVI:23Essential Classics2016-09-1909:0000:17 Link
Joseph HaydnPiano Trio in C major, Hob XV:27 (Allegro)In Tune2016-09-2116:3000:08 Link
Joseph HaydnQuartet op.20 no.2 – 1st mvtThe Listening Service2016-09-1817:0000:18 Link
Joseph HaydnSymphony No. 47 in G major H.1.47Radio 3 in Concert2016-09-2219:3000:04 Link
Joseph HaydnSymphony No.64 in A major, 'Tempora mutantur' (Hob: I/64)Through the Night2016-09-1701:0002:44 Link
Joseph HaydnSymphony no 73 in D Major, La Chasse I. Adagio - AllegroBreakfast2016-09-1906:3001:06 Link
Joseph HaydnThe Creation: Die Himmel erzahlen die Ehre GottesWords and Music2016-09-1817:3000:02 Link
Joseph Martin Kraus7 Divertissements for Moliere's comedy 'Amphitryon' (VB.27)Through the Night2016-09-1900:3001:33 Link
José Mauro (artist)ObnoxiusWorld on 32016-09-2323:0001:22 Link
Joy Division (artist)Heart and SoulPrivate Passions2016-09-1812:0000:46 Link
Judith BinghamThe Darkness is no DarknessAfternoon on 32016-09-2014:0000:07 Link
Judith BinghamThe Secret GardenAfternoon on 32016-09-2014:0000:29 Link
Judith WeirStars, Night, Music, LightAfternoon on 32016-09-2014:0000:51 Link
Julius EastmanFemenine (Extract)Late Junction2016-09-2123:0000:30 Link
Józef KrogulskiPiano Octet in D minor, Op.6Through the Night2016-09-2100:3005:12 Link
Józef WieniawskiSymphony in D (Op.49)Through the Night2016-09-2200:3001:18 Link
Kaela Rowan (artist)Grioghal CridheWorld on 32016-09-2323:0001:03 Link
Kaija SaariahoNotes on Light: Eclipse (extract)Words and Music2016-09-1817:3000:19 Link
Karl JenkinsCantata Memoria (Lux aeterna)In Tune2016-09-2116:3000:54 Link
Karl JenkinsHealing Light from The PeacemakersIn Tune2016-09-2116:3000:44 Link
Karl Seglem (artist)Angular MomentumJazz Line-Up2016-09-1717:0000:37 Link
Karl Seglem (artist)DrömvisaJazz Line-Up2016-09-1717:0000:46 Link
Karl Seglem (artist)Sove RolegJazz Line-Up2016-09-1717:0000:46 Link
Karl Seglem (artist)Til FjelletJazz Line-Up2016-09-1717:0000:41 Link
Karl Seglem (artist)Untitled Improvisation On Goat HornJazz Line-Up2016-09-1717:0000:40 Link
Karl Seglem (artist)ValkyrianeJazz Line-Up2016-09-1717:0000:42 Link
Karol SzymanowskiViolin Concerto No.1Radio 3 in Concert2016-09-2319:3000:18 Link
Karol SzymanowskiViolin Concerto No.2Radio 3 in Concert2016-09-2319:3001:08 Link
Kefaya (artist)IndignadosWorld on 32016-09-2323:0001:16 Link
Kenneth LeightonFantasy on an American hymn-tune Op.70Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2016-09-2113:0000:42 Link
Kepa Junkera (artist)Marea ZumaianWorld on 32016-09-2323:0001:27 Link
Kevin Hays New Day Trio (artist)All Things AreJazz Now2016-09-1923:0000:23 Link
Kevin Hays New Day Trio (artist)ElegiaJazz Now2016-09-1923:0000:08 Link
Kevin Hays New Day Trio (artist)UnscrappulousJazz Now2016-09-1923:0000:04 Link
Kevin Hays New Day Trio (artist)ViolettaJazz Now2016-09-1923:0000:16 Link
Kevin Hays New Day Trio (artist)Winter TimeJazz Now2016-09-1923:0000:01 Link
Khmer Rouge Survivors (artist)Prolop Phkaypreat (Evening Stars are the Masters)World on 32016-09-2323:0000:05 Link
King Henry VIII of EnglandFour consort piecesEssential Classics2016-09-1909:0000:10 Link
Kit Downes (artist)ApichaLate Junction2016-09-2023:0001:06 Link
Kočani Orkestar (artist)Djelem, Djelem (Heritage Track)World on 32016-09-2323:0000:46 Link
Laurie Johnson (artist)Three Paintings by LautrecSaturday Classics2016-09-1713:0001:15 Link
Laurie Johnson (artist)Three Paintings by LautrecSaturday Classics2016-09-1713:0001:30 Link
Lennox BerkeleyTrio Op.19Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2016-09-2113:0000:16 Link
Leonard BernsteinRondo for LifeyBreakfast2016-09-1906:3001:04 Link
Leos JanacekSymphonic Suite from JenufaIn Tune2016-09-2216:3001:10 Link
Les Harry's (artist)Jingle 7Late Junction2016-09-2123:0000:05 Link
Les Harry's (artist)Republique DominicaineLate Junction2016-09-2123:0000:05 Link
Leverton Fox (artist)Racoon Coat - Part III (Trench)Late Junction2016-09-2223:0000:25 Link
Lili BoulangerHymn au soleil (extract)Words and Music2016-09-1817:3000:17 Link
Lilian ElkingtonOut of the MistAfternoon on 32016-09-2114:0001:15 Link
Louie Bellson (artist)Punkin'Geoffrey Smith's Jazz2016-09-1800:0000:17 Link
Louis Stewart (artist)Detour AheadJazz Record Requests2016-09-1716:0000:46 Link
