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Alun LewisWords and Music2011-04-0322:1500:28:19Duration Link
Ballaké Sissoko & Vincent Ségal - Halinkuta DjoubeLate Junction2011-04-0523:1500:26:00Duration Link
Cecil Day LewisWords and Music2011-04-0322:1500:00:32Duration Link
Chopin - Piano Concerto No.2 in F minor - Allegro VivaceIn Tune2011-04-0817:0001:41:00Duration 00:08:40 Link
Franz Berwald - Symphony no.2 "Sinfonie Capriccieuse"Radio 3 Requests2011-04-0314:00Duration Link
Freya StarkWords and Music2011-04-0322:1500:34:25Duration Link
Frédéric Chopin - Mazurka in G major Op 67'1Breakfast2011-04-0407:0000:57:00Duration Link
Frédéric Chopin - Nocturne, Op. 9 No. 2 (E flat major)In Tune2011-04-0417:0000:21:00Duration 00:04:20 Link
Frédéric Chopin - Piano Trio in G minor, Op 8 – 2nd movement: ScherzoBreakfast2011-04-0707:0000:37:00Duration Link
Frédéric Chopin - Prelude for piano (Op.45) in C sharp minorBreakfast2011-04-0307:0002:03:00Duration Link
Frédéric Chopin - Waltz No.11 in G flat Op.70/1Breakfast2011-04-0507:0002:29:00Duration Link
Frédéric Chopin - Waltz in C sharp minor, Op.64/2In Tune2011-04-0817:0001:28:00Duration 00:03:53 Link
George OrwellWords and Music2011-04-0322:1500:50:23Duration Link
George Shearing & Hank Jones - You Don't Know What Love IsJazz Library2011-04-0300:00Duration Link
George Shearing & Mel Tormé - New Yorlk Medley: Me and My Gal (Goetz/Leslie/Meyer); MackJazz Library2011-04-0300:00Duration Link
George Shearing & Mel Tormé - Put a Shine on Your ShoesJazz Library2011-04-0300:00Duration Link
Ilya Ehrenburg, translated from the Russian by Gordon McVayWords and Music2011-04-0322:1500:02:23Duration Link
Joe Lovano & Gonzalo Rubalcaba - PhantasmJazz Library2011-04-0216:00Duration Link
Joe Lovano & Greg Osby - Geo J LoJazz Library2011-04-0216:00Duration Link
Johann Strauss II - Mein Herr Marquis (Die Fledermaus)Breakfast2011-04-0507:0001:57:00Duration Link
Johann Strauss II - Unter donner und Blitz (Thunder and Lightning) Polka Op. 324In Tune2011-04-0417:0000:05:00Duration 00:02:33 Link
John BetjemanWords and Music2011-04-0322:1501:08:00Duration Link
Louis Aragon, translated from the French by Louis MacNeiceWords and Music2011-04-0322:1500:07:33Duration Link
Simone de BeauvoirWords and Music2011-04-0322:1501:02:58Duration Link
Stephen SpenderWords and Music2011-04-0322:1500:19:51Duration Link
Tomás Luis de Victoria - Congratulamini mihi a 6Breakfast2011-04-0507:0000:52:00Duration Link
Tomás Luis de Victoria - Ego vir videns - lamentations for 5 voicesBreakfast2011-04-0207:0000:10:00Duration Link
WH AudenWords and Music2011-04-0322:1500:58:28Duration Link
William StaffordWords and Music2011-04-0322:1500:42:53Duration Link
A Hawk and a Hacksaw (artist)Espanola KoloLate Junction2011-04-0723:1500:19:00Duration Link
A Stratagem for Light by Luke Styles (artist)Movement I and IX.In Tune2011-04-0517:0001:22:00Duration 00:03:25 Link
Aaron CoplandCorral NocturneWords and Music2011-04-0322:1501:09:43Duration Link
Adam Gorb (artist)Coming Home from Eternal VoicesChoir and Organ2011-04-0318:30Duration Link
Adam Gorb (artist)Salt of the Sea, from Eternal VoicesChoir and Organ2011-04-0318:30Duration Link
Akumu Odhiambo (vocals / nyati) (artist)Plus OgolaLate Junction2011-04-0723:1500:16:00Duration Link
Alexander Borodin (artist)Dance of the Polovtsian maidens [from 'Prince Igor']Breakfast2011-04-0307:0001:03:00Duration Link
Alfonso FerraboscoFantasiaThe Early Music Show2011-04-0313:00Duration Link
Alfonso FerraboscoGalliardThe Early Music Show2011-04-0313:00Duration Link
Alfonso FerraboscoIn Nomine I à 5The Early Music Show2011-04-0313:00Duration Link
Alfonso FerraboscoLamentations IThe Early Music Show2011-04-0313:00Duration Link
Alfonso FerraboscoPavan à 5The Early Music Show2011-04-0313:00Duration Link
Alfonso FerraboscoSur la Rousée (fantasy à 6)The Early Music Show2011-04-0313:00Duration Link
Alfonso Ferrabosco II (artist)Gentle Knights (from 'The Masque of Oberon')The Early Music Show2011-04-0313:00Duration Link
Alfonso Ferrabosco II (artist)Nay, nay, you must not stay (from 'The Masque of Oberon')The Early Music Show2011-04-0313:00Duration Link
Alfonso Ferrabosco II (artist)Pavan & Alman in C majorThe Early Music Show2011-04-0313:00Duration Link
Alfonso Ferrabosco II (artist)So beautie on the waters stoodThe Early Music Show2011-04-0313:00Duration Link
Alfonso Ferrabosco II (artist)So, so, leave off this last lamenting kisseThe Early Music Show2011-04-0313:00Duration Link
Alfonso Ferrabosco II (artist)Viol fantasia no 6 à 6The Early Music Show2011-04-0313:00Duration Link
Ali Ghorbani & Musicians (artist)Ali Ghamsary: Rapture / The Rite of Khayyam (extract)Late Junction2011-04-0723:1501:00:00Duration Link
Andrea Baur (theorbo) (artist)Robert de Visée: Prelude Assez de pleurs et ChaconneLate Junction2011-04-0723:1500:40:00Duration Link
Anne Dudley (artist)Pie JesuIn Tune2011-04-0617:0001:05:00Duration 00:04:37 Link
Anne Dudley (artist)The Doctor's Tale:In Tune2011-04-0617:0001:25:00Duration 00:06:02 Link
Anne Dudley (artist)The Doctor's Tale: Sc. 2 duetIn Tune2011-04-0617:0001:16:00Duration 00:04:30 Link
Anon. (artist)The Flying HorseIn Tune2011-04-0517:0000:11:00Duration 00:03:48 Link
Anonymous (artist)Tom of BedlamIn Tune2011-04-0517:0000:23:00Duration 00:01:17 Link
Antonio Bazzini (artist)La Ronde des lutinsBreakfast2011-04-0607:0000:02:00Duration Link
Antonio SalieriSento l'amice speme (Semiramide)Breakfast2011-04-0507:0002:31:00Duration Link
Antonio VivaldiConcerto for 2 mandolins (RV.532) in G majorBreakfast2011-04-0307:0000:40:00Duration Link
Antonio VivaldiConcerto for Violin and Strings No. 2 in E minor RV279In Tune2011-04-0417:0000:36:00Duration 00:09:47 Link
Antonio VivaldiConcerto in B minor RV 580Breakfast2011-04-0407:0000:48:00Duration Link
