The BBC has announced that it has a sustainable plan for the future of the BBC Singers, in association with The VOCES8 Foundation.
The threat to reduce the staff of the three English orchestras by 20% has not been lifted, but it is being reconsidered.
See the BBC press release here.

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Carlo Levi translated by Frances FrenayeWords and Music2015-01-1817:3000:02:58Duration 00:00:02 Link
Cities & ResilienceFree Thinking2015-01-2222:0000:00:50Duration 00:24:42 Link
DisraeliFree Thinking2015-01-2222:0000:25:32Duration 00:09:11 Link
Elena Ferrante translated by Ann GoldsteinWords and Music2015-01-1817:3000:47:42Duration 00:00:03 Link
Elio Vittorini translated by Alane Salierno MasonWords and Music2015-01-1817:3000:42:48Duration 00:00:06 Link
From Christ Stopped at Eboli by Carlo Levi – Matera - translated by Frances FrenayeWords and Music2015-01-1817:3000:18:33Duration 00:00:03 Link
Giuseppe di Lampedusa – translated by Archibald ColquhounWords and Music2015-01-1817:3000:29:31Duration 00:00:03 Link
Leonardo Sciascia translated by Adrienne FoulkeWords and Music2015-01-1817:3000:53:24Duration 00:00:02 Link
Peter RobbWords and Music2015-01-1817:3000:24:50Duration 00:00:03 Link
Robert FraserFree Thinking2015-01-2222:0000:34:43Duration 00:09:41 Link
Salvatore Quasimodo translated by Jack BevanWords and Music2015-01-1817:3000:35:39Duration 00:00:02 Link
Virgil translated by Robert FitzgeraldWords and Music2015-01-1817:3000:10:52Duration 00:00:06 Link
W H AudenWords and Music2015-01-1817:3001:04:31Duration 00:00:08 Link
William Parker on his approach to the bassJazz on 32015-01-1923:0000:23:58Duration 00:00:41 Link
Aaron Copland12 Poems of Emily Dickinson for soprano and pianoIn Tune2015-01-1916:3000:02:05Duration 00:04:55 Link
Aaron Copland12 Poems of Emily Dickinson for soprano and pianoIn Tune2015-01-1916:3000:11:16Duration 00:01:53 Link
Aaron CoplandThe Red pony - film suiteBreakfast2015-01-1707:0000:11:21Duration 00:04:32 Link
Abbe Joseph BovetSpring fanfareThrough the Night2015-01-2100:3003:03:19Duration 00:02:30 Link
Abdullah Ibrahim, Munich Radio Symphony (artist)African Market PlaceJazz Line-Up2015-01-1721:00Duration Link
Adventure Time (artist)The Music Way Out ThereLate Junction2015-01-2123:0001:06:22Duration 00:04:13 Link
Agostino SteffaniSollievo del mio seno from Niobe Regina di TebeBreakfast2015-01-2306:3001:48:10Duration 00:03:19 Link
Ahmad Al KhatibOn The WayIn Tune2015-01-2316:3000:52:16Duration 00:04:35 Link
Akasha (artist)ElectronLate Junction2015-01-2023:0000:02:21Duration 00:04:27 Link
Alban BergWozzeck (Act I)Afternoon Concert2015-01-2214:0000:05:30Duration 00:37:23 Link
Alban BergWozzeck (Act II)Afternoon Concert2015-01-2214:0000:42:18Duration 00:34:38 Link
Alban BergWozzeck (Act III)Afternoon Concert2015-01-2214:0001:18:18Duration 00:23:08 Link
Alban BergWozzeck: Act IIIEssential Classics2015-01-1909:0002:01:02Duration 00:22:35 Link
Alban Berg (artist)3 Pieces for Orchestra Op.6Radio 3 Live in Concert2015-01-2119:3001:59:30Duration 00:20:30 Link
Albert Ayler (artist)The WizardJazz on 32015-01-1923:0000:22:39Duration 00:00:24 Link
Albert RousselLe Festin de l'araignee - symphonic fragments, Op 17Through the Night2015-01-1701:0005:11:47Duration 00:17:42 Link
Alessandro ScarlattiQuando corpus morieturWords and Music2015-01-1817:3000:21:41Duration 00:00:03 Link
Alex NorthA STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE (1947): Main Titles/Belle Reve Reflections/ManiaSound of Cinema2015-01-1716:0000:22:47Duration 00:05:37 Link
Alexander BorodinPrince Igor (Overture)Essential Classics2015-01-1909:0000:20:30Duration 00:10:07 Link
Alexander GlazunovSymphony no. 5 in B flat major Op.55; 2nd movement; ScherzoBreakfast2015-01-2206:3000:11:00Duration 00:05:00 Link
Alexander ScriabinPiano Concerto in F shap Minor, op 20: 1st movtBreakfast2015-01-2306:3001:34:25Duration 00:07:25 Link
Alexander ScriabinSonata no 9 in F major "Black Mass", Op 68Through the Night2015-01-1701:0005:29:54Duration 00:09:19 Link
Alfred GrünfeldSoirees de Vienne, Op 56Breakfast2015-01-1906:3001:39:48Duration 00:05:43 Link
AlfvenSymphony no.4 (Fran Havsbandet)Afternoon Concert2015-01-2014:0001:16:00Duration 00:50:00 Link
Andrea GabrieliCinto m'avea tra belle e nude à 6Through the Night2015-01-2000:3003:15:14Duration 00:02:21 Link
AnonymousDit le BourguynonEssential Classics2015-01-2109:0000:00:22Duration 00:01:16 Link
Antenna Happy (artist)SparkLate Junction2015-01-2123:0001:10:30Duration 00:07:11 Link
Anthony HolborneAlmayneIn Tune2015-01-2316:3001:48:08Duration 00:00:20 Link
Anton BrucknerSymphony No 7 in E major (Scherzo)Breakfast2015-01-2106:3001:08:17Duration 00:08:58 Link
Anton BrucknerSymphony No. 9: Finale (reconstructed)Essential Classics2015-01-2109:0001:32:09Duration 00:22:41 Link
Anton RubinsteinKamennoi Ostrov [Portraits] (Op 10 no 22)Through the Night2015-01-1701:0004:14:26Duration 00:07:22 Link
Anton Webern6 Pieces for Orchestra Op.6Radio 3 Live in Concert2015-01-2119:3001:46:00Duration 00:12:00 Link
Antoni HaczewskiSymphony in D majorThrough the Night2015-01-1701:0003:01:43Duration 00:08:33 Link
Antonio BertaliEcce diem triumphalemRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-01-1713:0000:04:02Duration 00:04:57 Link
Antonio BertaliSonata a 6Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-01-1713:0000:18:52Duration 00:02:28 Link
Antonio CarrilloComo llora una estrellaIn Tune2015-01-2316:3001:00:52Duration 00:04:03 Link
Antonio VivaldiCello Concerto in F major, RV 410Essential Classics2015-01-2009:0000:03:46Duration 00:11:51 Link
Antonio VivaldiConcerto in C major RV.446 for oboe and orchestraIn Tune2015-01-2316:3000:01:26Duration 00:03:55 Link
Antonio VivaldiConcerto in C major RV.446 for oboe and orchestraIn Tune2015-01-2316:3001:35:08Duration 00:04:54 Link
Antonio VivaldiConcerto in C major, RV 444Through the Night2015-01-2300:3003:49:55Duration 00:09:39 Link
Antonio VivaldiConcerto in D minor 'con molti strumenti', RV 566Breakfast2015-01-1906:3000:06:36Duration 00:06:51 Link
Antonín DvořákCypresses (No 1)Breakfast2015-01-2106:3000:01:39Duration 00:04:35 Link
Antonín DvořákPiano Trio in F Minor Op 65Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-01-2113:0000:20:30Duration 00:43:46 Link
Antonín DvořákSlavonic dances - series 1 (Op.46) orch. comp, no.8 in G minorBreakfast2015-01-2206:3000:01:00Duration 00:04:00 Link
Antonín DvořákSymphonic variations, Op 78Through the Night2015-01-2000:3002:42:40Duration 00:25:33 Link
Antonín DvořákV prirode (In Nature's Realm), Op 63Through the Night2015-01-1701:0005:46:49Duration 00:12:33 Link
Antonín LiehmannMass for soloists, chorus, organ and orchestra No.1 in D minorThrough the Night2015-01-2000:3002:01:11Duration 00:40:55 Link
Arcangelo CorelliConcerto in F major for oboe and orchestra compiled Barbirolli [from Sonatas Opp.5`10 & 5`7]Breakfast2015-01-1707:0000:52:45Duration 00:02:11 Link
Arcangelo CorelliConcerto in F major for oboe and orchestra compiled Barbirolli [from Sonatas Opp.5`10 & 5`7]Breakfast2015-01-1707:0001:23:10Duration 00:01:41 Link
Archduke Rudolph of AustriaTrio for clarinet, cello and pianoThrough the Night2015-01-1900:3005:39:06Duration 00:20:25 Link
Arnold Bax2nd movement from the Sonata for Cello and PianoSaturday Classics2015-01-1714:0001:14:13Duration 00:11:09 Link
Arnold BaxMediterranean arr. for orchestra [orig. for piano]Breakfast2015-01-2006:3001:41:32Duration 00:03:17 Link
Arnold Schoenberg5 Orchestral pieces Op.16Radio 3 Live in Concert2015-01-2119:3001:27:00Duration 00:18:00 Link
Arnold SchoenbergAccompanying Music to a Film Scene Op.34Radio 3 Live in Concert2015-01-1919:3002:21:00Duration 00:08:00 Link
Arnold SchoenbergLied der Waldtaube from GurreliederRadio 3 Live in Concert2015-01-2219:3002:18:00Duration 00:11:00 Link
Arnold SchoenbergVerklarte Nacht for string sextet (Op.4)Through the Night2015-01-2100:3004:34:52Duration 00:27:56 Link
Arnór Dan (artist)So FarLate Junction2015-01-2123:0001:17:17Duration 00:04:32 Link
Art Tatum (artist)Tiger RagJazz Record Requests2015-01-1717:0000:38:52Duration 00:02:18 Link
Artemy VedelChoral concerto No.5 "I cried unto the Lord With my voice" Psalm 143Through the Night2015-01-1701:0003:33:45Duration 00:09:05 Link
Arthur ButterworthRomanza for horn and stringsThrough the Night2015-01-1801:0005:01:20Duration 00:09:40 Link
Arthur SullivanPineapple Poll (Opening Dance)Breakfast2015-01-2306:3000:16:01Duration 00:03:31 Link
Arvo PärtMagnificat Antiphons: O WeisheitChoir and Organ2015-01-1816:0000:52:47Duration 00:01:43 Link
Barney BigardPARIS BLUES (1961): Mood IndigoSound of Cinema2015-01-1716:0000:08:56Duration 00:02:59 Link
Beat Spacek (artist)Modern StreetsLate Junction2015-01-2123:0000:25:36Duration 00:03:06 Link
Bedrich Smetana3rd. movement - Largo sostenuto from String Quartet no.1 in Eminor 'From my Life'Radio 3 Live in Concert2015-01-1819:3001:48:10Duration 00:07:50 Link
Bedrich SmetanaPiano Trio on G Minor Op 15Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-01-2213:0000:29:50Duration 00:31:48 Link
Bedrich SmetanaThe Bartered Bride (Dance of the Comedians)Breakfast2015-01-1906:3002:24:11Duration 00:06:09 Link
Benjamin BrittenChoral Dances from Gloriana - Coronation opera for Elizabeth II (Op.53)Through the Night2015-01-1801:0004:18:19Duration 00:05:42 Link
Benjamin BrittenMissa brevis Op.63 for boys' voices and organChoir and Organ2015-01-1816:0000:35:30Duration 00:02:50 Link
Benjamin BrittenRejoice in the Lamb Op.30 for chorus and organChoir and Organ2015-01-1816:0000:01:37Duration 00:00:15 Link
Benjamin BrittenRejoice in the Lamb Op.30 for chorus and organChoir and Organ2015-01-1816:0001:03:38Duration 00:16:56 Link
Benjamin BrittenRejoice in the Lamb – Rejoice in God, O ye TonguesIn Tune2015-01-2116:3001:41:07Duration 00:03:53 Link
Benjamin BrittenSerenade for tenor, horn and string orchestra, Op 31Through the Night2015-01-2300:3005:35:58Duration 00:23:49 Link
Benjamin BrittenSimple symphony Op.4 for string orchestra or string quartetIn Tune2015-01-1916:3000:41:33Duration 00:03:01 Link
Benjamin BrittenString Quartet No. 2 in C major (Op.36)Through the Night2015-01-1701:0002:01:09Duration 00:29:41 Link
Bheki Mseleku (artist)Vukani (Wake Up)Jazz Line-Up2015-01-1721:00Duration Link
Bill Fontana (artist)Sonic Mappings Rome (extract)Late Junction2015-01-2223:0000:59:34Duration 00:01:30 Link
Billy Higgins (artist)CongenialityGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2015-01-1800:0000:17:21Duration 00:06:44 Link
Billy Higgins (artist)CongenialityGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2015-01-1800:0000:17:28Duration 00:06:44 Link
Billy Higgins (artist)Lonely WomanGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2015-01-1800:0000:11:26Duration 00:04:58 Link
Billy Higgins (artist)Lonely WomanGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2015-01-1800:0000:11:33Duration 00:04:58 Link
Billy Higgins (artist)Ramblin'Geoffrey Smith's Jazz2015-01-1800:0000:24:39Duration 00:06:34 Link
Billy Higgins (artist)Ramblin'Geoffrey Smith's Jazz2015-01-1800:0000:24:47Duration 00:06:34 Link
Billy Higgins (artist)Una Muy BonitaGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2015-01-1800:0000:31:59Duration 00:05:58 Link
Billy Higgins (artist)Una Muy BonitaGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2015-01-1800:0000:32:06Duration 00:05:57 Link
Bob CrosbyThe Big Noise From WinnetkaJazz Record Requests2015-01-1717:0000:21:14Duration 00:02:33 Link
Bob DylanMasters of WarPrivate Passions2015-01-1812:0000:21:16Duration 00:02:26 Link
Bobby Wellins (artist)Time Gentlemen, PleaseJazz Line-Up2015-01-1721:00Duration Link
Bohuslav MartinuEtudes and polkas (book 3)Through the Night2015-01-2300:3002:15:19Duration 00:09:09 Link
Bokani Dyer (artist)FanfareJazz Line-Up2015-01-1721:00Duration Link
Boyd RaeburnDalvatore SallyJazz Record Requests2015-01-1717:0000:28:02Duration 00:02:59 Link
Bozidar SirolaMissa PoeticaThrough the Night2015-01-2200:3002:35:12Duration 00:31:54 Link
Branford Marsalis (artist)Star DustJazz Record Requests2015-01-1717:0000:31:58Duration 00:06:16 Link
Brian EliasString QuartetRadio 3 Live in Concert2015-01-1819:3000:28:00Duration 00:20:00 Link
Burhan Öçal (artist)CariyeThrough the Night2015-01-1701:0000:43:07Duration 00:13:14 Link
Burhan Öçal (artist)Dance of RhythmsThrough the Night2015-01-1701:0000:56:45Duration 00:09:35 Link
Burhan Öçal (artist)Old IstanbulThrough the Night2015-01-1701:0001:06:46Duration 00:07:39 Link
Burhan Öçal (artist)Oriental IstanbulThrough the Night2015-01-1701:0001:14:51Duration 00:03:19 Link
