The BBC has announced that it has a sustainable plan for the future of the BBC Singers, in association with The VOCES8 Foundation.
The threat to reduce the staff of the three English orchestras by 20% has not been lifted, but it is being reconsidered.
See the BBC press release here.

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SAT 01:00 Through the Night (b0120855)

SAT 07:00 Breakfast (b0124qkq)
Saturday - Martin Handley

01 00:03:00 Ron Goodwin (artist)
633 Squadron – Main Title
Performer: Ron Goodwin

02 00:07:00 Johann Sebastian Bach
Prelude from Suite No.1 in G major for solo cello

03 00:09:00 Francisco Escalada (artist)
Villancico – Canten dos jilguerillos
Performer: Francisco Escalada

04 00:12:00 Frédéric Chopin
Waltz in D flat major Op.70 No.3

05 00:16:00 Mily Alexeyevich Balakirev

06 00:25:00 Robert Schumann
3rd movement -Adagio molto - String Quartet No.3 in A major op.41 No.3

07 00:34:00 Hugo Wolf
Nun lass uns Frieden schliessen & Dass doch gemalt all deine Reize waren

08 00:39:00 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
1st movement - Sinfonia Concertante for violin, viola and orchestra KV 364

09 00:53:00 Dmitry Shostakovich
Prelude and Fugue No. 5 in D major

10 01:03:00 George Frideric Handel
2nd movement from Organ Concerto No.13 in F major HWV.295 "The Nightingale and the Cuckoo"

11 01:08:00
Gilbert & Sullivan - Here's a how-de-do from The Mikado

12 01:11:00 Samuel Barber
Adagio from String Quartet op.11

13 01:18:00 Dieterich Buxtehude
Toccata in G major, Bux WV 165

14 01:24:00 Haydn Wood (artist)
Nelson's Column, Trafalgar Square from London Landmarks Suite (1946)
Performer: Haydn Wood

15 01:29:00 Ludwig van Beethoven
Mir ist so wunderbar from Fidelio

16 01:34:00 Malcolm Arnold
Concerto for harmonica and orchestra

17 01:44:00 Domenico Scarlatti
Sonata K141 in D minor

18 01:51:00 Benjamin Britten
"London, to thee I do present" – Finale of Spring Symphony op.44

SAT 09:00 CD Review (b0124qks)
Building a Library: Essential light music

SAT 12:15 Music Matters (b0124qkv)
Light Fantastic: What Happened to British Light Music

SAT 13:00 Light Fantastic (b0124qkx)
Light Music Signature Tunes

01 Charles Williams
Devil's Galop (extract) [theme from "Dick Barton Special Agent", 1948]

02 Eric Coates
Calling All Workers
Performer: Eric Coates Orchestra

03 Jack Strachey (artist)
In Party Mood [theme from "Housewives Choice", 1945-1967]
Performer: Jack Strachey

04 Léon Jessel (artist)
Parade of the Tin Soldiers (extract) [theme from "Toytown", 1933]
Performer: Léon Jessel

05 Richman, Meskill, Schwartz (artist)
"One Little Raindrop" (extract) [broadcast on "Radio Luxembourg", 1939]
Performer: Richman, Meskill, Schwartz

06 Edward White
Puffin' Billy
Orchestra: Melodi Light Orchestra
Conductor: Hubert Clifford

07 Eric Coates
By the Sleepy Lagoon

08 Robert Farnon (artist)
Portrait of a Flirt (extract) [theme from 'In Town Tonight' + most used theme tune around
Performer: Robert Farnon

09 Arthur Wood
Barwick Green (The Archers' Theme Tune]
Orchestra: New Concert Orchestra
Conductor: Jay Wilbur

10 Ronald Binge
Elizabethan Serenade [theme from "Music Tapestry"; also used on the British Forces Network

11 James Moody/Tommy Riley (artist)
Trade Wind Hornpipe [theme from "Navy Lark", 1950s]
Performer: James Moody/Tommy Riley

12 Ivor Slaney (artist)
Top Dog [theme from "The Men from the Ministry", 1962-1977"]
Performer: Ivor Slaney

13 Vivien Ellis arr. Sidney Torch (artist)
Alpine Pastures [theme from "My Word", 1956]
Performer: Vivien Ellis arr. Sidney Torch

14 Ronald Binge
Sailing By

15 Charles Williams
Young Ballerina (used as BBC "Interlude" music for "The Potter's Wheel", 1951)

16 Woolf Phillips (artist)
Parisian Mode (extract) [theme from "What's My Line", 1951]
Performer: Woolf Phillips

17 Charles Williams and his Concert Orchestra (artist)
Girls In Grey
Performer: Charles Williams and his Concert Orchestra

18 John Malcolm (artist)
Non Stop [theme for "Early ITN News", 1955]
Performer: John Malcolm

19 H Ashworth-Hope (artist)
Barnacle Bill [theme for "Blue Peter"]
Performer: H Ashworth-Hope

20 Trevor Duncan (artist)
'March' from 'A Little Suite' [theme from "Doctor Finlay's Casebook", 1962-71]
Performer: Trevor Duncan

21 Johnny Pearson (artist)
The Awakening (extract) [theme to "News at Ten"]
Performer: Johnny Pearson

22 Johnny Pearson (artist)
Sleepy Shores [theme for "Owen MD" 1969-1971]
Performer: Johnny Pearson

23 Jack Trombey (artist)
Eye Level (extract) [theme from "Van der Valk", 1972]
Performer: Jack Trombey

24 Carl Davis (artist)
Pride and Prejudice - Suite [theme for "Pride and Prejudice", BBC TV, 1995]
Performer: Carl Davis

25 John Fox and Krys Moram (artist)
The Girl I Love (extract) [used as 'Test Card Music']
Performer: John Fox and Krys Moram

SAT 14:00 Light Fantastic (b0124qkz)
Light Winds in London

SAT 15:00 World Routes (b00mrx6v)
World Routes in Cape Verde
Cesaria Evora, Bau and Tito Paris

The distillery on San Antao
On the island of San Antao in Cape Verde Lucy visits a distillery making ‘grogue’, the national drink. Lucy describes the process as they play music to the bulls that pull the sugar press.
Duration 00:08:44

02 00:00:48 Homero Fonseca’s band (artist)
Untitled instrumental piece
Performer: Homero Fonseca’s band
Duration 00:02:29

03 00:04:49 Homero Fonseca’s band (artist)
Performer: Homero Fonseca’s band
Duration 00:03:58

04 00:08:45
San Antao compared to Wales
Lucy tries to describe the beauty of the island of San Antao. She is on a ferry to the island of San Vincente, and meets Ron Hughes from Wales, who explains the link between Wales and the island.
Duration 00:05:18

05 00:08:45 Homero Fonseca’s band (artist)
Untitled instrumental piece
Performer: Homero Fonseca’s band
Duration 00:01:23

06 00:10:18 Homero Fonseca’s band (artist)
San Antao
Performer: Homero Fonseca’s band
Duration 00:01:23

07 00:14:04
Cesaria Evora
We hear a song by Cesaria Evora, one of Cape Verde’s best known musicians. Lucy visits Cesaria’s house on the island of St Vincente. She discusses her life, career and distinctive performance style.
Duration 00:07:15

08 00:14:04 Cesária Évora (artist)
unknown piece
Performer: Cesária Évora
Duration 00:01:14

09 00:18:43 Cesária Évora (artist)
Performer: Cesária Évora
Duration 00:02:36

10 00:21:20
At a musical instrument workshop on St Vincente Lucy meets Bau, a famous guitar player. He talks about his music and his Brazilian influences. He introduces a young singer, Gabriela Mendes.
Duration 00:06:46

11 00:22:33 Bau (artist)
Solo Fidjinho
Performer: Bau
Duration 00:05:14

12 00:26:58 Gabriela Mendes (artist)
Performer: Gabriela Mendes
Duration 00:01:24

13 00:28:07
Gabriela Mendes and musical fusion
Lucy talks to singer Gabriela Mendes, about the fusion of other cultures’ music with that of Cape Verde’s. Gabriela talks about how she wants to preserve the traditional music with her producer, Bau.
Duration 00:06:16

14 00:30:56 Gabriela Mendes and her band (including Bau) (artist)
Curral ca tem capode
Performer: Gabriela Mendes and her band (including Bau)
Duration 00:04:05

15 00:34:24
English influence on Cape Verde and Tito Paris
Lucy’s guide, Edmund is related to the Cornish family who owned St Michael’s Mount. He describes the English influence in Cape Verde. Lucy visits Porto Grande Hotel to hear singer, Tito Paris.
Duration 00:07:25

16 00:37:36 Tito Paris (artist)
Performer: Tito Paris
Duration 00:04:14

17 00:41:50
Tito Paris
Cape Verde singer Tito Paris discusses his song about the sea and how he feels on returning to the island of St Vincente. He talks about the famous Cape Verdean musicians he’s performed with.
Duration 00:05:50

