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A E housmanWords and Music2010-12-3117:0000:14:49Duration Link
Adrienne RichWords and Music2010-12-2717:0000:00:13Duration Link
Andy Irvine & Paul Brady - Autumn GoldLate Junction2010-12-2823:30Duration Link
Andy RazafWords and Music2010-12-2622:4500:26:00Duration 00:17:32 Link
Angela CarterWords and Music2010-12-3017:00Duration Link
Anna AkhmatovaWords and Music2010-12-3017:00Duration Link
Anne BronteWords and Music2010-12-3117:0000:06:58Duration Link
Ars Nova Ensemble Instrumental & Frank Vigroux - Broken Circles LiveLate Junction2010-12-2823:3000:29:00Duration Link
August KleinzahlerWords and Music2010-12-2717:0000:01:20Duration Link
Billy CollinsWords and Music2010-12-2817:0000:50:16Duration Link
Billy Taylor & Dick Dallas - I Wish I Knew How it Would Feel to be FreeBreakfast2010-12-3007:0001:58:00Duration Link
C20th CENTURY FANFAREWords and Music2010-12-2717:00Duration Link
Carol Ann DuffyWords and Music2010-12-2717:0000:01:56Duration Link
Chris Barber - White ChristmasJazz Record Requests2010-12-2517:00Duration Link
Christina Georgina RossettiWords and Music2010-12-2622:4500:01:27Duration 00:00:43 Link
Christina RossettiWords and Music2010-12-2817:0000:10:31Duration Link
Count Basie and Billy Eckstine - Stormy Monday BluesJazz Library2010-12-2600:15Duration Link
Dana GioiaWords and Music2010-12-3017:00Duration Link
Dave Holland & Pepe Habichuela - JoyrideJazz Library2010-12-2516:00Duration Link
Don PatersonWords and Music2010-12-2717:0000:15:56Duration Link
Duke Ellington & Count Basie - Battle RoyalJazz Library2010-12-2600:15Duration Link
Duke Ellington & Count Basie - Take the A TrainJazz Library2010-12-2600:15Duration Link
E.M. ForsterWords and Music2010-12-2817:0000:33:51Duration Link
Edgar Allan PoeWords and Music2010-12-3017:00Duration Link
Edward LearWords and Music2010-12-2622:4500:33:34Duration 00:00:24 Link
Edward ThomasWords and Music2010-12-3117:0000:00:51Duration Link
Edwin MorganWords and Music2010-12-2717:0001:05:21Duration Link
Ee CummingsWords and Music2010-12-2717:0000:22:18Duration Link
Elizabeth BishopWords and Music2010-12-3017:00Duration Link
Elizabeth JenningsWords and Music2010-12-2917:0000:30:34Duration 00:07:56 Link
Emily DickinsonWords and Music2010-12-2817:0000:45:17Duration Link
Fleur AdcockWords and Music2010-12-2817:0001:03:31Duration Link
Frank O’HaraWords and Music2010-12-2917:0000:06:49Duration 00:02:42 Link
Frank O’haraWords and Music2010-12-2717:0000:30:16Duration Link
Franz GrillparzerWords and Music2010-12-2622:4500:40:09Duration 00:01:52 Link
Frédéric Chopin - 3 Waltzes Op.64Breakfast2010-12-2707:0000:21:00Duration Link
Frédéric Chopin - Berceuse in D-flat major, Op.57Words and Music2010-12-2622:4500:41:05Duration 00:04:23 Link
Frédéric Chopin - Mazurka from Three Mazurkas Op.59 No.2Breakfast2010-12-3107:0000:27:00Duration Link
Frédéric Chopin - Nocturne in A flat major Op.32 No.2Breakfast2010-12-2907:0001:13:00Duration Link
Frédéric Chopin - Sonata No. 3 in B minor, Op. 58 (Allegro maestoso)Sunday Morning2010-12-2610:00Duration Link
Gerard Manley HopkinsWords and Music2010-12-2917:0000:56:17Duration 00:03:06 Link
Gerard Manley HopkinsWords and Music2010-12-3117:0000:57:43Duration Link
GoetheWords and Music2010-12-3017:00Duration Link
Hart CraneWords and Music2010-12-2917:0000:50:14Duration 00:03:16 Link
I.A. DiamondWords and Music2010-12-2717:0000:10:13Duration Link
JOHANN WOLFGANG VON GOETHE, trans. Edgar Alfred BowringWords and Music2010-12-2622:4500:07:35Duration 00:03:51 Link
Jan Garbarek & The Hilliard Ensemble - Alleluia NavitasJazz Library2010-12-2516:00Duration Link
Johann Strauss II - Die Fledermaus, OvertureBreakfast2010-12-3107:0002:01:00Duration Link
Johann Strauss II - Strauss & co (medley)Breakfast2010-12-2807:0001:24:00Duration Link
John Hurley & Ronnie Wilkins - Son of A Preacher Man, And the Beat goes On Volume 2 CD2Words and Music2010-12-3117:0000:54:24Duration Link
John KeatsWords and Music2010-12-2917:0000:28:21Duration 00:07:56 Link
Karl Friedrich Abel - Piece in D minor for unaccompanied bass viol (1/5) WKO205Breakfast2010-12-3007:0002:34:00Duration Link
King James BibleWords and Music2010-12-3117:0000:57:43Duration Link
Lavinia GreenlawWords and Music2010-12-2917:0000:35:18Duration 00:03:26 Link
Leontia FlynnWords and Music2010-12-2717:0000:12:52Duration Link
Liz LochheadWords and Music2010-12-2717:0001:10:11Duration Link
Lord ByronWords and Music2010-12-3017:00Duration Link
Lord ByronWords and Music2010-12-3017:00Duration Link
Lord ByronWords and Music2010-12-3017:00Duration Link
Malcolm LowryWords and Music2010-12-3017:00Duration Link
Mary Elizabeth ColeridgeWords and Music2010-12-2622:4500:51:35Duration 00:03:47 Link
Mary ShelleyWords and Music2010-12-3117:0000:39:44Duration Link
Mary WollstonecraftWords and Music2010-12-2917:0000:15:12Duration 00:03:43 Link
Michael DonaghyWords and Music2010-12-2717:0000:40:27Duration Link
Miles Davis & Gil Evans - PrayerJazz Record Requests2010-12-2517:00Duration Link
O HenryWords and Music2010-12-2622:4500:13:20Duration 00:17:32 Link
Pablo NerudaWords and Music2010-12-2717:0001:01:06Duration Link
Percy Bysshe ShelleyWords and Music2010-12-2622:4500:29:46Duration 00:02:35 Link
Percy Bysshe ShelleyWords and Music2010-12-3117:0000:43:55Duration Link
Percy Bysshe ShelleyWords and Music2010-12-2917:0000:46:12Duration 00:04:35 Link
Philip LarkinWords and Music2010-12-3117:0000:25:24Duration Link
Ralph Waldo EmersonWords and Music2010-12-2622:4500:51:24Duration 00:03:47 Link
Richard Rodgers & Lorenz Hart - You are too BeautifulWords and Music2010-12-2717:0000:22:54Duration Link
Richard Wagner - O Du Mein Holder Abendstern From TannhauserBreakfast2010-12-2507:0001:41:00Duration Link
Richard Wagner - Siegfried IdyllWords and Music2010-12-2622:4500:08:30Duration 00:17:32 Link
Rita DoveWords and Music2010-12-3117:0000:53:07Duration Link
Robert BrowningWords and Music2010-12-2817:0000:05:41Duration Link
Robert BrowningWords and Music2010-12-2622:4500:40:35Duration 00:01:52 Link
Robert Falcon ScottWords and Music2010-12-2917:0000:36:40Duration 00:05:17 Link
Robert FrostWords and Music2010-12-3117:0000:57:43Duration Link
Robert GravesWords and Music2010-12-2622:4500:33:50Duration 00:00:24 Link
Robert HerrickWords and Music2010-12-2622:4500:11:17Duration 00:17:32 Link
Roger McGoughWords and Music2010-12-2717:0001:10:42Duration Link
