The BBC has announced that it has a sustainable plan for the future of the BBC Singers, in association with The VOCES8 Foundation.
The threat to reduce the staff of the three English orchestras by 20% has not been lifted, but it is being reconsidered.
See the BBC press release here.

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Anthony BaileyWords and Music2015-07-1217:3000:32:44Duration Link
ErasmusWords and Music2015-07-1217:3000:54:17Duration Link
Ester Naomi PerquinWords and Music2015-07-1217:3000:02:37Duration Link
Gabriel and Marcel Piqueray translated by Robert ArchambeauWords and Music2015-07-1217:3001:01:54Duration Link
Louis Aragon translated by Louis MacneiceWords and Music2015-07-1217:3000:38:54Duration Link
Miriam Van Hee translated by Judith WilkinsonWords and Music2015-07-1217:3000:21:10Duration Link
Miriam Van Hee translated by Judith WilkinsonWords and Music2015-07-1217:3001:08:09Duration Link
Patrick Leigh FermorWords and Music2015-07-1217:3000:11:18Duration Link
Robert Louis StevensonWords and Music2015-07-1217:3000:15:55Duration Link
Toon Tellegen translated by Judith WilkinsonWords and Music2015-07-1217:3000:44:51Duration Link
Aaron Copland4 MotetsIn Tune2015-07-1316:3000:48:29Duration 00:01:59 Link
Aaron CoplandDanzon CubanoThrough the Night2015-07-1300:3003:15:18Duration 00:06:07 Link
Agustín Barrios MangoréLa Catedral [Benites R.: vol.1 p.58], Allegro solemneBreakfast2015-07-1606:3001:08:42Duration 00:03:28 Link
Alan BranscombeSome Day My Prince Will ComeJazz Record Requests2015-07-1117:0000:22:54Duration 00:02:53 Link
Alban BergPiano Sonata Op1Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1313:0000:06:23Duration 00:10:06 Link
Alban BergPiano Sonata, Op 1Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1313:0000:04:16Duration 00:12:00 Link
Alexander BorodinSymphony No 3 in A minorThrough the Night2015-07-1300:3005:01:59Duration 00:18:14 Link
Alexander GlazunovMazurka-Oberek in D majorBreakfast2015-07-1207:0001:23:06Duration 00:10:14 Link
Alexander GlazunovMelodie for cello and orchestra, Op.20 No.1Essential Classics2015-07-1709:0000:40:02Duration 00:11:22 Link
Alexander ScriabinPiano Sonata No 2Sunday Morning2015-07-1209:0000:43:07Duration 00:12:13 Link
Alexander von ZemlinskySinfonietta, Op.23Afternoon Concert2015-07-1514:0000:23:32Duration 00:23:33 Link
Alfred SchnittkePenetential Psalms (excerpts)Through the Night2015-07-1300:3000:13:28Duration 00:12:51 Link
Ali Farka TouréSoukoraPrivate Passions2015-07-1212:0000:40:03Duration 00:04:01 Link
Ali Farka TouréSoukoraPrivate Passions2015-07-1212:0000:41:38Duration 00:04:01 Link
Alice Russell (artist)I'm The Man, That Will Find YouLate Junction2015-07-1523:0000:07:53Duration 00:04:14 Link
Anatoly Konstantinovich LyadovThe Enchanted LakeSunday Morning2015-07-1209:0000:04:23Duration 00:06:23 Link
Andrea GabrieliSento un rumor (madrigal à 8)Through the Night2015-07-1600:3003:45:51Duration 00:03:57 Link
André CampraTancrede - Act 4 Scene 7 'Estes-vous satistaits'CD Review2015-07-1109:0001:32:52Duration 00:03:39 Link
André MessagerThème et Variations from Les deux pigeons (suite)Breakfast2015-07-1306:3000:19:00Duration 00:03:00 Link
Anna Meredith (artist)BlackfriarsLate Junction2015-07-1423:0000:26:02Duration 00:02:58 Link
Anna Meredith (artist)NautilusLate Junction2015-07-1523:0001:04:32Duration 00:05:33 Link
Annie Fortescue HarrisonIn the GloamingEssential Classics2015-07-1609:0000:32:07Duration 00:02:36 Link
Anon.Credo in unum Deum, a 4 (Cyprus, ca 1380)Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1113:0000:46:38Duration 00:07:24 Link
AnonymousPsalms 42, 43Choral Evensong2015-07-1215:0000:06:41Duration 00:07:10 Link
Anonymous (French 13th century)O Maria Maris stella / O Maria Dei Cella / O Maria Virgo /In veritate. motet a 4 (France, 13th cent.)Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1113:0000:17:03Duration 00:03:00 Link
Anoushka ShankarAlaap from Guru Raga JogeshwariLate Junction2015-07-1623:0001:26:29Duration 00:11:08 Link
Antoine ForquerayLa Rameau & JupiterThrough the Night2015-07-1600:3005:27:51Duration 00:08:47 Link
Anton BrucknerAdagio [from Symphony No.7], Transc. Erwin Horn For OrganComposer of the Week2015-07-1712:0000:41:21Duration 00:17:19 Link
Anton BrucknerAdagio [from Symphony No.7], Transc. Erwin Horn For OrganComposer of the Week2015-07-1712:0000:41:38Duration 00:17:19 Link
Anton BrucknerAve Maria For Chorus [a 7] [1861]Composer of the Week2015-07-1312:0000:28:29Duration 00:03:31 Link
Anton BrucknerChristus factus estComposer of the Week2015-07-1412:0000:28:01Duration 00:06:04 Link
Anton BrucknerLocus Iste - Gradual For ChorusComposer of the Week2015-07-1412:0000:27:41Duration 00:06:07 Link
Anton BrucknerLocus Iste - Gradual For ChorusComposer of the Week2015-07-1512:0000:28:01Duration 00:06:07 Link
Anton BrucknerLocus Iste - Gradual For ChorusComposer of the Week2015-07-1512:0000:28:31Duration 00:06:07 Link
Anton BrucknerMass No. 3 In F Minor For Soloists, Chorus, Orchestra And OrganComposer of the Week2015-07-1512:0000:00:40Duration 00:07:12 Link
Anton BrucknerMass No. 3 In F Minor For Soloists, Chorus, Orchestra And OrganComposer of the Week2015-07-1412:0000:00:50Duration 00:07:12 Link
Anton BrucknerMass No. 3 In F Minor For Soloists, Chorus, Orchestra And OrganComposer of the Week2015-07-1512:0000:01:10Duration 00:07:12 Link
Anton BrucknerMass in E, KyrieComposer of the Week2015-07-1412:0000:01:10Duration 00:07:11 Link
Anton BrucknerMissa Solemnis In B Flat Minor For Soloists, Chorus, Organ And Orchestra [1854]Composer of the Week2015-07-1312:0000:15:33Duration 00:10:16 Link
Anton BrucknerPange Lingua For ChorusComposer of the Week2015-07-1312:0000:32:05Duration 00:02:40 Link
Anton BrucknerPange linguaBreakfast2015-07-1306:3000:05:53Duration 00:05:03 Link
Anton BrucknerPrelude & Fugue in CmComposer of the Week2015-07-1512:0000:27:39Duration 00:05:38 Link
Anton BrucknerPsalm 150Composer of the Week2015-07-1712:0000:01:04Duration 00:09:31 Link
Anton BrucknerPsalm 150Composer of the Week2015-07-1712:0000:01:14Duration 00:09:31 Link
Anton BrucknerPsalm 150 In C Major For Soprano, Chorus And OrchestraComposer of the Week2015-07-1712:0000:01:41Duration 00:09:31 Link
Anton BrucknerPsalm 150 In C Major For Soprano, Chorus And OrchestraComposer of the Week2015-07-1712:0000:01:58Duration 00:09:31 Link
Anton BrucknerQuadrille for Piano Duo, PastourelleComposer of the Week2015-07-1512:0000:00:17Duration 00:00:51 Link
Anton BrucknerSymphony No. 1 In C Minor 2nd and 3rd MovementsComposer of the Week2015-07-1312:0000:37:31Duration 00:21:01 Link
Anton BrucknerSymphony No. 3 In D Minor [all Versions]Composer of the Week2015-07-1512:0000:36:09Duration 00:22:46 Link
Anton BrucknerSymphony No. 3 In D Minor [all Versions]Composer of the Week2015-07-1412:0000:36:29Duration 00:22:46 Link
Anton BrucknerSymphony No. 3 In D Minor [all Versions]Composer of the Week2015-07-1512:0000:36:39Duration 00:22:46 Link
Anton BrucknerSymphony No. 4 In E Flat Major (Romantic) - 3rd movement; Scherzo and trioComposer of the Week2015-07-1312:0000:02:15Duration 00:10:58 Link
Anton BrucknerSymphony No. 8 In C MinorComposer of the Week2015-07-1512:0000:04:37Duration 00:21:03 Link
Anton BrucknerSymphony No. 8 In C MinorComposer of the Week2015-07-1512:0000:05:07Duration 00:21:03 Link
Anton BrucknerSymphony No. 8 In C MinorComposer of the Week2015-07-1612:0000:08:18Duration 00:23:55 Link
Anton BrucknerSymphony No. 8 In C MinorComposer of the Week2015-07-1612:0000:08:50Duration 00:23:55 Link
Anton BrucknerSymphony No. 8 In C MinorComposer of the Week2015-07-1412:0000:11:14Duration 00:21:03 Link
Anton BrucknerSymphony No. 9 In D MinorComposer of the Week2015-07-1712:0000:14:28Duration 00:23:18 Link
Anton BrucknerSymphony No. 9 In D MinorComposer of the Week2015-07-1712:0000:14:45Duration 00:23:18 Link
Anton BrucknerSymphony No.3 (first movement)Composer of the Week2015-07-1412:0000:36:49Duration 00:19:55 Link
Anton BrucknerSymphony No.5, IV FinaleComposer of the Week2015-07-1512:0000:04:14Duration 00:20:53 Link
Anton BrucknerSymphony No.6, II. Adagio (arr. Erwin Horn)Composer of the Week2015-07-1712:0000:40:44Duration 00:17:19 Link
Anton BrucknerSymphony No.6, II. Adagio (arr. Erwin Horn)Composer of the Week2015-07-1712:0000:40:54Duration 00:17:19 Link
Anton BrucknerSymphony No.7, II. AdagioComposer of the Week2015-07-1512:0000:35:46Duration 00:22:46 Link
Anton BrucknerSymphony No.8, II ScherzoComposer of the Week2015-07-1412:0000:11:34Duration 00:14:07 Link
Anton BrucknerSymphony No.8, IV FinaleComposer of the Week2015-07-1612:0000:07:57Duration 00:23:55 Link
Anton BrucknerSymphony No.9, I. Feierlich MisteriosoComposer of the Week2015-07-1712:0000:13:50Duration 00:23:17 Link
Anton BrucknerSymphony No.9, I. Feierlich MisteriosoComposer of the Week2015-07-1712:0000:14:00Duration 00:23:17 Link
Anton BrucknerTe DeumComposer of the Week2015-07-1612:0000:34:18Duration 00:23:34 Link
Anton BrucknerTe Deum In C Major For Soloists, Chorus And OrchestraComposer of the Week2015-07-1612:0000:34:39Duration 00:23:35 Link
Anton BrucknerTe Deum In C Major For Soloists, Chorus And OrchestraComposer of the Week2015-07-1612:0000:35:11Duration 00:23:35 Link
Anton BrucknerVirga Jesse Floruit - Gradual For ChorusComposer of the Week2015-07-1612:0000:01:20Duration 00:04:19 Link
Anton BrucknerVirga Jesse Floruit - Gradual For ChorusComposer of the Week2015-07-1612:0000:01:52Duration 00:04:19 Link
Anton BrucknerVirga JessefloruitComposer of the Week2015-07-1612:0000:00:59Duration 00:04:19 Link
Antonio BazziniLa ronde des lutins, Op. 25Breakfast2015-07-1606:3000:19:12Duration 00:05:29 Link
Antonio CaldaraTrio Sonata [da Chiesa] Op.1`12 For 2 Violins, Cello And OrganCD Review2015-07-1109:0000:06:00Duration 00:06:46 Link
Antonio SalieriConcerto for fortepiano in C majorEssential Classics2015-07-1309:0002:36:51Duration 00:22:11 Link
Antonio SalieriLa Grotta di Trofonio - opera in 2 actsIn Tune2015-07-1316:3000:03:35Duration 00:03:35 Link
Antonio SalieriLa Grotta di Trofonio - opera in 2 actsIn Tune2015-07-1316:3001:18:14Duration 00:04:18 Link
Antonio SalieriLa Grotta di Trofonio - opera in 2 actsIn Tune2015-07-1316:3001:26:09Duration 00:01:36 Link
Antonio SalieriLes Danaides - Act 4 'Helas!...'CD Review2015-07-1109:0001:38:35Duration 00:04:25 Link
Antonio VivaldiConcerto for 2 trumpets and orchestra in C major, RV.537Through the Night2015-07-1500:3004:24:23Duration 00:06:53 Link
Antonio VivaldiConcerto for Two Mandolins in G MajorBreakfast2015-07-1107:0000:12:32Duration 00:10:34 Link
Antonio VivaldiConcerto for violin and orchestra (RV.234) in D major "L'Inquietudine"Through the Night2015-07-1700:3004:40:24Duration 00:05:59 Link
Antonio VivaldiKyrie eleison in G minor for double choir and orchestra (RV.587)Through the Night2015-07-1101:0004:31:40Duration 00:09:57 Link
Antonio VivaldiViolin Concerto in D (Op.3 No.9) (RV.230)Through the Night2015-07-1400:3003:33:24Duration 00:07:33 Link
Antonín DvořákBagatelles Nos 1, 2 and 3Breakfast2015-07-1107:0001:37:34Duration 00:09:00 Link
Antonín DvořákBagatelles nos.4 & 5Breakfast2015-07-1207:0000:38:29Duration 00:08:33 Link
Antonín DvořákPolonaise in E flat majorBreakfast2015-07-1506:3000:01:35Duration 00:05:21 Link
Antonín DvořákSlavonic Dance in B major, Op 72 No 9Breakfast2015-07-1406:3002:02:36Duration 00:04:06 Link
Antonín DvořákSong to the Moon (Rusalka)Breakfast2015-07-1306:3002:06:39Duration 00:06:32 Link
Antonín DvořákSymphony No. 9Essential Classics2015-07-1509:0002:01:59Duration 00:44:00 Link
Antonín DvořákSymphony no 5 in F major, Op 76Through the Night2015-07-1500:3002:01:11Duration 00:38:50 Link
Arnold BaxWinter Legends (3rd & 4th mvts)Breakfast2015-07-1706:3000:01:00Duration 00:07:00 Link
Arthur JohnstonPennies from heavenIn Tune2015-07-1416:3000:03:39Duration 00:04:00 Link
Arvo PärtComo Cierva SedientaRadio 3 Live in Concert2015-07-1219:3001:23:03Duration 00:35:00 Link
Arvo PärtDa Pacem DomineRadio 3 Live in Concert2015-07-1219:3001:11:06Duration 00:06:00 Link
Arvo PärtDe profundisBreakfast2015-07-1207:0001:04:20Duration 00:06:51 Link
Arvo PärtFratresThrough the Night2015-07-1201:0004:53:03Duration 00:12:36 Link
Arvo PärtFratres (strings and percussion)Radio 3 Live in Concert2015-07-1219:3000:02:00Duration 00:10:00 Link
Arvo PärtI am the true vineBreakfast2015-07-1107:0001:23:50Duration 00:08:08 Link
Arvo PärtLamentate - PregandoSaturday Classics2015-07-1114:0000:24:58Duration 00:06:22 Link
Arvo PärtPari IntervalloRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1413:0000:44:05Duration 00:16:02 Link
Arvo PärtStabat Mater (choir & strings)Radio 3 Live in Concert2015-07-1219:3000:20:56Duration 00:28:00 Link
