The BBC has announced that it has a sustainable plan for the future of the BBC Singers, in association with The VOCES8 Foundation.
The threat to reduce the staff of the three English orchestras by 20% has not been lifted, but it is being reconsidered.
See the BBC press release here.

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SAT 01:00 Through the Night (b00vdmjw)

SAT 07:00 Breakfast (b00vf563)
Saturday - Martin Handley

01 00:04:00 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, K525, IV Rondo: Allegro

02 00:07:00
Frédéric Chopin - Nocturne in E flat major, Op 55, No. 2

03 00:13:00 Ralph Vaughan Williams
O clap your hands

04 00:16:00 Joseph Haydn
Symphony No. 2 in C Major

05 00:26:00 Edvard Grieg
I Hjemmet (In my native land) + Scherzo, from Lyric Pieces, Op. 43 No. 3, Opus 54 No.5

06 00:29:00 Giovanni Picchi (artist)
Canzon No. 17 a 8 [transposed down a 4th]
Performer: Giovanni Picchi

07 00:34:00 Camille Saint‐Saëns
Bacchanale, from Samson and Delilah

08 00:41:00 Charles-François Gounod
Je veux vivre dans ce reve - Juliette

09 01:03:00 Sergey Rachmaninov
Waltz for six hands

10 01:05:00 Nicola Matteis (artist)
Diverse bizzarie sopra la Vecchia Sarabanda o pur Ciaccona
Performer: Nicola Matteis

11 01:10:00 Hamish MacCunn
Land of the mountain and the flood

12 01:19:00 Samuel Sebastian Wesley
Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace

13 01:24:00 Johann Sebastian Bach
Gavottes 1 & 2 from Suite No. 1, BWV 1066

14 01:29:00 Gioachino Rossini
Overture, Il barbiere di Siviglia

15 01:38:00 Daniel Speer
Sonata a 3 and Gigue for 2 violins, trombone, basso continuo

16 01:43:00 Bohuslav Martinu
Variations on a Theme of Rossini, H290 in D major

SAT 09:00 CD Review (b00vf565)
Building a Library: Mahler - Ruckert-Lieder

SAT 12:15 Music Matters (b00vf567)
Free Thinking 2010
Free Thinking - What Is Music For?

SAT 13:00 The Early Music Show (b00vf569)
Fragments for the End of Time

01 ANONYMOUS (probably Fulda, early 9th century) (artist)
...sin tac piqueme, daz er touuan scal, fragment of Muspilla
Performer: ANONYMOUS (probably Fulda, early 9th century)

02 ANONYMOUS (Bavaria, late 9th century) (artist)
Unsar trohtin hat farsalt, instrumental version of 'Freisinger Petruslied'
Performer: ANONYMOUS (Bavaria, late 9th century)

03 Anon. (artist)
Thar wass swylchra fela, 'Lay of the Last Survivor', from the Anglo-Saxon epic 'Beowulf'
Performer: Anon.

04 Anon. (artist)
Cigni, instrumental piece based on Frankish sequence melodies
Performer: Anon.

05 ANONYMOUS (Aquitaine, 11th century) (artist)
Iudisii sin?um, prophecy of Sibilla Eritrea
Performer: ANONYMOUS (Aquitaine, 11th century)

06 Anon. (artist)
A fellr austan um eitrdala, prophecy of Völva from the old Icelandic Edda
Performer: Anon.

07 Anon. (artist)
Fortis ad que amara, Latin sequence
Performer: Anon.

SAT 14:00 Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert (b00vdldf)
Khatia Buniatishvili

