The BBC has announced that it has a sustainable plan for the future of the BBC Singers, in association with The VOCES8 Foundation.
The threat to reduce the staff of the three English orchestras by 20% has not been lifted, but it is being reconsidered.
See the BBC press release here.

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SAT 01:00 Through the Night (b00x8b6x)

SAT 07:00 Breakfast (b00xbf97)
Saturday - Martin Handley

01 00:03:00 Gabriel Pierné
Marche de petits soldats de plomb

02 00:07:00 Irish trad. (artist)
She moved through the fair
Performer: Irish trad.

03 00:10:00 English trad. (artist)
Bobby Shaftoe
Performer: English trad.

04 00:13:00 Giuseppe Verdi
Fantasy on "La Traviata"

05 00:24:00 Federico LONGAS (artist)
Performer: Federico LONGAS

06 00:30:00 Antonín Dvořák
Suite in A op 98b "American"

07 00:50:00 Giovanni Battista Vitali

08 00:55:00 Ivor Gurney (artist)
By a Bierside
Performer: Ivor Gurney

09 01:03:00 Henry Litolff
Concerto Symphonique No 4 in D minor: Scherzo

10 01:11:00 Felix Mendelssohn

11 01:17:00 Malcolm Arnold
Clarinet Concerto No 2

12 01:35:00 Jean Sibelius
King Christian II Suite: nocturne

13 01:43:00 Antonio Vivaldi
Stabat Mater (opening mvt)

14 01:47:00 Ralph Vaughan Williams
Overture for Brass Band: Henry Fifth

15 01:57:00 Edvard Grieg

SAT 09:00 CD Review (b00xbf99)
Building a Library: Tchaikovsky: Piano Trio, Op 50

SAT 12:15 Music Matters (b00xbf9c)
Music in Tallinn and Turku

SAT 13:00 The Early Music Show (b00xbf9f)
Harmonic Inspiration: Vivaldi's "L'Estro Armonico"

01 Antonio Vivaldi
Concerto No.1 in D for 4 violins & continuo, RV.549 (1st movement)

02 Antonio Vivaldi
Concerto No.3 in G for violin & continuo, RV.310

03 Antonio Vivaldi
Concerto No.8 in A minor for 2 violins & continuo, RV.522

04 Antonio Vivaldi
Concerto No.10 in B minor for 4 violins & continuo, RV.519

05 Johann Sebastian Bach
Concerto for 4 harpsichords, BWV.1065

06 Antonio Vivaldi
Concerto No.12 in E for violin & continuo, RV.265

SAT 14:00 Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert (b00wwn6n)
The Genius of Mozart

SAT 15:00 Music Planet (b00x31t3)

01 Bibilang Group (artist)
Rulimat (Killing the shark
Performer: Bibilang Group

02 00:02:34
Galicians are linked by sea travel with Northern France, Ireland and Scotland. Lucy Duran meets piper Xosé Manuel Budiño, and is invited to Cebreiro for a party celebrating Celtic culture.
Duration 00:14:26

03 00:02:34 Xosé Manuel Budiño (artist)
Improvised solo
Performer: Xosé Manuel Budiño
Duration 00:14:26

04 00:02:34 Xose-Luis Foxo (artist)
Performer: Xose-Luis Foxo
Duration 00:14:26

05 00:02:34 Argentina (artist)
Song of the harvest
Performer: Argentina
Duration 00:14:26

06 00:02:34 Xosé Manuel Budiño (artist)
Performer: Xosé Manuel Budiño
Duration 00:14:26

07 00:02:34 Xosé Manuel Budiño (artist)
Performer: Xosé Manuel Budiño
Duration 00:14:26

08 00:17:01
Shark Calling in Papua New Guinea
Andy Kershaw goes fishing with Blais, the singing shark caller from Tembin Village, who attempts to lure sharks with a unique repertory of songs.
Duration 00:14:55

09 00:17:01 Bibilang Group (artist)
Performer: Bibilang Group
Duration 00:14:55

10 00:17:01 Bibilang Group (artist)
Performer: Bibilang Group
Duration 00:14:55

11 00:17:01 Bibilang Group (artist)
Performer: Bibilang Group
Duration 00:14:55

12 00:17:01 Bibilang Group (artist)
Performer: Bibilang Group
Duration 00:14:55

13 00:31:56
Coastal Brazil
Lucy Duran visits the coastal city of Salvador da Bahia. Here she learns about the Camdomblé religion practiced on the seashore where the sea and music are crucial to the liturgy.
Duration 00:14:48

14 00:31:56 Mateus Aleluia (artist)
Lament as aguas
Performer: Mateus Aleluia
Duration 00:14:48

15 00:31:56 Bloco Afro Dida (artist)
Performer: Bloco Afro Dida
Duration 00:14:48

16 00:31:56 Virgínia Rodrigues (artist)
Performer: Virgínia Rodrigues
Duration 00:14:48

17 00:31:56 Virgínia Rodrigues (artist)
Performer: Virgínia Rodrigues
Duration 00:14:48

18 00:46:44
Deep Sea Canoe in the Solomon Islands
Andy Kershaw encounters a Deep Sea Canoe Movement, a community who are dedicated to continuous, 24 hours a day, worship on the paradise island of Malaita in the Solomon Islands.
Duration 00:11:55

19 00:46:44 The Deep Sea Canoe Movement (artist)
Doxology (Creole)
Performer: The Deep Sea Canoe Movement
Duration 00:11:55

20 00:46:44 The Deep Sea Canoe Movement (artist)
Eri ah oru ah
Performer: The Deep Sea Canoe Movement
Duration 00:11:55

21 00:46:44 The Deep Sea Canoe Movement (artist)
Jesus you are the king of glory
Performer: The Deep Sea Canoe Movement
Duration 00:11:55

SAT 16:00 Jazz Library (b00xbfqy)
Listener Feedback

01 Mike Nock Quintet (artist)
Performer: Mike Nock Quintet

02 Benny Carter (artist)
Easy Money
Performer: Benny Carter

03 Benny Carter & the American Jazz Orchestra (artist)
Sky Dance
Performer: Benny Carter & the American Jazz Orchestra

04 Gigi Gryce and his Orchestra (artist)
Brown Skins (Take 2)
Performer: Gigi Gryce and his Orchestra

05 Clifford Brown & Art Farmer with The Swedish All-Stars (artist)
Stockholm Sweetnin'
Performer: Clifford Brown & Art Farmer with The Swedish All-Stars

06 Mildred Bailey (artist)
Someday Sweetheart
Performer: Mildred Bailey

07 Gary Burton (artist)
June 15, 1967
Performer: Gary Burton

08 Mike Osborne Trio (artist)
Border Crossing
Performer: Mike Osborne Trio

09 Mark Murphy (artist)
Be Bop Lives (Boplicity)
Performer: Mark Murphy

10 John Coltrane (artist)
Performer: John Coltrane

11 Lucky Thompson (artist)
Scratching The Surface (It's Fantasy)
Performer: Lucky Thompson

SAT 17:00 Jazz Record Requests (b00xbfr0)

01 Wynton Marsalis (artist)
Oh, but on the Third Day (Happy Feet Blues) (JRR Signature Tune)
Performer: Wynton Marsalis

02 Vic Berton (artist)
A Smile Will Go A Long Way
Performer: Vic Berton

03 John Kirby (artist)
Rehearsin' for a Nervous Breakdown
Performer: John Kirby

04 Louis Armstrong (artist)
Rockin' Chair
Performer: Louis Armstrong

05 Charlie Parker (artist)
Salt Peanuts
Performer: Charlie Parker

06 Benny Carter (artist)
Honeysuckle Rose
Performer: Benny Carter

07 Joe Lovano (artist)
Central Park West
Performer: Joe Lovano

Keith Jarrett and Charlie Haden - No Moon at All

09 Muhal Richard Abrams (artist)
Du King (Dedicated to Duke Ellington)
Performer: Muhal Richard Abrams

10 Tomazs Stanko (artist)
Song for Ania
Performer: Tomazs Stanko

11 Billy Taylor (artist)
I Wish I Knew
Performer: Billy Taylor

12 Buck Clayton (artist)
All the Cats Join In
Performer: Buck Clayton

SAT 18:00 Opera on 3 (b00xbfr2)
Live from the Met
Verdi's La Traviata

SAT 21:00 Between the Ears (b00xbfr4)
Out Counting Sheep

SAT 21:30 Pre-Hear (b00xbfr6)