Arvydas Kirda (artist)Augo dygo dobilėlis tarp trijų lazdynųLate Junction2015-07-1523:0000:13:31Duration 00:01:33 Link
Ayarkhaan (artist)Blacksmith PatronWorld on 32015-07-1723:0001:42:34Duration 00:03:42 Link
Baby Gramps (artist)Cape Cod GirlsLate Junction2015-07-1423:0000:17:01Duration 00:07:15 Link
BachCello Suite No. 6 in D major BWV1012Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1213:0000:29:31Duration 00:27:00 Link
Baldassare GaluppiSonata for keyboard no 1 in B flat majorThrough the Night2015-07-1500:3004:51:37Duration 00:04:46 Link
Barry Booth (artist)MoleLate Junction2015-07-1523:0000:58:28Duration 00:03:51 Link
BBC Concert Orchestra (artist)Come Fly With MeJazz Line-Up2015-07-1118:0000:33:43Duration 00:06:10 Link
Beats & Pieces Big Band (artist)RainJazz Line-Up2015-07-1118:0001:14:01Duration 00:07:12 Link
Bedrich Anton WiedermannNotturno in C sharp (1942)Through the Night2015-07-1600:3004:22:11Duration 00:09:00 Link
Bedrich SmetanaFrom Bohemia's Fields and Forests (Má vlast)Essential Classics2015-07-1709:0000:18:34Duration 00:13:15 Link
Beethoven1st movement – Allegro con brio from String Quartet no.6 in B flat major, Op.18`6In Tune2015-07-1716:3000:46:07Duration 00:07:30 Link
Beethoven1st movement: Allegro from Violin sonata no.6 in A major Op.30`1In Tune2015-07-1716:3001:21:16Duration 00:08:00 Link
Ben Vince (artist)Sax Loop 1Late Junction2015-07-1523:0001:10:57Duration 00:04:28 Link
Ben Vince (artist)Sax Loop 3Late Junction2015-07-1623:0000:58:18Duration 00:02:56 Link
Benjamin BrittenPeter Grimes - opera in 3 acts Op.33In Tune2015-07-1316:3000:37:40Duration 00:01:04 Link
Benjamin BrittenPeter Grimes: Now The Great Bear and PleiadesSunday Morning2015-07-1209:0002:35:12Duration 00:04:03 Link
Benjamin BrittenQuartet 3Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1513:0000:04:29Duration 00:28:34 Link
Benjamin BrittenRoman Wall BluesBreakfast2015-07-1706:3002:23:29Duration 00:02:23 Link
Benjamin BrittenString Quartet No.3Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1513:0000:04:00Duration 00:29:03 Link
Benjamin BrittenSuccession of the Four Sweet MonthsIn Tune2015-07-1616:3000:04:30Duration 00:02:10 Link
Benjamin BrittenSuite No. 1 Op.72 For Cello SoloRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1213:0000:04:24Duration 00:23:09 Link
Benjamin Clementine (artist)St-Clementine-On-Tea-And-CroissantsLate Junction2015-07-1623:0000:52:25Duration 00:01:12 Link
Bill Laurance (artist)December In New YorkJazz Line-Up2015-07-1118:0000:47:06Duration 00:04:56 Link
Bill Mays & Ed Bickert (artist)Bick's BagJazz Record Requests2015-07-1117:0000:41:23Duration 00:07:47 Link
Billy MayerlThe Ace of Clubs (from The Four Aces Suite)Breakfast2015-07-1207:0000:56:45Duration 00:02:18 Link
Bob ChilcottFriday 1 August 1834: The Abolition of SlaveryAfternoon Concert2015-07-1714:0000:06:04Duration 00:05:47 Link
Bob ChilcottFriday 28 September 1928: The Discovery of PenicillinAfternoon Concert2015-07-1714:0000:14:08Duration 00:04:23 Link
Bob ChilcottMonday 14 December 1903: The First Powered FlightAfternoon Concert2015-07-1714:0000:11:53Duration 00:02:17 Link
Bob ChilcottSalisbury motets for chorus, no.4; Hail star of the sea most radiantAfternoon Concert2015-07-1614:0002:26:07Duration 00:03:01 Link
Bob ChilcottThe DesertAfternoon Concert2015-07-1714:0002:21:52Duration 00:02:04 Link
Bob ChilcottThe Source of the SpringAfternoon Concert2015-07-1714:0002:16:43Duration 00:03:46 Link
Bob ChilcottThe Voice of WaterAfternoon Concert2015-07-1714:0002:23:58Duration 00:04:38 Link
Bob ChilcottThursday 29 March 1455: The Invention of PrintingAfternoon Concert2015-07-1714:0000:03:22Duration 00:02:43 Link
Bob ChilcottTo Sing of WaterAfternoon Concert2015-07-1714:0002:20:29Duration 00:01:23 Link
Bob ChilcottWednesday 12 April 1961: The First Man in SpaceAfternoon Concert2015-07-1714:0000:18:35Duration 00:04:13 Link
Bob ChilcottWhere Water WaitsAfternoon Concert2015-07-1714:0002:14:22Duration 00:02:20 Link
Bohuslav MartinuLe JazzBreakfast2015-07-1107:0001:55:51Duration 00:04:20 Link
Brian Chilala (artist)Nimwe TulolelaWorld on 32015-07-1723:0000:01:53Duration 00:06:37 Link
Brian Eno (artist)Small Craft on a Milk SeaLate Junction2015-07-1623:0000:08:27Duration 00:01:49 Link
Buck Clayton Legacy BandOuter Drive / Swinging At The Copper RailJazz Record Requests2015-07-1117:0000:16:53Duration 00:05:22 Link
Budapest Cafe Orchestra (artist)The Song of CaioraWorld on 32015-07-1723:0000:53:34Duration 00:02:45 Link
Buddy RichStraight No ChaserGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2015-07-1200:0000:29:47Duration 00:04:20 Link
Buddy Rich (artist)Straight No ChaserGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2015-07-1200:00Duration Link
Béla Bartók11 LullabyRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1613:0000:28:17Duration 00:01:11 Link
Béla Bartók13 Wedding SongRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1613:0000:34:19Duration 00:02:27 Link
Béla Bartók14 Cushion DanceRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1613:0000:31:21Duration 00:00:36 Link
Béla Bartók19 Fairy TaleRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1613:0000:32:52Duration 00:01:23 Link
Béla Bartók23 Wedding SongRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1613:0000:25:58Duration 00:01:20 Link
Béla Bartók26 Teasing SongRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1613:0000:38:13Duration 00:01:57 Link
Béla Bartók27 Limping DanceRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1613:0000:40:10Duration 00:00:50 Link
Béla Bartók37 Prelude and CanonRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1613:0000:42:40Duration 00:02:29 Link
Béla Bartók9 PlayRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1613:0000:23:33Duration 00:00:33 Link
Béla BartókContrasts Sz.111 for violin, clarinet and pianoThrough the Night2015-07-1600:3000:01:11Duration 00:17:07 Link
Béla BartókDuosRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1613:0000:38:51Duration 00:08:56 Link
Béla BartókSonata Sz.117 For Violin Solo - 4th mvtSaturday Classics2015-07-1114:0000:16:12Duration 00:04:31 Link
Béla BartókString Quartet No.3 (Coda: Allegro Molto)Private Passions2015-07-1212:0000:22:51Duration 00:04:27 Link
Béla BartókString Quartet No.3 (Coda: Allegro Molto)Private Passions2015-07-1212:0000:24:25Duration 00:04:27 Link
CAB CALLOWAYGhost of a ChanceJazz Record Requests2015-07-1117:0000:13:10Duration 00:02:53 Link
Camille Saint‐SaënsAllegro appassionatoEssential Classics2015-07-1609:0000:04:53Duration 00:03:18 Link
Camille Saint‐SaënsBacchanale (Samson et Dalila)Breakfast2015-07-1706:3001:35:01Duration 00:06:39 Link
Camille Saint‐SaënsCaprice on Danish and Russian Airs, Op 79Essential Classics2015-07-1309:0000:43:48Duration 00:10:42 Link
Camille Saint‐SaënsMarche héroïque in E flat major, Op 34Breakfast2015-07-1406:3002:23:03Duration 00:07:02 Link
Camille Saint‐SaënsPhaetonEssential Classics2015-07-1709:0000:40:02Duration 00:11:22 Link
Camille Saint‐SaënsSymphony no. 3 (Op.78) in C minor "Organ symphony"; final movementIn Tune2015-07-1616:3001:05:51Duration 00:08:12 Link
Carl Ditters von DittersdorfDouble Bass Concerto No 2 in D major (1st mvt)In Tune2015-07-1516:3001:15:23Duration 00:07:08 Link
Carl FrühlingTrio for clarinet, cello and piano (Op.40)Through the Night2015-07-1700:3002:36:57Duration 00:26:58 Link
Carl Maria von WeberAndante and Rondo Ungarese in C minor, Op 35Through the Night2015-07-1700:3004:30:05Duration 00:09:54 Link
Carl Maria von WeberClarinet Concertino in E flat major, Op 26Through the Night2015-07-1201:0003:12:12Duration 00:09:54 Link
Carl Maria von WeberMissa sancta no 2 in G major (J.251), Op 76 'Jubelmesse'Through the Night2015-07-1600:3002:35:02Duration 00:25:08 Link
Carl Maria von WeberOverture to The Ruler of the spirits [Der Beherrscher der Geister] Op.27Afternoon Concert2015-07-1714:0001:17:38Duration 00:08:06 Link
Carl NielsenHymnus Amoris - 3rd movt: Amor est pax meaBBC Proms2015-07-1619:3000:30:14Duration 00:05:57 Link
Carl NielsenLay of the Nordic HarpBreakfast2015-07-1606:3000:39:12Duration 00:02:53 Link
Carl NielsenLittle Suite in A minor, Op 1 (Intermezzo)Breakfast2015-07-1706:3000:41:59Duration 00:05:21 Link
Carl NielsenMaskaradeBBC Proms2015-07-1719:3000:01:54Duration 01:20:00 Link
Carl NielsenSaul and David Acts I and IIAfternoon Concert2015-07-1614:0000:03:53Duration 01:07:48 Link
Carl NielsenSaul and David Acts III and IVAfternoon Concert2015-07-1614:0001:13:13Duration 01:00:29 Link
Carl NielsenSpringtime on FunenSunday Morning2015-07-1209:0002:39:54Duration 00:18:26 Link
Carl NielsenSymphony No 4, Op 29 'The Inextinguishable'Through the Night2015-07-1600:3001:22:55Duration 00:36:34 Link
Carl Nielsen (artist)Symphony no.4 “the Inextinguishable”: 2nd mvtIn Tune2015-07-1516:3001:42:32Duration 00:05:23 Link
Cecilia McDowallThe Lord is GoodEssential Classics2015-07-1409:0000:33:00Duration 00:05:42 Link
Cedric Thorpe DavieThe Three Ravens & We be three poor MarinersRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1613:0000:55:44Duration 00:06:39 Link
Charles Koechlin3 Poems from Jungle BookDrama on 32015-07-1222:0002:13:30Duration 00:17:00 Link
Charles Mingus (artist)So Long EricJazz on 32015-07-1323:0000:53:06Duration 00:00:30 Link
Charles Tomlinson GriffesThree Tone Pictures, Op 5Through the Night2015-07-1201:0001:50:55Duration 00:08:31 Link
Cheikh Lô (artist)Gemou Ma KoWorld on 32015-07-1723:0000:10:10Duration 00:05:13 Link
Chris Morphitus (artist)Where to GoLate Junction2015-07-1523:0000:51:56Duration 00:03:37 Link
Chris WatsonBearded seals singing under the Arctic sea iceLate Junction2015-07-1623:0000:26:52Duration 00:01:43 Link
Christian Ernst GrafString Quartet no.6 in F major: Final movement; Andantino con VariationeIn Tune2015-07-1616:3000:46:53Duration 00:05:39 Link
Christoph Willibald GluckSymphony in G major, Wq. deest. Chen G3Essential Classics2015-07-1609:0000:08:36Duration 00:14:33 Link
Christopher Simpson20 Ayres for viols (Aire and Sarabande)In Tune2015-07-1416:3000:43:23Duration 00:02:44 Link
Christopher SimpsonPrelude and Divisions upon a Ground [from The Division Viol - London, 1665]Through the Night2015-07-1600:3003:37:55Duration 00:07:33 Link
Cipriano de RoreAncor che col partire (Although, as I leave)Breakfast2015-07-1306:3000:51:49Duration 00:03:32 Link
Clara SchumannMazurka in G minor (Soirées Musicales Op.6)Breakfast2015-07-1606:3002:18:22Duration 00:03:02 Link
Claude DebussyChansons de Bilitis - 3 melodies for voice and pianoThrough the Night2015-07-1201:0003:22:36Duration 00:09:11 Link
Claude DebussyDanse sacree et danse profane for harp and stringsThrough the Night2015-07-1101:0004:10:41Duration 00:10:08 Link
Claude DebussyDanse sacrée et danse profaneBreakfast2015-07-1606:3000:42:59Duration 00:09:13 Link
Claude DebussyDr Gradus ad Parnassum (Children's Corner)Breakfast2015-07-1406:3002:20:39Duration 00:02:10 Link
Claude DebussyMarche EcossaiseBreakfast2015-07-1207:0001:16:21Duration 00:06:22 Link
Claude DebussySuite bergamasqueOpera on 32015-07-1417:5004:44:15Duration 00:11:59 Link
Claude DebussyTarantelle styrienneThrough the Night2015-07-1500:3003:53:47Duration 00:05:43 Link
Claude DebussyToccataBreakfast2015-07-1706:3001:48:13Duration 00:04:13 Link
Claude DebussyTrois NocturnesThrough the Night2015-07-1600:3005:37:13Duration 00:22:17 Link
Clype (artist)Now My HomeWorld on 32015-07-1723:0000:47:39Duration 00:03:06 Link
Cécile Louise ChaminadeSerenade espagnoleBreakfast2015-07-1706:3001:27:23Duration 00:02:32 Link
César FranckSymphony in D Minor 2nd movement Allegretto played byWords and Music2015-07-1217:3000:22:10Duration Link
D. ScarlattiiSonata in G minor K121Breakfast2015-07-1406:3001:57:30Duration 00:01:30 Link
Dalindèo (artist)Ilta Tokoinrannassa / Evening at Tokoi-beachJazz Line-Up2015-07-1118:0000:21:47Duration 00:00:55 Link
Dalindèo (artist)Kurvi-TwistJazz Line-Up2015-07-1118:0000:22:44Duration 00:01:42 Link
Darius MilhaudDuo concertante Op.351Essential Classics2015-07-1509:0000:08:09Duration 00:06:31 Link
Darius MilhaudSuite d'apres CorretteSunday Morning2015-07-1209:0001:06:44Duration 00:08:39 Link
David Rothenberg (artist)Nightingale (David Rothenberg - Clarinet)Late Junction2015-07-1523:0000:56:41Duration 00:03:10 Link
Delia Derbyshire (artist)MattachinLate Junction2015-07-1623:0000:28:32Duration 00:01:08 Link
Django ReinhardtArtillerie Lourde from DjangologyWords and Music2015-07-1217:3000:41:13Duration Link
Dmitry ShostakovichAllegretto - Andante (Finale of String Quartet No.10 in A flat, Op.118)Essential Classics2015-07-1609:0001:11:41Duration 00:09:25 Link
Dmitry ShostakovichJazz Suite No 1 (Polka)Essential Classics2015-07-1409:0000:00:20Duration 00:01:45 Link