Antonio VivaldiConcerto in F, RV293 "L'autunno"Breakfast2011-04-0707:0001:16:00Duration Link
Antonio VivaldiSinfonia in C, RV192Breakfast2011-04-0607:0000:38:00Duration Link
Antonio VivaldiTrio sonata in G minor for lute, violin and continuo RV.85Breakfast2011-04-0507:0000:43:00Duration Link
Antonín DvořákDumka No.5 from Piano Trio No.4 in E minor Op.90 ("Dumky")In Tune2011-04-0517:0001:35:00Duration 00:03:55 Link
Antonín DvořákO silver moon (Rusalka)Breakfast2011-04-0707:0001:03:00Duration Link
Antonín DvořákPrague WaltzesBreakfast2011-04-0607:0000:47:00Duration Link
Antonín DvořákSlavonic Dance No 2 in E minorBreakfast2011-04-0807:0002:49:00Duration Link
Antonín DvořákSrbske Kolo - Slavonic Dance Op.72 No.7Breakfast2011-04-0507:0000:40:00Duration Link
Antonín DvořákString Quartet in E flat, Op. 51 (3rd Movement)In Tune2011-04-0417:0001:14:00Duration 00:06:01 Link
Antonín DvořákSuite in A "American": III. Alla PollaccaBreakfast2011-04-0507:0002:18:00Duration Link
Antonín DvořákThe Noonday Witch Op.108Breakfast2011-04-0307:0002:38:00Duration Link
Aram KhachaturianAdagio of Spartacus and PhrygiaBreakfast2011-04-0207:0001:03:00Duration Link
Arcangelo CorelliSonata for violin and continuo (Op.5`4) in F majorBreakfast2011-04-0307:0001:34:00Duration Link
Arnold BaxMorning song [Maytime in Sussex]Breakfast2011-04-0507:0000:22:00Duration Link
Artemy Vedel (artist)May our mouths be filled with praiseThe Early Music Show2011-04-0213:00Duration Link
Artemy Vedel (artist)Peaceful LightThe Early Music Show2011-04-0213:00Duration Link
Baldassare GaluppiBenché giusto a vendicarmi (from 'Antigono')The Early Music Show2011-04-0213:00Duration Link
Bedrich SmetanaMa Vlast: VltavaBreakfast2011-04-0407:0000:06:00Duration Link
Bedrich SmetanaSárka from Má VlastIn Tune2011-04-0617:0001:33:00Duration 00:09:58 Link
Benjamin BrittenAdvance DemocracyIn Tune2011-04-0517:0001:06:00Duration 00:03:06 Link
Benjamin BrittenMissa Brevis in DRadio 3 Requests2011-04-0314:00Duration Link
Benjamin BrittenString Quartet No. 1 in D, Op. 25 (4th Movement)In Tune2011-04-0417:0001:33:00Duration 00:03:31 Link
Benjamin BrittenWho are these children?Words and Music2011-04-0322:1500:22:35Duration Link
Benjamin BrittenYoung ApolloBreakfast2011-04-0207:0001:51:00Duration Link
BlixBand (artist)Untitled (Nils Olav Johansen)Late Junction2011-04-0523:1500:37:00Duration Link
Bruce Turner (artist)LauraJazz Record Requests2011-04-0217:00Duration Link
Cahalen Morrison & Eli West (artist)Won't be Long (3:43)World on 32011-04-0823:15Duration Link
Camille Saint‐SaënsIntroduction & Rondo Capriccioso, Op 28Breakfast2011-04-0607:0002:44:00Duration Link
Camille Saint‐SaënsMarche militaire francaise from Suite Algerienne, Op.60In Tune2011-04-0517:0001:01:00Duration 00:04:52 Link
Camille Saint‐SaënsTarantelle, Op 6Breakfast2011-04-0607:0000:31:00Duration Link
Cannonball Adderley (artist)This HereJazz Record Requests2011-04-0217:00Duration Link
Caravan Palace (artist)Je M'amuse (3:32)World on 32011-04-0823:15Duration Link
Carl Maria von WeberOverture: Der FreischutzBreakfast2011-04-0607:0002:24:00Duration Link
Carl NielsenFrom AladdinIn Tune2011-04-0617:0000:04:00Duration 00:04:18 Link
Cesare BendinelliSonata 333In Tune2011-04-0617:0000:14:00Duration 00:01:57 Link
Charles AvisonConcerto No 10 in D (after Domenico Scarlatti)Breakfast2011-04-0607:0001:52:00Duration Link
Charles Tournemire (artist)From "Orgue Mystique" Laetare: Prelude a l'introit; Offertoire; Elevation; Communion; PosRadio 3 Requests2011-04-0314:00Duration Link
Charles Villiers StanfordIrish Rhapsody No.6 for Violin and OrchestraIn Tune2011-04-0517:0000:46:00Duration 00:10:11 Link
Charles WilliamsDream of OlwenWords and Music2011-04-0322:1501:04:13Duration Link
Charles‐Marie WidorToccata (Symphony No 5, Op 42 No 1)Breakfast2011-04-0807:0000:52:00Duration Link
Chieko Mori (koto) (artist)Furusato (Hometown)Late Junction2011-04-0723:1500:29:00Duration Link
Choirs of King’s College Cambridge, Jesus College Cambridge, Brandenburg Consort, Stephen Cleobury (artist)The Passion According to Schaflein (extract)Late Junction2011-04-0723:1501:33:00Duration Link
Christoph Willibald GluckChe faro senza Euridice? (Orfeo ed Euridice)Breakfast2011-04-0507:0000:35:00Duration Link
Christopher TyeIn Nomine: Saye SoIn Tune2011-04-0517:0001:13:00Duration 00:01:03 Link
Cirtjo & Su Combo (artist)Maria Teresa (2:36)World on 32011-04-0823:15Duration Link
Claude DebussyClair de lune (Suite bergamasque)Breakfast2011-04-0707:0000:08:00Duration Link
Claude DebussyMarche ecossaiseBreakfast2011-04-0207:0000:15:00Duration Link
Claude DebussySonata for Violin and PianoIn Tune2011-04-0717:0000:08:00Duration 00:04:44 Link
Claudia Aurora (artist)Desego De Mar (Ocean Desire) (5:40)World Routes2011-04-0215:00Duration Link
Claudia Aurora (artist)Nao Se Atreve A Minha Bocca (My mouth doesn't dare...) (3:06)World Routes2011-04-0215:00Duration Link
Claudia Aurora (artist)Naufragio (Shipwreck) (4:18)World Routes2011-04-0215:00Duration Link
Claudio MonteverdiBevea Fillide mia for 5 voicesBreakfast2011-04-0307:0000:56:00Duration Link
Claudio MonteverdiTornate, o cari baci (7th book of madrigals)In Tune2011-04-0817:0001:24:00Duration 00:02:37 Link
Claudio MonteverdiVespers of the Blessed Virgin, 1610In Tune2011-04-0617:0000:01:00Duration 00:01:53 Link
Claudio MonteverdiVespro della Beata Vergine: Nisi DominusBreakfast2011-04-0407:0001:31:00Duration Link
Costantino Ferrabosco (artist)Misera che faraiThe Early Music Show2011-04-0313:00Duration Link
Courtney Pine (artist)Druids LyreLate Junction2011-04-0523:1500:19:00Duration Link
Coyote Grace (artist)RunaroundLate Junction2011-04-0523:15Duration Link
Cristóbal de MoralesParce mihi DomineBreakfast2011-04-0407:0000:42:00Duration Link
Cristóbal de MoralesSpem in aliumBreakfast2011-04-0307:0000:21:00Duration Link