Ludwig van Beethoven12 Variations on 'Ein Madchen oder Weibchen' for cello and piano (Op.66)Through the Night2016-09-1801:0004:46 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenBagatelle in E flat op 126 no 3Through the Night2016-09-2300:3000:38 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenCello Sonata in A major (Op.69)Through the Night2016-09-1801:0001:35 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenCoriolan Overture, Op.62Essential Classics2016-09-2209:0000:03 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenCreatures of Prometheus, Op.43: FinaleEssential Classics2016-09-2309:0000:53 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenOctet for wind (Op.103) in E flat major, 1st movement; AllegroBreakfast2016-09-2006:3000:10 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenOverture 'Leonore' no.3 (Op.72b)Saturday Classics2016-09-1713:0001:09 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenOverture 'Leonore' no.3 (Op.72b)Saturday Classics2016-09-1713:0001:23 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenOverture in C major Op.115 (zur Namensfeier)Through the Night2016-09-2300:3000:01 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenOverture: The Creatures of Prometheus, Op.43The Early Music Show2016-09-1814:0000:43 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Sonata in E minor (Op.90)Through the Night2016-09-2200:3004:38 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Sonata in G major, Op.14 No.2Essential Classics2016-09-2009:0000:39 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Trio in B flat major, Op 11 (Theme and variations on Pria ch'io l'impegno)In Tune2016-09-2116:3000:33 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Trio in E flat major, Op 1 No 1 (Andante cantabile)In Tune2016-09-2116:3000:20 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenQuartet in C sharp minor Op.131 for stringsThrough the Night2016-09-2100:3002:01 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenQuartet in E minor Op.59`2, RasumovskyRadio 3 in Concert2016-09-2119:3001:09 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenRondino for wind octet (WoO.25) in E flat majorBreakfast2016-09-2206:3000:06 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenRondo a capriccio in G major Op.129 (Rage over a lost penny)Through the Night2016-09-1701:0003:48 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenString Quartet in C minor (Op.18 No.4)Through the Night2016-09-2300:3005:35 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenSymphony No.9 in D Minor Op.125Afternoon on 32016-09-2314:0000:42 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenSymphony no. 4 in B flat major Op.60Through the Night2016-09-2300:3000:42 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenSymphony no. 4 in B flat major Op.60 - Excerpt from Allegro ma non troppoThrough the Night2016-09-2300:3001:15 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenSymphony no. 8 in F major, op.93 – 1st mvtIn Tune2016-09-1916:3000:43 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenTrio for piano and strings(WoO.38)in E flat major,Breakfast2016-09-1707:0001:11 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenViolin Sonata in E flat major, Op.12 No.3Essential Classics2016-09-2109:0002:30 Link
Luigi BoccheriniGuitar Quintet No 4 in D, G449 "Fandango"In Tune2016-09-1916:3000:23 Link
Lukas FossSymphony No 1Sunday Morning2016-09-1809:0002:27 Link
MAdHAs (artist)PreludeLate Junction2016-09-2223:0001:18 Link
Madeleine DringFestival Scherzo for piano and string orchestraEssential Classics2016-09-2009:0000:26 Link
Malcolm ArnoldA Sussex OvertureBreakfast2016-09-2306:3002:20 Link
Malcolm ArnoldWater Music (Be in the Audience)Afternoon on 32016-09-2314:0002:01 Link
Malick Sow (artist)Ya nur (Light)Late Junction2016-09-2023:0000:00 Link
Mammal Hands (artist)Hillum (Live)Jazz Line-Up2016-09-1717:0000:05 Link
Mammal Hands (artist)In The TreetopsLate Junction2016-09-2023:0001:02 Link
Mammal Hands (artist)Kudu (Live)Jazz Line-Up2016-09-1717:0001:07 Link
Mammal Hands (artist)Quiet Fire (Live)Jazz Line-Up2016-09-1717:0000:01 Link