Dmitry ShostakovichPiano Quintet in G minor Op. 57 - Movt 1: PreludeBBC Proms2015-07-1619:3002:13:03Duration 00:04:48 Link
Dmitry ShostakovichPolka from the Age of Gold – suite Op.22aBreakfast2015-07-1306:3002:18:59Duration 00:02:16 Link
Dmitry ShostakovichPrelude And Fugue No. 4 In E MinorSaturday Classics2015-07-1114:0000:56:43Duration 00:08:44 Link
Dmitry ShostakovichQuartet no.10 mov 3In Tune2015-07-1516:3001:08:25Duration 00:05:30 Link
Dmitry ShostakovichQuartet no.9 mov. 3In Tune2015-07-1516:3001:01:15Duration 00:04:00 Link
Dmitry ShostakovichSymphony No. 10Essential Classics2015-07-1409:0002:01:43Duration 00:56:12 Link
Domenico ScarlattiSonata for Mandolin in D minor k.90Through the Night2015-07-1400:3003:41:21Duration 00:08:47 Link
Domenico ScarlattiSonata in B minor (Kk.87)Through the Night2015-07-1300:3003:34:31Duration 00:06:10 Link
Domenico ScarlattiSonata in C sharp minor, Kk247Private Passions2015-07-1212:0000:05:36Duration 00:02:44 Link
Domenico ScarlattiSonata in C sharp minor, Kk247Private Passions2015-07-1212:0000:07:11Duration 00:02:44 Link
Domenico ScarlattiSonatas in F minor and D majorBreakfast2015-07-1107:0001:47:28Duration 00:07:58 Link
Donner SummerI Feel Love (feat. Jesca Hoop)Late Junction2015-07-1623:0001:12:23Duration 00:04:54 Link
Edvard GriegPeer Gynt - suite no. 1 Op.46Afternoon Concert2015-07-1414:0000:14:11Duration 00:17:22 Link
Edvard GriegPiano Sonata in E minor, Op 7Through the Night2015-07-1400:3005:16:18Duration 00:17:31 Link
Edvard GriegRigaudon - no.5 from Holberg suite Op.40Breakfast2015-07-1406:3001:33:39Duration 00:04:29 Link
Edvard GriegSonata in A minor Op.36 for cello and pianoThrough the Night2015-07-1600:3000:39:29Duration 00:25:57 Link
Edvard GriegSylphe (Lyric pieces, Bk.7)Essential Classics2015-07-1409:0001:58:16Duration 00:01:27 Link
Edvard GriegTriumphal March (Sigurd Jorsalfar)Through the Night2015-07-1600:3001:05:54Duration 00:09:49 Link
Edward ElgarEnigma Variations, Op 36 (Variation 9, 'Nimrod')Breakfast2015-07-1506:3001:43:34Duration 00:04:13 Link
Edward ElgarSerenade for string orchestraEssential Classics2015-07-1309:0000:03:27Duration 00:12:21 Link
Einojuhani RautavaaraCantus Arcticus: Concerto for Birds and Orchestra: 3. Swans MigratingLate Junction2015-07-1523:0000:21:55Duration 00:08:09 Link
Elena Kats‐CherninRussian RagThrough the Night2015-07-1201:0004:01:10Duration 00:05:10 Link
Emily Hall (artist)MantraLate Junction2015-07-1623:0000:42:10Duration 00:04:54 Link
Emmanuel ChabrierLarghetto for horn and orchestraEssential Classics2015-07-1609:0001:11:41Duration 00:09:25 Link
Ennio MorriconeThe Good, the Bad and the UglyIn Tune2015-07-1416:3000:33:03Duration 00:02:38 Link
Eric CoatesCalling All WorkersBreakfast2015-07-1506:3002:10:35Duration 00:03:11 Link
Eric WhitacreGo, lovely rose (3 Flower Songs)Breakfast2015-07-1606:3002:09:46Duration 00:04:07 Link
Erich Wolfgang KorngoldTanzlied des Pierrot (Die tote Stadt)Essential Classics2015-07-1409:0000:55:04Duration 00:04:56 Link
Erich Wolfgang KorngoldViolin Concerto in D major (Op.35)Through the Night2015-07-1300:3001:32:27Duration 00:27:05 Link
Erich Wolfgang KorngoldViolin Concerto in D major, Op.35 (3rd mvt)BBC Proms2015-07-1619:3001:59:28Duration 00:07:21 Link
Ernest ChaussonPavane & Forlane from Quelques danses for piano, Op 26 (1896)Through the Night2015-07-1201:0003:32:10Duration 00:09:34 Link
Erno DohnanyiSerenade in C major Op.10 for string trioThrough the Night2015-07-1600:3000:18:48Duration 00:20:11 Link
Ernst KrenekDer MenschAfternoon Concert2015-07-1314:0000:46:04Duration 00:04:46 Link
Ernst KrenekDie JahreszeitenAfternoon Concert2015-07-1614:0002:15:26Duration 00:10:22 Link
Ernst KrenekDie RoemerAfternoon Concert2015-07-1314:0000:55:26Duration 00:03:04 Link
Ernst KrenekTroestungAfternoon Concert2015-07-1314:0000:50:52Duration 00:04:30 Link
Ernst TochValseAfternoon Concert2015-07-1314:0001:37:54Duration 00:04:33 Link
Erwin SchulhoffQuartet No. 1 For Strings (iv Andante)CD Review2015-07-1109:0000:20:48Duration 00:06:34 Link
ESKA (artist)Rock of Ages (Jesse Hackett REMIX)Late Junction2015-07-1423:0000:45:13Duration 00:04:37 Link
Eugène YsaÿeDanse des OmbresWords and Music2015-07-1217:3000:17:00Duration Link
Eugène YsaÿeReve d'EnfantBreakfast2015-07-1207:0001:41:08Duration 00:04:24 Link
Fanny MendelssohnIm wunderschönen Monat MaiEssential Classics2015-07-1309:0000:00:57Duration 00:01:04 Link
Fats Waller (artist)Handful of KeysJazz Record Requests2015-07-1117:0000:10:03Duration 00:02:44 Link
Fats Waller (artist)Squeeze meIn Tune2015-07-1416:3000:10:54Duration 00:05:00 Link
Felix MendelssohnHora estThrough the Night2015-07-1300:3004:30:36Duration 00:09:01 Link
Felix MendelssohnPiano Trio No 1 in D minor, Op 49 (3rd mvt)Breakfast2015-07-1406:3000:48:25Duration 00:03:23 Link
Felix MendelssohnQuartet Op. 12Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1513:0000:34:31Duration 00:25:27 Link
Felix MendelssohnString Quartet No.1 in E flat, Op.12Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1513:0000:34:25Duration 00:25:30 Link
Felix MendelssohnSymphony No.4 in A major, Op.90, 'Italian' (1st mvt)Breakfast2015-07-1306:3001:06:44Duration 00:07:53 Link
Felix MendelssohnVariations concertantesEssential Classics2015-07-1709:0000:03:15Duration 00:07:55 Link
Felix MendelssohnViolin concerto in E minor, Op.64Afternoon Concert2015-07-1314:0002:00:15Duration 00:27:42 Link
Felix NowowiejskiMissa pro pace, Op 49 no 3Through the Night2015-07-1400:3002:39:33Duration 00:37:36 Link
FinziI Praise the Tender FlowerIn Tune2015-07-1616:3000:20:09Duration 00:02:00 Link
Francis PoulencGloria in excelsis Deo (Gloria)Breakfast2015-07-1406:3001:09:10Duration 00:02:40 Link
Francis PoulencIntermezzo in A flat majorBreakfast2015-07-1506:3002:13:55Duration 00:04:02 Link
Francis PoulencPetites voixThrough the Night2015-07-1700:3004:54:25Duration 00:05:54 Link
Frank BridgeValse intermezzoBreakfast2015-07-1706:3002:15:42Duration 00:06:54 Link
Franz BerwaldSymphonic Poem 'Wettlauf'Breakfast2015-07-1706:3001:02:47Duration 00:08:41 Link
Franz LehárThe Land of smiles - operetta in 3 actsIn Tune2015-07-1316:3001:34:49Duration 00:03:57 Link
Franz LisztTranscription from Mozart's Magic Flute (S.634a)Through the Night2015-07-1400:3003:17:38Duration 00:04:01 Link
Franz SchubertAn die Musik D.547Through the Night2015-07-1101:0003:46:59Duration 00:02:40 Link
Franz SchubertAve Maria, D839Through the Night2015-07-1600:3003:30:26Duration 00:07:05 Link
Franz SchubertDer Taucher, D.77Afternoon Concert2015-07-1714:0001:24:57Duration 00:25:17 Link
Franz SchubertDie Post, D 911 No 13 (Winterreise)Breakfast2015-07-1506:3001:27:15Duration 00:02:09 Link
Franz SchubertDu Bist Die Ruh D.776Saturday Classics2015-07-1114:0001:32:24Duration 00:04:45 Link
Franz SchubertGute NachtBreakfast2015-07-1207:0001:33:56Duration 00:06:19 Link
Franz SchubertMoment musicaux, D 780 (No 4 in C sharp minor)Breakfast2015-07-1306:3000:38:47Duration 00:04:12 Link
Franz SchubertPiano Quintet in A major, D.667 'Trout' (4th mvt)Breakfast2015-07-1107:0001:05:51Duration 00:07:39 Link
Franz SchubertPiano Sonata in A D959Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1313:0000:18:53Duration 00:35:51 Link
Franz SchubertPiano Sonata in A major, D959Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1313:0000:52:21Duration 00:35:00 Link
Franz SchubertQuartet in C minor D.703Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1713:0000:04:34Duration 00:09:18 Link
Franz SchubertQuartetsatzRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1713:0000:04:07Duration 00:09:18 Link
Franz SchubertString Quartet in B flat major, D 68Breakfast2015-07-1606:3001:47:51Duration 00:14:05 Link
Franz SchubertString Quintet in C major, D.956 (2nd mvt)Essential Classics2015-07-1409:0001:04:18Duration 00:12:56 Link
Franz SchubertSymphony No. 9 In C Major D.944 (Great)CD Review2015-07-1109:0000:03:57Duration 00:00:50 Link
Franz SchubertSymphony No. 9 In C Major D.944 (i & ii movements)CD Review2015-07-1109:0002:41:10Duration 00:31:48 Link
Franz Xaver RichterConcerto for trumpet, strings and basso continuo in D majorThrough the Night2015-07-1400:3004:59:39Duration 00:16:13 Link
François CouperinConcert no.8 in G major 'Dans le goût théâtral' (Overture)Breakfast2015-07-1606:3001:42:50Duration 00:03:34 Link
Frederick LoeweAscot Gavotte (My Fair Lady)Breakfast2015-07-1506:3001:39:00Duration 00:03:07 Link
Friedrich KuhlauThe Robbers' Castle (Overture)Breakfast2015-07-1406:3000:19:03Duration 00:04:07 Link
Fritz KreislerCaprice Viennois (Op.2) arr. Cassidy for viola & string quartetBreakfast2015-07-1406:3001:44:48Duration 00:04:13 Link
Fritz KreislerMarche miniature viennoiseIn Tune2015-07-1716:3001:12:37Duration 00:02:30 Link
Frédéric Chopin24 Preludes for piano (Op.28)Through the Night2015-07-1300:3000:53:02Duration 00:39:01 Link
Frédéric ChopinBallade for piano no 4 in F minor, Op 52Through the Night2015-07-1500:3004:13:23Duration 00:10:41 Link
Frédéric ChopinNocturne in C minor, Op 48 No 1Breakfast2015-07-1207:0000:20:09Duration 00:06:45 Link
Frédéric ChopinNocturne in E flat major, Op.9 no.2Breakfast2015-07-1406:3001:12:26Duration 00:05:58 Link
Frédéric ChopinNocturne in E flat, op. 9 no. 2Breakfast2015-07-1207:0001:11:12Duration 00:04:06 Link
Frédéric ChopinPolonaise for piano in A flat major, Op 53 'Polonaise heroique'Through the Night2015-07-1700:3004:46:46Duration 00:07:15 Link
Frédéric ChopinPolonaise héroïque, Op 53Breakfast2015-07-1306:3000:11:22Duration 00:06:50 Link
Frédéric ChopinRondo in E flat major, Op.16Through the Night2015-07-1101:0004:42:02Duration 00:09:26 Link
Fulvia SigurtaThe Oldest Living ThingJazz Line-Up2015-07-1118:0001:21:43Duration 00:04:00 Link
Gabriel FauréApres un reve (Op.7`1) arr. for violin and pianoBreakfast2015-07-1306:3001:42:15Duration 00:02:46 Link
Gabriel FauréNocturne No 1 in E flat minor, Op 33 No 1Through the Night2015-07-1400:3004:09:12Duration 00:08:29 Link
Gabriel FauréPavane, Op 50Breakfast2015-07-1506:3001:20:16Duration 00:06:14 Link
Gabriel FauréRomance sans paroles No 3 in A flat majorEssential Classics2015-07-1309:0001:57:51Duration 00:02:24 Link
Gabriel FauréTrio for piano and strings (Op.120) in D minor (1923)Through the Night2015-07-1500:3002:40:29Duration 00:21:13 Link
Gabriel FauréÉlégie Op.24Essential Classics2015-07-1409:0000:03:15Duration 00:06:57 Link
Gabriel Kahane (artist)Half A Box of CondomsLate Junction2015-07-1423:0000:55:15Duration 00:03:33 Link
Gabriella GullinI skogen (In the Forest)Through the Night2015-07-1300:3000:26:45Duration 00:07:19 Link
Gaetano DonizettiLes Martyrs - Act 3 finaleIn Tune2015-07-1616:3001:18:43Duration 00:05:49 Link
GardelPor una cabeza (arr. for string quartet)In Tune2015-07-1716:3000:55:19Duration 00:03:30 Link
Gary CarpenterDadaville (BBC commission: world premiere)BBC Proms2015-07-1719:3000:09:43Duration 00:10:00 Link
Gaspar Sanz4 pieces from "Instrucción de música sobre la guitara española" [1674]Through the Night2015-07-1201:0005:42:46Duration 00:16:40 Link
Georg Philipp TelemannConcerto for fl, ob d'amore, vla d'amore and orchestra (TWV.53:E1) in E major, 2nd mvt; AllegroBreakfast2015-07-1606:3001:01:49Duration 00:05:31 Link
Georg Philipp TelemannOverture burlesque ... (TWV.55:B8)in B flat major, 1st movement; OuvertureBreakfast2015-07-1406:3001:02:55Duration 00:05:03 Link
Georg Philipp TelemannRecorder Concerto in F major TWV.51:F1 - 2nd mvt AllegroBreakfast2015-07-1506:3000:36:42Duration 00:04:09 Link
George ButterworthThe Banks of Green WillowBreakfast2015-07-1506:3001:09:27Duration 00:05:51 Link
George DukeCravo E CanelaJazz Record Requests2015-07-1117:0000:37:59Duration 00:02:50 Link
George Frideric Handel3 Airs from Vauxhall GardensThrough the Night2015-07-1700:3003:48:27Duration 00:11:01 Link
George Frideric HandelAria – Gloomy tyrants we disdain & Chorus – Hallelujah, from AthaliaBreakfast2015-07-1306:3001:49:56Duration 00:04:49 Link
George Frideric HandelBramo di trionfar from Alcina (Act 1 Scene 8)Through the Night2015-07-1101:0003:07:54Duration 00:06:19 Link
George Frideric HandelCantata Delirio amoroso: "Da quel giorno fatale" (HWV.99)Through the Night2015-07-1201:0002:30:29Duration 00:32:28 Link
George Frideric HandelConcerto Grosso in A minor, Op 6 no 4Through the Night2015-07-1600:3003:19:29Duration 00:10:33 Link
George Frideric HandelConcerto à due cori in F major, HWV 333 (5th & 6th mvt)Essential Classics2015-07-1509:0000:39:48Duration 00:15:30 Link
George Frideric HandelGentle Morpheus, son of night (Calliope's song) from AlcesteThrough the Night2015-07-1201:0004:24:41Duration 00:08:57 Link
George Frideric HandelGiulio Cesare - Piangero la sorte miaSunday Morning2015-07-1209:0000:12:16Duration 00:06:50 Link