Roy FullerWords and Music2010-12-2717:0000:48:39Duration Link
Samuel LongfellowWords and Music2010-12-2622:4500:03:02Duration 00:02:43 Link
Samuel Taylor ColeridgeWords and Music2010-12-2717:0000:55:00Duration Link
Sappho (trans. Anne Carson)Words and Music2010-12-2917:0000:00:39Duration 00:04:05 Link
Sheldon Allan SilversteinWords and Music2010-12-2622:4500:34:37Duration 00:05:09 Link
Sidsel Endresen & Bugge Wesseltoft - The Lady is a TrampLate Junction2010-12-3023:1500:21:00Duration Link
Swallow/Talmor/Nussbaum - Undress Under DuressLate Junction2010-12-2923:1500:18:00Duration Link
Sylvia PlathWords and Music2010-12-3117:0000:29:41Duration Link
TS EliotWords and Music2010-12-2917:0001:03:38Duration 00:06:10 Link
Thom GunnWords and Music2010-12-2817:0000:58:12Duration Link
Thomas Grant SpringerWords and Music2010-12-2622:4500:58:37Duration 00:04:32 Link
Tony ConnorWords and Music2010-12-3117:0000:23:11Duration Link
Tony HarrisonWords and Music2010-12-2717:0000:36:15Duration Link
Trad - Sussex CarolBreakfast2010-12-2607:0000:56:00Duration Link
UntitledJazz on 32010-12-2723:15Duration Link
W.B. YeatsWords and Music2010-12-3017:00Duration Link
Walt WhitmanWords and Music2010-12-2622:4500:45:30Duration 00:04:23 Link
WalterALTER de la MAREWords and Music2010-12-2817:0000:25:10Duration Link
William BeebeWords and Music2010-12-2917:0000:19:58Duration 00:03:43 Link
William Butler YeatsWords and Music2010-12-2622:4500:53:51Duration 00:02:11 Link
William Carlos WilliamsWords and Music2010-12-2817:0000:00:46Duration Link
William Carlos WilliamsWords and Music2010-12-3117:0000:11:30Duration Link
William Carlos WilliamsWords and Music2010-12-2817:0000:19:08Duration Link
William Carlos WilliamsWords and Music2010-12-2817:0000:24:21Duration Link
William ShakespeareWords and Music2010-12-3117:0000:56:48Duration Link
William WordsworthWords and Music2010-12-2622:4500:39:40Duration 00:01:52 Link
ee cummingsWords and Music2010-12-3017:00Duration Link
[traditional] (artist)Gaesmena Ausa Arr. RupaineChoir and Organ2010-12-2618:30Duration Link
[traditional] (artist)Noël Nouvelet Arr. Gregor MeyerChoir and Organ2010-12-2618:30Duration Link
[traditional] (artist)Remember Adam's FallThe Early Music Show2010-12-2513:00Duration Link
[traditional] (artist)TaksimThe Early Music Show2010-12-2513:00Duration Link
Aaron CoplandFast (The Revivalist and his Flock), Appalachian Spring, Bernstein Century Copland, AppalaWords and Music2010-12-3117:0000:26:10Duration Link
Adolphe AdamO Holy NightBreakfast2010-12-2507:0000:32:00Duration Link
Alberto Grau (artist)Kasar mie la gajiChoir and Organ2010-12-2618:30Duration Link
Alexander Borodin (artist)Prince Igor (1887)Composer of the Week2010-12-2912:00Duration Link
Alexander Campkin (artist)Sleep, holy babeBreakfast2010-12-2907:0000:54:00Duration Link
Alexander Dargomïzhsky (artist)The Stone Guest (1869)Composer of the Week2010-12-2712:00Duration Link
Alexander Glazunov (artist)Polonaise from Scenes de Ballet Op.52Breakfast2010-12-2907:0000:03:00Duration Link
Alexey Nikolayevich Verstovsky (artist)Askold's Grave (1835)Composer of the Week2010-12-2712:00Duration Link
Alfred SchnittkeLife with an Idiot – extract from Act 2 scene 1Composer of the Week2010-12-3112:00Duration Link
Ali Akbar Moradi (artist)Ashk-e Abr (Cloud Tear)Late Junction2010-12-2823:3000:08:00Duration Link
Andrew Piper (artist)Dear JohnChoir and Organ2010-12-2618:30Duration Link
André Cardinal Destouches (artist)Chaconne from Les ElemensBreakfast2010-12-2707:0002:16:00Duration Link
Annisteen Allen / Lucky Millinder and His Orchestra (artist)Mr Trumpet Man, Fujiyama MamaWords and Music2010-12-3117:0000:03:44Duration Link
Anon (artist)Angel Polka, Polyphon musical box (6 and a half inch disc model – Victorian music box)Words and Music2010-12-2622:4500:33:26Duration 00:00:24 Link
Anon (artist)Miri it is while summer lastsSunday Morning2010-12-2610:00Duration Link
Anon (artist)ReveilleWords and Music2010-12-3117:00Duration Link
Anon. (artist)Vitézek, mi lebetChoir and Organ2010-12-2618:30Duration Link
Anonymous / Traditional (artist)BergamascaThe Early Music Show2010-12-2513:00Duration Link
Antonio Bertali (artist)ChiaconaBreakfast2010-12-3107:0002:27:00Duration Link
Antonio LottiDiscordi pensier (from 'Teofane')The Early Music Show2010-12-2613:00Duration Link
Antonio VivaldiConcerto for 2 violins and strings in A minor RV522Breakfast2010-12-2907:0001:03:00Duration Link
Antonio VivaldiConcerto for 2 violins, strings & continuo in B flatBreakfast2010-12-3007:0002:49:00Duration Link
Antonio VivaldiOrlando Furioso: Act I, Scene I "Un raggio di speme"The Early Music Show2010-12-2613:00Duration Link
Antonio VivaldiStabat Mater – first movementBreakfast2010-12-2907:0001:52:00Duration Link
Antonín DvořákCapriccio from Miniatures Op.75a No.2Breakfast2010-12-2707:0000:02:00Duration Link
Antonín DvořákPolonaise B.100Breakfast2010-12-3007:0000:02:00Duration Link
Antonín DvořákSuite in A major (American), Moderato alla PollacaBreakfast2010-12-3007:0002:41:00Duration Link
Arnold SchoenbergEnthauptungWords and Music2010-12-3017:00Duration Link
Art Hodes (artist)We Wish You a Merry ChristmasJazz Record Requests2010-12-2517:00Duration Link
Arthur Sullivan'When a felon's not engaged in his employment' from The Pirates of PenzanceBreakfast2010-12-3007:0002:46:00Duration Link
Arvo PärtCantus In Memory Of Benjamin BrittenBreakfast2010-12-2607:0001:40:00Duration Link
Asha Bhosle (artist)Yeh time time ki baat hai (It's all about time)Late Junction2010-12-3023:15Duration Link
Average White Band (artist)Arr. Jim ClementsChoir and Organ2010-12-2618:30Duration Link
Baldassare GaluppiTe DeumBreakfast2010-12-2607:0000:12:00Duration Link
Balinese Gamelan (artist)Lagu Kotok (Frog Song)Private Passions2010-12-2612:00Duration Link
Beatríz Corona (artist)Corazón CorazaChoir and Organ2010-12-2618:30Duration Link
Bedrich SmetanaPolka in A majorBreakfast2010-12-3007:0000:40:00Duration Link
Benjamin BrittenFrom Cello Suite No. 1, 2nd Mvt.Breakfast2010-12-3007:0002:36:00Duration Link
Benjamin BrittenPrince of the Pagodas: Act III (conclusion)Radio 3 Requests2010-12-2614:00Duration Link
Benjamin BrittenReveille, Bridge and Britten, Music for Violin and PianoWords and Music2010-12-3117:0000:10:13Duration Link
Bernard HerrmannCitizen KaneWords and Music2010-12-2717:0000:54:22Duration Link
Bernard HerrmannVertigoWords and Music2010-12-2717:0000:12:36Duration Link