SAT 22:30 Hear and Now (b00xbfr8)
Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival 2010
Episode 1


SUN 00:00 The Early Music Show (b00smnw7)
Mariane von Ziegler

01 Johann Sebastian Bach
'Nun Komm der Heiden Heiland', BWV.659

02 Johann Sebastian Bach
Cantata: BWV.12 "Weinen, Klagen, Sorgen, Zagen": Chorale: 'Was Gott tut, das ist wohlgetan

03 Mariane von Ziegler (artist)
Cantata: BWV.103 "Ihr werdet weinen und heulen" - Chorus: "Ihr werdet weinen und heulen"
Performer: Mariane von Ziegler

04 Mariane von Ziegler (artist)
Cantata: BWV.103 "Ihr werdet weinen und heulen" - Recit: "Wer sollte nicht in Klagen unter
Performer: Mariane von Ziegler

05 Mariane von Ziegler (artist)
Cantata: BWV.183 "Sie werden euch in den Bann tun": Aria: "Höchster Tröster, Heiliger Geis
Performer: Mariane von Ziegler

06 Mariane von Ziegler (artist)
Cantata: BWV.108 "Es ist euch gut, dass ich hingehe": Aria: "Mich kann kein Zweifel störe
Performer: Mariane von Ziegler

07 Mariane von Ziegler (artist)
Cantata: BWV.175 "Er ruft seinen Schafen mit Namen": Recit: "Er ruft seinen Schafen mit Na
Performer: Mariane von Ziegler

08 Mariane von Ziegler (artist)
Cantata: BWV.74 "Wer mich liebet, der mein Wort halten": Recitative: "Die Wohnung ist Bere
Performer: Mariane von Ziegler

09 Mariane von Ziegler (artist)
Cantata: BWV.68 "Also hat Gott die Welt geliebt": Aria: "Mein gläubiges Herze"
Performer: Mariane von Ziegler

10 Mariane von Ziegler (artist)
Cantata: BWV.176 "Es ist ein trotzig und verzagt Ding" (complete)
Performer: Mariane von Ziegler

SUN 01:00 Through the Night (b00xbhdf)

SUN 07:00 Breakfast (b00xbhdh)
Sunday - Martin Handley

01 00:03:00 Federico Mompou (artist)
Cançó dansa No 1
Performer: Federico Mompou

02 00:08:00 Francisco Escalada (artist)
Performer: Francisco Escalada

03 00:10:00 Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla (artist)
Missa Ego flos campi: Kyrie
Performer: Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla

04 00:14:00 Felix Mendelssohn
Hebrides Overture

05 00:25:00 Trad (artist)
O Waly, Waly
Performer: Trad

06 00:30:00 Johann Sebastian Bach
Toccata and Fugue in D minor BWV 565

07 00:39:00 Edward Elgar
Serenade for strings in E minor Op 20

08 00:52:00 William Walton
Spitfire music and Battle in the air

09 01:03:00 Percy Grainger
Country Gardens (ed. Dana Paul Perna)

10 01:06:00 Robert Schumann
String Quartet No 1 in A minor: Presto

11 01:12:00 ANON 16th C (artist)
Hey trolly loly lo
Performer: ANON 16th C

12 01:16:00 Sir Peter Maxwell Davies (artist)
An Orkney Wedding with sunrise
Performer: Sir Peter Maxwell Davies

13 01:31:00 George Frideric Handel
Dixit Dominus: Gloria

14 01:38:00 Italian 14th C (artist)
Istanpitta Ghaetta
Performer: Italian 14th C

15 01:47:00 Leonard Bernstein
On the Town: 3 Dance episodes

16 01:58:00 Sigurd von Koch (artist)
De Vilda svanarna [The wild swans]
Performer: Sigurd von Koch

17 02:03:00 Johann Sebastian Bach
St Matthew Passion: opening chorus

18 02:11:00 Edvard Grieg
Piano Sonata in E minor Op 7

19 02:31:00 Jean‐Baptiste Lully
Chaconne in G

20 02:37:00 Maurice Ravel

21 02:55:00 John Williams (artist)
The Devil's Dance (from The Witches of Eastwick)
Performer: John Williams

SUN 10:00 Sunday Morning (b00xbhdk)

01 Henry Purcell
I will give thanks unto Thee, O Lord (Verse anthem Z 20)

02 Alexander Moyzes (artist)
Jazz Sonata for Two Pianos, Op 14 (Allegro –Tempo di slow-fox)
Performer: Alexander Moyzes

03 Joseph Haydn
Symphony No 92 in G Major Hob I:92

04 Ludwig van Beethoven
Adagio sostenuto from Piano Sonata in C sharp minor, Op 27 No2

05 Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov
Scheherazade, iv Festival at Bagdad –The Sea- Shipwreck

06 Franz Schubert
Sonata in D Major, D 850 ii Con moto

07 Charles Villiers Stanford
And I saw another angel, Op 37

08 Franz Liszt
Mazeppa, S100

09 George Frideric Handel
Messiah , HWV 56, Part 1 nos 16,17,18

SUN 12:00 Private Passions (b00nhm34)
Stewart Copeland

01 Stewart Copeland (artist)
Gene Pool (excerpt)
Performer: Stewart Copeland

02 Maurice Ravel
Prélude from 'Le Tombeau de Couperin'

03 Booker T. & The MG’s (artist)
Green Onions
Performer: Booker T. & The MG’s

04 John Adams
Loops and Verses' from 'Shaker Loops

05 Moondog (artist)
Bird's Lament
Performer: Moondog

Richard Wagner - Overture to Tannhäuser

07 Paul Simon (artist)
Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes
Performer: Paul Simon

08 Desmond Dekker & the Aces (artist)
Performer: Desmond Dekker & the Aces

SUN 13:00 The Early Music Show (b00xbhdm)
Profile of Hopkinson Smith

01 Luis de Milán
Pavana 4 del septimo y octavo tono

02 Luis de Milán
Fantasia 6 del primero y segunda tono

03 Luis de Milán
La Bella Francesquina

04 Luis de Milán
Fantasia 11 de consonancias y redobles del primero y segunda tono

05 Luis de Milán
Pavana 6 del octavo tono

06 Francesco Canova da Milano (artist)
Fantasia (51) dal primo tono
Performer: Francesco Canova da Milano

07 Anon. (artist)
Che glia strazza la socha
Performer: Anon.

08 Francesco Canova da Milano (artist)
Pavana: Mi fato e miserabil sorte (reconstruction)
Performer: Francesco Canova da Milano

09 Francesco Canova da Milano (artist)
Saltarello la Mantuanella
Performer: Francesco Canova da Milano

10 Francesco Canova da Milano (artist)
Fantasia (33) sopra mi-fa-mi
Performer: Francesco Canova da Milano

11 Francesco Canova da Milano (artist)
Fantasia (55) `la piu bella e divina anche abbia fatto
Performer: Francesco Canova da Milano

