The BBC has announced that it has a sustainable plan for the future of the BBC Singers, in association with The VOCES8 Foundation.
The threat to reduce the staff of the three English orchestras by 20% has not been lifted, but it is being reconsidered.
See the BBC press release here.

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3 witches from Macbeth by William ShakespeareWords and Music2013-06-1618:3000:00:07Duration Link
A Triad by Christina Georgina RossettiWords and Music2013-06-1618:3000:45:41Duration Link
Adam BroombergNight Waves2013-06-2022:0000:33:53Duration 00:11:03 Link
Aeschylus, translated Richard Lattimore Chorus, EumenidesWords and Music2013-06-1618:3000:29:23Duration Link
Beattie is Three by Adrian MitchellWords and Music2013-06-1618:3000:19:02Duration Link
BoccaccioNight Waves2013-06-1722:0000:14:36Duration 00:13:56 Link
Break, break, break by Alfred, Lord TennysonWords and Music2013-06-1618:3000:26:27Duration Link
Chris HardingNight Waves2013-06-1722:0000:28:31Duration 00:05:49 Link
Conor McPhersonNight Waves2013-06-1722:0000:00:59Duration 00:13:36 Link
David EdgarNight Waves2013-06-2022:0000:00:24Duration 00:13:21 Link
David KynastonNight Waves2013-06-1722:0000:34:20Duration 00:10:39 Link
Feature: New Organ at Temple ChurchIn Tune2013-06-2116:3001:42:35Duration 00:03:14 Link
Foghorn RequiemNight Waves2013-06-2022:0000:27:56Duration 00:05:57 Link
Forbidden MusicMusic Matters2013-06-1512:1500:29:44Duration 00:14:29 Link
Hari KunzruNight Waves2013-06-1920:0000:00:24Duration 00:10:41 Link
Holy Sonnet XIV by John DonneWords and Music2013-06-1618:3000:31:27Duration Link
I Chop Some Parsley to Art Blakey's Version Of "Three Blind Mice" by Billy CollinsWords and Music2013-06-1618:3000:12:17Duration Link
Iain BanksNight Waves2013-06-1920:0000:33:37Duration 00:11:13 Link
In Defence Of Adultery by Julia CopusWords and Music2013-06-1618:3000:52:28Duration Link
Inferno Canto V by Dante Alighieri trans Paul BatchelorWords and Music2013-06-1618:3000:58:14Duration Link
Interview Escher QuartetIn Tune2013-06-2116:3000:33:29Duration 00:02:11 Link
Interview: Alexander L'EstrangeIn Tune2013-06-2016:3000:45:59Duration 00:00:30 Link
Interview: Anthony Sayer, cellist, BBC Scottish Symphony OrchestraIn Tune2013-06-1816:3001:18:26Duration 00:01:52 Link
Interview: Brodsky QuartetIn Tune2013-06-1716:3000:32:45Duration 00:07:58 Link
Interview: Clive Greensmith from the Tokyo String QuartetIn Tune2013-06-2016:3001:41:27Duration 00:04:32 Link
Interview: Eo Nomine and the Hilliard EnsembleIn Tune2013-06-2016:3000:19:02Duration 00:03:33 Link
Interview: Escher QuartetsIn Tune2013-06-2116:3000:00:25Duration 00:02:37 Link
Interview: Geomungo FactoryIn Tune2013-06-1816:3000:03:25Duration 00:01:31 Link
Interview: Hilliard EnsembleIn Tune2013-06-2016:3000:05:09Duration 00:02:54 Link
Interview: Jocelyn Pook & Lore LixenbergIn Tune2013-06-1716:3000:44:46Duration 00:05:29 Link
Interview: London Soloists' EnsembleIn Tune2013-06-1816:3000:58:45Duration 00:05:41 Link
Interview: Lucy SchauferIn Tune2013-06-1716:3001:19:05Duration 00:03:34 Link
Interview: Lucy SchauferIn Tune2013-06-1716:3001:33:07Duration 00:05:33 Link
Interview: Mara GaleazziIn Tune2013-06-1816:3001:33:34Duration 00:06:16 Link
Interview: Nevill Holt OperaIn Tune2013-06-2016:3001:11:25Duration 00:02:32 Link
Interview: Nevill Holt OperaIn Tune2013-06-2016:3001:17:26Duration 00:03:35 Link
Interview: Penguin CafeIn Tune2013-06-2116:3001:14:35Duration 00:08:05 Link
Interview: Penguin CafeIn Tune2013-06-2116:3001:25:32Duration 00:04:41 Link
Interview: Rhian DaviesIn Tune2013-06-2116:3000:05:49Duration 00:07:53 Link
Interview: Susan Bullock & Toby SpenceIn Tune2013-06-1716:3000:00:28Duration 00:02:16 Link
Interview: Susan Bullock & Toby SpenceIn Tune2013-06-1716:3000:07:34Duration 00:01:59 Link
Leo Tolstoy trans Benjamin Tucker - Kreutzer SonataWords and Music2013-06-1618:3001:08:10Duration Link
MemoryNight Waves2013-06-1920:0000:11:05Duration 00:16:57 Link
Michael GoveMusic Matters2013-06-1512:15Duration 00:17:56 Link
Music IntervalRadio 3 Live in Concert2013-06-1719:3000:35:20Duration 00:11:19 Link
My life closed twice before its close by Emily DickinsonWords and Music2013-06-1618:3000:25:13Duration Link
PopulationNight Waves2013-06-2022:0000:13:45Duration 00:14:11 Link
Rebecca SteinfeldNight Waves2013-06-1920:0000:28:02Duration 00:05:35 Link
The Full EnglishMusic Matters2013-06-1512:1500:18:06Duration 00:11:37 Link
The Three Ravens by Anon (trad)Words and Music2013-06-1618:3000:08:27Duration Link
Three Years She Grew by William WordsworthWords and Music2013-06-1618:3000:20:21Duration Link
Three violins are trying their hearts by Carl SandburgWords and Music2013-06-1618:3000:48:17Duration Link
UntitledJazz on 32013-06-1723:0000:11:35Duration Link
UntitledJazz on 32013-06-1723:0001:03:36Duration Link
Aaron CoplandIn the beginningChoir and Organ2013-06-1617:0000:46:34Duration 00:16:06 Link
Adolf Schulz-Evler (artist)Arabesques on 'The Blue Danube Waltz' for pianoRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2013-06-1713:0000:48:25Duration 00:09:57 Link
Adolf Schulz-Evler (artist)Arabesques on 'The Blue Danube Waltz' for pianoRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert2013-06-1713:0000:48:29Duration 00:09:57 Link
Aidan O’Rourke (artist)TAT-1Late Junction2013-06-1823:00Duration Link
Alan RawsthorneFour Romantic Pieces [1953] - 2nd & 4rd mvtIn Tune2013-06-1816:3000:51:40Duration 00:04:34 Link
Alan RawsthorneSymphony no. 3Afternoon Concert2013-06-1814:0001:47:05Duration 00:31:57 Link
Albinoni arr. Giazotto (artist)Adagio for StringsEssential Classics2013-06-2109:00Duration Link
Alec RothAll You Who Sleep TonightLate Junction2013-06-2023:00Duration Link
Alessandro MarcelloOboe Concerto in D minor - second movementBreakfast2013-06-2106:3002:07:00Duration Link
Alessandro StradellaFulmini quanto sa for voice and accompanimentThrough the Night2013-06-1701:0002:38:11Duration 00:05:09 Link
Alexander BorodinPolovtsian dances from 'Prince Igor'Through the Night2013-06-2100:3003:48:57Duration 00:10:35 Link
Alexander BorodinPrince Igor (Overture)Through the Night2013-06-2000:3003:48:43Duration 00:10:48 Link
Alexander Glazunov (artist)Elegy for strings, Op.105Breakfast2013-06-1507:0001:25:00Duration Link
Alexander L’Estrange (artist)Ahoy! Sing for the Mary Rose - OvertureIn Tune2013-06-2016:3000:45:59Duration 00:00:30 Link
Alexander L’Estrange (artist)Ahoy! Sing for the Mary Rose - Sam's Gone AwayIn Tune2013-06-2016:3000:53:01Duration 00:03:45 Link
Alexander Scriabin (artist)Waltz in A flat major, Op.38Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2013-06-1713:0000:41:38Duration 00:06:14 Link
Alexander Scriabin (artist)Waltz in A flat major, Op.38Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2013-06-1713:0000:42:43Duration 00:06:14 Link
Alexi Tuomarila Trio (artist)Seven HillsLate Junction2013-06-1923:00Duration Link
Alfred GrünfeldSoirees de Vienne for piano, Op 56Through the Night2013-06-1900:3003:20:56Duration 00:05:45 Link
Ambroise ThomasMignon – OvertureBreakfast2013-06-1906:3001:15:00Duration Link
Anon (artist)Remember me my dear [Scottish, Renaissance]In Tune2013-06-2016:3000:26:47Duration 00:02:54 Link
Antal Doráti (artist)Duo ConcertanteSunday Morning2013-06-1609:00Duration 00:14:27 Link
Antonio LottiSonata for 2 oboes, bassoon and continuo in F major, 'Echo sonata'Through the Night2013-06-2000:3003:14:48Duration 00:09:18 Link
Antonio VivaldiConcerto for 2 violins, 2 cellos & orchestra in D major, RV 564Through the Night2013-06-2100:3003:01:16Duration 00:10:31 Link
Antonio VivaldiConcerto in C major RV.537 for 2 trumpetsBreakfast2013-06-2006:3002:22:00Duration Link
Antonio VivaldiIo son rea dell'onor mio [Argippo]Breakfast2013-06-1507:0001:07:00Duration Link
Antonio VivaldiViolin concerto in E major, Op 8 No 1 'La Primavera'Through the Night2013-06-1501:0005:44:47Duration 00:09:16 Link
Antonín DvořákCarnival Overture, Op.92Essential Classics2013-06-2009:00Duration Link
Antonín DvořákIn Nature's Realm (Overture)Through the Night2013-06-1501:0004:01:11Duration 00:14:45 Link
Antonín DvořákLegend in C major, Op 59 no 4Through the Night2013-06-1900:3005:13:29Duration 00:06:07 Link
Antonín DvořákPolonaise in E flat major, B.100Breakfast2013-06-1906:3000:20:00Duration Link
Antonín DvořákQuartet no. 12 in F major Op.96 (American) for stringsIn Tune2013-06-2016:3001:52:05Duration 00:05:31 Link
Antonín DvořákSerenade in E major Op.22 for string orchestraIn Tune2013-06-1716:3001:45:55Duration 00:06:20 Link
Antonín DvořákSong to the Moon - RusalkaBBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-1913:0000:49:42Duration 00:01:05 Link
Antonín DvořákThe Water Goblin [Vodnik] (Op.107)Through the Night2013-06-1601:0002:52:49Duration 00:20:24 Link
Araujo (artist)Los coflades de la estleyaEssential Classics2013-06-2009:00Duration Link
Armas Järnefelt (artist)Prelude for OrchestraBreakfast2013-06-2106:3000:01:00Duration Link
Arnold Bax (artist)Symphony no. 3 in C majorAfternoon Concert2013-06-1714:0001:24:23Duration 00:42:02 Link
Arnold Chiwalala Band (artist)PambazukoWorld on 32013-06-2123:0000:06:59Duration 00:04:50 Link
Arnold SchoenbergErwartung op 2 no 1BBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-1913:0000:42:15Duration 00:03:39 Link
Arnold SchoenbergMahnungBBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-1813:0000:08:37Duration 00:03:20 Link
Arnold SchoenbergSeht die Sonne (Gurrelieder) – closing chorusBreakfast2013-06-1706:3001:10:00Duration Link
arr. Elgar Bach (artist)Fantasia and Fugue in C minor, BWV 537 / op.Composer of the Week2013-06-2112:0000:45:42Duration 00:08:27 Link
Art BlakeyEvidenceGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2013-06-1600:0000:03:50Duration 00:06:41 Link
Art Blakey (artist)EvidenceGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2013-06-1600:00Duration Link
Artemy VedelGospodi Bozhe moy, na tia upovah (Oh God, my hope is only in you)Through the Night2013-06-1501:0002:59:57Duration 00:09:32 Link
Arthur BenjaminNorth American square danceThrough the Night2013-06-1601:0003:23:03Duration 00:12:20 Link
Arthur BlissMarch: Kenilworth (from Kenilworth suite)Breakfast2013-06-2006:3001:42:00Duration Link
Arthur SullivanOverture to Yeoman of the GuardBreakfast2013-06-2106:3000:54:00Duration Link
Arthur SullivanOverture: The SorcerorBreakfast2013-06-1507:0001:51:00Duration Link
Arthur SullivanThree Little Maids From School, The MikadoWords and Music2013-06-1618:3000:17:30Duration Link
Arvo PärtSpiegel im SpiegelSunday Morning2013-06-1609:00Duration 00:09:41 Link
Astor PiazzollaLibertangoBreakfast2013-06-1507:0001:04:00Duration Link
Astor PiazzollaMichelangelo '70Essential Classics2013-06-2009:00Duration Link
Astor PiazzollaOblivion (arr. Lenehan)Afternoon Concert2013-06-2114:0001:18:51Duration 00:04:18 Link
Barrule (artist)Irree Ny GreineyWorld on 32013-06-2123:0001:01:34Duration 00:08:11 Link
Bartlomiej PekielO adoranda TrinitasBreakfast2013-06-1806:3001:49:00Duration Link
Bedrich SmetanaFrom Bohemia's Woods and Groves (Ma Vlast)Essential Classics2013-06-2109:00Duration Link
Benjamin (orchestrated by Colin Matthews) Britten (artist)Three Songs for Les Illuminations [Phrase, Aube & A une raison]Sunday Concert2013-06-1614:0000:52:44Duration 00:09:02 Link
Benjamin Britten4 Sea interludes [from 'Peter Grimes'] no.2; Sunday morningBreakfast2013-06-1706:3001:44:00Duration Link
Benjamin Britten5 Flower Songs, Op 47Through the Night2013-06-1501:0004:16:21Duration 00:10:13 Link
Benjamin Britten5 Flower Songs, Op 47Through the Night2013-06-2100:3004:31:08Duration 00:10:13 Link
Benjamin BrittenAndante Sostenuto, String Quartet No.1 in D majorThe Early Music Show2013-06-1513:0000:12:19Duration 00:08:54 Link
Benjamin BrittenAndante Sostenuto, String Quartet no.1 in D, op.25The Early Music Show2013-06-1513:00Duration Link
Benjamin BrittenBoisterous Bourree from Simple SymphonyBreakfast2013-06-2106:3001:08:00Duration Link
Benjamin BrittenEpilogue from Serenade Op.31 for tenor, horn and string orchestraLate Junction2013-06-2023:00Duration Link
Benjamin BrittenFanfare for DW (arr. Hindmarsh)Afternoon Concert2013-06-2014:0002:26:24Duration 00:03:40 Link
Benjamin BrittenFirst movement (Boisterous Bourree) from the Simple SymphonyThe Early Music Show2013-06-1513:00Duration Link
Benjamin BrittenFirst movement (Boisterous Bourree) from the Simple SymphonyThe Early Music Show2013-06-1513:0000:31:10Duration 00:03:20 Link
Benjamin BrittenGloriana - opera Op.53In Tune2013-06-1716:3000:00:28Duration 00:02:16 Link
Benjamin BrittenGloriana - opera Op.53In Tune2013-06-1716:3000:07:34Duration 00:01:59 Link
Benjamin BrittenGloriana - opera Op.53In Tune2013-06-1716:3000:14:33Duration 00:05:32 Link
Benjamin BrittenGloriana - symphonic suite Op.53a [with tenor solo ad lib]In Tune2013-06-2116:3001:14:35Duration 00:08:05 Link
Benjamin BrittenHeaven is here [The Company of Heaven]Breakfast2013-06-1607:0000:47:00Duration Link
Benjamin BrittenHymn of St GodricChoral Evensong2013-06-1915:3000:05:24Duration 00:00:59 Link