Darius MilhaudDarius Milhaud - String Quartet no.1, Op.5 (1912 - dedicated to Paul Cezanne)Radio 3 Requests2011-04-0314:00Duration Link
Darius MilhaudSuite française: BretagneWords and Music2011-04-0322:1500:03:54Duration Link
David LumsdaineCrossing Palace Green to the CathedralLate Junction2011-04-0623:1501:33:00Duration Link
Davide Monti (violin) (artist)Bagio Marini: Sonata quara per sonar con due corde Op. 8Late Junction2011-04-0523:1501:00:00Duration Link
De Caelis (artist)Galiot? Philippot de Caserta? -Late Junction2011-04-0623:1500:30:00Duration Link
Delia Derbyshire (artist)Blue Veils and Golden SandsLate Junction2011-04-0723:1500:48:00Duration Link
Django Reinhardt (artist)Manoir de Mes RêvesWords and Music2011-04-0322:1500:10:32Duration Link
Dmitry BortnianskyConcert 105 (Psalm 112)The Early Music Show2011-04-0213:00Duration Link
Dmitry BortnianskyQuintet for violin, viola, cello, harp & piano (3rd movement)The Early Music Show2011-04-0213:00Duration Link
Dmitry ShostakovichFestival Overture, Op 96Breakfast2011-04-0607:0001:03:00Duration Link
Dmitry ShostakovichScherzo from Ballet Suite No.4Breakfast2011-04-0207:0001:48:00Duration Link
Domenico ScarlattiKeyboard sonata in B minor K87Breakfast2011-04-0507:0002:01:00Duration Link
Domenico ScarlattiSonata in B minor K87Breakfast2011-04-0407:0002:53:00Duration Link
Domenico ZipoliAve maris stellaBreakfast2011-04-0807:0000:02:00Duration Link
Dr. Lonnie Smith (artist)BeehiveJazz Line-Up2011-04-0323:30Duration Link
Dr. Lonnie Smith (artist)Frame for the BluesJazz Line-Up2011-04-0323:30Duration Link
Dr. Lonnie Smith (artist)Playing It BackJazz Line-Up2011-04-0323:30Duration Link
Dub Colossus (artist)Uptown Top Ranking (4:19)World on 32011-04-0823:15Duration Link
Duke Ellington & His Orchestra (artist)CarneyJazz Record Requests2011-04-0217:00Duration Link
Dustin O’Halloran (artist)A Great DivideLate Junction2011-04-0623:1500:10:00Duration Link
Edvard GriegGavotte (Holberg Suite, Op 40)Breakfast2011-04-0707:0001:47:00Duration Link
Edvard GriegHolberg suite (Op.40) - RigaudonBreakfast2011-04-0307:0001:30:00Duration Link
Edward ElgarCello Concerto: Mvt IBreakfast2011-04-0307:0002:08:00Duration Link
Edward ElgarDream Children, Op 43Breakfast2011-04-0707:0002:29:00Duration Link
Edward ElgarSalut d'amourBreakfast2011-04-0307:0000:03:00Duration Link
Edward Johnson (artist)Come, blessed ByrdBreakfast2011-04-0707:0000:45:00Duration Link
Ensemble officium / Wilfried Rombach (artist)Victoria: Lectiol Incipit Lamentatio JeremiaeLate Junction2011-04-0723:1500:34:00Duration Link
Ensemble Peregrina (artist)Adam Novus (Fleury 13th Century)Late Junction2011-04-0523:1500:18:00Duration Link
Ensemble Peregrina (artist)Breves dies hominis / Estampie I (13th Century Paris)Late Junction2011-04-0523:1500:53:00Duration Link
Eric CoatesCalling All WorkersBreakfast2011-04-0407:0000:34:00Duration Link
Evaldas Vycinas (artist)Augo girioj (Grew in the wood)Late Junction2011-04-0623:1501:18:00Duration Link
Felix MendelssohnA Midsummer Night's Dream: ScherzoBreakfast2011-04-0507:0000:03:00Duration Link
Fourth Page (artist)The Ash TreeLate Junction2011-04-0523:1500:09:00Duration Link
Francis PoulencSonata, S 184In Tune2011-04-0417:0001:37:00Duration 00:13:30 Link
Frank BridgeCapriccio no 2Breakfast2011-04-0407:0000:44:00Duration Link
Franz LisztCanzone (2nd movement of Venezia e Napoli S162)Breakfast2011-04-0507:0001:17:00Duration Link
Franz LisztEtude No 3 in G sharp ("La Campanella")Breakfast2011-04-0707:0001:11:00Duration Link
Franz LisztHungarian Rhapsody No 3 in DBreakfast2011-04-0807:0000:14:00Duration Link
Franz SchubertAn die Musik, D547Breakfast2011-04-0807:0002:37:00Duration Link
Franz SchubertDas Wandern (Die Schone Mullerin)In Tune2011-04-0717:0000:16:00Duration 00:02:40 Link
Franz SchubertDie ForelleBreakfast2011-04-0707:0002:36:00Duration Link
Franz SchubertImpromptu D.899 No. 2 in E flat majorBreakfast2011-04-0207:0001:12:00Duration Link
Franz SchubertImpromptu in B flat, D935 No 3Breakfast2011-04-0807:0001:46:00Duration Link
Franz SchubertMorgengruss (from Die Schöne Müllerin)Breakfast2011-04-0407:0001:13:00Duration Link
Franz SchubertNachtviolen, D752Breakfast2011-04-0607:0000:43:00Duration Link
Franz SchubertOctet D.803: III.Allegro vivaceBreakfast2011-04-0507:0001:40:00Duration Link
Franz SchubertPiano Piece in E flat, D.946/1In Tune2011-04-0817:0000:45:00Duration 00:09:28 Link
Franz SchubertSymphony No. 3 in D: FinaleBreakfast2011-04-0507:0000:15:00Duration Link
Frederick DeliusFinal chorus for baritone, chorus and orchestra from Appalachia, variations on an Old SlavBreakfast2011-04-0507:0001:09:00Duration Link
Fritz Kreisler (artist)Danse espagnoleBreakfast2011-04-0807:0002:16:00Duration Link
Fritz Kreisler (artist)Liebesleid & La gitanaIn Tune2011-04-0817:0001:51:00Duration 00:06:30 Link
Gabriel FauréBarcarolle No 2 in G, Op 41Breakfast2011-04-0807:0000:07:00Duration Link
Gabriel FauréRequiem: Libera meBreakfast2011-04-0507:0001:35:00Duration Link
Gaetano DonizettiUna Furtiva Lagrima (L'elisir d'amore)In Tune2011-04-0417:0000:46:00Duration 00:05:12 Link
Geoff Eales (artist)The New ArrivalJazz Line-Up2011-04-0323:30Duration Link
Georg Philipp TelemannConcerto for 4 violins [without bass] in C majorBreakfast2011-04-0207:0001:17:00Duration Link
Georg Philipp TelemannConcerto in G, TWV.43:G6Breakfast2011-04-0707:0002:16:00Duration Link
George EnescuRomanian Rhapsody No. 1In Tune2011-04-0417:0001:01:00Duration 00:02:19 Link
George Frideric Handel"Amen" – Final Chorus from MessiahIn Tune2011-04-0517:0000:40:00Duration 00:03:58 Link
George Frideric Handel'Meine Seele hort im Sehen', German Aria 6, Neun Deutsche Arien HWV 202-10In Tune2011-04-0417:0001:52:00Duration 00:05:14 Link