George Frideric HandelGiulio Cesare - Va tacitoSunday Morning2015-07-1209:0001:38:08Duration 00:06:01 Link
George Frideric HandelMa quando tornerai (Alcina)In Tune2015-07-1616:3000:37:58Duration 00:04:19 Link
George Frideric HandelO sacred oracles of truth (Belshazzar)Breakfast2015-07-1706:3001:42:15Duration 00:04:54 Link
George Frideric HandelOh, the pleasure of the plains (Acis and Galatea, orch Mozart)Breakfast2015-07-1406:3002:07:25Duration 00:05:33 Link
George Frideric HandelOrgan Concerto in B flat major, HWV 306 (Bourrée)In Tune2015-07-1416:3000:00:23Duration 00:02:34 Link
George Frideric HandelPassacaglia from Suite (HWV.432) in G minor, arr. HalverssonRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1613:0000:47:57Duration 00:07:19 Link
George GershwinA selection of music from Porgy and BessBreakfast2015-07-1107:0000:52:54Duration 00:07:06 Link
George GershwinIt Ain’t Necessarily So (Porgy & Bess)Breakfast2015-07-1306:3001:25:00Duration 00:04:00 Link
George Gershwin (artist)Summertime from Porgy and BessEssential Classics2015-07-1409:0001:20:53Duration 00:03:15 Link
Georges BizetCarmen: Suite No.2 - Danse BohemeEssential Classics2015-07-1509:0000:56:23Duration 00:04:37 Link
Georges HüePhantasy vers. flute and pianoThrough the Night2015-07-1201:0004:06:46Duration 00:07:17 Link
Gerald BarryDayHear and Now2015-07-1122:0000:18:35Duration 00:10:09 Link
Gerald BarryFrom The Intelligence ParkHear and Now2015-07-1122:0001:35:11Duration 00:10:48 Link
Gerald BarryKitty Lie Over Across From The WallHear and Now2015-07-1122:0000:30:24Duration 00:08:54 Link
Gerald BarryLa Jalousie taciturneHear and Now2015-07-1122:0001:48:44Duration 00:11:16 Link
Gerald BarryWiener BlutHear and Now2015-07-1122:0000:01:59Duration 00:13:34 Link
Gerald FinziRomance for strings, Op 11Essential Classics2015-07-1409:0000:46:27Duration 00:07:33 Link
Germaine TailleferreValse des dépêches (Les Maries de la tour Eiffel)Breakfast2015-07-1506:3001:58:42Duration 00:02:33 Link
Gerry Diver (artist)'Identity' mix fromThe Verb 19th June 2015, Charlotte Church InterviewLate Junction2015-07-1623:0000:14:25Duration 00:03:55 Link
Gherhardus Mes (artist)Ich seg adieuWords and Music2015-07-1217:3001:10:50Duration Link
Giacomo PucciniNessun dorma (Turandot)In Tune2015-07-1616:3000:00:30Duration 00:03:30 Link
Giacomo PucciniO soave fanciulla (La bohème)Breakfast2015-07-1606:3001:19:25Duration 00:04:10 Link
Gioachino RossiniGuillaume Tell Act 1Opera on 32015-07-1417:5000:17:39Duration 01:20:00 Link
Gioachino RossiniGuillaume Tell Act 2Opera on 32015-07-1417:5001:58:38Duration 01:20:00 Link
Gioachino RossiniGuillaume Tell Act 3Opera on 32015-07-1417:5003:16:22Duration 00:45:00 Link
Gioachino RossiniGuillaume Tell Act 4Opera on 32015-07-1417:5004:05:12Duration 00:35:00 Link
Gioachino RossiniIl Barbiere di Siviglia; Act I sc.2; La calunnia e un venticello ;(Don Basilio)In Tune2015-07-1416:3000:15:34Duration 00:03:20 Link
Gioachino RossiniLa Scala di seta (The silken ladder) OvertureThrough the Night2015-07-1700:3003:04:23Duration 00:06:02 Link
Gioachino RossiniQuartet no 1 in FThrough the Night2015-07-1201:0003:42:10Duration 00:11:06 Link
Gioachino RossiniSerenata in E flat majorAfternoon Concert2015-07-1414:0002:21:41Duration 00:07:10 Link
Gioachino RossiniString Sonata no 5 in E flat majorThrough the Night2015-07-1500:3004:36:43Duration 00:14:30 Link
Gioachino RossiniWilliam Tell (Overture)Breakfast2015-07-1406:3000:34:19Duration 00:11:42 Link
Gioseffo GuamiIn Die Tribulationis a 6The Early Music Show2015-07-1214:0000:47:43Duration 00:04:55 Link
Giovanni Battista BononciniIl Ritorno di Giulio Cesare: Aria - E pur le mie rovineSunday Morning2015-07-1209:0001:25:18Duration 00:04:45 Link
Giovanni Benedetto PlattiTrio in C minor for oboe, bassoon and continuoThrough the Night2015-07-1101:0004:51:54Duration 00:09:10 Link
Giovanni GabrieliCanzon A 6 S.16 [1615 No.3]The Early Music Show2015-07-1214:0000:55:21Duration 00:02:57 Link
Giovanni GabrieliCanzon a6 S.5 [1615 No.2]The Early Music Show2015-07-1214:0000:43:35Duration 00:04:07 Link
Giovanni GabrieliOmnes gentes plaudite manibus à 16Breakfast2015-07-1406:3000:01:34Duration 00:03:55 Link
Giovanni GabrieliToccata Del Secundo TonoThe Early Music Show2015-07-1214:0000:52:37Duration 00:02:44 Link
Giuseppe Verdi'Piangea cantando..' (‘Willow Song’) & Ave Maria - Otello, Act IVEssential Classics2015-07-1309:0001:17:37Duration 00:11:51 Link
Giuseppe VerdiCeleste AidaSunday Morning2015-07-1209:0000:56:07Duration 00:04:38 Link
Giuseppe VerdiDi quella pira (Il trovatore)In Tune2015-07-1616:3001:49:33Duration 00:03:17 Link
Giuseppe VerdiDies irae; Liber scriptus (Requiem)BBC Proms2015-07-1619:3000:58:28Duration 00:05:02 Link
Giuseppe VerdiLa forza del destino (Overture)In Tune2015-07-1416:3000:46:41Duration 00:07:53 Link
Giuseppe VerdiO Padre NostroThrough the Night2015-07-1700:3003:10:50Duration 00:06:57 Link
Giuseppe VerdiPater noster for chorusThrough the Night2015-07-1500:3003:02:08Duration 00:08:24 Link
Giuseppe VerdiRigoletto - Act 3; La Donna e mobile [Duke's song]In Tune2015-07-1516:3001:58:10Duration 00:02:08 Link
Glenn Miller OrchestraI've Got a Girl In KalamazooJazz Record Requests2015-07-1117:0000:26:51Duration 00:05:01 Link
Golden Rules (artist)Down South BoogieLate Junction2015-07-1523:0001:02:14Duration 00:02:25 Link
Grażyna BacewiczConcerto no. 1 for violin and orchestra. FinaleBreakfast2015-07-1706:3000:51:42Duration 00:03:30 Link
Grzegorz Gerwazy GorczyckiLaetatus SumThrough the Night2015-07-1500:3003:16:34Duration 00:04:46 Link
Guillaume de MachautKyrie and Gloria, from 'Messe de Nostre Dame', a 4Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1113:0000:20:00Duration 00:11:04 Link
Guillaume DufayAve Regina CoelorumWords and Music2015-07-1217:3000:03:30Duration Link
Gustav HolstThe Planets: JupiterEssential Classics2015-07-1709:0000:40:02Duration 00:11:22 Link
Gustav MahlerBlumine (2nd movement from Symphony no.1, original version)Essential Classics2015-07-1609:0002:50:25Duration 00:08:21 Link
Gustav MahlerSymphony No.9Through the Night2015-07-1201:0000:17:15Duration 01:17:28 Link
Gwenno (artist)PatriarchaethLate Junction2015-07-1623:0000:21:56Duration 00:03:29 Link
György LigetiPoeme SymphoniqueLate Junction2015-07-1623:0001:18:23Duration 00:03:55 Link
Gösta Nystroem3 Visions about the seaThrough the Night2015-07-1700:3004:18:41Duration 00:11:00 Link
Hall JohnsonThere's A Man Going Round Taking NamesSaturday Classics2015-07-1114:0000:20:42Duration 00:03:07 Link
Hans Krása3 Lieder for baritone, clarinet, viola and cello after RimbaudThrough the Night2015-07-1500:3004:31:46Duration 00:04:32 Link
Hector BerliozDamnation de Faust: Marche hongroise (Rakoczy march)Breakfast2015-07-1606:3000:33:14Duration 00:04:56 Link
Hector BerliozLe Carnaval romain overture Op 9Through the Night2015-07-1300:3004:01:12Duration 00:08:58 Link
Hector BerliozSymphonie fantastique (A Ball)BBC Proms2015-07-1619:3000:48:04Duration 00:06:07 Link
Hector BerliozSymphonie fantastique (March to the Scaffold)Breakfast2015-07-1406:3001:50:27Duration 00:04:47 Link
Hector BerliozSymphonie funebre et triomphale for military band (Op.15)Through the Night2015-07-1300:3002:36:00Duration 00:33:34 Link
Heino KaskiPrelude (1912)Through the Night2015-07-1600:3003:04:06Duration 00:04:21 Link
Heinrich Ignaz Franz von BiberSonata Sancti PolycarpiEssential Classics2015-07-1409:0000:40:16Duration 00:04:31 Link
Heinrich SchützDie Himmel erzahlen, SWV386Essential Classics2015-07-1709:0000:40:02Duration 00:11:22 Link
Hendrik AndriessenVariations and fugue on a theme by KuhnauWords and Music2015-07-1217:3000:45:57Duration Link
Henri BüsserPetite SuiteBreakfast2015-07-1107:0000:23:43Duration 00:11:25 Link
Henri DuparcLa Vague et la clocheThrough the Night2015-07-1300:3003:21:51Duration 00:05:34 Link
Henry EcclesSonata for double bass and pianoThrough the Night2015-07-1700:3003:25:34Duration 00:08:07 Link
Henry LeyA Prayer of King Henry VIChoral Evensong2015-07-1215:0000:02:05Duration 00:01:58 Link
Henry Purcell10 Sonatas in four parts: No.2 in E flatEssential Classics2015-07-1309:0000:34:13Duration 00:07:19 Link
Henry PurcellDido and Aeneas - When I am laid in earthBreakfast2015-07-1306:3002:25:55Duration 00:04:42 Link
Henry PurcellKing Arthur (Fairest isle)In Tune2015-07-1416:3001:05:59Duration 00:05:00 Link
Henry PurcellKing Arthur (How blest are shepherds)In Tune2015-07-1416:3000:57:40Duration 00:05:00 Link
Henry PurcellUrge me no moreSunday Morning2015-07-1209:0001:58:03Duration 00:03:13 Link
Henry PurcellWhen I am laid in earth - Dido And AeneasSaturday Classics2015-07-1114:0001:50:41Duration 00:09:27 Link
Henryk Mikołaj GóreckiCanticum GraduumThrough the Night2015-07-1700:3000:01:11Duration 00:13:22 Link
Henryk Mikołaj GóreckiSalve Sidus Polonorum - Cantata in honour of St Wojciech (Adalbertus) (Op.72)Through the Night2015-07-1201:0005:06:03Duration 00:24:46 Link
Henryk Mikołaj GóreckiSymphony no. 3 Op.36 (Symphony of sorrowful songs) for soprano and orchestraThrough the Night2015-07-1700:3000:15:08Duration 00:59:58 Link
Herbert HowellsCollegium Regale (Magnificat)Choral Evensong2015-07-1215:0000:16:13Duration 00:04:56 Link
Herbert HowellsCollegium Regale (Nunc dimittis)Choral Evensong2015-07-1215:0000:22:43Duration 00:03:54 Link
Herbert HowellsCollegium Regale (Te deum)Choral Evensong2015-07-1215:0000:41:43Duration 00:08:56 Link
Herbert HowellsPsalm Prelude, Set 2 No 3Choral Evensong2015-07-1215:0000:51:50Duration 00:08:38 Link
Herbert HowellsRequiem for chorus [SATB]Through the Night2015-07-1300:3000:34:36Duration 00:17:56 Link
Hernando FrancoSalve ReginaEssential Classics2015-07-1509:0002:46:21Duration 00:12:24 Link
Hieronymus PraetoriusO quam pulchra esEssential Classics2015-07-1709:0000:34:30Duration 00:03:48 Link
Hubert ParryI was gladChoral Evensong2015-07-1215:0000:34:03Duration 00:05:26 Link
Hubert ParrySongs of Farewell: Lord, let me know mine endEssential Classics2015-07-1609:0000:44:32Duration 00:11:43 Link
Hugo AlfvénShepherd Girl's Dance (The Mountain King)Breakfast2015-07-1306:3000:34:21Duration 00:03:50 Link
Hugo WolfVerborgenheit (Seclusion) - Mörike LiederLate Junction2015-07-1423:0000:51:38Duration 00:03:46 Link
Ian Buckle (artist)Lov(Escape)Saturday Classics2015-07-1114:0001:13:18Duration 00:03:41 Link
Igor StravinskyConcerto in D major for violin and orchestraThrough the Night2015-07-1500:3000:54:25Duration 00:23:01 Link
Igor StravinskyScherzo fantastique Op.3Through the Night2015-07-1500:3000:01:12Duration 00:11:59 Link
Igor StravinskyThe Firebird (conclusion)Essential Classics2015-07-1609:0002:02:34Duration 00:09:03 Link
Igor StravinskyThe Rite Of Spring - conclusion of Part ISaturday Classics2015-07-1114:0001:37:48Duration 00:07:46 Link
Ingvar LidholmVindarnas klagan (Lament of the winds)Through the Night2015-07-1300:3000:08:30Duration 00:04:34 Link
Ismaël Lô (artist)Jammu AfricaWorld on 32015-07-1723:0001:21:42Duration 00:05:03 Link
Ivor GurneySleepLate Junction2015-07-1623:0000:35:57Duration 00:03:08 Link
Ivor Gurney (artist)Down by the Salley Gardens for voice and pianoAfternoon Concert2015-07-1514:0001:27:04Duration 00:02:23 Link
Jacques AubertConcerto for four violins, cello and continuo, Op 17 No 1Breakfast2015-07-1506:3001:49:14Duration 00:08:53 Link
Jacques BrelLe Plat PaysBreakfast2015-07-1207:0001:45:34Duration 00:02:40 Link
Jacques BrelLe Plat PaysWords and Music2015-07-1217:3000:13:15Duration Link
Jakov GotovacSymphonic Dance 'Kolo', Op 12Through the Night2015-07-1101:0004:01:10Duration 00:09:06 Link
James HornerA Beautiful Mind - A Kaleidoscope Of MathematicsSound of Cinema2015-07-1116:0000:31:27Duration 00:04:30 Link
James HornerAliens - Main TitleSound of Cinema2015-07-1116:0000:11:51Duration 00:04:43 Link
James HornerGorky Park - Airport FarewellSound of Cinema2015-07-1116:0000:44:42Duration 00:04:07 Link
James HornerIris - Part One (Main Titles)Breakfast2015-07-1107:0001:33:21Duration 00:03:43 Link
James HornerLegends Of The Fall - The LudlowsSound of Cinema2015-07-1116:0000:19:01Duration 00:05:34 Link
James HornerStar Trek II - The Wrath Of KhanSound of Cinema2015-07-1116:0000:04:21Duration 00:02:36 Link
James HornerTitanic - Hymn to the SeaSound of Cinema2015-07-1116:0000:55:14Duration 00:04:07 Link
James HornerWiilow - Willow's ThemeSound of Cinema2015-07-1116:0000:27:23Duration 00:03:07 Link
James HornerWolf Totem - Return To The WildSound of Cinema2015-07-1116:0000:40:31Duration 00:01:29 Link
Janez GregorcSans respirer, sans soupirThrough the Night2015-07-1101:0003:14:38Duration 00:05:57 Link
Jean [1865-1957] SibeliusScene with Cranes - KuolemaAfternoon Concert2015-07-1414:0000:30:01Duration 00:05:30 Link