Button EyesCold and LifelessLate Junction2015-01-2023:0000:22:22Duration 00:06:05 Link
Cab CallowaySTORMY WEATHER (1943): Jumpin' JiveSound of Cinema2015-01-1716:0000:16:41Duration 00:04:31 Link
Cactus Truck (artist)Search and RestoreJazz on 32015-01-1923:0001:14:07Duration 00:00:24 Link
Camille Saint‐SaënsSarabande et rigaudon, Op.93 (Rigaudon)Breakfast2015-01-2206:3001:14:07Duration 00:03:05 Link
Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino (artist)Pizzica IndiavolataWorld on 32015-01-2323:00Duration Link
Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino (artist)dumenica matinaWorld on 32015-01-2323:00Duration Link
Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino (artist)rirollallaWorld on 32015-01-2323:00Duration Link
Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino (artist)solo andataWorld on 32015-01-2323:00Duration Link
Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino (artist)tieneme tataWorld on 32015-01-2323:00Duration Link
Carl [1865-1931] NielsenMaskarade: overtureEssential Classics2015-01-1909:0001:15:24Duration 00:04:10 Link
Carl CzernyFantasie for piano duet in F minorThrough the Night2015-01-1900:3004:09:38Duration 00:09:40 Link
Carl Ditters von DittersdorfQuartet no. 6 in A major Krebs.196 for stringsIn Tune2015-01-2216:3000:42:36Duration 00:04:41 Link
Carl Friedrich AbelTrio in F major for 2 flutes and continuoThrough the Night2015-01-2300:3004:38:36Duration 00:08:49 Link
Carl Maria von WeberConcertino in E flat major Op.26 for clarinet and orchestraIn Tune2015-01-2216:3000:32:49Duration 00:08:58 Link
Carl Maria von WeberInvitation to the dance - rondo brillantBreakfast2015-01-1906:3001:01:31Duration 00:08:35 Link
Carl Maria von WeberQuintet in B flat major Op.34 for clarinet and strings (J.182)Through the Night2015-01-2300:3001:35:13Duration 00:24:19 Link
Carl Maria von WeberRondo brillante in E flat 'La gaieté', Op 62, J252 [1819]Through the Night2015-01-1801:0003:04:45Duration 00:06:31 Link
Carl NielsenAn imaginary journey to the Faroes - a rhapsodic overtureAfternoon Concert2015-01-1914:0000:04:25Duration 00:10:26 Link
Carl NielsenHelios Op.17Breakfast2015-01-2006:3001:02:24Duration 00:09:10 Link
Carl NielsenLittle suite for string orchestra in A minor, Op 1Through the Night2015-01-2000:3005:10:16Duration 00:17:00 Link
Carl NielsenMaskarade - opera in 3 acts FS.39In Tune2015-01-2216:3001:10:39Duration 00:05:10 Link
Carl NielsenPan and Syrinx Op.49In Tune2015-01-1916:3001:45:10Duration 00:08:25 Link
Carl NielsenSaul and David - Prelude Act 2Essential Classics2015-01-2309:0001:16:44Duration 00:05:06 Link
Carl Philipp Emanuel BachCantata: Heilig, Heilig (Wq.217/H.778)Through the Night2015-01-2100:3005:18:30Duration 00:06:26 Link
Carl Philipp Emanuel BachConcerto for flute and strings in D minor (H.426) (1747?)Through the Night2015-01-1900:3005:02:02Duration 00:22:03 Link
Carl Philipp Emanuel BachConcerto in G minor Wq.32 for harpsichord, strings and continuoIn Tune2015-01-2216:3001:20:24Duration 00:04:15 Link
Carl Philipp Emanuel BachFlute Concerto No 3 in A major, Wq 168 (3rd mvt)Breakfast2015-01-2206:3001:39:50Duration 00:05:03 Link
Carl Philipp Emanuel BachSinfonia for 2 violins and continuo in D major, H.585Through the Night2015-01-2200:3003:21:01Duration 00:09:17 Link
Carl Philipp Emanuel BachSonata No. 5 in E major - third movementIn Tune2015-01-2016:3000:53:26Duration 00:05:14 Link
Charles AmirkhanianWalking Tune (A Room-Music For Percy Grainger)Hear and Now2015-01-1722:0001:19:01Duration 00:27:42 Link
Charles IvesTrio K.W.9 for piano and strings: 2nd movement; TSIAJCD Review2015-01-1709:0001:42:21Duration 00:06:06 Link
Charles Villiers StanfordMagnificat in B flat major Op.164 for double choirChoir and Organ2015-01-1816:0000:28:53Duration 00:01:06 Link
Charles Villiers StanfordMagnificat in B flat major Op.164 for double choirChoir and Organ2015-01-1816:0000:31:23Duration 00:00:46 Link
Charles Villiers StanfordSongs of the SeaSaturday Classics2015-01-1714:0001:26:33Duration 00:17:52 Link
Charles Villiers StanfordTrio no. 2 in G minor Op.73 for piano and strings: 2nd movementCD Review2015-01-1709:0001:30:51Duration 00:06:26 Link
Charles-François GounodAve MariaSunday Morning2015-01-1809:0001:01:22Duration 00:02:55 Link
Charles-François GounodFuneral March of a MarionetteBreakfast2015-01-1906:3000:01:45Duration 00:04:16 Link
Chilly Gonzales (artist)Advantage PointsLate Junction2015-01-2023:0000:28:24Duration 00:03:44 Link
CLAIRE VAN KAMPEN (artist)TourdionIn Tune2015-01-2316:3001:27:55Duration 00:01:48 Link
Claude DebussyChildren's corner, arr. for orchestra [orig. for piano]Breakfast2015-01-1807:0000:30:13Duration 00:05:50 Link
Claude DebussyDanse sacrée et danse profaneEssential Classics2015-01-2009:0000:33:36Duration 00:10:17 Link
Claude DebussyDr Gradus ad Parnassum (Children's Corner)Breakfast2015-01-2006:3001:16:51Duration 00:02:13 Link
Claude DebussyEn blanc et noir for 2 pianosThrough the Night2015-01-2000:3005:27:42Duration 00:16:39 Link
Claude DebussyEstampes - No. 1. PagodesLate Junction2015-01-2123:0001:01:33Duration 00:04:57 Link
Claude DebussyIberia: Images for Orchestra, No. 2 (1909)Through the Night2015-01-2200:3004:58:32Duration 00:22:03 Link
Claude DebussyJeux - poeme danseRadio 3 Live in Concert2015-01-2019:3001:53:30Duration 00:18:00 Link
Claude DebussyLa Mer - 3 symphonic sketches for orchestraThrough the Night2015-01-2300:3001:09:39Duration 00:25:08 Link
Claude DebussyPrelude a l'apres-midi d'un fauneThrough the Night2015-01-2100:3000:01:14Duration 00:10:48 Link
Claude DebussyPrelude a l’apres-midi d’un fauneEssential Classics2015-01-2109:0000:02:48Duration 00:10:47 Link
Claude DebussyQuartet in G minor Op.10 for strings; 2nd movement; Assez vif et bien rhythmeBreakfast2015-01-2206:3000:16:00Duration 00:04:00 Link
Claude DebussyRondes de printemps from Images for orchestraRadio 3 Live in Concert2015-01-2119:3002:21:00Duration 00:20:30 Link
Claude DebussyTarantelle styrienneThrough the Night2015-01-1701:0004:22:12Duration 00:05:43 Link
Claudio MonteverdiL' Orfeo - favola in musica in a prologue and 5 actsIn Tune2015-01-2216:3001:32:58Duration 00:01:49 Link
Claudio MonteverdiQuesti vaghi concenti for 9 voicesCD Review2015-01-1709:0003:05:28Duration 00:08:15 Link
Claudio MonteverdiSestina - Lagrime d'amante al sepolcro dell'amata and Questi vaghi concentiCD Review2015-01-1709:0002:48:38Duration 00:16:09 Link
Cole PorterEvery Time We Say GoodbyeBBC Performing Groups2015-01-1823:3000:45:27Duration 00:04:33 Link
Comus (artist)HeraldLate Junction2015-01-2023:0000:14:43Duration 00:04:14 Link
Conjunto Siglo 21 (artist)Jud RossLate Junction2015-01-2223:0000:45:16Duration 00:03:17 Link
Cécile Louise ChaminadeÉtude de concert, Op 35 No 2, 'Automne'Essential Classics2015-01-2009:0001:41:22Duration 00:06:35 Link
César FranckViolin Sonata in A major (4th mvt)Breakfast2015-01-2006:3000:50:14Duration 00:05:56 Link
Dag WirénConcert overture no.2 Op.16Breakfast2015-01-2306:3000:33:49Duration 00:04:59 Link
Daniel BachelerMounsiers almain for luteThrough the Night2015-01-1801:0004:24:26Duration 00:06:13 Link
Daniele Patucchi (artist)Motivi PsichedeliciLate Junction2015-01-2023:0000:38:53Duration 00:04:44 Link
Darius MilhaudExcerpt from "Madrigal-Nocturne" from "La Cheminee du Roi Rene"Through the Night2015-01-1900:30Duration 00:00:32 Link
Darius MilhaudExcerpt from "Madrigal-Nocturne" from "La Cheminee du Roi Rene"Through the Night2015-01-2000:30Duration 00:00:32 Link
Darius MilhaudExcerpt from "Madrigal-Nocturne" from "La Cheminee du Roi Rene"Through the Night2015-01-2300:30Duration 00:00:32 Link
Darius MilhaudExcerpt from "Madrigal-Nocturne" from "La Cheminee du Roi Rene"Through the Night2015-01-2000:3002:00:00Duration 00:00:32 Link
Darius MilhaudExcerpt from "Madrigal-Nocturne" from "La Cheminee du Roi Rene"Through the Night2015-01-2300:3002:00:00Duration 00:00:32 Link
Darius MilhaudExcerpt from "Madrigal-Nocturne" from "La Cheminee du Roi Rene"Through the Night2015-01-1900:3004:00:00Duration 00:00:32 Link
Darius MilhaudExcerpt from "Madrigal-Nocturne" from "La Cheminee du Roi Rene"Through the Night2015-01-2000:3004:00:00Duration 00:00:32 Link
Darius MilhaudExcerpt from "Madrigal-Nocturne" from "La Cheminee du Roi Rene"Through the Night2015-01-2300:3004:00:00Duration 00:00:32 Link
Darius MilhaudScaramoucheEssential Classics2015-01-2209:0000:02:21Duration 00:09:52 Link
David HykesTelescopingChoir and Organ2015-01-1816:0000:26:48Duration 00:01:29 Link
David PopperConcert Polonaise, Op 14Through the Night2015-01-2100:3003:12:45Duration 00:06:31 Link
Decoy (artist)Who’s WhoJazz on 32015-01-1923:0000:23:58Duration 00:00:41 Link
Deep Sea Canoe Movement (artist)AlleluiaWorld on 32015-01-2323:00Duration Link
Deep Sea Canoe Movement (artist)DoxologyWorld on 32015-01-2323:00Duration Link
Deep Sea Canoe Movement (artist)Eri ah oru ahWorld on 32015-01-2323:00Duration Link
Deep Sea Canoe Movement (artist)Great and MarvellousWorld on 32015-01-2323:00Duration Link
Deep Sea Canoe Movement (artist)Jesus you are the King of GloryWorld on 32015-01-2323:00Duration Link
Devendra Banhart (artist)Hey Mama WolfLate Junction2015-01-2123:0000:29:17Duration 00:03:53 Link
Dieterich BuxtehudeToccata in G BuxWV 165In Tune2015-01-2016:3001:56:10Duration 00:04:32 Link
Dmitry ShostakovichPrelude from Five Pieces for Two Violins & PianoIn Tune2015-01-2116:3001:38:09Duration 00:01:35 Link
Dmitry ShostakovichString Quartet No 15 in E Flat Minor Op 144Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-01-2313:0000:23:12Duration 00:36:50 Link
Dmitry ShostakovichSuite for Jazz Band No 2 (March)Essential Classics2015-01-2009:0000:00:09Duration 00:03:03 Link
Dmitry ShostakovichSymphony No 10 in E minor, Op 93Essential Classics2015-01-2009:0002:00:26Duration 00:57:02 Link
Dmitry ShostakovichSymphony no. 5 in D minor, Op. 47Afternoon Concert2015-01-1914:0001:38:14Duration 00:48:24 Link
Domenico ScarlattiSonata in A major, Kk 208Through the Night2015-01-2100:3001:55:28Duration 00:04:05 Link
Dominic Butcher (artist)RemembranceLate Junction2015-01-2223:0001:06:45Duration 00:01:36 Link
Don Cherry (artist)Tomorrow is the QuestionGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2015-01-1800:0000:06:56Duration 00:03:09 Link
Don Cherry (artist)Tomorrow is the QuestionGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2015-01-1800:0000:07:03Duration 00:03:09 Link
Duke EllingtonCreole Love CallJazz Record Requests2015-01-1717:0000:24:22Duration 00:03:11 Link
Duke Ellington & His OrchestraTHE COTTON CLUB (1984): MoocheSound of Cinema2015-01-1716:0000:03:59Duration 00:03:26 Link
Ed Blackwell (artist)Embraceable YouGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2015-01-1800:0000:38:34Duration 00:04:51 Link
Ed Blackwell (artist)Embraceable YouGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2015-01-1800:0000:38:41Duration 00:04:50 Link
Eduard TubinSuite on Estonian dances for orchestra [1938], Setu tantsBreakfast2015-01-1906:3000:34:05Duration 00:04:19 Link
Edvard GriegAve Maris stellaBBC Performing Groups2015-01-1823:3000:10:17Duration 00:03:02 Link
Edvard GriegCow Call and Peasant Dance (Nordic Melodies, Op 63)Breakfast2015-01-2106:3000:37:43Duration 00:02:20 Link
Edvard GriegEn Svane, Op. 25 no. 2 & Varen (Spring) Op. 33 no. 2Afternoon Concert2015-01-2314:0001:21:18Duration 00:07:43 Link
Edvard GriegIn Autumn, Op. 11Afternoon Concert2015-01-2114:0000:05:25Duration 00:12:59 Link
Edvard GriegLast Spring, Op 33, No 2Through the Night2015-01-2100:3003:06:19Duration 00:05:55 Link
Edvard GriegPeer Gynt - suite no. 1 Op.46Breakfast2015-01-1707:0000:07:10Duration 00:04:11 Link
Edvard GriegViolin Sonata No. 3 in C minor, Op. 45Essential Classics2015-01-2109:0002:31:17Duration 00:22:09 Link
Edward ElgarChanson de matinBreakfast2015-01-2306:3002:02:38Duration 00:03:04 Link
Edward ElgarFalstaffSaturday Classics2015-01-1714:0000:16:56Duration 00:32:49 Link
Edward ElgarPomp and Circumstance: Military March in D, Op.39/1Through the Night2015-01-1701:0001:52:40Duration 00:06:53 Link
Edward ElgarPomp and Circumstance: Military March in D, Op.39/1Through the Night2015-01-1801:0004:54:01Duration 00:06:53 Link
Edward ElgarSea pictures Op.37 for mezzo-soprano and orchestraIn Tune2015-01-1916:3000:17:58Duration 00:04:37 Link
Edward ElgarSonatina in G majorBreakfast2015-01-2206:3000:06:00Duration 00:04:00 Link
Edward ElgarSospiri, Op.70Essential Classics2015-01-2109:0002:54:01Duration 00:04:27 Link
Edward ElgarTo her beneath whose steadfast star for chorusIn Tune2015-01-2216:3000:48:10Duration 00:04:50 Link