Mammal Hands (artist)Shift (Live)Jazz Line-Up2016-09-1717:0001:14 Link
Mammal Hands (artist)The Eyes That Saw The Mountain (Live)Jazz Line-Up2016-09-1717:0000:22 Link
Marco UccelliniSonata sopra la BergamascaThrough the Night2016-09-2100:3004:49 Link
Marcus TrumppMesrine: Public Enemy Number One (2008) - Prison Shoot OutSound of Cinema2016-09-1715:0000:38 Link
Marc‐Antoine CharpentierTe Deum H.146 - In te Domine speraviThe Choir2016-09-1816:0000:58 Link
Maria Theresia von ParadisSicilienneEssential Classics2016-09-2209:0000:30 Link
Marianne Faithfull (artist)She Moved Thru’ the FairLate Junction2016-09-2023:0000:48 Link
Marin MaraisSuite No.2 for two viols in G major from Pieces à une et deux violes, ParisThrough the Night2016-09-1900:3000:54 Link
Marjan MozetichThe Passion of Angels - Concerto for 2 harps and orchestra (1995)Through the Night2016-09-2000:3002:01 Link
MarquezLeyenda de MilianoAfternoon on 32016-09-2114:0000:04 Link
Martin Taylor (artist)Last Train To HautevilleJazz Line-Up2016-09-1717:0001:20 Link
Massive AttackGomorrah (2008) - End TitlesSound of Cinema2016-09-1715:0000:09 Link
Maurice RavelDaphnis and Chloe; Lever du jour (extract)Words and Music2016-09-1817:3000:00 Link
Maurice RavelDaphnis et Chloe Suite No.2Essential Classics2016-09-2109:0002:12 Link
Maurice RavelGaspard de la nuit for pianoThrough the Night2016-09-1900:3002:01 Link
Maurice RavelLa Valse, choreographic poem [arr for 2 pianos]Recital2016-09-1823:3000:03 Link
Maurice RavelLa Valse, choreographic poem [arr for 2 pianos]The Listening Service2016-09-1817:0000:05 Link
Maurice RavelLe Tombeau de Couperin - suite for orchestraThrough the Night2016-09-2100:3004:26 Link
Maurice RavelPiece en forme de HabaneraRecital2016-09-1823:3000:56 Link
Maurice RavelTombeau de Couperin - ToccataIn Tune2016-09-1916:3001:17 Link
Max BruchEight Pieces for Clarinet, Viola and Piano – No 7 (Allegro vivace ma non troppo)Breakfast2016-09-2106:3002:12 Link
Max BruchViolin concerto no.1 in G minor, Op.26Radio 3 in Concert2016-09-1919:3001:32 Link
Michael BerkeleySnakeRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2016-09-2113:0000:10 Link
Michael HaydnSymphony No.14 in B flat major, P.52Essential Classics2016-09-2209:0002:44 Link
Michael KamenThe Krays (1990) - Shall I Tell You My DreamSound of Cinema2016-09-1715:0000:27 Link
Michael TippettConcerto for Double String Orchestra: 3rd MovementBreakfast2016-09-2006:3002:12 Link
Michael TippettRitual Dances from the Midsummer MarriageAfternoon on 32016-09-1914:0000:45 Link
Michael Wollny (artist)HunterJazz Line-Up2016-09-1717:0000:33 Link
Miguel Matamoros (artist)Lagrimas negrasThe Choir2016-09-1816:0000:54 Link
Mikhail Ivanovich GlinkaOverture Ruslan and LudmillaAfternoon on 32016-09-1914:0000:04 Link
Miles Davis (artist)My Old FlameJazz Record Requests2016-09-1716:0000:35 Link
Miles Davis (artist)So WhatThe Listening Service2016-09-1817:0000:24 Link
Moddi (artist)Oh my father I am JosephLate Junction2016-09-2223:0001:07 Link
Monica Zetterlund (artist)Monicas Vals (Waltz For Debby)Late Junction2016-09-2223:0000:43 Link
Murray GoldDoctor Who Theme (Series 8)In Tune2016-09-2016:3000:56 Link
Murray GoldLife Story OvertureIn Tune2016-09-2016:3001:07 Link
Muzio ClementiKeyboard Sonatina in G Op.36 No.5Breakfast2016-09-2206:3001:34 Link
My Bloody Valentine (artist)To Here Knows WhenLate Junction2016-09-2223:0000:45 Link
Nadia BoulangerLes Heures claires - C'etait en juinBreakfast2016-09-2206:3001:57 Link
Natural Information Society (artist)AnemometerLate Junction2016-09-2023:0001:16 Link
New Focus (artist)Corea ChangeJazz Line-Up2016-09-1717:0000:29 Link
Niccolò JommelliAttilio Regolo (Par che di Giubilo )In Tune2016-09-2116:3001:54 Link
Nicolò PaganiniSonata concertata (M.S.2) in A major, 1st mvt. Allegro spiritosoBreakfast2016-09-2306:3001:06 Link
Niels Wilhelm GadeHamlet - overture Op.37Breakfast2016-09-2306:3000:43 Link
Nigel Price (artist)MajorityJazz Line-Up2016-09-1717:0000:11 Link
Nikolai Rimsky-KorsakovSnow maiden - suite: no,4 Dance of the tumblersBreakfast2016-09-2306:3000:34 Link
Nilo Espinosa y su Orquesta (artist)En El VacilónWorld on 32016-09-2323:0001:39 Link
Nino RotaThe Godfather (1972) - The Godfather FinaleSound of Cinema2016-09-1715:0000:10 Link