SAT 15:00 World Routes (b00vf56c)
WOMEX 2010

01 Damily (artist)
Performer: Damily

02 Damily (artist)
Performer: Damily

03 Maria Kalaniemi (artist)
Yeppo Polska
Performer: Maria Kalaniemi

04 Maria Kalaniemi (artist)
Under Fullmane
Performer: Maria Kalaniemi

05 Maria Kalaniemi (artist)
I Fjol
Performer: Maria Kalaniemi

06 Danyèl Waro (artist)
Performer: Danyèl Waro

07 Danyèl Waro (artist)
Performer: Danyèl Waro

08 Jamie Smith's Mabon (artist)
File under Biddley
Performer: Jamie Smith's Mabon

09 Jamie Smith's Mabon (artist)
Galician Stylee
Performer: Jamie Smith's Mabon

10 Desert Slide (artist)
Helo Ramapeer
Performer: Desert Slide

11 Damily (artist)
Performer: Damily

12 Damily (artist)
Performer: Damily

13 Maria Kalaniemi (artist)
Yeppo Polska
Performer: Maria Kalaniemi

14 Maria Kalaniemi (artist)
Under Fullmane
Performer: Maria Kalaniemi

15 Maria Kalaniemi (artist)
I Fjol
Performer: Maria Kalaniemi

16 Danyèl Waro (artist)
Performer: Danyèl Waro

17 Danyèl Waro (artist)
Performer: Danyèl Waro

18 Jamie Smith's Mabon (artist)
File under Biddley
Performer: Jamie Smith's Mabon

19 Jamie Smith's Mabon (artist)
Galician Stylee
Performer: Jamie Smith's Mabon

20 Desert Slide (artist)
Helo Ramapeer
Performer: Desert Slide

SAT 16:00 Jazz Library (b00vf56f)
Teddy Wilson

01 Teddy Wilson (artist)
Performer: Teddy Wilson

02 Benny Goodman Trio (artist)
After You've Gone
Performer: Benny Goodman Trio

03 The Benny Goodman Quartet (artist)
Handful of Keys
Performer: The Benny Goodman Quartet

04 Billie Holiday (artist)
This Year's Kisses
Performer: Billie Holiday

05 Teddy Wilson and His Orchestra (artist)
Performer: Teddy Wilson and His Orchestra

06 Red Norvo & His Selected Sextet (artist)
Congo Blues (Take 3)
Performer: Red Norvo & His Selected Sextet

07 Teddy Wilson (artist)
Just Like a Butterfly
Performer: Teddy Wilson

08 The Lester Young — Teddy Wilson Quartet (artist)
Pres Returns
Performer: The Lester Young — Teddy Wilson Quartet

09 Teddy Wilson (artist)
Sunny Morning
Performer: Teddy Wilson

10 Teddy Wilson (artist)
I've Got a Feeling I'm Falling
Performer: Teddy Wilson

11 Teddy Wilson (artist)
Rose Room
Performer: Teddy Wilson

SAT 17:00 Jazz Record Requests (b00vf56h)

01 Wynton Marsalis (artist)
Oh, but on the Third Day (Happy Feet Blues) (JRR Signature Tune)
Performer: Wynton Marsalis

02 Harry Parry’s Radio Rhythm Club Sextet (artist)
I've Found a New Baby
Performer: Harry Parry’s Radio Rhythm Club Sextet

03 Blossom Dearie (artist)
Rhode Island is Famous for You
Performer: Blossom Dearie

04 Count Basie (artist)
Jumpin' at the Woodside
Performer: Count Basie

05 Chico Hamilton (artist)
Buddy Boo
Performer: Chico Hamilton

06 Dave Brubeck (artist)
The Song is You
Performer: Dave Brubeck

07 Mark Murphy (artist)
Never Let Me Go
Performer: Mark Murphy

08 John Scofield (artist)
Performer: John Scofield

09 Gene Norman (artist)
Blue Lou
Performer: Gene Norman

SAT 17:45 Opera on 3 (b00vf56k)
Gounod's Romeo et Juliette

SAT 21:15 Night Waves (b00vr778)
Free Thinking 2010
What Does Britain Do Best: Sport or the Arts?