Benjamin BrittenI know a bank (from Act 1 of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', Op.64)The Early Music Show2013-06-1613:0000:43:10Duration 00:04:13 Link
Benjamin BrittenI know a bank (from Act 1 of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', op.64)The Early Music Show2013-06-1613:00Duration Link
Benjamin BrittenLes IlluminationsSunday Concert2013-06-1614:0000:26:45Duration 00:24:18 Link
Benjamin BrittenOccasional overture Op.38Afternoon Concert2013-06-2014:0002:18:11Duration 00:08:05 Link
Benjamin BrittenOpening of 'The Journey of the Magi' (Canticle 4, Op.86)The Early Music Show2013-06-1613:0000:16:44Duration 00:03:37 Link
Benjamin BrittenOpening of 'The Journey of the Magi' (Canticle 4, op.86)The Early Music Show2013-06-1613:00Duration Link
Benjamin BrittenPassacaglia from 'Peter Grimes'The Early Music Show2013-06-1513:00Duration Link
Benjamin BrittenPassacaglia from 'Peter Grimes'The Early Music Show2013-06-1513:0000:48:13Duration 00:05:17 Link
Benjamin BrittenPlayful Pizzicato (Simple Symphony)Breakfast2013-06-1906:3000:53:00Duration Link
Benjamin BrittenQuartet No 2 in C major Op 36Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2013-06-1514:0000:27:33Duration 00:31:07 Link
Benjamin BrittenSimple symphony Op.4 for string orchestra or string quartet: 3rd movement; Sentimental sarSaturday Classics2013-06-1515:0001:20:30Duration 00:07:57 Link
Benjamin BrittenSonnet from Serenade Op.31 for tenor, horn and string orchestraLate Junction2013-06-2023:00Duration Link
Benjamin BrittenThe Salley Gardens (arranged Barley)Breakfast2013-06-1507:0001:39:00Duration Link
Benjamin BrittenThe Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra (excerpt)The Early Music Show2013-06-1513:0000:06:13Duration 00:01:17 Link
Benjamin BrittenThe Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra (extract)The Early Music Show2013-06-1513:00Duration Link
Benjamin BrittenThe Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra (extract)The Early Music Show2013-06-1513:00Duration Link
Benjamin BrittenVariations on a theme of Frank Bridge Op.10 for string orchestraIn Tune2013-06-1816:3001:43:48Duration 00:06:38 Link
Benjamin BrittenWaltz [3 Divertmenti for string quartet]Breakfast2013-06-1507:0000:33:00Duration Link
Bi Kidude (artist)AlaminaduraLate Junction2013-06-1823:00Duration Link
Bill Bruford (artist)Some Other TimeLate Junction2013-06-1923:00Duration Link
Bohuslav Martinu3 Czech dances for pianoThrough the Night2013-06-1601:0003:13:38Duration 00:08:54 Link
Bohuslav MartinuSonatina for clarinet & piano (1956)Through the Night2013-06-2000:3004:33:12Duration 00:10:44 Link
Bruce Turner (artist)Knickerbocker GloryJazz Record Requests2013-06-1517:00Duration Link
Butterworth (artist)A Shropshire LadEssential Classics2013-06-1809:00Duration Link
Byrd (artist)Motet: Cibavit eosChoral Evensong2013-06-1616:0000:24:33Duration 00:03:48 Link
Béla BartókDivertimento for Strings (Sz 113)Through the Night2013-06-1601:0004:09:40Duration 00:23:41 Link
Béla BartókMusic for Strings, Percussion and CelesteSunday Concert2013-06-1614:0001:28:25Duration 00:29:29 Link
Camille Saint‐SaënsDance MacabreEssential Classics2013-06-1709:00Duration Link
Camille Saint‐SaënsSeptet in E flat, Op 65 (fourth movement: Gavotte & Final)Breakfast2013-06-1706:3000:42:00Duration Link
Camille Saint‐SaënsThe SwanAfternoon Concert2013-06-1714:0000:00:29Duration 00:04:00 Link
Can (artist)Quantum PhysicsLate Junction2013-06-1823:00Duration Link
Carl Friedrich AbelTempo di menuet WKO188Breakfast2013-06-2006:3000:01:00Duration Link
Carl Maria von WeberSilvana - opera in 3 acts (J.87), OvertureBreakfast2013-06-1806:3001:01:00Duration Link
Carl NielsenQuartet for strings no.2 in F minor (op.5)Through the Night2013-06-2100:3001:30:30Duration 00:29:00 Link
Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach6 Little sonatas for 2 flutes, 2 clarinets, 2 horns and bassoon (Wq.184)Through the Night2013-06-2100:3005:02:49Duration 00:19:07 Link
Carlo GesualdoQual fora, donnaBreakfast2013-06-2006:3000:57:00Duration Link
Carlos GuastavinoLa rosa y el sauce (The rose and the willow)Through the Night2013-06-1501:0004:26:59Duration 00:03:00 Link
Carlos Guastavino (artist)Pampamapa - 12 canciones popularesBBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-2113:0000:29:35Duration 00:03:35 Link
Cedric Watson (artist)Jour par jourWorld on 32013-06-2123:0000:19:59Duration 00:02:35 Link
Charles IvesHousatonic at StockbridgeBBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-1813:0000:22:23Duration 00:03:27 Link
Charles Lloyd (artist)Wayfaring StrangerLate Junction2013-06-2023:00Duration Link
Charles Villiers StanfordMagnificat and Nunc Dimittis in G Op.81Choir and Organ2013-06-1617:0000:10:39Duration 00:08:04 Link
Charles-François GounodFaust - opera in 5 actsIn Tune2013-06-1716:3000:27:36Duration 00:01:30 Link
Charles-François GounodTu Rex gloriaeChoral Evensong2013-06-1616:0000:42:40Duration 00:04:05 Link
Charles-François GounodValse from "Faust"Breakfast2013-06-1706:3002:01:00Duration Link
Charlie Hunter of Oban (artist)The Hills of LorneEssential Classics2013-06-1809:00Duration Link
Charlie ParkerMoose the MoocheLate Junction2013-06-2023:00Duration Link
Chris Sharkey (artist)Black SabbathJazz on 32013-06-1723:0001:07:54Duration Link
Chris Sharkey (artist)Helter SkelterJazz on 32013-06-1723:0001:24:03Duration Link
Christoph Willibald GluckDance of the Furies, Orfeo ed EuridiceWords and Music2013-06-1618:3000:00:11Duration Link
Christoph Willibald GluckOrpheus' Lament and Dance of the Blessed Spirits from Orfeo (arranged Kempff)Breakfast2013-06-2106:3001:01:00Duration Link
City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra (artist)The Magnificent SevenJazz on 32013-06-1723:0000:10:07Duration Link
Claude DebussyArabesque No 1Sunday Morning2013-06-1609:00Duration 00:04:35 Link
Claude DebussyArabesque No 2Sunday Morning2013-06-1609:00Duration 00:03:55 Link
Claude DebussyCello Sonata in D minorThrough the Night2013-06-2000:3003:24:30Duration 00:11:07 Link
Claude DebussyGirl with the Flaxen HairBreakfast2013-06-2106:3001:46:00Duration Link
Claude DebussyGolliwog's Cake-walk from Children's Corner Suite (1906-8)Through the Night2013-06-2100:3003:45:21Duration 00:03:10 Link
Claude DebussyL' Isle joyeuse (orchestrated Molinari) [original for piano]Breakfast2013-06-1906:3000:01:00Duration Link
Claude DebussyLa Mer - 3 symphonic sketches for orchestra, arranged for 3 pianosThrough the Night2013-06-1800:3000:24:32Duration 00:20:40 Link
Claude DebussyNo.12 Feux d'artifices - from Preludes Book IIThrough the Night2013-06-1601:0002:01:08Duration 00:05:05 Link
Claude DebussyPagodes (Estampes)Breakfast2013-06-1706:3001:39:00Duration Link
Claude DebussyQuartet in G minor Op.10 for stringsIn Tune2013-06-2016:3000:14:49Duration 00:03:40 Link
Claude DebussyReverie for pianoIn Tune2013-06-1716:3000:44:46Duration 00:05:29 Link
Claudio MonteverdiChiome d'oro from seventh book of madrigalsBreakfast2013-06-2106:3002:23:00Duration Link
Claudio MonteverdiLamento della ninfaChoir and Organ2013-06-1617:0000:28:07Duration 00:07:13 Link
Coxhill / Haslam / Hession / Rutherford / Fell (artist)Termite One TwoJazz on 32013-06-1723:0000:59:43Duration Link
Craig Scott's Lobotomy (artist)Technicolour YawnJazz on 32013-06-1723:0000:01:40Duration Link
Curtis Fuller (artist)Three Blind MiceWords and Music2013-06-1618:3000:12:21Duration Link
César FranckPrelude, Fugue et Variation Op 18Through the Night2013-06-2000:3004:21:58Duration 00:10:50 Link
Dame Ethel SmythThe March of The WomenBreakfast2013-06-1607:0001:43:00Duration Link
Daniel Jones (artist)Concerto for cello and orchestraAfternoon Concert2013-06-2114:0000:27:10Duration 00:18:18 Link
Darius MilhaudScaramouche - suite, arr. for saxophone/clarinet & pf [orig. 2 pianos]first movementRadio 3 Live in Concert2013-06-1719:3000:46:39Duration 00:03:04 Link
David PopperHungarian rhapsody, Op 68Through the Night2013-06-1601:0004:01:11Duration 00:08:00 Link
David Rose (artist)The StripperPrivate Passions2013-06-1612:0000:55:39Duration 00:01:31 Link
David Rothenberg (artist)Sheer Frustration, ReallyLate Junction2013-06-1823:00Duration Link
Deanna Durbin (artist)Beneath The Lights of HomeLate Junction2013-06-1823:00Duration Link
Deerhoof (artist)Vivid Cheek Love SongLate Junction2013-06-2023:00Duration Link
Dieterich BuxtehudeJubilate Domino, omnis terra for alto, viola da gamba and continuo (BuxWV.64)Through the Night2013-06-2000:3001:07:01Duration 00:10:16 Link
Dieterich BuxtehudePrelude, Fugue and Chaconne in C major (BuxWV.137)Through the Night2013-06-1900:3004:37:57Duration 00:06:05 Link
Dmitry ShostakovichConcerto for cello and orchestra no. 1 (Op.107) in E flat majorThrough the Night2013-06-2100:3000:09:29Duration 00:30:00 Link
Dmitry ShostakovichDuel and Death of Hamlet (Suite from 'Hamlet')Breakfast2013-06-2006:3002:11:00Duration Link
Dmitry ShostakovichFoxtrot from Jazz Suite no.1Breakfast2013-06-2106:3000:33:00Duration Link
Dmitry ShostakovichJazz Suite no 2, Waltz 2Breakfast2013-06-1906:3000:33:00Duration Link
Dmitry ShostakovichLargo, Trio No. 2 in E minor for piano, violin and celloWords and Music2013-06-1618:3000:25:37Duration Link
Dmitry ShostakovichTwo pieces by Scarlatti op. 17Through the Night2013-06-2100:3000:01:13Duration 00:07:45 Link
Domenico ScarlattiSonata in B minor, Kk 87Through the Night2013-06-1800:3005:24:09Duration 00:05:21 Link
Dorough,Huston, Mercer, Mason, Jolicoeur (artist)The Magic NumberWords and Music2013-06-1618:3000:05:11Duration Link
E J Moeran (artist)Ludlow town - song-cycle to poems by A.E.Housman for baritone and piano: 1st movement [fasSaturday Classics2013-06-1515:0001:36:39Duration 00:09:38 Link
Edvard Grieg4 Norwegian dances (Op.35) no.2; Allegretto tranquillo e graziosoBreakfast2013-06-1906:3001:01:00Duration Link
Edvard GriegIch liebe dich, Op. 41 No. 3Essential Classics2013-06-2009:00Duration Link
Edvard GriegIn Autumn, Op 11Through the Night2013-06-1800:3003:12:27Duration 00:11:26 Link
Edvard GriegNorwegian Dance No.1 (Op.35)Through the Night2013-06-1900:3003:53:28Duration 00:06:03 Link
Edvard GriegPeer Gynt - incidental music Op.23In Tune2013-06-2116:3000:20:43Duration 00:04:09 Link
Edvard GriegPiano Concerto in A minor, Op. 16Essential Classics2013-06-2109:00Duration Link
Edvard GriegSommerfugl – Butterfly (Lyric pieces Book 3/Op.43 No.1)Breakfast2013-06-2006:3001:48:00Duration Link
Edvard GriegWedding Day at TroldhaugenBreakfast2013-06-1507:0000:14:00Duration Link
Edward C. Bairstow (artist)5 Poems of the Spirit for baritone, chorus and orchestraSaturday Classics2013-06-1515:0000:19:25Duration 00:14:02 Link
Edward Cowie (artist)Lyre bird motet for chorusAfternoon Concert2013-06-2114:0002:21:19Duration 00:07:15 Link
Edward Cowie (artist)The Soft complaining fluteAfternoon Concert2013-06-1914:0001:23:33Duration 00:06:45 Link
Edward Elgar5 Intermezzos for wind quintet: No. 1 'Nancy'Composer of the Week2013-06-1712:0000:08:59Duration 00:01:28 Link
Edward Elgar5 Intermezzos for wind quintet: No. 2 'Mrs and Miss Howell'Composer of the Week2013-06-1712:0000:10:30Duration 00:01:25 Link
Edward Elgar5 Intermezzos for wind quintet: No. 4Composer of the Week2013-06-1712:0000:11:55Duration 00:02:04 Link
Edward Elgar5 Intermezzos for wind quintet: No. 4Composer of the Week2013-06-1712:0000:12:31Duration 00:02:04 Link
Edward ElgarCaractacus, Op. 35 - Scene 4: The Malvern HillsComposer of the Week2013-06-1712:0000:47:20Duration 00:11:47 Link
Edward ElgarCarillon, op.75Composer of the Week2013-06-2112:0000:05:54Duration 00:08:20 Link
Edward ElgarCello Concerto in E minor, op.85Composer of the Week2013-06-2112:0000:16:17Duration 00:26:38 Link
Edward ElgarCoronation March, op.65Composer of the Week2013-06-2012:0000:05:08Duration 00:10:08 Link
Edward ElgarFalstaff (Symphonic study in C minor, op.68)Composer of the Week2013-06-2012:0000:23:45Duration 00:34:21 Link
Edward ElgarFroissart, Op. 19Composer of the Week2013-06-1712:0000:16:36Duration 00:14:08 Link
Edward ElgarImperial March, Op. 32Composer of the Week2013-06-1712:0000:39:34Duration 00:04:28 Link
Edward ElgarLa capricieuse, Op. 17Composer of the Week2013-06-1712:0000:33:02Duration 00:03:48 Link
Edward ElgarMinaComposer of the Week2013-06-2112:0000:56:45Duration 00:02:02 Link
Edward ElgarO hearken thou, op.64Composer of the Week2013-06-2012:0000:17:08Duration 00:03:24 Link
Edward ElgarPomp and Circumstance March in D, Op. 39 No. 1Composer of the Week2013-06-1912:0000:01:27Duration 00:05:51 Link
Edward ElgarPomp and circumstance march no.5 in C major Op.39Afternoon Concert2013-06-1714:0000:05:29Duration 00:06:28 Link
Edward ElgarPromenades for Winds: No. 3 PrestoEssential Classics2013-06-1709:00Duration Link
Edward ElgarSabbath Morning at SeaBBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-1813:0000:56:09Duration 00:01:50 Link
Edward ElgarSalut d amour, op.12Composer of the Week2013-06-2112:0000:00:13Duration 00:03:11 Link
Edward ElgarSea Pictures Op. 37 No. 2 'In Haven'Composer of the Week2013-06-1812:0000:00:29Duration 00:02:00 Link
Edward ElgarSea Pictures, Op 37Through the Night2013-06-2000:3005:19:48Duration 00:23:23 Link