18 00:47:40
Music and Cape Verde
Lucy is with singer-songwriter Tito Paris. He talks about the role music plays in keeping the Cape Verdean identity, and how Cape Verdean musicians are better known than the President.
Duration 00:05:31

19 00:50:40 Tito Paris (artist)
Tal Vez
Performer: Tito Paris
Duration 00:02:32

20 00:53:12
Lucy goes into a bar in Mindelo to hear famous singer Bius. She explains that shortly after their recording Bius died because of a drink related illness.
Duration 00:05:13

21 00:54:09 Biús (artist)
Festa dâtehuva
Performer: Biús
Duration 00:04:16

SAT 16:00 Jazz Library (b0124ql1)
Tim Garland

01 Tim Garland, Joe Locke, Geoffrey Keezer (artist)
Tim Garland, Joe Locke, Geoffrey Keezer - Lake of Weathers
Performer: Tim Garland, Joe Locke, Geoffrey Keezer

02 Tim Garland (artist)
Great Spirit
Performer: Tim Garland

03 Lammas (artist)
Improvisation 2
Performer: Lammas

04 Tim Garland (artist)
Good Morning Heartache
Performer: Tim Garland

05 Tim Garland (artist)
Made by Walking
Performer: Tim Garland

06 Acoustic Triangle (artist)
Rosa Ballerina
Performer: Acoustic Triangle

07 Tim Garland (artist)
The Machine – The Lighthouse Trio
Performer: Tim Garland

08 Earthworks Underground Orchestra (artist)
Bajo Del Sol
Performer: Earthworks Underground Orchestra

09 Tim Garland (artist)
Break In The Weather
Performer: Tim Garland

10 Tim Garland (artist)
Ambleside Nights
Performer: Tim Garland

SAT 16:45 Jazz Record Requests (b0124qns)

01 Wynton Marsalis (artist)
Oh, but on the Third Day (Happy Feet Blues) (JRR Signature Tune)
Performer: Wynton Marsalis

02 Donald Lambert (artist)
Donald Lambert - Pilgrim's Chorus
Performer: Donald Lambert

03 Red Onion Jazz Babies (artist)
Cake Walking Babies from Home
Performer: Red Onion Jazz Babies

04 Fats Waller (artist)
When Somebody Thinks you're wonderful
Performer: Fats Waller

05 Benny Goodman (artist)
After You've Gone
Performer: Benny Goodman

06 Bill Evans (artist)
Bill Evans - Porgy (I Loves You, Porgy)
Performer: Bill Evans

07 Dizzy Gillespie & The Double Six (artist)
Dizzy Gillespie & The Double Six - Con Alma
Performer: Dizzy Gillespie & The Double Six

08 Weather Report (artist)
Teen Town
Performer: Weather Report

09 Buck Clayton (artist)
Performer: Buck Clayton

SAT 17:30 Opera on 3 (b0124qnv)
Beethoven's Fidelio

SAT 20:00 Light Fantastic (b0124qnx)
Great Masters of Light Music

SAT 22:30 Hear and Now (b0124qnz)
New Irish Music
Christopher Norby, Ian Wilson, David Morris, Frank Lyons, Brian Irvine


SUN 00:00 Jazz Library (b007rfn7)
George Lewis

01 George Lewis (artist)
Spoken Introduction and Over The Waves
Performer: George Lewis

02 Bunk Johnson's Original Superior Band (artist)
Weary Blues
Performer: Bunk Johnson's Original Superior Band

03 George Lewis 3-piece band (artist)
Burgundy Street Blues
Performer: George Lewis 3-piece band

04 George Lewis (artist)
Burgundy St Blues
Performer: George Lewis

05 George Lewis and his New Orleans Stompers (artist)
Climax Rag
Performer: George Lewis and his New Orleans Stompers

06 Bunk Johnson Brass Band (artist)
Just a Little While to Stay Here
Performer: Bunk Johnson Brass Band

07 Bunk Johnson and His New Orleans Band (artist)
Tishomingo Blues
Performer: Bunk Johnson and His New Orleans Band

08 George Lewis Ragtime band (artist)
Mama Don't Allow It
Performer: George Lewis Ragtime band

09 George Lewis Ragtime Band (artist)
Performer: George Lewis Ragtime Band

10 Billie & De De Pierce (artist)
Performer: Billie & De De Pierce

SUN 01:00 Through the Night (b0124qrh)

SUN 07:00 Breakfast (b0124qrk)
Sunday - Martin Handley

01 00:03:00 Billy Mayerl (artist)
A Lily Pond
Performer: Billy Mayerl

02 00:09:00 Heinrich Schütz
Inter brachia salvatoris mei (SWV 82) from Cantiones Sacrae 1625

03 00:13:00 Felix Mendelssohn
Scherzo from Piano Trio Op.49 in D minor

04 00:17:00 Isaac Albéniz
Granada from Suite Espanola No.1 Op.47

05 00:22:00 Giovanni Gabrieli (artist)
Canzona per sonare a Quattro – "La Spiritata"
Performer: Giovanni Gabrieli

06 00:25:00 Edward Elgar
Chanson de nuit Op15 No. 1

07 00:31:00 Xaver Scharwenka
Polish Dance No. 3

08 00:37:00 Johann Nepomuk Hummel
Concertino Op.73

09 00:53:00 Johann Sebastian Bach
Aria da capo e fine from Goldberg Variations BWV 988

10 00:55:00 Eric Plessow (artist)
Roter Teufel
Performer: Eric Plessow

11 01:03:00 Johannes Brahms
Scherzo (5th movement) from Serenade No. 1 in D major Op.11

12 01:06:00 Claude Debussy
Sarabande from Pour le Piano

13 01:11:00
Gilbert & Sullivan - When I Good Friends Was Called To The Bar…(The Judge's Song from

14 01:14:00 Peter Cork (artist)
The White Cliffs from A Man of Kent
Performer: Peter Cork

15 01:21:00 Joseph Haydn
Finale from Sinfonia Concertante, op.84

16 01:27:00 Gabriel Fauré
Sanctus from Requiem

17 01:31:00 Donato Lovreglio (artist)
Concert Fantasy on themes from Verdi's La Trvaiata Op.45
Performer: Donato Lovreglio

18 01:42:00 Johann Sebastian Bach
Slow movement from Triple concerto for flute, violin, harpsichord and strings in A minor B

19 01:51:00 Ludwig van Beethoven
Egmont Overture

20 02:03:00 Antonín Dvořák
Sousedka - Slavonic Dance No. 3 in A flat major Op.46 No. 3

21 02:09:00 Alexander Borodin (artist)
In the Steppes of Central Asia
Performer: Alexander Borodin

22 02:16:00 Eric Coates (artist)
The Dreams of London (words by Almey St. John Adcock)
Performer: Eric Coates

23 02:19:00 George Frideric Handel
Oboe Concerto No. 3 in G minor

24 02:32:00 Leonard Bernstein
Symphonic Dances from West Side Story

25 02:57:00 Erik Satie
Le Piccadilly (La Transatlantique)

SUN 10:00 Sunday Morning (b0124qrm)
Light Fantastic

01 Reginald King (artist)
In the Shade of the Palms
Performer: Reginald King

02 Ludwig Siede (artist)
The Cigarette Girl
Performer: Ludwig Siede

03 Eric Coates
By the Sleepy Lagoon

04 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Eine kleine Nachtmusik K.525 (1st movement - Allegro)

05 Francis Dorel (artist)
When My Ships Come Sailing Home
Performer: Francis Dorel

06 Mischa Spoliansky (artist)
Song Of Capri
Performer: Mischa Spoliansky

07 Jaime Texidor (artist)
Amparito Roca
Performer: Jaime Texidor

08 Vittorio Mascheroni (artist)
The song of Jealousy
Performer: Vittorio Mascheroni

09 Albert Ketèlbey
Bells across the Meadows

10 Ronald Corp
Guernsey Postcards (St Peter Port)

11 Scott Joplin (artist)
Performer: Scott Joplin

12 Scott Joplin (artist)
Magnetic Rag
Performer: Scott Joplin

13 Haydn Wood (artist)
Roses of Picardy
Performer: Haydn Wood

14 Hermann Löhr (artist)
Little Grey Home in the West
Performer: Hermann Löhr

15 Antonín Dvořák
Songs my mother taught me, No 4

16 Edward Elgar
Salut d'Amour , Op 12

17 Vincent O’Brian (artist)
The Fairy Tree
Performer: Vincent O’Brian

18 Eric Coates (artist)
Bird Songs at Eventide
Performer: Eric Coates

19 Ferraris (artist)
Echoes of the Puszta
Performer: Ferraris

20 [traditional] (artist)
Performer: [traditional]

21 Sherman Myers (artist)
Butterflies in the Rain
Performer: Sherman Myers

22 Arthur F. Tate (artist)
Somewhere a Voice is Calling
Performer: Arthur F. Tate

SUN 12:00 Private Passions (b0124qrp)
Light Fantastic Compilation

01 Horst Jankowski (artist)
A Walk in the Black Forest
Performer: Horst Jankowski

02 May Brahe (artist)
Bless this house
Performer: May Brahe

Johann Strauss II - How sad it is (from Die Fledermaus)