Norbert BurgmüllerDuo in E flat major, Op.15Essential Classics2016-09-2009:0000:05 Link
Noura Mint Seymali (artist)Ya DembWorld on 32016-09-2323:0000:01 Link
Oliver KnussenElegiac arabesquesRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2016-09-2013:0000:18 Link
Olivier MessiaenO sacrum convivium!The Choir2016-09-1816:0000:41 Link
Op Sa!Bekin CocekWorld on 32016-09-2323:0000:50 Link
Op Sa!Duj Duj koloWorld on 32016-09-2323:0000:57 Link
Op Sa!Gocino koloWorld on 32016-09-2323:0000:14 Link
Op Sa!KeremejliWorld on 32016-09-2323:0000:21 Link
Orkesta Mendoza (artist)Igual Que AyerWorld on 32016-09-2323:0000:37 Link
Orlande de LassusDulces Exuviae - motetThrough the Night2016-09-1701:0004:27 Link
Orlando GibbonsLord of Salisbury Pavan; Lord of Salisbury GalliardEssential Classics2016-09-1909:0001:31 Link
Ornette Coleman (artist)The SphinxGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2016-09-1800:0000:50 Link
Otilie Sukova-DvorakovaPepca riding his hobbyhorseBreakfast2016-09-2106:3000:46 Link
Otto NicolaiOverture to The Merry wives of WindsorThrough the Night2016-09-2100:3003:50 Link
Ottorino RespighiSt (Pope) Gregory the Great – fourth (last) movement of Church WindowsBreakfast2016-09-2106:3001:46 Link
Pablo de SarasateZigeunerweisen for violin and orchestra or piano (Op.20)In Tune2016-09-2016:3000:46 Link
Patrick Doyle'The Dreame' from Sense and SensibilityIn Tune2016-09-2216:3001:07 Link
Patrick DoyleHenry V theme - The Boar's HeadIn Tune2016-09-2216:3000:54 Link
Patrick DoyleWalking to Shoot (from Gosford Park OST)In Tune2016-09-2216:3000:00 Link
Patrick DoyleWhy should I care?In Tune2016-09-2216:3001:01 Link
Paul Desmond (artist)Line For LyonsJazz Record Requests2016-09-1716:0000:10 Link
Paul DukasThe Sorcerer's ApprenticeAfternoon on 32016-09-2314:0002:45 Link
Paul HindemithThe Overture to 'The Flying Dutchman' as sight-read by a bad spa band at 7 a.m.Saturday Classics2016-09-1713:0001:47 Link
Paul HindemithThe Overture to 'The Flying Dutchman' as sight-read by a bad spa band at 7 a.m. at the sprSaturday Classics2016-09-1713:0001:30 Link
Paul Williams (artist)Bugsy Malone (1976) - Bad GuysSound of Cinema2016-09-1715:0000:55 Link
Pelle Gudmundsen-HolmgreenStatements for Equal Voices: A. Epic TextLate Junction2016-09-2023:0000:09 Link
Pelle Gudmundsen-HolmgreenStatements for Equal Voices: B. StatementsLate Junction2016-09-2023:0000:14 Link
Per NorgardQuartetto breveRadio 3 in Concert2016-09-2119:3000:03 Link
Per NorgardString Quartet no.1 ('Quartetto Breve')Through the Night2016-09-2000:3000:27 Link
Peter Maxwell DaviesAn Orkney wedding, with sunriseBreakfast2016-09-2206:3002:17 Link
Peter Maxwell DaviesGrave (Piano Sonata Op.93)Hear and Now2016-09-1722:1500:46 Link
Peter Maxwell DaviesLento; Allegro (3rd movement of Image, Reflection, Shadow, Op.105)Hear and Now2016-09-1722:1500:52 Link
Peter Maxwell DaviesPart Four: Adagio (Symphony No.10)Hear and Now2016-09-1722:1501:17 Link
Peter Maxwell DaviesString Quartet Movement (2016) Op 338Hear and Now2016-09-1722:15 Link
Peter Maxwell DaviesString Quartet Movement (2016) Op. 338Hear and Now2016-09-1722:1501:34 Link
Peter Maxwell DaviesString Quartet Movement 2016 (Op338)Breakfast2016-09-1807:0001:38 Link
Peter Maxwell DaviesThe Lady-in-Waithing & To be Sung on Water (8 Songs for a Mad King)Hear and Now2016-09-1722:1500:15 Link
Peter Maxwell DaviesThe Miracle Scene IX - The Martyrdom of St MagnusHear and Now2016-09-1722:1500:30 Link
Peter Maxwell DaviesYesnaby GroundHear and Now2016-09-1722:1501:08 Link
Peter WarlockBeethoven's binge, arr. Fred Tomlinson for piano duet [from '4 Codpieces']Saturday Classics2016-09-1713:0000:00 Link
Peter WarlockBeethoven's binge, arr. Fred Tomlinson for piano duet [from '4 Codpieces']Saturday Classics2016-09-1713:0000:00 Link
Peter WarlockThe Old codger, arr. Fred Tomlinson for piano duet [from '4 Codpieces' for piano]Saturday Classics2016-09-1713:0001:38 Link
Peter WarlockThe Old codger, arr. Fred Tomlinson for piano duet from '4 Codpieces' for pianoSaturday Classics2016-09-1713:0001:55 Link
Philip GlassAkhnaten: Hymn to the Sun (extract)Words and Music2016-09-1817:3001:06 Link
Philip GlassSaxophone Quartet – IV.Breakfast2016-09-1906:3002:22 Link