Edward ElgarSerenade in E minor [first movement]Breakfast2013-06-1607:0000:20:00Duration Link
Edward ElgarSevern SuiteThrough the Night2013-06-1601:0002:29:28Duration 00:16:10 Link
Edward ElgarSevillana, Op. 7Composer of the Week2013-06-1712:0000:01:22Duration 00:04:47 Link
Edward ElgarSospiri Op.70 vers. for str, harp & orgRadio 3 Live in Concert2013-06-1819:30Duration Link
Edward ElgarSursum CordaBreakfast2013-06-1806:3001:19:00Duration Link
Edward ElgarSymphony No. 1 in A flat major Op.55Composer of the Week2013-06-1912:0000:09:52Duration 00:48:43 Link
Edward ElgarThe Dream of Gerontius Op. 38 - extract from Part 2 'There was a mortal'Composer of the Week2013-06-1812:0000:43:05Duration 00:15:08 Link
Edward ElgarTwilight, op.59 no.6Composer of the Week2013-06-2012:0000:00:15Duration 00:02:46 Link
Edward ElgarVariations on an Original Theme 'Enigma' - original finaleComposer of the Week2013-06-1812:0000:37:45Duration 00:03:57 Link
Edward ElgarVariations on an Original Theme 'Enigma' Op. 36Composer of the Week2013-06-1812:0000:05:56Duration 00:30:01 Link
Edward Elgar (artist)Chanson de matin, Op.15 no.2Breakfast2013-06-1706:3000:05:00Duration Link
Edward Gregson (artist)Of Distant MemoriesAfternoon Concert2013-06-1714:0002:14:25Duration 00:16:17 Link
Edward MacDowellTo a wild rose from Woodland SketchesWords and Music2013-06-1618:3000:47:00Duration Link
Emmanuel ChabrierEspanaBreakfast2013-06-1607:0000:31:00Duration Link
Emmanuel ChabrierScherzo-Valse from Suite pastoraleBreakfast2013-06-2006:3001:01:00Duration Link
Engelbert Humperdinck (artist)The Sandman and Prayer scene (Hansel und Gretel)Private Passions2013-06-1612:0000:20:50Duration 00:06:32 Link
Eric Coates (artist)Saxo-rhapsody for alto saxophone and orchestraRadio 3 Live in Concert2013-06-1719:3000:53:21Duration 00:09:17 Link
Erich Wolfgang KorngoldGlück, das mir verblieb - Die tote StadtBBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-2013:0000:58:11Duration 00:01:34 Link
Erich Wolfgang KorngoldMein Sehnen, mein Wähnen - Die tote StadtBBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-1913:0000:50:57Duration 00:00:24 Link
Erich Wolfgang KorngoldMein Sehnen, mein Wähnen - Die tote StadtBBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-1913:0000:51:23Duration 00:00:53 Link
Erich Wolfgang KorngoldMein Sehnen, mein Wähnen - Die tote StadtBBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-2113:0000:54:12Duration 00:00:54 Link
Erkki-Sven TüürMeditatio for chorus and saxophone quartetRadio 3 Live in Concert2013-06-1719:30Duration 00:17:28 Link
Ernest ChaussonChanson Perpetuelle, Op 37Through the Night2013-06-1701:0002:59:07Duration 00:07:26 Link
Eugène GigoutToccata for organ in B minorBreakfast2013-06-2106:3001:22:00Duration Link
Evan Parker (artist)EpanadosJazz Record Requests2013-06-1517:00Duration Link
Ewan MacColl (artist)The Black Ball LineLate Junction2013-06-1923:00Duration Link
Federico Moreno Torroba (artist)Amor, vida de me vida - MaravillaBBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-1913:0000:58:45Duration 00:00:48 Link
Felix MendelssohnAuf flügeln des GesängesSunday Morning2013-06-1609:00Duration 00:03:30 Link
Felix MendelssohnConcerto for violin and orchestra (Op.64) in E minorThrough the Night2013-06-1601:0000:09:21Duration 00:26:26 Link
Felix MendelssohnConcerto in D minor for violin and string orchestraThrough the Night2013-06-2000:3000:09:15Duration 00:24:45 Link
Felix MendelssohnFantasia on an Irish song "The last rose of summer" for piano Op 15Through the Night2013-06-2000:3003:05:29Duration 00:08:54 Link
Felix MendelssohnLaudate Pueri (motet, Op 39 no 2)Through the Night2013-06-1601:0001:50:00Duration 00:09:26 Link
Felix MendelssohnNeue Liebe Op 19 no 4BBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-1813:0000:06:26Duration 00:02:01 Link
Felix MendelssohnRuy Blas - Overture (Op.95)Through the Night2013-06-1601:0000:01:10Duration 00:07:47 Link
Felix MendelssohnRuy Blas - overture (Op.95)Breakfast2013-06-1906:3002:22:00Duration Link
Felix MendelssohnString Quartet in E flat major – 3rd movement Minuet & TrioBreakfast2013-06-2006:3002:05:00Duration Link
Felix MendelssohnSymphony for string orchestra no 10 in B minorThrough the Night2013-06-1900:3003:35:35Duration 00:09:57 Link
Felix MendelssohnSymphony no. 3 in A minor Op.56 (Scottish)In Tune2013-06-2016:3001:34:30Duration 00:04:19 Link
Felix MendelssohnSymphony no. 5 (Op.107) in D major "Reformation"Through the Night2013-06-1601:0000:49:18Duration 00:29:18 Link
Felix MendelssohnThe Fair Melusine - OvertureThrough the Night2013-06-1601:0000:39:52Duration 00:09:05 Link
Felix MendelssohnVariations concertantes, Op. 17Essential Classics2013-06-2009:00Duration Link
Felix MendelssohnWedding March (A Midsummer Night's Dream - Incidental Music)Through the Night2013-06-1601:0001:19:00Duration 00:03:24 Link
Foulds (artist)Sicilian AubadeEssential Classics2013-06-1909:00Duration Link
Francesco CileaAcerba voluttàBBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-2013:0000:48:23Duration 00:01:12 Link
Francesco CileaE la solita storia - L'arlesianaBBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-1813:0000:54:58Duration 00:01:00 Link
Francesco GeminianiConcerto Grosso no 12 in D minor, "Folia" (after Corelli's Sonata Op 5 no 12)Through the Night2013-06-1501:0002:28:04Duration 00:11:02 Link
Frank BridgeA Prayer for chorus and orchestraSaturday Classics2013-06-1515:0001:46:17Duration 00:17:55 Link
Frank BridgeAdoration - Orchestral songBBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-2113:0000:56:13Duration 00:00:52 Link
Franz (1) Schubert (artist)Beitrag zur funfzigjahrigen Jubelfeier des Herrn von Salieri D.407 for tenor, male-voice cIn Tune2013-06-1716:3000:21:50Duration 00:02:00 Link
Franz DopplerFantaisie pastorale hongroise, Op 26Through the Night2013-06-2100:3004:20:18Duration 00:10:26 Link
Franz LehárAdriatic WaltzBreakfast2013-06-1906:3000:46:00Duration Link
Franz LisztDer du von dem Himmel bist S.279BBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-2113:0000:36:36Duration 00:05:25 Link
Franz LisztGrand galop chromatique S.219 for pianoIn Tune2013-06-2116:3001:09:40Duration 00:04:05 Link
Franz LisztLes Preludes - symphonic poem after Lamartine (S.97)Through the Night2013-06-1601:0004:42:43Duration 00:16:34 Link
Franz LisztRigoletto – Paraphrase de ConcertBreakfast2013-06-1507:0001:43:00Duration Link
Franz LisztTheme with variations (Caprice, Op.1'24) [Grande Etudes de Paganini No.6]Breakfast2013-06-1607:0001:47:00Duration Link
Franz LisztValse oubliée No. 4, S215/4Essential Classics2013-06-1809:00Duration Link
Franz Schubert4 Impromptus for piano (D.935) (Op.142), no.4 in F minorBreakfast2013-06-1906:3000:39:00Duration Link
Franz SchubertAn die Leier Op 56 No 2BBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-2113:0000:15:24Duration 00:04:31 Link
Franz SchubertAn die Leier Op 56 No 2BBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-2113:0000:49:43Duration 00:00:10 Link
Franz SchubertAndante con moto, TrioWords and Music2013-06-1618:3000:57:24Duration Link
Franz SchubertDie Forelle (S.564)Through the Night2013-06-1800:3002:39:21Duration 00:03:58 Link
Franz SchubertDie Forelle (transcribed Liszt)Breakfast2013-06-1706:3000:01:00Duration Link
Franz SchubertPiano Sonata in B flat major D.960Through the Night2013-06-1701:0001:31:13Duration 00:41:27 Link
Franz SchubertRosamunde - (D.797) Ballet in G majorBreakfast2013-06-1706:3002:12:00Duration Link
Franz SchubertStandchen (Zogernd, leise) D.920 for contralto, ch & pno vers. 2nd [female chorus]In Tune2013-06-1716:3001:33:07Duration 00:05:33 Link
Franz SchubertStandchen S.558 no.9 (D.889) (arranged Liszt)Breakfast2013-06-2106:3001:26:00Duration Link
Franz SchubertSymphony No. 4 in C minor 'Tragic'Essential Classics2013-06-2009:00Duration Link
François-Joseph GossecSymphony in D major 'Pastorella'Through the Night2013-06-1501:0005:18:05Duration 00:15:39 Link
Fred Ebb, John Kander (artist)Two Ladies from CabaretWords and Music2013-06-1618:3000:49:19Duration Link
Frederick DeliusA Late LarkBreakfast2013-06-1706:3002:24:00Duration Link
Frederick DeliusLegende RT.7.3 for violin and orchestraAfternoon Concert2013-06-1714:0000:12:23Duration 00:10:00 Link
Friedman (artist)Viennese Dance No. 2 'on motifs by Eduard Gartner'Essential Classics2013-06-2109:00Duration Link
Friedrich Kuhlau (artist)Lulu: OvertureBreakfast2013-06-1806:3000:09:00Duration Link
Frédéric ChopinBallade for piano no 4 in F minor, Op 52Through the Night2013-06-1900:3005:42:56Duration 00:10:41 Link
Frédéric ChopinEtude in A flat, Op.25 No.1 'Aeolian Harp'Essential Classics2013-06-2009:00Duration Link
Frédéric ChopinEtude in E major, Op.10, no.3Private Passions2013-06-1612:0000:05:02Duration 00:03:51 Link
Frédéric ChopinMazurka in C sharp minor Op 63 no 3Breakfast2013-06-1806:3002:17:00Duration Link
Frédéric ChopinNocturne in C sharp minor, Op. posth.Essential Classics2013-06-2009:00Duration Link
Frédéric ChopinWaltz in A flat op.42Breakfast2013-06-2106:3000:04:00Duration Link
Fullsceilidh Spelemannslag (artist)CaversWorld on 32013-06-2123:0000:33:19Duration 00:05:27 Link
Gabriel FauréAllegresse in C minor (8 Pieces Breves, Op.84)Essential Classics2013-06-1909:00Duration Link
Gabriel FauréDolly - Suite for piano duet Op.56Through the Night2013-06-1900:3004:05:29Duration 00:13:42 Link
Gaetano DonizettiGianni Di Parigi: OvertureIn Tune2013-06-1816:3001:33:34Duration 00:06:16 Link
Gaetano DonizettiL'ai-je bien entendu? O mon Fernand - La favoriteBBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-1813:0000:58:15Duration 00:00:31 Link
Gamal Abdel-Rahim (artist)Daughter of the SultanBBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-1913:0000:17:37Duration 00:02:09 Link
Gareth Glyn (artist)LlanrwstBreakfast2013-06-1906:3001:05:00Duration Link
Gavin Bryars (artist)Tramp With Orchestra IVLate Junction2013-06-1923:00Duration Link
Geomungo Factory (artist)Geomungo & TangoIn Tune2013-06-1816:3000:32:43Duration 00:04:00 Link
Geomungo Factory (artist)Jeong Jung Dong (Movement On Silence)In Tune2013-06-1816:3000:15:20Duration 00:04:46 Link
Geomungo Factory (artist)Jirirariru (Stand up)In Tune2013-06-1816:3000:08:06Duration 00:03:59 Link
Georg Philipp Telemann'Burlesque de Quixotte' Suite in G minor, TWV.55:G10Through the Night2013-06-1800:3002:43:50Duration 00:19:16 Link
Georg Philipp TelemannAllegro (Sonate Corellisante No. 1 in F major, TWV 42: F1: 5th movement)Essential Classics2013-06-2009:00Duration Link
Georg Philipp TelemannConcerto a 5Through the Night2013-06-2100:3004:41:46Duration 00:10:10 Link
Georg Philipp TelemannOverture (Suite) for strings (TWV.55:g2) in G minor "La Changeante", OvertureBreakfast2013-06-1906:3000:08:00Duration Link
Georg Philipp TelemannWer sehnet sich nach Kerker, Stein und Ketten TWV1:1594Sunday Morning2013-06-1609:00Duration 00:10:58 Link
George ButterworthIs my team ploughing? - A Shropshire LadBBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-2013:0000:18:36Duration 00:03:49 Link
George Frideric Handel3 Airs from Vauxhall GardensThrough the Night2013-06-1501:0004:53:04Duration 00:11:01 Link
George Frideric HandelBelshazzar - oratorioIn Tune2013-06-2116:3000:17:52Duration 00:02:16 Link
George Frideric HandelCantata Delirio amoroso: "Da quel giorno fatale" (HWV.99)Through the Night2013-06-2000:3002:32:31Duration 00:32:28 Link
George Frideric HandelConcerto grossi, Op. 3 No. 1 in B flatEssential Classics2013-06-2109:00Duration Link
George Frideric HandelDi, cor mio - AlcinaBBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-1913:0000:48:32Duration 00:01:05 Link
George Frideric HandelEro e Leandro – Aria IIBreakfast2013-06-1607:0000:10:00Duration Link
George Frideric HandelLascia la spina (Il trionfo del Tempo e del Disinganno HWV46a)Breakfast2013-06-2006:3000:23:00Duration Link
George Frideric HandelMusic for the Royal FireworksThrough the Night2013-06-1601:0002:06:40Duration 00:22:25 Link
George Frideric HandelO come let us sing unto the Lord - Chandos anthem no. 8 HWV.253In Tune2013-06-1816:3000:27:42Duration 00:01:49 Link
George Frideric HandelPiangerò la sorte mia - Giulio CesareBBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-2013:0000:55:55Duration 00:02:10 Link
George Frideric HandelSemele - Act 2; Where'er you walkBreakfast2013-06-1906:3001:37:00Duration Link
George Frideric HandelSerse - opera in 3 acts, Act 1; Ombra mai fu [aria]Breakfast2013-06-1806:3001:08:00Duration Link
George Frideric HandelSuite for trumpet and strings in D major "Water Piece" [1733]Breakfast2013-06-1706:3001:49:00Duration Link
George GershwinAn American in Paris (transcribed Jascha Heifetz)Breakfast2013-06-2006:3001:14:00Duration Link
George GershwinPromenade "Walking the dog" (arranged Sol Berkowitz for clarinet and orchestra)Breakfast2013-06-1906:3001:34:00Duration Link
George GershwinStrike up the band - stage musical, OvertureBreakfast2013-06-1706:3000:22:00Duration Link
George GershwinThree quarter blues for pianoWords and Music2013-06-1618:3000:19:30Duration Link
George Lloyd (artist)Symphony no. 6: 1st movementSaturday Classics2013-06-1515:0001:28:27Duration 00:08:12 Link