04 Jacques Offenbach
'You've Gone Too Far' from Orpheus in the Underworld

05 Charles Williams
The Dream of Olwen

06 Spike Milligan (artist)
Another Lot
Performer: Spike Milligan

07 Josef Strauss
Sphärenklange, waltz Op 235 (Music of the spheres)

08 Aram Khachaturian
Sabre Dance

09 Eric Coates (artist)
The Dam Busters
Performer: Eric Coates

SUN 13:00 Light Fantastic (b0124r6y)
The Last Seaside Orchestra

01 Léon Jessel (artist)
Parade of the Tin Soldiers
Performer: Léon Jessel

02 Leroy Anderson (artist)
Plink Plank Plunk
Performer: Leroy Anderson

03 Edward White
Puffin' Billy
Orchestra: Melodi Light Orchestra
Conductor: Hubert Clifford

04 Charles Williams
Devil's Galop

05 Eric Coates
By the Sleepy Lagoon

06 Trevor Duncan (artist)
The Girl from Corsica
Performer: Trevor Duncan

07 Camille Saint‐Saëns
Danse Macabre

08 Eric Coates
Calling All Workers
Performer: Eric Coates Orchestra

SUN 13:45 Light Fantastic (b0124r70)
The King of Instruments

SUN 14:00 Sunday Concert (b0124r72)
Light Fantastic: BBC NOW - Grant Llewellyn

SUN 16:00 Choral Evensong (b012fbwz)
Light Fantastic: Queen's Chapel of the Savoy

SUN 17:00 Light Fantastic (b0124r74)
Live Tea Dance

SUN 18:30 Choir and Organ (b0124r9x)
Light Fantastic

01 Albert Ketèlbey
In a Monastery Garden

02 Rutland Boughton
Burglar Bill

03 Frederick Bridge (artist)
Bold Turpin
Performer: Frederick Bridge

04 Sir Herbert Brewer

05 Frederick Bridge (artist)
The Goslings
Performer: Frederick Bridge

06 Joseph Horovitz
Captain Noah and his Floating Zoo

SUN 19:30 Discovering Music (b0124r9z)
Light Fantastic: Eric Coates

01 Eric Coates (artist)
Knightsbridge - march
Performer: Eric Coates
Duration 00:00:39

02 00:00:59 Edward Elgar
Pomp and circumstance marches Op.39
Duration 00:01:37

03 00:07:30 Eric Coates (artist)
The Three men - suite
Performer: Eric Coates
Duration 00:00:23

04 00:08:45 Edward German (artist)
Nell Gwyn - incidental music
Performer: Edward German
Duration 00:00:59

05 00:12:33 Frederick Delius
Summer night on the river RT.6.19 for small orchestra
Duration 00:00:24

SUN 20:30 Light Fantastic (b0124rb1)
Studio Round-up

SUN 21:30 Sunday Feature (b0124rc2)
Don't Make Fun of the Festival

SUN 22:15 Words and Music (b0124rc4)
Light Fantastic: The 1950s

SUN 23:30 Jazz Line-Up (b0124rc6)
Light Fantastic: BBC Big Band

01 BBC Big Band, Barry Forgie (Conductor) (artist)
It's Just the Time for Dancing
Performer: BBC Big Band, Barry Forgie (Conductor)

02 BBC Big Band, Barry Forgie (Conductor) (artist)
Tiger Rag
Performer: BBC Big Band, Barry Forgie (Conductor)

03 BBC Big Band, Barry Forgie (Conductor) (artist)
Indian Lament
Performer: BBC Big Band, Barry Forgie (Conductor)

04 BBC Big Band, Barry Forgie (Conductor) (artist)
Performer: BBC Big Band, Barry Forgie (Conductor)

05 BBC Big Band, Barry Forgie (Conductor), Claire Martin (Vocal) (artist)
A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square
Performer: BBC Big Band, Barry Forgie (Conductor), Claire Martin (Vocal)

06 BBC Big Band, Barry Forgie (Conductor) (artist)
The Continental
Performer: BBC Big Band, Barry Forgie (Conductor)

07 BBC Big Band, Barry Forgie (Conductor) (artist)
Big Band Theme Medley
Performer: BBC Big Band, Barry Forgie (Conductor)

08 BBC Big Band, Barry Forgie (Conductor) (artist)
Ted Heath Signature Tune
Performer: BBC Big Band, Barry Forgie (Conductor)

09 BBC Big Band, Barry Forgie (Conductor) (artist)
Turn on the Heath
Performer: BBC Big Band, Barry Forgie (Conductor)

10 BBC Big Band, Barry Forgie (Conductor) (artist)
Performer: BBC Big Band, Barry Forgie (Conductor)

11 BBC Big Band, Barry Forgie (Conductor) (artist)
Ding Dong, The Witch Is Dead
Performer: BBC Big Band, Barry Forgie (Conductor)

12 BBC Big Band, Barry Forgie (Conductor) (artist)
Performer: BBC Big Band, Barry Forgie (Conductor)

13 BBC Big Band, Barry Forgie (Conductor) (artist)
The Sign of the Swinging Cymbal
Performer: BBC Big Band, Barry Forgie (Conductor)

14 BBC Big Band, Barry Forgie (Conductor) (artist)
The Creep
Performer: BBC Big Band, Barry Forgie (Conductor)

15 BBC Big Band, Barry Forgie (Conductor) (artist)
Theme To Big Band Special
Performer: BBC Big Band, Barry Forgie (Conductor)

16 BBC Big Band, Barry Forgie (Conductor) (artist)
Oranges and Lemons
Performer: BBC Big Band, Barry Forgie (Conductor)

17 BBC Big Band, Barry Forgie (Conductor), Claire Martin (Vocal) (artist)
Stolen Moments
Performer: BBC Big Band, Barry Forgie (Conductor), Claire Martin (Vocal)

18 BBC Big Band, Barry Forgie (Conductor) (artist)
Camptown Races
Performer: BBC Big Band, Barry Forgie (Conductor)

19 BBC Big Band, Barry Forgie (Conductor), Iain MacInnes (Pipes) (artist)
Wry Smiles
Performer: BBC Big Band, Barry Forgie (Conductor), Iain MacInnes (Pipes)


MON 01:00 Through the Night (b0124rfx)

MON 07:00 Breakfast (b0124rfz)
Monday - Rob Cowan

01 00:03:00 Joseph Haydn
Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra in E flat major: Third Movt - Allegro

02 00:08:00 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Adagio for cor anglais and strings in C, K 580a

03 00:15:00 Émile Waldteufel
Estudiantina (Waltz)

04 00:22:00 Frédéric Chopin
Scherzo no 3 in C sharp minor, op 39

05 00:32:00 Hugo Wolf
Serenade for String Quartet

06 00:39:00 Johann Sebastian Bach
Brandenburg Concerto no 3 in G major, BWV 1048

07 00:51:00 Robert Schumann
Traumerei (Kinderszenen op 15)

08 00:54:00 Franz Schubert
Ballet in G major from Rosamunde

09 01:03:00 Pablo de Sarasate
Introduction et Tarantelle, op 43

10 01:08:00 Joseph Haydn
Symphony no 5 in A, Hob 1:5 - 1st movt

11 01:15:00 Robert Stolz (artist)
Wien wird bei Nacht erst schon
Performer: Robert Stolz

12 01:21:00 George Frideric Handel
Water Music

13 01:33:00 Hector Berlioz
Beatrice and Benedict Overture

14 01:41:00 Herbert Howells
Exultate Deo

15 01:47:00 Ludwig van Beethoven
Violin Sonata no 5 in F "Spring": 1st movt

16 01:59:00 Eric Coates (artist)
Knightsbridge March
Performer: Eric Coates

17 02:05:00 Vasily Kalinnikov (artist)
Serenade for Strings in G minor
Performer: Vasily Kalinnikov

18 02:15:00
Johann Strauss II - Voices of Spring (op 410 Strauss, op 57 Grunfeld)

19 02:22:00 Antonio Vivaldi
Nulla in mundo pax sincera, RV 630

20 02:37:00 Aram Khachaturian
Adagio from Spartacus

21 02:46:00 Alec Templeton (artist)
Bach goes to Town
Performer: Alec Templeton

22 02:49:00 Aaron Copland
El Salon Mexico

MON 10:00 Classical Collection (b0124rj1)
Monday - Sarah Walker

MON 12:00 Composer of the Week (b0124rj3)
Franz Schubert (1797-1828)
Episode 1

01 Franz Schubert
An die Musik D.547
Duration 00:02:37

02 00:02:37 Franz Schubert
Erlkonig D.328
Duration 00:04:26

03 00:07:03 Franz Schubert
Quartet in B flat major D.112 for strings
Duration 00:09:13