Philippe VerdelotMadonna qual certecaEssential Classics2016-09-2109:0000:05 Link
Pierre BoulezLe Marteau sans maitreThe Listening Service2016-09-1817:0000:22 Link
Pieter HellendaalConcerto Grosso in D minor (Op.3 No.2)Through the Night2016-09-1801:0003:48 Link
Pietro MascagniIris - Act 1Afternoon on 32016-09-2214:0000:04 Link
Pietro MascagniIris - Act 2Afternoon on 32016-09-2214:0000:56 Link
Pietro MascagniIris - Act 3Afternoon on 32016-09-2214:0001:47 Link
Plaid (artist)ClockLate Junction2016-09-2123:0001:25 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyThe Nutcracker - Tea (Chinese dance)Breakfast2016-09-2106:3001:12 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyThe Seasons - June (Barcarolle)Sunday Morning2016-09-1809:0001:51 Link
Pyotr TchaikovskyLensky's Aria from Eugene OneginThrough the Night2016-09-1801:0000:39 Link
Pyotr TchaikovskySerenade for string orchestra (Op.48) in C major, 2nd movement; Waltz...In Tune2016-09-2116:3001:50 Link
Queen (artist)Another one Bites the DustThe Listening Service2016-09-1817:0000:02 Link
RANT (artist)RehobothLate Junction2016-09-2023:0001:11 Link
Raisa K (artist)RepetitionLate Junction2016-09-2223:0000:20 Link
Ralph Arthur RobertsAuf der ReeperbahnIn Tune2016-09-2116:3001:45 Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsConcerto for oboe and strings in A minorEssential Classics2016-09-2209:0002:00 Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsConcerto for oboe and strings in A minorRadio 3 in Concert2016-09-2119:3002:04 Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsEnglish Folk Song Suite: III. Folk Songs from SomersetBreakfast2016-09-1906:3000:53 Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsFive English Folk-Songs: Just as the Tide was FlowingEssential Classics2016-09-2209:0000:00 Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsThe Last InvocationIn Tune2016-09-2016:3000:24 Link
Randy NewmanSame GirlIn Tune2016-09-1916:3000:09 Link
Reynaldo HahnLe Rossingol Eperdu: Narghilé; L'oasis; La rose de BlidaRadio 3 in Concert2016-09-1819:3000:46 Link
Reynaldo HahnLe Ruban Dénoué: Decrets indolents du hazard, Les soirs d’Albi & Souvenir…AvenirBreakfast2016-09-2006:3002:05 Link
Reynaldo HahnTrois Jours de VendangeRecord Review2016-09-1709:0001:22 Link
Richard AdlerGoodfellas (1990) - Rags to RichesSound of Cinema2016-09-1715:0000:03 Link
Richard Dawson (artist)To The SeaLate Junction2016-09-2123:0000:12 Link
Richard Reed ParryInterruptions (Heart and Breath Nonet): VI. French GuitarsEssential Classics2016-09-2009:0000:34 Link
Richard RodgersMy Favourite ThingsIn Tune2016-09-1916:3000:22 Link
Richard StraussHeimliche AufforderungIn Tune2016-09-2116:3001:26 Link
Richard StraussRamble on Love (from Strauss’ Der Rosenkavalier)Breakfast2016-09-1906:3000:07 Link
Richard WagnerAlbumblattIn Tune2016-09-2317:0000:46 Link
Richard WagnerO du mein holder Abendstern – from "Tannhauser"Through the Night2016-09-1900:3004:01 Link
Richard WagnerSiegfried IdyllEssential Classics2016-09-2109:0001:05 Link
Robert SchumannArabeske for piano (Op.18) in C majorBreakfast2016-09-1807:0001:04 Link
Robert SchumannFaschingsschwank aus Wien, Op.26Essential Classics2016-09-2209:0002:21 Link
Robert SchumannKinderszenen for piano (Op.15)Through the Night2016-09-2300:3005:15 Link
Robert SchumannPiano concerto in A minor, Op.54Radio 3 in Concert2016-09-1919:3000:24 Link
Robert SchumannVon fremden Landern und Menschen (Kinderszenen Op.15 no.1)Radio 3 in Concert2016-09-1919:3001:01 Link
Rodgers and HammersteinSixteen Going on SeventeenIn Tune2016-09-1916:3001:33 Link
Roger QuilterSummer sunset (extract)Words and Music2016-09-1817:3001:11 Link
Roland PöntinenL'elephant roseRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2016-09-1913:0000:51 Link
Rolf Hind (artist)The Dark Hug of TimeHear and Now2016-09-1722:1501:34 Link
Rolf WallinSwans KissingRadio 3 in Concert2016-09-2119:3000:34 Link
Ronin (artist)AJazz Now2016-09-1923:0000:44 Link
Ronin (artist)Modul 33Jazz Now2016-09-1923:0000:34 Link
Ronin (artist)Modul 46Jazz Now2016-09-1923:0000:48 Link
Roxanna PanufnikFour World SeasonsAfternoon on 32016-09-2314:0002:23 Link