George Frideric HandelAlla hornpipe (Water Music suite, HWV349)Breakfast2011-04-0707:0000:32:00Duration Link
George Frideric HandelDa tempeste il legno infranto (Guilio Cesare)In Tune2011-04-0817:0000:01:00Duration 00:05:51 Link
George Frideric HandelIl trionfo del Tempo e del Disinganno: Voglio Tempo per risolvereIn Tune2011-04-0817:0001:05:00Duration 00:03:53 Link
George Frideric HandelOrgan Concerto in B flat Op.4/2Breakfast2011-04-0507:0001:47:00Duration Link
George Frideric HandelTamerlano – Act III, Scene I – "A dispetto d'un volto ingrato"Radio 3 Requests2011-04-0314:00Duration Link
George Frideric HandelZadok the PriestBreakfast2011-04-0807:0001:31:00Duration Link
George GershwinHow Long Has This Been Going On?Words and Music2011-04-0322:1500:25:04Duration Link
George GershwinPiano Concerto in F: Allegro Agitato (finale)Breakfast2011-04-0807:0002:00:00Duration Link
George GershwinPiano Concerto in F: Allegro Agitato (finale)Breakfast2011-04-0407:0002:10:00Duration Link
George Shearing (artist)Delayed ActionJazz Library2011-04-0300:00Duration Link
George Shearing (artist)Mighty Like the BluesJazz Library2011-04-0300:00Duration Link
George Shearing (artist)September in the RainJazz Library2011-04-0300:00Duration Link
George Shearing (artist)Short excerpts of I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter; Viper's Drag,Jazz Library2011-04-0300:00Duration Link
George Shearing Trio (artist)What Is This Thing Called Love?Jazz Library2011-04-0300:00Duration Link
Georges BizetC'est toi… Au fond du temple saint (Les Pecheurs de perles, Act I)Breakfast2011-04-0707:0002:08:00Duration Link
Georges BizetL' Arlesienne - Suite No. 1Breakfast2011-04-0307:0001:12:00Duration Link
Gerald FinziFive Bagatelles, Op 23: Nos 1 & 2Breakfast2011-04-0707:0001:38:00Duration Link
Gerald FinziIt was a lover and his lass (from Let us garlands bring Op.18)Breakfast2011-04-0207:0001:25:00Duration Link
Giacomo PucciniScherzoBreakfast2011-04-0607:0000:08:00Duration Link
Gioachino RossiniCujus Animam (aus der Stabat Mater) arranged by LisztIn Tune2011-04-0417:0000:09:00Duration 00:06:28 Link
Gioachino RossiniFinale Act I of The Barber of SevilleIn Tune2011-04-0517:0001:40:00Duration 00:07:54 Link
Gioachino RossiniL'Italiana in Algeri: Cruda sorte! Amor tiranno!Breakfast2011-04-0607:0001:46:00Duration Link
Giovanni GabrieliCanzon duodecimi toni à 10, C.179Breakfast2011-04-0307:0002:32:00Duration Link
Giuseppe VerdiVa pensiero (Nabucco)Breakfast2011-04-0807:0002:10:00Duration Link
Group Doueh (artist)FagLate Junction2011-04-0523:1500:03:00Duration Link
Gustav HolstBrook Green SuiteBreakfast2011-04-0607:0000:23:00Duration Link
Gustav HolstMercury (The Planets Op.32)In Tune2011-04-0817:0001:01:00Duration 00:03:39 Link
Harry Parry's Radio Rhythm Club Sextet (artist)Honeysuckle RoseJazz Library2011-04-0300:00Duration Link
Hayvanlar Alemi (artist)Guvë DiskosuLate Junction2011-04-0623:15Duration Link
Hector BerliozMenuet des follets (La Damnation de Faust)Breakfast2011-04-0307:0001:45:00Duration Link
Hector BerliozRoman Carnival Overture, Op 9Breakfast2011-04-0807:0001:03:00Duration Link
Heinrich SchützPsalm 100Breakfast2011-04-0707:0001:51:00Duration Link
Henry LitolffScherzo from Concerto Symphonique No.4 in D minorBreakfast2011-04-0207:0000:46:00Duration Link
Henry PurcellDido's Lament (Dido & Aeneas)Breakfast2011-04-0807:0000:39:00Duration Link
Henry PurcellFuneral Sentences: Man that is born of a womanBreakfast2011-04-0407:0002:28:00Duration Link
Henry PurcellMusic for a whileBreakfast2011-04-0207:0000:54:00Duration Link
Henry PurcellOverture a 4 in D minor, Z771Breakfast2011-04-0607:0000:20:00Duration Link
Henry PurcellRejoice in the Lord alway (Z.49) "Bell anthem"Breakfast2011-04-0307:0002:17:00Duration Link
Henry PurcellSuite from The Fairy QueenSunday Morning2011-04-0310:00Duration Link
Henry PurcellWhen I am laid in earth (Dido and Aeneas)In Tune2011-04-0817:0001:14:00Duration 00:04:46 Link
Henry V111 (1491-1547) (artist)Bassedance En Vray amoureIn Tune2011-04-0617:0000:33:00Duration 00:02:04 Link
Hosam Hayek (artist)Nahawand ImprovisationLate Junction2011-04-0623:1500:53:00Duration Link
Ian Shaw (artist)Since I Fell For YouJazz Line-Up2011-04-0323:30Duration Link
Igor StravinskyInfernal Dance of Kastchei's Subjects from The Firebird SuiteIn Tune2011-04-0517:0001:52:00Duration 00:04:07 Link
Igor StravinskyPetrushka - Pt.1 - The Shrove-tide fairBreakfast2011-04-0307:0002:27:00Duration Link
Igor StravinskySymphony in Three MovementsWords and Music2011-04-0322:1500:52:26Duration Link
Igor StravinskyThe Rite of Spring, Part 1; Ritual of the rival tribes - Dance of the EarthIn Tune2011-04-0617:0001:01:00Duration 00:04:05 Link
Isaac AlbénizAsturiasIn Tune2011-04-0717:0001:01:00Duration 00:06:24 Link
Jacky Molard Quartet & Foune Diarra Trio (artist)Kelemagny (5:26)World on 32011-04-0823:15Duration Link
James Farm (artist)1 10Jazz Line-Up2011-04-0323:30Duration Link
Jay UngarThe Ashokan FarewellRadio 3 Requests2011-04-0314:00Duration Link
Jean SibeliusKarelia Suite Op 11: Alla marcia (3rd mvt)Breakfast2011-04-0507:0001:03:00Duration Link
Jean SibeliusValse tristeBreakfast2011-04-0507:0002:23:00Duration Link
Jenny Hval (artist)This is a thirstLate Junction2011-04-0623:1500:40:00Duration Link
Jerusalem Quartet (artist)Shostakovich: String Quartet No. 4 (Andantino)Late Junction2011-04-0623:1500:57:00Duration Link
Joe Lovano (artist)Autumn in New YorkJazz Library2011-04-0216:00Duration Link
Joe Lovano (artist)BoplicityJazz Library2011-04-0216:00Duration Link
Joe Lovano (artist)Dig ThisJazz Library2011-04-0216:00Duration Link
Joe Lovano (artist)Duke Ellington's Sound of LoveJazz Library2011-04-0216:00Duration Link
Joe Lovano (artist)Flights of FancyJazz Library2011-04-0216:00Duration Link
Joe Lovano (artist)KokoJazz Library2011-04-0216:00Duration Link