04 00:16:16 Franz Schubert
Geist der Liebe (Der Abend schleiert) [2nd version] D.747 for 2 tenors, 2 basses and piano
Duration 00:04:30

05 00:20:46 Franz Schubert
Symphony no. 5 in B flat major D.485
Duration 00:26:39

MON 13:00 Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert (b0124rj5)
Elisabeth Leonskaja

01 Franz Schubert
Allegretto in C minor D.915 for piano

02 Franz Schubert
Sonata in A major D.664 for piano

03 Franz Schubert
Fantasy in C major D.760 (Wandererfantasie) for piano

MON 14:00 Afternoon Concert (b0124rj7)
Light Fantastic
Episode 1

01 Gioachino Rossini
'Overture' from William Tell

02 Gaetano Donizetti
'Una Furtiva lagrima' from L' Elisir d'amore

03 Giuseppe Verdi
'Overture' from Aida

04 Giacomo Puccini
'Che gelida manina', 'Mi chiamano Mimi', and 'O soave fanciulla' from La Boheme

05 Giacomo Puccini
'Un Bel di vedremo' from Madama Butterfly

06 Leroy Anderson (artist)
Plink plank plunk
Performer: Leroy Anderson

07 Giuseppe Verdi
'Overture' from La Forza del destino

08 Giuseppe Verdi
'Pace, pace, mio Dio', from La Forza del destino

09 Francesco Cilea
'E la solita storia del pastore' from L' Arlesiana

10 Giacomo Puccini
'O mio babbino caro' from Gianni Schicchi

11 Francesco Paolo Tosti (artist)
L' Alba separa dalla luce l'ombra
Performer: Francesco Paolo Tosti

12 Giacomo Puccini
'Intermezzo' from Manon Lescaut

13 Francesco Paolo Tosti (artist)
Ridonami la calma
Performer: Francesco Paolo Tosti

14 Pietro Mascagni
'Intermezzo' from Cavalleria rusticana

15 Francesco Paolo Tosti (artist)
Marechiare (Neapolitan serenade)
Performer: Francesco Paolo Tosti

16 Giuseppe Verdi
'Libiamo, libiamo ne' lieti calici' from La Traviata

17 Giacomo Puccini
'Vissi d'arte' from Tosca

18 Francesco Paolo Tosti (artist)
La Serenata
Performer: Francesco Paolo Tosti

19 Eric Coates (artist)
The Jester at the wedding
Performer: Eric Coates

20 John Malcolm (artist)
Performer: John Malcolm

21 Fred Hartley (artist)
Rouge et noir
Performer: Fred Hartley

MON 16:30 In Tune (b0124rj9)

01 Arthur Sullivan
Cox and Box – overture
Duration 00:02:23

02 00:04:00 Ludwig van Beethoven
Quartet: Er sterbel!; Duet: O namenlose Freude!
Duration 00:08:06

03 00:14:00 Isaac Albéniz
Granada (from Suite Espanola)
Duration 00:05:45

04 00:20:00 Jacques Offenbach
Orpheus in the Underworld – concert overture
Duration 00:09:35

05 00:33:00
Richard Wagner - Gotterdammerung: conclusion
Duration 00:08:32

06 01:09:00 Svetlana Spajic (artist)
'Kiceno Nebo' (from 'The Life and Death of Marina Abramovic')
Performer: Svetlana Spajic
Duration 00:01:12

07 00:53:00 Johann Sebastian Bach
Partita No.2 in D minor BWV1004: Allemanda
Duration 00:05:12

08 01:00:00 Franz Schubert
Symphony No.4 in C minor "Tragic": Finale
Duration 00:09:47

09 01:14:00 Ernest John Moeran
The sailor and young Nancy
Duration 00:02:58

10 01:17:00 Antonio Vivaldi
Flute concerto in G minor RV104 "La Notte"
Duration 00:07:33

11 01:26:00 Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (artist)
The Seasons, Op. 37b: September – The Hunt
Performer: Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Duration 00:02:27

12 01:33:00 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
O Isis und Osiris (from The Magic Flute)
Duration 00:02:41

13 01:42:00 Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (artist)
None but the lonely heart Op.6 No.6
Performer: Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Duration 00:03:21

14 01:52:00 Giuseppe Verdi
Mentre gonfiarsi l'anima (from Attila)
Duration 00:03:04

15 01:56:00 Johann Sebastian Bach
Trio Sonata No. 6 in G major (BWV 530) i. Vivace
Duration 00:03:36

MON 18:30 Composer of the Week (b0124rj3)
[Repeat of broadcast at 12:00 today]

MON 19:30 Radio 3 Live in Concert (b0124ryn)
Light Fantastic: BBC Concert Orchestra with Gavin Sutherland

MON 22:00 Night Waves (b0124ryq)
Light Fantastic

MON 22:45 The Essay (b0124rys)
InterRail Postcards
Adam Thorpe

MON 23:00 Jazz on 3 (b0124ryv)
Vision Festival 2011


Line up: Peter Evans (trumpet), Tim Dahl (electric bass), Mike Pride (drums)

03 Pulverize the Sound (artist)
Frank Anthony
Performer: Pulverize the Sound

03 Pulverize the Sound (artist)
Performer: Pulverize the Sound

03 Pulverize the Sound (artist)
24 Beatdowns (Part 1: #1-12)
Performer: Pulverize the Sound


Line up: Ingrid Laubrock (tenor saxophone), Mat Maneri (viola), Kris Davis (piano), Tyshawn Sorey (drums)

04 Paradoxical Frog (artist)
Paradoxical Frog Expanded 1
Performer: Paradoxical Frog

05 Paradoxical Frog (artist)
Performer: Paradoxical Frog

Line up: David S. Ware (tenor saxophone), Cooper-Moore (piano), William Parker (bass), Muhammad Ali (drums)

07 Planetary Unknown (artist)
Performer: Planetary Unknown



TUE 01:00 Through the Night (b0124s1f)

TUE 07:00 Breakfast (b0124s1h)
Tuesday - Rob Cowan

01 00:03:00 Antonio Vivaldi
Gloria in D RV589: Gloria in exclesis Deo

02 00:05:00 Georges Bizet
Grande valse de concert in E flat

03 00:13:00 Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov
The Tale of Tsar Saltan Op.57: The Tsar's Farewell

04 00:18:00 Giuseppe Verdi
La Traviata: Brindisi

05 00:21:00 Benjamin Britten
Young Apollo Op.16

06 00:31:00 Georg Philipp Telemann
Concerto for 2 horns in E flat

07 00:37:00 George Gershwin
Catfish Row (suite from Porgy and Bess): Porgy Sings

08 00:42:00 Johannes Brahms
Hungarian Dance No.1

09 00:46:00 Franz Lehár
The Merry Widow: Vilja

10 00:52:00 Antonio Martín y Coll (artist)
La Chacona
Performer: Antonio Martín y Coll

11 01:03:00 Sergey Rachmaninov
Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini (opening)

12 01:10:00 Ludwig van Beethoven
Fidelio - quartet Act 1: Mir ist so wunderbar

13 01:20:00 Ottorino Respighi
Violin concerto in A - Allegro rondo

14 01:15:00 Claude Debussy
Suite bergamasque: Clair de lune

15 01:26:00 Francisco Tárrega

16 01:31:00
Alexis Emmanuel Chabrier - Espagna

17 01:37:00 Russian Trad (artist)
Performer: Russian Trad

18 01:42:00 Antonio Vivaldi
Concerto in F RV99 for recorder, oboe, violin, bassoon and continuo

19 01:55:00 Antonín Dvořák
Legends Op.59 No. 9: Andante con moto

20 01:49:00 Frédéric Chopin
Cello sonata in G minor Op.65: Scherzo

21 01:55:00 Ludwig van Beethoven
Symphony No.3 in E flat "Eroica": Scherzo

22 02:01:00 Carlos de Seixas (artist)
Harpsichord Sonata No.46 in G
Performer: Carlos de Seixas

23 02:04:00 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Voi che sepate (Le Nozze di Figaro)

24 02:07:00 Franz Schubert
Piano sonata in D, D850: Rondo

25 02:15:00 Felix Mendelssohn
String Symphony No. 6 in E flat

26 02:25:00 Georges Bizet
The Pearlfishers: duet - Then from the holy shrine

27 02:33:00 Sergey Rachmaninov
Symphonic Dances Op.45: No. 1

28 02:45:00 Franz Schubert
Mass No.6 D950: Sanctus & Osanna

29 02:55:00 Antonín Dvořák
Legends Op.59 No.9: Andante con moto

TUE 10:00 Classical Collection (b0124s1k)
Tuesday - Sarah Walker

TUE 12:00 Composer of the Week (b0124s1m)
Franz Schubert (1797-1828)
Episode 2

01 Franz Schubert
Abendstern D.806
Duration 00:02:07

02 00:02:07 Franz Schubert
Der Hochzeitsbraten D.930 for soprano, tenor, bass and piano
Duration 00:11:17