Roy BuddGet Carter (1971) - Goodbye Eric!Sound of Cinema2016-09-1715:0000:37 Link
Roy BuddGet Carter (1971) - Main ThemeSound of Cinema2016-09-1715:0000:32 Link
Roy BuddGet Carter (1971) - The Girl in the CarSound of Cinema2016-09-1715:0000:35 Link
Sadie HarrisonGallery for Solo Violin, Room 1: The Flight of SwallowsBreakfast2016-09-1807:0001:18 Link
Sally BeamishA Cage of Doves (St Magnus International Festival)Afternoon on 32016-09-2314:0000:29 Link
Sally BeamishSuite for Cello and Orchestra (after Debussy) - Scherzo and NocturneBreakfast2016-09-1906:3000:02 Link
Samuel Sebastian WesleyThou Wilt Keep Him in Perfect PeaceAfternoon on 32016-09-2014:0000:12 Link
Sandaraa (artist)Haatera TaiygaWorld on 32016-09-2323:0001:10 Link
Scott JoplinThe Public Enemy (1930) - Maple Leaf RagSound of Cinema2016-09-1715:0000:15 Link
Sergei ProkofievRomeo and Juliet - Dance of the knightsThe Listening Service2016-09-1817:0000:06 Link
Sergei ProkofievRomeo and Juliet: IntroductionWords and Music2016-09-1817:3000:51 Link
Sergei ProkofievRomeo and Juliette SuiteAfternoon on 32016-09-1914:0001:10 Link
Sergei ProkofievRussian Overture Op.72Radio 3 in Concert2016-09-1819:3000:11 Link
Sergei ProkofievSymphony No. 3 In C Minor Op.44Radio 3 in Concert2016-09-1819:3000:57 Link
Sergei Rachmaninov13 Preludes for piano (Op.32), no.5 in G majorBreakfast2016-09-1707:0000:57 Link
Sergei Rachmaninov2 pieces for cello & piano, Op.2Through the Night2016-09-1900:3004:56 Link
Sergei RachmaninovElegie from Morceaux de fantasieIn Tune2016-09-2317:0001:41 Link
Sergei RachmaninovMoment musical in B minor, Op 16 No 3Breakfast2016-09-2106:3002:04 Link
Sergei RachmaninovMoment musical, Op.16 No.3Essential Classics2016-09-2309:0000:42 Link
Sergei RachmaninovPiano Concerto No.2 in C Minor Op.18Afternoon on 32016-09-1914:0000:10 Link
Sergei RachmaninovPiano Concerto No.2 in C minor, Op.18: 
III. Allegro scherzandoEssential Classics2016-09-2209:0001:13 Link
Sergei RachmaninovPrelude in G sharp minor, Op.32 No.12Essential Classics2016-09-2309:0000:48 Link
Sergei RachmaninovSuite No. 2 for Two Pianos, Romance & TarantelleBreakfast2016-09-2006:3001:13 Link
Seóirse BodleyAisling III: Banba – finale (seventh movement) from Symphony No 2 "I have loved the lands of Ireland"Breakfast2016-09-2106:3000:50 Link
Shirley Collins (artist)Cruel LincolnLate Junction2016-09-2123:0000:54 Link
Simon JeffesMusic for a Found HarmoniumIn Tune2016-09-2216:3001:57 Link
Sir Arthur SullivanPatience - OvertureBreakfast2016-09-2206:3000:34 Link
Sir Charles Villiers Stanford8 Partsongs, Op. 119: No. 6. The SwallowBreakfast2016-09-1807:0001:16 Link
Sir Charles Villiers StanfordSongs of the Fleet, Op 117 (St Magnus International Festival)Afternoon on 32016-09-2314:0000:01 Link
Sir Richard Rodney BennettNever weather-beaten saileAfternoon on 32016-09-2014:0000:24 Link
Sofia GubaidulinaCanticle of the sun by St Francis (extract)Words and Music2016-09-1817:3000:46 Link
Soft Hair (artist)Lying Has To StopLate Junction2016-09-2123:0001:17 Link
Souren Haroutiounan (artist)Dance of the Mountain FolkLate Junction2016-09-2123:0000:59 Link
Soweto Kinch (artist)The HealingJazz Now2016-09-1923:0000:00 Link
Soweto Kinch (artist)The HealingJazz Now2016-09-1923:0001:29 Link
Staffan StormThree AutumnsRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2016-09-1913:0000:03 Link
Stanislaw Moniuszko4 Choral SongsThrough the Night2016-09-1801:0004:29 Link
Stanislaw MoniuszkoOverture to Halka (Original version)Through the Night2016-09-2300:3003:30 Link
Stephen McNeffEden RockRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2016-09-1813:0000:44 Link
Steve MacLean (artist)As Things GoLate Junction2016-09-2023:0001:21 Link
Steve ReichFour OrgansLate Junction2016-09-2223:0000:04 Link
Stevie Wonder (artist)I WishThe Listening Service2016-09-1817:0000:24 Link
Sudapisco (artist)Donde esta mi gato?World on 32016-09-2323:0001:41 Link
Susanna Wallumrød (artist)Fear And TerrorLate Junction2016-09-2123:0000:00 Link
Sébastien de BrossardSonate en trio en la mineurIn Tune2016-09-1916:3001:53 Link
Söndörgő (artist)CigancicaWorld on 32016-09-2323:0001:54 Link
TCF (artist)54 C6 05 1C 13 CC 72 E9 CC DC 84 F2 A3 FF CC 38 1E 94 0D C0 50 5C 3E E8Late Junction2016-09-2023:0000:26 Link