12 Anonymous (artist)
Pescatore che va cantando
Performer: Anonymous

SUN 14:00 Radio 3 Requests (b00xbhdp)
80th Birthday Tributes, Beethoven

01 Igor Stravinsky
Orchestra: Budapest Festival Orchestra
Conductor: Iván Fischer

02 Georg Philipp Telemann
Paris Quartets, first set (1730), No.1

03 Franz Schubert
Impromptu in F minor D.935/4

04 Gustav Mahler
Symphony No.5, 4th mvt (adagietto)

05 Betty Roe (artist)
My Boy Jack
Performer: Betty Roe

06 Peter Hope (artist)
Divertimento, for guitar & string trio
Performer: Peter Hope

07 Stanislaw Moniuszko
Halka, Act 1, Scene 5 (Mazurka)

08 Ludwig van Beethoven
Violin Concerto

SUN 16:00 Choral Evensong (b00x1smv)
Archive - Mozart Requiem

SUN 17:00 Discovering Music (b00xbhdr)
Mozart's Linz Symphony

SUN 18:30 Choir and Organ (b00xbhdt)
The Monteverdi Choir

01 Johannes Brahms
Liebeslieder - [18] waltzes for pf duet & 4 vv ad lib. (Op.52) - no.8; Wenn so lind dein A

02 Heinrich Schütz
Musikalische Exequien (SWV.279-81) - Part 3; Herr nun lassest/Selig sind (SWV.281)[2 ch. &

03 Claudio Monteverdi
Vespro della Beata Vergine [1610] - Lauda, Jerusalem [7 voices & bc]

04 Thomas Morley (artist)
O griefe, even on the bud for 5 voices [1597a]
Performer: Thomas Morley

05 George Frideric Handel
Jephtha - Act 2 [no.50]; How dark, O Lord, are thy decrees [chorus]

06 Jean Mouton
Nesciens mater virgo virum for 8 voices

07 Johann Sebastian Bach
Cantata no. 20 (BWV.20) "O Ewigkeit, du Donnerwort"

08 Benjamin Britten
Hymn to St Cecilia for chorus (Op.27) 9:40

09 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Le Nozze di Figaro - opera in 4 acts (K.492) End of Act 3: andante amici

10 Johannes Brahms
Ein Deutsches requiem (Op.45) - Wie lieblich sind deine Wohnungen

SUN 20:00 Drama on 3 (b00xbhdw)
Charles and Mary

SUN 21:30 Sunday Feature (b00xbhdy)
China's Museum-Building Boom

SUN 22:15 Words and Music (b00xbhf0)
Travellers' Tales

01 Georg Philipp Telemann
Intrada, Gulliver Suite for Two Violins

02 00:01:20
Matthew Francis
Of Circumnavigation, read by Stella Gonet and Nicholas Farrell

03 00:01:23 Frank Bridge
III Moonlight; Suite "The Sea"

04 00:07:15 Robert Schumann
Von fremden Ländern und Menschen, Kinderszenen

05 00:08:48
The Land of Cockayne, read by Nicholas Farrell

06 00:11:10 Locke/Tyner/Arr McClintock (artist)
Big Rock Candy Mountain
Performer: Locke/Tyner/Arr McClintock

07 00:13:31 Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov
The Sea and Sinbad's Ship, Scheherezade

08 00:13:48
Homer, translated by Robert Fagles
The Odyssey, read by Stella Gonet

09 00:22:41
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Kubla Kahn, read by Nicholas Farrell

10 00:25:22 Judith Weir
El Rey de Francia

11 00:26:55
Sarah Maguire
The Pomegranates of Kandahar, read by Stella Gonet

12 00:26:55 Trad/Arr Voix Bulgares (artist)
Kalimankou Denkou (The Evening Gathering)
Performer: Trad/Arr Voix Bulgares

13 00:33:16
Margaret Atwood
Siren Song, read by Stella Gonet

14 00:34:57 Oliver Knussen
Barbershop Quintet and Recessional; Where the Wild Things Are

15 00:36:28
Louise Gluck
Circe’s Torment, read by Stella Gonet

16 00:37:32 Henry Purcell
Prelude, Sailor and Chorus: Come away fellow sailors, The Sailor's Dance, Dido and Aeneas

17 00:39:52 Richard Hawley (artist)
The Sea Calls, Lady's Bridge
Performer: Richard Hawley

18 00:45:43
Thomas Hardy
When I Set Out for Lyonesse, read by Nicholas Farrell

19 00:46:21 James Rhodes (artist)
La cathédrale engloutie, Préludes
Performer: James Rhodes

20 00:52:50
Alfred Lord Tennyson
The Mermaid, read by Stella Gonet

21 00:54:17 Henri Duparc
L'invitation au voyage

22 00:58:59
George Szirtes
Seeking North, read by Stella Gonet

23 01:00:00 Peter Maxwell Davies
Presto, Trumpet Concerto

24 01:06:45
“Sir John Mandeville”
From the Travels of Sir John Mandeville, From Joseph Addison Essay in the Spectator, November 23, 1710, read by Nicholas Farrell

25 01:07:57 Jacques Martin (artist)
Flying Robert
Performer: Jacques Martin

SUN 23:30 Jazz Line-Up (b00xbhf2)
Curios, Django Bates

01 Tom Cawley's Curios (artist)
Performer: Tom Cawley's Curios

02 Tom Cawley's Curios (artist)
The Swan
Performer: Tom Cawley's Curios

03 Tom Cawley's Curios (artist)
The Tiling Song
Performer: Tom Cawley's Curios

04 Acoustic Ladyland (artist)
Marching Dice
Performer: Acoustic Ladyland

05 Loose Tubes (artist)
Yellow Hill
Performer: Loose Tubes

06 Django Bates (artist)
Star Eyes
Performer: Django Bates

07 Tom Cawley's Curios (artist)
Performer: Tom Cawley's Curios

08 Tom Cawley's Curios (artist)
Squat Little Man
Performer: Tom Cawley's Curios

09 Tom Cawley's Curios (artist)
Performer: Tom Cawley's Curios


MON 01:00 Through the Night (b00xbjvk)

MON 07:00 Breakfast (b00xbjvm)
Monday - Rob Cowan

01 00:03:00 Henry Purcell
Sound the Trumpet

02 00:06:00 Gabriel Fauré
Pavane, Op 50

03 00:13:00 Antonín Dvořák
Slavonic Dance in G minor, Op 46 No 8

04 00:19:00 Claudio Monteverdi
Si dolce e il tormento (1624)

05 00:23:00 Bill Withers (artist)
Ain't No Sunshine
Performer: Bill Withers

06 00:28:00 Johann Sebastian Bach
Contrapunctus II (Art of Fugue)

07 00:33:00 Trad. spiritual (artist)
In That Great Getting Up Morning
Performer: Trad. spiritual

08 00:37:00 Edward Elgar
Pomp and Circumstance March No 1 in D

09 00:42:00 Antonio Vivaldi
Concerto in A minor, RV397

10 00:50:00 Edward MacDowell
To a Wild Rose

11 00:53:00
John Foulds - La Belle Pierrette: Intermezzo Impromptu

12 00:57:00 Anatoly Konstantinovich Lyadov
Legend of the Birds

13 01:03:00
Frédéric Chopin - Waltz in C sharp minor, Op 64 No 2

14 01:07:00 Carl Loewe (artist)
Weh' mir, wohin soll ich entfliehn? (Das Suhnopfer des neuen Bundes – Passion Oratorio)
Performer: Carl Loewe

15 01:12:00 Pugnani/Kreisler (artist)
Prelude and Allegro
Performer: Pugnani/Kreisler

16 01:19:00 Maurice Ravel
Alborada del gracioso

17 01:28:00 Hoagy Carmichael (artist)
Performer: Hoagy Carmichael

18 01:35:00 Ruggero Leoncavallo
Recitar!.... Vesti la giubba (Pagliacci)

19 01:39:00 Leonard Bernstein
Something's Coming (West Side Story)

20 01:42:00 Johann Sebastian Bach
Prelude and fugue from The Well-Tempered Clavier, bk.1 no. 1 (BWV.846) in C major