Joe Lovano (artist)Lines and SpacesJazz Library2011-04-0216:00Duration Link
Joe Lovano Nonet (artist)At The VanguardJazz Library2011-04-0216:00Duration Link
Joe Lovano Us Five (artist)Folk ArtJazz Library2011-04-0216:00Duration Link
Joe Meek (artist)TelstarRadio 3 Requests2011-04-0314:00Duration Link
Johann Sebastian BachBrandenburg Concerto No 6 in B flat, BWV1051Breakfast2011-04-0607:0001:09:00Duration Link
Johann Sebastian BachCanon A4 BWV 1074, Canon A2 Perpetuus BWV 1075, Canon Triplex A6 Voc BWV 1076In Tune2011-04-0717:0001:54:00Duration 00:03:55 Link
Johann Sebastian BachCantata "Jesus nun sei gepreiset", BWV41Radio 3 Requests2011-04-0314:00Duration Link
Johann Sebastian BachCantata BWV.82 "Ich habe genug" - opening ariaBreakfast2011-04-0207:0001:40:00Duration Link
Johann Sebastian BachGigue from Partita no.1 in B flat BWV 825Breakfast2011-04-0607:0002:05:00Duration Link
Johann Sebastian BachGoldberg variations: Variation 15In Tune2011-04-0617:0000:08:00Duration 00:04:19 Link
Johann Sebastian BachPrelude & Fugue in C (The Well-Tempered Clavier)Breakfast2011-04-0507:0001:31:00Duration Link
Johann Sebastian BachPrelude and Fugue No 2 in C minor BWV 847 (From Well tempered clavier Book 1)Breakfast2011-04-0407:0000:02:00Duration Link
Johann Sebastian BachSheep may safely grazeBreakfast2011-04-0407:0002:02:00Duration Link
Johann Sebastian BachSinfonia (Easter Oratorio, BWV249)Breakfast2011-04-0707:0001:55:00Duration Link
Johann Sebastian BachSonata for solo violin No.2 in A minor BWV1003: AndanteBreakfast2011-04-0507:0000:07:00Duration Link
Johann Sebastian BachSt. Matthew Passion BWV244: Mache dich, mein Herze reinBreakfast2011-04-0307:0001:06:00Duration Link
Johann Sebastian BachThe Well Tempered Clavier, Book 1, BWV 846-869In Tune2011-04-0517:0001:48:00Duration 00:03:46 Link
Johannes BrahmsAbendständchen, from Drei Gesänge Op. 42 no. 1Choir and Organ2011-04-0318:30Duration Link
Johannes BrahmsClarinet Sonata No 1 in F minor: Allegretto graziosoBreakfast2011-04-0407:0001:03:00Duration Link
Johannes BrahmsDer bucklichte Fiedler, Op. 93a no.1Choir and Organ2011-04-0318:30Duration Link
Johannes BrahmsGeistliches Lied, Op. 30Choir and Organ2011-04-0318:30Duration Link
Johannes BrahmsIntermezzo in E minor Op.119 No.2Breakfast2011-04-0307:0000:16:00Duration Link
Johannes BrahmsRegenlied Op 59 No 3, Nachklang Op 59 No 4Sunday Morning2011-04-0310:00Duration Link
Johannes BrahmsSieben Lieder Op. 62Choir and Organ2011-04-0318:30Duration Link
Johannes BrahmsTriumphlied, Op. 55Choir and Organ2011-04-0318:30Duration Link
Johannes BrahmsVier Gesänge, Op. 17Choir and Organ2011-04-0318:30Duration Link
Johannes BrahmsWie lieblich sind deine Wohnung (Requiem)Breakfast2011-04-0607:0002:19:00Duration Link
John AdamsShort ride in a fast machineIn Tune2011-04-0617:0000:36:00Duration 00:03:58 Link
John CageAnd the Earth Shall Bear AgainWords and Music2011-04-0322:1500:43:49Duration Link
John Danyel (artist)RosaBreakfast2011-04-0507:0002:53:00Duration Link
John DowlandThe Battle GalliardIn Tune2011-04-0517:0000:20:00Duration 00:03:01 Link
John Etheridge & Sweet Chorus (artist)You Took Advantage Of MeJazz Line-Up2011-04-0323:30Duration Link
John Martin Quartet (artist)DawningJazz Line-Up2011-04-0323:30Duration Link
John Martin Quartet (artist)SwaggerJazz Line-Up2011-04-0323:30Duration Link
John Pizzarelli/George Shearing (artist)I PredictJazz Library2011-04-0300:00Duration Link
Josef MyslivecekOctet No 3 in B flatBreakfast2011-04-0607:0002:35:00Duration Link
Joseph CanteloubeBailero (Chants de'Auvergne)Breakfast2011-04-0807:0001:22:00Duration Link
Joseph CanteloubeChants d'Auvergne - set 1 No.2 Bailero (Chant de bergers de Haute-Auvergne)Breakfast2011-04-0307:0002:53:00Duration Link
Joseph HaydnPiano Trio (H.15.12) in E minor - 1st mvt Allegro moderatoBreakfast2011-04-0307:0000:30:00Duration Link
Joseph HaydnPiano Trio in G, H.15.25: (3rd movement: Rondo all'Ongarese)Breakfast2011-04-0607:0000:56:00Duration Link
Joseph HaydnSecond mvt Sonata 32 - allegrettoIn Tune2011-04-0617:0000:40:00Duration 00:03:20 Link
Joseph HaydnString Quartet in D, Op. 71 No. 2 (1st Movement)In Tune2011-04-0417:0001:07:00Duration 00:06:07 Link
Joseph HaydnTrumpet Concerto in E flatBreakfast2011-04-0707:0002:45:00Duration Link
Julien PerrichonCourante - Le TestamentIn Tune2011-04-0517:0000:37:00Duration 00:03:10 Link
Kaboom Karavan (artist)LentetooiLate Junction2011-04-0623:1500:36:00Duration Link
Kalakan (artist)Otsoa eta Hartza (The Wolf and the Bear – Trad. Brazil) / Txori Erresinula / MakilekinLate Junction2011-04-0723:1500:52:00Duration Link
Kalakan (artist)PiztiakLate Junction2011-04-0723:15Duration Link
Ken Colyer (artist)Tiger RagJazz Record Requests2011-04-0217:00Duration Link
Kjell Tore Innervik (percussion) (artist)Peter Tornquist: Q/CarvingLate Junction2011-04-0523:1500:43:00Duration Link
Kurt WeillLike Things Be Like They Always WasWords and Music2011-04-0322:1500:47:10Duration Link
La-33 (artist)Me Quedo (6:29)World on 32011-04-0823:15Duration Link
Le Trio Joubran (artist)AsfarLate Junction2011-04-0523:1501:30:00Duration Link
Leonard BernsteinSymphony No.1 "Jeremiah"Words and Music2011-04-0322:1500:36:34Duration Link
Lisa Knapp (vocals) & Gerry Driver (fiddle) (artist)The Banks of the BannLate Junction2011-04-0723:1500:03:00Duration Link
Lonnie Smith Trio (artist)Further DownJazz Line-Up2011-04-0323:30Duration Link
Louis SpohrOverture: Der Fall BabylonsBreakfast2011-04-0407:0000:25:00Duration Link
Ludwig van Beethoven12 Variations on "Ein Madchen oder Weibchen"Breakfast2011-04-0507:0002:08:00Duration Link
Ludwig van BeethovenLeonore - overture No. 1Breakfast2011-04-0307:0000:07:00Duration Link