Georges BizetQuand je vous aimerai?...L'amour est un oiseau - CarmenBBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-1913:0000:53:15Duration 00:00:37 Link
Georges BizetQuand la flamme de l'amourBBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-1813:0000:50:08Duration 00:00:57 Link
Georgy SviridovDriving up to Izhory - 6 songs on poems by A PushkinBBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-1913:0000:11:49Duration 00:01:46 Link
Georgy SviridovWinter way - 6 songs on poems by A PushkinBBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-1913:0000:09:23Duration 00:02:23 Link
Gerald FinziClarinet Concerto in C minor (third movement: Rondo)Breakfast2013-06-1706:3001:21:00Duration Link
Gershwin orch. Grofé (artist)Rhapsody in BlueEssential Classics2013-06-1909:00Duration Link
Giacomo Puccini"Mi chiamano Mimi" (La Boheme)Essential Classics2013-06-1709:00Duration Link
Giacomo PucciniCrisantemiThrough the Night2013-06-1800:3003:28:43Duration 00:06:10 Link
Giacomo PucciniTosca - opera in 3 acts, Act 2; Vissi d'arte [Tosca]Breakfast2013-06-1806:3000:52:00Duration Link
Giacomo PucciniUn bel dì vedremo - Madama ButterflyBBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-2113:0000:52:17Duration 00:01:28 Link
Giles FarnabyFancies, toyes and dreamesThrough the Night2013-06-1900:3005:54:00Duration 00:05:32 Link
Gioachino RossiniAmici, in ogni evento Pensa alla patria - L'Italiana in AlgeriBBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-2113:0000:58:43Duration 00:01:10 Link
Gioachino RossiniIl Barbiere di Siviglia, OvertureThrough the Night2013-06-2000:3000:01:12Duration 00:07:34 Link
Gioachino RossiniLa Donna del Lago (Opening sinfonia & chorus)Breakfast2013-06-1507:0000:09:00Duration Link
Gioachino RossiniLa Donna del lago - Fra il padre, e fra l'amanteBreakfast2013-06-1706:3000:37:00Duration Link
Gioachino RossiniLa calunnia - Il barbiere di SivigliaBBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-1813:0000:51:19Duration 00:01:01 Link
Gioachino RossiniLa danza (Tarantella Napoletana)BBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-1913:0000:19:56Duration 00:03:00 Link
Gioachino RossiniLargo al factotum - Il Barbiere di SivigliaBBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-1913:0000:56:01Duration 00:00:44 Link
Gioachino RossiniLargo al factotum - Il barbiere di SivigliaBBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-1913:0000:56:56Duration 00:01:11 Link
Gioachino RossiniQu'entends-je? Amour, viens rendre à mon âme - Orphée et EurydiceAfternoon Concert2013-06-2114:0000:00:22Duration 00:02:02 Link
Gioachino RossiniQu'entends-je? Amour, viens rendre à mon âme - Orphée et EurydiceBBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-2113:0000:58:43Duration 00:01:10 Link
Gioachino RossiniThe Thieving MagpieEssential Classics2013-06-1909:00Duration Link
Gioachino RossiniWilliam Tell - opera in 4 actsIn Tune2013-06-1816:3001:25:00Duration 00:04:49 Link
Giovanni Battista Bononcini (artist)Pietoso nume arcierSunday Morning2013-06-1609:00Duration 00:07:36 Link
Giovanni BottesiniGran Duo Concertante for Violin and Double Bass and orchestraThrough the Night2013-06-1601:0005:42:32Duration 00:16:58 Link
Giovanni Gabrieli (artist)Canzon Noni Toni a 12 (Sacrae Symphoniae 1597)Breakfast2013-06-2006:3001:10:00Duration Link
Giovanni Gabrieli (artist)Sonata pian' e forte alla quarta bassa a 8 (B.2.64) [1597 no.6]Breakfast2013-06-1806:3000:47:00Duration Link
Giuseppe MartucciNotturno Op 70 no 1Through the Night2013-06-1701:0002:43:45Duration 00:07:19 Link
Giuseppe VerdiAroldo - Act IAfternoon Concert2013-06-2014:0000:09:37Duration 00:51:15 Link
Giuseppe VerdiAroldo - Act IIAfternoon Concert2013-06-2014:0001:01:44Duration 00:26:12 Link
Giuseppe VerdiAroldo - Act IIIAfternoon Concert2013-06-2014:0001:28:40Duration 00:23:38 Link
Giuseppe VerdiAroldo - Act IVAfternoon Concert2013-06-2014:0001:53:05Duration 00:24:15 Link
Giuseppe VerdiCiel, ch'io respire! (Aroldo)Breakfast2013-06-2006:3001:49:00Duration Link
Giuseppe VerdiRigolettoEssential Classics2013-06-1709:00Duration Link
Giuseppe VerdiRitorna vincitor! - AidaBBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-2113:0000:51:17Duration 00:00:43 Link
Giuseppe VerdiString Quartet in E minor (third movement)Breakfast2013-06-1607:0001:22:00Duration Link
Giuseppe VerdiVieni, o Levita!...Tu sul labbro - NabuccoBBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-1813:0000:58:55Duration 00:00:56 Link
Giya Alexandrovich Kancheli (artist)Amao omi for chorus and saxophone quartetRadio 3 Live in Concert2013-06-1719:3001:14:32Duration 00:23:33 Link
Gjermund Larsen Trio (artist)ToyenvalsWorld on 32013-06-2123:0000:11:47Duration 00:03:59 Link
Gliere (artist)Chinese Dance (The Red Poppy)Essential Classics2013-06-2109:00Duration Link
Glière (artist)Phoenix (The Red Poppy Suite, Op. 70)Essential Classics2013-06-2009:00Duration Link
Goran Bregović (artist)Ciribiribela CiribiribelaWorld on 32013-06-2123:0001:36:46Duration 00:04:14 Link
Gordon Jacob (artist)Old Wine in New Bottles – Wraggle Taggle Gypsies; Begone Dull CareBreakfast2013-06-1706:3002:07:00Duration Link
Grace WilliamsSea SketchesThrough the Night2013-06-1501:0003:41:27Duration 00:18:03 Link
Grace Williams (artist)Fantasia on Welsh Nursery TunesEssential Classics2013-06-1709:00Duration Link
Gregorio AllegriMiserereChoir and Organ2013-06-1617:0001:03:44Duration 00:11:52 Link
Gunnar de FrumeriePastoral Suite, Op 13bThrough the Night2013-06-1501:0005:04:28Duration 00:13:14 Link
Gustav HolstBrook Green SuiteBreakfast2013-06-2106:3001:49:00Duration Link
Gustav HolstFugal Concerto for flute, oboe & strings, Op. 40 No. 2Essential Classics2013-06-2009:00Duration Link
Gustav HolstSuite for military band no. 1 (Op.28`1) in E flat major, no.3; MarchBreakfast2013-06-1906:3000:25:00Duration Link
Gustav HolstThe PlanetsEssential Classics2013-06-1909:00Duration Link
Gustav MahlerPiano Quartet in A minor (1876)Through the Night2013-06-1800:3000:59:21Duration 00:12:34 Link
Gwyneth Herbert (artist)Fishguard LadiesLate Junction2013-06-2023:00Duration Link
Gwyneth Herbert (artist)LoreleiLate Junction2013-06-1823:00Duration Link
H P Lovecraft (artist)Wayfaring StrangerLate Junction2013-06-1923:00Duration Link
Hans Christian LumbyeChampagne Galop, Op 14In Tune2013-06-2116:3000:33:29Duration 00:02:11 Link
Hans Christian LumbyeSalute to August BournevilleEssential Classics2013-06-1909:00Duration Link
Hans PfitznerAbschiedSunday Morning2013-06-1609:00Duration 00:02:49 Link
Harty (artist)A Comedy OvertureEssential Classics2013-06-2009:00Duration Link
Haydn Wood (artist)Mannin VeenBreakfast2013-06-1507:0001:15:00Duration Link
Hector BerliozAh! Je vais l'aimer - Béatrice et BénédictBBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-2113:0000:55:24Duration 00:00:32 Link
Hector BerliozBeatrice et Benedict - opera in 2 acts Op.27 [libretto after Shakespeare]In Tune2013-06-1716:3000:32:45Duration 00:07:58 Link
Hector BerliozBeatrice et Benedict OvertureThrough the Night2013-06-1701:0003:31:11Duration 00:08:03 Link
Hector BerliozBeatrice et Benedict: OvertureEssential Classics2013-06-1709:00Duration Link
Hector BerliozDido's Lament from The Trojans ( "Je vais mourir... Adieu, fiere cite")Essential Classics2013-06-2109:0002:51:50Duration 00:07:02 Link
Hector BerliozGrande Messe de Morts: Rex tremendaeBreakfast2013-06-1806:3001:37:00Duration Link
Hector BerliozLe Carnaval Romain, Op 9Through the Night2013-06-1501:0002:01:12Duration 00:09:07 Link
Hector BerliozLe Corsaire - overture Op.21Radio 3 Live in Concert2013-06-1819:30Duration Link
Hector BerliozLes Troyens, Act V: Nos. 47 & 48: "Je vais mourir… Adieu fière cité"Essential Classics2013-06-2109:00Duration Link
Hector BerliozSymphonie fantastique Op.14In Tune2013-06-1816:3000:20:53Duration 00:06:35 Link
Heinrich SchützJauchzet Gott dem Herrn, alle Welt SWV 36Breakfast2013-06-1806:3001:16:00Duration Link
Heitor Villa‐LobosBachiana brasileira No 5Through the Night2013-06-1601:0005:09:25Duration 00:12:08 Link
Henri DuparcLa Vague et la clocheThrough the Night2013-06-1501:0003:35:28Duration 00:05:34 Link
Henri DuparcLa vie anterieureBBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-1813:0000:25:35Duration 00:00:19 Link
Henri DuparcLa vie anterieureBBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-2113:0000:48:53Duration 00:00:19 Link
Henry - transcribed by Britten Purcell (artist)Chacony in G minor for stringsThe Early Music Show2013-06-1513:0000:40:08Duration 00:06:54 Link
Henry John Gauntlett, P Armes & S Marchant (artist)Psalm 119 vv81-104Choral Evensong2013-06-1915:3000:08:55Duration 00:05:42 Link
Henry PurcellBehold upon my bending spear (from Act 2 of 'Dido and Aeneas')The Early Music Show2013-06-1613:00Duration Link
Henry PurcellBehold upon my bending spear (from Act 2 of 'Dido and Aeneas')The Early Music Show2013-06-1613:00Duration Link
Henry PurcellBehold upon my bending spear (from Act 2 of 'Dido and Aeneas')The Early Music Show2013-06-1613:0000:04:49Duration 00:04:14 Link
Henry PurcellChaconne - from Act 5 of 'The Fairy Queen'The Early Music Show2013-06-1513:00Duration Link
Henry PurcellChaconne - from Act 5 of 'The Fairy Queen'The Early Music Show2013-06-1513:0000:35:45Duration 00:03:32 Link
Henry PurcellChorus and Orchetra of the Academy of Ancient MusicWords and Music2013-06-1618:30Duration Link
Henry PurcellCome, ye sons of art (Ode for the Birthday of Queen Mary, 1694)Essential Classics2013-06-2009:00Duration Link
Henry PurcellDance for the Followers of Night from 'The Fairy Queen'The Early Music Show2013-06-1513:0000:55:02Duration 00:01:22 Link
Henry PurcellDance for the followers of Night from 'The Fairy Queen'The Early Music Show2013-06-1513:00Duration Link
Henry PurcellFantasia VI (written on June 14th 1680)Breakfast2013-06-1507:0000:30:00Duration Link
Henry PurcellFantasia on One NoteThe Early Music Show2013-06-1513:00Duration Link
Henry PurcellFantasia on One NoteThe Early Music Show2013-06-1513:0000:09:30Duration 00:02:45 Link
Henry PurcellFantazia no. 7 in C minor Z.738 for 4 instrumentsRadio 3 Live in Concert2013-06-1719:3000:30:58Duration 00:04:22 Link
Henry PurcellKeyboard Suite No.5, Z.666The Early Music Show2013-06-1513:0000:23:35Duration 00:07:33 Link
Henry PurcellKeyboard Suite no.5, Z.666The Early Music Show2013-06-1513:00Duration Link
Henry PurcellNow the Night is chas'd away (from Part 1 of 'The Fairy Queen')The Early Music Show2013-06-1613:00Duration Link
Henry PurcellNow the Night is chas'd away (from Part 1 of 'The Fairy Queen')The Early Music Show2013-06-1613:0000:50:04Duration 00:02:40 Link
Henry PurcellNow the maids and the men; A Dance of Haymakers (from 'The Fairy Queen', Part 3)The Early Music Show2013-06-1613:0000:53:38Duration 00:04:35 Link
Henry PurcellNow the maids and the men; A Dance of Haymakers (from Part 3 of 'The Fairy Queen')The Early Music Show2013-06-1613:00Duration Link
Henry PurcellOverture to 'Dido and Aeneas'The Early Music Show2013-06-1513:00Duration Link
Henry PurcellOverture to 'Dido and Aeneas'The Early Music Show2013-06-1513:0000:56:27Duration 00:02:23 Link
Henry PurcellRejoice in the Lord always, Z.49Breakfast2013-06-1607:0000:38:00Duration Link
Henry PurcellRondeau from the Incidental music to AbdelazarThe Early Music Show2013-06-1513:0000:04:45Duration 00:01:27 Link
Henry PurcellRondeau, Incidental music to AbdelazarThe Early Music Show2013-06-1513:00Duration Link
Henry PurcellSee, see, even Night herself is here (Z.62/11) from 'The Fairy Queen'Through the Night2013-06-1701:0005:08:02Duration 00:05:14 Link
Henry PurcellSweeter than RosesThe Early Music Show2013-06-1613:00Duration Link
Henry PurcellSweeter than RosesThe Early Music Show2013-06-1613:0000:40:34Duration 00:02:30 Link
Henry PurcellThree parts upon a ground for 3 violins and continuoWords and Music2013-06-1618:3000:34:22Duration Link
Henry Purcell (transcribed by Britten) (artist)Chacony in G minor for stringsThe Early Music Show2013-06-1513:00Duration Link
Henry Purcell, realised by Benjamin Britten (artist)Hark the ech'ing airThe Early Music Show2013-06-1613:00Duration Link
Henry Purcell, realised by Benjamin Britten (artist)Hark the ech'ing airThe Early Music Show2013-06-1613:0000:36:18Duration 00:02:25 Link
Henry Purcell, realised by Benjamin Britten (artist)Saul and the Witch at EndorThe Early Music Show2013-06-1613:00Duration Link
Henry Purcell, realised by Benjamin Britten (artist)Saul and the Witch at EndorThe Early Music Show2013-06-1613:0000:20:22Duration 00:11:44 Link
Henry Purcell, realised by Benjamin Britten (artist)Sound the TrumpetThe Early Music Show2013-06-1613:00Duration Link
Henry Purcell, realised by Benjamin Britten (artist)Sound the TrumpetThe Early Music Show2013-06-1613:0000:33:54Duration 00:02:21 Link
Hession / Wilkinson / Fell (artist)Second BogeyJazz on 32013-06-1723:0001:00:42Duration Link
Hilary Hahn & Hauschka (artist)RiftLate Junction2013-06-2023:00Duration Link
Hoddinott (artist)Welsh Dances, Set 2, Op. 64Essential Classics2013-06-2009:00Duration Link
Home Of The Brave (artist)Big CountryJazz on 32013-06-1723:0000:18:40Duration Link