21 01:50:00 Ludwig Minkus (artist)
Don Quixote
Performer: Ludwig Minkus

22 01:57:00 Tomaso Giovanni Albinoni
Concerto No 1 in F

23 02:03:00 Brian Easdale (artist)
The Red Shoes Ballet
Performer: Brian Easdale

24 02:10:00 Eric Coates (artist)
London Suite
Performer: Eric Coates

25 02:26:00 George Frideric Handel
Where'er you walk (Semele)

26 02:33:00 Samuel Barber
Adagio for strings

27 02:42:00 Carlo Monza (artist)
Sinfonia detta "La tempesta di mare"
Performer: Carlo Monza

28 02:49:00 Edvard Grieg
Morning (Peer Gynt Suite No. 1)

29 02:53:00 Antonín Dvořák
Slavonic Dance in A flat, Op 72 No 8

MON 10:00 Classical Collection (b00xbjvq)
Monday - Sarah Walker

MON 12:00 Composer of the Week (b00kh2g4)
Sibelius - The Rest is Silence? (The Years 1925-1957)
Episode 1

01 Jean Sibelius
Morceau Romantique sur un motif de Monsieur Jakob de Julin (1925)

02 Jean Sibelius
En Glad Musikant (1924-5)

03 Jean Sibelius
Narcissus (1924-5)

04 Jean Sibelius
Introductory Antiphons, for liturgist, choir and organ (1925) [excerpts] (I. The Lord Is M

05 Jean Sibelius
Danses Champetres for violin and piano, Op.106

06 Jean Sibelius
Tapiola, Op.112

MON 13:00 Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert (b00xbjvs)
Henk Neven, Hans Eijsackers

MON 14:00 Afternoon Concert (b00xj4tl)
Ulster Orchestra
Episode 1

MON 17:00 In Tune (b00xbjvv)
Monday - Sean Rafferty

01 00:01:00 Carl Nielsen
Symphony No.4 'The Inextinguishable' (1st movement - excerpt)
Duration 00:04:10

02 00:06:00 Josef Strauss
Polka 'Auf Ferienreisen' Op.133
Duration 00:02:05

03 00:09:00 Ludwig van Beethoven
Piano Concerto No.1 in C Major, Op.15 (3rd movement)
Duration 00:08:30

04 00:24:00
Béla Bartók - Concerto for Orchestra (4th movement)
Duration 00:04:07

05 00:33:00 Felix Mendelssohn
Symphony No.3 in A minor "Scottish" (4th movement)
Duration 00:09:32

06 00:44:00 Franz Liszt
Romance oubliée
Duration 00:03:02

07 00:48:00 George Frideric Handel
Minacciami, non ho timor (Amadigi di Gaula)
Duration 00:08:32

08 01:01:00 Aaron Copland
Fanfare for the Common Man
Duration 00:03:05

09 01:05:00 Johannes Brahms
Intermezzo in E flat major, Op.117 No.1
Duration 00:04:40

10 01:15:00 Johann Sebastian Bach
Allemande from Partita No.2 in C minor
Duration 00:03:58

11 01:24:00
Frédéric Chopin - Nocturne in E flat Op.55 No.2
Duration 00:05:26

12 01:31:00 Jean Sibelius
Serenata for 2 violins and cello
Duration 00:06:51

13 01:39:00 Jan Křtitel Jiři Neruda (artist)
Trumpet Concerto in E flat major
Performer: Jan Křtitel Jiři Neruda
Duration 00:13:45

14 01:54:00 Gioachino Rossini
Anzoleta avanti la regata
Duration 00:03:15

MON 19:00 Performance on 3 (b00xhfh6)
Nikolai Lugansky

MON 21:15 Night Waves (b00xbjvy)
Rudyard Kipling, Dambisa Moyo, Neds, Evgeny Morozov

MON 22:00 Composer of the Week (b00kh2g4)
[Repeat of broadcast at 12:00 today]

MON 23:00 The Essay (b00xbjyt)
Alain de Botton

MON 23:15 Jazz on 3 (b00xbjw1)
The Bad Plus Meets Django Bates

01 The Bad Plus (artist)
Never Stop
Performer: The Bad Plus

02 The Bad Plus (artist)
You Are
Performer: The Bad Plus


Line up: Ethan Iverson (piano), Reid Anderson (bass), Dave King (drums), Django Bates (Eb horn, electric piano, vocals and effects) This set is entirely improvised.

05 Henry Threadgill (artist)
Card Two: The Jick Or Mandrill's Cosmic Ass
Performer: Henry Threadgill

06 Henry Threadgill (artist)
The Ragtime Dance
Performer: Henry Threadgill

07 Henry Threadgill (artist)
Theme From Thomas Cole
Performer: Henry Threadgill

08 Henry Threadgill (artist)
Those Who Eat Cookies
Performer: Henry Threadgill

09 Henry Threadgill (artist)
Black Hands Bejewelled
Performer: Henry Threadgill

10 Louis Moholo Moholo & Keith Tippett (artist)
An improvised duet
Performer: Louis Moholo Moholo & Keith Tippett


TUE 01:00 Through the Night (b00xbl2y)

TUE 07:00 Breakfast (b00xbl30)
Tuesday - Rob Cowan

01 00:03:00
Alexis Emmanuel Chabrier - Espana

02 00:10:00
Frédéric Chopin - Ballade for piano No. 3 (Op.47) in A flat major

03 00:18:00 Claudio Monteverdi
T'amo, mia vita

04 00:21:00 Hector Berlioz
Romeo et Juliet - Queen Mab Scherzo

05 00:32:00 Antonio Vivaldi
Concerto for violin and orchestra (RV.383a) (Op.4 No. 1) in B flat major

06 00:41:00 Franz Schubert
Rondo for piano duet (D.951) in A major

07 00:54:00 Antonín Dvořák
Legends (Op.59) - no.3 in G minor; Allegro giusto

08 01:04:00 Georges Bizet
Carmen - Votre toast, je peux vous le rendre (Toreador song)

09 01:09:00 Carl Nielsen
Symphony No. 4 (Op.29) "The Inextinguishable"

10 01:14:00 Johannes Brahms
Intermezzo in E minor (Op.119 No.2)

11 01:19:00 Eric Whitacre
Lux aurumque for chorus

12 01:24:00 Jennifer Higdon (artist)
Violin Concerto (dedicated to Hahn) - 3rd movement "Fly Forward"
Performer: Jennifer Higdon

13 01:32:00 Cesar Cui
The Buccaneer - prelude for orchestra

14 01:40:00 Mascitti (artist)
Sonata XI da Camera
Performer: Mascitti

15 01:50:00 Isaac Albéniz
Piano Sonata No. 5 - 3rd mvt

16 01:58:00 Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (artist)
Oprichnik - Act 4 - Dances of the Oprichniks & Women
Performer: Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky

17 02:04:00 Jules Massenet
Meditation from Thais

18 02:11:00 Benjamin Britten
4 Sea interludes [from 'Peter Grimes']

19 02:29:00 Percy Grainger
Shepherd's hey

20 02:32:00 Ralph Vaughan Williams
Serenade to Music

21 02:46:00 Lanner (artist)
Marien-walzer (Op.143)
Performer: Lanner

22 02:55:00 Johann Sebastian Bach
Mass (BWV.232) in B minor - Laudamus te

TUE 10:00 Classical Collection (b00xbl32)
Tuesday - Sarah Walker

TUE 12:00 Composer of the Week (b00kh2w0)
Sibelius - The Rest is Silence? (The Years 1925-1957)
Episode 2

01 Jean Sibelius
Den Höga Himlen / The Lofty Heav'n, Op.113 no.11 (1927)

02 Jean Sibelius
Väinön Virsi ("Vaino's Song") (1926)

03 Jean Sibelius
The Tempest: Prelude and Concert Suites

TUE 13:00 Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert (b00xbldw)
Lincolnshire International Chamber Music Festival 2010
Tippett, Borodin