Bernard Hughes (artist)I am Christmas (performance and broadcast premiere)Breakfast2010-12-3007:0000:55:00Duration Link
Bohuslav MartinuSerenade No.1 in A Minor For Clarinet, Horn, Three Violins & ViolaBreakfast2010-12-2607:0002:31:00Duration Link
Brian Eno (artist)AragonLate Junction2010-12-3023:1500:01:00Duration Link
Burke and Webster (artist)Black Coffee, Best of Peggy LeeWords and Music2010-12-3117:0000:57:43Duration Link
C J Parker (artist)Charlie Parker: Bird / The Savoy Recordings, Parker's MoodWords and Music2010-12-2917:0000:53:13Duration 00:03:06 Link
Caci Vorba (artist)Doar o mama (featuring Maria Natanson)Late Junction2010-12-2923:1500:05:00Duration Link
Camille Saint‐SaënsBenedictus From Chrismas OratorioBreakfast2010-12-2607:0000:48:00Duration Link
Camille Saint‐SaënsIntroduction and Rondo Capriccioso Op.28Breakfast2010-12-2707:0002:00:00Duration Link
Camille Saint‐SaënsIntroduction to the Carnival of the Animals and the Royal March of the LionWords and Music2010-12-3017:00Duration Link
Camille Saint‐SaënsKangaroosWords and Music2010-12-3017:00Duration Link
Camille Saint‐SaënsPersons with long earsWords and Music2010-12-3017:00Duration Link
Camille Saint‐SaënsWedding Cake Valse-Caprice for piano and strings Op. 76Breakfast2010-12-3007:0002:28:00Duration Link
Carl Maria von WeberOberon OvertureBreakfast2010-12-2507:0001:25:00Duration Link
Carl Philipp Emanuel BachHamburg Harpsichord Concerto Wq 43 No.5 in G majorBreakfast2010-12-2707:0000:41:00Duration Link
Carmen McRae (artist)Spring can really hang you up the mostLate Junction2010-12-2923:1500:56:00Duration Link
Caspar Othmayr (artist)Nun freut euchThe Early Music Show2010-12-2513:00Duration Link
Cassandra Wilson (artist)If It's MagicJazz on 32010-12-2723:15Duration Link
Catherine Lambert (artist)Puis qu'en oubliLate Junction2010-12-3023:1501:09:00Duration Link
Cesar CuiA Feast in Time of Plague (1900)Composer of the Week2010-12-2912:00Duration Link
Charles Lloyd (artist)Dream WeaverJazz on 32010-12-2723:15Duration Link
Charles‐Marie WidorSymphonie no.6 Op.42 no.2 – 1st movement (Allegro)Radio 3 Requests2010-12-2614:00Duration Link
Charlie Chaplin (artist)City LightsWords and Music2010-12-2717:0000:11:30Duration Link
Charlie Parker's Reboppers (artist)Blue ChristmasJazz Record Requests2010-12-2517:00Duration Link
Charlie Parker's Reboppers (artist)FinalWords and Music2010-12-2717:0001:06:06Duration Link
Chet Baker (artist)Everything Happens to Me (alternate take)Late Junction2010-12-3023:1500:38:00Duration Link
Cliff Carlisle (artist)Red Velvet SlippersLate Junction2010-12-2923:1500:48:00Duration Link
Coconami (artist)Ashita ni nattaraLate Junction2010-12-2823:3000:33:00Duration Link
Colleen (artist)Charles's birthday card - Colleen et les boites a musiqueWords and Music2010-12-2622:45Duration 00:00:46 Link
Colleen (artist)The Sad Panther. Colleen et les boites a musiqueWords and Music2010-12-2622:4500:39:16Duration 00:01:52 Link
Constant Lambert (artist)Intrata from Summer's Last Will and TestamentWords and Music2010-12-3017:00Duration Link
Count Basie (artist)A Square at the Round TableJazz Library2010-12-2600:15Duration Link
Count Basie (artist)L'il DarlinJazz Library2010-12-2600:15Duration Link
Danko Fjeld Andersen (artist)Judgement DayLate Junction2010-12-3023:1501:31:00Duration Link
Danyèl Waro (artist)L'invitu (avec a filetta)Late Junction2010-12-2823:3000:58:00Duration Link
Dario CastelloSonata No. 10 (from Sonate concertante in stil moderno, libro II, 1629)The Early Music Show2010-12-2613:00Duration Link
David Matthews (artist)Allegretto (rather cautiously) – first movement from Clarinet QuartetLate Junction2010-12-2923:1500:37:00Duration Link
Dexter Gordon (artist)The Christmas SongJazz Record Requests2010-12-2517:00Duration Link
Dmitry ShostakovichLady Macbeth of Mtsensk – extract from scene 4Composer of the Week2010-12-3112:00Duration Link
Dmitry ShostakovichThe Nose – Act 1 scene 4Composer of the Week2010-12-3112:00Duration Link
Dmitry ShostakovichThe Nose – Galop from Act 1 scene 3Composer of the Week2010-12-3112:00Duration Link
Dollboy Meets Sone Institute (artist)Stay LostLate Junction2010-12-2823:3001:28:00Duration Link
Domenico ScarlattiAria, Pur nel sonno almen tal'ora, Scarlatti: CantatasWords and Music2010-12-3117:0000:57:43Duration Link
Domenico ScarlattiSonata for Keyboard in c minor K115Sunday Morning2010-12-2610:00Duration Link
Domenico ScarlattiSonata in D minor, K. 141Breakfast2010-12-3007:0001:41:00Duration Link
Duke Ellington & His Orchestra (artist)Don't Get Around Much AnymoreJazz Line-Up2010-12-2623:45Duration Link
Duke Ellington & His Orchestra (artist)Main Title/Anatomy of a MurderJazz Line-Up2010-12-2623:45Duration Link
Duke Ellington & His Orchestra (artist)The Waltz You Saved For MeJazz Line-Up2010-12-2623:45Duration Link
Duke Ellington (artist)BlemJazz Library2010-12-2600:15Duration Link
Edward ElgarAubade, Nursery Suite,Words and Music2010-12-3117:0000:36:14Duration Link
Edward ElgarChanson de nuit, Op.15 No.1Words and Music2010-12-2622:4500:55:18Duration 00:04:32 Link
Edward ElgarIntroduction and Allegro, op 47Sunday Morning2010-12-2610:00Duration Link
Edward ElgarPomp and Circumstance March Op.39 No.3Breakfast2010-12-2707:0001:03:00Duration Link
Einojuhani RautavaaraSymphony no 8 'The Journey' – Fourth MovementWords and Music2010-12-2817:0000:26:11Duration Link
Elmer BernsteinTo Kill A Mockingbird (Main Title Theme)Words and Music2010-12-2717:0001:11:10Duration Link
Engelbert HumperdinckHansel and Gretel - Act II: Evening PrayerSunday Morning2010-12-2610:00Duration Link
Ennio MorriconeA Fistful of DollarsWords and Music2010-12-2717:0000:38:40Duration Link
Ensemble (artist)Things I ForgetLate Junction2010-12-2823:3001:16:00Duration Link
Eric WhitacreLux aurumque (Light of Gold)Breakfast2010-12-2707:0001:17:00Duration Link
Erich Wolfgang KorngoldWaltz (finale) from String Quartet no.2 op.26Breakfast2010-12-3107:0000:50:00Duration Link
Ernesto Lecuona (artist)Malaguena from Suite EspanolaBreakfast2010-12-2707:0000:05:00Duration Link
Evan Christopher (artist)My Home Is In A Southern TownJazz Library2010-12-2516:00Duration Link
Farmers Market (artist)Anyone who remembers Vladivostok wasn't there / Surfin' USSRLate Junction2010-12-3023:1500:53:00Duration Link
Fats Waller (artist)Swingin' Them Jingle BellsJazz Record Requests2010-12-2517:00Duration Link
Felix MendelssohnNo.6 in A flat major from Songs without words book 3, Op.38Late Junction2010-12-2923:1501:02:00Duration Link