03 00:13:24 Franz Schubert
Alfonso und Estrella - opera in 3 acts D.732
Duration 00:08:30

04 00:21:54 Franz Schubert
Gretchen am Spinnrade D.118
Duration 00:03:30

05 00:25:24 Franz Schubert
Allegro in A minor D.947 (Lebenssturme) for piano duet
Duration 00:12:00

06 00:37:24 Franz Schubert
Octet in F major D.803
Duration 00:09:23

TUE 13:00 Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert (b0124s2g)
Bath International MusicFest 2011
Natalie Clein

01 John Tavener
Thrinos for cello solo
Duration 00:04:36

02 00:04:36 Johann Sebastian Bach
Suite no. 5 in C minor BWV.1011 for cello solo
Duration 00:17:09

03 00:21:45 Fyfe Dangerfield (artist)
Turquoise black for cello
Performer: Fyfe Dangerfield
Duration 00:08:04

04 00:29:49 Zoltán Kodály
Sonata Op.8 for cello solo
Duration 00:29:05

TUE 14:00 Afternoon Concert (b0124s2j)
Light Fantastic
Episode 2

01 Gioachino Rossini
Overture from La Cenerentola

02 Erich Wolfgang Korngold
King's Row

03 Franz Waxman (artist)
Prince Valiant
Performer: Franz Waxman

04 David Raksin (artist)
'Suite' from The Bad and the beautiful
Performer: David Raksin

05 Bronisław Kaper (artist)
'Overture' from Mutiny on The Bounty
Performer: Bronisław Kaper

Miklós Rózsa - 'Waltz' from Madame Bovary

07 Cole Porter (artist)
'Ballet sequence' from Silk stockings
Performer: Cole Porter

08 Harold Arlen (artist)
'Suite' from The Wizard of Oz
Performer: Harold Arlen

09 Glenn Miller, Arr. Dan Price (artist)
Glenn Miller, Arr. Dan Price - In the Mood/A string of Peals
Performer: Glenn Miller, Arr. Dan Price

10 Alfred Newman (artist)
Title music from Airport
Performer: Alfred Newman

11 Alfred Newman (artist)
'Overture' from Song of Bernadette
Performer: Alfred Newman

12 Bernard Herrmann
'Suite' from North by northwest

13 Max Steiner (artist)
'Suite' fromGone with the wind
Performer: Max Steiner

14 Eric Coates
The Dam Busters March
Orchestra: Ron Goodwin and His Concert Orchestra
Conductor: Eric Coates

15 Malcolm Arnold
Fantasy Op.114 for brass band

16 Philip Wilby (artist)
Paganini variations for brass band
Performer: Philip Wilby

TUE 16:30 In Tune (b0124s2l)

01 Domenico Scarlatti
Sonata in C major, K. 406
Duration 00:03:04

02 00:04:00 Joseph Haydn
3rd movement from String Quartet in B flat major Op.33, No.4
Duration 00:04:33

03 00:14:00 Johannes Brahms
2nd movement from String Quartet in B flat major Op.67, No.3
Duration 00:07:41

04 00:25:00 Joseph Haydn
4th movement finale from String Quartet in B flat major Op.33, No.4
Duration 00:04:53

05 00:33:00 Henry Purcell
Fairest Isle
Duration 00:04:50

06 00:39:00 Pablo de Sarasate
Zigeunerweisen, Op. 20 (Zingaresca)
Duration 00:08:35

07 00:48:00 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Exsultate, Jubilate K. 165
Duration 00:04:34

08 00:54:00 Domenico Scarlatti
Sonata in B minor K108
Duration 00:03:28

09 00:57:00 Johannes Brahms
Intermezzo, Op. 119 No. 1
Duration 00:04:02

10 01:10:00 Domenico Scarlatti
Sonata in D minor arranged by Christian Zacharias
Duration 00:04:03

11 01:19:00 Guillaume de Machaut
Je puis trop bien
Duration 00:04:15

12 01:26:00 George Antheil (artist)
Performer: George Antheil
Duration 00:05:05

13 01:33:00 Darius Milhaud
Scaramouche, Suite for saxophone and orchestra (in 3 movements)
Duration 00:09:25

14 01:44:00 Carlo Gesualdo
All'ombra degli allori
Duration 00:09:25

15 01:48:00 Anton Bruckner
Finale (lebhaft bewegt) from String Quintet in F major
Duration 00:08:38

16 01:58:00 Fred Steiner (artist)
Star Trek: Main title
Performer: Fred Steiner
Duration 00:01:15

TUE 18:30 Composer of the Week (b0124s1m)
[Repeat of broadcast at 12:00 today]

TUE 19:30 Radio 3 Live in Concert (b0124s2n)
Le Cercle de l'Harmonie - Mozart's Solemn Vespers, Mass in C minor

TUE 22:00 Night Waves (b0124s2q)
New Generation Thinkers, Aping Mankind, Leptis Magna, Mildred Pierce, A Separation

TUE 22:45 The Essay (b0124s2s)
InterRail Postcards
Roma Tearne

TUE 23:00 Late Junction (b0124s2v)
Fiona Talkington - 28/06/2011

01 Márcia Castro (artist)
Frevo Pecadinho
Performer: Márcia Castro

02 00:03:00 Martin Simpson (artist)
Performer: Martin Simpson

03 00:05:00 Lucas Santtana (artist)
Racado para Pio Lobato
Performer: Lucas Santtana

04 00:09:00 Raymond Scott (artist)
Tin Soldier
Performer: Raymond Scott

05 00:18:00 Duke Ellington (celeste and vocals) (artist)
Moon Maiden
Performer: Duke Ellington (celeste and vocals)

06 00:21:00 Duke Ellington (artist)
Intimate Interlude
Performer: Duke Ellington

07 00:27:00 Tim Hart and Maddy Prior (artist)
Sorry the day I was married (Trad. arr. Hart)
Performer: Tim Hart and Maddy Prior

08 00:28:00 Oak (artist)
Scan's Polkas
Performer: Oak

09 00:31:00 Tom Waits (artist)
Flower's Grave
Performer: Tom Waits

10 00:34:00 Beaux Arts Trio (artist)
Ravel: Piano Trio (3rd movement)
Performer: Beaux Arts Trio

11 00:42:00 Esbjörn Svensson Trio (artist)
Seven days of falling
Performer: Esbjörn Svensson Trio

12 00:49:00 Sona Jobarteh (artist)
Mamaké (Grandfather)
Performer: Sona Jobarteh

13 00:54:00 Tapani Varis (mouth harp) (artist)
Performer: Tapani Varis (mouth harp)

14 00:58:00 Weather Report (artist)
Orange Lady
Performer: Weather Report

15 01:07:00 Orchestra Unknown (artist)
Ted Dicks: Busy Boy (theme to TV programme Catweazle)
Performer: Orchestra Unknown

16 01:09:00 O.N.C.E. (artist)
Coming Back to You
Performer: O.N.C.E.

17 01:12:00 Estonian Piano Orchestra (artist)
Arvo Part: Variations for the Healing of Arinushka
Performer: Estonian Piano Orchestra

18 01:16:00 North Sea Radio Orchestra (artist)
I a moon
Performer: North Sea Radio Orchestra

19 01:18:00 Harry M. Woods (artist)
Radio Northsea International Jingle
Performer: Harry M. Woods

20 01:19:00 ensemble recherche (artist)
Morton Feldman: I met Heine on the rue Furstenberg
Performer: ensemble recherche

21 01:32:00 Steve Earle (artist)
Lonely are the Free
Performer: Steve Earle

22 01:35:00 Angolan Women Singing and Pounding Maize (artist)
Angolan Women Singing and Pounding Maize (recorded by Miguel Malta for Life in a Day)
Performer: Angolan Women Singing and Pounding Maize

23 01:37:00 Vieux Farka Touré (artist)
The Secret
Performer: Vieux Farka Touré

24 01:45:00 Gallicantus / Gabriel Crouch (director) (artist)
Robert Ramsey: Sleep Fleshly Birth
Performer: Gallicantus / Gabriel Crouch (director)

25 01:53:00 Univers Zéro (artist)
Vous le saurez en temps voulu
Performer: Univers Zéro


WED 01:00 Through the Night (b0124s40)

WED 07:00 Breakfast (b0124s42)
Wednesday - Rob Cowan

01 00:03:00 Dmitri Kabalevsky
Colas Breugnon

02 00:08:00 Isaac Albéniz
Asturias [from 'Suite Espanola'], ar. Segovia for guitar

03 00:15:00 Antonio Vivaldi
Concerto in F minor RV.297, Op.8`4 (L'Inverno) for violin and orchestra

04 00:23:00 Johannes Brahms
Hungarian dances, ar. for piano solo: no.5 in F sharp minor; no.6 in D flat major

05 00:31:00 Leonard Bernstein
Overture to Candide

06 00:36:00 Gabriel Fauré
Cantique de Jean Racine Op.11

07 00:42:00 Joseph Haydn
Symphony no.103 (H.1.103) in E flat major "Drum roll", 4th movement; Finale