Edward ElgarVariations on an original theme 'Enigma' for orchestra (Op.36)Through the Night2015-01-2200:3001:28:52Duration 00:30:42 Link
Edward GermanThe Yeomen of EnglandSaturday Classics2015-01-1714:0000:03:30Duration 00:02:50 Link
Einojuhani RautavaaraPartita I,II & IIISunday Morning2015-01-1809:0000:31:28Duration 00:03:39 Link
Ella FitzgeraldManhattanJazz Record Requests2015-01-1717:0000:41:36Duration 00:02:48 Link
Emmanuel ChabrierEspanaThrough the Night2015-01-1801:0003:53:08Duration 00:06:23 Link
Emmanuel ChabrierHabaneraEssential Classics2015-01-2309:0000:02:09Duration 00:03:54 Link
Emmanuel ChabrierJoyeuse marche vers. for orchestraBreakfast2015-01-1807:0000:48:21Duration 00:03:39 Link
Emmanuel ChabrierOverture to GwendolyneSunday Morning2015-01-1809:0000:04:24Duration 00:09:22 Link
Emmett BerryBoogie Woogie a la ParisienneJazz Record Requests2015-01-1717:0000:01:01Duration 00:04:03 Link
Engelbert HumperdinckHänsel und Gretel (Overture)Breakfast2015-01-2106:3002:02:47Duration 00:08:00 Link
Enrique GranadosGoyescas - 7 pieces for pianoIn Tune2015-01-1916:3001:05:03Duration 00:05:29 Link
Erich Wolfgang KorngoldMuch Ado About NothingEssential Classics2015-01-2309:0000:40:01Duration 00:12:59 Link
Erik SatieJack-in-the-box pantomimeThrough the Night2015-01-2300:3003:13:55Duration 00:06:04 Link
Erno DohnanyiKonzertstuck for cello and orchestra in D major (Op.12)Through the Night2015-01-1801:0002:01:11Duration 00:21:56 Link
Etta ScolloSicilia Mia – poem by Ibn Hamdis translated by Toti ScialojaWords and Music2015-01-1817:3000:01:09Duration 00:00:03 Link
Felix MendelssohnHora estThrough the Night2015-01-1701:0004:05:03Duration 00:09:01 Link
Felix MendelssohnLaudate Pueri (motet, Op 39 no 2)Through the Night2015-01-2200:3004:20:36Duration 00:09:26 Link
Felix MendelssohnOctet in E flat major Op.20 for stringsThrough the Night2015-01-2200:3000:56:23Duration 00:31:59 Link
Felix MendelssohnScherzo from A Midsummer Night's DreamBreakfast2015-01-2106:3002:11:25Duration 00:04:54 Link
Felix MendelssohnScherzo from A Midsummer Night's Dream transc for pianoRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-01-2013:0000:54:25Duration 00:04:13 Link
Felix MendelssohnSonata No.5 in D major (Op.65) (1844)Through the Night2015-01-2300:3003:04:39Duration 00:08:51 Link
Felix MendelssohnSymphony no. 1 in C minor Op.11Through the Night2015-01-1801:0000:01:12Duration 00:27:58 Link
Ferde GroféSunrise (Grand Canyon Suite)Breakfast2015-01-2306:3002:06:46Duration 00:05:48 Link
Ferruccio BusoniBerceuse elegiaque, Op. 42 (Des Mannes Wiegenlied am Sarge seiner Mutter)Afternoon Concert2015-01-2114:0000:44:06Duration 00:15:29 Link
fLako (artist)KukuLate Junction2015-01-2123:0000:03:13Duration 00:03:43 Link
Francesco CavalliDixit Dominus a 8Through the Night2015-01-2300:3004:21:29Duration 00:11:15 Link
Francesco CavalliGiasone - opera in 3 actsIn Tune2015-01-2316:3001:48:28Duration 00:04:29 Link
Francesco GeminianiConcerto grosso in E minor, Op 3 no 6Through the Night2015-01-2200:3004:01:12Duration 00:08:54 Link
Francis PoulencImprovisation 15 - Hommage à Edith PiafIn Tune2015-01-2116:3000:20:46Duration 00:03:00 Link
Francis PoulencMorceauxRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-01-2313:0000:03:19Duration 00:20:34 Link
Frano ParacScherzo for WindsThrough the Night2015-01-1900:3003:08:33Duration 00:08:11 Link
Franz LehárDonaulegenden for orchestraBreakfast2015-01-1707:0000:19:24Duration 00:04:30 Link
Franz LehárVilja-Lied from the Merry WidowBreakfast2015-01-1906:3002:17:34Duration 00:06:07 Link
Franz Liszt19 Hungarian rhapsodies for piano (S.244), no.15 in A minor; Rakoczy marchBreakfast2015-01-2106:3002:24:50Duration 00:05:15 Link
Franz LisztIl m'aimait tant! (S.271)Through the Night2015-01-1701:0005:39:37Duration 00:06:46 Link
Franz Liszt‘Dante Sonata’ – Apres une lecture de DanteIn Tune2015-01-2116:3001:54:11Duration 00:17:39 Link
Franz Schubert4 Impromptus for piano (D.899) (Op.90); no.4 in A flat majorBreakfast2015-01-2106:3001:18:07Duration 00:06:44 Link
Franz SchubertAve MariaEssential Classics2015-01-2209:0002:54:06Duration 00:04:38 Link
Franz SchubertDer Alpenjager (D.588b) [the Alpine hunter] (Op 37 no 2)Through the Night2015-01-1701:0004:54:29Duration 00:05:32 Link
Franz SchubertDer Musensohn, D.764Essential Classics2015-01-2309:0001:24:01Duration 00:02:14 Link
Franz SchubertDer Tod und das MadchenSunday Morning2015-01-1809:0000:15:31Duration 00:02:43 Link
Franz SchubertDie Forelle, D.550Essential Classics2015-01-2109:0000:13:59Duration 00:01:59 Link
Franz SchubertDie schone Mullerin: Die liebe FarbeEssential Classics2015-01-2009:0000:16:44Duration 00:04:34 Link
Franz SchubertDu bist die Ruh, D.776Essential Classics2015-01-2309:0000:06:37Duration 00:04:14 Link
Franz SchubertErlkönig D.328Essential Classics2015-01-1909:0000:15:49Duration 00:04:04 Link
Franz SchubertFruhlingsglaubeEssential Classics2015-01-2309:0001:26:15Duration 00:03:03 Link
Franz SchubertImpromptu in F minor, D 935 No 4Breakfast2015-01-2206:3001:18:05Duration 00:05:57 Link
Franz SchubertLied eines Schiffers an die Dioskuren, D 360Essential Classics2015-01-2209:0000:13:44Duration 00:03:00 Link
Franz SchubertNacht und Traume, D827Through the Night2015-01-2100:3004:32:00Duration 00:02:54 Link
Franz SchubertPsalm 23 (Gott ist mein Hirt) (D.706), arr. Hans Zender for chor & orch [orig female ch & pf]Breakfast2015-01-1707:0000:41:07Duration 00:05:09 Link
Franz SchubertSchafers Klagelied (D.121) (Op.3 No.1) (Shepherd's Lament)Through the Night2015-01-1701:0004:51:01Duration 00:03:29 Link
Franz SchubertScherzo No.1 in B flat (D.593)Through the Night2015-01-2200:3003:07:36Duration 00:05:52 Link
Franz SchubertSei mir gegrüsst, D 741 transc for violinBreakfast2015-01-2306:3000:20:08Duration 00:04:37 Link
Franz SchubertStandchen, D.889Essential Classics2015-01-2109:0001:26:07Duration 00:03:28 Link
Franz SchubertString Quintet in C , D956 (2nd mvt: Adagio)Private Passions2015-01-1812:0000:54:03Duration 00:05:38 Link
Franz SchubertTrost in Tranen D.120 (Consolation in tears)Through the Night2015-01-1701:0004:47:46Duration 00:03:19 Link
Franz WaxmanCarmen fantasy for violin and orchestra [after Bizet and film score "Humoresque"] [1947]Breakfast2015-01-1707:0001:13:10Duration 00:10:00 Link
François CouperinLa Sophie (Pièces de clavecin, Ordre 26)Opera on 32015-01-1718:0001:14:38Duration 00:03:12 Link
Fred KatzSWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS (1961): Hot Dogs and Juice (Goodbye Baby)Sound of Cinema2015-01-1716:0000:29:56Duration 00:02:25 Link
Frederick KeelTomorrow for voice and pianoAfternoon Concert2015-01-1914:0002:26:58Duration 00:02:00 Link
Frederick LoeweI could have danced all night (My Fair Lady)Breakfast2015-01-2106:3001:33:44Duration 00:03:41 Link
Fritz KreislerPraeludium and allegro in the style of Gaetano Pugnani for violin and pianoThrough the Night2015-01-2300:3003:43:39Duration 00:05:50 Link
Fritz KreislerSyncopation vers. for violin and pianoRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-01-1813:0000:58:22Duration 00:02:12 Link
Frédéric Chopin3 Mazurkas Op.63 for pianoIn Tune2015-01-1916:3000:56:13Duration 00:01:37 Link
Frédéric Chopin4 Mazurkas Op.30 for pianoIn Tune2015-01-1916:3000:57:52Duration 00:03:33 Link
Frédéric ChopinBallade No.1 in G minor, Op.23Essential Classics2015-01-1909:0001:21:06Duration 00:08:59 Link
Frédéric ChopinEtudes from Op. 25In Tune2015-01-2016:3001:43:21Duration 00:04:00 Link
Frédéric ChopinGrand Waltz Brillant in E flat op.18In Tune2015-01-2116:3000:37:28Duration 00:04:59 Link
Frédéric ChopinKrakowiak - rondo in F major Op.14 for piano and orchestraBreakfast2015-01-1807:0001:23:08Duration 00:14:15 Link
Frédéric ChopinNocturne in D flat major, Op 27 No 2Essential Classics2015-01-2109:0000:32:45Duration 00:06:36 Link
Frédéric ChopinPiano Concerto No 1 in E minor, Op 11 (2nd mvt)Breakfast2015-01-2106:3000:06:47Duration 00:09:34 Link
Frédéric ChopinPolonaise héroïque, Op 53Breakfast2015-01-2006:3002:10:24Duration 00:06:50 Link
Frédéric ChopinScherzo no 4 in E major, Op 54Through the Night2015-01-2100:3005:25:25Duration 00:09:55 Link
Frédéric ChopinThe Maiden's Wish (from "Six Polish songs", S.480)Through the Night2015-01-1701:0003:10:39Duration 00:03:21 Link
Gabriel FauréPelleas et Melisande - suite Op.80Through the Night2015-01-2300:3000:51:17Duration 00:17:57 Link
Gabriel FauréSerenade, Op 98Essential Classics2015-01-2009:0000:57:46Duration 00:02:49 Link
Gabriel FauréSicilienne, Op 78Breakfast2015-01-2006:3001:12:39Duration 00:03:32 Link
Gaetano DonizettiL’elisir d’amore: Una furtive lagrimaIn Tune2015-01-2116:3000:55:49Duration 00:04:58 Link
Gaetano GuadagniPensa a serbarmi, o cara - ariaBreakfast2015-01-2306:3001:16:54Duration 00:03:58 Link
Gary BurtonTurn of the CenturyJazz Record Requests2015-01-1717:0000:54:13Duration 00:05:04 Link
Georg Philipp TelemannConcerto in B flat major for 2 violins, viola and continuo - final movementIn Tune2015-01-2016:3000:33:02Duration 00:03:22 Link
Georg Philipp TelemannOverture (Suite) (TWV.55:D18) in D major, Les Postillons & Fanfare: Tres viteBreakfast2015-01-2006:3000:33:30Duration 00:03:53 Link
Georg Philipp TelemannSonata for transverse flute & basso continuo in G majorThrough the Night2015-01-2000:3004:09:18Duration 00:06:41 Link
Georg SchumannPiano quartet in F minor, Op.29: 1st movement; AllegroCD Review2015-01-1709:0001:23:24Duration 00:12:03 Link
George Butterworth11 Folk-songs from Sussex..., no. 11; Tarry TrowsersBreakfast2015-01-2206:3002:23:39Duration 00:00:56 Link
George EnescuConcert Overture on popular Romanian Themes in ASunday Morning2015-01-1809:0000:50:21Duration 00:09:09 Link
George EnescuSonata no. 3 in A minor Op.25 (dans le caractere populaire roumain) for violinRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-01-1813:0000:26:32Duration 00:25:04 Link
George EnescuViolin Sonata No 3 in A minor, Op 25 (dans le caractere populaire roumain)Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-01-1813:0000:25:17Duration 01:00:30 Link
George FentonThe Blue Planet (theme)In Tune2015-01-1916:3001:34:09Duration 00:02:47 Link
George Frideric Handel3 Airs from Vauxhall GardensThrough the Night2015-01-2200:3004:47:05Duration 00:11:01 Link
George Frideric HandelAlcina (Overture)Essential Classics2015-01-2309:0000:32:20Duration 00:05:15 Link
George Frideric HandelAtalanta (Overture)Breakfast2015-01-2106:3001:02:16Duration 00:03:50 Link
George Frideric HandelLascia ch'io pianga (Rinaldo)Breakfast2015-01-2206:3001:07:14Duration 00:06:11 Link
George Frideric HandelMi palpita il cor - Italian cantata for alto, flute or oboe, and continuoIn Tune2015-01-1916:3001:54:21Duration 00:03:23 Link
George Frideric HandelMusic for the Royal FireworksThrough the Night2015-01-1801:0004:31:08Duration 00:22:25 Link
George Frideric HandelOrgan Concerto in F majorSunday Morning2015-01-1809:0000:35:47Duration 00:13:06 Link
George Frideric HandelRecorder Sonata in D minor, HWV 367aThrough the Night2015-01-2000:3004:42:25Duration 00:14:08 Link
George Frideric HandelSonata in F major, Op 1 no 5 (HWV.363a) vers. oboe & bcThrough the Night2015-01-1900:3003:51:37Duration 00:07:58 Link
George Frideric HandelViolin Sonata in A minor (Op.1 No.4) (HWV.362)Through the Night2015-01-1900:3004:37:55Duration 00:09:46 Link
George Frideric Handel‘Venti turbini, prestate’ from Rinaldo - opera in 3 actsIn Tune2015-01-2316:3000:45:57Duration 00:03:24 Link
George Gershwin3 Preludes arr. various for misc. forces; no.1; Allegro ben ritmato e decisoBreakfast2015-01-2106:3001:25:17Duration 00:01:35 Link
George GershwinConcerto in F major for piano and orchestraIn Tune2015-01-2316:3001:06:37Duration 00:11:48 Link
George GershwinPrelude No 3Breakfast2015-01-2106:3001:26:53Duration 00:01:19 Link
George ShearingLullaby of BirdlandThrough the Night2015-01-1801:0003:39:06Duration 00:02:56 Link
Gerald FinziIt was a lover and his lass (Let us garlands bring, Op 18)Afternoon Concert2015-01-2014:0002:26:29Duration 00:02:45 Link
GesualdoFrom Four Marian Motets – Maria, Mater gratiaeWords and Music2015-01-1817:3000:44:04Duration 00:00:03 Link
Ghostpoet (artist)Off Peak DreamsLate Junction2015-01-2123:0000:23:05Duration 00:02:37 Link
Giacches de WertQual musico gentil [As cunning singers]Through the Night2015-01-1900:3004:19:39Duration 00:09:34 Link
Giacomo PucciniE lucevan le stelle from Act 3 of ToscaBreakfast2015-01-2106:3001:44:23Duration 00:03:07 Link
Gilles BinchoisDe plus en plus se renouvelle - rondeauChoir and Organ2015-01-1816:0000:02:17Duration 00:03:46 Link