Jean [1865-1957] SibeliusValse TristeAfternoon Concert2015-07-1414:0000:35:34Duration 00:05:30 Link
Jean de Castro (artist)Je suis tellement langoureusThrough the Night2015-07-1600:3004:55:26Duration 00:06:00 Link
Jean MoutonAve Maria...gratia plenaIn Tune2015-07-1316:3000:04:52Duration 00:04:49 Link
Jean MoutonNesciens mater virgo à 8Breakfast2015-07-1406:3000:41:06Duration 00:05:43 Link
Jean SibeliusAlla Marcia from Karelia – Suite, Op.11In Tune2015-07-1716:3001:07:04Duration 00:04:24 Link
Jean SibeliusBelshazzar's Feast – suiteBBC Proms2015-07-1720:50Duration Link
Jean SibeliusSymphony No 5 in E flat major, Op 82 (3rd mvt)BBC Proms2015-07-1619:3002:21:50Duration 00:03:27 Link
Jean SibeliusSymphony no.2, 1st mvtIn Tune2015-07-1516:3000:43:54Duration 00:10:08 Link
Jean‐Philippe RameauFanfarinetteThrough the Night2015-07-1600:3003:00:40Duration 00:03:01 Link
Jean‐Philippe RameauLes Boreades - Entree de PolymnieSaturday Classics2015-07-1114:0001:08:25Duration 00:04:21 Link
Jean‐Philippe RameauPlatee - OrageSaturday Classics2015-07-1114:0001:05:55Duration 00:02:31 Link
Jean‐Philippe RameauSuite in E major: AllemandeIn Tune2015-07-1616:3000:23:05Duration 00:05:41 Link
Jeremiah ClarkeTrumpet Voluntary, 'The Prince of Denmark's March'Breakfast2015-07-1306:3001:02:57Duration 00:02:50 Link
Jesca Hoop (artist)Whispering LightLate Junction2015-07-1423:0000:38:33Duration 00:04:00 Link
Jimmie Noone (artist)You Rascal YouLate Junction2015-07-1423:0000:28:58Duration 00:02:20 Link
Jo Stafford (artist)No Other LoveLate Junction2015-07-1623:0001:08:20Duration 00:02:58 Link
Joaquín RodrigoAranjuezIn Tune2015-07-1616:3001:41:13Duration 00:02:29 Link
Jocelyn PookStorm EngineBreakfast2015-07-1207:0000:52:48Duration 00:03:23 Link
Johan HalvorsenPassacaglia For Violin And CelloRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1613:0000:47:30Duration 00:07:19 Link
Johan Helmich Roman13 pieces from 'Drottningholmsmusiquen' (for the Swedish Royal Wedding of 1744)Through the Night2015-07-1300:3005:38:39Duration 00:20:52 Link
Johan Helmich RomanDrottingholm Music - Music for a Royal Wedding: AllegroEssential Classics2015-07-1509:0001:54:51Duration 00:05:26 Link
Johan Peter Emilius HartmannEtudes instructivesThrough the Night2015-07-1101:0003:36:55Duration 00:09:40 Link
Johan SvendsenSymphony No 2 in B flat majorThrough the Night2015-07-1300:3002:01:13Duration 00:34:18 Link
Johann Christoph BachMotet: 'Lieber Herr Gott, wecke uns auf'Essential Classics2015-07-1409:0000:10:42Duration 00:03:16 Link
Johann Heinrich SchmeltzerLamento sopra la Morte Ferdinandi IIIThrough the Night2015-07-1201:0004:34:03Duration 00:06:55 Link
Johann Heinrich SchmelzerFechtschule (Fencing School)Through the Night2015-07-1600:3004:09:24Duration 00:07:39 Link
Johann Nepomuk HummelTrio for violin, viola and cello in G majorThrough the Night2015-07-1400:3004:32:23Duration 00:14:36 Link
Johann RosenmüllerBeatus vir qui timet DominumThrough the Night2015-07-1700:3001:46:03Duration 00:13:30 Link
Johann Sebastian Bach1 c major BWV 772Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1613:0000:22:22Duration 00:01:11 Link
Johann Sebastian Bach11 G minor BWV 780Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1613:0000:36:50Duration 00:01:22 Link
Johann Sebastian Bach13 A minor BWV 784Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1613:0000:41:03Duration 00:01:33 Link
Johann Sebastian Bach15 B minor BWV 786Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1613:0000:45:11Duration 00:01:30 Link
Johann Sebastian Bach2 c minor BWV 773Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1613:0000:24:07Duration 00:01:49 Link
Johann Sebastian Bach3 D major BWV 774Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1613:0000:27:19Duration 00:00:56 Link
Johann Sebastian Bach6 E major BWV 777Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1613:0000:29:32Duration 00:01:46 Link
Johann Sebastian Bach8 F major BWV 779Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1613:0000:31:59Duration 00:00:53 Link
Johann Sebastian BachCantata No. 4 "Christ Lag In Todesbanden" (extract)Saturday Classics2015-07-1114:0000:44:03Duration 00:11:58 Link
Johann Sebastian BachCantata no. 11 BWV.11: Lobet Gott in seinen Reichen (Chorus)Breakfast2015-07-1306:3000:25:18Duration 00:04:45 Link
Johann Sebastian BachCello Suite No 4 BWV1010Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1413:0000:04:00Duration 00:23:52 Link
Johann Sebastian BachCello Suite No.4, BWV 1010Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1413:0000:05:16Duration 00:24:22 Link
Johann Sebastian BachChrist, unser Herr, zum Jordan kam (Cantata BWV.7)Breakfast2015-07-1706:3000:27:42Duration 00:07:47 Link
Johann Sebastian BachConcerto for Four Harpsichords in A minorBreakfast2015-07-1207:0000:28:33Duration 00:09:32 Link
Johann Sebastian BachConcerto for four keyboards (BWV.1065) in A minorThrough the Night2015-07-1201:0004:41:20Duration 00:11:18 Link
Johann Sebastian BachConcerto for kbd and string orch no. 7 (BWV.1058) in G min, 1st mvt;Breakfast2015-07-1606:3000:25:42Duration 00:03:51 Link
Johann Sebastian BachEnglish Suite No 2 in A minor, BWV 807 (Prelude)Breakfast2015-07-1706:3002:10:23Duration 00:03:59 Link
Johann Sebastian BachFinale (Orchestral Suite no.6)In Tune2015-07-1516:3001:34:24Duration 00:03:56 Link
Johann Sebastian BachFrench Suite No 6 in E major, BWV 817 (Gigue)Breakfast2015-07-1506:3000:26:57Duration 00:02:22 Link
Johann Sebastian BachGamba Sonata No 3 in G minorRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1413:0000:44:45Duration 00:16:08 Link
Johann Sebastian BachGilded Goldbergs, Op. 86: Variation 19Breakfast2015-07-1306:3002:14:22Duration 00:04:37 Link
Johann Sebastian BachGoldberg Variations, BWV 988 (Aria)In Tune2015-07-1616:3000:42:33Duration 00:03:47 Link
Johann Sebastian BachIch habe genug (Cantata No 82)Essential Classics2015-07-1509:0001:04:18Duration 00:07:40 Link
Johann Sebastian BachInventionsRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1613:0000:22:54Duration 00:15:56 Link
Johann Sebastian BachJ.S. Bach Dm Gigue (from Solo Violin Partita #2)Late Junction2015-07-1423:0001:01:14Duration 00:04:34 Link
Johann Sebastian BachKeyboard Concerto in D major, BWV 1054Essential Classics2015-07-1409:0000:14:31Duration 00:15:31 Link
Johann Sebastian BachOboe Concerto in F major reconstructed from BWV.1053Through the Night2015-07-1201:0002:01:12Duration 00:19:20 Link
Johann Sebastian BachOboe d'amore Concerto in A major (BWV.1055)Through the Night2015-07-1101:0005:44:07Duration 00:15:24 Link
Johann Sebastian BachOpening chorus: Magnificat anima mea from Magnificat in D major BWV.243In Tune2015-07-1716:3000:06:14Duration 00:02:48 Link
Johann Sebastian BachOverture from Suite No 1 in C major, BWV 1066Through the Night2015-07-1300:3003:49:26Duration 00:10:08 Link
Johann Sebastian BachPartita No 4 in D major for keyboard, BWV 828 (Sarabande)Breakfast2015-07-1406:3000:23:43Duration 00:06:19 Link
Johann Sebastian BachPartita No. 6 In E Minor, BWV.830 - ToccataSaturday Classics2015-07-1114:0000:01:46Duration 00:06:03 Link
Johann Sebastian BachPartita no.3 in E major BWV.1006 (Prelude)BBC Proms2015-07-1619:3001:51:19Duration 00:03:09 Link
Johann Sebastian BachSlow movement - Concerto for two violins in D minor BWV1043Essential Classics2015-07-1309:0001:05:41Duration 00:07:43 Link
Johann Sebastian BachSo ist mein Jesus nun gefangen (St Matthew Passion)Private Passions2015-07-1212:0000:11:48Duration 00:09:14 Link
Johann Sebastian BachSo ist mein Jesus nun gefangen (St Matthew Passion)Private Passions2015-07-1212:0000:13:24Duration 00:09:14 Link
Johann Sebastian BachSonata no. 1 in GBreakfast2015-07-1107:0000:37:40Duration 00:13:41 Link
Johann Sebastian BachSonata no. 6 in G major BWV.530 for organIn Tune2015-07-1316:3000:00:40Duration 00:03:28 Link
Johann Sebastian BachSuite No. 6 In D Major Bwv.1012 For Cello SoloRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1213:0000:28:41Duration 00:30:25 Link
Johann Strauss IIConcert arabesque on themes by Johann Strauss for pianoThrough the Night2015-07-1700:3004:08:18Duration 00:09:58 Link
Johann Strauss IIThe Blue Danube, Op 314Breakfast2015-07-1107:0001:13:53Duration 00:08:04 Link
Johann VierdanckCapriccio-Sonata No. 31 (Als Ich Einmal Lust Bekam)The Early Music Show2015-07-1214:0000:27:15Duration 00:04:32 Link
Johannes Brahms25 Variations and fugue on a theme by HandelThrough the Night2015-07-1700:3001:15:33Duration 00:30:00 Link
Johannes Brahms3 Songs Op. 42 for ChorusThrough the Night2015-07-1400:3001:21:53Duration 00:02:33 Link
Johannes Brahms6 Pieces Op.118 for pianoIn Tune2015-07-1316:3000:27:18Duration 00:02:19 Link
Johannes BrahmsCello Sonata No.2 in F major, Op.99Essential Classics2015-07-1309:0001:32:01Duration 00:25:25 Link
Johannes BrahmsClarinet Quintet in B minor Op.115 - third movementIn Tune2015-07-1616:3001:53:40Duration 00:04:35 Link
Johannes BrahmsIntermezzo in A major, Op 118 No 2Essential Classics2015-07-1709:0000:11:30Duration 00:05:50 Link
Johannes BrahmsPiano Concerto No. 2 in B flat, Op. 83Essential Classics2015-07-1709:0000:40:02Duration 00:11:22 Link
Johannes BrahmsRhapsodie in G minor, Op 79 No 2Breakfast2015-07-1606:3001:23:51Duration 00:06:15 Link
Johannes BrahmsSerenade no 2 in A major, Op 16Through the Night2015-07-1101:0002:34:53Duration 00:32:32 Link
Johannes BrahmsSymphony no. 2 in D major Op.73Afternoon Concert2015-07-1414:0001:41:11Duration 00:41:21 Link
Johannes BrahmsSymphony no. 3 in F major Op.90Through the Night2015-07-1400:3000:01:12Duration 00:37:37 Link
Johannes BrahmsSymphony no. 4 in E minor Op.98Through the Night2015-07-1400:3000:39:16Duration 00:42:15 Link
Johannes BrahmsViolin Concerto in D major (3rd mvt)Breakfast2015-07-1406:3001:19:31Duration 00:07:43 Link
Johannes BrahmsViolin Concerto in D, 3rd mvtIn Tune2015-07-1516:3000:21:33Duration 00:08:18 Link
Johannes BrahmsWaltzes, op. nos. 1, 2, 5, 6, 10, 14, 15Breakfast2015-07-1107:0000:03:35Duration 00:08:16 Link
Johannes Le FebureMotet: Isti sunt viri sanctiThrough the Night2015-07-1600:3003:15:50Duration 00:03:14 Link
Johannes VerhulstOverture in C minor, 'Gijsbrecht van Aemstel', Op 3Through the Night2015-07-1400:3003:50:39Duration 00:08:53 Link
John AdamsGnarly Buttons: Extract from Movt 2: Hoedown (Mad Cow)BBC Proms2015-07-1619:3000:40:14Duration 00:03:35 Link
John FouldsSicilian Aubade [1927]Through the Night2015-07-1201:0003:53:42Duration 00:05:48 Link
John IrelandConcertino pastorale (Toccata)Breakfast2015-07-1606:3000:07:55Duration 00:04:23 Link
John IrelandPhantasie Trio in A minorEssential Classics2015-07-1709:0000:40:02Duration 00:11:22 Link
John IrelandThemes from Julius Caesar - Scherzo & CortegeSunday Morning2015-07-1209:0001:30:47Duration 00:06:34 Link
John Luther AdamsStrange Birds PassingSunday Morning2015-07-1209:0000:35:14Duration 00:06:37 Link
John Paul JonesAl son de los arroyuelos (Amores Pasados For 4 Voices & Continuo)CD Review2015-07-1109:0000:13:59Duration 00:04:58 Link
John SheppardMagnificat (My soul doth magnify the Lord)In Tune2015-07-1616:3000:56:30Duration 00:05:32 Link
John TavenerFuneral Ikos (The Greek funeral sentences) for chorusThrough the Night2015-07-1201:0001:35:18Duration 00:05:54 Link
John WilbyeSweet Love, If Thou Wilt Gaine A Monarches GloryThe Early Music Show2015-07-1214:0000:18:35Duration 00:02:45 Link
John WilbyeThe Lady Oriana (The Triumphs of Oriana)Breakfast2015-07-1406:3001:27:19Duration 00:01:40 Link
Jon Hopkins (artist)Open Eye SignalLate Junction2015-07-1623:0000:48:29Duration 00:07:49 Link
Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-GeorgesOverture to the opera "L'amant anonyme" (1780)Through the Night2015-07-1600:3004:01:11Duration 00:07:47 Link
Joseph CanteloubeBaïlèro (Chants d'Auvergne)Breakfast2015-07-1706:3001:20:34Duration 00:05:34 Link
Joseph Haydn1st Sonata from The Seven Last Words of ChristEssential Classics2015-07-1709:0000:40:02Duration 00:11:22 Link
Joseph Haydn2 Marches for wind bandThrough the Night2015-07-1500:3004:06:50Duration 00:06:09 Link
Joseph HaydnConcerto no. 1 in D major H.7d.3 for horn and orchestraIn Tune2015-07-1316:3000:32:59Duration 00:03:50 Link
Joseph HaydnPiano Concerto No.4 in G major, Hob.XVIIIEssential Classics2015-07-1509:0001:31:03Duration 00:23:14 Link
Joseph HaydnPiano Sonata No. 42 in G, Hob. XVI: 27Breakfast2015-07-1606:3000:01:39Duration 00:05:27 Link
Joseph HaydnSonata Partita No 10 in C majorThrough the Night2015-07-1201:0003:03:21Duration 00:08:26 Link
Joseph HaydnString Quartet in D 'The Lark'Through the Night2015-07-1300:3005:20:38Duration 00:17:36 Link
Joseph HaydnSymphony no.68 in B flat, Hob I:68; 1st mvt, VivaceBreakfast2015-07-1706:3001:52:25Duration 00:06:51 Link