Home Of The Brave (artist)Cheaper Than WaterJazz on 32013-06-1723:0000:23:20Duration Link
Home Of The Brave (artist)Deadwood StageJazz on 32013-06-1723:0000:37:39Duration Link
Home Of The Brave (artist)Fresh HorsesJazz on 32013-06-1723:0000:25:19Duration Link
Home Of The Brave (artist)Johnny's Desert GuitarJazz on 32013-06-1723:0000:29:54Duration Link
Home Of The Brave (artist)LaramieJazz on 32013-06-1723:0000:48:53Duration Link
Home Of The Brave (artist)[Clarinet Solo]Jazz on 32013-06-1723:0000:12:06Duration Link
Home Of The Brave (artist)[Group Improvisation]Jazz on 32013-06-1723:0000:13:30Duration Link
Home of the Brave (artist)MockridgeJazz on 32013-06-1723:0000:43:45Duration Link
Howard GoodallThe Lord Is My ShepherdChoir and Organ2013-06-1617:0001:27:21Duration 00:02:40 Link
Howard Riley (artist)The Day Will ComeJazz Record Requests2013-06-1517:00Duration Link
Hubert Parry12 Short pieces for violin and piano: Set 3Saturday Classics2013-06-1515:0000:07:12Duration 00:06:58 Link
Hubert ParryEnglish Suite [Prelude]Breakfast2013-06-1607:0000:16:00Duration Link
Hugo AlfvénEn bat med blommor (A boat with flowers), Op 44Through the Night2013-06-1501:0005:34:09Duration 00:10:03 Link
Hugo AlfvénKing Gustav II Adolf (Suite)Through the Night2013-06-1800:3004:37:11Duration 00:15:17 Link
Hugo WolfNo 3 Fühlt meine Seele - 3 Michelangelo LiederBBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-2113:0000:05:09Duration 00:03:36 Link
Humphrey Lyttelton and His Band (artist)Wally Plays the BluesJazz Record Requests2013-06-1517:00Duration Link
Ian Wilson (artist)Little red fish for chorus and saxophone quartetRadio 3 Live in Concert2013-06-1719:3000:35:20Duration 00:11:19 Link
Igor StravinskyConcertino for string quartetIn Tune2013-06-2116:3000:42:27Duration 00:06:30 Link
Igor StravinskyConcerto for string orchestra in D major, 'Basle concerto'Through the Night2013-06-1601:0003:47:19Duration 00:12:12 Link
Igor StravinskyScherzo a la russe for jazz bandIn Tune2013-06-2016:3000:00:30Duration 00:03:53 Link
Igor StravinskySuite italienne for cello and pianoThrough the Night2013-06-1800:3000:05:54Duration 00:18:08 Link
Igor StravinskySuite italienne for violin and piano (1933)Through the Night2013-06-1501:0002:10:39Duration 00:17:00 Link
Igor StravinskyThe Rake's Progress – 'No word from Tom'Sunday Morning2013-06-1609:00Duration 00:04:03 Link
Ivor Gurney (artist)No 4 Sleep - 5 Elizabethan SongsBBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-2013:0000:37:36Duration 00:03:04 Link
Jacques IbertTrois pieces brevesThrough the Night2013-06-1900:3003:45:55Duration 00:07:07 Link
James Findlay (artist)Claudy BanksLate Junction2013-06-2023:00Duration Link
Jan Dismas ZelenkaMissa Dei filii (Missa ultimarum secundat) ZWV.20Through the Night2013-06-1701:0000:45:48Duration 00:43:41 Link
Jean Langlais (artist)Organ prelude: Chant de PaixChoral Evensong2013-06-1616:0000:01:34Duration 00:03:12 Link
Jean SibeliusLuonnotar, tone poem (Op.70) [1913] for soprano and orchestraThrough the Night2013-06-1900:3005:20:00Duration 00:08:14 Link
Jean SibeliusPetite SuiteThrough the Night2013-06-1800:3005:16:15Duration 00:07:30 Link
Jean SibeliusSymphony No 1 in E minor, Op 39Through the Night2013-06-1800:3002:01:13Duration 00:37:46 Link
Jean SibeliusSymphony No. 5 in E flat, Op. 82Essential Classics2013-06-1709:00Duration Link
Jean SibeliusValse triste (from Kuolema, Op. 44)Essential Classics2013-06-1909:00Duration Link
Jean‐Marie LeclairDeuxieme Recreation de musique d'une execution facile in G minor Op.8 for 2 flutes/violinsIn Tune2013-06-1716:3001:10:03Duration 00:07:10 Link
Jean‐Philippe RameauCastor et Pollux "Suite" (compiled Bruggen) - OuvertureBreakfast2013-06-1706:3000:46:00Duration Link
Jed Davenport (artist)How Long, How Long BluesLate Junction2013-06-2023:00Duration Link
Jerome MorossThe Big CountryJazz on 32013-06-1723:0000:11:35Duration Link
Jerome Moross (artist)Mckay In Blanco CanyonJazz on 32013-06-1723:0000:08:28Duration Link
Jim Causley (artist)My young man's a CornishmanWorld on 32013-06-2123:0000:57:19Duration 00:04:16 Link
Joaquín RodrigoDe donde vénis [4 Madrigales Amatorios]Breakfast2013-06-1507:0000:56:00Duration Link
Joaquín TurinaPiano Sextet (Op.7) (Scene Andalouse)Through the Night2013-06-1800:3000:45:41Duration 00:13:12 Link
Jocelyn Pook And Christopher Norby (artist)Trees, Walls and CitiesIn Tune2013-06-1716:3000:56:37Duration 00:11:53 Link
Johan Helmich RomanSymphonia No 20 in E minorThrough the Night2013-06-1800:3005:41:16Duration 00:08:14 Link
Johan SvendsenNorwegian Artists' CarnivalBreakfast2013-06-1507:0000:21:00Duration Link
Johan SvendsenRomeo and Juliet, fantasy, Op 18Through the Night2013-06-1701:0003:55:11Duration 00:13:54 Link
Johann Bernhard Bach (artist)Overture No.2 in G majorBreakfast2013-06-2006:3001:55:00Duration Link
Johann Christoph Friedrich BachDie Amerikanerin (The American Girl) - lyric painting for soprano and ensembleThrough the Night2013-06-1601:0003:35:49Duration 00:10:57 Link
Johann Joseph FuxTurcaria - Eine musikalische BeschreibungThrough the Night2013-06-1900:3002:49:17Duration 00:12:08 Link
Johann Joseph Fux (artist)Overture a 7 in D minorBreakfast2013-06-2106:3001:39:00Duration Link
Johann Kaspar MertzHungarian Fatherland FlowersThrough the Night2013-06-1601:0004:33:46Duration 00:08:30 Link
Johann Sebastian BachBrandenburg Concerto No. 3 in G, BWV 1048Essential Classics2013-06-1709:00Duration Link
Johann Sebastian BachBrandenburg Concerto No.2 in F, BWV.1047Through the Night2013-06-2000:3004:44:22Duration 00:11:07 Link
Johann Sebastian BachBrandenburg Concerto no 3 in G major, BWV 1048Through the Night2013-06-1501:0001:46:44Duration 00:12:45 Link
Johann Sebastian BachBrandenburg concerto no. 1 in F major BWV.1046Through the Night2013-06-1701:0000:07:45Duration 00:18:47 Link
Johann Sebastian BachBrandenburg concerto no. 2 in F major BWV.1047In Tune2013-06-2016:3000:57:10Duration 00:11:05 Link
Johann Sebastian BachCantata no. 61 BWV.61 (Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland)Through the Night2013-06-1701:0000:26:55Duration 00:18:23 Link
Johann Sebastian BachConcerto BWV.1060 for oboe, violin & strings reconstr. Schneider vers. in D minorIn Tune2013-06-1816:3000:38:21Duration 00:12:32 Link
Johann Sebastian BachConcerto in D minor for 2 violins, BWV1043 (2nd mvt)Private Passions2013-06-1612:0000:47:18Duration 00:08:03 Link
Johann Sebastian BachContrapunctus IV, arr. for string quartet [from Die Kunst der Fuge]Radio 3 Live in Concert2013-06-1719:3001:10:59Duration 00:03:33 Link
Johann Sebastian BachGavotte en Rondeau (Solo Violin Partita in E major)Through the Night2013-06-1601:0000:36:07Duration 00:03:19 Link
Johann Sebastian BachHerr, unser Herrscher, dessen Ruhm [St John Passion]Breakfast2013-06-1607:0001:04:00Duration Link
Johann Sebastian BachInvention No 8 in F, BWV779Breakfast2013-06-1706:3002:20:00Duration Link
Johann Sebastian BachJesu, meine Freude - motet BWV.227Through the Night2013-06-2100:3005:38:18Duration 00:21:13 Link
Johann Sebastian BachJesus bleibet meine FreudBreakfast2013-06-2006:3000:38:00Duration Link
Johann Sebastian BachLargo from Sonata No.3 for solo violin BWV 1005Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2013-06-1713:0000:06:34Duration 00:02:19 Link
Johann Sebastian BachLargo from Sonata No.3 for solo violin BWV 1005Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2013-06-1713:0000:07:35Duration 00:02:19 Link
Johann Sebastian BachMagnificat in D major, BWV 243Through the Night2013-06-1601:0001:22:56Duration 00:26:38 Link
Johann Sebastian BachO Jesu Christ, meins Lebens lichtBreakfast2013-06-1706:3000:17:00Duration Link
Johann Sebastian BachPartita no. 5 in G major BWV.829 for keyboardIn Tune2013-06-2016:3001:58:14Duration 00:02:06 Link
Johann Sebastian BachPrelude and Fugue in A minor, BWV 543Through the Night2013-06-1601:0004:59:44Duration 00:09:13 Link
Johann Sebastian BachPrelude and Fugue in E minor (Well-tempered Clavier, Book 1), BWV855Essential Classics2013-06-2109:00Duration Link
Johann Sebastian BachPrelude in E minor BWV 555Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2013-06-1713:0000:02:59Duration 00:03:27 Link
Johann Sebastian BachPrelude in E minor BWV 555Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2013-06-1713:0000:03:59Duration 00:03:27 Link
Johann Sebastian BachSarabande - from Cello Suite no.5 in C minor (BWV.1011)Through the Night2013-06-1800:3000:01:11Duration 00:04:16 Link
Johann Sebastian BachSinfonia from Cantata 'Wir danken Dir, Gott...' BWV 29Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2013-06-1713:0000:08:54Duration 00:03:43 Link
Johann Sebastian BachSinfonia from Cantata 'Wir danken Dir, Gott...' BWV 29Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2013-06-1713:0000:09:57Duration 00:03:43 Link
Johann Sebastian BachSuite for orchestra no.2 (BWV.1067) in B minor [with solo flute], fourth Bourree 1+ 2Breakfast2013-06-1906:3001:43:00Duration Link
Johann Sebastian BachThree part inventions no 11Words and Music2013-06-1618:3000:53:41Duration Link
Johann Sebastian BachViolin Concerto in E minor, BWV.1042Breakfast2013-06-1507:0000:37:00Duration Link
Johann Sebastian BachWiderstehe doch der Sunde, Cantata, BWV 54Through the Night2013-06-1800:3005:29:57Duration 00:10:53 Link
Johann Strauss IIRosen aus dem Suden - for harmonium, piano and string quartet (arranged Schoenberg)Breakfast2013-06-2106:3002:12:00Duration Link
Johann Strauss IIWienerblutThrough the Night2013-06-1900:3003:10:58Duration 00:09:34 Link
Johannes Brahms2 Rhapsodies for piano (Op.79) no.2 in G minorBreakfast2013-06-1706:3001:02:00Duration Link
Johannes Brahms6 Pieces Op.118 for pianoIn Tune2013-06-2116:3000:26:13Duration 00:03:10 Link
Johannes Brahms6 Quartets for soprano, alto, tenor, bass and piano, Op 112Through the Night2013-06-2100:3003:34:01Duration 00:10:54 Link
Johannes Brahms6 Quartets for soprano, alto, tenor, bass and piano, Op 112Through the Night2013-06-2000:3004:10:38Duration 00:10:54 Link
Johannes BrahmsFest- und Gedenkspruche for 8 voices, Op 109Through the Night2013-06-1701:0003:06:59Duration 00:09:47 Link
Johannes BrahmsHerr, lehre doch mich (from A German Requiem)Choir and Organ2013-06-1617:0000:36:48Duration 00:08:29 Link
Johannes BrahmsNanie Op.82 for chorus and orchestraRadio 3 Live in Concert2013-06-1819:30Duration Link
Johannes BrahmsNo 4 Wenn ich mit Menschen - 4 Serious SongsBBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-1913:0000:25:25Duration 00:04:26 Link
Johannes BrahmsO wüsst ich doch den Weg zurück Op 63 No 8BBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-2113:0000:25:46Duration 00:03:42 Link
Johannes BrahmsQuartet no. 1 in G minor Op.25 for piano and stringsIn Tune2013-06-1816:3001:09:28Duration 00:05:41 Link
Johannes BrahmsQuintet in F minor Op.34 for piano and stringsThrough the Night2013-06-2000:3001:17:48Duration 00:41:40 Link
Johannes BrahmsRede, Madchen, allzu liebesBreakfast2013-06-2006:3001:27:00Duration Link
Johannes BrahmsTragic Overture in D minor, Op 81Through the Night2013-06-1800:3003:35:19Duration 00:13:14 Link
Johannes BrahmsWie Melodien zieht es mir op 105 no 1BBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-1913:0000:40:00Duration 00:02:05 Link
Johannes VerhulstOverture in C minor, 'Gijsbrecht van Aemstel', Op 3Through the Night2013-06-2100:3004:01:11Duration 00:08:53 Link
John DowlandM. Bucton his galiard for 5 instruments [Lachrimae, 1604]In Tune2013-06-1816:3000:01:54Duration 00:01:31 Link
John DowlandThe Earl of Essex his galliard vers. for 5 viols & luteIn Tune2013-06-1816:3000:03:25Duration 00:01:31 Link
John DowlandThe King of Denmark his galliard (The battle galliard) for viols and lute [Lachrimae, 1604In Tune2013-06-1816:3000:00:28Duration 00:01:26 Link
John IrelandBagatelle for violin and piano (1911)Breakfast2013-06-1806:3001:12:00Duration Link
John IrelandThe Forgotten rite - prelude for orchestraAfternoon Concert2013-06-1814:0000:59:21Duration 00:07:01 Link
John Marsh (artist)Intermezzo (third movement) from Suite: The QuantocksBreakfast2013-06-2006:3000:11:00Duration Link
John Reischman (artist)Joe Ahr's DreamWorld on 32013-06-2123:0000:17:02Duration 00:02:57 Link
John RutterThe Wind in the Willows - Rat and Mole meet: A life on the riverBreakfast2013-06-1906:3000:37:00Duration Link
John TavenerHymn for the Dormition of the Mother of GodLate Junction2013-06-1923:00Duration Link
John TavenerLove Bade Me WelcomeLate Junction2013-06-2023:00Duration Link
John TavenerMagnificatLate Junction2013-06-1823:00Duration Link
John TavenerNunc dimittisLate Junction2013-06-1823:00Duration Link
Johnny GriffinWade In The WaterGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2013-06-1600:0000:28:31Duration 00:03:45 Link
Johnny GriffinWoody'n YouGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2013-06-1600:0000:11:31Duration 00:06:07 Link
Johnny Griffin (artist)Wade in the WaterGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2013-06-1600:00Duration Link
Johnny Griffin (artist)Woody'n YouGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2013-06-1600:00Duration Link