Gioachino RossiniLa DanzaWords and Music2015-01-1817:3000:26:25Duration 00:00:03 Link
Gioachino RossiniLa boutique fantasque (Galop)Breakfast2015-01-2106:3001:52:13Duration 00:04:53 Link
Gioachino RossiniLa scala di seta (Overture)Breakfast2015-01-2206:3001:33:32Duration 00:05:57 Link
Gioachino RossiniMedaglie incomparabili (Il Viaggio a Reims)Private Passions2015-01-1812:0000:46:09Duration 00:04:46 Link
Giovanni Battista PergolesiViolin Sonata in G majorThrough the Night2015-01-1900:3003:32:46Duration 00:07:54 Link
Giovanni de MacqueBacciami vita mia à 6Through the Night2015-01-2000:3003:14:01Duration 00:01:17 Link
Giovanni Felice SancesDe ore prudentisRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-01-1713:0000:13:30Duration 00:05:20 Link
Giovanni Felice SancesDomine poswedit meRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-01-1713:0000:21:24Duration 00:07:05 Link
Giovanni Felice SancesLetanie della Beata VergineRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-01-1713:0000:28:30Duration 00:07:43 Link
Giovanni Felice SancesMissa Mariae MagdalenaeRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-01-1713:0000:38:24Duration 00:21:42 Link
Giovanni Felice SancesVulnerasti cor meumRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-01-1713:0000:08:59Duration 00:04:29 Link
Giovanni GabrieliCanzon à 10, S.137Essential Classics2015-01-2109:0001:55:39Duration 00:04:19 Link
Giovanni Pierluigi da PalestrinaJubilate Deo omnis terra à 8Breakfast2015-01-2106:3000:17:10Duration 00:04:11 Link
Giovanni Pierluigi da PalestrinaVineam meam non custodivi (from Song of Songs)Essential Classics2015-01-2309:0001:52:17Duration 00:03:12 Link
Giovanni ValentiniTocchin le trombeThrough the Night2015-01-2000:3004:01:11Duration 00:07:43 Link
Girolamo FrescobaldiCanzon seconda à 4, due Canti a due BassiThrough the Night2015-01-2000:3003:37:33Duration 00:03:47 Link
Girolamo FrescobaldiLa RomanescaThrough the Night2015-01-1701:0003:14:25Duration 00:05:37 Link
Giuseppe TartiniSonata in G minor B.g5 (Devil's trill) for violin and continuoIn Tune2015-01-2216:3000:23:14Duration 00:04:35 Link
Giuseppe VerdiIl Trovatore - opera in 4 partsIn Tune2015-01-1916:3000:45:14Duration 00:03:17 Link
Giuseppe VerdiOtello – Jago’s aria ‘Credo in un Dio crudel’In Tune2015-01-2016:3000:09:00Duration 00:02:46 Link
Giuseppe VerdiSummer from Les Vepres Siciliennes “Ballet of the Four Seasons”Words and Music2015-01-1817:3000:04:47Duration 00:00:06 Link
Gluck transc. KempffOrpheus's Lament; Dance of the Blessed SpiritsRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-01-1813:0000:25:04Duration 00:04:38 Link
Goffredo PetrassiNonsenseBBC Performing Groups2015-01-1823:3000:37:23Duration 00:07:37 Link
Groeni (artist)The OakLate Junction2015-01-2223:0000:35:17Duration 00:05:30 Link
Gus KahnNobody's sweetheart [with ERDMAN/MEYERS/SCHOEBEL]Breakfast2015-01-2306:3001:02:12Duration 00:02:34 Link
Gustav HolstA Moorside Suite (March)In Tune2015-01-2116:3000:32:32Duration 00:04:01 Link
Gustav HolstSt Paul's suite Op.29`2Breakfast2015-01-1807:0000:36:03Duration 00:11:13 Link
Gustav MahlerQuartet movement in A minor for piano and stringsThrough the Night2015-01-2000:3000:17:22Duration 00:11:34 Link
Gustav MahlerRuckert Lieder - Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommenIn Tune2015-01-2016:3001:24:03Duration 00:06:00 Link
Gustav MahlerSymphony No 1 in D major, 'Titan' (2nd mvt, 'Blumine')Breakfast2015-01-1906:3000:46:25Duration 00:07:22 Link
Gustav MahlerSymphony No. 1: 1st movementEssential Classics2015-01-2309:0001:01:21Duration 00:14:34 Link
Gyorgy LigetiHungarian Rock (Chaconne), for harpsichordLate Junction2015-01-2223:0000:53:32Duration 00:05:38 Link
György LigetiAtmospheresRadio 3 Live in Concert2015-01-2019:3001:33:30Duration 00:07:30 Link
György LigetiLeonore Overture no. 3 Op. 72aRadio 3 Live in Concert2015-01-2019:3001:14:00Duration 00:13:00 Link
Haiku Salut (artist)PeriscopesLate Junction2015-01-2223:0000:21:53Duration 00:05:44 Link
Hama (artist)TagoutLate Junction2015-01-2223:0000:27:56Duration 00:06:26 Link
Harold Fraser-SimsonThe Hums of PoohBreakfast2015-01-1807:0000:47:16Duration 00:01:05 Link
Havergal BrianAllegro Assai from the Gothic SymphonySaturday Classics2015-01-1714:0001:01:55Duration 00:11:15 Link
Hector BerliozDanse des sylphes (S.475) transc. for piano from "La Damnation de Faust"Through the Night2015-01-2300:3003:33:23Duration 00:04:16 Link
Hector BerliozSymphonie fantastique, Op. 14Afternoon Concert2015-01-2314:0001:30:03Duration 00:55:55 Link
Hector BerliozSymphonie funebre et triomphale for military band (Op.15)Through the Night2015-01-1701:0001:18:40Duration 00:33:34 Link
Heinrich Ignaz Franz von BiberBattalia a 10 in DThrough the Night2015-01-2100:3005:07:55Duration 00:10:05 Link
Heinrich Schütz3 sacred pieces (SWV.263, SWV.264, SWV.412)Through the Night2015-01-2300:3002:01:11Duration 00:13:42 Link
Heitor Villa‐LobosChõro No 5 for piano, 'Alma brasileira'Breakfast2015-01-1906:3001:54:37Duration 00:04:25 Link
Henri DuparcLa Vague et la clocheThrough the Night2015-01-1801:0005:11:30Duration 00:05:34 Link
Henri DutilleuxTout un monde lointain... - a Concerto for Cello and OrchestraAfternoon Concert2015-01-1914:0000:54:24Duration 00:29:58 Link
Henry EcclesLargo from Sonata in G minorBreakfast2015-01-2006:3001:37:41Duration 00:02:59 Link
Henry Purcell'Dear Pretty Youth' from The TempestIn Tune2015-01-2316:3000:27:20Duration 00:02:03 Link
Henry PurcellOde for St Cecilia’s Day: Hail! Bright Cecilia, Hail to thee!Choir and Organ2015-01-1816:0001:21:10Duration 00:04:08 Link
Henry PurcellSymphony, Duet and Chorus 'Let all mankind the pleasure shareThrough the Night2015-01-1801:0004:01:14Duration 00:02:46 Link
Henry PurcellTe Deum & Jubilate Deo in D Major Z. 232Essential Classics2015-01-2309:0002:45:39Duration 00:13:07 Link
Henry PurcellThe Gordian knot unty'd, Z.597Essential Classics2015-01-1909:0000:04:03Duration 00:10:30 Link
Henry WoodFantasia on British Sea SongsEssential Classics2015-01-2209:0000:17:27Duration 00:04:11 Link
Herbert HowellsGavotteBreakfast2015-01-2206:3000:43:00Duration 00:03:00 Link
Herbert HowellsSalve Regina for chorus [6 voices] [for Westminster Cathedral]Choir and Organ2015-01-1816:0000:30:01Duration 00:01:08 Link
Hidekazu Sogabe (artist)SevenLate Junction2015-01-2023:0000:18:50Duration 00:02:51 Link
Hoagy CarmichaelTO HAVE AND TO HAVE NOT (1944): How Little We KnowSound of Cinema2015-01-1716:0000:14:12Duration 00:01:29 Link
Howlin’ Wolf (artist)The Wolf Is At Your DoorLate Junction2015-01-2123:0000:36:58Duration 00:02:59 Link
Howlround (artist)Torridon GateLate Junction2015-01-2123:0000:47:19Duration 00:23:44 Link
Hubert ParryI was gladBreakfast2015-01-2006:3001:52:18Duration 00:06:44 Link
Hubert ParrySongs of farewell for mixed voices: no.6 Lord, let me know mine end [chorus a 8]Through the Night2015-01-1701:0005:00:29Duration 00:10:49 Link
Hugo AlfvénMidsummer vigil - Swedish rhapsody no.1 (Op.19)Through the Night2015-01-1900:3005:24:30Duration 00:14:07 Link
Ignacy Jan PaderewskiConcerto for piano and orchestra (Op.17) in A minorThrough the Night2015-01-2200:3002:01:13Duration 00:33:28 Link
Ignacy Jan PaderewskiConcerto in A minor Op.17 for piano and orchestraBreakfast2015-01-1807:0000:10:19Duration 00:16:26 Link
Igor StravinskyApollo - ballet in 2 scenes for string orchestra vers. rev. 1947In Tune2015-01-2216:3001:57:26Duration 00:03:15 Link
Igor StravinskyEbony concerto for clarinet and jazz bandIn Tune2015-01-1916:3001:20:33Duration 00:09:02 Link
Igor StravinskyPrelude No.24 (Well Tempered Clavier Book 2)In Tune2015-01-1916:3001:18:05Duration 00:01:57 Link
Igor StravinskyPrologue (Apollo)Private Passions2015-01-1812:0000:27:56Duration 00:05:19 Link
Igor StravinskyScherzo à la russeAfternoon Concert2015-01-2314:0002:25:39Duration 00:03:55 Link
Igor StravinskySymphony In CEssential Classics2015-01-2209:0002:06:19Duration 00:11:43 Link
Igor StravinskySymphony of psalmsChoir and Organ2015-01-1816:0000:43:21Duration 00:04:23 Link
Isobel Anderson (artist)Going UnderLate Junction2015-01-2223:0001:02:27Duration 00:02:14 Link
Jack DeJohnette (artist)Museum of TimeJazz on 32015-01-1923:0001:16:56Duration 00:13:03 Link
Jackie Davis (artist)Walkin' My Baby Back HomeJazz Record Requests2015-01-1717:0000:17:36Duration 00:03:23 Link
Jacques DuphlyAllemande - from first book of harpsichord piecesThe Early Music Show2015-01-1814:0000:31:12Duration 00:08:18 Link
Jacques DuphlyLa Du TaillyThe Early Music Show2015-01-1814:0000:18:39Duration 00:05:10 Link
Jacques DuphlyLa ForquerayThe Early Music Show2015-01-1814:0000:11:06Duration 00:06:15 Link
Jacques DuphlyLa JuigneThe Early Music Show2015-01-1814:0000:02:38Duration 00:06:49 Link
Jacques DuphlyLa PothouinThe Early Music Show2015-01-1814:0000:40:17Duration 00:05:17 Link
Jacques DuphlyLa VictoireThe Early Music Show2015-01-1814:0000:46:26Duration 00:05:04 Link
Jacques DuphlyLa de ValmaleteThe Early Music Show2015-01-1814:0000:52:53Duration 00:03:13 Link
Jacques DuphlyLes GracesThe Early Music Show2015-01-1814:0000:25:12Duration 00:05:01 Link
James HartAdieu to the pleasures and follies of love [from 'The tempest']In Tune2015-01-2316:3000:17:48Duration 00:04:00 Link
Jan Dismas Zelenka1st movement [Allegro] from Sinfonia a 8 Concertanti in A minor (ZWV.189)Through the Night2015-01-1701:0003:24:56Duration 00:08:22 Link
Jan Dismas ZelenkaTrio Sonata No 3 in B flat major (2nd mvt)Breakfast2015-01-2306:3000:47:27Duration 00:04:17 Link
Jason Kao Hwang (artist)Nilometer At RodaLate Junction2015-01-2123:0000:52:09Duration 00:08:56 Link
Jazz Thali (artist)Chamber Of DreamsLate Junction2015-01-2223:0000:11:20Duration 00:05:01 Link
Jean [1865-1957] SibeliusLemminkäinen and the Maidens of Saari (Lemminkäinen Legends)Essential Classics2015-01-2009:0001:09:57Duration 00:16:19 Link
Jean FrançaixLe Gai Paris for wind ensembleThrough the Night2015-01-1801:0003:42:24Duration 00:10:13 Link
Jean FrançaixSerenade for small orchestraThrough the Night2015-01-2000:3003:27:46Duration 00:09:23 Link
Jean Sibelius2 Serenades Op.69 for violin and orchestraBreakfast2015-01-1807:0000:52:00Duration 00:06:51 Link
Jean Sibelius4 SongsThrough the Night2015-01-2000:3004:16:30Duration 00:09:27 Link
Jean SibeliusDanse champetre No.3In Tune2015-01-2116:3001:18:04Duration 00:04:35 Link
Jean SibeliusKarelia - suite (Op.11): IntermezzoBreakfast2015-01-2206:3000:39:00Duration 00:04:00 Link
Jean SibeliusKuolema - incidental music Op.44 [1903-6]In Tune2015-01-1916:3000:49:09Duration 00:05:23 Link
Jean SibeliusNightride and SunriseSunday Morning2015-01-1809:0002:19:45Duration 00:16:08 Link
Jean SibeliusPelleas et Melisande - Incidental music, Op. 46 (Excerpts)Afternoon Concert2015-01-1914:0001:25:41Duration 00:10:58 Link
Jean SibeliusPetite SuiteThrough the Night2015-01-2300:3004:47:51Duration 00:07:30 Link
Jean SibeliusSpring Song Op 16Through the Night2015-01-1900:3002:59:59Duration 00:08:09 Link
Jean SibeliusSymphony no. 5 in E flat major, Op. 82Afternoon Concert2015-01-2114:0000:56:23Duration 00:32:36 Link
Jean‐Baptiste LullyMarche pour la ceremonie des Turcs, from Le Bourgeois gentilhommeThrough the Night2015-01-1701:0000:25:19Duration 00:02:43 Link
Jean‐Baptiste LullySuite for OrchestraThrough the Night2015-01-1801:0005:17:35Duration 00:11:36 Link
Jean‐Féry RebelLes Elemens: Movement I - Le ChaosAfternoon Concert2015-01-2314:0000:39:22Duration 00:07:05 Link
Jean‐Philippe RameauChaconne (Les Indes galantes)Breakfast2015-01-2106:3001:37:49Duration 00:06:13 Link
Jean‐Philippe RameauLes Indes galantes - suite of orchestral numbers (from the opera-ballet)Afternoon Concert2015-01-2314:0000:01:07Duration 00:12:16 Link
Jean‐Philippe RameauNouvelles suites de pieces de clavecin ou Seconde livre [1728]: Les SauvagesCD Review2015-01-1709:0000:11:15Duration 00:01:44 Link
Joaquin NinSeguida EspanolaThrough the Night2015-01-2000:3003:41:54Duration 00:08:47 Link
Joaquín RodrigoConcierto de Aranjuez - second movementIn Tune2015-01-2016:3000:59:10Duration 00:11:13 Link
Joaquín RodrigoConcierto de Aranjuez for guitar and orchestraBreakfast2015-01-1707:0000:23:54Duration 00:05:50 Link
Joaquín TurinaRapsodia sinfonica for piano and string orchestra (Op.66)Through the Night2015-01-2000:3003:51:09Duration 00:08:20 Link
Joe Young/Sam M. Lewis/Walter Donaldson:THE JAZZ SINGER (1927): My MammySound of Cinema2015-01-1716:0000:01:08Duration 00:00:51 Link
Johan HalvorsenBryllupsmarsj [Wedding march] for violin and orchestra (Op.32`1)Breakfast2015-01-1906:3001:10:38Duration 00:04:19 Link
Johan Peter Emilius HartmannEtudes instructivesThrough the Night2015-01-2200:3004:10:31Duration 00:09:40 Link