Joseph HaydnSymphony no.85 in B flat “The Queen of France”: finaleIn Tune2015-07-1516:3000:32:59Duration 00:03:07 Link
Joseph Martin KrausOlympie: OvertureEssential Classics2015-07-1609:0000:36:08Duration 00:07:00 Link
Joseph Martin KrausString Quartet no 2 in B flat majorThrough the Night2015-07-1500:3005:45:00Duration 00:14:34 Link
José Pablo MoncayoHuapangoBreakfast2015-07-1606:3002:21:48Duration 00:08:00 Link
Jules MassenetMeditation from 'Thais'Through the Night2015-07-1400:3003:22:05Duration 00:05:23 Link
Julian Argüelles (artist)Mra KhaliJazz Line-Up2015-07-1118:0000:01:37Duration 00:06:30 Link
Juliusz ZarębskiPiano Quintet in G minor (Op.34) (1885)Through the Night2015-07-1400:3001:24:55Duration 00:34:38 Link
Jyotsna SrikanthJJMDIn Tune2015-07-1316:3000:23:35Duration 00:00:01 Link
Jyotsna SrikanthThillanaIn Tune2015-07-1316:3000:14:05Duration 00:05:07 Link
Kaba Blon (artist)Moriba YassaLate Junction2015-07-1523:0000:30:37Duration 00:03:37 Link
Keith Jarrett (artist)Paris - Part IIIJazz Line-Up2015-07-1118:0000:40:15Duration 00:06:49 Link
Krasimir KyurkchiyskiPiano Concerto 'In Memory of Pancho Vladigerov'Through the Night2015-07-1700:3002:01:11Duration 00:35:15 Link
Kurt WeillThe Berlin RequiemAfternoon Concert2015-07-1414:0001:17:39Duration 00:21:08 Link
Laurence CraneFour Miniatures no.3Late Junction2015-07-1623:0001:11:19Duration 00:01:09 Link
Laurence CraneSimon 10 Holt 50Late Junction2015-07-1423:0000:08:02Duration 00:03:14 Link
Leila Megàne (artist)Where Corals Lie (Sea Pictures No. 4)Late Junction2015-07-1523:0000:40:02Duration 00:02:43 Link
Lennox BerkeleyString Serenade - 1st movement, VivaceBreakfast2015-07-1506:3000:34:09Duration 00:02:04 Link
Leo Abrahams (artist)Steal TimeLate Junction2015-07-1523:0000:46:39Duration 00:03:55 Link
Leonard BernsteinCandide (Overture)Through the Night2015-07-1300:3003:10:02Duration 00:04:52 Link
Leonardo VinciCatone In Utica - Act 3 Scene 9: Quartet 'Deh! In vita 'CD Review2015-07-1109:0001:26:05Duration 00:05:14 Link
Leonardo VinciSinfonia - Catone in UticaCD Review2015-07-1109:0001:23:33Duration 00:01:23 Link
Leroy Jenkins (artist)Dancing On A MelodyJazz on 32015-07-1323:0000:51:11Duration 00:00:15 Link
Leroy JonesArmstrong ParadeJazz Record Requests2015-07-1117:0000:01:24Duration 00:04:10 Link
Leó WeinerSerenade for small orchestra in F minor (Op.3) (1906)Through the Night2015-07-1101:0005:01:30Duration 00:21:50 Link
Louis AndriessenFrom De Materie – The Hammer DuetWords and Music2015-07-1217:3000:35:51Duration Link
Louis SpohrFantasia, Theme and Variations on a theme of Danzi in B flat Op.81Through the Night2015-07-1300:3003:41:08Duration 00:07:52 Link
Luca MarenzioChe fa oggi il mio soleIn Tune2015-07-1616:3000:11:19Duration 00:02:00 Link
Ludomir RóżyckiStanczyk - Symphonic ScherzoThrough the Night2015-07-1600:3003:50:12Duration 00:09:19 Link
Ludwig van Beethoven5 Pieces for a musical clock (WoO.33), no.4; Allegro no piu moltoRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1613:0000:56:01Duration 00:04:08 Link
Ludwig van Beethoven7 Variationen uber 'Kind willst du ruhig schlafen' (WoO 75)Through the Night2015-07-1300:3004:50:33Duration 00:11:00 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenCello Sonata No 4 in C, Op 102 No 1Sunday Morning2015-07-1209:0000:19:52Duration 00:14:26 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenConcerto for piano and orch no. 2 (Op.19) in Bb major, 3rd mvt; RondoIn Tune2015-07-1416:3001:10:30Duration 00:05:46 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenO namenlose Freude! From Fidelio Act 2Breakfast2015-07-1306:3000:57:00Duration 00:02:00 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Concerto No 4 in G major, Op 58 (3rd mvt)BBC Proms2015-07-1619:3001:26:15Duration 00:10:04 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Concerto No 5 in E flat major, Op 73, 'Emperor' (3rd mvt)Essential Classics2015-07-1509:0001:17:15Duration 00:10:40 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Sonata No. 28 Op. 101Essential Classics2015-07-1709:0000:40:02Duration 00:11:22 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano concerto No. 1 In C Major - 2nd mvtSaturday Classics2015-07-1114:0000:31:19Duration 00:12:12 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano concerto no. 5 in E flat major Op.73Afternoon Concert2015-07-1314:0000:06:49Duration 00:39:32 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenRondo in C major, Op 51 No 1Essential Classics2015-07-1609:0001:55:03Duration 00:05:39 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenString Quartet in B flat major, Op.130 (2nd mvt: Presto)Private Passions2015-07-1212:0000:47:01Duration 00:02:11 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenString Quartet in B flat major, Op.130 (2nd mvt: Presto)Private Passions2015-07-1212:0000:48:31Duration 00:02:11 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenSymphony no. 1 in C major Op.21Through the Night2015-07-1101:0000:01:13Duration 00:25:19 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenSymphony no. 2 (Op.36) in D major, 4th movement; Allegro moltoBreakfast2015-07-1606:3000:52:56Duration 00:06:12 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenSymphony no. 4 in B flat major, Op.60Afternoon Concert2015-07-1414:0000:42:03Duration 00:35:52 Link
Luigi BoccheriniFandango (Guitar Quintet No 4 in D major)Breakfast2015-07-1207:0001:48:59Duration 00:11:03 Link
Luka SorkocevicSymphony no 3 in D majorThrough the Night2015-07-1700:3003:18:12Duration 00:06:59 Link
Lukas FossComposer's Holiday (Three American Pieces for violin and orchetsra)Breakfast2015-07-1506:3000:56:44Duration 00:02:48 Link
Léo DelibesLes filles de CadixBreakfast2015-07-1207:0000:03:22Duration 00:03:24 Link
M. Craft (artist)Blood MoonLate Junction2015-07-1423:0001:17:59Duration 00:05:38 Link
Magnus LindbergPiano JubileesAfternoon Concert2015-07-1314:0001:44:16Duration 00:17:00 Link
Mahotella Queens (artist)Asambeni BafanaLate Junction2015-07-1423:0000:42:32Duration 00:02:41 Link
Mahotella Queens (artist)Sela NdiniWorld on 32015-07-1723:0000:15:20Duration 00:02:44 Link
Maija PokelaTulikipuna (Origin of Fire)World on 32015-07-1723:0000:19:18Duration 00:03:32 Link
MaLituanieLeyila - LiepaWorld on 32015-07-1723:0000:22:40Duration 00:03:23 Link
MaLituanieNe Djarabi - MeilėWorld on 32015-07-1723:0000:22:40Duration 00:03:23 Link
MaLituanieTcheya - MįslėWorld on 32015-07-1723:0000:57:30Duration 00:02:52 Link
MaLituanieYele - ŠviesaWorld on 32015-07-1723:0000:57:30Duration 00:02:52 Link
Mammal Hands (artist)Bustle (Montreal Jazz Festival)Jazz on 32015-07-1323:0000:03:07Duration 00:04:29 Link
Manuel de FallaRitual Fire Dance (El amor brujo)Essential Classics2015-07-1609:0000:00:18Duration 00:03:20 Link
Mara Carlyle (artist)Sam's Song Friday Night - The Tan Yard Side (Location Recording) + SawLate Junction2015-07-1623:0001:05:51Duration 00:07:14 Link
Marcel DupréPrelude (Prelude and fugue in B major Op.7`1)Essential Classics2015-07-1509:0000:00:32Duration 00:02:58 Link
Maria Theresia von ParadisSicilienneEssential Classics2015-07-1509:0000:04:41Duration 00:03:01 Link
Marie BigotEtude in A minor, ‘Allegretto’Breakfast2015-07-1306:3001:15:33Duration 00:02:22 Link
Marin MaraisSuite - book 3 no. 4 in D major for bass viol and continuo; CharivaryBreakfast2015-07-1606:3002:15:06Duration 00:02:27 Link
Mario Castelnuovo‐TedescoGiulio Cesare, Op 78Sunday Morning2015-07-1209:0001:45:08Duration 00:11:13 Link
Marion BauerAmerican Youth Concerto, Op 36 (3rd mvt)Breakfast2015-07-1406:3000:52:30Duration 00:05:26 Link
Mark SimpsonThe ImmortalHear and Now2015-07-1122:0001:00:14Duration 00:34:06 Link
Martin Carthy and Family (artist)Hog Eye ManLate Junction2015-07-1523:0000:05:10Duration 00:02:43 Link
Matheus de Sancto JohanneScience n'a nul anemi, ballade a 4Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1113:0000:53:59Duration 00:06:44 Link
Matt Owens (artist)The Aviator's BallJazz Line-Up2015-07-1118:0000:13:27Duration 00:07:03 Link
Matteo da PerugiaPuisque la mort tres cruelment a prisRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1113:0000:32:33Duration 00:13:09 Link
Matthew LockeMusic For His Majesty's Sagbutts & CornettsThe Early Music Show2015-07-1214:0000:00:36Duration 00:08:29 Link
Matthias WeckmannToccata in D minorThe Early Music Show2015-07-1214:0000:31:47Duration 00:02:42 Link
Maurice RavelSonatine for piano (3rd mvt)Breakfast2015-07-1506:3001:34:52Duration 00:03:41 Link
Max Baillie & Sura Susso (artist)CiaconnaLate Junction2015-07-1623:0000:29:39Duration 00:05:18 Link
Max BruchConcerto no. 1 in G minor Op.26 for violin and orchestraThrough the Night2015-07-1101:0000:26:59Duration 00:24:13 Link
Max BruchViolin Concerto No 2 in D minor, Op 44Through the Night2015-07-1400:3005:34:19Duration 00:25:09 Link
Mbongwana Star (artist)Coco BluesWorld on 32015-07-1723:0001:16:04Duration 00:05:39 Link
Melford, Goldberg and Batchelor Quintet (artist)Ethan's SongJazz on 32015-07-1323:0000:54:57Duration 00:06:08 Link
Melford, Goldberg Batchelor Quintet (artist)30-31Jazz on 32015-07-1323:0000:23:01Duration 00:10:44 Link
Melford, Goldberg Batchelor Quintet (artist)98 PenceJazz on 32015-07-1323:0000:54:57Duration 00:06:08 Link
Melford, Goldberg Batchelor Quintet (artist)HucksterJazz on 32015-07-1323:0000:40:26Duration 00:07:42 Link
Melford, Goldberg Batchelor Quintet (artist)Long Last MomentJazz on 32015-07-1323:0001:15:59Duration 00:06:30 Link
Melford, Goldberg Batchelor Quintet (artist)MiniatureJazz on 32015-07-1323:0000:19:00Duration 00:03:14 Link
Melford, Goldberg Batchelor Quintet (artist)MontevideoJazz on 32015-07-1323:0001:09:51Duration 00:06:02 Link
Melford, Goldberg Batchelor Quintet (artist)One Through EightJazz on 32015-07-1323:0000:10:15Duration 00:08:39 Link
Melford, Goldberg Batchelor Quintet (artist)The KitchenJazz on 32015-07-1323:0000:33:44Duration 00:06:43 Link
Micachu & The Shapes (artist)Oh BabyLate Junction2015-07-1423:0000:04:56Duration 00:03:25 Link
Michael HaydnBassoon Concertino in B flat majorBreakfast2015-07-1306:3001:18:00Duration 00:05:00 Link
Mieczyslaw KarlowiczNa sniegu [In the snow] (Op.1 No.3) (Tempo mazurka)Through the Night2015-07-1600:3004:53:23Duration 00:01:31 Link
Mieczyslaw KarlowiczSmutna jest dusza moja (My soul is sad) (Op.1 No.6)Through the Night2015-07-1600:3004:51:39Duration 00:01:53 Link
Mieczyslaw KarlowiczZasmuconej [To a sorrowful girl] (Op.1 No.1) (1895)Through the Night2015-07-1600:3004:49:24Duration 00:02:19 Link
Mikhail Ivanovich GlinkaNocturno for harpThrough the Night2015-07-1400:3003:27:52Duration 00:05:07 Link
Mikhail Ivanovich GlinkaRuslan and Ludmila (Overture)Breakfast2015-07-1606:3001:12:52Duration 00:04:47 Link
Miklós RózsaJulius Caesar - OvertureSunday Morning2015-07-1209:0001:02:46Duration 00:03:14 Link
Miles Davis Quintet (artist)'Round MidnightGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2015-07-1200:00Duration Link
Miles Davis Quintet (artist)'Round MidnightGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2015-07-1200:0000:09:43Duration 00:05:58 Link
Modest MussorgskyKhovanshchina: Act IV - Dance of the Persian SlavesEssential Classics2015-07-1609:0000:23:28Duration 00:06:31 Link
Modest MussorgskyScherzo in B flat majorBreakfast2015-07-1306:3000:01:52Duration 00:03:02 Link
Moritz MoszkowskiConcerto for piano and orchestra in E major Op 59Through the Night2015-07-1500:3005:03:45Duration 00:36:45 Link
Morton FeldmanTriadic Memoirs (extract)Saturday Classics2015-07-1114:0001:17:37Duration 00:09:31 Link
Mose AllisonStranger In My Own Home TownJazz Record Requests2015-07-1117:0000:06:02Duration 00:03:39 Link
Mozart1st movement – Allegro molto from Symphony no.40 in G minor K.550In Tune2015-07-1716:3000:33:33Duration 00:01:00 Link
Mr. de Sainte ColombeLes Pleurs ( M. de Sainte - Colombe )Late Junction2015-07-1623:0000:54:13Duration 00:04:05 Link
Myra Melford (artist)Times Of Sleep And FateJazz on 32015-07-1323:0001:26:22Duration 00:03:38 Link
Nana ForteLibera meThrough the Night2015-07-1300:3000:01:11Duration 00:06:56 Link
Natalia Mateo (artist)Chocolate JesusJazz Line-Up2015-07-1118:0000:08:47Duration 00:03:53 Link
Neutral Milk Hotel (artist)In The Aeroplane Over The SeaLate Junction2015-07-1623:0001:22:12Duration 00:03:23 Link
New Focus QuartetDestination UnknownJazz Line-Up2015-07-1118:0000:58:25Duration 00:05:46 Link
New Focus Quartet (artist)BraesideJazz Line-Up2015-07-1118:0001:04:16Duration 00:08:53 Link
Nicolas GombertCredo a 8Through the Night2015-07-1400:3004:18:05Duration 00:13:53 Link
NielsenDer sad en fisker sa tankefuld (There sat a fisherman deep in thought)Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1313:0000:59:11Duration 00:02:59 Link