Felix MendelssohnTheme & Variations in E – Scherzo in A minor (op.81 nos.3+4)Breakfast2010-12-3007:0001:31:00Duration Link
Felix MendelssohnVariations serieuses in D minorBreakfast2010-12-2707:0002:48:00Duration Link
Francesco GeminianiSonata Op.5 No.4 in D majorBreakfast2010-12-2707:0000:10:00Duration Link
Francis PottBalulalow (broadcast premiere)Breakfast2010-12-2807:0000:56:00Duration Link
Francis PoulencAubade, Concerto pour piano et orchestreWords and Music2010-12-3117:0000:07:41Duration Link
Francis PoulencDialogue des Carmelites – Salve Regina (closing scene)Radio 3 Requests2010-12-2614:00Duration Link
Frank Loesser (artist)Adelaide's LamentBreakfast2010-12-2907:0002:55:00Duration Link
Franz LisztDie LoreleiBreakfast2010-12-2607:0002:09:00Duration Link
Franz LisztValse Oubliee No 1Breakfast2010-12-2607:0001:03:00Duration Link
Franz SchubertDie Erwartung D 159Breakfast2010-12-2707:0001:52:00Duration Link
Franz SchubertDie Taubenpost from Schwanengesang D957Breakfast2010-12-3007:0001:24:00Duration Link
Franz SchubertImpromptu Op. 90 D. 899Breakfast2010-12-3007:0002:13:00Duration Link
Franz SchubertPolonaise in B flat majorBreakfast2010-12-2807:0001:31:00Duration Link
Franz SchubertQuartettsatzBreakfast2010-12-2907:0002:27:00Duration Link
Franz SchubertRondo in A Major D 951 "Grand Rondeau"Breakfast2010-12-2607:0001:29:00Duration Link
Franz SchubertWinterreise D 911 (Im Dorfe)Sunday Morning2010-12-2610:00Duration Link
Franz Xaver Gruber (artist)Silent NightBreakfast2010-12-2507:0001:38:00Duration Link
François CouperinLa Chazé (Deuxième livre de Pièces de clavecin, septiéme ordre)Late Junction2010-12-2923:1500:24:00Duration Link
Frederick Deliusno. 1: On hearing the first Cuckoo in SpringWords and Music2010-12-3117:0000:15:41Duration Link
Fritz Kreisler (artist)Praeludium and AllegroBreakfast2010-12-2607:0001:52:00Duration Link
Gabriel FauréElegie Op.24Breakfast2010-12-2707:0001:10:00Duration Link
Gabriel Jackson (artist)In Nomine Domini (from the 2010 Proms)Radio 3 Requests2010-12-2614:00Duration Link
Gene Moore (artist)Dark FootstepsWords and Music2010-12-3017:00Duration Link
Gene Moore (artist)from Profane –Sacrilege and reprise of Dark FootstepsWords and Music2010-12-3017:00Duration Link
George Antheil (artist)20 Preludi de La Femme 100 Tetes – after Max ErnstWords and Music2010-12-2817:00Duration Link
George ButterworthA Shropshire Lad – The Lads in their hundreds, When I was One and Twenty, Think on More LaRadio 3 Requests2010-12-2614:00Duration Link
George Frideric HandelAwake the trumpet's lofty sound, Act 1 SamsonWords and Music2010-12-3117:0000:01:38Duration Link
George Frideric HandelConcerto Grosso, Op. 6 no. 1Breakfast2010-12-3107:0000:38:00Duration Link
George Frideric HandelMinuet From Love In BathBreakfast2010-12-2607:0000:52:00Duration Link
George Frideric HandelOboe Sonata in G minor Op.1 No.6Breakfast2010-12-2707:0001:40:00Duration Link
George Frideric HandelPrelude – Chaconne from TerpsichoreBreakfast2010-12-2907:0002:17:00Duration Link
George Frideric HandelSinge, Seele, Gott zum Preise HWV206Breakfast2010-12-2807:0000:45:00Duration Link
George Frideric HandelSonata in G minor / Concerto in G majorBreakfast2010-12-2907:0000:47:00Duration Link
George Frideric HandelTrio Sonata in A major, Op. 5, no. 1Breakfast2010-12-3007:0000:46:00Duration Link
George Frideric HandelVivo in te (Tamerlano)Radio 3 Requests2010-12-2614:00Duration Link
George Frideric HandelWhere ere you walk from SemeleBreakfast2010-12-2607:0002:25:00Duration Link
George GershwinAn American in ParisRadio 3 Requests2010-12-2614:00Duration Link
George GershwinFunny Face OvertureBreakfast2010-12-3107:0001:31:00Duration Link
George GershwinThree PreludesWords and Music2010-12-2817:0000:01:03Duration Link
George GershwinTip-toes - overtureBreakfast2010-12-2907:0001:23:00Duration Link
George Shearing (artist)Away in the MangerJazz Record Requests2010-12-2517:00Duration Link
George ‘Bongo Joe’ Coleman (artist)Dog Eat DogLate Junction2010-12-3023:1500:43:00Duration Link
Georges BizetFarandole from L'ArlesienneBreakfast2010-12-2907:0002:51:00Duration Link
Ghalia Benali (artist)Qadheet HayatiLate Junction2010-12-2923:1501:36:00Duration Link
Giacomo PucciniO mio babbino caroWords and Music2010-12-2717:0001:02:55Duration Link
Gioachino RossiniFinale from Stabat MaterBreakfast2010-12-2807:0001:18:00Duration Link
Gioachino RossiniIl Signor Bruschino (Overture)Breakfast2010-12-2907:0000:31:00Duration Link
Gioachino RossiniLa Cenerentola OvertureBreakfast2010-12-2607:0000:04:00Duration Link
Gioachino RossiniVariations for clarinet and small orchestraBreakfast2010-12-3107:0000:19:00Duration Link
Giovanni Battista Grillo (artist)Sonata prima (1618)Breakfast2010-12-2907:0001:48:00Duration Link
Giovanni Gabrieli (artist)Salvator Noster (Our Saviour, the chosen one, is born today)The Early Music Show2010-12-2513:00Duration Link
Giovanni Paisiello (artist)Il barbiere di Siviglia (1776) - extract from Act 1:Composer of the Week2010-12-2712:00Duration Link
Giovanni Pierluigi da PalestrinaHodie Christus Natus EstBreakfast2010-12-2507:0001:35:00Duration Link
Giuseppe VerdiBrindisi (no.8 of 8 Romanze per tenore e orchestra)Breakfast2010-12-3007:0001:14:00Duration Link
Giuseppe VerdiElla e pura ariaWords and Music2010-12-3017:00Duration Link
Giuseppe VerdiSicilian Vespers OvertureBreakfast2010-12-2607:0002:51:00Duration Link
Gustav HolstJupiter From The PlanetsBreakfast2010-12-2607:0000:21:00Duration Link
Gustav HolstThe Planets Suite, Neptune, the MysticWords and Music2010-12-2917:0000:20:41Duration 00:07:56 Link
Gustav MahlerVerlone Muh' from Des Knaben WunderhornBreakfast2010-12-2807:0002:19:00Duration Link
Guy Barker Jazz Orchestra (artist)A Guy, Three Chicks and a Big SmokeJazz Line-Up2010-12-2623:45Duration Link
Gwyneth Herbert (artist)My Narrow Man (Girl After Shower remix)Late Junction2010-12-2823:3000:04:00Duration Link
Hafiz Yasar Bey & Saz Heyeti (artist)Vicdani MuazzamLate Junction2010-12-2923:1501:21:00Duration Link
Hans Christian LumbyeChampagne Galop, Op 14Breakfast2010-12-3107:0000:03:00Duration Link
Harold Arlen (artist)Over the RainbowWords and Music2010-12-2717:0000:17:11Duration Link
Hector BerliozLe Carnaval RomainWords and Music2010-12-3017:00Duration Link
Hector BerliozLe Carnaval RomainWords and Music2010-12-3017:00Duration Link
Hector BerliozRoman Carnival OvertureBreakfast2010-12-3007:0000:31:00Duration Link