TUE 14:00 Afternoon Concert (b00xj4tx)
Ulster Orchestra
Episode 2

TUE 17:00 In Tune (b00xbldy)

01 Georg Philipp Telemann
Ouverture in B flat major 'La Bourse'
Duration 00:04:52

02 00:05:00 Edward Elgar
Imperial March Op.32
Duration 00:05:00

03 00:17:00 Arthur Sullivan
The Lost Chord
Duration 00:04:55

04 00:27:00 Johann Sebastian Bach
Toccata and fugue for organ in D minor BWV.538 'Dorian': Fugue
Duration 00:07:32

05 00:35:00 Nicolò Paganini
Caprice in C major (Andante – presto), Op.1 No.11
Duration 00:04:02

06 00:43:00 Alfred Schnittke
Moz-Art a la Haydn – opening extract
Duration 00:03:10

07 00:47:00 Ludwig van Beethoven
Piano Sonata in D major Op.6
Duration 00:05:48

08 00:54:00 Henry Purcell
Hear my Prayer, O Lord
Duration 00:02:37

09 01:01:00 Astor Piazzolla
La muerte del angel
Duration 00:02:49

10 01:04:00 Domenico Scarlatti
Sonata in E major K.380
Duration 00:05:19

11 01:11:00 Leos Janáček
Cunning Little Vixen, Act 1: Prelude
Duration 00:03:04

12 01:20:00 Leos Janáček
Cunning Little Vixen, Act 2: 'Can it be that I am lovely'
Duration 00:04:02

13 01:28:00 Leos Janáček
Cunning Little Vixen, Act 3: 'Spring is here at last'
Duration 00:07:49

14 01:37:00 Marcello (artist)
Oboe Concerto in D minor
Performer: Marcello
Duration 00:11:41

15 01:50:00 Bedrich Smetana
Memories of Bohemia in the form of Polkas in E minor Op.12 No.2
Duration 00:06:22

TUE 19:00 Performance on 3 (b00xj0qv)
BBC Symphony Orchestra - Ginastera, Piazzolla, Falla

TUE 21:15 Night Waves (b00xblf0)
20th Century British sculpture; Wilbert Rideau; Black Swan; Nina Raine interview

TUE 22:00 Composer of the Week (b00kh2w0)
[Repeat of broadcast at 12:00 today]

TUE 23:00 The Essay (b00xj0vj)
Theodore Zeldin

TUE 23:15 Late Junction (b00xblf4)
Fiona Talkington - 18/01/2011

Laurie Anderson - The Geographic North Pole

02 00:05:00 David Grubbs (artist)
Kentucky Karaoke
Performer: David Grubbs

03 00:10:00 Mariliis Valkonen (artist)
Bedtime Story for flute, kannel and accordion
Performer: Mariliis Valkonen

04 00:18:00 Per Nørgård
Wie Ein Kind / Som et Barn / Like a Child Lullaby

05 00:22:00 Maurice Ravel
Le jardin feerique from Ma mere l'oye

06 00:26:00 Steve Mackey (artist)
Myrtle and Mint
Performer: Steve Mackey

07 00:45:00 Hauschka (artist)
Performer: Hauschka

08 00:50:00 Vinicio Capossela (artist)
La faccia della terra (the face of the Earth)
Performer: Vinicio Capossela

09 00:56:00 Charley Patton (artist)
A Spoonful of Blues
Performer: Charley Patton

10 00:59:00 Nico Muhly (artist)
The Only Tune
Performer: Nico Muhly

11 01:04:00 Ola Belle Reed & David Reed (artist)
High on the Mountain
Performer: Ola Belle Reed & David Reed

12 01:08:00 Dalla (artist)
Ann Tremellan / Farewell Maidens All
Performer: Dalla

13 01:12:00 Natalie Merchant (artist)
The Sleepy Giant (words by Charles Edward Carryl)
Performer: Natalie Merchant

14 01:16:00 John Surman (artist)
Performer: John Surman

15 01:25:00 Luftstrak (artist)
Performer: Luftstrak

16 01:31:00 You Are Wolf (artist)
Performer: You Are Wolf

17 01:33:00 You Are Wolf (artist)
Performer: You Are Wolf

18 01:37:00 Æthenor (artist)
Something to Sleep is Still
Performer: Æthenor


WED 01:00 Through the Night (b00xblfl)

WED 07:00 Breakfast (b00xblfn)
Wednesday - Rob Cowan

01 00:02:00 Ronald Binge
The Watermill

02 00:07:00 Ludwig van Beethoven
Piano Sonata No 13: Final mvt

03 00:14:00 Marc-Olivier Dupin (artist)
Fantasia on arias from "La Traviata"
Performer: Marc-Olivier Dupin

04 00:26:00 Ralph Vaughan Williams
Mass in G minor: Sanctus

05 00:31:00 Edvard Grieg
Holberg Suite: Prelude

06 00:34:00 Franz Liszt
Liebesträume no 3

07 00:41:00 Franz Schubert
Gott im Ungewitter

08 00:47:00 George Gershwin
Cuban Overture

09 01:02:00 Carl Orff
Carmina Burana

10 01:06:00 Thomas Alexander Erskine (artist)
Overture in C op 1'2
Performer: Thomas Alexander Erskine

11 01:17:00 Franz Schubert
Im Abentrot, D799

12 01:22:00 George Butterworth
The Banks of Green Willow

13 01:31:00 James Rhodes (artist)
Deux Arabesques
Performer: James Rhodes

14 01:39:00 Jean Sibelius
Karelia Suite

15 02:00:00 Heitor Villa‐Lobos
Bachiansa brasileras no 5: Cantilena

16 02:07:00 Bedrich Smetana
Hakon Jarl

17 02:24:00 Johann Sebastian Bach
Die Kunst der Fuge: Contrapunctus 7

18 02:29:00 Joseph Haydn
Divertimento No 6 in G Hob II'3

19 02:39:00 Józef Elsner (artist)
Violin Sonata in D major Op 10'2
Performer: Józef Elsner

20 02:53:00 John Wilbye
Draw on, sweet night

WED 10:00 Classical Collection (b00xblfq)
Wednesday - Sarah Walker

WED 12:00 Composer of the Week (b00kh462)
Sibelius - The Rest is Silence? (The Years 1925-1957)
Episode 3

01 Jean Sibelius
Canzonetta from Kuolema ("Death")

02 Jean Sibelius
Four Pieces for violin and piano, Op.115 [excerpt] (1929) (III. Humoreske)

03 Jean Sibelius
Five Esquisses, Op.114 (1928-9)

04 Jean Sibelius
Suite For Violin and Strings, Op.117 (1929)

05 Jean Sibelius
Symphony no.7 in C, Op.105

WED 13:00 Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert (b00xblg7)
Lincolnshire International Chamber Music Festival 2010
Saint-Saens, Fauré

WED 14:00 Afternoon Concert (b00xfgmp)
Ulster Orchestra
Episode 3

WED 16:00 Choral Evensong (b00xblg9)
Bath Abbey - 2011 Archive

WED 17:00 In Tune (b00xblgc)

01 Eric Coates (artist)
London Calling
Performer: Eric Coates
Duration 00:02:39

02 00:03:00 Jean Sibelius
Humoresque No 6 Op 89
Duration 00:03:13

03 00:08:00 Bedrich Smetana
Piano Trio in G minor Op.15 – 1st movement
Duration 00:11:09

04 00:25:00 Johannes Brahms
Piano Trio No.2 in C Op.87 - 1st movement
Duration 00:10:02

05 00:37:00 Anthony Collins (artist)
Festival Royal Overture
Performer: Anthony Collins
Duration 00:04:29