08 00:47:00 Domenico Scarlatti
Sonata K 420

09 00:53:00 André Caplet
Marche triomphale et pompiere

10 01:03:00 Oscar Strauss (artist)
A Waltz Dream: Overture
Performer: Oscar Strauss

11 01:07:00 Sergey Rachmaninov

12 01:18:00 Edward Elgar
Nimrod from Enigma Variations

13 01:26:00 Samuel Scheidt (artist)
Galliard Battaglia
Performer: Samuel Scheidt

14 01:31:00 Luigi Boccherini
Quintet no. 4 in D major G.448 for guitar and strings: Final mvt – Fandango

15 01:38:00 Claude Debussy
Jeux de vagues from La Mer

16 01:45:00 Percy Grainger
Scotch Strathspey and Reel

17 01:52:00 Bedrich Smetana
From the Homeland: Andantino moderato e Allegro Vivo

18 02:00:00 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Symphony No 40: 1st mvt - molto allegro

19 02:08:00 Nicola Matteis (artist)
Ground after the Scotch Humour
Performer: Nicola Matteis

20 02:13:00 None (artist)
Deleted Record
Performer: None

21 02:16:00 Bernard Herrmann
North by Northwest: Overture

22 02:19:00 Frédéric Chopin
Berceuse in D flat major Op 57

23 02:25:00 George Frideric Handel
Let thy hand be strengthened

24 02:36:00 Arvo Pärt

25 02:44:00 George Gershwin
Rhapsody in Blue

WED 10:00 Classical Collection (b0124s44)
Wednesday - Sarah Walker

WED 12:00 Composer of the Week (b0124s46)
Franz Schubert (1797-1828)
Episode 3

01 Franz Schubert
Psalm 23 (Gott ist mein Hirt) D.706 for high voices and piano
Duration 00:05:03

02 00:05:03 Franz Schubert
Heidenroslein D.257
Duration 00:01:44

03 00:06:47 Franz Schubert
Rastlose Liebe D.138
Duration 00:01:22

04 00:08:09 Franz Schubert
Wandrers Nachtlied (Uber allen Gipfeln ist Ruh) D.768, Op.96`3 [Goethe]
Duration 00:02:33

05 00:10:42 Franz Schubert
An Schwager Kronos D.369
Duration 00:02:49

06 00:13:31 Franz Schubert
Auf dem Strom D.943 for voice, horn [or cello] and piano
Duration 00:08:55

07 00:22:26 Franz Schubert
Divertissement sur des motifs originaux francais in E minor/B min D.823 for piano duet
Duration 00:13:11

08 00:35:37 Franz Schubert
Gesang der Geister uber den Wassern D.714 [4th setting, for male chorus & strings in C maj
Duration 00:11:01

WED 13:00 Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert (b0124s48)
Bath International MusicFest 2011
Scholtes and Janssens Piano Duo

01 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Sonata in D major K.381 for piano duet
Duration 00:12:13

02 00:12:13 Claude Debussy
En blanc et noir for 2 pianos
Duration 00:16:07

03 00:28:20 Johannes Brahms
Variations on a theme by Haydn Op.56b vers. for 2 pianos
Duration 00:17:56

04 00:46:16 Maurice Ravel
Rapsodie espagnole vers. for piano duet
Duration 00:14:59

05 01:01:15 Maurice Ravel
La Valse - choreographic poem, arr. for 2 pianos [orig. for orchestra]
Duration 00:11:44

06 01:12:59 Witold Lutosławski
Variations on a theme of Paganini for 2 pianos
Duration 00:05:39

WED 14:45 Afternoon Concert (b0124s4b)
Light Fantastic
Episode 3

01 Leroy Anderson (artist)
Old Macdonald had a farm
Performer: Leroy Anderson

02 Donald Swann (artist)
The Hippopotamus song
Performer: Donald Swann

03 Gordon Jacob (artist)
'Overture' from The Barber of Seville goes to the devil
Performer: Gordon Jacob

04 Gioachino Rossini
'Overture' from Il Barbiere di Siviglia

05 Karl Jenkins
Concerto for euphonium and brass band

06 Gordon Langford (artist)
A Sullivan Fantasy
Performer: Gordon Langford

07 Haydn Wood (artist)
A Brown bird singing
Performer: Haydn Wood

08 Arthur Sullivan
The Lost chord

09 Edward Elgar
'Overture' from Cockaigne (In London town)

10 Henry Walford Davies (artist)
Solemn Melody
Performer: Henry Walford Davies

11 Gustav Holst
'March' from A Moorside suite

12 Thomas Arne
Rule, Britannia!
Lyricist: James Thomson

Richard Rodgers & Oscar Hammerstein II - You'll Never Walk Alone

WED 16:00 Choral Evensong (b0124s4d)
York Minster

WED 17:00 In Tune (b0124s58)

01 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Idomeneo Overture
Duration 00:04:24

02 00:06:00 John Gay (artist)
The Beggar's Opera - Song 38 entitled 'Why how now madam flirt'
Performer: John Gay
Duration 00:00:36

03 00:07:00 John Gay (artist)
The Beggar's Opera - Song 52 'Hither dear husband, turn your eyes'
Performer: John Gay
Duration 00:01:00

04 00:14:00 John Gay (artist)
The Beggar's Opera - Song 21 'Man is depressed with cares'
Performer: John Gay
Duration 00:01:42

05 00:21:00 John Gay (artist)
The Beggar's Opera - Over the Hills and Far Away
Performer: John Gay
Duration 00:01:10

06 00:23:00 Franz Schubert
Symphony No.8 D759 "Unfinished" - 2nd movement Andante con moto
Duration 00:10:29

07 00:34:00 George Frideric Handel
Acis & Galatea Act II "Cease to beauty to be suing"
Duration 00:04:55

08 00:40:00 Antonín Dvořák
Carnival Overture Op.92
Duration 00:08:52

09 00:50:00 Johann Sebastian Bach
Orchestral Suite BWV1069 - Overture
Duration 00:07:17

10 01:02:00 Carl Loewe (artist)
Wanderers Nachtlied (Uber allen gipfeln)
Performer: Carl Loewe
Duration 00:01:26

11 01:09:00 Carl Loewe (artist)
Tom der Reimer
Performer: Carl Loewe
Duration 00:05:55

12 01:22:00 Gustav Mahler
Wenn mein Schatz (Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen)
Duration 00:03:22

13 01:26:00 Sergei Prokofiev
Romeo and Juliet – Dance with Mandolins
Duration 00:02:00

WED 18:30 Composer of the Week (b0124s46)
[Repeat of broadcast at 12:00 today]

WED 19:30 Radio 3 Live in Concert (b0124s5b)
Christopher Raeburn Memorial Concert

WED 22:00 Night Waves (b0124s5d)
The Future of Europe, Robert Hughes, Peter Zumthor, Zoe Norridge

WED 22:45 The Essay (b0124s5g)
InterRail Postcards
Charlotte Mendelson

WED 23:00 Late Junction (b0124s5n)
Fiona Talkington - 29/06/2011

01 Willie Nelson (artist)
Yesterday's Wine
Performer: Willie Nelson

02 00:03:00 Bostich+Fussible (artist)
Punta Banda
Performer: Bostich+Fussible

03 00:07:00 Marta Sebestyen (voice) / Zoltán Juhász (duct flute) (artist)
Folk songs from Csik
Performer: Marta Sebestyen (voice) / Zoltán Juhász (duct flute)

04 00:12:00 Jeno Jando (piano) (artist)
Bartok: Three Hungarian Folk Songs from Csik
Performer: Jeno Jando (piano)

05 00:16:00 Pink Floyd (artist)
Performer: Pink Floyd

06 00:40:00 Pink Floyd (artist)
Performer: Pink Floyd

07 00:42:00 Kai Ratassepp and Mati Mikalai (artist)
Arvo Pärt: Hymn to a Great City (1984/2004)
Performer: Kai Ratassepp and Mati Mikalai

08 00:46:00 Gillian Welch (artist)
Hard Times (Ain't Gonna Rule My Mind)
Performer: Gillian Welch

09 00:51:00 Qluster (artist)
Auf der Alm
Performer: Qluster

10 00:57:00 Sigbjørn Apeland (harmonium) (artist)
Performer: Sigbjørn Apeland (harmonium)

11 01:02:00 Stile Antico (artist)
Byrd: Ne Irascaris Domine
Performer: Stile Antico

12 01:13:00 Can (artist)
Cascade Waltz
Performer: Can

13 01:19:00 Harry Cox (artist)
When I Sing a Song (speech)
Performer: Harry Cox

14 01:19:00 Harry Cox (vocalS) (artist)
Black Velvet Band
Performer: Harry Cox (vocalS)

15 01:23:00 Harry Cox (melodeon) (artist)
A Polka
Performer: Harry Cox (melodeon)