NielsenSaul and David – Prelude to Act 2In Tune2015-07-1716:3000:24:33Duration 00:05:02 Link
NielsenUndrudne er de gamle dage (Gone are the days, they'#e past and olden)BBC Proms2015-07-1720:5001:03:44Duration 00:01:59 Link
Nigel HessLadies in Lavender - music for the filmThrough the Night2015-07-1101:0000:51:33Duration 00:04:20 Link
Nikolai Rimsky-KorsakovCapriccio espagnol, Op 34Breakfast2015-07-1506:3000:41:48Duration 00:14:44 Link
Nikolai Rimsky-KorsakovOverture to The Maid of PskovThrough the Night2015-07-1101:0003:21:01Duration 00:07:25 Link
Nikolai Yakovlevich MyaskovskySymphony no. 14 in C major Op.37Afternoon Concert2015-07-1314:0000:59:30Duration 00:37:18 Link
Nynke LavermanDe IensumenWords and Music2015-07-1217:3000:00:01Duration Link
Olav Luksengård MjelvaFalsk ValsWorld on 32015-07-1723:0001:55:51Duration 00:03:58 Link
Olavi Virta (artist)Johnny, mua muistathanJazz Line-Up2015-07-1118:0000:27:33Duration 00:00:09 Link
Olavi Virta (artist)Saavuthan jälleen RoomaanJazz Line-Up2015-07-1118:0000:21:00Duration 00:00:47 Link
Olavi Virta (artist)SyysunelmiaJazz Line-Up2015-07-1118:0000:27:44Duration 00:00:08 Link
Olavi Virta (artist)Tango DesiréJazz Line-Up2015-07-1118:0000:27:13Duration 00:00:19 Link
Olivier MessiaenFeuillet inedit No. 4Essential Classics2015-07-1609:0000:57:35Duration 00:02:50 Link
Olivier MessiaenTheme and Variations for violin and pianoThrough the Night2015-07-1201:0001:41:38Duration 00:08:52 Link
Orlande de LassusIn me transierunt irae tuaeCD Review2015-07-1109:0000:28:31Duration 00:04:01 Link
Orlando GibbonsAlmighty and Everlasting GodIn Tune2015-07-1616:3000:16:56Duration 00:02:20 Link
Osvaldo GolijovTenebraeRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1713:0000:14:49Duration 00:13:10 Link
Osvaldo GolijovTenebrae for string quartetRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1713:0000:14:50Duration 00:13:10 Link
Ottorino RespighiGagliarda (Ancient Airs and Dances Suite no.1)Breakfast2015-07-1306:3001:45:41Duration 00:03:34 Link
PartFor AlinaRadio 3 Live in Concert2015-07-1219:3001:03:05Duration 00:03:00 Link
PartVariations on Aranushka's convalescenceRadio 3 Live in Concert2015-07-1219:3001:05:54Duration 00:03:00 Link
Paul DukasThe Sorcerer's apprentice - symphonic scherzo for orchestraThrough the Night2015-07-1400:3004:47:21Duration 00:11:55 Link
Pavel Grigorievich ChesnokovDo not cast me off in my old age, Op 40 No 5Essential Classics2015-07-1309:0000:56:17Duration 00:04:47 Link
Peggy Lee (artist)Sea FeverLate Junction2015-07-1423:0000:11:15Duration 00:02:00 Link
Percy GraingerBlithe BellsBreakfast2015-07-1706:3000:56:37Duration 00:04:06 Link
Percy GraingerWalking TuneBreakfast2015-07-1306:3001:53:00Duration 00:06:00 Link
Peter Erasmus Lange-MüllerTre Madonnasange (Op.65) [1900]Through the Night2015-07-1600:3001:16:08Duration 00:06:19 Link
Peter PhilipsPavan And Galliard DolorosaThe Early Music Show2015-07-1214:0000:13:09Duration 00:05:20 Link
Peter WarlockMy Own CountryIn Tune2015-07-1716:3000:10:45Duration 00:03:00 Link
Peter WarlockThe Cricketers of HambledonBreakfast2015-07-1706:3000:48:20Duration 00:02:16 Link
Philippe BoesmansDeliquescente from ExtasesWords and Music2015-07-1217:3001:03:32Duration Link
Phillip Bimstein (artist)Garland Hirschi's Cows: A Little Bit About My CowsLate Junction2015-07-1523:0000:02:27Duration 00:02:44 Link
Pierre BoulezMemoriale (…explosante fixe… Originel)BBC Proms2015-07-1619:3001:14:39Duration 00:05:06 Link
Pieter HellendaalConcerto grosso in G minor, Op 3 no 1Through the Night2015-07-1700:3003:34:04Duration 00:09:37 Link
Pieter HellendaalSolo (sonata) for cello and continuo Op 5 No 1 in G major (1780)Through the Night2015-07-1500:3003:44:52Duration 00:08:29 Link
Plone (artist)MarblesLate Junction2015-07-1523:0001:19:22Duration 00:03:50 Link
Polar Bear (artist)Lost In Death Part 2Late Junction2015-07-1523:0000:34:12Duration 00:04:57 Link
Postal Works - Univ. of Ghana Post Office (artist)Canceling Stamps At The University Of Ghana Post OfficeLate Junction2015-07-1623:0000:00:58Duration 00:03:07 Link
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky1812 overture Op.49Through the Night2015-07-1500:3001:17:56Duration 00:16:41 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskySeptember from 'The Seasons'Radio 3 Live in Concert2015-07-1219:3002:27:40Duration 00:03:00 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskySlavonic March, Op 31Essential Classics2015-07-1309:0000:22:16Duration 00:09:22 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyThe Nutcracker (Waltz of the Flowers)Breakfast2015-07-1606:3002:02:00Duration 00:06:44 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyVariations on a rococo theme, Op.33Afternoon Concert2015-07-1514:0000:02:31Duration 00:19:44 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyWaltz of the Flowers (from The Nutcracker)Through the Night2015-07-1700:3004:01:11Duration 00:06:44 Link
Pyotr TchaikovskySerenade in C major for strings (Op.48)Through the Night2015-07-1101:0002:01:12Duration 00:33:09 Link
PérotinViderunt omnes, organum for EasterRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1113:0000:03:59Duration 00:11:32 Link
Quantic Y Su Conjunto Los Míticos Del Ritmo (artist)Nuthin' But A 'G' Thing (Dre En Cumbia)Late Junction2015-07-1623:0000:10:13Duration 00:03:15 Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsFantasia on a theme by Thomas TallisEssential Classics2015-07-1509:0000:15:35Duration 00:15:12 Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsFive Variants of Dives and LazarusBreakfast2015-07-1506:3000:14:45Duration 00:11:32 Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsOverture to The Wasps - Aristophanic suite (from incidental music)Through the Night2015-07-1201:0004:14:27Duration 00:09:50 Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsRomance for viola and pianoThrough the Night2015-07-1600:3003:08:52Duration 00:06:33 Link
Randall ThompsonAlleluia for chorusIn Tune2015-07-1316:3000:53:54Duration 00:06:12 Link
Ravi ShankarJod, Jhala from Guru: Raga JogeshwariLate Junction2015-07-1523:0001:24:05Duration 00:10:14 Link
Rebecca Clarke4 SongsThrough the Night2015-07-1500:3003:36:12Duration 00:08:09 Link
Rebecca PellettC’era una volta from Una Storia D’amoreIn Tune2015-07-1616:3001:14:10Duration 00:03:43 Link
Reinhold Moritzevich GlièreWaltz from the Bronze Horseman - suiteBreakfast2015-07-1306:3002:02:42Duration 00:03:41 Link
Rhiannon Giddens (artist)Shake SugareeWorld on 32015-07-1723:0001:27:33Duration 00:04:24 Link
Richard StraussAlso sprach ZarathustraEssential Classics2015-07-1309:0002:02:23Duration 00:32:00 Link
Richard StraussHorn Concerto No 1 in E flat major, Op 11 (3rd mvt)Breakfast2015-07-1606:3000:12:49Duration 00:05:10 Link
Richard WagnerDie Walkure [Part 2 of 'Der Ring des Nibelungen']In Tune2015-07-1316:3000:43:12Duration 00:04:35 Link
Richard WagnerParsifal: Flower Maidens’ ChorusIn Tune2015-07-1616:3000:32:53Duration 00:03:50 Link
Richard WagnerPrelude to Die Meistersinger von NurnbergAfternoon Concert2015-07-1414:0000:02:21Duration 00:12:34 Link
Ricky-Tick Big BandKomedaJazz Line-Up2015-07-1118:0000:28:08Duration 00:05:02 Link
Ricky-Tick Big Band & Julkinen Sana (artist)Ne BurnaaJazz Line-Up2015-07-1118:0000:25:37Duration 00:01:36 Link
Robert Lucas PearsallLay a garland on her hearseBreakfast2015-07-1506:3001:16:46Duration 00:03:31 Link
Robert Schumann6 Songs Op.89: No.6 - Roselein, Roselein!Essential Classics2015-07-1409:0001:27:55Duration 00:02:27 Link
Robert SchumannAdagio and allegro, Op 70Through the Night2015-07-1300:3004:21:08Duration 00:09:05 Link
Robert SchumannJulius Caesar OvertureSunday Morning2015-07-1209:0001:16:00Duration 00:08:34 Link
Robert SchumannKinderszenen, Op 15Through the Night2015-07-1101:0005:23:48Duration 00:19:51 Link
Robert SchumannKonzertstück in F major, Op 86 (1st mvt)Breakfast2015-07-1306:3001:33:45Duration 00:07:19 Link
Robert SchumannString Quartet in A minor, Op 41 No 1Essential Classics2015-07-1409:0001:30:57Duration 00:26:48 Link
Robert SchumannSymphonische Etuden for piano, Op 13Through the Night2015-07-1600:3005:01:57Duration 00:25:25 Link
Robert SchumannToccata in C major Op 7Through the Night2015-07-1500:3003:10:56Duration 00:05:17 Link
Ron GoodwinThe TrapBreakfast2015-07-1706:3002:27:39Duration 00:03:10 Link
Salvatore CardilloCore n’gratoIn Tune2015-07-1616:3001:33:41Duration 00:03:28 Link
Salvatore CardilloCore n’gratoIn Tune2015-07-1616:3001:37:08Duration 00:03:28 Link
Sam Lee (artist)Nightingales (Sam Lee - unaccompanied)Late Junction2015-07-1423:0001:06:24Duration 00:04:55 Link
Samuel BarberAgnus Dei for chorus [& kb ad lib], arr. from Adagio of Quartet for stringsIn Tune2015-07-1316:3001:05:31Duration 00:09:07 Link
Samuel BarberSymphony no. 1, Op.9Afternoon Concert2015-07-1714:0001:49:53Duration 00:25:15 Link
Samuel BarberViolin ConcertoEssential Classics2015-07-1609:0001:31:59Duration 00:22:52 Link
Samuel Coleridge-Taylor4 Characteristic waltzes Op.22: no.1; Valse bohemienne & no.2; Valse rustiqueBreakfast2015-07-1706:3000:16:00Duration 00:05:00 Link
Samuel ScheidtCanzona Super Cantionem GallicamThe Early Music Show2015-07-1214:0000:34:29Duration 00:04:50 Link
Sarah Neufeld (artist)We've Got a LotLate Junction2015-07-1623:0000:04:54Duration 00:03:35 Link
Scott JoplinElite SyncopationsIn Tune2015-07-1516:3001:26:42Duration 00:03:01 Link
Seeming (artist)Favourite PlaceLate Junction2015-07-1523:0000:42:44Duration 00:02:58 Link
Selda Bağcan (artist)İnce İnce Bir Kar YağaLate Junction2015-07-1523:0000:14:58Duration 00:03:45 Link
Serge Gainsbourg (artist)Aux Armes Et CaeteraLate Junction2015-07-1423:0000:00:57Duration 00:03:07 Link
Sergei ProkofievPiano Concerto no.1, Op.10 (excerpt)Private Passions2015-07-1212:0000:30:59Duration 00:06:45 Link
Sergei ProkofievPiano Concerto no.1, Op.10 (excerpt)Private Passions2015-07-1212:0000:32:34Duration 00:06:45 Link
Sergei ProkofievPiano concerto no. 3 in C major, Op.26Afternoon Concert2015-07-1514:0000:56:43Duration 00:29:12 Link
Sergei ProkofievScherzo. Vivace from Piano Concerto no.2 in G minor, Op.16In Tune2015-07-1716:3000:42:09Duration 00:02:20 Link
Sergey RachmaninovConcerto for piano and orchestra no. 2 (Op.18) in C minorThrough the Night2015-07-1400:3002:01:11Duration 00:37:51 Link
Sergey RachmaninovPiano Sonata No 2 in B flat minor, Op 36Sunday Morning2015-07-1209:0002:08:58Duration 00:24:55 Link
Sergey RachmaninovPrelude in C sharp minor [Bells]Through the Night2015-07-1700:3003:44:07Duration 00:03:50 Link
Sergey RachmaninovPrelude in G minor, Op 23 No 5Breakfast2015-07-1606:3001:55:50Duration 00:04:09 Link
Sergey RachmaninovSuite no 2 for 2 pianos, Op 17Through the Night2015-07-1500:3001:35:04Duration 00:24:24 Link
Sergey RachmaninovSymphonic Dance, Op.45 no.1Breakfast2015-07-1506:3002:18:57Duration 00:11:14 Link
Sergey RachmaninovThe Bells [Kolokola] Op.35 for soloists, chorus and orchestraThrough the Night2015-07-1500:3000:13:46Duration 00:40:10 Link
Sergey RachmaninovVocaliseEssential Classics2015-07-1309:0000:16:50Duration 00:04:49 Link
Shu-De (artist)BuuraLate Junction2015-07-1423:0000:14:21Duration 00:02:40 Link
SibeliusBelshazzar's Feast suiteBBC Proms2015-07-1720:3000:19:41Duration 00:16:00 Link
Sir Alexander Campbell MackenzieBritannia, Op 52Breakfast2015-07-1706:3000:34:25Duration 00:07:17 Link
Sky Dive Trio (artist)Sour TimesJazz Line-Up2015-07-1118:0001:26:06Duration 00:03:59 Link
Sofia GubaidulinaDe ProfundisRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1413:0000:29:45Duration 00:13:28 Link
Sofia GubaidulinaDe ProfundisRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1413:0000:30:27Duration 00:13:35 Link
Sofia Jernberg (artist)Spor 4Late Junction2015-07-1623:0000:38:50Duration 00:03:24 Link
Stan KentonRecuerdosJazz Record Requests2015-07-1117:0000:32:29Duration 00:04:58 Link
Stanislaw MoniuszkoOverture to Verbum Nobile: Opera in 1 act (1860)Through the Night2015-07-1500:3004:01:11Duration 00:05:15 Link
Stanislaw MoniuszkoString Quartet No 1 in D minorThrough the Night2015-07-1700:3005:18:55Duration 00:15:30 Link
Stef ConnerWhat we see (finale) (from People Watch)In Tune2015-07-1516:3000:16:36Duration 00:04:00 Link
Stefan KisielewskiSuite from the ballet "Fun Fair"Through the Night2015-07-1500:3003:21:46Duration 00:11:59 Link
Stefan WolpeZwei Chinesische GrabschriftenAfternoon Concert2015-07-1714:0001:07:53Duration 00:09:18 Link
Stephen GossAlbeniz concerto... [after piano music of Isaac Albeniz] no.5; AragonBreakfast2015-07-1406:3002:13:53Duration 00:05:23 Link
Stephen SondheimEverybody Says Don’tIn Tune2015-07-1716:3001:00:41Duration 00:02:30 Link
Stephen SondheimLosing My MindIn Tune2015-07-1716:3000:20:29Duration 00:04:00 Link