SAT 22:00 Between the Ears (b00vr63z)
The Man with the Blue Guitar

SAT 22:30 Hear and Now (b00vf56m)
Cut & Splice 2010
Cut & Splice 2010 - Transmission - 1/3


SUN 00:00 Jazz Library (b00jzxv3)
Hugh Masekela

01 Hugh Masekela (artist)
Grazing In The Grass
Performer: Hugh Masekela

02 Jazz Epistles (artist)
Blues For Huey
Performer: Jazz Epistles

03 Hugh Masekela (artist)
Ntjilo Ntjilo
Performer: Hugh Masekela

04 Hugh Masekela (artist)
Part Of A Whole
Performer: Hugh Masekela

05 Hugh Masekela (artist)
Performer: Hugh Masekela

06 Hugh Masekela (artist)
Performer: Hugh Masekela

07 Hugh Masekela (artist)
Don't Go Lose It Baby
Performer: Hugh Masekela

08 Hugh Masekela (artist)
Performer: Hugh Masekela

09 Hugh Masekela (artist)
Performer: Hugh Masekela

10 Hugh Masekela (artist)
Father of Our Nation
Performer: Hugh Masekela

SUN 01:00 Through the Night (b00vf5c2)

SUN 07:00 Breakfast (b00vf5c4)
Sunday - Martin Handley

01 00:04:00 Antonín Dvořák
Polka, Slavonic Dance No. 3, Op 46 (Poco Allegro)

02 00:09:00 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Minuet for piano in D major, KV 355

03 00:13:00 George Frideric Handel
Dixit Dominus, No., Chorus with Soloists, from Dixit Dominus, Psalm 109

04 00:19:00 Camille Saint‐Saëns
Elegie for violin and piano, Op 160

05 00:25:00 Heitor Villa‐Lobos
Prelude No. 1 in E minor

06 00:30:00 Johann Sebastian Bach
Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 in G Major. BWV 1049

07 00:46:00 Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina
Tui sunt caeli

08 00:49:00 Giuseppe Verdi
La Traviata: Prelude to Act I

09 00:56:00 Franz Schubert
Die Schone Mullerin: Der Neugierige

10 01:03:00 Nicolò Paganini
Caprice No. 24, Quasi Presto, from 24 Caprices for solo violin, Op. 1

11 01:08:00 Hector Berlioz
Les nuites d'été: L'ile Inconnue (poet: Theophile Gautier)

12 01:12:00 Tomaso Giovanni Albinoni
Concerto in B Flat, Op 7, No. 3

13 01:20:00 Isaac Albéniz
Rondena from Iberia, Book 2

14 01:27:00
Jean-Marie Leclair - Tambourin

15 01:30:00 Robert Schumann
Overture to the opera 'Genoveva', Op 81

16 01:39:00 Sergey Rachmaninov
Prelude, Op. 32, No. 11 in B major

17 01:41:00 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Mitridate, re di Ponto, K87/74a: Venga pur, minacci e freme (Let my implacable father come

18 01:49:00 Camille Saint‐Saëns
Carnival of the Animals: Finale

19 01:52:00 Biagio Marini
Con le stelle in ciel che mai

20 02:03:00 Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (artist)
The Nutcracker: Grandfather's Dance, Act 1, No. 5
Performer: Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky

21 02:12:00 Antonio Vivaldi
Concerto for Strings, RV 151

22 02:16:00 Joseph Haydn
Piano Sonata No. 47 (Hob 16. No. 32)

23 02:34:00 John Rutter
A Gaelic Blessing for choir and orchestra

24 02:36:00
Richard Wagner - Tannhauser: Prelude to Act III

25 02:45:00 Georg Philipp Telemann
Concerto in F minor for oboe, strings and continuo

26 02:54:00 Giuseppe Verdi
Don Carlos: Song of the veil

SUN 10:00 Sunday Morning (b00vf5c6)

01 Charles Villiers Stanford
A Soft Day (from A Sheaf of Songs from Leinster op 140)

02 Ludwig van Beethoven
Funeral Cantata for Emperor Joseph II WoO87 (opening - 'Tot! Tot, stöhnt es durch die öde

03 Luigi Boccherini
Symphony no 19 in e flat major op 35 no5 G513

04 George Gershwin
Piano Concerto in F major (1st movement)

05 Herbert Howells
A Spotless Rose (3 Carol-anthems)
Singer: Roderick Williams
Choir: City of London Choir
Conductor: Hilary Davan Wetton