06 00:46:00 Richard Rodney Bennett
Murder On The Orient Express
Duration 00:11:15

07 01:02:00 Gregorio Allegri
Duration 00:02:10

08 01:05:00 Thomas Tomkins
Then David Mourned
Duration 00:03:24

09 01:09:00 Robert Schumann
Violin Sonata No 1 in A minor Op 105 Final movement: Lebhaft
Duration 00:05:09

10 01:19:00 Pekka Kuusisto (artist)
Sarabande, from Partita no. 2 in D minor, BWV 1004
Performer: Pekka Kuusisto
Duration 00:02:46

11 01:26:00 Eugène Ysaÿe
Sonata No 6 in E major from Six Sonatas, Op 27
Duration 00:07:05

12 01:34:00 Antonín Dvořák
Duration 00:05:19

13 01:40:00 Samuel Barber
There's Nae Lark and The Beggar's Song
Duration 00:03:46

14 01:45:00 Ralph Vaughan Williams
Toward the Unknown Region
Duration 00:12:15

WED 19:00 Performance on 3 (b00xj0s8)
National Youth Orchestra - Prokofiev, Berg, Liszt, Janacek

WED 21:15 Night Waves (b00xfg3m)
Mary Midgley, Havi Carel

WED 22:00 Composer of the Week (b00kh462)
[Repeat of broadcast at 12:00 today]

WED 23:00 The Essay (b00xj0xm)
Jonathan Bate

WED 23:15 Late Junction (b00xfg3p)
Fiona Talkington - 19/01/2011

Laurie Anderson - The ugly one with the jewels

02 00:05:00 Philip Glass
Orphée and the Princess from the Orphée suite for piano

03 00:10:00 June Tabor (artist)
Beauty and the Beast – an anniversary
Performer: June Tabor

04 00:13:00 Hamon Martin Quintet (artist)
Les oiseaux des bois
Performer: Hamon Martin Quintet

05 00:16:00 Hamon Martin Quintet (artist)
Performer: Hamon Martin Quintet

06 00:19:00 Needlepoint (artist)
The Woods are not what they seem
Performer: Needlepoint

07 00:26:00 Sandy Denny (artist)
Lord Bateman
Performer: Sandy Denny

08 00:32:00 Ralph Jordan (artist)
Performer: Ralph Jordan

09 00:37:00 Susanne Rosenberg (artist)
Fore Vallerman
Performer: Susanne Rosenberg

10 00:38:00 Susanne Rosenberg (artist)
Performer: Susanne Rosenberg

11 00:42:00 Susanne Rosenberg (artist)
Performer: Susanne Rosenberg

12 00:44:00 Gilli Bloodaxe (artist)
Performer: Gilli Bloodaxe

13 00:46:00 Gilli Bloodaxe (artist)
Issy Bon
Performer: Gilli Bloodaxe

14 00:47:00 Oren Marshall (artist)
Performer: Oren Marshall

15 00:54:00 Tom Waits (artist)
Walk Away
Performer: Tom Waits

16 00:57:00 Hannah Peel (artist)
The Parting Glass
Performer: Hannah Peel

17 01:00:00 Mikhail (artist)
Invisible Thread
Performer: Mikhail

18 01:04:00 Susanne Rosenberg (artist)
Stjärnorna (words by Edith Södergran)
Performer: Susanne Rosenberg

19 01:06:00 Ensemble 96, Kjetil Almenning (conductor) (artist)
Folk song from Osterdalen – Bysjan Bysjan Lite Ban (Hush Hush Little Child)
Performer: Ensemble 96, Kjetil Almenning (conductor)

20 01:09:00 David Tyack and Malcolm Mooney (artist)
Rip Van Winkle (story by Washington Irving)
Performer: David Tyack and Malcolm Mooney

21 01:33:00 Ensemble (artist)
Before Night
Performer: Ensemble

22 01:38:00 Justè Janulytè (artist)
Elongation of Nights
Performer: Justè Janulytè


THU 01:00 Through the Night (b00xfg4b)

THU 07:00 Breakfast (b00xfg4d)
Thursday - Rob Cowan

01 00:02:00 Leonard Bernstein
Fanfare for JFK

02 00:04:00 Claudio Monteverdi
Zefiro torna - madrigal for 5 voices & bc

03 00:08:00 Johannes Brahms
Rhapsodie: Allegro risoluto, Op 119 No 4

04 00:13:00 Herman Hupfeld (artist)
As Time Goes By
Performer: Herman Hupfeld

05 00:17:00 Modest Mussorgsky
Prelude: Khovanshchina

06 00:23:00 Osvaldo Golijov
Agonia (Aria of Jesus) – La Pasion segun san Marcos

07 00:34:00 Franz Schubert
String Quartet in D minor, D810 (Death and the Maiden) – 3rd mvt, Scherzo

08 00:39:00 Johann Sebastian Bach
Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied, BWV225

09 00:53:00 Camille Saint‐Saëns
Wedding Cake, Op 76

10 00:56:00 Paul Hindemith
Trauermusik (4th mvt: Choral "Fur Deinen Thron tret Ich hiermit")

11 01:03:00 Henryk Wieniawski (artist)
Polonaise Brilliante
Performer: Henryk Wieniawski

12 01:08:00 George Gershwin
Overture: Girl Crazy

13 01:14:00
Richard Wagner - Liebestod (Tristan und Isolde)

14 01:22:00 Francesco Bartolomeo Conti
O rendimi pietoso (David)

15 01:33:00 Gustav Holst
Mars (The Bringer of War) From The Planets – Suite, op.32

16 01:41:00 William Grant Still

17 01:45:00 Dmitry Shostakovich
Jazz Suite No 1

18 01:54:00 Jean‐Philippe Rameau
Les Sauvages (Les Indes Galantes)

19 02:02:00 Henry Mancini (artist)
Peter Gunn theme
Performer: Henry Mancini

20 02:06:00 Fanny Mendelssohn
The Year: January

21 02:10:00 Léo Delibes
Ou va la jeune Indoue – Bell Song (Lakme)

22 02:18:00 Nicolò Paganini
Caprice No 24 in A minor

23 02:26:00 Gabriel Fauré
Pie Jesu (Requiem)

24 02:31:00 Johann Nepomuk Hummel
Trumpet Concerto in E flat (1st mvt)

25 02:39:00 Silvestre Revueltas
Noche de los mayas; Noche de jaranas (Night of the Maya)

26 02:52:00 Robert Schumann
Fruhlingsnacht, Op 39 No 12

27 02:55:00 Tim Seddon (artist)
Performer: Tim Seddon

THU 10:00 Classical Collection (b00xfg4g)
Thursday - Sarah Walker

THU 12:00 Composer of the Week (b00kh4f8)
Sibelius - The Rest is Silence? (The Years 1925-1957)
Episode 4

01 Jean Sibelius
Andante Festivo for strings and timpani (ad lib) (1922 / arr. 1938)

02 Jean Sibelius
Suruisotto ("Funeral Music") for organ, Op.111 no.2 (1931)

03 Jean Sibelius
Lemminkainen in Tuonela (1895, withheld till 1935)

04 Jean Sibelius
Karjalan Osa ("Karelia's Fate") for male voice(s) and piano (1930)

05 Jean Sibelius
The Rapids-Rider's Bride (arr. for male voice choir and orchestra) (1897 / arr. 1945)

06 Jean Sibelius
Masonic Funeral Music, Op.113 [excerpts] (1927, rev and extended 1948)

THU 13:00 Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert (b00xfglq)
Lincolnshire International Chamber Music Festival 2010
Saint-Saens, Ravel

THU 14:00 Afternoon Concert (b00xfgls)
Thursday Opera Matinee
Rossini - Il barbiere di Siviglia

THU 17:00 In Tune (b00xfhqs)