Ludwig van BeethovenOverture Coriolan, Op.62In Tune2011-04-0817:0000:36:00Duration 00:08:20 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenOverture: FidelioBreakfast2011-04-0707:0001:31:00Duration Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Concerto No 5 in E flat: II AndanteBreakfast2011-04-0407:0002:18:00Duration Link
Ludwig van BeethovenPiano Concerto No. 5 in E flat: II AndanteBreakfast2011-04-0707:0002:00:00Duration Link
Ludwig van BeethovenQuartet in G, op.18 no.2, final movementIn Tune2011-04-0717:0000:22:00Duration 00:04:59 Link
Ludwig van BeethovenSonata in E major Op 109Sunday Morning2011-04-0310:00Duration Link
Luigi BoccheriniGrave assai – Fandango (Quintet in D, G448)Breakfast2011-04-0807:0000:22:00Duration Link
Léon Xanrof (artist)Le FiacreSunday Morning2011-04-0310:00Duration Link
Ma (artist)VinusLate Junction2011-04-0623:1500:16:00Duration Link
Manuel de FallaThree-cornered hat - suite no. 2 - Final dance (Jota)Breakfast2011-04-0207:0001:28:00Duration Link
Mariza (artist)Ai esta pena de mimLate Junction2011-04-0523:1500:15:00Duration Link
Mariza (artist)Promete Jura (3:50)World on 32011-04-0823:15Duration Link
Mariza (artist)Promete, JuraLate Junction2011-04-0523:1501:25:00Duration Link
Martin Simpson (artist)Never Any GoodIn Tune2011-04-0817:0000:30:00Duration 00:05:15 Link
Matthias Loibner (hurdy and live looping gurdy) (artist)Nsinsi SunshineLate Junction2011-04-0623:1501:22:00Duration Link
Maurice RavelFive o'clock FoxtrotIn Tune2011-04-0517:00Duration 00:04:19 Link
Maurice RavelJeux d'eauBreakfast2011-04-0307:0000:51:00Duration Link
Maurice RavelMenuet (Le tombeau de Couperin)Breakfast2011-04-0607:0001:40:00Duration Link
Maurice RavelMenuet AntiqueBreakfast2011-04-0207:0000:03:00Duration Link
Maurice RavelPavane pour une infante defunteBreakfast2011-04-0807:0001:54:00Duration Link
Michael TippettA Child of our TimeWords and Music2011-04-0322:15Duration Link
Michel Petrucciani (artist)Little Peace in C for UJazz Record Requests2011-04-0217:00Duration Link
Mily Alexeyevich BalakirevIslameyBreakfast2011-04-0607:0001:31:00Duration Link
Moddi (artist)7Late Junction2011-04-0623:1501:15:00Duration Link
Moddi (artist)PoetryLate Junction2011-04-0623:1500:03:00Duration Link
Monkeyphonics (artist)The Golden Age of SteamLate Junction2011-04-0523:1501:18:00Duration Link
Monty Python (artist)Always Look On The Bright Side Of LifeIn Tune2011-04-0617:00Duration Link
Muntu Valdo (artist)DjongoLate Junction2011-04-0523:1500:33:00Duration Link
Nassima (artist)Aoulou Chahlet La'Yani (7:47)World Routes2011-04-0215:00Duration Link
Nassima (artist)Arab Andalusian Suite in the Sika Mode (11:22)World Routes2011-04-0215:00Duration Link
Nassima (artist)Hdjart Bladi (Of Roots and Songs) (6:12)World Routes2011-04-0215:00Duration Link
Nassima (artist)Vision de l'Aimee (A vision of the Beloved) (3:34)World Routes2011-04-0215:00Duration Link
Nassima (artist)Ya Ommi (O Mother) (5:04)World Routes2011-04-0215:00Duration Link
Nikki Iles (artist)Fly's DilemmaJazz Line-Up2011-04-0323:30Duration Link
Nikolai Rimsky-KorsakovOverture, The Tsar's BrideIn Tune2011-04-0717:00Duration 00:07:03 Link
Nikolai Rimsky-KorsakovRecitative and aria of GriaznoïIn Tune2011-04-0717:0000:28:00Duration 00:06:19 Link
Nikolai Rimsky-KorsakovSextet: "Day Bog chtob dom u vas" (Act III Sextet)In Tune2011-04-0717:0000:48:00Duration 00:08:22 Link
Nikolai Rimsky-KorsakovThe Nymph op.56/1In Tune2011-04-0717:0000:40:00Duration 00:03:21 Link
Nils Petter Molvaer, Jon Balke, Arild Anderson, Jon Christnesen (artist)RemembranceLate Junction2011-04-0723:1500:43:00Duration Link
Nostalgia 77 (artist)Sleepwalker (3:45)World on 32011-04-0823:15Duration Link
O.N.C.E. (artist)The Briar and the RoseLate Junction2011-04-0723:1500:24:00Duration Link
Ojos de Brujo (artist)Get up Stand up (3:45)World on 32011-04-0823:15Duration Link
Orchestre National de Barbès (artist)Sidi Yahia-bnet Paris (5:08)World on 32011-04-0823:15Duration Link
Ordo Virtutum (artist)Notker Balbulus: Sequentia sancti spiritus assit nobis gratia – sequence for WhitsuntideLate Junction2011-04-0623:1501:27:00Duration Link
Padre Antonio SolerSonata in F sharp minorBreakfast2011-04-0407:0001:23:00Duration Link
Paolo Fresu and Ralph Towner (artist)As She SleepsJazz on 32011-04-0423:15Duration Link
Paolo Fresu and Ralph Towner (artist)Blue In GreenJazz on 32011-04-0423:15Duration Link
Paolo Fresu and Ralph Towner (artist)Doubled UpJazz on 32011-04-0423:15Duration Link
Paolo Fresu and Ralph Towner (artist)Summer's EndJazz on 32011-04-0423:15Duration Link
Paul DukasThe Sorcerer's ApprenticeBreakfast2011-04-0707:0000:47:00Duration Link
Penalosa (artist)Ave Verum CorpusIn Tune2011-04-0617:0000:21:00Duration 00:01:50 Link
Percy GraingerGreen BushesBreakfast2011-04-0807:0001:37:00Duration Link
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (artist)Polonaise (Eugene Onegin)Breakfast2011-04-0707:0000:02:00Duration Link
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (artist)Waltz from Serenade for Strings in C Op.48In Tune2011-04-0517:0000:05:00Duration 00:03:49 Link
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (artist)Waltz of the Flowers (The Nutcracker)Breakfast2011-04-0807:0000:31:00Duration Link
Petrus Alamire (artist)T'AndernakenIn Tune2011-04-0517:0001:30:00Duration 00:04:32 Link
Pierre Favre / Samuel Blaser (artist)Quai des BrumesLate Junction2011-04-0723:1500:09:00Duration Link
Rachel Musson's Skein (artist)ScrumpingJazz on 32011-04-0423:15Duration Link
Rachmaninov (artist)Magnificat from Vespers, op.37 (1915)Composer of the Week2011-04-0712:00Duration Link