16 01:24:00 Three Cane Whale (artist)
Performer: Three Cane Whale

17 01:27:00 Mental Overdrive (artist)
Performer: Mental Overdrive

18 01:32:00 Marie Axelsson and Ulrika Bodén (artist)
Karin Rehnqvist: Swedish folk music (various)
Performer: Marie Axelsson and Ulrika Bodén

19 01:41:00 Gillian Welch (artist)
Silver Dagger
Performer: Gillian Welch

20 01:45:00 Leafcutter John (artist)
Palm Reader / Introduction in the Wrong Place
Performer: Leafcutter John


THU 01:00 Through the Night (b0124s5v)

THU 07:00 Breakfast (b0124s7j)
Thursday - Rob Cowan

01 00:03:00 Ludwig van Beethoven
The Creatures of Prometheus, op 43: Finale

02 00:11:00 Paul Jeanjean
Clair matin (Idylle)

03 00:17:00 Alexander Borodin (artist)
Petite Suite Finale : Scherzo – Nocturne – Scherzo
Performer: Alexander Borodin

04 00:23:00 George Frideric Handel
I know that my Redeemer liveth (Messiah)

05 00:32:00 Fritz Kreisler (artist)
Liebesfreud (transc Rachmaninov)
Performer: Fritz Kreisler

06 00:40:00 Felix Mendelssohn
Hebrides Overture

07 00:52:00 Heinrich Schütz
Ich bin ein rechter weinstock SWV 389

08 00:55:00 Aaron Copland
Scherzo Humoristique : The Cat and the Mouse

09 01:04:00 Leos Janáček
Sinfonietta: 1st mvt

10 01:07:00 Maurice Ravel
String Quartet Second movt : Assez vif – Très rythmé

11 01:13:00 Richard Rodgers (artist)
The Carousel Waltz
Performer: Richard Rodgers

12 01:21:00 Arcangelo Corelli
Sonata in D major for trumpet, 2 violins and continuo

13 01:27:00 Virgil Thomson (artist)
Suite: The Plow that Broke the Plains - Cattle
Performer: Virgil Thomson

14 01:31:00 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Rondo alla turca, Allegretto from Sonata for piano no 11 in A major, k 331

15 01:35:00 Francisco Tárrega
Capricho arabe Serenata para guitarra (Andantino)

16 01:37:00 Sergei Prokofiev
Waltzes, Suite for Orchestra, op 110: No 1 "Since we met" (From War and Peace)

17 01:44:00 Johann Sebastian Bach
Fantasia and Fugue in A minor, BWV 944

18 01:51:00 George Frideric Handel
Fireworks Music: Minuet 1 and 2 (with real fireworks)

19 01:54:00 Giacomo Puccini
Manon Lescaut : Intermezzo

20 02:00:00 Ludwig van Beethoven
Symphony no 7 : 3rd movt, Presto

21 02:12:00 David Popper (artist)
Performer: David Popper

22 02:16:00 Claude Debussy
Printemps; Tres modere;Modere

23 02:32:00 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Oboe Quartet in F major, k 370: 1st movt - Allegro

24 02:39:00 Richard Strauss
Finale of Der Rosenkavalier: Is ein Traum

25 02:47:00 Frédéric Chopin
Waltz in A flat op 69.1

26 02:50:00 Antonio Vivaldi
Concerto for 2 violins and cello, RV 578

THU 10:00 Classical Collection (b0124s7l)
Thursday - Sarah Walker

THU 12:00 Composer of the Week (b0124s7n)
Franz Schubert (1797-1828)
Episode 4

01 Franz Schubert
Sonata in A minor D.784 for piano
Duration 00:21:34

02 00:21:34 Franz Schubert
Quartet no. 13 in A minor D.804, Op.29 (Rosamunde) for strings
Duration 00:30:44

THU 13:00 Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert (b0124s7q)
Bath International MusicFest 2011
Tokyo String Quartet

01 Joseph Haydn
Quartet in F major Op.77`2 for strings
Duration 00:24:21

02 00:24:21 Robert Schumann
Quartet in A minor Op.41`1 for strings
Duration 00:25:26

03 00:49:47 Joseph Haydn
Quartet in G major Op.77`1 - 3rd movement; Menuet
Duration 00:04:18

THU 14:00 Afternoon Concert (b0124s7s)
Thursday Opera Matinee
Light Fantastic: Gilbert and Sullivan - The Mikado

01 Arthur Sullivan
The Mikado

THU 16:30 In Tune (b0124s7v)

01 Martin Taylor (artist)
Che Fernand
Performer: Martin Taylor
Duration 00:04:25

02 00:06:00 Gioachino Rossini
Nacqui all'affanno (from La Cenerentola)
Duration 00:07:39

03 00:13:00 George Frideric Handel
Arrival of the Queen of Sheba (from Solomon)
Duration 00:03:02

04 00:24:00 Martin Taylor (artist)
Performer: Martin Taylor
Duration 00:05:32

05 00:33:00 Anon. (artist)
Anon. - Dallas Rag
Performer: Anon.
Duration 00:02:47

06 00:43:00 Martin Taylor (artist)
Niglo Swing
Performer: Martin Taylor
Duration 00:02:43

07 00:47:00 Ludwig van Beethoven
Symphony No.8 in F: 1st mvt – Allegro vivace e con brio
Duration 00:09:41

08 01:02:00 Franz Liszt
Mazeppa (Transcendental Study No.4 in D minor)
Duration 00:07:39

09 01:11:00 Johann Sebastian Bach
Harpsichord concerto in F minor BWV1056
Duration 00:09:25

10 01:17:00 Antonín Dvořák
Legends, Op. 59 iii. Allegro giusto, iv. Molto maestoso
Duration 00:09:30

11 01:33:00 Jules Massenet
Coeur sans amour (Cendrillon, Act 2)
Duration 00:03:58

12 01:44:00 Jules Massenet
Enfin, je suis ici (Cendrillon, Act 3)
Duration 00:04:16

13 01:56:00 Jules Massenet
Enfin, je connaitrai le Bonheur a mon tour! (Cendrillon, Act 1)
Duration 00:04:08

THU 18:30 Composer of the Week (b0124s7n)
[Repeat of broadcast at 12:00 today]

THU 19:30 Radio 3 Live in Concert (b0124s7x)
Trevor Pinnock - Purcell, Bach, Handel

THU 22:00 Night Waves (b0124s7z)
Richard III, Civic Activism, Laurence Scott, Kosmos

THU 22:45 The Essay (b0124s81)
InterRail Postcards
David Almond

THU 23:00 Late Junction (b0124s83)
Fiona Talkington - 30/06/2011

01 00:01:00 Charlie Parker's Reboppers (artist)
Hermeto Pascoal: Nem Um Talvez
Performer: Charlie Parker's Reboppers

02 00:05:00 Johnny Cash (artist)
Apache Tears
Performer: Johnny Cash

03 00:08:00 Wheeler Street (artist)
Stitch in Time
Performer: Wheeler Street

04 00:13:00 Fribo (artist)
Galen-Maret / All the Night I lay with the Jocket / Salt N'Pupper
Performer: Fribo

05 00:19:00 Koboku Senjû (artist)
Performer: Koboku Senjû

06 00:27:00 Laura Gilbert (flute) (artist)
Takemitsu: Itinerant
Performer: Laura Gilbert (flute)

07 00:32:00 David Sylvian (artist)
Emily Dickinson
Performer: David Sylvian

08 00:36:00 Xavier Charles/Ivar Grydeland/Christian Wallumrød/Ingar Zach (artist)
La Somnolence
Performer: Xavier Charles/Ivar Grydeland/Christian Wallumrød/Ingar Zach

09 00:40:00 Singers from Albania (artist)
Bie deti dallgët (The Sea Carries the Waves)
Performer: Singers from Albania

10 00:45:00 Joni Mitchell (artist)
A case of you
Performer: Joni Mitchell

11 00:49:00 Sura Susso (kora) (artist)
Performer: Sura Susso (kora)

12 00:55:00 Joby Talbot (piano) / Orchestra / Jeremy Holland-Smith (conductor) (artist)
Tide Harmonic: Algal Bloom
Performer: Joby Talbot (piano) / Orchestra / Jeremy Holland-Smith (conductor)

13 01:10:00 Clara Rockmore (theremin) / Nadia Resienberg (piano) (artist)
Kreisler: Liebesleid
Performer: Clara Rockmore (theremin) / Nadia Resienberg (piano)

14 01:13:00 Charles Trenet (artist)
Que reste t'il de nos Amours
Performer: Charles Trenet

15 00:01:17 La Venexiana (artist)
Sigismondo d'India: Indarno Febo, from Il Terzo Libro de Madrigali
Performer: La Venexiana

16 01:22:00 Keith Jarrett (artist)
Landscape for future earth
Performer: Keith Jarrett

17 01:25:00 Anne Briggs (artist)
Sandman's Song
Performer: Anne Briggs

18 01:29:00 Huntsville, with Hanne Hukkelberg (artist)
For Flowers, Cars and Merry Wars
Performer: Huntsville, with Hanne Hukkelberg