TEYRFalse LadyIn Tune2016-09-2216:3001:22 Link
TEYRNothing GrowsIn Tune2016-09-2216:3001:44 Link
TEYR (artist)Dean's BanjoIn Tune2016-09-2216:3001:33 Link
The Cookers (artist)Thy Will Be DoneJazz Line-Up2016-09-1717:0001:23 Link
The Ex (artist)Stupid CompetitionsLate Junction2016-09-2123:0000:49 Link
The Shee (artist)Jute Mill Song-Song For MaryWorld on 32016-09-2323:0001:32 Link
Thomas AdèsArcadiana for string quartetRadio 3 in Concert2016-09-2119:3000:48 Link
Thomas DunhillThe Cloths of Heaven, op.30 no.3Breakfast2016-09-2306:3001:27 Link
Thomas NewmanRoad to Perdition (2002) - Dirty MoneySound of Cinema2016-09-1715:0000:44 Link
Thomas TallisBeati immaculati for 5 voicesEssential Classics2016-09-2109:0001:24 Link
Tielman SusatoFanfare ‘La Mourisque’Essential Classics2016-09-2209:0000:11 Link
Toivo KuulaSorrow for cello and orchestraThrough the Night2016-09-1801:0003:23 Link
Tommy Smith (artist)Jacobite (iii. 1745)Record Review2016-09-1709:0000:24 Link
Toots & The Maytals (artist)54 46 Was My NumberThe Listening Service2016-09-1817:0000:26 Link
Toots Thielemans (artist)BluesetteJazz Record Requests2016-09-1716:0000:42 Link
Tori Freestone (artist)All Or Nothing At AllJazz Line-Up2016-09-1717:0000:59 Link
TradLord of the DancePrivate Passions2016-09-1812:0000:30 Link
TradStac LeeIn Tune2016-09-1916:3000:35 Link
TradStac Lee - DawnIn Tune2016-09-1916:3000:40 Link
Trad.Bulgar Cigany HoroEssential Classics2016-09-2209:0000:58 Link
Trad.Cantu a TimuniBreakfast2016-09-2306:3001:02 Link
Trad.Gendhing CarabalenThe Listening Service2016-09-1817:0000:03 Link
Trad.GreensleevesEssential Classics2016-09-1909:0000:49 Link
Trad.JasspodspolskaBreakfast2016-09-2106:3001:09 Link
Trad.Mandinka DounouThe Listening Service2016-09-1817:0000:03 Link
Trad.The Last Rose of SummerEssential Classics2016-09-1909:0000:46 Link
Trad.Waltz, after Lasse from LybyThrough the Night2016-09-2000:3001:07 Link
Ture RangströmSuite for violin and piano No.1 [1912] in modo anticoThrough the Night2016-09-1801:0004:20 Link
Tuulikki Bartosik (artist)Time? / Aeg?Late Junction2016-09-2123:0001:13 Link
Tuulikki Bartosik (artist)Time? / Aeg?World on 32016-09-2323:0001:50 Link
U (artist)ResurrexitLate Junction2016-09-2023:0001:27 Link
Unico Wilhelm van Wassenaer (artist)Concerto armonico no. 1 in G major for 4 violins, viola and continuoSaturday Classics2016-09-1713:0000:13 Link
Unico Wilhelm van Wassenaer (artist)Concerto armonico no. 1 in G major for 4 violins, viola and continuo [formerly attrib. PerSaturday Classics2016-09-1713:0000:09 Link
Unknown (artist)Gomkail Bak BoraiLate Junction2016-09-2123:0001:09 Link
Ustad Rahim Khushnawaz (artist)Dar damane sahra amWorld on 32016-09-2323:0001:48 Link
Utsav Lal (artist)Panihari (Water Lady)Late Junction2016-09-2123:0000:22 Link
Valery GavrilinRecollections About the WaltzIn Tune2016-09-2317:0001:55 Link
Victor HELY-HUTCHINSON (artist)Old Mother Hubbard [in the manner of Handel] for voice and pianoSaturday Classics2016-09-1713:0000:06 Link
Victor Hely-Hutchinson (artist)Old Mother Hubbard [in the manner of Handel] for voice and pianoSaturday Classics2016-09-1713:0000:09 Link
Wilhelm StenhammarExcelsior! Op.13Essential Classics2016-09-1909:0002:34 Link
Wilhelm StenhammarLate Summer Nights Op.33 (Nos 1,4&5)Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2016-09-1913:0000:38 Link
Willem de FeschConcerto grosso for 2 violins, strings and continuo (Op.10 No.2) in B flat majorThrough the Night2016-09-2200:3003:19 Link
Willem de FeschJoseph's Aria "Tremble Shudder at the Guilt" - from the oratorio Joseph, Act 1Through the Night2016-09-1900:3002:57 Link
William AlwynConcerto for flute and 8 wind instrumentsEssential Classics2016-09-2309:0002:01 Link
William ByrdOh God that guides the cheerful sun (extract)Words and Music2016-09-1817:3000:10 Link
William ByrdThough Amaryllis dance in GreenRadio 3 in Concert2016-09-2019:3001:51 Link
William CornyshHoyda Hoyda, Jolly RutterkinEssential Classics2016-09-2309:0000:21 Link
Wim HenderickxBlossomings (extract)In Tune2016-09-2216:3000:13 Link