Henri DesmaretsAgnus Dei, from Mass for two choirs and 2 orchestrasThe Early Music Show2010-12-2613:00Duration Link
Henry PurcellChaconneThe Early Music Show2010-12-2513:00Duration Link
Henry PurcellDido and Aeneas - Act 3: Dido's LamentSunday Morning2010-12-2610:00Duration Link
Henry PurcellFantazia VI in 4 partsBreakfast2010-12-3007:0000:26:00Duration Link
Henry PurcellIf music be the food of love – first version Z379ABreakfast2010-12-2807:0002:41:00Duration Link
Henry PurcellLord who can tell how of the offendeth?The Early Music Show2010-12-2613:00Duration Link
Howard SkemptonHe wishes for the Cloths of HeavenBreakfast2010-12-2707:0000:17:00Duration Link
Hyowon Woo (artist)Me-Na-RiChoir and Organ2010-12-2618:30Duration Link
Igor StravinskyFireworks Op.4Breakfast2010-12-2907:0002:00:00Duration Link
Igor StravinskyFireworks – Fantasy for OrchestraWords and Music2010-12-2622:4500:47:37Duration 00:03:47 Link
Igor StravinskyIntroduction, Partie I: The Adoration of the Earth, Le Sacre du Printemps, Stravinsky CondWords and Music2010-12-3117:0000:22:44Duration Link
Igor StravinskyMavra (1922) - extractComposer of the Week2010-12-3012:00Duration Link
Igor StravinskySi tum m'ami from PulcinellaWords and Music2010-12-3017:00Duration Link
Igor StravinskyThe Nightingale (1914) - extract from Act 2Composer of the Week2010-12-3012:00Duration Link
Igor StravinskyThe Nightingale (1914) - extract from Act 2Composer of the Week2010-12-3012:00Duration Link
Jacob Anderskov (artist)Diamonds Are For Unreal PeopleJazz on 32010-12-2723:15Duration Link
Jaga Jazzist (artist)Book of GlassLate Junction2010-12-3023:1501:27:00Duration Link
Jakub Jan Ryba (artist)Credo From Czech Xmas MassBreakfast2010-12-2607:0001:46:00Duration Link
James Brown, Johnny (artist)Please, Please, PleaseWords and Music2010-12-2917:0000:04:05Duration 00:02:42 Link
James Rhodes (artist)Etudes Book 2 No.9: In repeated notesBreakfast2010-12-2707:0001:37:00Duration Link
James Rhodes (artist)La Mer – Jeux de VaguesWords and Music2010-12-2817:0001:05:21Duration Link
James Rhodes (artist)Petite SuiteBreakfast2010-12-2507:0000:17:00Duration Link
James Rhodes (artist)Prelude a l'apres midi d'un fauneBreakfast2010-12-3007:0002:02:00Duration Link
James Rhodes (artist)Preludes, Book 2: Les tierces alterneesBreakfast2010-12-2907:0000:08:00Duration Link
James Rhodes (artist)Prélude à l'après midi d'un faunePrivate Passions2010-12-2612:00Duration Link
Jan Bang & Eivind Aarset (artist)Gordale ScarLate Junction2010-12-3023:1501:21:00Duration Link
Jan Garbarek (artist)MissionJazz on 32010-12-2723:15Duration Link
Jason Moran (artist)RFK in the Land of ApartheidJazz on 32010-12-2723:15Duration Link
Jean SibeliusLemminkainen's ReturnBreakfast2010-12-2607:0001:22:00Duration Link
Jean SibeliusThe Oceanides Op.73Breakfast2010-12-2907:0000:36:00Duration Link
Jean‐Féry Rebel (artist)Les Caracteres De La Danse, FantaisieBreakfast2010-12-2507:0000:37:00Duration Link
Jerry Goldsmith (artist)ChinatownWords and Music2010-12-2717:0000:41:17Duration Link
Jimmie Davis (artist)She's a Hum Ding DingerLate Junction2010-12-2823:3000:26:00Duration Link
Johann Sebastian Bach"Jauchzet, frohlocket" from Christmas OratorioThe Early Music Show2010-12-2513:00Duration Link
Johann Sebastian BachAria with Thirty Variations – "Goldberg Variations", BWV 988, Variation 15, Bach and TurecWords and Music2010-12-3117:0000:57:43Duration Link
Johann Sebastian BachAria; "Wirf, mein Herze, wirf dich noch" From Cantata: Mein Gott, wie lang, ach lange? BWVBreakfast2010-12-3007:0000:08:00Duration Link
Johann Sebastian BachBWV 121 Christum wir sollen loben schonSunday Morning2010-12-2610:00Duration Link
Johann Sebastian BachCello Suite, No 2 (BWV 1008) Menuet IWords and Music2010-12-2917:0000:29:12Duration 00:01:21 Link
Johann Sebastian BachChristmas Oratorio Arr. Bill DobbinsChoir and Organ2010-12-2618:30Duration Link
Johann Sebastian BachConcerto In C Minor For Oboe, Violin And Strings Bwv 1060Breakfast2010-12-2607:0000:34:00Duration Link
Johann Sebastian BachDas alte Jahr vergangen ist (after BWV.614)Breakfast2010-12-3107:0000:07:00Duration Link
Johann Sebastian BachDas alte Jahr vergangen ist (chorale, BWV.288)Breakfast2010-12-3107:0000:05:00Duration Link
Johann Sebastian BachFlute Sonata No 2 in Eb BWV 1031Breakfast2010-12-2507:0001:06:00Duration Link
Johann Sebastian BachGigue from French Suite No.5 in G, BWV816Breakfast2010-12-2907:0001:31:00Duration Link
Johann Sebastian BachGoldberg Variations No.13 BWV 988Breakfast2010-12-2907:0000:22:00Duration Link
Johann Sebastian BachHerrscher des Himmels from Christmas Oratorio part 3Breakfast2010-12-2507:0000:04:00Duration Link
Johann Sebastian BachKomm, Jesu, Komm! – motet, BWV.229Late Junction2010-12-2823:3000:19:00Duration Link
Johann Sebastian BachSinfonia from Part Two of the Christmas Oratorio BWV248Breakfast2010-12-2807:0001:12:00Duration Link
Johann Sebastian BachSonata for Violin no 3 in C (Adagio)Sunday Morning2010-12-2610:00Duration Link
Johann Sebastian BachTrotz dem alten Drachen (from 'Jesu Meine Freude')Choir and Organ2010-12-2618:30Duration Link
Johann Sebastian BachWachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme (BWV 140 opening chorus)Breakfast2010-12-3007:0002:21:00Duration Link
Johann Sebastian BachWachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme, Wachtet auf, ruft uns die Stimme BWV 140, Dominica 27 posWords and Music2010-12-3117:0000:45:57Duration Link
Johannes BrahmsHungarian Dance No.5Breakfast2010-12-2807:0001:03:00Duration Link
Johannes BrahmsHungarian Dances, No. 8 &9Breakfast2010-12-3107:0002:32:00Duration Link
Johannes BrahmsNo.5 – Romance in F major from 6 Pieces for piano, Op.118Late Junction2010-12-2823:3001:02:00Duration Link
John AdamsBatter my Heart from Dr AtomicBreakfast2010-12-3107:0002:18:00Duration Link
John AdamsTromba LontanaBreakfast2010-12-2807:0000:10:00Duration Link
John Bunch (artist)Get Out Of TownJazz Library2010-12-2516:00Duration Link
John Fahey & Jim Lawton (artist)Skater's Waltz (after Waldteufel) inc. reading from Arthur RansomeLate Junction2010-12-3023:1500:32:00Duration Link
John Greaves & Peter Blegvad (artist)Twenty Two ProverbsLate Junction2010-12-3023:1500:07:00Duration Link
John Harle (artist)Mrs Beeton's Christmas Plum PuddingSunday Morning2010-12-2610:00Duration Link
John Harle (artist)The Three Ravens – Since first I saw your faceBreakfast2010-12-2607:0002:47:00Duration Link