Johnny Griffin and Eddie Lockjaw DavisTwinsGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2013-06-1600:0000:33:14Duration 00:06:27 Link
Johnny Griffin and Eddie Lockjaw Davis (artist)TwinsGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2013-06-1600:00Duration Link
Jonathan HarveyToccata for Organ and TapeChoral Evensong2013-06-1915:3000:49:27Duration 00:08:01 Link
Joseph HaydnPiano sonata Hob.XVI / 23: Finale: PrestoBreakfast2013-06-1806:3000:42:00Duration Link
Joseph HaydnSonata for Piano in G major, H.16.27Through the Night2013-06-2100:3003:12:12Duration 00:10:39 Link
Joseph HaydnSonata for piano (H.16.34) in E minorThrough the Night2013-06-2000:3003:36:03Duration 00:12:15 Link
Joseph HaydnString Quartet in E flat, Op 33 "Joke" (second movement: Scherzo)Breakfast2013-06-1706:3001:16:00Duration Link
Joseph HaydnString Quartet op.76 no.4 'Sunrise'Breakfast2013-06-2106:3000:45:00Duration Link
Joseph HaydnSymphony No. 99 in E flatEssential Classics2013-06-1909:00Duration Link
Joseph HaydnSymphony No.58 in FEssential Classics2013-06-1809:00Duration Link
Joseph HaydnTrumpet Concerto in E flat, Hob.VIIe:1Essential Classics2013-06-1709:00Duration Link
Joseph KüffnerClarinet Quintet in B flat, Op 32Through the Night2013-06-2100:3003:23:14Duration 00:10:22 Link
Judith BinghamHymn to St PaulChoral Evensong2013-06-1915:3000:35:08Duration 00:09:52 Link
Judith WeirI give you the end of a golden stringSunday Concert2013-06-1614:0001:06:15Duration 00:17:23 Link
Jurriaan AndriessenSonnet No.43 [When most I wink]Through the Night2013-06-1701:0003:47:54Duration 00:06:48 Link
Juuru & Juuri (artist)Imatran rannalla / By The Imatra RapidsLate Junction2013-06-2023:00Duration Link
Jānis MediņšFlower Waltz (Victory of Love)Through the Night2013-06-1501:0005:54:28Duration 00:05:04 Link
Karol Józef LipinskiViolin Concerto No.4 in A major (Op.32) [Allegro] (1844)Through the Night2013-06-2100:3005:22:22Duration 00:15:23 Link
Keith Tippett (artist)This Is What HappensJazz Record Requests2013-06-1517:00Duration Link
Kenneth LeightonSymphony no. 2 Op.69 (Sinfonia mistica)Afternoon Concert2013-06-1914:0000:02:06Duration 00:48:36 Link
Knut Nystedt (artist)Immortal Bach for chorusRadio 3 Live in Concert2013-06-1719:3001:06:41Duration 00:04:18 Link
Krzysztof PendereckiQuartet for clarinet and strings: third movementRadio 3 Live in Concert2013-06-1719:3001:02:38Duration 00:01:32 Link
Lady Maisery (artist)The Crow on the CradleLate Junction2013-06-1823:00Duration Link
Lady Maisery (artist)The Factory GirlWorld on 32013-06-2123:0000:52:07Duration 00:05:25 Link
Lars‐Erik LarssonViolin Sonatina (1928)Through the Night2013-06-1800:3004:10:00Duration 00:13:34 Link
Leevi MadetojaDance Vision (Tanssinaky), Op 11Through the Night2013-06-1800:3004:23:59Duration 00:08:04 Link
Leon Hunt N-Tet (artist)Honey you don't know my mindWorld on 32013-06-2123:0000:23:43Duration 00:02:46 Link
Leon Hunt N-Tet (artist)Little MaggieWorld on 32013-06-2123:0000:30:15Duration 00:02:15 Link
Leon Hunt N-Tet (artist)Molly and TenbrooksWorld on 32013-06-2123:0000:26:33Duration 00:03:27 Link
Leonard BernsteinFanfare for BimaSunday Morning2013-06-1609:00Duration 00:00:50 Link
Leonard BernsteinPeter Pan – My HouseSunday Morning2013-06-1609:00Duration 00:03:44 Link
Leonard BernsteinWonderful Town (Overture)In Tune2013-06-1716:3001:42:02Duration 00:02:56 Link
Leopold Stokowski (artist)Symphony no. 1Afternoon Concert2013-06-1814:0001:07:18Duration 00:13:14 Link
Leos JanáčekAdagio, Quatuor no. 1 Sonate a KreuzerWords and Music2013-06-1618:3001:08:11Duration Link
Leos JanáčekTaras BulbaSunday Morning2013-06-1609:00Duration 00:22:26 Link
Liane Carroll (artist)When I DieJazz Line-Up2013-06-1623:30Duration Link
Liane Carroll Trio (artist)CaravanJazz Line-Up2013-06-1623:30Duration Link
Liane Carroll Trio (artist)Here's to LifeJazz Line-Up2013-06-1623:30Duration Link
Liane Carroll Trio (artist)What Now My LoveJazz Line-Up2013-06-1623:30Duration Link
Lindha Kallerdahl (artist)I Was Informed To Dance Like LoversLate Junction2013-06-1923:00Duration Link
Liquorice Sticks Allsorts (artist)A Smooth OneJazz Line-Up2013-06-1623:30Duration Link
Liquorice Sticks Allsorts (artist)Air Mail SpecialJazz Line-Up2013-06-1623:30Duration Link
Liquorice Sticks Allsorts (artist)As Long As I LiveJazz Line-Up2013-06-1623:30Duration Link
Liquorice Sticks Allsorts (artist)GoodbyeJazz Line-Up2013-06-1623:30Duration Link
Liquorice Sticks Allsorts (artist)Menina FlorJazz Line-Up2013-06-1623:30Duration Link
Liquorice Sticks Allsorts (artist)Midnight SunJazz Line-Up2013-06-1623:30Duration Link
Liquorice Sticks Allsorts (artist)TristeJazz Line-Up2013-06-1623:30Duration Link
Liquorice Sticks Allsorts (artist)Up A Lazy RiverJazz Line-Up2013-06-1623:30Duration Link
Little Walter (artist)Last NightLate Junction2013-06-1823:00Duration Link
Lorenz Hart, Richard Rodgers (artist)Bewitched, Bothered and BewilderedWords and Music2013-06-1618:3000:38:47Duration Link
Lorenzo Perosi (artist)MagnificatChoral Evensong2013-06-1616:0000:33:11Duration 00:05:31 Link
Los Desterrados (artist)Aguila GuilaWorld on 32013-06-2123:0001:41:01Duration 00:04:08 Link
Louis Killen (artist)The Ship In DistressLate Junction2013-06-1923:00Duration Link
Ludvig NormanContrasts for Piano (Op.61, Nos 1&2) (1883-1884)Through the Night2013-06-1800:3004:32:29Duration 00:04:11 Link
Ludwig van Beethoven7 Variations on a Theme of The Magic Flute by MozartThrough the Night2013-06-1900:3003:01:49Duration 00:08:44 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenEgmont Overture, Op 84Through the Night2013-06-1800:3004:01:11Duration 00:08:20 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenLento assai (3rd Movement) String Quartet Op.135 in FLate Junction2013-06-1923:00Duration Link
Ludwig van BeethovenMarch in B flat, WoO29Essential Classics2013-06-1809:00Duration Link
Ludwig van BeethovenOverture (Egmont, Op 84)Through the Night2013-06-2000:3004:01:12Duration 00:09:02 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Sonata No.8 in C minor "Pathetique" second movementBreakfast2013-06-1607:0000:04:00Duration Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Sonata in F major, Op. 10 No. 2Essential Classics2013-06-1809:00Duration Link
Ludwig van BeethovenQuartet in F minor Op 95 'Serioso'Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2013-06-1514:0000:02:20Duration 00:22:58 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenQuartet in F minor Op.95 for stringsIn Tune2013-06-2016:3001:41:27Duration 00:04:32 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenRondo No.1 in C, Op.51 No.1Breakfast2013-06-2006:3000:16:00Duration Link
Ludwig van BeethovenSextet for 2 horns and string quartet (Op.81b)..., third movement; Rondo (Allegro)Breakfast2013-06-1906:3001:08:00Duration Link
Ludwig van BeethovenSonata No.4 in E flat major, Op.7Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2013-06-1713:0000:13:47Duration 00:26:58 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenSonata No.4 in E flat major, Op.7Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert2013-06-1713:0000:14:38Duration 00:26:58 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenSymphony no. 4 in B flat major Op.60Afternoon Concert2013-06-2114:0000:45:58Duration 00:32:39 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenSymphony no. 7 in A major Op.92In Tune2013-06-2116:3000:51:18Duration 00:09:36 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenSymphony no. 8 in F major Op.93Radio 3 Live in Concert2013-06-1819:30Duration Link
Ludwig van BeethovenSymphony no. 9 (Op.125) in D minor "Choral"Through the Night2013-06-1501:0000:28:07Duration 01:08:19 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenSymphony no.1 Finale fourth movementBreakfast2013-06-2106:3001:16:00Duration Link
Ludwig van BeethovenViolin Sonata in A minor, Op.23Essential Classics2013-06-2009:00Duration Link
Ludwig van BeethovenViolin sonata in F, Op 24 "Spring"Through the Night2013-06-2000:3004:55:54Duration 00:23:29 Link
Luigi BoccheriniConcerto for harpsichord and orchestra (G.487) in E flat majorThrough the Night2013-06-2000:3005:43:40Duration 00:15:53 Link
MacCunn (artist)The Land of the Mountain and the FloodEssential Classics2013-06-1709:00Duration Link
Malcolm Arnold4 Scottish dances Op.59In Tune2013-06-2116:3000:00:25Duration 00:02:37 Link
Malcolm ArnoldSymphony No.2 (fourth movement)Breakfast2013-06-1607:0001:15:00Duration Link
Malcolm ArnoldThe Padstow lifeboat - march Op.94 for brass bandIn Tune2013-06-2016:3000:33:30Duration 00:04:40 Link
Malcolm Williamson (artist)Sinfonia concertante for 3 trumpets, piano and strings: 2nd movementSaturday Classics2013-06-1515:0000:14:10Duration 00:05:15 Link
Man In Formaldehyde (artist)Time Lapse Flower 1Late Junction2013-06-2023:00Duration Link
Manu Sequera (artist)El gazpachoWorld on 32013-06-2123:0000:45:08Duration 00:02:35 Link
Manuel de FallaThe Miller's dance (Farruca) (from The Three Cornered Hat)Breakfast2013-06-2006:3002:02:00Duration Link
Marc BlitzsteinJuno (I wish it so), arr. Eric Stern for voice and pianoIn Tune2013-06-1716:3001:19:05Duration 00:03:34 Link
Marco Frisina (artist)Anima ChristiChoral Evensong2013-06-1616:0000:04:49Duration 00:03:47 Link
Marc‐Antoine CharpentierMarche de Triomphe in C H.547/1Breakfast2013-06-2106:3001:56:00Duration Link
Marin MaraisLa Sonnerie de Sainte-Genevieve du Mont de ParisThrough the Night2013-06-1501:0003:26:43Duration 00:08:24 Link
Mario NardelliThree pieces for guitarThrough the Night2013-06-2100:3004:10:29Duration 00:09:24 Link
Martial Solal & Johnny Griffin (artist)In And OutGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2013-06-1600:0000:45:08Duration 00:04:45 Link
Martial Solal & Johnny Griffin (artist)In and OutGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2013-06-1600:00Duration Link
Martin and Robert (artist)Maxwell and Peoria BluesLate Junction2013-06-1923:00Duration Link
Massachusetts Sacred Harp Convention (artist)Wayfaring StrangerLate Junction2013-06-1823:00Duration Link
Maurice RavelAlborada del gracioso (Miroirs, No.4)Breakfast2013-06-2006:3000:03:00Duration Link
Maurice RavelDaphnis et Chloe - suite no. 2, arr. H Snell for brass bandAfternoon Concert2013-06-1714:0001:07:33Duration 00:15:57 Link
Maurice RavelKaddish Deux Melodies hebraiquesBBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-1813:0000:14:46Duration 00:05:10 Link
Maurice RavelQuartet in F major for stringsIn Tune2013-06-2116:3000:05:49Duration 00:07:53 Link
Maurice RavelSonata in G major for violin and pianoIn Tune2013-06-1716:3001:53:10Duration 00:07:28 Link
Max BruchAdagio (Violin Concerto No. 1 in G minor, Op. 26)Essential Classics2013-06-1809:00Duration Link
Max BruchAllegro vivace ma non troppo in C major (Op 83, No 7)Through the Night2013-06-1800:3003:24:16Duration 00:03:57 Link
Max BruchScottish fantasy, Op 46Through the Night2013-06-2100:3002:01:11Duration 00:29:51 Link
Max RegerSchlichte Weisen, Op. 76: Maria's WiegenliedEssential Classics2013-06-1709:00Duration Link
Mendelssohn arr. Rachmaninov (artist)Scherzo (A Midsummer Night's Dream incidental music)Essential Classics2013-06-2109:00Duration Link
Mercedes Sosa (artist)JangaderoWorld on 32013-06-2123:0000:42:44Duration 00:02:26 Link
Michael Anthony Daniel (artist)Little LawrenceJazz Record Requests2013-06-1517:00Duration Link
Michael TippettFantasia Concertante on a theme of CorelliSunday Concert2013-06-1614:0000:04:31Duration 00:17:35 Link
Michel Corrette (artist)Concerto Comique No 25Sunday Morning2013-06-1609:00Duration 00:08:17 Link
Mike & Ali Vass (artist)Young Emily / Sophie's JigWorld on 32013-06-2123:0000:38:43Duration 00:03:13 Link
Modest MussorgskyGopakBBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-2013:0000:40:55Duration 00:03:18 Link
Nathaniel Gow (artist)Miss Sally Hunter of Thurston JigEssential Classics2013-06-1809:00Duration Link
Nevin (artist)NarcissusEssential Classics2013-06-1809:00Duration Link
Nicolò PaganiniLa campanella third movement from Violin Concerto no.2Breakfast2013-06-2106:3000:16:00Duration Link
Nikolai Girshevich KapustinIntermezzo' from 8 Concert etudes for piano Op.40 no.7Breakfast2013-06-2106:3002:26:00Duration Link
Nikolai Rimsky-KorsakovThe Tsar's Bride: OvertureEssential Classics2013-06-1809:00Duration Link
Oana Cătălina Chițu (artist)ASeara ti-am Luat BasmaLate Junction2013-06-1923:00Duration Link
Orlande de LassusVidentes Stellam Magi, motet for 5 voicesWords and Music2013-06-1618:3000:31:06Duration Link
Ottorino RespighiImpressioni BrasilianeThrough the Night2013-06-1601:0005:22:00Duration 00:20:09 Link
Pandolfi (artist)Violin Sonata, Op.3 No.4 'La Castella'Essential Classics2013-06-1909:00Duration Link
Pantha du Prince (artist)Spectral SplitLate Junction2013-06-1823:00Duration Link
Paolo Angeli (artist)BaskaLate Junction2013-06-2023:00Duration Link
Patrick Hadley (artist)Lines from Cenci for soprano and chamber orchestraAfternoon Concert2013-06-1714:0002:07:00Duration 00:08:17 Link
Pau Casals (artist)Catalan SongThrough the Night2013-06-2100:3000:39:48Duration 00:03:41 Link