Frédéric Chopin - Grande Valse Brillante, Op.18
Duration 00:05:36

02 00:06:00 York Bowen
Duration 00:06:51

03 00:19:00 Michael Stimpson (artist)
The Start have withdrawn their shining – 2nd movement
Performer: Michael Stimpson
Duration 00:04:51

04 00:29:00 Fitkin (artist)
No Doubt (4 short extracts)
Performer: Fitkin
Duration 00:05:19

05 00:36:00 Benjamin Britten
Coal Face: "The shift is finished"
Duration 00:01:57

06 00:39:00 Alexander Borodin (artist)
Overture: Prince Igor
Performer: Alexander Borodin
Duration 00:10:05

07 00:50:00 Gioachino Rossini
Qui Tollis: Messa di Gloria
Duration 00:07:01

08 01:01:00 Antonio Vivaldi
Concerto in A minor, RV.463
Duration 00:08:42

09 01:10:00 Paul Hindemith
Sonata in F, Op.11 No.4: (i) Fantasie
Duration 00:05:33

10 01:20:00 Ludwig van Beethoven
Piano Sonata in C sharp minor 'Moonlight', Op.27 No.2
Duration 00:05:33

11 01:31:00 Paul Hindemith
Konzertmusik – last 3 movements
Duration 00:08:14

12 01:39:00 Claudio Monteverdi
Beatus vir a 6
Duration 00:07:51

13 01:49:00 James Rhodes (artist)
Preludes: Des pas sur la neige: Triste let Lent (Book 1, No.6)
Performer: James Rhodes
Duration 00:04:03

14 01:49:00 James Rhodes (artist)
Preludes: La danse de Puck: Capricieux et leger (Book 1, No.11)
Performer: James Rhodes
Duration 00:03:23

THU 19:00 Performance on 3 (b00xj0yq)
Nash Ensemble - Beethoven, Shostakovich, Tchaikovsky

THU 21:00 Music Planet (b00xfhxj)

Duration 00:14:10

02 Nabil Othmani & Ensemble (artist)
Toi Desert
Performer: Nabil Othmani & Ensemble
Duration 00:14:10

03 Athmane Bali with his family (artist)
Kaf Noune
Performer: Athmane Bali with his family
Duration 00:14:10

04 Le Group Bali (artist)
Assaruf (Forgiveness)
Performer: Le Group Bali
Duration 00:14:10

05 Le Group Bali (artist)
Djmayagh Dek Yallah (I am praying to Allah to give me the virtue of patience)
Performer: Le Group Bali
Duration 00:14:10

06 00:14:11
Duration 00:25:59

07 00:14:11 Otgontsetseg, Zagd-Ochir, and Nyamdagva (artist)
Goviin Ondor (A tall mountain in the Gobi Desert)
Performer: Otgontsetseg, Zagd-Ochir, and Nyamdagva
Duration 00:25:59

08 00:14:11 Bazarbat and Nyamdagva (artist)
Ider Junchin
Performer: Bazarbat and Nyamdagva
Duration 00:25:59

09 00:14:11 Adzana (artist)
Tumen Ekh
Performer: Adzana
Duration 00:25:59

10 00:14:11 Adzana (artist)
Song to the Holy Mountain
Performer: Adzana
Duration 00:25:59

11 00:14:11 Khusugtun (artist)
Performer: Khusugtun
Duration 00:25:59

12 00:14:11 Narandelgar Byambaa (artist)
Mongolian Beatboxing
Performer: Narandelgar Byambaa
Duration 00:25:59

13 00:35:11
Duration 00:28:12

14 00:35:11 Hossam Ramzy (artist)
Oyounik Ya Sattar
Performer: Hossam Ramzy
Duration 00:28:12

15 00:35:11 Adel Farooq (artist)
Performer: Adel Farooq
Duration 00:28:12

16 00:35:11 Adel Farooq and his band (artist)
Bhulaa Na Sakaa
Performer: Adel Farooq and his band
Duration 00:28:12

17 00:35:11 Hossam Ramzy (artist)
Al Majroodah
Performer: Hossam Ramzy
Duration 00:28:12

18 00:35:11 Desert Heat (artist)
Performer: Desert Heat
Duration 00:28:12

19 00:35:11 Desert Heat (artist)
Dubai My City
Performer: Desert Heat
Duration 00:28:12

THU 22:00 Composer of the Week (b00kh4f8)
[Repeat of broadcast at 12:00 today]

THU 23:00 The Essay (b00xj0ys)
Sarah Bakewell

THU 23:15 Late Junction (b00xfhrt)
Late Junction Sessions
Hauschka and Oren Marshall

Laurie Anderson - The soul is a bird

02 00:04:00 Bill Bruford & Tony Levin (artist)
A Palace of Pearls on a Blade of Grass
Performer: Bill Bruford & Tony Levin

03 00:10:00 Robin Williamson (artist)
The Fair
Performer: Robin Williamson

04 00:16:00 Robin Williamson (artist)
The Fair Dance
Performer: Robin Williamson

05 00:19:00 Suurõ’ Pilvõ’ (artist)
Wedding Song
Performer: Suurõ’ Pilvõ’

06 00:23:00 Ultralyd (artist)
Performer: Ultralyd

07 00:33:00 Jeana Leslie & Siobhan Miller (artist)
The King's Shilling
Performer: Jeana Leslie & Siobhan Miller

08 00:38:00 June Tabor (artist)
The Great Selkie of Sule Skerry
Performer: June Tabor

09 00:45:00 Hauschka & Oren Marshall (artist)
Performer: Hauschka & Oren Marshall

10 00:51:00 Hauschka & Oren Marshall (artist)
Stop Motion
Performer: Hauschka & Oren Marshall

11 00:59:00 Hauschka & Oren Marshall (artist)
Performer: Hauschka & Oren Marshall

12 01:01:00 Hauschka & Oren Marshall (artist)
Performer: Hauschka & Oren Marshall

13 01:09:00
Laurie Anderson - Night Flight from Houston

14 01:11:00 Bobby Previte (artist)
Performer: Bobby Previte

15 01:20:00 Ewan MacColl (artist)
The Trooper and the Maid
Performer: Ewan MacColl

16 01:24:00 Marianna Henriksson, Piia Kleemola & Petri Prauda (artist)
Mitä silloin taita puuttuu
Performer: Marianna Henriksson, Piia Kleemola & Petri Prauda

17 01:30:00 Marianna Henriksson, Piia Kleemola & Petri Prauda (artist)
Johannes Yli-Nikkola
Performer: Marianna Henriksson, Piia Kleemola & Petri Prauda

18 01:34:00
Toumani Diabaté & Ballaké Sissoko - Bafoulabe

19 01:41:00
Taylor Deupree & Kenneth Kirschner - May


FRI 01:00 Through the Night (b00xfj4x)

FRI 07:00 Breakfast (b00xfj4z)
Friday - Rob Cowan

01 00:03:00 Antonín Dvořák
Slavonic dances (Op.46) - no.4 in F major

02 00:11:00 Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
Symphony (Wq.183`2) in E flat major

03 00:20:00 Carl Nielsen
6 Humoreske-bagatelles for piano (Op.11)

04 00:27:00 Anton Bruckner
Locus iste - gradual for chorus

05 00:31:00 Leos Janáček
Jealousy - overture [original prelude to Jenufa]

06 00:39:00 George Frideric Handel
Concerto grosso (HWV.318) in C major "Alexander's feast"

07 00:53:00 Pietro Mascagni
Cavalleria Rusticana (Intermezzo Sinfonico)

08 01:03:00 Henry Purcell
Hear my prayer, O Lord

09 01:06:00 Bedrich Smetana
Ma vlast - Vltava [Moldau]

10 01:17:00 Richard Strauss
Morgen (for voice and orchestra)

11 01:22:00 William Boyce
Symphony no. 6 in F major

12 01:31:00
Béla Bartók - Romanian folk dances (Sz.68)