John Newton (artist)Amazing Grace Arr. Hyowon WooChoir and Organ2010-12-2618:30Duration Link
John Openshaw & Leslie Cooke (artist)Love sends a little gift of roses (1919)Words and Music2010-12-2622:4500:27:11Duration 00:02:35 Link
John TavernerAudivi vocem de caeloThe Early Music Show2010-12-2613:00Duration Link
John Taylor (artist)In the Bleak MidwinterJazz Record Requests2010-12-2517:00Duration Link
Johnny Hodges (artist)C Jam BluesJazz Library2010-12-2600:15Duration Link
Jon Anderson (artist)To the RunnerLate Junction2010-12-3023:1500:03:00Duration Link
Jonathan Larson (artist)ZombieLate Junction2010-12-3023:1500:27:00Duration Link
Joseph HaydnAllegro 1st movement from Keyboard Sonata in D hob 16:33Breakfast2010-12-2607:0002:38:00Duration Link
Joseph HaydnDie Schöpfung, Die Himmel erzählen die Ehre GottesWords and Music2010-12-2917:0000:11:28Duration 00:03:43 Link
Joseph Marx (artist)BarkaroleBreakfast2010-12-3107:0001:10:00Duration Link
Joseph Tawadros (artist)Gare de l'est (excerpt)Sunday Morning2010-12-2610:00Duration Link
Juan de AraujoAy, andar!The Early Music Show2010-12-2513:00Duration Link
Jules MassenetBallet Music From Le CidBreakfast2010-12-2507:0001:46:00Duration Link
Ken Wheeler and the John Dankworth Orchestra (artist)SanchoJazz Library2010-12-2516:00Duration Link
Kenneth Fuchs (artist)Out of the DarkWords and Music2010-12-2817:0000:52:41Duration Link
Khyam Allami with Andrea Piccioni (artist)The Sound of DisquietLate Junction2010-12-2923:15Duration Link
Knut Reiersrud (artist)Willie and the Hand JiveLate Junction2010-12-3023:1500:16:00Duration Link
Kobo Town (artist)Kaiso NewscastLate Junction2010-12-2923:1501:24:00Duration Link
Kurt WeillAlabama Song (from Mahagonny words by Brecht)Private Passions2010-12-2612:00Duration Link
Kyrie Kristmanson (artist)The HolyLate Junction2010-12-2923:1500:33:00Duration Link
Leos JanáčekJealousy (original overture to Jenufa, 1894)Breakfast2010-12-3107:0001:03:00Duration Link
Leos JanáčekQuatour no. 1 "Sonate à Kreutzer", AdagioWords and Music2010-12-2917:00Duration 00:04:05 Link
Leroy Anderson (artist)Lo, How A Rose E're Blooming and I Saw Three ShipsBreakfast2010-12-2507:0000:12:00Duration Link
Lili BoulangerPie JesuWords and Music2010-12-2917:0000:41:33Duration 00:04:35 Link
Lionel Hampton (artist)Oh RockJazz Library2010-12-2600:15Duration Link
Liszt/Berlioz (artist)L'idee fixe – Andante amoroso d'apres une melodie de BerliozBreakfast2010-12-2707:0002:09:00Duration Link
Loose Tubes (artist)Yellow HillJazz Line-Up2010-12-2623:45Duration Link
Louis Armstrong (artist)'Zat You, Santa Claus?Jazz Record Requests2010-12-2517:00Duration Link
Louis Aubert (artist)Cinema – Walt DisneyWords and Music2010-12-2717:0000:08:33Duration Link
Louis CouperinPieces de clavecin: Les Graces Incomparables & L'himen-amourBreakfast2010-12-3107:0001:17:00Duration Link
Ludwig van BeethovenHammerklavier Sonata – 3rd movementRadio 3 Requests2010-12-2614:00Duration Link
Ludwig van BeethovenRomance no. 2 in F majorBreakfast2010-12-3007:0001:16:00Duration Link
Ludwig van BeethovenSonata for piano 4 hands in D major Op.6Breakfast2010-12-2807:0002:13:00Duration Link
Ludwig van BeethovenSymphony No. 5 in C minor, op 67, Allegro (extract)Words and Music2010-12-2917:0000:47:02Duration 00:03:16 Link
Luis BacalovTheme from Il PostinoWords and Music2010-12-2717:0000:57:22Duration Link
Léo DelibesBell Song (ah! Ou va la jeune indoue from Lakme)Breakfast2010-12-3107:0001:38:00Duration Link
Léo DelibesDivertissements from Act 3: No.3 La PriereBreakfast2010-12-2807:0002:30:00Duration Link
Mac Rebennack (artist)I walk on Gilded SplintersWords and Music2010-12-3017:00Duration Link
Mance Lipscomb (artist)Jack O'DiamondsLate Junction2010-12-2823:3001:24:00Duration Link
Matthew Locke (artist)Courante from Suite no III in F majorThe Early Music Show2010-12-2513:00Duration Link
Maurice RavelMenuet AntiqueBreakfast2010-12-2707:0002:21:00Duration Link
Maurice RavelPavane pour une enfante defunteBreakfast2010-12-3107:0002:11:00Duration Link
Maurice RavelUne barque sur l'oceanBreakfast2010-12-2807:0000:36:00Duration Link
Max RegerNocturne in A flat, Op.32 No.2Breakfast2010-12-2907:0001:18:00Duration Link
Max Steiner (artist)Now, VoyagerWords and Music2010-12-2717:0000:03:34Duration Link
Max Steiner (artist)White HeatWords and Music2010-12-2717:0000:37:27Duration Link
MENDELSSOHN transcr. LISZT (artist)On Wings of SongBreakfast2010-12-2907:0002:05:00Duration Link
Michael NymanBig My SecretWords and Music2010-12-2717:0000:19:26Duration Link
Michel Legrand (artist)The Umbrellas of CherbourgWords and Music2010-12-2717:0000:26:32Duration Link
Mighty Sparrow (artist)Sa Sa YeaWords and Music2010-12-3017:00Duration Link
Mikhail Ivanovich GlinkaA Life for the Tsar (Ivan Susanin) (1836)Composer of the Week2010-12-2712:00Duration Link
Mikhail Ivanovich GlinkaRuslan and Ludmila (Overture)Breakfast2010-12-2707:0001:32:00Duration Link
Modest MussorgskyBoris Godunov (1872 version)Composer of the Week2010-12-2812:00Duration Link
Modest MussorgskyKhovanshchina - Act 4 scene 1Composer of the Week2010-12-2812:00Duration Link
Modest MussorgskyNight on a Bald Mountain (Original version)Breakfast2010-12-2807:0002:00:00Duration Link
Modest MussorgskyScenes from an ExhibitionWords and Music2010-12-2817:0000:11:31Duration Link
Modest MussorgskyThe Marriage (1868) - scene 2Composer of the Week2010-12-2712:00Duration Link
Moreno Veloso +2 (artist)SertãoLate Junction2010-12-3023:1501:41:00Duration Link
Moritz MoszkowskiFantaisie 'Hommage à Schumann' Op.5Radio 3 Requests2010-12-2614:00Duration Link
Morton FeldmanRothko ChapelWords and Music2010-12-2817:0000:45:31Duration Link
Myra Melford's Be Bread (artist)NightJazz on 32010-12-2723:15Duration Link
Nat King Cole (artist)Mona LisaWords and Music2010-12-2817:0000:15:51Duration Link
Ned Rorem (artist)String Quartet no 4 – Child Holding a DoveWords and Music2010-12-2817:0000:09:12Duration Link
Ned Rorem (artist)String Quartet no 4 – Death of HarlequinWords and Music2010-12-2817:0000:59:27Duration Link
Nicholas LanierLove and I of late did partThe Early Music Show2010-12-2513:00Duration Link
Nikolai Rimsky-KorsakovKashchey the ImmortalComposer of the Week2010-12-2912:00Duration Link
Nikolai Rimsky-KorsakovSadko - extract from Tableau 4Composer of the Week2010-12-2912:00Duration Link
Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakovarr. Tommy Dorsey: 'Song of India' (1937)Composer of the Week2010-12-2912:00Duration Link