Johan WagenaarFruhlingsgewalt, Op.11In Tune2015-01-2016:3000:00:40Duration 00:07:45 Link
Johann Christian BachQuartet for flute/violin and strings (T.309/3) in A major [no.5 in "6 QuartettosThrough the Night2015-01-1801:0001:18:09Duration 00:16:36 Link
Johann Christian BachSymphony no. 4 for wind instruments in B flat major T.285/3`4Breakfast2015-01-2306:3000:08:10Duration 00:07:05 Link
Johann David HeinichenDresden Concerto in F major, S 232In Tune2015-01-2116:3001:01:20Duration 00:07:50 Link
Johann Friedrich FaschQuartet in F major for horn, oboe d'amore, violin and basso continuo, FWV N:F3Through the Night2015-01-2100:3002:01:13Duration 00:06:34 Link
Johann Gottlieb NaumannHarpsichord Concerto in B flat major (C.1137)Through the Night2015-01-2200:3005:45:17Duration 00:14:11 Link
Johann Heinrich RolleMotet 'Der Friede Gottes'In Tune2015-01-2016:3001:33:37Duration 00:03:44 Link
Johann Heinrich SchmelzerSonata No 12, 'Sacroprofanus concentus musicus'Through the Night2015-01-2100:3003:45:59Duration 00:04:42 Link
Johann Joseph FuxPartita K.331 (Turcaria); ImprovisationThrough the Night2015-01-1701:0000:28:31Duration 00:10:48 Link
Johann Michael BachHalt, was du hastBreakfast2015-01-1906:3002:10:55Duration 00:04:58 Link
Johann Sebastian BachBrandenburg concerto No 3 in G major BWV 1048Through the Night2015-01-1701:0003:48:43Duration 00:10:51 Link
Johann Sebastian BachCantata No 74 BWV 74 'Kommt! eilet' (aria)Through the Night2015-01-2000:3003:08:42Duration 00:04:46 Link
Johann Sebastian BachCantata no. 202 BWV.202 (Weichet nur, betrubte Schatten)Breakfast2015-01-1807:0000:58:51Duration 00:06:33 Link
Johann Sebastian BachConcerto for oboe, strings & bc [after BWV.150, 170 & 49], 4th mvt; AllegroBreakfast2015-01-2106:3000:21:40Duration 00:06:42 Link
Johann Sebastian BachCourante (Cello Suite No.4 in E flat major)Private Passions2015-01-1812:0000:15:08Duration 00:03:52 Link
Johann Sebastian BachErbarme DichSunday Morning2015-01-1809:0002:00:27Duration 00:07:22 Link
Johann Sebastian BachFugue en re minorBreakfast2015-01-2006:3001:25:00Duration 00:04:00 Link
Johann Sebastian BachInvention No. 4 in D Minor, BWV 775 - DiagonaleLate Junction2015-01-2023:0000:32:04Duration 00:02:54 Link
Johann Sebastian BachJohannespassion (BWV.245): Part 2; Ruht wohl, ihr heiligen Gebeine (Chorus)Breakfast2015-01-2206:3000:21:00Duration 00:08:00 Link
Johann Sebastian BachMass in B minor, BWV 232 (Et resurrexit)Breakfast2015-01-2306:3000:25:04Duration 00:04:02 Link
Johann Sebastian BachMatthauspassion BWV.244 [The St Matthew Passion]Through the Night2015-01-1900:3000:01:40Duration 01:08:19 Link
Johann Sebastian BachMatthauspassion BWV.244 [The St Matthew Passion]Through the Night2015-01-1900:3001:10:33Duration 01:38:48 Link
Johann Sebastian BachOrchestral Suite no 3 in D major, BWV1068Through the Night2015-01-2100:3001:34:53Duration 00:20:10 Link
Johann Sebastian BachPartita for unaccompanied violin No 3 in E - PreludioEssential Classics2015-01-2009:0001:03:01Duration 00:03:33 Link
Johann Sebastian BachPrelude & Fugue in A, BWV 536Essential Classics2015-01-1909:0000:32:39Duration 00:07:10 Link
Johann Sebastian BachSchlummert ein (Aria) from Cantata no. 82 BWV.82 (Ich habe genug)Breakfast2015-01-2006:3000:18:50Duration 00:09:42 Link
Johann Sebastian BachSonata No.1 in G minor for solo violin - FugueIn Tune2015-01-2116:3001:09:53Duration 00:06:05 Link
Johann Sebastian BachWachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme - chorale-prelude BWV.645 (Schubler chorale) for organ no.1Breakfast2015-01-1707:0000:15:53Duration 00:03:31 Link
Johann Strauss IIMorgenblätter Waltz, Op 279Essential Classics2015-01-2009:0000:22:13Duration 00:08:03 Link
Johannes Brahms3 Hungarian DancesThrough the Night2015-01-2200:3003:51:08Duration 00:08:23 Link
Johannes Brahms4 Ballades Op.10Radio 3 Live in Concert2015-01-1819:3000:52:30Duration 00:20:00 Link
Johannes BrahmsConcerto no. 1 in D minor Op.15 for piano and orchestraThrough the Night2015-01-2300:3000:01:10Duration 00:49:41 Link
Johannes BrahmsDenn alles Fleisch es ist wie Gras (Ein Deutsches Requiem)Private Passions2015-01-1812:0000:05:10Duration 00:04:53 Link
Johannes BrahmsDie Mainacht Op 43.No 2Sunday Morning2015-01-1809:0002:14:41Duration 00:03:47 Link
Johannes BrahmsHandel Variations Op 24Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-01-2013:0000:27:25Duration 00:26:44 Link
Johannes BrahmsIntermezzo in E flat major Op.117 no.1 'Schlummerlied'Breakfast2015-01-2306:3000:01:55Duration 00:05:42 Link
Johannes BrahmsPiano Concerto no. 2 in B flat major Op.83Radio 3 Live in Concert2015-01-1919:3001:31:00Duration 00:47:00 Link
Johannes BrahmsPiano Trio No 2 in C major, Op 87 (4th mvt)Breakfast2015-01-2206:3001:46:05Duration 00:05:47 Link
Johannes BrahmsRhapsody in B minor, Op 79 No 1Essential Classics2015-01-2009:0000:46:24Duration 00:10:00 Link
Johannes BrahmsRondo alla Zingarese (Piano Quartet Op.25)Essential Classics2015-01-2309:0002:02:43Duration 00:42:26 Link
Johannes BrahmsString Sextet No 2 in G major, Op 36Through the Night2015-01-1801:0002:23:33Duration 00:40:42 Link
Johannes BrahmsSymphony No 3: opening Allegro con brioEssential Classics2015-01-2209:0001:02:29Duration 00:14:30 Link
Johannes BrahmsSymphony No 4 in E minor, Op 98 (3rd mvt)Breakfast2015-01-2106:3002:17:42Duration 00:06:24 Link
Johannes BrahmsSymphony no.3 in F major Op.90 (3rd mvt)Breakfast2015-01-2006:3000:37:54Duration 00:06:44 Link
Johannes BrahmsTheme with variations from Sextet in B flat major, Op 18Through the Night2015-01-2000:3004:26:25Duration 00:09:13 Link
Johannes BrahmsViolin Sonata No 3 in D minor, Op 108Through the Night2015-01-2100:3002:21:35Duration 00:21:43 Link
Johannes BrahmsWaltz in C sharp minor, Op.39 no.6Essential Classics2015-01-2309:0000:00:19Duration 00:00:57 Link
Johannes BrahmsWie lieblich sind deine Wohnungen (A German Requiem)Breakfast2015-01-1906:3001:34:04Duration 00:04:52 Link
John AdamsAbsolute Jest for String Quartet and OrchestraAfternoon Concert2015-01-2314:0000:13:59Duration 00:25:02 Link
John AdamsHarmonium, III. Wild Nights for chorus and orchestraChoir and Organ2015-01-1816:0000:00:56Duration 00:00:14 Link
John AdamsHarmonium, III. Wild Nights for chorus and orchestraChoir and Organ2015-01-1816:0000:57:18Duration 00:03:56 Link
John AdamsShort Ride in a Fast MachineIn Tune2015-01-2216:3001:51:43Duration 00:04:14 Link
John BlowChaconne in G majorBreakfast2015-01-2006:3002:01:48Duration 00:04:41 Link
John CageAmores: Trio (7 Woodblocks, Not Chinese)Late Junction2015-01-2223:0001:15:50Duration 00:01:32 Link
John CageAmores: Trio (9 Tom-toms, Pod Rattle)Late Junction2015-01-2223:0001:12:33Duration 00:03:18 Link
John CageNocturneRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-01-1813:0000:53:47Duration 01:00:30 Link
John CageNocturne for violin and piano [1947]Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-01-1813:0000:53:32Duration 00:03:35 Link
John Cage (artist)Indeterminacy: New Aspect Of Form In Instrumental And Electronic Music - Part 3Late Junction2015-01-2023:0000:43:35Duration 00:23:06 Link
John DankworthTHE CRIMINAL (1960): Thieving BoySound of Cinema2015-01-1716:0000:33:59Duration 00:02:50 Link
John FouldsKeltic Overture, Op 28Through the Night2015-01-1900:3003:17:09Duration 00:07:25 Link
John IrelandA Downland SuiteEssential Classics2015-01-2309:0000:11:37Duration 00:06:01 Link
John IrelandNation with Nation, from These Things Shall BeSaturday Classics2015-01-1714:0000:51:24Duration 00:09:27 Link
John JenkinsFantasy no.6 in D major for 6 part consortBreakfast2015-01-2306:3000:40:01Duration 00:03:51 Link
John Philip SousaThe Stars and stripes forever - marchIn Tune2015-01-1916:3000:33:38Duration 00:03:25 Link
John T. Gast (artist)TorchLate Junction2015-01-2123:0000:43:23Duration 00:05:28 Link
John TavenerSong for AtheneBBC Performing Groups2015-01-1823:3000:17:47Duration 00:04:41 Link
John TavenerThe LambBBC Performing Groups2015-01-1823:3000:14:27Duration 00:05:10 Link
John WilliamsMadrugadaIn Tune2015-01-2316:3000:12:30Duration 00:03:41 Link
Joji Hirota (artist)Akita OndoLate Junction2015-01-2023:0000:50:28Duration 00:08:19 Link
Jonathan DoveThere was a child - oratorio for soloists, chorus and orchestraBreakfast2015-01-1807:0000:26:45Duration 00:03:28 Link
Josef StraussWiener Leben, Op 218Breakfast2015-01-2306:3001:56:30Duration 00:03:09 Link
Josef SukTrio in C minor Op.2 for piano and strings – 2nd mvt ‘Andante’Breakfast2015-01-2106:3000:43:22Duration 00:04:09 Link
Joseph CanteloubePastourelle (Chants d'Auvergne Set 2)Breakfast2015-01-2106:3000:56:25Duration 00:02:56 Link
Joseph HaydnArmida - dramma eroica in 3 acts H.28.12Composer of the Week2015-01-2212:0000:01:17Duration 00:01:03 Link
Joseph HaydnConcerto no. 2 in D major H.7b.2 for cello and orchestraComposer of the Week2015-01-2212:0000:37:52Duration 00:05:47 Link
Joseph HaydnDivertimento (Feldpartita) no. 7 in G major for 2 oboes, 2 bassoons and 2 hornsComposer of the Week2015-01-2012:0000:45:01Duration 00:14:08 Link
Joseph HaydnFantasia in C major H.17.4 for pianoComposer of the Week2015-01-2312:0000:26:20Duration 00:06:14 Link
Joseph HaydnIn felice sventurata, Hob XXIVb:15 [1789]Composer of the Week2015-01-2312:0000:19:17Duration 00:05:18 Link
Joseph HaydnL' Infedelta delusa - burletta per musica in 2 acts H.28.5Composer of the Week2015-01-2012:0000:34:27Duration 00:07:35 Link
Joseph HaydnLa Canterina - Act 1 finale, Quartet: Scellerata, mancatriceComposer of the Week2015-01-1912:0000:00:59Duration 00:03:25 Link
Joseph HaydnLa Fedelta premiata - dramma pastorale giocoso in 3 acts H.28.10 - Act 1Composer of the Week2015-01-2112:0000:01:06Duration 00:02:19 Link
Joseph HaydnLa Fedelta premiata - dramma pastorale giocoso in 3 acts H.28.10 - Act 2Composer of the Week2015-01-2112:0000:45:14Duration 00:13:51 Link
Joseph HaydnLo Speziale - dramma giocoso in 3 acts H.28.3 - Virgo VirginumComposer of the Week2015-01-1912:0000:15:55Duration 00:06:27 Link
Joseph HaydnMass in C major H.22.5 (Missa Cellensis (St.Cecilia mass))Composer of the Week2015-01-2212:0000:26:33Duration 00:08:29 Link
Joseph HaydnNotturno no. 2 in F major H.2.26Composer of the Week2015-01-2312:0000:01:42Duration 00:02:04 Link
Joseph HaydnPiano Trio in F, Hob XV:6Composer of the Week2015-01-2212:0000:46:13Duration 00:12:43 Link
Joseph HaydnQuartet in A major Op.20`6 for stringsComposer of the Week2015-01-2012:0000:03:31Duration 00:17:07 Link
Joseph HaydnQuartet in B flat major Op.76`4 (Sunrise) for strings; 4th (final) movtBreakfast2015-01-2206:3001:02:00Duration 00:04:00 Link
Joseph HaydnQuartet in B minor Op.64`2 for stringsComposer of the Week2015-01-2312:0000:36:23Duration 00:17:22 Link
Joseph HaydnQuartet in D major Op.64`5 (Lark) for stringsBreakfast2015-01-1807:0001:05:24Duration 00:08:41 Link
Joseph HaydnQuartet in E flat major Op.33`2 (Joke) for stringsComposer of the Week2015-01-2212:0000:05:18Duration 00:18:08 Link
Joseph HaydnQuartet in E flat major Op.20`1 for stringsIn Tune2015-01-2216:3001:35:43Duration 00:05:16 Link
Joseph HaydnSinfonia Concertante in B flat major, H I 105Essential Classics2015-01-1909:0001:31:59Duration 00:21:24 Link
Joseph HaydnSonata in A flat major H.16.46 (Divertimento) for pianoComposer of the Week2015-01-1912:0000:24:43Duration 00:07:10 Link
Joseph HaydnSonata in D major H.16.37 for pianoComposer of the Week2015-01-2112:0000:30:06Duration 00:11:52 Link
Joseph HaydnStabat mater H.20bisComposer of the Week2015-01-1912:0000:07:30Duration 00:06:07 Link
Joseph HaydnString Quartet in C major, Op 54 No 2 (1st mvt)Breakfast2015-01-1906:3000:38:56Duration 00:05:46 Link
Joseph HaydnString Quartet in G Minor, Op 20 No 3Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-01-2013:0000:03:30Duration 00:23:02 Link
Joseph HaydnString Quartet in G major, Op 77 No 1Through the Night2015-01-2000:3001:14:58Duration 00:19:24 Link
Joseph HaydnString Quartet in G minor, Op.74 No.3 ('Rider')Radio 3 Live in Concert2015-01-1819:3000:02:30Duration 00:22:00 Link
Joseph HaydnSymphony No 73 in D major, Hob.1.73, "La Chasse"Through the Night2015-01-2300:3002:24:54Duration 00:21:25 Link
Joseph HaydnSymphony No.86 in D major (1st mvt)Breakfast2015-01-1906:3002:01:40Duration 00:08:29 Link
Joseph HaydnSymphony no. 100 in G major H.1.100 (Military)Through the Night2015-01-1701:0000:01:11Duration 00:23:38 Link
Joseph HaydnSymphony no. 26 in D minor H.1.26 (Lamentatione)Composer of the Week2015-01-1912:0000:44:37Duration 00:13:43 Link
Joseph HaydnSymphony no. 31 in D major H.1.31 (Hornsignal): 1st movement; AllegroBreakfast2015-01-2306:3002:14:25Duration 00:05:03 Link