19 01:48:00 Yes (artist)
Heart of the Sunrise
Performer: Yes


FRI 01:00 Through the Night (b0124sb8)

FRI 07:00 Breakfast (b0124sbb)
Friday - Rob Cowan

01 00:03:00 Alexander Glazunov (artist)
Summer: Coda from The Seasons
Performer: Alexander Glazunov

02 00:07:00 Claudio Monteverdi
Troppo ben puo from the Fifth Book of Madrigals

03 00:10:00 Ottorino Respighi
Balletto detto "Il Conte Orlando" from Ancient Airs and Dances Suite No.1

04 00:14:00 Edward Elgar (artist)
Chanson de matin, Op.15 no.2
Performer: Edward Elgar

05 00:16:00 Franz Schubert
Minnelied D 429

06 00:20:00 Ludwig van Beethoven
Allegretto alla Polacca from Serenade in D major Op.8

07 00:23:00 Ralph Vaughan Williams
Fantasia on "Greensleeves"

08 00:31:00 Jean‐Philippe Rameau
Zais Overture

09 00:37:00 Frédéric Chopin
Preludes No.23 & 24 from 24 Preludes Op.28

10 00:41:00 Gioachino Rossini
The Thieving Magpie

11 00:51:00 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Kyrie from Mass in C minor

12 01:03:00 George Frideric Handel
Hallelujah Chrous from Messiah

13 01:07:00 Heitor Villa‐Lobos
Etude No.1 in E minor

14 01:09:00 Hans Christian Lumbye
Copenhagen Steam Railway Galop

15 01:14:00 Malcolm Arnold
Sarabande from Solitaire

16 01:18:00 Joseph Haydn
Finale from Cello Concerto in D major Hob. VIIb4 (previously attributed to Haydn)

17 01:23:00 Franz Schubert
Scherzo from Piano Sonata No.21 in B flat D.960

18 01:31:00 George Gershwin
Girl Crazy Overture

19 01:37:00 Gabriel Fauré
Berceuse Op.16

20 01:41:00 Johann Sebastian Bach
Bass aria: Ich will von Jesu Wundern singen & Chorale: Jesus bleibet meine Freude Part II

21 01:48:00 Béla Bartók
Romanian Folk Dances
Orchestra: Budapest Festival Orchestra
Conductor: Iván Fischer

22 01:55:00 Juan Mostazo Morales (artist)
Falsa moneda
Performer: Juan Mostazo Morales

23 02:00:00
Richard Wagner - Entry of the Gods into Valhalla from Das Rheingold

24 02:05:00 Edward Elgar
Concert Allegro Op.46

25 02:16:00 Aram Khachaturian
Lezghinka (Dance of the Boys), Uzandara (Dance of Nuneh and the Maidens) & Gayaneh's Dance

26 02:23:00 Georg Philipp Telemann
Concerto for flute and violin in E minor

27 02:33:00 Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (artist)
Romeo and Juliet – Fantasy Overture after Shakespeare
Performer: Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky

28 02:52:00 Johann Sebastian Bach
Dona nobis pacem from Mass in B minor

FRI 10:00 Classical Collection (b0124sbd)
Friday - Sarah Walker

FRI 12:00 Composer of the Week (b0124sbg)
Franz Schubert (1797-1828)
Episode 5

01 Franz Schubert
Schwanengesang - song-cycle D.957 for voice and piano
Duration 00:02:33

02 00:02:33 Franz Schubert
Winterreise - song-cycle D.911 - no.22; Mut, no.23; Die Nebensonnen & no.24; Der Leiermann
Duration 00:07:25

03 00:09:58 Franz Schubert
Trio in E flat major D.929 for piano and strings
Duration 00:42:02

FRI 13:00 Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert (b0124sbj)
Bath International MusicFest 2011
Heath Quartet, Navarra Quartet

01 Johannes Brahms
Sextet no. 1 in B flat major Op.18 for strings
Duration 00:37:58

02 00:37:58 Felix Mendelssohn
Octet in E flat major Op.20 for strings
Duration 00:30:46

FRI 14:15 Afternoon Concert (b0124sbl)
Light Fantastic
Episode 4

01 Gioachino Rossini
'Overture' from La Scala di seta

02 Carl Nielsen
'Oriental Festmarch; Aladdin's dream and dance of the morning mists; Chinese dance; Dance

John Foulds - Keltic suite Op.29

04 Malcolm Arnold

05 Ernest Tomlinson (artist)
'Birdcage dance and Belly dance' from Aladdin
Performer: Ernest Tomlinson

06 Joseph Horovitz
4 Dances from "Les femmes d'Alger"

07 Reginald King (artist)
A Song of paradise
Performer: Reginald King

08 Vivian Ellis (artist)
Holidays abroad - suite for orchestra
Performer: Vivian Ellis

09 Haydn Wood (artist)
Cities of romance - suite for orchestra
Performer: Haydn Wood

FRI 16:30 In Tune (b0124sbn)

01 John Adams
Short Ride in a Fast Machine
Duration 00:04:14

02 00:05:00 Stephen Sondheim (artist)
Overture to 'Bounce'
Performer: Stephen Sondheim
Duration 00:02:50

03 00:14:00 Stephen Sondheim (artist)
'Brotherly Love' from Road Show
Performer: Stephen Sondheim
Duration 00:02:23

04 00:25:00 Stephen Sondheim (artist)
'Isn't he something?' from Road Show
Performer: Stephen Sondheim
Duration 00:03:06

05 00:32:00 Felix Mendelssohn
Overture to A Midsummer Night's Dream
Duration 00:11:47

06 00:32:00
Richard Wagner - Träume (Wesendonck Lieder)
Duration 00:04:39

07 00:50:00 Antonio Vivaldi
Violin Concerto in G RV365
Duration 00:13:03

08 01:04:00 Steve Reich
Vermont Counterpoint
Duration 00:09:50

09 01:20:00 Steve Reich
Electric Counterpoint 1st movement
Duration 00:06:53

10 01:28:00 Duke Ellington (artist)
It Don't Mean A Thing, If It Ain't Got That Swing (lyrics by Irving Mills)
Performer: Duke Ellington
Duration 00:02:08

11 01:33:00 Frédéric Chopin
Waltz in E flat Op 18
Duration 00:04:55

12 01:42:00 Leroy Anderson (artist)
Performer: Leroy Anderson
Duration 00:01:56

FRI 18:20 Composer of the Week (b0124sbg)
[Repeat of broadcast at 12:00 today]

FRI 19:20 Radio 3 Live in Concert (b0124sbq)
Opera North - Wagner's Das Rheingold

FRI 22:15 The Verb (b0124sbx)
Author Joe Dunthorne, Sound Artist Gilli Bloodaxe, Verb New Voices

FRI 22:45 The Essay (b0124sbz)
InterRail Postcards
Diane Samuels

FRI 23:00 World on 3 (b0124sc1)
Hans Raj Hans Session

01 Nidi d'Arac (artist)
Performer: Nidi d'Arac

02 Khaira Arby (artist)
Ehe Youma
Performer: Khaira Arby

03 Baloji (artist)
Karibu ya Bintou ft.Konono no.1
Performer: Baloji

04 Flux (artist)
Flux - Shakin' my Brain
Performer: Flux

05 Preßburger Klezmer Band (artist)
Performer: Preßburger Klezmer Band

06 The Kurikorder Quartet (artist)
Meet the Kurikorder Quartet
Performer: The Kurikorder Quartet

07 Hans Raj Hans (artist)
Rakho mori Lage
Performer: Hans Raj Hans

08 Hans Raj Hans (artist)
Kharam raseed imshubh
Performer: Hans Raj Hans

09 Mionor Empire (artist)
Hayder Hayder
Performer: Mionor Empire

10 Söndörgő (artist)
Performer: Söndörgő

11 The National Duduk Ensemble of Armenia (artist)
Performer: The National Duduk Ensemble of Armenia

12 Hans Raj Hans (artist)
Yee kyar ras he
Performer: Hans Raj Hans

13 Hans Raj Hans (artist)
Nitkher Manga
Performer: Hans Raj Hans

14 Dub Colossus (artist)
Performer: Dub Colossus

15 Axel Krygier (artist)
Serpentae el Tren
Performer: Axel Krygier

16 Rafa Barreto (artist)
Nem Mais
Performer: Rafa Barreto

17 Do Amor (artist)
Isso e Carimbo
Performer: Do Amor

18 Mohamed Rashad (artist)
Wallah al-Azim ya Baladna
Performer: Mohamed Rashad

19 The Watersons (artist)
The Thirty Foot Trailer
Performer: The Watersons

20 Fink (artist)
Performer: Fink

21 Teófilo Chantre (artist)
Tu Verrais
Performer: Teófilo Chantre

22 Daler Nasarov (artist)
Turki Sheroz
Performer: Daler Nasarov