Witold LutoslawskiVariations on a theme of Paganini for 2 pianosEssential Classics2016-09-2209:0001:54 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart4 Kontratanze (K.267)Through the Night2016-09-2000:3003:39 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartAh, vous dirais-je mamanIn Tune2016-09-2016:3001:14 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartConcerto for 2 pianos and orchestra in E flat major (K.365)Through the Night2016-09-2100:3002:42 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartConcerto for piano and orchestra no. 13 (K.415) in C major, 3rd mvt; AllegroIn Tune2016-09-2216:3000:44 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartCosi fan tutte (Un aura amorosa)In Tune2016-09-2116:3001:34 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartDivertimento in D major (K.205)Through the Night2016-09-2000:3005:41 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartDivertimento in D major, K.136The Listening Service2016-09-1817:0000:17 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartLes petits riens: OvertureIn Tune2016-09-2016:3001:11 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartOboe Quartet in F major, K.370Essential Classics2016-09-1909:0002:02 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartOverture to Le Nozze di Figaro - opera in 4 acts K.492Through the Night2016-09-1701:0003:54 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartOverture: Il re pastoreIn Tune2016-09-2317:0000:07 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartPartita in E flat (K.Anh.C 17`3)Through the Night2016-09-2200:3005:15 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartPiano Concerto No. 14 in E flat major K449Radio 3 in Concert2016-09-2219:3001:29 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartPiano Concerto no.12 in A major: 2nd mvt ‘Andante’In Tune2016-09-1916:3001:04 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartPiano Sonata No.12 in F major (K.332)Through the Night2016-09-1801:0005:24 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartPiano Trio in G Major, K.564 (iii. Allegretto)Record Review2016-09-1709:0000:12 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartPopoli Di Tessaglia (K.316)Record Review2016-09-1709:0001:26 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartPrelude and Fugue in C, K. 394, for pianoThrough the Night2016-09-1900:3003:03 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartQuartet for flute and strings (K.285) in D major, 3rd movement; RondeauIn Tune2016-09-2016:3001:56 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartQuartet in B flat major K.159Through the Night2016-09-2100:3005:45 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartQuintet in E flat major K.407Radio 3 in Concert2016-09-2119:3000:13 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartQuintet in E flat major for piano, oboe, clarinet, horn and bassoon (K.452)Through the Night2016-09-1900:3005:35 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartRidente la calma (K.152)Through the Night2016-09-1701:0005:21 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartSonata for piano (K.545) in C major, 1st movement; AllegroThe Listening Service2016-09-1817:0000:10 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartString Quartet in G major, K.387Essential Classics2016-09-2009:0001:32 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartSymphony No.16 in C major (K.128)Through the Night2016-09-2200:3003:46 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartThe Barber of SevilleJazz Line-Up2016-09-1717:0001:28 Link
Zdenek FibichPoemeIn Tune2016-09-2317:0001:25 Link
anon.La Danse de ClevesEssential Classics2016-09-2009:0000:17 Link
anon.Laudate Dominum Omnes GentesEssential Classics2016-09-2109:0000:07 Link
anon.Wolsey’s Wilde (from the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book)Essential Classics2016-09-2009:0000:22 Link
clipping. (artist)Baby Don't SleepLate Junction2016-09-2123:0001:21 Link
walter gaze cooperConcertino for oboe and strings, Op 78 – third (last) movement (Con brio)Breakfast2016-09-2106:3001:57 Link
Łukasz BorowiczSchelomo - Rhapsody for cello and orchestraThrough the Night2016-09-2000:3004:30 Link
Νικόλαος ΜάντζαροςSinfonia di genere Orientale in A minorThrough the Night2016-09-1801:0004:01 Link