Joseph HaydnSymphony no. 45 in F sharp minor H.1.45 (Farewell)Composer of the Week2015-01-2012:0000:22:35Duration 00:07:54 Link
Joseph HaydnSymphony no. 53 in D major H.1.53 (L'Imperiale)Composer of the Week2015-01-2112:0000:06:00Duration 00:21:26 Link
Joseph HaydnSymphony no. 85 in B flat major H.1.85 (La Reine)Composer of the Week2015-01-2312:0000:06:16Duration 00:11:38 Link
Joseph HaydnTrachten will ich nicht auf Erden H.26a.39 for voice and pianoComposer of the Week2015-01-2312:0000:56:15Duration 00:04:24 Link
Joseph HaydnTrio in G major H.11.53 for baryton, viola and celloComposer of the Week2015-01-1912:0000:33:35Duration 00:09:21 Link
Joseph HaydnTrumpet Concerto in E flat major, H.7e.1Through the Night2015-01-2100:3002:47:47Duration 00:15:03 Link
Joseph HolbrookeQuintet Op.27 for clarinet and stringsCD Review2015-01-1709:0001:38:33Duration 00:05:38 Link
Joseph Martin KrausString Quartet no 2 in B flat majorThrough the Night2015-01-1801:0003:11:46Duration 00:14:34 Link
Josip RaffaelliIntroduction and theme with variations in A majorThrough the Night2015-01-2000:3003:17:53Duration 00:09:23 Link
Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & The Trinity (artist)Looking In The Eye Of The WorldLate Junction2015-01-2223:0001:21:36Duration 00:05:03 Link
Justin HurwitzOvertureSound of Cinema2015-01-1716:0000:50:55Duration 00:03:17 Link
Józef WieniawskiTheme Original Varie, Op. 15Essential Classics2015-01-1909:0000:41:44Duration 00:12:54 Link
Kaija SaariahoQuatre instants for soprano and orchestra: i. Attente – LongingCD Review2015-01-1709:0000:20:35Duration 00:05:26 Link
KapustinStudy 'in minor seconds'In Tune2015-01-2016:3001:48:22Duration 00:04:00 Link
Karol Józef LipinskiRondo alla Polacca in E major, Op 13 (C.1820-24)Through the Night2015-01-2000:3005:44:47Duration 00:14:46 Link
Karol SzymanowskiString Quartet No.2 (Op.56)Through the Night2015-01-2300:3002:46:47Duration 00:17:26 Link
Karol SzymanowskiViolin Concerto No 1Essential Classics2015-01-2309:0001:31:08Duration 00:20:17 Link
Kim Fowley (artist)California Swamp DanceLate Junction2015-01-2023:0000:00:08Duration 00:02:16 Link
KomitasAl AylukhsBreakfast2015-01-1906:3001:15:55Duration 00:02:20 Link
KreislerSyncopationsRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-01-1813:0000:57:22Duration 01:00:30 Link
Krzysztof KomedaKNIFE IN THE WATER (1962): Ballad for BerntSound of Cinema2015-01-1716:0000:42:01Duration 00:02:31 Link
Landgrave of Hessen-Kassel MoritzPavanThrough the Night2015-01-2300:3005:30:53Duration 00:04:32 Link
Large Unit (artist)CuliusJazz on 32015-01-1923:0000:09:06Duration 00:05:13 Link
Larry GovesA glimpse of the sea in a fold of the hillsHear and Now2015-01-1722:0000:25:14Duration 00:12:52 Link
Laurence CraneOctetHear and Now2015-01-1722:0000:58:40Duration 00:18:26 Link
Laurence TompkinsDear DopeHear and Now2015-01-1722:0000:05:55Duration 00:05:03 Link
Laurence TompkinsMeeting PointHear and Now2015-01-1722:0000:11:15Duration 00:08:08 Link
Leonard BernsteinPrelude, fugue and riffs for clarinet & jazz orchestraBreakfast2015-01-1707:0001:05:24Duration 00:07:46 Link
Leonard RosenmanRebel without a Cause (excpts)Essential Classics2015-01-2009:0001:49:14Duration 00:12:40 Link
Leopold GodowskyTranscription for left hand in C Sharp minorSunday Morning2015-01-1809:0001:55:21Duration 00:02:54 Link
Leos JanáčekJealousy [Zarlivost] - overture [original prelude to Jenufa]In Tune2015-01-2216:3000:17:10Duration 00:05:30 Link
Leos JanáčekSinfonietta, 5th movement; AllegroBreakfast2015-01-2306:3002:23:06Duration 00:06:44 Link
Leroy AndersonClarinet CandyBreakfast2015-01-1906:3001:19:09Duration 00:02:54 Link
Lewis WrightIt's Out of Your HandsIn Tune2015-01-2216:3001:04:30Duration 00:05:09 Link
LidholmKontakion for orchestraAfternoon Concert2015-01-2014:0000:34:09Duration 00:30:00 Link
Lightnin’ Hopkins (artist)The Howling WolfLate Junction2015-01-2123:0000:33:05Duration 00:03:55 Link
Liston (artist)Niseko SunriseLate Junction2015-01-2223:0000:48:45Duration 00:04:52 Link
Louie McIverCat and CrowBreakfast2015-01-2206:3001:55:31Duration 00:04:42 Link
Louis SpohrFantasia, Theme and Variations on a theme of Danzi in B flat Op.81Through the Night2015-01-1900:3004:29:38Duration 00:07:52 Link
Louis SpohrNonet in F major Op.31 (Finale)Breakfast2015-01-2006:3000:09:35Duration 00:07:09 Link
Ludwig August LebrunOboe Concerto No 3 in C major (3rd mvt)Breakfast2015-01-2006:3001:46:14Duration 00:06:00 Link
Ludwig van Beethoven'Moonlight' Sonata, Op 27 No 2Through the Night2015-01-1900:3004:48:06Duration 00:13:31 Link
Ludwig van Beethoven12 Variations on 'Ein Madchen oder Weibchen' for cello and piano (Op.66)Through the Night2015-01-2100:3004:01:11Duration 00:09:27 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenBagatelle in C major, Op 33 No 5Essential Classics2015-01-1909:0000:56:27Duration 00:03:11 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenDuet for viola and cello in E flat major, WoO.32Through the Night2015-01-2200:3003:30:43Duration 00:09:16 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenEgmont (Entr'acte Larghetto)In Tune2015-01-2016:3000:36:58Duration 00:05:09 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenEgmont - Victory SymphonyIn Tune2015-01-2016:3000:51:15Duration 00:01:18 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenEgmont Overture, Op 84Through the Night2015-01-2100:3003:51:14Duration 00:08:20 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenFreudvoll und Leidvoll, from EgmontIn Tune2015-01-2016:3000:48:11Duration 00:02:00 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenFuneral March from Leonore Prohaska - incidental music WoO.96Radio 3 Live in Concert2015-01-2119:3000:43:00Duration 00:04:00 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenLeonore Overture no. 2 Op. 72Radio 3 Live in Concert2015-01-2019:3000:53:00Duration 00:13:00 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenLeonore Overture no.1 Op.138Radio 3 Live in Concert2015-01-2019:3000:43:00Duration 00:09:00 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenOverture - Fidelio Op.72bRadio 3 Live in Concert2015-01-2019:3001:07:00Duration 00:06:00 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Concerto No 1 in C major, Op 15 (3rd mvt)Breakfast2015-01-2206:3002:03:11Duration 00:08:18 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Sonata no 17 in D minor, Op 31 no 2 'Tempest'Through the Night2015-01-2300:3005:06:57Duration 00:23:28 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenQuartet in F minor Op.95 for stringsIn Tune2015-01-2216:3001:46:18Duration 00:04:34 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenSix Ecossaises, WoO 83In Tune2015-01-2116:3001:33:21Duration 00:02:03 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenSong (Klaerchen) 'Freundvoll und Leidvoll' from EgmontIn Tune2015-01-2016:3000:46:39Duration 00:01:38 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenString Quartet in C minor Op 18 No 4Through the Night2015-01-1801:0001:35:16Duration 00:24:17 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenSymphony no. 1 in C major Op.21Radio 3 Live in Concert2015-01-1919:3000:05:00Duration 00:29:00 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenSymphony no. 2 in D major Op.36Radio 3 Live in Concert2015-01-2019:3000:05:00Duration 00:34:00 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenSymphony no. 2 in D major, Op. 36Afternoon Concert2015-01-2314:0000:46:46Duration 00:33:54 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenSymphony no. 3 in E flat major Op.55 (Eroica)Radio 3 Live in Concert2015-01-1919:3000:36:00Duration 00:50:00 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenSymphony no. 4 in B flat major Op.60Radio 3 Live in Concert2015-01-2119:3000:03:00Duration 00:34:00 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenSymphony no. 5 in C minor Op.67Radio 3 Live in Concert2015-01-2119:3000:48:00Duration 00:31:00 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenSymphony no. 6 in F major Op.68 (Pastoral)Radio 3 Live in Concert2015-01-2219:3000:03:00Duration 00:45:00 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenSymphony no. 7 in A major Op.92Radio 3 Live in Concert2015-01-2219:3000:55:00Duration 00:37:00 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenSymphony no. 8 in F major Op.93Radio 3 Live in Concert2015-01-2319:3000:06:00Duration 00:26:00 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenSymphony no. 9 in D minor Op.125 (Choral)Radio 3 Live in Concert2015-01-2319:3000:38:00Duration 01:09:00 Link
LyapunovTerek, from Transcendental EtudesIn Tune2015-01-2016:3001:14:24Duration 00:05:00 Link
Léo DelibesSylvia (Pizzicato)Breakfast2015-01-2306:3000:44:10Duration 00:01:55 Link
Malcolm ArnoldThe Padstow LifeboatBreakfast2015-01-2106:3001:48:46Duration 00:03:14 Link
Marshall RossMarching StringsBreakfast2015-01-2006:3002:07:02Duration 00:02:50 Link
Matthew E. White (artist)Rock & Roll Is ColdLate Junction2015-01-2023:0001:15:19Duration 00:04:19 Link
Maurice RavelDaphnis et Chloe - suite no. 2Radio 3 Live in Concert2015-01-2019:3002:14:00Duration 00:15:00 Link
Maurice RavelIntroduction and allegroThrough the Night2015-01-2100:3003:34:31Duration 00:10:58 Link
Maurice RavelLa ValseEssential Classics2015-01-2209:0002:06:19Duration 00:11:43 Link
Maurice RavelMiroirs for pianoBreakfast2015-01-1707:00Duration 00:07:10 Link
Maurice RavelSonata for violin and cello (4th mvt)Breakfast2015-01-1807:0001:18:09Duration 00:04:59 Link
Maurice RavelString Quartet in F major (2nd mvt)Essential Classics2015-01-2109:0001:19:12Duration 00:06:02 Link
Maurice RavelTziganeIn Tune2015-01-2116:3000:04:32Duration 00:10:00 Link
Maurice RavelValses Nobles et SentimentalesRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-01-2113:0000:03:04Duration 00:17:53 Link
Maurice Ravel (artist)Ma mere l'oye - balletRadio 3 Live in Concert2015-01-1819:3002:01:00Duration 00:28:00 Link
Max BruchScottish fantasy, Op 46Through the Night2015-01-1801:0005:29:43Duration 00:29:51 Link
Max RichterTESTAMENT OF YOUTH (2014): CueSound of Cinema2015-01-1716:0000:56:44Duration 00:00:56 Link
Maxine SullivanIf I Had a Ribbon BowJazz Record Requests2015-01-1717:0000:50:34Duration 00:03:07 Link
Mbendjele people from the Ibamba village (artist)Ceremony of the spirit of the forestWorld on 32015-01-2323:00Duration Link
Mbendjele people from the Pemba village (artist)Ceremony of the spirit of the forestWorld on 32015-01-2323:00Duration Link
Mbendjele people from the Pemba village (artist)MalobeWorld on 32015-01-2323:00Duration Link
Mbendjele people from the Pemba village (artist)Water PlayWorld on 32015-01-2323:00Duration Link
Michael Garrick TrioHere There and EverywhereJazz Record Requests2015-01-1717:0000:45:02Duration 00:05:12 Link
Michael HeadThe Estuary (6 Poems)no. 6Breakfast2015-01-1906:3000:14:31Duration 00:04:45 Link
Michael HurstSwagman's PromenadeBreakfast2015-01-2006:3001:20:25Duration 00:05:44 Link
Michael OrmistonNidhana Kumbha (Treasure Vase)Choir and Organ2015-01-1816:0000:22:09Duration 00:01:16 Link
Michael PraetoriusBransle de la torche a 5 in C major (Terpsichore) no.15In Tune2015-01-2316:3001:47:30Duration 00:00:23 Link
Michael PraetoriusMeine seel erhebet den Herren (Deutsches Magnificat)Through the Night2015-01-2100:3002:08:15Duration 00:12:44 Link
Michael TippettDeep river (Five Spirituals from A Child of Our Time)Essential Classics2015-01-2209:0000:56:03Duration 00:04:08 Link
Michal Lewicki (artist)KomedaLate Junction2015-01-2023:0000:58:39Duration 00:03:26 Link
Michel CorretteLaudate DominumSunday Morning2015-01-1809:0001:36:30Duration 00:17:52 Link
Mikhail Ivanovich GlinkaOverture from Ruslan i LyudmilaThrough the Night2015-01-2300:3004:33:09Duration 00:05:02 Link
Mikhail Ivanovich GlinkaRuslan and Ludmila (Overture)Breakfast2015-01-2306:3001:21:10Duration 00:05:01 Link
Miles DavisLIFT TO THE SCAFFOLD (1958): Title MusicSound of Cinema2015-01-1716:0000:39:09Duration 00:02:47 Link
Miles Davis (artist)Eighty-OneJazz on 32015-01-1923:0000:20:57Duration 00:00:46 Link
Modest MussorgskyNanny and I (Souvenir d’enfance No.1)Breakfast2015-01-2206:3000:58:00Duration 00:01:00 Link
Modest MussorgskyPictures from an exhibition, orch. RavelIn Tune2015-01-1916:3001:11:30Duration 00:03:02 Link
Modest MussorgskyThe Great Gate of Kiev (Pictures at an Exhibition)Breakfast2015-01-2306:3001:42:06Duration 00:05:28 Link
Moritz MoszkowskiSpanish dances for piano duet (Op.65) no.1 in E flat majorBreakfast2015-01-2206:3000:34:00Duration 00:04:00 Link