Steve MartlandPatrol For String QuartetSaturday Classics2015-07-1114:0001:46:15Duration 00:04:26 Link
Steve ReichThe Desert Music - 3rd mvt, part 3Saturday Classics2015-07-1114:0000:09:37Duration 00:05:54 Link
Susannah Austin (artist)Sun on Water (from People Watch)In Tune2015-07-1516:3000:09:06Duration 00:03:10 Link
Susumu YokotaBlue Sky and Yellow CornflowerLate Junction2015-07-1423:0001:08:26Duration 00:03:55 Link
Sylvius Leopold WeissPrelude, Toccata and Allegro in G majorThrough the Night2015-07-1201:0002:20:56Duration 00:09:00 Link
Tarquin (artist)Kid ULate Junction2015-07-1423:0001:12:56Duration 00:04:08 Link
Tatsuhiko Asano (artist)Barnacle GooseLate Junction2015-07-1423:0000:31:17Duration 00:05:48 Link
The Dave O'Higgins / Geoff Gascoyne QuartetDarknessJazz Record Requests2015-07-1117:0000:49:34Duration 00:05:12 Link
The Five Corners Quintet (artist)LighthouseJazz Line-Up2015-07-1118:0000:24:27Duration 00:01:11 Link
The Har You Percussion Group (artist)NgomaLate Junction2015-07-1423:0001:26:29Duration 00:06:03 Link
Thelonious MonkBlue MonkGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2015-07-1200:0000:05:34Duration 00:03:38 Link
Thelonious MonkBrilliant CornersGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2015-07-1200:0000:16:31Duration 00:07:43 Link
Thelonious MonkCrepuscule With NellieGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2015-07-1200:0000:24:51Duration 00:04:29 Link
Thelonious MonkJackie-IngGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2015-07-1200:0000:34:50Duration 00:06:06 Link
Thelonious MonkLittle Rootie TootieGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2015-07-1200:0000:51:06Duration 00:08:53 Link
Thelonious Monk (artist)Blue MonkGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2015-07-1200:00Duration Link
Thelonious Monk (artist)Brilliant CornersGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2015-07-1200:00Duration Link
Thelonious Monk (artist)Crepuscule with NellieGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2015-07-1200:00Duration Link
Thelonious Monk (artist)Darkness On The DeltaGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2015-07-1200:0000:41:46Duration 00:05:10 Link
Thelonious Monk (artist)Darkness on the DeltaGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2015-07-1200:00Duration Link
Thelonious Monk (artist)Jackie-ingGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2015-07-1200:00Duration Link
Thelonious Monk (artist)Little Rootie TootieGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2015-07-1200:00Duration Link
Thelonious Monk (artist)Little Rootie TootieGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2015-07-1200:00Duration Link
Thelonious Monk (artist)Well You Needn'tGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2015-07-1200:00Duration Link
Thelonious Monk (artist)Well You Needn'tGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2015-07-1200:0000:01:51Duration 00:02:55 Link
Thomas ArneRise, Glory, rise (Rosamond)Breakfast2015-07-1506:3000:07:30Duration 00:06:33 Link
Thomas TomkinsA Sad Pavan For These Distracted TimesThe Early Music Show2015-07-1214:0000:09:20Duration 00:03:47 Link
Tielman SusatoSuite from Danserye arr Steele-PerkinsBreakfast2015-07-1706:3002:02:29Duration 00:07:24 Link
Tim Summers / TraditionalShells in the OceanLate Junction2015-07-1623:0000:18:19Duration 00:03:45 Link
Tomás Luis de VictoriaO Domine Jesu ChristeThrough the Night2015-07-1500:3005:40:55Duration 00:03:36 Link
Totó la Momposina y Sus Tambores (artist)El PescadorLate Junction2015-07-1523:0001:15:13Duration 00:04:16 Link
TradOran a'ChaioraWorld on 32015-07-1723:0000:52:00Duration 00:01:35 Link
TradRuidhleadh Mo Nighean Donn/Am Bauchaille Dubh FionnghalWorld on 32015-07-1723:0000:42:49Duration 00:04:52 Link
Trad.Ingen vinner frem til den evige roEssential Classics2015-07-1509:0000:33:04Duration 00:05:05 Link
Trad.PenkieseLate Junction2015-07-1523:0000:00:53Duration 00:01:10 Link
Trad.RidikasLate Junction2015-07-1423:0000:59:51Duration 00:01:29 Link
Trad.Secular song from the Antwerp song bookWords and Music2015-07-1217:3000:56:13Duration Link
Trad.She Moved Through The FairWorld on 32015-07-1723:0001:46:57Duration 00:08:27 Link
Trad.Svočiula pumpuraLate Junction2015-07-1523:0000:50:33Duration 00:01:27 Link
Travis WardMy TrainWorld on 32015-07-1723:0001:31:51Duration 00:04:56 Link
Trio TradHop HighWorld on 32015-07-1723:0001:36:38Duration 00:04:54 Link
Trys Keturiose & Linelius Pasejau (artist)Ling darbyWorld on 32015-07-1723:0000:57:30Duration 00:02:52 Link
Tunng (artist)Death And The MaidenLate Junction2015-07-1623:0001:01:02Duration 00:03:49 Link
Turlough O'CarolanCarolan's draught for two harpsThrough the Night2015-07-1500:3003:34:09Duration 00:01:38 Link
Unico Wilhelm van WassenaerConcerto No.4 in G major (from Sei Concerti Armonici 1740)Through the Night2015-07-1300:3004:40:01Duration 00:10:09 Link
Vincenzo BelliniNorma - opera seria in 2 acts: Act 1 sc.1; Casta diva ... Ah! bello a me ritornoBreakfast2015-07-1506:3002:03:52Duration 00:05:38 Link
VinterHunter's MoonAfternoon Concert2015-07-1714:0000:37:52Duration 00:06:12 Link
Vivian Buczek (artist)It Might As Well Be SpringJazz Line-Up2015-07-1118:0000:52:29Duration 00:05:10 Link
Vladimir MartynovThe BeatitudesSunday Morning2015-07-1209:0002:02:08Duration 00:05:24 Link
Volosi (artist)NomadismWorld on 32015-07-1723:0000:22:40Duration 00:03:23 Link
Vítezslav NovákIn the Tatra mountains, op 26Through the Night2015-07-1600:3004:31:38Duration 00:17:16 Link
Wawrzyniec ZulawskiSuite in the Old StyleThrough the Night2015-07-1201:0005:31:14Duration 00:11:07 Link
Weöres Sándor (artist)Winter is gone (Elmúlt a tel)Through the Night2015-07-1600:3004:17:28Duration 00:04:12 Link
Willem de FeschViolin Concerto in C minor, Op 5 No 5Through the Night2015-07-1101:0003:50:08Duration 00:09:25 Link
William BolcomSeabiscuits for pianoBreakfast2015-07-1706:3001:11:48Duration 00:03:16 Link
William ByrdMiserere mei, DeusIn Tune2015-07-1516:3000:38:10Duration 00:03:23 Link
William ByrdThe Earl of Salisbury - pavanThrough the Night2015-07-1101:0001:57:39Duration 00:01:55 Link
William HurlstoneQuartet in E minor for piano and strings 2nd movement; Andante cantabileBreakfast2015-07-1406:3000:11:48Duration 00:05:49 Link
William LawesSuite a 4 in G minorThrough the Night2015-07-1500:3004:56:47Duration 00:06:28 Link
William WaltonA Queen’s FanfareEssential Classics2015-07-1709:0000:01:21Duration 00:00:42 Link
William WaltonBagatelles nos. 3 and 4Breakfast2015-07-1207:0000:48:13Duration 00:04:05 Link
William WaltonBelshazzar’s FeastBBC Proms2015-07-1720:5000:20:09Duration 00:36:00 Link
William WaltonHenry V - A Shakespeare scenario compiled & arr C PalmerThrough the Night2015-07-1101:0000:56:31Duration 01:00:27 Link
William WaltonSymphony no.1 in B flat minor (2nd mvt)In Tune2015-07-1516:3001:51:33Duration 00:05:44 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart'Soave sia il vento' (trio) - Cosi Fan Tutte, Act IEssential Classics2015-07-1609:0001:06:02Duration 00:02:51 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartA Musical Joke, K.522 (4th mvt)Breakfast2015-07-1706:3001:15:42Duration 00:04:00 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartAch, ich fuhl's, es ist verschwunden from Die Zauberflote, K.620Afternoon Concert2015-07-1514:0000:45:30Duration 00:04:13 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartClarinet Quintet in A major, K581Through the Night2015-07-1600:3002:01:11Duration 00:33:20 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartCome scoglio immoto resta from Cosi fan tutte, K.588Afternoon Concert2015-07-1514:0000:50:04Duration 00:06:38 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartCosi Fan Tutte - OvertureSaturday Classics2015-07-1114:0001:27:51Duration 00:03:51 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartDuo No 1 for violin and viola in G K423Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1613:0000:03:53Duration 00:16:34 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartDuo in G major K.423 for violin and violaRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1613:0000:04:18Duration 00:16:34 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartFlute Quartet in G K.285aBreakfast2015-07-1207:0000:07:25Duration 00:11:43 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartHorn Concerto No. 3 in Eb Major, KV 447Afternoon Concert2015-07-1714:0000:44:35Duration 00:14:30 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartHorn Quintet in E flat major, K 407 (1st mvt)Breakfast2015-07-1506:3001:02:14Duration 00:06:22 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartKomm, liebe Zither, komm for soprano (or tenor) and mandolin (K.351)Breakfast2015-07-1406:3000:58:34Duration 00:01:42 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartLacrimosa (Requiem in D minor KV 626)Essential Classics2015-07-1709:0000:40:02Duration 00:11:22 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartPer queste tue manine from Don Giovanni, arr. Triebensee for wind ensembleBreakfast2015-07-1306:3002:22:00Duration 00:03:00 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartPiano Concerto No.20 in D minor, K466BBC Proms2015-07-1719:3000:25:07Duration 00:35:00 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartPiano Concerto No.23 in A major K. 488 - Third movt: Allegro AssaiBBC Proms2015-07-1619:3000:16:38Duration 00:07:56 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartQuintet for clarinet & strings K.581Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1713:0000:28:24Duration 00:32:19 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartQuintet for piano and windsRadio 3 Live in Concert2015-07-1219:3002:01:59Duration 00:27:00 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartQuintet in A major K.581 for clarinet and stringsRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-07-1713:0000:28:38Duration 00:32:19 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartRondo in A minor K.511 for pianoThrough the Night2015-07-1300:3004:10:36Duration 00:10:06 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartSymphony No 41 in C major, K 551, 'Jupiter' (3rd mvt)Breakfast2015-07-1406:3000:06:05Duration 00:05:02 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartSymphony No 5 in B flat major K 22Through the Night2015-07-1400:3004:01:12Duration 00:07:35 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartSymphony no. 40 in G minor K.550 - Third Movt: Menuetto. Allegretto – TrioBBC Proms2015-07-1619:3001:07:18Duration 00:03:24 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartTamino mein, O welch ein Gluck (Die Zauberflote)Private Passions2015-07-1212:0000:52:57Duration 00:04:22 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartTamino mein, O welch ein Gluck (Die Zauberflote)Private Passions2015-07-1212:0000:54:30Duration 00:04:22 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartTrio in E flat major K.498 (Kegelstatt) for clarinet, viola and piano: 1st movement; AndanteBreakfast2015-07-1706:3000:09:00Duration 00:05:00 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartViolin Concerto No 4 in D major, K 218 (3rd mvt)Breakfast2015-07-1306:3000:43:49Duration 00:07:14 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartViolin Concerto No 5 in A major, K 219 (3rd mvt)Breakfast2015-07-1606:3001:34:21Duration 00:07:36 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartViolin Sonata in C major, K 303Through the Night2015-07-1101:0004:21:15Duration 00:10:02 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartWind Serenade in C minor, K.388Through the Night2015-07-1700:3005:34:54Duration 00:24:30 Link
Wyatt Ruther (artist)Don't Worry 'Bout MeJazz Record Requests2015-07-1117:0000:55:27Duration 00:04:59 Link
York BowenClarinet Sonata in F minor, op.109Radio 3 Live in Concert2015-07-1519:3002:11:05Duration 00:14:59 Link
Zoltán KodályAdagio for clarinet and piano (1905)Through the Night2015-07-1101:0003:28:48Duration 00:07:40 Link
Zoltán KodályMarosszeki Tancok (Dances of Marosszek)Afternoon Concert2015-07-1714:0000:23:44Duration 00:13:21 Link
Zygmunt NoskowskiThe Pearls of MoniuszkoThrough the Night2015-07-1700:3005:00:43Duration 00:17:49 Link
Ánde Somby (artist)Gufihttar (under ground fairie)Late Junction2015-07-1423:0001:24:36Duration 00:05:07 Link
Ánde Somby (artist)Gufihttar (under ground fairie)Late Junction2015-07-1423:0001:25:53Duration 00:05:07 Link
Ánde Somby (artist)Neahkkameahttun (from the other side)Late Junction2015-07-1523:0000:20:24Duration 00:10:32 Link
Étienne MéhulLe Chant du depart (Hymne de guerre de 1793)Breakfast2015-07-1406:3001:38:51Duration 00:05:15 Link