Nino Rota (artist)La Dolce VitaWords and Music2010-12-2717:0000:00:22Duration Link
NLF3 (artist)EnneagonLate Junction2010-12-2823:3000:13:00Duration Link
None (artist)Deleted RecordJazz Line-Up2010-12-2623:45Duration Link
Norma Winstone (artist)Just SometimesJazz Library2010-12-2516:00Duration Link
Olivier MessiaenQuatuor pour la fin du temps, viii Louange a l'immortalite de JesusWords and Music2010-12-2917:0001:05:57Duration 00:06:54 Link
Ommm (artist)Chui pas une filleChoir and Organ2010-12-2618:30Duration Link
Ommm (artist)SlowlyChoir and Organ2010-12-2618:30Duration Link
Orchestre National de Jazz (artist)Fallen MenJazz on 32010-12-2723:15Duration Link
Orchestre national du Capitole de Toulouse (artist)Gymnopédie No 1Private Passions2010-12-2612:00Duration Link
Orlande de LassusSibylla Libyca (Prophetiae Sibyllarum)Words and Music2010-12-2622:4500:02:02Duration 00:02:43 Link
Ottorino RespighiIl Tramonto (excerpt)Sunday Morning2010-12-2610:00Duration Link
Papa Wemba (artist)Awa Y'Okeyi (If you go away)Late Junction2010-12-3023:1501:36:00Duration Link
Pascal Content and Wu Wei (artist)Iceberg, Amery Ice ShelfWords and Music2010-12-2917:0000:31:53Duration 00:05:17 Link
Paul Desmond (artist)GreensleevesJazz Record Requests2010-12-2517:00Duration Link
Paul Weller (artist)Eton Rifles, The Jam, - '45rpm: The Singles 1977-79Words and Music2010-12-3117:0000:48:28Duration Link
Pauline Oliveros & Miya Masaoka (artist)Daybreak-Akegarasu (sound of a crow)Late Junction2010-12-2923:1501:08:00Duration Link
Percy GraingerMolly on the ShoreBreakfast2010-12-3107:0001:25:00Duration Link
Percy GraingerThe Immovable DoBreakfast2010-12-2607:0002:03:00Duration Link
Perotin/Garbarek (artist)Alleluia – NativitasBreakfast2010-12-2807:0001:06:00Duration Link
Peter CorneliusThe Three KingsBreakfast2010-12-3107:0000:56:00Duration Link
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (artist)Eugene OneginComposer of the Week2010-12-2812:00Duration Link
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (artist)Marche SlaveBreakfast2010-12-2607:0001:07:00Duration Link
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (artist)Overture + Russian Dance From Nutcracker SuiteBreakfast2010-12-2507:0000:54:00Duration Link
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (artist)Pique dame (1890)Composer of the Week2010-12-2812:00Duration Link
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (artist)Pique dame (1890) - extract from Act 2 scene 2 (finale)Composer of the Week2010-12-2812:00Duration Link
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (artist)Scherzo from Suite No.3Breakfast2010-12-2707:0002:43:00Duration Link
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (artist)Serenade for Strings (op.48) in C: 1st movementBreakfast2010-12-3007:0001:03:00Duration Link
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (artist)The Kingdom of Sweets (The Nutcracker, Act 2)Words and Music2010-12-2622:4500:04:39Duration 00:03:51 Link
Phil Cunningham (artist)StrathmarchesPrivate Passions2010-12-2612:00Duration Link
Philip GlassThe Poet ActsWords and Music2010-12-2717:0000:30:21Duration Link
Philip Larkin (artist)For Sidney BechetJazz Record Requests2010-12-2517:00Duration Link
Phronesis (artist)Abraham's New GiftJazz Library2010-12-2516:00Duration Link
Pierre BoulezMemoriale (. . . explosante-fixe . . . original)Words and Music2010-12-2622:4500:34:22Duration 00:05:09 Link
Pierre Favre Ensemble (artist)Vreneli Ab Em GuggisbergLate Junction2010-12-2923:1501:28:00Duration Link
Quigley’s Point (artist)Strange DesignsLate Junction2010-12-2923:1500:14:00Duration Link
Quincy Jones and His Orchestra (artist)CharadeJazz Line-Up2010-12-2623:45Duration Link
Rahsaan Roland Kirk (artist)Dem Red Beans and RiceJazz Record Requests2010-12-2517:00Duration Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsBredon Hill (from On Wenlock Edge)Breakfast2010-12-3107:0000:11:00Duration Link
Ralph Vaughan WilliamsWither's Rocking Hymn Arr. Andrew LumsdenChoir and Organ2010-12-2618:30Duration Link
Randy Weston (artist)Blue MosesJazz Library2010-12-2600:15Duration Link
Randy Weston (artist)Lalla Mira (Part 2)Jazz Library2010-12-2600:15Duration Link
René Gerber (artist)Trois Paysages de Breughel – Hunters in the SnowWords and Music2010-12-2817:0000:19:31Duration Link
Reynaldo HahnLa barcheta (Chansons en dialecte venetien, no.2)Breakfast2010-12-3107:0001:58:00Duration Link
RF (artist)Palios KarsilamasLate Junction2010-12-2923:1501:06:00Duration Link
Richard Hawley (artist)Late Night Final, Cry a Tear for a Man on the MoonWords and Music2010-12-2917:0000:31:53Duration 00:03:26 Link
Richard Lloyd (artist)St Joseph's CarolBreakfast2010-12-2707:0000:54:00Duration Link
Richard Strauss'Morgen', Op.27 No 4Private Passions2010-12-2612:00Duration Link
Richard StraussVier Letzte Lieder, Beim SchlafengehenWords and Music2010-12-2917:0000:57:35Duration 00:06:10 Link
Robert Glasper (artist)Smells Like Teen SpiritJazz on 32010-12-2723:15Duration Link
Robert SchumannFast zu Ernst, Kinderszenen, Piano WorksWords and Music2010-12-3117:0000:23:56Duration Link
Robert SchumannKonzertstuck Op.134Breakfast2010-12-2907:0001:39:00Duration Link
Robert SchumannMit humor from Five Piece in Folk Style, Op. 102Breakfast2010-12-3107:0001:46:00Duration Link
Robert SchumannPierrotWords and Music2010-12-3017:00Duration Link
Robert SchumannViolin Sonata no.1 Op.105 – AllegrettoRadio 3 Requests2010-12-2614:00Duration Link
Rothko (artist)Wake To TomorrowLate Junction2010-12-2823:3000:50:00Duration Link
Sam Bush (artist)Sailin' ShoesLate Junction2010-12-3023:1500:12:00Duration Link
Sam Ku West (artist)Sweet Hawai'ian DreamsLate Junction2010-12-2823:3000:55:00Duration Link
Samuel BarberKnoxville: Summer of 1915Breakfast2010-12-3107:0002:39:00Duration Link
Schutz (artist)Saul, Saul, was verfolgst du mich?Breakfast2010-12-2907:0000:11:00Duration Link
Scottish Chamber Orchestra (artist)… others see us…..Words and Music2010-12-2817:0000:41:05Duration Link
Scottish National Jazz Orchestra (artist)LeviticusJazz Line-Up2010-12-2623:45Duration Link
Seb Rochford, Chartwell Dutiro (artist)SebLate Junction2010-12-3023:1501:13:00Duration Link
Sergei ProkofievAndante cantabile (Sonata for 2 violins in C major, Op.56Words and Music2010-12-2622:4500:30:30Duration 00:03:01 Link
Sergei ProkofievAubade, Romeo and JulietWords and Music2010-12-3117:0000:31:05Duration Link