Paul HindemithKonzertstuck for 2 alto saxophones: first movement [1933]Radio 3 Live in Concert2013-06-1719:3000:49:43Duration 00:03:38 Link
Per NørgårdWie ein Kind for chorusRadio 3 Live in Concert2013-06-1719:3000:17:28Duration 00:13:30 Link
Percy Fletcher (artist)Labour and love - tone poem for brass bandAfternoon Concert2013-06-1814:0000:02:41Duration 00:11:40 Link
Percy GraingerEnglish Dance No.1Essential Classics2013-06-1709:00Duration Link
Percy GraingerHandel in the Strand, version for orchestraBreakfast2013-06-1906:3001:54:00Duration Link
Percy GraingerShepherd's HeyBreakfast2013-06-1706:3001:57:00Duration Link
Peter Graham (artist)Radio CityAfternoon Concert2013-06-1814:0002:19:30Duration 00:11:06 Link
Peter Maxwell DaviesSymphony no. 1Afternoon Concert2013-06-2114:0001:25:45Duration 00:54:52 Link
Petronio FranceschiniSonata a 7 con due TrombeBreakfast2013-06-2106:3000:09:00Duration Link
Piers Hellawell (artist)Sapphire for 4 voicesIn Tune2013-06-2016:3000:12:13Duration 00:02:19 Link
Plainsong (artist)Marian Antiphon: Salve reginaChoral Evensong2013-06-1616:0000:47:18Duration 00:01:37 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyDance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy Breakfast2013-06-1507:0000:53:00Duration Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyDances from The OprichnikEssential Classics2013-06-2109:00Duration Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyDon Juan's serenade - Op 38 No 1BBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-2113:0000:08:56Duration 00:02:36 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyLensky's aria - Eugene OneginBBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-2013:0000:54:32Duration 00:00:50 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyOnegin's Aria - Eugene OneginBBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-2013:0000:53:31Duration 00:00:46 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyPimpinella Russian Op 38 No 6BBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-2013:0000:26:50Duration 00:00:10 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyPimpinella Russian Op 38 No 6BBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-2113:0000:49:43Duration 00:00:10 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyRose Adagio (Sleeping Beauty)Essential Classics2013-06-1809:00Duration Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskySerenade Op 63 No 6BBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-2013:0000:08:28Duration 00:00:09 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskySerenade Op 63 No 6BBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-2113:0000:49:30Duration 00:00:09 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskySymphony No.6 in B minor, Op.74 "Pathetique" – third movementBreakfast2013-06-2006:3000:47:00Duration Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskySymphony no. 4 (Op.36) in F minorThrough the Night2013-06-2100:3000:43:59Duration 00:46:02 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyTatyana's Letter Scene - Eugene OneginBBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-1813:0000:53:44Duration 00:00:31 Link
Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyThe Nutcracker - suite (Op.71a), no.3; Waltz of the flowersBreakfast2013-06-1706:3000:52:00Duration Link
Qetiq (artist)Qara JorghaWorld on 32013-06-2123:0001:45:44Duration 00:05:45 Link
Radio Cos (artist)Ven bailar CarminaWorld on 32013-06-2123:0000:47:39Duration 00:03:15 Link
Rafael Kubelík (artist)Quattro forme de archiSunday Morning2013-06-1609:00Duration 00:22:16 Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsA London symphony (Symphony no.2)Afternoon Concert2013-06-1714:0000:21:37Duration 00:46:57 Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsFantasia on a theme by Thomas TallisEssential Classics2013-06-1709:00Duration Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsFantasia on a theme by Thomas TallisThrough the Night2013-06-1800:3001:43:47Duration 00:15:44 Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsFantasia on a theme by Thomas Tallis for double string orchestraThrough the Night2013-06-1900:3005:28:31Duration 00:13:59 Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsOrpheus with his luteBBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-2113:0000:20:05Duration 00:02:29 Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsOrpheus with his lute - 1st settingIn Tune2013-06-1816:3000:12:10Duration 00:02:30 Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsPiano Quintet in C minor, for piano, violin, viola, cello & double bass (1903)Through the Night2013-06-1800:3001:12:30Duration 00:30:48 Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsSea Songs – MarchBreakfast2013-06-2006:3000:34:00Duration Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsSerenade to musicThrough the Night2013-06-1701:0005:16:08Duration 00:13:25 Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsSo hath thy beauty [Merciless Beauty]Breakfast2013-06-1607:0001:54:00Duration Link
Rebecca Saunders & Benevot (artist)Psalms: 62, 67Choral Evensong2013-06-1616:0000:11:49Duration 00:10:00 Link
Richard Rodney BennettThe Flowers of the forest - variations for brass bandAfternoon Concert2013-06-1914:0001:07:54Duration 00:15:19 Link
Richard Stoker (artist)Regency Suite, Op.15 – 3rd movement PastoralBreakfast2013-06-2006:3001:07:00Duration Link
Richard StraussCacilie Op 27 No 2BBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-1813:0000:43:49Duration 00:02:00 Link
Richard StraussFestmusik der Stadt Wien AV.133 for brass and percussion [1943]Radio 3 Live in Concert2013-06-1819:30Duration Link
Richard StraussMacbeth (Op.23)Through the Night2013-06-1701:0004:31:43Duration 00:19:24 Link
Richard StraussMein Auge Op 37 no 4BBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-1813:0000:38:33Duration 00:05:08 Link
Richard StraussMetamorphosen for 23 solo strings (AV.142)Through the Night2013-06-1501:0000:01:12Duration 00:26:30 Link
Richard StraussMorgen! Op.27 No.4Breakfast2013-06-2006:3002:18:00Duration Link
Richard StraussNichts Op 10 No 2BBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-2013:0000:14:57Duration 00:01:22 Link
Richard StraussRosenkavalier - Grand SuiteThrough the Night2013-06-1501:0004:30:27Duration 00:22:13 Link
Richard StraussSuite for 13 wind instruments (Op.4) in B flat major, third movement; GavotteBreakfast2013-06-1806:3002:12:00Duration Link
Richard StraussWeihnachtsgefühlBBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-2013:0000:16:25Duration 00:02:04 Link
Richard WagnerAlbumblatt "in das Album der Fürstin Metternich"Essential Classics2013-06-1909:00Duration Link
Richard WagnerBridal Chorus from LohengrinBreakfast2013-06-1906:3001:23:00Duration Link
Richard WagnerLohengrin: Prelude to Act IIIEssential Classics2013-06-2109:00Duration Link
Richard WagnerO Sachs! mein Freund - Die Meistersinger von NurnbergBBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-1813:0000:52:36Duration 00:01:08 Link
Richard WagnerRide of the Valkyries (Die Walküre)Breakfast2013-06-2006:3001:21:00Duration Link
Robert Johnson"Full fathum five" & "Where the bee sucks, there suck I" (from 'The Tempest')Through the Night2013-06-1701:0003:39:39Duration 00:04:18 Link
Robert SchumannDichterliebe No 1BBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-1913:0000:03:11Duration 00:01:29 Link
Robert SchumannDichterliebe No 3BBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-1913:0000:04:41Duration 00:00:37 Link
Robert SchumannDichterliebe No 7BBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-1913:0000:05:23Duration 00:01:45 Link
Robert SchumannDichterliebe for voice and piano (Op.48)Through the Night2013-06-2100:3002:31:31Duration 00:29:16 Link
Robert SchumannFinale (Overture, Scherzo & Finale, Op 52)Breakfast2013-06-1706:3000:09:00Duration Link
Robert SchumannIntroduction and allegro appassionato, Op 92Sunday Morning2013-06-1609:00Duration 00:14:11 Link
Robert SchumannKonzertstuck for 4 horns & orchestra, Op. 86Essential Classics2013-06-1909:00Duration Link
Robert SchumannLiebeslied Op 51 No 5BBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-1913:0000:33:50Duration 00:00:14 Link
Robert SchumannLiebeslied Op 51 No 5BBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-2113:0000:49:13Duration 00:00:14 Link
Robert SchumannLied der Suleika - Myrthen Op 25 No 9BBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-2013:0000:05:11Duration 00:03:06 Link
Robert SchumannLotosblume from MyrthenBreakfast2013-06-2106:3001:13:00Duration Link
Robert SchumannNovelette in F major (Op.21 No.1)Through the Night2013-06-1900:3003:30:02Duration 00:05:07 Link
Robert SchumannPhantasiestucke Op.12 for piano vers. standard [8 pieces]In Tune2013-06-1816:3001:56:52Duration 00:06:38 Link
Rodgers/Hammerstein [arr. Deutsch, orch. Courage, ed. Wilson] (artist)Oklahoma!: Overture/Main title, 'Oh what a beautiful morning'Essential Classics2013-06-2109:00Duration Link
Ronald BingeThe Water MillBreakfast2013-06-2106:3000:41:00Duration Link
Ruggero LeoncavalloMimì Pinson, la biondinetta - La bohèmeBBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-1913:0000:54:02Duration 00:00:37 Link
Ruth Theodore (artist)SlowdanceLate Junction2013-06-2023:00Duration Link
Røyst (artist)Sonic TravelsJazz on 32013-06-1723:0001:02:35Duration Link
Salzedo (artist)Suite of Eight Dances: Rumba; Tango; SeguidillaEssential Classics2013-06-1909:00Duration Link
Samuel BarberSolitary Hotel Despite and Still op 41 no 4BBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-1913:0000:35:41Duration 00:02:33 Link
Samuel Coleridge-TaylorClarinet Quintet in F sharp minor op 10 final movement: Allegro agitatoBreakfast2013-06-1906:3001:47:00Duration Link
Santiago de MurciaL'Arpeggiata (arranged Pluhar)Breakfast2013-06-2106:3000:25:00Duration Link
Santiago de MurciaLa JotaBreakfast2013-06-1806:3000:56:00Duration Link
Sanubar Tursun (artist)NisagulWorld on 32013-06-2123:0001:51:26Duration 00:02:55 Link
Scott Joplin (artist)Maple leaf rag for pianoIn Tune2013-06-2116:3001:58:00Duration 00:03:10 Link
Scott Walker (artist)JesseLate Junction2013-06-1923:00Duration Link
Secret Keeper (artist)EscapadeLate Junction2013-06-1923:00Duration Link
Sergei ProkofievCinderella - suite no.3, no.8: Amoroso & suite no.1, no.7 & 8 Cinderella's Waltz & MidnighBreakfast2013-06-1806:3002:21:00Duration Link
Sergei ProkofievLe prince et la princesse, The Love of Three Oranges, Symphonic SuiteWords and Music2013-06-1618:3000:26:17Duration Link
Sergei ProkofievOverture on Hebrew Themes, Op. 34Essential Classics2013-06-2109:00Duration Link
Sergei ProkofievYoung Juliet (Romeo and Juliet)Essential Classics2013-06-1709:00Duration Link
Sergey Rachmaninov10 Preludes for piano (Op.23), no.2 in B flat majorBreakfast2013-06-1706:3000:33:00Duration Link
Sergey Rachmaninov3 Pieces from Morceaux de salon for piano, Op 10Through the Night2013-06-1701:0003:17:10Duration 00:12:17 Link
Sergey RachmaninovAleko's Cavatina - AlekoBBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-2113:0000:57:25Duration 00:00:59 Link
Sergey RachmaninovHow much it hurts Op 21 No 12BBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-2013:0000:32:26Duration 00:01:31 Link
Sergey RachmaninovI am alone again Op 26 No 9BBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-2113:0000:42:12Duration 00:02:02 Link
Sergey RachmaninovIt's impossible! Op 34 No 7BBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-2013:0000:30:34Duration 00:01:34 Link
Sergey RachmaninovPrelude in C sharp minor, Polichinelle, Op.3 Nos 2 & 4Breakfast2013-06-1607:0001:26:00Duration Link
Sergey RachmaninovPrelude in G minor, Op.23 No.5Essential Classics2013-06-1709:00Duration Link
Sergey RachmaninovSuite for 2 pianos no. 2 (Op.17), ValseBreakfast2013-06-1806:3000:23:00Duration Link
Sergey RachmaninovVariations on a Theme of Corelli, Op 42Through the Night2013-06-1501:0002:39:30Duration 00:20:07 Link
Shatner's Bassoon (artist)This Is How You Make A BuckJazz on 32013-06-1723:0001:03:36Duration Link
Sigfrid Karg-Elert (artist)Organ Postlude: Symphonic Canzona Op.85 No.3Choral Evensong2013-06-1616:0000:48:57Duration 00:10:26 Link
Sigismondo d’IndiaFiume, ch'a l'onde tueThrough the Night2013-06-1601:0002:46:04Duration 00:06:13 Link
Simo Lagnawi (artist)BaniyorkoyWorld on 32013-06-2123:0000:00:19Duration 00:05:31 Link
Simon Jeffes (artist)Air a DanserBreakfast2013-06-2106:3002:01:00Duration Link
Simon Jeffes (artist)Music for a found harmonium for ensembleIn Tune2013-06-2116:3001:42:35Duration 00:03:14 Link
Simon Jeffes (artist)Perpetuum mobile for ensembleIn Tune2013-06-2116:3001:25:32Duration 00:04:41 Link
Sir James MacMillanCantite TubaAfternoon Concert2013-06-1914:0000:51:26Duration 00:16:29 Link
Sir James MacMillanO Radiant DawnBreakfast2013-06-1507:0000:04:00Duration Link
Sir James MacMillanO bone JesuChoir and Organ2013-06-1617:0001:16:31Duration 00:10:06 Link
Skerryvore (artist)Hands UpWorld on 32013-06-2123:0001:31:45Duration 00:04:24 Link
Skerryvore (artist)Path to HomeWorld on 32013-06-2123:0001:23:43Duration 00:07:39 Link