MozartViolin Sonata in B flat, K454Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-01-1813:0000:08:33Duration 01:00:30 Link
Native Dancer (artist)LoveLate Junction2015-01-2223:0000:06:32Duration 00:04:53 Link
New Vocabulary (artist)The Idea Has No DestinyJazz on 32015-01-1923:0000:02:40Duration 00:03:45 Link
Nick Luscombe (artist)Scene 1Late Junction2015-01-2223:0000:34:16Duration 00:01:03 Link
Nick Luscombe (artist)Scene 2Late Junction2015-01-2223:0001:01:01Duration 00:01:31 Link
Nick Luscombe (artist)Scene 3Late Junction2015-01-2223:0001:04:35Duration 00:01:10 Link
Nick Luscombe (artist)Scene 4Late Junction2015-01-2223:0001:05:40Duration 00:01:07 Link
Nicola Porpora'Alto Giove' from Polifemo - heroic opera in 3 actsIn Tune2015-01-2316:3000:34:59Duration 00:03:49 Link
Nicola Porpora'Sento pietade' from Cantata No.10 Oh se fosse il mio coreIn Tune2015-01-2016:3001:52:23Duration 00:03:20 Link
Nicola PorporaAlte Giove from PolifemaWords and Music2015-01-1817:3000:56:08Duration 00:00:08 Link
Nino RotaCello Concerto no. 2Afternoon Concert2015-01-2114:0000:18:30Duration 00:25:34 Link
NormanConcert Overture in E flat major, Op.21Afternoon Concert2015-01-2014:0000:21:11Duration 00:30:00 Link
Oliver Knussen2 Organa Op.27 for orchestraBreakfast2015-01-1707:0000:46:16Duration 00:01:25 Link
Ornette ColemanFree JazzGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2015-01-1800:0000:44:19Duration 00:01:15 Link
Ornette ColemanFree JazzGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2015-01-1800:0000:44:26Duration 00:01:15 Link
Ornette ColemanThe SphinxGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2015-01-1800:0000:01:43Duration 00:04:15 Link
Ornette ColemanThe SphinxGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2015-01-1800:0000:01:50Duration 00:04:15 Link
Ornette Coleman and Pat MethenyKathelin GrayGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2015-01-1800:0000:55:46Duration 00:04:08 Link
Ornette Coleman and Pat MethenySong X DuoGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2015-01-1800:0000:46:24Duration 00:03:09 Link
Ornette Coleman and Pat MethenyTrigonometryGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2015-01-1800:0000:49:58Duration 00:05:06 Link
Ornette Coleman and Pat Metheny (artist)Kathelin GrayGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2015-01-1800:0000:55:47Duration 00:04:10 Link
Ornette Coleman and Pat Metheny (artist)Song X DuoGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2015-01-1800:0000:46:31Duration 00:03:08 Link
Ornette Coleman and Pat Metheny (artist)TrigonometryGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2015-01-1800:0000:50:05Duration 00:05:05 Link
Osmar Milito (artist)Taj MahalLate Junction2015-01-2123:0000:00:12Duration 00:03:06 Link
Ottavio RinucciniLamento della ninfaThrough the Night2015-01-2300:3003:38:05Duration 00:05:09 Link
Otto NicolaiThe Merry Wives of Windsor (Overture)Breakfast2015-01-2006:3002:21:13Duration 00:08:32 Link
Ottorino RespighiAncient airs and dances for lute - suite no. 2 for small orchestra [arrs. of various composers]Breakfast2015-01-1707:0000:47:41Duration 00:05:04 Link
Pablo de SarasateNavarra, Op.33Essential Classics2015-01-2209:0000:34:13Duration 00:06:00 Link
Padna (artist)PeltsLate Junction2015-01-2223:0000:16:50Duration 00:05:08 Link
Pancho VladigerovElegie d'automne, Op 15Through the Night2015-01-1801:0003:32:10Duration 00:06:33 Link
Pau CasalsSong of the BirdsIn Tune2015-01-2016:3001:18:30Duration 00:03:49 Link
Per NørgårdWie ein KindBBC Performing Groups2015-01-1823:3000:24:13Duration 00:12:16 Link
Percy GraingerThe Brisk Young Sailor (A Lincolnshire Posy)Essential Classics2015-01-1909:0002:56:32Duration 00:01:41 Link
Percy GraingerThe Lost Lady Found (A Lincolnshire Posy)Essential Classics2015-01-1909:0000:00:44Duration 00:02:19 Link
Peter Bellamy (artist)Song To MithrasLate Junction2015-01-2023:0001:19:30Duration 00:02:01 Link
Peter Dickinson (artist)Three Satie TransformationsSunday Morning2015-01-1809:0001:05:00Duration 00:07:03 Link
Peter Maxwell DaviesA Hoy CalendarBBC Performing Groups2015-01-1823:3000:02:19Duration 00:04:02 Link
Peter Maxwell DaviesA Lullaby for LucyBBC Performing Groups2015-01-1823:3000:50:59Duration 00:03:15 Link
Peter Maxwell DaviesFarewell to Stromness for piano [interlude from 'The Yellow Cake Revue']Breakfast2015-01-1807:0001:14:05Duration 00:04:04 Link
Peter Maxwell DaviesOne Star at LastBBC Performing Groups2015-01-1823:3000:06:28Duration 00:02:49 Link
Peter PhilipsAve verum corpus ChristiEssential Classics2015-01-2109:0000:41:05Duration 00:03:52 Link
Petko StainovThe Secret of the Struma RiverThrough the Night2015-01-1900:3003:24:59Duration 00:07:21 Link
Philip GreenALL NIGHT LONG (1962): OvertureSound of Cinema2015-01-1716:0000:36:50Duration 00:01:47 Link
Phillip HoughtonLight on the Edge: Spiraling Blue Flame - The Sky is AliveIn Tune2015-01-2316:3001:43:36Duration 00:01:52 Link
Pierre de la RueO salutaris hostiaThrough the Night2015-01-2100:3002:43:41Duration 00:03:36 Link
Pieter HellendaalConcerto grosso for strings and continuo in F major (Op.3 No.3)Through the Night2015-01-2300:3004:55:46Duration 00:10:39 Link
PJ Harvey (artist)White ChalkLate Junction2015-01-2023:0000:35:48Duration 00:03:08 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyEugene Onegin - lyric scenes in 3 acts Op.24: Act 3 sc.1, no.19; PolonaiseBreakfast2015-01-2206:3002:25:09Duration 00:04:30 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyOctcego eto prezde ne znala (Iolanta)Essential Classics2015-01-2109:0000:59:28Duration 00:02:35 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyRomeo and Juliet - fantasy overtureThrough the Night2015-01-2100:3004:11:07Duration 00:20:22 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskySouvenir de Florence, Op. 70Essential Classics2015-01-2209:0002:18:34Duration 00:35:21 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskySwan Lake - Hungarian dance (Csardas)Breakfast2015-01-2006:3000:56:47Duration 00:02:58 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskySymphony no. 4 in F minor, Op. 36Afternoon Concert2015-01-2214:0001:44:43Duration 00:42:49 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyTatyana's Letter Scene from the opera "Eugene Onegin" (Act I Scene 2)Through the Night2015-01-2300:3003:20:28Duration 00:12:31 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyThe Nutcracker - ballet Op.71Breakfast2015-01-1807:0000:05:16Duration 00:05:03 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyThe Nutcracker - ballet Op.71In Tune2015-01-1916:3000:00:17Duration 00:01:09 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyThe Nutcracker - concert suite arr. Pletnev for piano, no.1; MarchAfternoon Concert2015-01-2214:0002:27:42Duration 00:02:02 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyVariations on a Rococo Theme, Op. 33Afternoon Concert2015-01-2014:0002:07:19Duration 00:19:14 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyWaltz of the Flowers (from The Nutcracker)Through the Night2015-01-2200:3003:13:54Duration 00:06:44 Link
PérotinViderant OmnesLate Junction2015-01-2223:0001:08:50Duration 00:03:26 Link
R. de SimoneJesce SoleWords and Music2015-01-1817:3000:00:01Duration 00:00:02 Link
Rachel StottSerendipity and Household ObjectsIn Tune2015-01-1916:3001:59:05Duration 00:01:42 Link
Rahul Dev BurmanDum Maro DumLate Junction2015-01-2123:0001:22:07Duration 00:03:41 Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsLord, Thou Hast Been Our RefugeSunday Morning2015-01-1809:0001:12:58Duration 00:07:46 Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsNorfolk Rhapsody No 1 in E minorEssential Classics2015-01-2109:0000:46:36Duration 00:11:36 Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsNorfolk rhapsody no. 1 in E minorBreakfast2015-01-1707:0000:54:56Duration 00:10:28 Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsPiano Concerto in C, third movementSaturday Classics2015-01-1714:0001:46:14Duration 00:11:13 Link
Richard BlackfordIntroduction and tuning from The Great Animal OrchestraBreakfast2015-01-2306:3001:52:23Duration 00:07:12 Link
Richard StraussCapriccio (Sextet)Essential Classics2015-01-2209:0000:43:52Duration 00:10:51 Link
Richard StraussFour Last SongsRadio 3 Live in Concert2015-01-2219:3001:52:20Duration 00:22:40 Link
Richard StraussMetamorphosenEssential Classics2015-01-2109:0002:01:31Duration 00:28:55 Link
Richard StraussMetamorphosen, arr. Rudolph Leopold for string septetThrough the Night2015-01-2000:3000:29:31Duration 00:29:38 Link
Richard StraussNo.1 Waldseligkeit from 8 Lieder (Op.49) [1900-01]Through the Night2015-01-1801:0003:26:44Duration 00:02:49 Link
Richard StraussNo.2 Ich schwebe from 5 Lieder (Op.48) [1900]Through the Night2015-01-1801:0003:29:30Duration 00:02:07 Link
Richard StraussNo.4 Befreit from 5 Lieder (Op.39) [1898]Through the Night2015-01-1701:0003:43:16Duration 00:05:03 Link
Richard StraussRosenkavalier: Introduction, Scene 1Essential Classics2015-01-2109:0001:04:41Duration 00:12:09 Link
Richard StraussSuite in B flat major for 13 wind instruments, Op 4Through the Night2015-01-2000:3001:34:52Duration 00:24:39 Link
Richard WagnerAct 2 (Tristan und Isolde)Through the Night2015-01-2100:3000:12:49Duration 01:21:24 Link
Richard WagnerDie Meistersinger von Nurnberg - opera in 3 actsIn Tune2015-01-1916:3000:23:56Duration 00:06:16 Link
Richard WagnerDie Walkure [Part 2 of 'Der Ring des Nibelungen']In Tune2015-01-2216:3000:09:04Duration 00:02:20 Link
Richard WagnerLohengrin - Prelude to Act IRadio 3 Live in Concert2015-01-2019:3001:42:30Duration 00:08:30 Link
Richard WagnerParsifal (Prelude)Essential Classics2015-01-2109:0000:16:41Duration 00:13:31 Link
Richard WagnerParsifal - Prelude to Act IRadio 3 Live in Concert2015-01-2219:3001:37:00Duration 00:13:00 Link
Richard WagnerWesendonk LiederSunday Morning2015-01-1809:0002:37:44Duration 00:21:30 Link
Robert MackintoshMiss Grace Stewart’s MinuetBreakfast2015-01-2006:3002:17:00Duration 00:02:00 Link
Robert ParsonsIn nomine IV a 7; The Song called Trumpets a 6Essential Classics2015-01-2309:0001:55:46Duration 00:04:53 Link
Robert Schumann3 Songs, Op 31Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-01-1913:0000:16:00Duration 00:16:46 Link
Robert Schumann3 Songs, Op.31Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-01-1913:0000:15:40Duration 00:15:00 Link
Robert Schumann5 Songs, Op 40Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-01-1913:0000:04:31Duration 00:10:18 Link
Robert Schumann5 Songs, Op.40Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-01-1913:0000:03:50Duration 00:15:00 Link
Robert SchumannAdagio (Six studies for pedal piano, arr. piano trio (Op.56 no.6))Through the Night2015-01-1701:0003:20:28Duration 00:04:04 Link
Robert SchumannArabeske for piano in C major, Op 18Through the Night2015-01-1801:0004:10:45Duration 00:07:03 Link
Robert SchumannArabeske in C major, Op 18Breakfast2015-01-2306:3000:52:28Duration 00:06:41 Link
Robert SchumannFrauenliebe und -lebenRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-01-1913:0000:34:00Duration 00:22:06 Link
Robert SchumannFrauenliebe und leben, Op.42Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-01-1913:0000:34:03Duration 00:30:00 Link
Robert SchumannOp 27 no 3 - Was soll ich sagenRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-01-1913:0000:57:20Duration 00:02:30 Link
Robert SchumannQuartet in A major Op.41`3 for stringsThrough the Night2015-01-2200:3000:27:46Duration 00:28:09 Link
Robert SchumannQuartet in A minor Op.41`1 for stringsThrough the Night2015-01-2200:3000:01:12Duration 00:26:04 Link
Robert SchumannSonata no. 1 in F sharp minor Op.11 for pianoBreakfast2015-01-1707:0000:29:44Duration 00:11:23 Link
Robert SchumannString Quartet in A major Op.41`3Radio 3 Live in Concert2015-01-1819:3001:16:00Duration 00:29:00 Link
Robert SchumannTheme and variations on the Name "Abegg", Op 1Through the Night2015-01-2200:3004:38:42Duration 00:07:58 Link
Robert SchumannWidmung from Liederkreise, S.566Through the Night2015-01-1900:3002:49:53Duration 00:04:05 Link
Robin Dransfield (artist)Good Ale For My MoneyLate Junction2015-01-2023:0001:11:27Duration 00:03:53 Link
Roger QuilterThree English Dances op 11Breakfast2015-01-2006:3000:01:45Duration 00:07:24 Link
RosenbergOrpheus in town - dance suiteAfternoon Concert2015-01-2014:0000:02:37Duration 00:30:00 Link
Roy PhillipsI Have SeenLate Junction2015-01-2223:0001:17:21Duration 00:05:03 Link
Rued Langgaard3 Rose Gardens Songs (1919)Through the Night2015-01-2200:3003:40:22Duration 00:10:16 Link