13 01:38:00 Henri Duparc
L' Invitation au voyage

14 01:43:00 George Butterworth
2 English idylls for orchestra

15 01:54:00 Jean-Michel Giannelli & Petru Santucci (artist)
Da tè à mè
Performer: Jean-Michel Giannelli & Petru Santucci

16 02:00:00 Maurice Ravel
Pavane pour une infante defunte

17 02:07:00 John Dowland
Far from triumphing court

18 02:13:00 Giacomo Meyerbeer
Les Patineurs - ballet

19 02:26:00 Willem de Fesch (artist)
Concerto Grosso in E major Op.3 Tr.3
Performer: Willem de Fesch

20 02:31:00 Ludwig van Beethoven
Sonata for piano no. 24 (Op.78) in F sharp major

21 02:42:00 Manuel Ponce
Sonata for guitar no. 3 in D minor - 3rd movement; Allegro non troppo

22 02:49:00 Aaron Copland
3 Latin-American sketches

FRI 10:00 Classical Collection (b00xfj51)
Friday - Sarah Walker

FRI 12:00 Composer of the Week (b00kh4l6)
Sibelius - The Rest is Silence? (The Years 1925-1957)
Episode 5

01 Jean Sibelius
In Memoriam (1913)

02 Jean Sibelius
The World Song Of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, arr. for two-part female voices and piano (

03 Jean Sibelius
Julvisa: Giv Mig Ej Glas, Ej Guld, Ej Prakt (Christmas Song: "Give Me No Gold, Splendour O

04 Jean Sibelius
Kullervo, Op.7: III. Kullervo and his Sister (1892)

05 Jean Sibelius
Come Away, Death, arr. for baritone, harp and strings (1909 / 1957) (from the incidental m

06 Jean Sibelius
Symphony no.5 in E flat, Op.82 (III. Allegro Molto - Un pochettino largamente)

FRI 13:00 Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert (b00xfj6q)
Lincolnshire International Chamber Music Festival 2010
Vaughan Williams, Chausson

FRI 14:00 Afternoon Concert (b00xfj6s)
Ulster Orchestra
Episode 4

FRI 17:00 In Tune (b00xfj6v)
Friday - Sean Rafferty

01 Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (artist)
Swan Lake (Act III, No 21 Spanish Dance)
Performer: Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Duration 00:02:25

02 00:03:00
Frédéric Chopin - Impromptu No.3, op. 51
Duration 00:05:23

03 00:10:00 Georges Bizet
Carmen (Act 1, Habanera: L'amour est un oiseau rebelle)
Duration 00:04:46

04 00:20:00 Georges Bizet
Carmen (Act II: Votre toast, je peux vous le render - Toreador song)
Duration 00:05:06

05 00:30:00 Georges Bizet
Carmen (Act IV Finale: C'est Toi – C'est Moi)
Duration 00:09:19

06 00:41:00 Antonio Vivaldi
Concerto "L'Estate (Summer/L'Ete)", Op.8 No.2,RV315 Apollo's Fire (The Cleveland Baroque O
Duration 00:10:34

07 00:53:00 Robert Schumann
Des Abends from 8 Fantasiestücke, Op.12
Duration 00:04:04

08 01:01:00 George Frideric Handel
Alexander's Feast: Thais led the way
Duration 00:04:56

09 01:07:00 John Tavener
The Lamb
Duration 00:03:30

10 01:11:00 Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (artist)
Swan Lake (Act II No.13 - Dance of the Swans: V - Pas d'action)
Performer: Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Duration 00:06:43

11 01:23:00 Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (artist)
Swan Lake (Act III No.24 Scène)
Performer: Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Duration 00:03:35

12 01:33:00 Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (artist)
Swan Lake (Act IV: Nos. 28-29 Scène, Scène finale)
Performer: Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Duration 00:09:15

13 01:44:00 Bernard Herrmann
Psycho Suite for String Quartet
Duration 00:09:41

14 01:52:00 Giuseppe Verdi
La donna è mobile from Rigoletto
Duration 00:02:17

FRI 19:00 Performance on 3 (b00xfj6x)
Live from St Paul's, Knightsbridge
Walton, Ligeti, Liszt, Kodaly

FRI 19:45 Twenty Minutes (b00xfj7q)
Music at Crystal Palace

01 00:00:01 Edward Elgar
Enigma Variations – theme
Duration 00:00:55

02 00:00:01 Johannes Brahms
Hungarian Dance No.2 in d minor (orch Hallén)
Duration 00:00:30

03 00:00:01 Richard Strauss
Also Sprach Zarathrustra; Einleitung
Duration 00:00:50

04 00:00:01 Ludwig van Beethoven
Romance in F for violin and orchestra
Duration 00:00:44

05 00:00:01 Francesco Maria Veracini (artist)
Meco sull verrai from Roselinda
Performer: Francesco Maria Veracini
Duration 00:00:21

06 00:00:01 Franz Schubert
Symphony No.3 in D major D.200; Presto Vivace
Duration 00:00:31

07 00:00:01 Antonín Dvořák
Concerto for violin and orchestra – Allegro giocoso ma non troppo
Duration 00:00:44

08 00:00:01 George Frideric Handel
Hallelujah Chorus (recorded Crystal Palace 1933)
Duration 00:00:44

FRI 20:05 Performance on 3 (b00xfj7s)
Live from St Paul's, Knightsbridge
Bingham, Hughes, Farrington, Britten

FRI 21:15 The Verb (b00xfj8r)
David Harsent, Jonathan Safran Foer, Hannah Silva, Terry Saunders, Sue Hubbard

FRI 22:00 Composer of the Week (b00kh4l6)
[Repeat of broadcast at 12:00 today]

FRI 23:00 The Essay (b00xj0z7)
AC Grayling

FRI 23:15 World on 3 (b00xfj8w)
Lopa Kothari

01 DJ Tudo e sua gente de todo lugar (artist)
Baque Forte
Performer: DJ Tudo e sua gente de todo lugar

02 Mama Rosin (artist)
Par Rapport a tes Parents
Performer: Mama Rosin

03 Aurelio Martinez (artist)
Performer: Aurelio Martinez

04 Emin Yagci (artist)
Bulutlar Oynar Oynasir-Sarkiz
Performer: Emin Yagci

05 Rio Maracatu (artist)
Maracatu Embelado
Performer: Rio Maracatu

06 Matthias Loibner (artist)
Moor Eiche
Performer: Matthias Loibner

07 Matthias Loibner (artist)
Performer: Matthias Loibner

08 Cesária Évora (artist)
Historia de un Amor
Performer: Cesária Évora

09 Prince Nico Mbarga & Rocafil Jazz (artist)
Sweet Mother
Performer: Prince Nico Mbarga & Rocafil Jazz

10 Vinicius Cantuaria & Bill Frisell (artist)
Lagrimas Mexicanas
Performer: Vinicius Cantuaria & Bill Frisell

11 Matthias Loibner (artist)
Der Liehman
Performer: Matthias Loibner

12 Matthias Loibner (artist)
Sons de Carrilhões
Performer: Matthias Loibner

13 Jivacourt Kathumba (artist)
Abale Wanga
Performer: Jivacourt Kathumba

14 Dàimh (artist)
Sporan Dhomhnaill (Donald's Sporran)
Performer: Dàimh

15 Nancy Nabil Ajram (artist)
Emta Hashofak
Performer: Nancy Nabil Ajram

16 Coetus (artist)
Son d'arriba
Performer: Coetus

17 Ghada Shbeir (artist)
Shaqiqi Rrouh
Performer: Ghada Shbeir

18 Tigana (artist)
Performer: Tigana

19 Tulipa Ruiz (artist)
Performer: Tulipa Ruiz

20 Lalgudi Krishnan & Anil Srinivasan (artist)
Performer: Lalgudi Krishnan & Anil Srinivasan