Ralph van Raat (piano) (artist)Gavin Bryars: After Handel's VesperLate Junction2011-04-0723:1501:17:00Duration Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsEnglish Folk Song SuiteBreakfast2011-04-0407:0002:33:00Duration Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsEnglish Folk Song Suite: 3 - March "Folk songs from Somerset"Breakfast2011-04-0607:0002:00:00Duration Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsFantasia on GreensleevesBreakfast2011-04-0407:0001:07:00Duration Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsFive Variants on Dives and LazarusIn Tune2011-04-0617:0000:45:00Duration 00:11:25 Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsNocturne and scherzo for string quintet - Nocturne: Largo sostenutoBreakfast2011-04-0307:0001:51:00Duration Link
Rapunzel & Sedayne (artist)Harp Song of the Dane WomenLate Junction2011-04-0623:1500:22:00Duration Link
Rene "Duchiffre" (Schiffer) (artist)Tempo di Tango (from Concerto in Dm for 2 vdgs)Breakfast2011-04-0607:0002:08:00Duration Link
Rene Hell (Jeff Witscher) (artist)The Terminal Symphony: Adagio for String PortraitLate Junction2011-04-0523:1501:11:00Duration Link
Reynaldo HahnLa barchetaBreakfast2011-04-0707:0001:26:00Duration Link
Richard Lannoy (artist)Tangled PipesIn Tune2011-04-0517:0001:14:00Duration 00:01:18 Link
Richard MudgeConcerto No 1 in DBreakfast2011-04-0807:0000:44:00Duration Link
Richard StraussBeim Schlafengehen (Four Last Songs)Breakfast2011-04-0807:0002:55:00Duration Link
Richard StraussDance of the Seven Veils from SalomeSunday Morning2011-04-0310:00Duration Link
Richard StraussFour Last SongsWords and Music2011-04-0322:1500:30:47Duration Link
Richard StraussHorn Concerto No.2 in E flat majorWords and Music2011-04-0322:1500:13:52Duration Link
Richard StraussMorgen; CäcilieBreakfast2011-04-0407:0000:18:00Duration Link
Robert JohnsonA PavinIn Tune2011-04-0417:0000:52:00Duration 00:04:44 Link
Robert JohnsonPavanIn Tune2011-04-0517:0000:31:00Duration 00:06:49 Link
Robert JohnsonThe Prince's AlmainIn Tune2011-04-0517:0000:10:00Duration 00:01:07 Link
Robert Levin (piano) (artist)Dutilleux: Petit air a dormer deboutLate Junction2011-04-0523:1500:31:00Duration Link
Robert ParsonsIn Nomine IIIIn Tune2011-04-0517:0001:11:00Duration 00:02:06 Link
Robert Schumann'Schnell und spielend', 8th Movement from KreislerianaIn Tune2011-04-0417:0000:32:00Duration 00:03:05 Link
Robert SchumannFantasie in C, Op 17 (2nd movement: Massig. Durchaus energisch)Breakfast2011-04-0707:0002:21:00Duration Link
Samuel BarberMedea, Op.23Words and Music2011-04-0322:1501:00:09Duration Link
Samuel Scheidt (artist)IntradaIn Tune2011-04-0617:0000:23:00Duration 00:02:29 Link
Sarah Jarosz (artist)Come Around (3:30)World on 32011-04-0823:15Duration Link
Sarah Vaughan (artist)Teach me TonightJazz Record Requests2011-04-0217:00Duration Link
Sergei ProkofievLieutenant Kije Suite: Kije's Wedding; Troika; Kije's DeathBreakfast2011-04-0507:0002:40:00Duration Link
Sergei ProkofievRomeo and Juliet - Dance of the knightsBreakfast2011-04-0207:0000:31:00Duration Link
Sergei ProkofievRomeo and Juliet – Ballet Suite No 2 Op 64bSunday Morning2011-04-0310:00Duration Link
Sergey Rachmaninov'Dissonance' - no. 13 of 14 Songs, op.34 (1912)Composer of the Week2011-04-0712:00Duration Link
Sergey Rachmaninov'Flight of the Bumble Bee', Rimsky-Korsakov arr. Rachmaninov (?1929)Composer of the Week2011-04-0812:00Duration Link
Sergey Rachmaninov'In the Soul of Each of Us' - no. 2 of 14 Songs, op.34 (1912)Composer of the Week2011-04-0712:00Duration Link
Sergey Rachmaninov'The Rock', symphonic poem op.7 (1893)Composer of the Week2011-04-0412:00Duration Link
Sergey Rachmaninov2 songs from 15 Songs, op.26 (1906)Composer of the Week2011-04-0612:00Duration Link
Sergey RachmaninovCello Sonata in G minor, Op 19 (3rd movement: Andante)Breakfast2011-04-0807:0001:12:00Duration Link
Sergey RachmaninovFrancesca da Rimini, op.25 (1900, 1904–5) – scene 2 and epilogueComposer of the Week2011-04-0512:00Duration Link
Sergey RachmaninovMorceau de fantaisie in g minor (1899)Composer of the Week2011-04-0512:00Duration Link
Sergey RachmaninovPiano Concerto no.2 in c minor, op.18 (1900–01) – mvt 1Composer of the Week2011-04-0512:00Duration Link
Sergey RachmaninovPiano Concerto no.3 in d minor, op.30 (1909) - mvt 1Composer of the Week2011-04-0712:00Duration Link
Sergey RachmaninovPolka italienne, for piano 4 hands (?1906)Composer of the Week2011-04-0612:00Duration Link
Sergey RachmaninovPrelude in G flat Op.23/10Breakfast2011-04-0507:0000:31:00Duration Link
Sergey RachmaninovRhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, op.43 (1934)Composer of the Week2011-04-0812:00Duration Link
Sergey RachmaninovRomance, for piano 6 hands (1891)Composer of the Week2011-04-0412:00Duration Link
Sergey RachmaninovSonata for cello and piano in g minor, op.19 [1901] – mvts 3 and 4Composer of the Week2011-04-0512:00Duration Link
Sergey RachmaninovSymphonic Dances, Op 45 – No 2: Andante con moto (Tempo di valse)Breakfast2011-04-0607:0000:13:00Duration Link
Sergey RachmaninovSymphonic Dances, op.45 (1940) - no.3, original version for two pianosComposer of the Week2011-04-0812:00Duration Link
Sergey RachmaninovSymphony no.1 in d minor, op.13 (1895) – mvts 3 and 4Composer of the Week2011-04-0412:00Duration Link
Sergey RachmaninovSymphony no.2 in e minor, op.27 (1906–7)Composer of the Week2011-04-0612:00Duration Link
Sergey RachmaninovSymphony no.3 in a minor, op.44 (1935-6, rev 1938) - mvt 2Composer of the Week2011-04-0812:00Duration Link
Sergey RachmaninovTrio élégiaque no.2 in d minor, op.9 (1893, rev. 1907, 1917) – finaleComposer of the Week2011-04-0412:00Duration Link
Sergey RachmaninovValse, for piano 6 hands (1890)Composer of the Week2011-04-0412:00Duration Link
Sergey RachmaninovÉtudes-Tableaux, op.39 (1916) - nos 1, 2, 5 and 6Composer of the Week2011-04-0712:00Duration Link
Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 (artist)Rise (5:50)World on 32011-04-0823:15Duration Link
Sezen Aksu (artist)Sor Beni (5:45)World on 32011-04-0823:15Duration Link