Ruggero LeoncavalloVesti la giubbaWords and Music2015-01-1817:3000:32:58Duration 00:00:02 Link
Ruggero LeoncavalloVesti la giubba (I Pagliacci)Breakfast2015-01-2206:3001:25:15Duration 00:03:35 Link
Ruth Crawford SeegerAndante for StringsSunday Morning2015-01-1809:0002:10:09Duration 00:03:58 Link
Salamone RossiSonata duodecima sopra la BergamascaIn Tune2015-01-2316:3001:45:28Duration 00:02:02 Link
Sally BeamishSeavaigers: ii; LamentCD Review2015-01-1709:0000:27:12Duration 00:06:19 Link
Sam Ridout (artist)Takte II-IIIHear and Now2015-01-1722:0000:52:41Duration 00:03:00 Link
Samba Touré (artist)Wo Yendè AlakarLate Junction2015-01-2023:0000:06:44Duration 00:04:25 Link
Sarah MouleLord I Wanna Be GoodJazz Record Requests2015-01-1717:0000:05:26Duration 00:03:52 Link
Scott HamiltonJitterbug WaltzJazz Record Requests2015-01-1717:0000:09:36Duration 00:07:33 Link
Selim PalmgrenExotic MarchThrough the Night2015-01-1900:3002:54:22Duration 00:05:12 Link
Semble (artist)Then She Comes InLate Junction2015-01-2123:0000:06:51Duration 00:04:52 Link
Sergei ProkofievMarch in Bb op.99In Tune2015-01-2116:3000:01:25Duration 00:02:29 Link
Sergei ProkofievSonata for piano no. 7 (Op.83) in B flat majorThrough the Night2015-01-1701:0004:28:23Duration 00:18:55 Link
Sergei ProkofievSymphony No 1 in D 'Classical'Through the Night2015-01-2100:3003:19:47Duration 00:14:13 Link
Sergei ProkofievViolin Concerto No.2: 2nd movement, Andante assaiEssential Classics2015-01-1909:0001:03:33Duration 00:10:27 Link
Sergey RachmaninovAleko's Cavatina (Aleko)In Tune2015-01-2016:3000:16:06Duration 00:06:02 Link
Sergey RachmaninovNo.9 in D major from Etudes-tableaux for piano (Op.39)Through the Night2015-01-1701:0004:01:10Duration 00:03:29 Link
Sergey RachmaninovPrelude in B flat major, Op 23 No 2Breakfast2015-01-2106:3000:33:41Duration 00:03:10 Link
Sergey RachmaninovPrelude in G minor, Op 23 No 5Essential Classics2015-01-2309:0000:54:18Duration 00:03:41 Link
Sergey RachmaninovPrelude no.13 in D flat major [from 13 Preludes Op.32 for piano]Through the Night2015-01-2300:3004:15:46Duration 00:05:17 Link
Shirley Scott (artist)Taj MahalLate Junction2015-01-2123:0001:25:57Duration 00:03:59 Link
SibeliusEn SagaAfternoon Concert2015-01-2014:0000:53:05Duration 00:30:00 Link
Sir George DysonThe SeekersBreakfast2015-01-2006:3000:46:34Duration 00:03:00 Link
Sir George DysonThey are at rest, from Quo VadisSaturday Classics2015-01-1714:0000:07:38Duration 00:07:56 Link
Skinner and T'witch (artist)King Of The RiverLate Junction2015-01-2023:0000:11:25Duration 00:03:25 Link
Songhoy Blues (artist)Ai Tchere BeleWorld on 32015-01-2323:00Duration Link
Songhoy Blues (artist)Al Hassidi TereiWorld on 32015-01-2323:00Duration Link
Songhoy Blues (artist)IrgandaWorld on 32015-01-2323:00Duration Link
Songhoy Blues (artist)Sekou OumarouWorld on 32015-01-2323:00Duration Link
Songhoy Blues (artist)SoubourWorld on 32015-01-2323:00Duration Link
SpaccanapoliVesuvioWords and Music2015-01-1817:3000:15:00Duration 00:00:03 Link
Subtropic Arkestra (artist)Dokuz Seki EsmerimLate Junction2015-01-2223:0000:00:08Duration 00:06:27 Link
Sultan Selim IIISûz-i Dilârâ PesrevThrough the Night2015-01-1701:0000:39:48Duration 00:02:49 Link
Surin PaksiriLam Plearn Koi RaiLate Junction2015-01-2223:0001:26:30Duration 00:03:34 Link
T. Y. Boys (artist)LEKOPOKOPO SINGLE MOQASHOALate Junction2015-01-2023:0001:07:46Duration 00:03:09 Link
Taraf de Haïdouks (artist)Cold SnowballWorld on 32015-01-2323:00Duration Link
Taraf de Haïdouks (artist)Dance Suite A La ClejaniWorld on 32015-01-2323:00Duration Link
Taraf de Haïdouks (artist)I'll tell you how it is in the other world.World on 32015-01-2323:00Duration Link
Taraf de Haïdouks (artist)The Fields are BloomingWorld on 32015-01-2323:00Duration Link
Taraf de Haïdouks (artist)Trin PatreaWorld on 32015-01-2323:00Duration Link
Taraf de Haïdouks (artist)Where do you come from, dear lady?World on 32015-01-2323:00Duration Link
The Blue Notes (artist)We NdunaJazz Line-Up2015-01-1721:00Duration Link
The Bluenotes (artist)Blues for MoyakeJazz Line-Up2015-01-1721:00Duration Link
The Bluenotes (artist)Blues for MoyakeJazz Line-Up2015-01-1721:00Duration Link
The Bluenotes (artist)Ithi GuiJazz Line-Up2015-01-1721:00Duration Link
The Bluenotes (artist)KudalaJazz Line-Up2015-01-1721:00Duration Link
The Branford Marsalis QuartetMO' BETTER BLUES (1990): Mo' Better BluesSound of Cinema2015-01-1716:0000:54:24Duration 00:01:57 Link
The Khoury Project (artist)Me and ILate Junction2015-01-2123:0000:40:35Duration 00:02:55 Link
The Musicians Of Shakespeare's Globe (artist)Paules SteepleIn Tune2015-01-2316:3001:47:53Duration 00:00:15 Link
Thelonious MonkROUND MIDNIGHT (1986): Round MidnightSound of Cinema2015-01-1716:0000:45:59Duration 00:02:39 Link
Thomas DunhillSymphony in A minor Op.48: second movementBreakfast2015-01-1906:3001:23:09Duration 00:05:32 Link
Tom FarmerCard ClashIn Tune2015-01-2216:3000:57:12Duration 00:03:54 Link
Tom FarmerDriving Force: Ulterior MotivesIn Tune2015-01-2216:3000:04:02Duration 00:04:20 Link
Tomás Luis de VictoriaVersa est in luctum (Missa pro defunctis)Essential Classics2015-01-1909:0001:54:46Duration 00:04:56 Link
Toshinori Kondo (artist)Acid RefluxLate Junction2015-01-2023:0001:26:30Duration 00:04:03 Link
TradPrayerChoir and Organ2015-01-1816:0000:16:37Duration 00:02:29 Link
TradSunder UulChoir and Organ2015-01-1816:0000:12:48Duration 00:02:45 Link
TradTooroi BandiChoir and Organ2015-01-1816:0000:06:20Duration 00:01:32 Link
Trad.1st Delphic Hymn to ApolloPrivate Passions2015-01-1812:0000:25:54Duration 00:00:58 Link
Trad.COUNTRY DANCESChoir and Organ2015-01-1816:0001:25:49Duration 00:03:28 Link
Traditional BulgarianKopano HoroBreakfast2015-01-2106:3001:57:24Duration 00:02:42 Link
Traditional EnglishDown in yon forestIn Tune2015-01-2216:3001:25:44Duration 00:03:07 Link
Traditional ScottishLord GregoryLate Junction2015-01-2123:0000:12:13Duration 00:06:38 Link
TRENETLA MERIn Tune2015-01-1916:3001:40:59Duration 00:03:19 Link
Troyka (artist)SeahousesLate Junction2015-01-2023:0001:22:16Duration 00:04:08 Link
unknownMafia leggi d’onuri from Il Canto di MalavitaWords and Music2015-01-1817:3000:50:24Duration 00:00:02 Link
Uuno KlamiSérénades joyeusesThrough the Night2015-01-1801:0004:03:55Duration 00:06:19 Link
Vagn HolmboeBenedic Domino, anima mea (Op.59a)Through the Night2015-01-2000:3004:56:57Duration 00:12:50 Link
Vincenzo BelliniCasta Diva from NormaWords and Music2015-01-1817:3000:36:18Duration 00:00:06 Link
Walter DonaldsonYes Sir, that’s my babyEssential Classics2015-01-2209:0000:00:14Duration 00:01:30 Link
William ByrdAston's GroundHear and Now2015-01-1722:0001:52:34Duration 00:06:23 Link
William ByrdAston's GroundHear and Now2015-01-1722:0001:53:23Duration 00:06:23 Link
William ByrdThe Battle arr. for brass ensemble (No 15, The Earl of Oxford's March)Breakfast2015-01-2006:3001:34:03Duration 00:02:53 Link
William ByrdThe woods so wild - variations for keyboard (MB.28.85)Through the Night2015-01-2100:3005:03:15Duration 00:04:09 Link
William ByrdVigilateBreakfast2015-01-2206:3002:11:58Duration 00:03:17 Link
William H. MyddletonImperial EchoesBreakfast2015-01-2206:3000:55:00Duration 00:03:00 Link
William Parker (artist)Longing of the HeartJazz on 32015-01-1923:0000:52:30Duration 00:20:01 Link
William Parker (artist)Museum of TimeJazz on 32015-01-1923:0000:26:30Duration 00:25:26 Link
William WaltonBelshazzar's Feast - a Oratorio for baritone solo, chorus and orchestraAfternoon Concert2015-01-1914:0000:16:10Duration 00:36:40 Link
William WaltonConcerto in B minor for violin and orchestraThrough the Night2015-01-1701:0002:31:16Duration 00:30:03 Link
William WaltonHenry V - suite arr. Malcolm Sargent, Prelude (The Globe)Breakfast2015-01-2206:3002:16:28Duration 00:06:07 Link
William WaltonJohannesburg Festival OvertureThrough the Night2015-01-2200:3004:30:26Duration 00:07:50 Link
William WaltonOrb and sceptre - coronation marchThrough the Night2015-01-1900:3004:01:13Duration 00:08:01 Link
William WaltonThe Wise Virgins: "Ah! How Ephemeral" [from Bach's Cantata No.26]Breakfast2015-01-1906:3001:52:26Duration 00:01:54 Link
Witold LutosławskiSymphony no.3Radio 3 Live in Concert2015-01-2319:3001:58:00Duration 00:29:00 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartA Musical Joke, K 522 (4th mvt)Breakfast2015-01-1906:3000:54:41Duration 00:04:23 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartCh'io mi scordi di te?, K.505Essential Classics2015-01-2009:0001:30:04Duration 00:10:25 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartDivertimento (K.136) in D majorThrough the Night2015-01-2300:3004:01:12Duration 00:14:08 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartExtracts from 'Die Zauberflote' arr. Danzi for 2 cellosThrough the Night2015-01-1900:3003:41:03Duration 00:10:13 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartFantasy in D minor (KV.397) [1782]Through the Night2015-01-2000:3004:36:03Duration 00:05:57 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartFlute concerto in G: 1st mvtBreakfast2015-01-2306:3001:06:37Duration 00:09:03 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartGrand sestetto concertante for string sextet, arr. anon. [1807] from Sinfonia Concertante K.364Breakfast2015-01-1807:00Duration 00:05:16 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartMass in C minor: Et incarnatus estEssential Classics2015-01-2209:0001:19:22Duration 00:09:56 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartPiano Sonata No 3 in B flatSunday Morning2015-01-1809:0000:18:57Duration 00:11:13 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartPiano Sonata in CSunday Morning2015-01-1809:0001:21:40Duration 00:14:10 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartQuintet in E flat major for piano, oboe, clarinet, horn and bassoon (K.452)Through the Night2015-01-2200:3005:20:57Duration 00:23:51 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartRequiem in D minor K.626, compl. SussmayrThrough the Night2015-01-1801:0000:29:46Duration 00:47:54 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartRuhe Sanft (Zaide)Private Passions2015-01-1812:0000:36:12Duration 00:06:39 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartSonata for piano (K.576) in D majorThrough the Night2015-01-2000:3000:59:43Duration 00:14:50 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartSonata in B flat major K.454 for violin and keyboardRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-01-1813:0000:05:39Duration 00:19:32 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartSonata in D major K.284 for piano: 3rd movement; Thema mit 12 VariationenCD Review2015-01-1709:0000:13:39Duration 00:17:27 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartSonata in D major K.311 for pianoThrough the Night2015-01-2000:3000:01:12Duration 00:15:41 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartSonata in D major K.448 for 2 pianosBreakfast2015-01-1707:0001:24:51Duration 00:06:17 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartSonata in F major K.332 for piano: 2nd movement; AdagioCD Review2015-01-1709:0000:04:53Duration 00:05:43 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartString Quartet in E Flat K428Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2015-01-2213:0000:02:47Duration 00:26:50 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartSymphony No 25 in G minor (K.183)Through the Night2015-01-2100:3005:35:55Duration 00:23:39 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartSymphony No. 40 in G minor, K.550Essential Classics2015-01-1909:0002:01:02Duration 00:22:35 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartSymphony no. 29 in A major K.201: 4th movement; Allegro con spiritBreakfast2015-01-2206:3000:48:00Duration 00:07:00 Link
Woven Entity (artist)HolaJazz on 32015-01-1923:0000:14:18Duration 00:03:01 Link
Xuan Hoach (artist)09 GratitudeLate Junction2015-01-2123:0000:18:46Duration 00:03:50 Link
Zim Ngqawana (artist)KubiJazz Line-Up2015-01-1721:00Duration Link
Zoltán KodályIntermezzo (Hary Janos Suite, Op 35a)Breakfast2015-01-2106:3000:50:43Duration 00:04:56 Link
Zoltán KodályViennese musical clock from Hary Janos - suite Op.35aBreakfast2015-01-2106:3000:48:33Duration 00:02:10 Link
Zun Zun Egui (artist)Soul ScratchLate Junction2015-01-2023:0001:02:42Duration 00:05:06 Link
Édouard LaloGuitare Op.28 for violin and pianoIn Tune2015-01-2216:3000:00:30Duration 00:03:04 Link
አያለው፡መስፍን (artist)HasabeLate Junction2015-01-2223:0000:41:24Duration 00:03:57 Link