Skerryvore (artist)Rocket to the MoonWorld on 32013-06-2123:0001:11:58Duration 00:07:14 Link
Skerryvore (artist)Rox RevivalWorld on 32013-06-2123:0001:19:11Duration 00:04:44 Link
Sonny Boy Williamson and the Yardbirds (artist)Take It Easy BabyLate Junction2013-06-1923:00Duration Link
Sonny Rollins (artist)I'm An Old Cowhand [Alternate Take]Jazz on 32013-06-1723:0000:09:36Duration Link
Sons of Kemet (artist)Inner babylonJazz Record Requests2013-06-1517:00Duration Link
Souad Massi (artist)RaouiLate Junction2013-06-1923:00Duration Link
Stanley Bad (artist)Subwayfaring StrangerLate Junction2013-06-1823:00Duration Link
Steve Lawson & Daniel Berkman (artist)Towards The SunLate Junction2013-06-1823:00Duration Link
Steve Martland Band (artist)Dance works: Dance 2Late Junction2013-06-1823:00Duration Link
Steve ReichNagoya MarimbasBreakfast2013-06-2006:3000:42:00Duration Link
Sulkhan TsintsadzeFive Pieces on Folk Themes: No.5 - Dance TuneIn Tune2013-06-1816:3001:18:26Duration 00:01:52 Link
Ted Heath Band (artist)Doodlin'Jazz Record Requests2013-06-1517:00Duration Link
The Don Rendell & Ian Carr Quintet (artist)Black MarigoldsJazz Record Requests2013-06-1517:00Duration Link
The Dowland Project / John Potter (artist)Menino Jesus á LappaLate Junction2013-06-1923:00Duration Link
The Frank Ricotti All Stars (artist)The ConnectionJazz Record Requests2013-06-1517:00Duration Link
The Isles Gathering (artist)Boys i'the LoungeWorld Routes2013-06-1622:30Duration Link
The Isles Gathering (artist)Da Cross ReelWorld Routes2013-06-1622:30Duration Link
The Isles Gathering (artist)Farewell to StromnessWorld Routes2013-06-1622:30Duration Link
The Isles Gathering (artist)Handover Set (Peter D Scolley Reel, Billy Nicolson, The Hamars O' Syradale)World Routes2013-06-1622:30Duration Link
The Isles Gathering (artist)Lily (Lily, The Strynd, Tipping the Scales)World Routes2013-06-1622:30Duration Link
The Isles Gathering (artist)Shetland Reels (Tilley Plump, Up da Stroods, Da Grocer)World Routes2013-06-1622:30Duration Link
The Kenny Clarke - Francy Boland Big BandSweet And LovelyGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2013-06-1600:0000:40:40Duration 00:03:37 Link
The Kenny Clarke - Francy Boland Big Band (artist)Sweet and LovelyGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2013-06-1600:00Duration Link
Thelonious MonkLet's Cool OneGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2013-06-1600:0000:18:39Duration 00:09:13 Link
Thelonious MonkRhythm-A-NingGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2013-06-1600:0000:50:32Duration 00:09:24 Link
Thelonious Monk (artist)Let's Cool OneGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2013-06-1600:00Duration Link
Thelonious Monk (artist)Rhythm-a-ningGeoffrey Smith's Jazz2013-06-1600:00Duration Link
Thomas Bateson (artist)Alas, where is my love for 5 voices [1604]In Tune2013-06-2016:3000:19:02Duration 00:03:33 Link
Thomas DunhillThe Cloths of HeavenBreakfast2013-06-2106:3000:37:00Duration Link
Thomas MorleyIt was a lover and his lasse (London, 1600)Through the Night2013-06-1701:0003:43:51Duration 00:03:34 Link
Thomas WeelkesMagnificat [First Service]Breakfast2013-06-1607:0000:24:00Duration Link
Théodore Dubois (artist)Concerto No. 2 for piano and orchestra Essential Classics2013-06-1809:00Duration Link
Tomaso Giovanni AlbinoniConcerto Op 7 no 11 in C major for 2 oboesBreakfast2013-06-1806:3000:01:00Duration Link
Tomaso Giovanni AlbinoniConcerto for two oboes & orchestra in C major, Op.7 No.5Essential Classics2013-06-1709:00Duration Link
Tomasz Stańko New York Quartet (artist)WislawaLate Junction2013-06-2023:00Duration Link
Tomonari Nozaki (artist)Part ILate Junction2013-06-2023:00Duration Link
Trad. (artist)Borin Cocek (Balkan Prelude)Breakfast2013-06-1906:3002:02:00Duration Link
Trad. (artist)Bugeilio'r gwenith gwyn (Watching the white wheat)In Tune2013-06-1716:3000:23:53Duration 00:03:05 Link
Trad. (artist)Der makam-I Huseyni Sakil Aga Riza (Ottoman)Breakfast2013-06-1806:3001:33:00Duration Link
Trad. (artist)Iag Bari (Uhrovska collection of 1730)Essential Classics2013-06-1809:00Duration Link
Traditional Irish (artist)Danny BoyPrivate Passions2013-06-1612:0000:39:57Duration 00:05:34 Link
Victor de Sabata (artist)JuventusSunday Morning2013-06-1609:00Duration 00:16:22 Link
Victor HerbertMarch of the Toys (from the operetta "Babes in Toyland", 1903)Through the Night2013-06-1900:3004:01:11Duration 00:03:52 Link
Vincenzo BelliniCasta DivaBreakfast2013-06-1806:3001:53:00Duration Link
Vincenzo BelliniEccomi in lieta vesta - Oh! quante volte - I Capuleti e i MontecchiBBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-2013:0000:50:08Duration 00:01:22 Link
Vincenzo BelliniNorma - opera seria in 2 actsRadio 3 Live in Concert2013-06-1819:30Duration Link
Václav Trojan (artist)Fairy-tales for accordion and orchestraAfternoon Concert2013-06-1814:0001:21:26Duration 00:25:06 Link
Warsaw Village Band (artist)Moja doloLate Junction2013-06-2023:00Duration Link
Wasifuddin Dagar (artist)Raga Bengal BhairavLate Junction2013-06-1923:00Duration Link
Weekend Guitar Trio, Toyah Willcox & Jan Bang (artist)How A Group Is BornLate Junction2013-06-1923:00Duration Link
Wilhelm Furtwängler (artist)Violin Sonata No 1 – Adagio solenneSunday Morning2013-06-1609:00Duration 00:09:18 Link
Wilhelm StenhammarIthaka, Op 21Through the Night2013-06-1800:3005:49:56Duration 00:09:38 Link
William ByrdBeati mundo corde for 5 voices [1605]In Tune2013-06-2016:3000:05:09Duration 00:02:54 Link
William Hurlstone (artist)Concerto in D major for piano and orchestraSaturday Classics2013-06-1515:0000:33:27Duration 00:47:03 Link
William Hurlstone (artist)Sonata for bassoon & piano in F (first movement)Breakfast2013-06-1507:0001:33:00Duration Link
William Lawes (artist)Set a6 in g: Fantazy a6Breakfast2013-06-1806:3002:01:00Duration Link
William MathiasAnniversary dances Op.95Afternoon Concert2013-06-2114:0000:03:55Duration 00:22:41 Link
William Walton'Spitfire' prelude and fugue for orchestra - concert versionBreakfast2013-06-1806:3000:33:00Duration Link
William WaltonBelshazzar's feast - oratorio..., Part 2; no.4; Praise yeBreakfast2013-06-1906:3002:12:00Duration Link
William WaltonCapriccio BurlescoSaturday Classics2013-06-1515:00Duration 00:07:12 Link
William WaltonMagnificat: The Chichester ServiceChoral Evensong2013-06-1915:3000:18:55Duration 00:03:58 Link
William WaltonNunc Dimittis: The Chichester ServiceChoral Evensong2013-06-1915:3000:25:15Duration 00:02:01 Link
William WaltonPortsmouth PointBreakfast2013-06-1607:0001:35:00Duration Link
William WaltonSet me as a SealChoir and Organ2013-06-1617:0000:06:33Duration 00:03:11 Link
William WaltonSymphony No.1 in B flat minorEssential Classics2013-06-2109:00Duration Link
Witold LutosławskiVariations on a theme of Paganini for 2 pianosIn Tune2013-06-2016:3000:40:25Duration 00:05:06 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart5 movements from "Les petits riens" ballet music (K.299b)Through the Night2013-06-1800:3003:48:58Duration 00:10:31 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartAdagio for violin and orchestra in E major, K.261Through the Night2013-06-1800:3003:03:30Duration 00:08:31 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartCatalogue aria from Don Giovanni "Madamina, il catalogo e questo"Breakfast2013-06-2106:3001:33:00Duration Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartClarinet Concerto in A major K.622 – second movementBreakfast2013-06-2006:3001:33:00Duration Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartConcerto No.10 for 2 pianos and orchestra in E flat major (K.365/316a)Through the Night2013-06-1701:0002:13:09Duration 00:24:40 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartConcerto no 7 for 3 pianos and orchestra in F major (K.242)Through the Night2013-06-1900:3004:50:33Duration 00:22:27 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartConcerto no. 3 in G major K.216 for violin and orchestraRadio 3 Live in Concert2013-06-1819:30Duration Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartDer hölle Rache (Die Zauberflöte)Essential Classics2013-06-1909:00Duration Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartDie Entfuhrung aus dem Serail - (K.384), OvertureBreakfast2013-06-1706:3001:33:00Duration Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartDie Zauberflote - singspiel in 2 acts K.620In Tune2013-06-2016:3001:11:25Duration 00:02:32 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartDie Zauberflote - singspiel in 2 acts K.620In Tune2013-06-2016:3001:17:26Duration 00:03:35 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartDie Zauberflote - singspiel in 2 acts K.620In Tune2013-06-2016:3001:25:33Duration 00:03:07 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartDie Zauberflote - singspiel in 2 acts K.620In Tune2013-06-1816:3001:51:35Duration 00:06:38 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartFin ch'han dal vino - Don GiovanniBBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-2013:0000:51:51Duration 00:01:22 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartKyrie (from Mass in C Minor-K.427 )Choir and Organ2013-06-1617:0000:19:41Duration 00:07:16 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartLaudate DominumChoir and Organ2013-06-1617:0000:01:16Duration 00:03:57 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartLe Nozze di Figaro (Act IV Finale)Private Passions2013-06-1612:0000:34:22Duration 00:03:55 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartOboe Quartet, K.370Essential Classics2013-06-1809:00Duration Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartParto, parto - La clemenza di TitoBBC Cardiff Singer of the World2013-06-1913:0000:54:56Duration 00:00:58 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartPiano Concerto no 20 in D minor (K.466)Through the Night2013-06-2000:3002:01:11Duration 00:30:51 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartPiano Sonata in C major K.545Through the Night2013-06-2100:3004:52:20Duration 00:10:06 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartQuintet for clarinet and strings (K.581) in A major; second movement; LarghettoBreakfast2013-06-1806:3000:16:00Duration Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartQuintet in E flat major K.452 for piano, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and hornThrough the Night2013-06-1800:3004:52:55Duration 00:22:57 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartRondo in D major, K.485Breakfast2013-06-1607:0000:52:00Duration Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartSerenade (K.361) in B flat major, third movement; AdagioBreakfast2013-06-1906:3002:06:00Duration Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartSoave sia il vento (trio)Words and Music2013-06-1618:3000:22:14Duration Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartSonata in D K 381 (4 hands): final movement: Allegro moltoBreakfast2013-06-1806:3001:45:00Duration Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartString Quartet in D major, K 155Through the Night2013-06-1501:0001:36:50Duration 00:09:29 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartSymphony No 31 in D major, 'Paris', K297Through the Night2013-06-1501:0003:09:54Duration 00:16:31 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartSymphony No 41 in C major K 551 "Jupiter"Through the Night2013-06-2000:3000:34:29Duration 00:32:07 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartSymphony no. 39 (K.543) in E flat major, fourth movement; FinaleBreakfast2013-06-1806:3002:05:00Duration Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartTamino Mein! (Die Zauberflote)Private Passions2013-06-1612:0000:11:22Duration 00:07:15 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartThe Marriage of Figaro - Act 1Through the Night2013-06-1900:3000:01:48Duration 00:44:56 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartThe Marriage of Figaro - Act 2Through the Night2013-06-1900:3000:47:35Duration 00:46:28 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartThe Marriage of Figaro - Act 3Through the Night2013-06-1900:3001:34:56Duration 00:40:18 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartThe Marriage of Figaro - Act 4Through the Night2013-06-1900:3002:16:03Duration 00:32:31 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartTrio in E flat major K.498 (Kegelstatt) for clarinet, viola and pianoIn Tune2013-06-1816:3000:58:45Duration 00:05:41 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartVesperae solennes de confessore, K.339Essential Classics2013-06-1809:00Duration Link
York BowenSymphony no. 2 in E minorAfternoon Concert2013-06-1814:0000:15:13Duration 00:43:22 Link
York BowenThe Way to Polden - an ambling tune (Op.76)Breakfast2013-06-1906:3000:16:00Duration Link
Yves Montand (artist)Les Grandes BoulevardsBreakfast2013-06-1906:3002:18:00Duration Link
Zdenek FibichPoem from At Twilight, Op. 39Essential Classics2013-06-2109:00Duration Link
ريم بنا (artist)Supply me with an excess of loveWorld on 32013-06-2123:0001:55:23Duration 00:04:33 Link