Simon Spillett (artist)Sienna RedJazz Line-Up2011-04-0323:30Duration Link
Son House (artist)My Black Mama (part 1)Jazz Record Requests2011-04-0217:00Duration Link
Stephane Grappelli and His Quartet (artist)DinahJazz Library2011-04-0300:00Duration Link
Steve ReichDrumming, Part 1In Tune2011-04-0717:0001:20:00Duration 00:03:28 Link
Steve ReichDrumming, Part 1In Tune2011-04-0717:0001:26:00Duration 00:02:07 Link
Steve ReichElectric Counterpoint: movement IIIIn Tune2011-04-0617:0001:52:00Duration 00:04:29 Link
Steve ReichNagoya MarimbasIn Tune2011-04-0717:0001:32:00Duration 00:04:49 Link
Steve ReichPart IV, DrummingIn Tune2011-04-0717:0001:44:00Duration 00:09:47 Link
Susanne Lundeng (fiddle) (artist)NøkternLate Junction2011-04-0523:1501:14:00Duration Link
Sväng (artist)Schladtzshe (3:49)World on 32011-04-0823:15Duration Link
Sylvie Courvoisier – Mark Feldman Quartet (artist)Five Senses of KeenJazz on 32011-04-0423:15Duration Link
Sylvie Courvoisier/Mark Feldman Quartet (artist)MessianesqueJazz on 32011-04-0423:15Duration Link
Sylvie Courvoisier/Mark Feldman Quartet (artist)The Good LifeJazz on 32011-04-0423:15Duration Link
Sylvie Courvoisier/Mark Feldman Quartet (artist)To Fly To StealJazz on 32011-04-0423:15Duration Link
The Apagya Show Band (artist)Tamfo nyi Ekyir (4:10)World on 32011-04-0823:15Duration Link
The Bollywood Brass Band (artist)Dhoom (Medley)Late Junction2011-04-0623:1500:48:00Duration Link
The George Shearing Quintet (artist)JorduJazz Library2011-04-0300:00Duration Link
The George Shearing Quintet (artist)Roses of PicardyJazz Library2011-04-0300:00Duration Link
The Smith Quartet (artist)Jon Lord: Zarabanda SolitariaLate Junction2011-04-0623:1501:11:00Duration Link
The Ukrainians (artist)Anarkhiya (3:08)World on 32011-04-0823:15Duration Link
The Yirdbards (artist)Corn SpiritLate Junction2011-04-0723:1501:28:00Duration Link
Thomas Simpson (artist)Recercar "Bonny Sweet Robin"Sunday Morning2011-04-0310:00Duration Link
Thousands (Kristian Garrard and Luke Bergman) (artist)On and onLate Junction2011-04-0623:1501:14:00Duration Link
Trad. (artist)Bold General WolfeIn Tune2011-04-0817:0000:07:00Duration 00:04:58 Link
Trad. (artist)In The PinesIn Tune2011-04-0817:0000:19:00Duration 00:04:43 Link
Tulipa Ruiz (artist)As Vezes (4:15)World on 32011-04-0823:15Duration Link
Tulipa Ruiz (artist)Da Maior Importancia (4:59)World on 32011-04-0823:15Duration Link
Tulipa Ruiz (artist)Da Menina (2:45)World on 32011-04-0823:15Duration Link
Tulipa Ruiz (artist)Efemera (3:36)World on 32011-04-0823:15Duration Link
Tulipa Ruiz (artist)Pedrinho (3:18)World on 32011-04-0823:15Duration Link
Vincenzo BelliniIl ferviso desiderioBreakfast2011-04-0407:0001:57:00Duration Link
Vincenzo Manfredini (artist)Concerto for harpsichord, 2 oboes & strings in B flat [1st movement]The Early Music Show2011-04-0213:00Duration Link
William AlwynFanfare for a Joyful OccasionIn Tune2011-04-0417:00Duration 00:03:38 Link
William AlwynLyra Angelica, I AdagioSunday Morning2011-04-0310:00Duration Link
William AlwynViolin Concerto: 3rd movementBreakfast2011-04-0507:0001:21:00Duration Link
William BoyceSymphony No 3 in C majorBreakfast2011-04-0407:0001:17:00Duration Link
William BoyceSymphony No. 7 in B flat majorBreakfast2011-04-0207:0000:21:00Duration Link
William Brade (1560-1630) (artist)Cornish DanceIn Tune2011-04-0617:0000:31:00Duration 00:01:00 Link
William HarrisBring us, O Lord GodBreakfast2011-04-0607:0001:26:00Duration Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartAndante, Piano Concerto no.9 in E flat Major, K.271 the "Jeunhomme"In Tune2011-04-0717:0001:08:00Duration 00:11:46 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartFirst Sketch fromLondon Sketchbook, K.15aBreakfast2011-04-0207:0001:35:00Duration Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartHorn Quintet in E flat, K407Breakfast2011-04-0707:0000:13:00Duration Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartLaudate Dominum (Vesperae solennes de confessore, K339)Breakfast2011-04-0607:0002:54:00Duration Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartMarch, K237In Tune2011-04-0417:0001:04:00Duration 00:02:53 Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartOverture: La Clemenza di TitoBreakfast2011-04-0807:0001:27:00Duration Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartQuartet for flute and strings (K.285a) in G majorBreakfast2011-04-0207:0000:37:00Duration Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartSerenade in D major K 320 "Posthorn"Breakfast2011-04-0407:0001:35:00Duration Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartSerenade in G, K525 "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik"Breakfast2011-04-0807:0002:42:00Duration Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartTwelve Variations on "Ah, Vous dirais-je maman" K. 265Sunday Morning2011-04-0310:00Duration Link
Women of Mombazo (artist)MamizoloLate Junction2011-04-0623:1500:26:00Duration Link
Woody Herman (artist)Mambo the Most (parts 1 & 2)Jazz Record Requests2011-04-0217:00Duration Link
Worcester Manuscript (artist)Agnus DeiIn Tune2011-04-0617:0001:49:00Duration 00:03:31 Link
Wynton Marsalis (artist)Oh, but on the Third Day (Happy Feet Blues) (JRR Signature Tune)Jazz Record Requests2011-04-0217:00Duration Link
Yusef Lateef (artist)RasheedJazz Record Requests2011-04-0217:00Duration Link
Zoot Sims Quartet (artist)Jive at FiveJazz Record Requests2011-04-0217:00Duration Link
Émile WaldteufelSkaters Waltz, Op 183Breakfast2011-04-0807:0002:28:00Duration Link
Максим Созонтович Березовский (artist)Sacred Concerto: Cast me not off in the time of my old ageThe Early Music Show2011-04-0213:00Duration Link
Максим Созонтович Березовский (artist)Violin Sonata in C majorThe Early Music Show2011-04-0213:00Duration Link