Sergei ProkofievJuliet the Young Girl from Romeo and Juliet Suite No.2 Op.64bBreakfast2010-12-2707:0000:37:00Duration Link
Sergei ProkofievMontagues and Capulets from Romeo and Juliet Op.64Breakfast2010-12-3107:0000:31:00Duration Link
Sergei ProkofievSonata pour deux violins op. 65, Andante cantabileWords and Music2010-12-2917:0000:07:17Duration 00:03:12 Link
Sergei ProkofievThe Love for Three Oranges, op.33 (1919)Composer of the Week2010-12-3012:00Duration Link
Sergei ProkofievTroike From Lieutenant Kije SuiteBreakfast2010-12-2507:0001:03:00Duration Link
Sergei ProkofievWar and Peace – scene 2Composer of the Week2010-12-3112:00Duration Link
Sergey RachmaninovPrelude op 23/4 in D MajorBreakfast2010-12-2507:0000:06:00Duration Link
Sergey RachmaninovThe Miserly Knight (1904)Composer of the Week2010-12-3012:00Duration Link
Sidney Bechet (artist)Nobody Knows the Way I Feel This Mornin'Jazz Record Requests2010-12-2517:00Duration Link
Sir David WillcocksI saw three shipsBreakfast2010-12-2507:0000:57:00Duration Link
Sonny Rollins (artist)Rock-a-bye Your Baby With a Dixie MelodyJazz Record Requests2010-12-2517:00Duration Link
Stephen Sondheim (artist)Finishing the HatWords and Music2010-12-2817:0000:02:21Duration Link
Steve Coleman and Five Elements (artist)BebaJazz on 32010-12-2723:15Duration Link
Syd Barrett (artist)Bob Dylan BluesLate Junction2010-12-2823:3000:39:00Duration Link
Sylvius Leopold Weiss (artist)Fantasie in C minor (Prague, 1719)Words and Music2010-12-2622:4500:51:49Duration 00:02:11 Link
Tarik O’Regan (artist)Acallam na Sénorach (guitar interlude)Sunday Morning2010-12-2610:00Duration Link
Terje Isungset (artist)The DawningLate Junction2010-12-3023:1500:34:00Duration Link
The Ben Sidran Quintet (artist)The Times They Are A Changin'Late Junction2010-12-2823:3000:42:00Duration Link
The Carter Family (artist)Don't Forget This SongLate Junction2010-12-3023:1501:06:00Duration Link
The Great Wee Band (artist)Nica's DreamJazz Library2010-12-2516:00Duration Link
The Jimi Hendrix Experience (artist)Castles Made of SandLate Junction2010-12-2923:1500:11:00Duration Link
The Jimi Hendrix Experience (artist)Moon, turn the tides…gently, gently awayLate Junction2010-12-2923:1500:10:00Duration Link
The Mike Westbrook Concert Band (artist)ParadeJazz Line-Up2010-12-2623:45Duration Link
The Staple Singers (artist)Masters of WarLate Junction2010-12-2823:3000:46:00Duration Link
The Vandermark 5 (artist)FrictionJazz on 32010-12-2723:15Duration Link
Thomas AdèsThe Tempest, Act One, Scene One "Hell is Empty"Words and Music2010-12-2917:0000:16:14Duration 00:03:43 Link
Thomas ArneOverture No.6 in B flat majorBreakfast2010-12-2807:0000:03:00Duration Link
Thomas RavenscroftThe Three RavensThe Early Music Show2010-12-2613:00Duration Link
Thomas TallisSalvator MundiBreakfast2010-12-2607:0001:18:00Duration Link
To Blacken the Pages (artist)Sodium HazeLate Junction2010-12-2923:1500:29:00Duration Link
Tom Richards Orchestra (artist)Liquor BickeringJazz Line-Up2010-12-2623:45Duration Link
Tom Williams (artist)RemembrancesWords and Music2010-12-2717:0000:49:07Duration Link
Trad (artist)In Dulci JubiloBreakfast2010-12-2507:0001:17:00Duration Link
Trad (artist)Silent NightWords and Music2010-12-2622:4500:46:00Duration 00:00:43 Link
Trittico Botticelliano (artist)The Birth of VenusWords and Music2010-12-2817:0000:36:11Duration Link
Victor Olaiya (artist)Yabomisa SawaleLate Junction2010-12-2823:3001:20:00Duration Link
Vincenzo BelliniAh! Non credea mirarti (from La somnambula Act II, scene 2)Private Passions2010-12-2612:00Duration Link
William Billings (artist)Fuging tune: BethlehemThe Early Music Show2010-12-2513:00Duration Link
William BoyceThe King Shall RejoiceThe Early Music Show2010-12-2613:00Duration Link
William ByrdDomine, non sum dignusBreakfast2010-12-2907:0002:23:00Duration Link
William WaltonPortsmouth Point OvertureBreakfast2010-12-2807:0002:34:00Duration Link
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart"Vado, ma dove? O Dei!" K583Breakfast2010-12-2707:0000:31:00Duration Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartAdagio in B flat KV 411 for 2 clarinets and 3 basset hornsBreakfast2010-12-2807:0001:37:00Duration Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartAndante in C K315Breakfast2010-12-2607:0002:16:00Duration Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartAscanio in Alba - overtureBreakfast2010-12-2907:0001:35:00Duration Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartCosi fan Tutte – Soave sia il ventoWords and Music2010-12-2717:0000:32:52Duration Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartDie Zauberflote – overtureBreakfast2010-12-2907:0002:10:00Duration Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartDivertimento in F major, K.138Breakfast2010-12-3007:0001:45:00Duration Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartFinale (Horn Concerto No. 4)Breakfast2010-12-3107:0002:55:00Duration Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartIdomeneo – overtureBreakfast2010-12-2807:0000:31:00Duration Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartLucio Silla K. 135Breakfast2010-12-3107:0001:50:00Duration Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartMagic Flute OvertureBreakfast2010-12-2507:0000:46:00Duration Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartRondo in C K373Breakfast2010-12-2907:0000:16:00Duration Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartRondo in D KV 382Breakfast2010-12-2707:0001:22:00Duration Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartSonata in B flat K281Breakfast2010-12-2907:0002:37:00Duration Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartSonata in C, K. 279Breakfast2010-12-3007:0000:11:00Duration Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartString Quartet in G major KV 156Breakfast2010-12-2707:0002:29:00Duration Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartSymphony No.26 in E flat major K184Breakfast2010-12-2807:0002:43:00Duration Link
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartVoi Che Sapete From FigaroBreakfast2010-12-2607:0000:31:00Duration Link
Yungchen Lhamo (artist)Om mani padme hungLate Junction2010-12-2923:1500:51:00Duration Link
Zoe Rahman (artist)Improvisation no.3Late Junction2010-12-3023:1500:49:00Duration Link
Æthenor (artist)Something to Sleep is StillLate Junction2010-12-2823:3001:07:00Duration Link