06 Antonín Dvořák
Cypresses B152 (nos 1-4) (Moderato; Allegro ma non tropp; Andante con moto; Poco adagio)

07 Franz Danzi (artist)
Symphony in D major P218
Performer: Franz Danzi

08 Vincenzo Bellini
I Puritani (A te o cara)

09 Heinrich Schütz
Vater Unser SWV 411 (from Symphoniae Sacrae ii, op 12)

10 Johann Sebastian Bach
Italian Concerto in F BWV 971 (1st movement)

11 Ludwig van Beethoven
Symphony no 4 (3rd+ 4th movements)

12 Irving Berlin (artist)
Cheek to Cheek
Performer: Irving Berlin

SUN 12:00 Private Passions (b00vf5c8)
Arabella Weir

01 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Il mio tesoro (from Don Giovanni, Act II) [Joseph Losey film sound track]

02 Franz Schubert
Piano Sonata in B flat, D 960 (Scherzo, Allegro vivace con delicatezza)

03 Trad (artist)
The Wraggle Taggle Gipsies
Performer: Trad

04 Ludwig van Beethoven
Piano Trio in D, Op. 70 No 1 (The Ghost) (1st movement, Allegro vivace e con brio)

05 Ayah Marar (artist)
Blow the wind southerly
Performer: Ayah Marar

06 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Piano Sonata in A minor KV 310

07 Trad (artist)
The Skye Boat Song
Performer: Trad

08 Giuseppe Verdi
Sempre libera (La traviata, Act I)

SUN 13:00 The Early Music Show (b00vf5cb)
Jordi Savall - Schwetzingen

Traditional - Improvisation on a Sephardic song

02 Anonymous (Cantiga de Santa Maria) (artist)
Rotundellus (Cantiga No.105)
Performer: Anonymous (Cantiga de Santa Maria)

Traditional - El amor yo no sabia

04 Traditional (Italy 14th Century) (artist)
Istampitta "In Pro"
Performer: Traditional (Italy 14th Century)

05 Traditional Afghan (artist)
Performer: Traditional Afghan

06 Traditional Sephardic (artist)
Yo m'enamori d'un ayre
Performer: Traditional Sephardic

07 Dimitri Cantemir (artist)
Makam Rast "Murass'a' Usul Düyek
Performer: Dimitri Cantemir

08 Traditional Bosnian Sephardic (artist)
A la una yo naci
Performer: Traditional Bosnian Sephardic

09 Traditional Berber (artist)
Ritual Dance
Performer: Traditional Berber

10 Traditional Persian (artist)
Performer: Traditional Persian

11 Anonymous (Cantiga de Santa Maria) (artist)
Performer: Anonymous (Cantiga de Santa Maria)

12 Anonymous (Cantiga de Santa Maria) (artist)
Performer: Anonymous (Cantiga de Santa Maria)

SUN 14:00 Radio 3 Requests (b00vf5cd)
Fiona Talkington

01 Camille Saint‐Saëns
Danse Macabre (vocal version)

02 Edward Elgar
The Kingdom (excerpt)

03 Jean Sibelius
String Quartet in B flat major op 4 (1890)

04 Parsons (artist)
Air, Pandolpho
Performer: Parsons

05 Manuel de Falla
La Vida breve (excerpts)

06 Giya Kancheli
Theme from King Lear; Main theme from Kin-Dza-Dza; Main theme from The Role for a Beginner

07 Maurice Ravel
Piano Concerto – 2nd movement

08 Benjamin Britten
Storm from 'Peter Grimes' (Sea Interludes)

09 Felix Arndt (artist)
Nola – A Silhouette
Performer: Felix Arndt

10 Richard Strauss
Four Last Songs

SUN 16:00 Choral Evensong (b00vdlyr)

SUN 17:00 Discovering Music (b00vf5cg)
Handel: Dixit Dominus

SUN 18:45 Choir and Organ (b00vf5cj)
Choral Music to Make You Smile

01 George Frideric Handel
L'Allegro, Il Penseroso ed il moderato: These delights

02 Jaakko Mäntyjärvi
El Hambo

03 William Byrd
Tristitia et anxietas

04 César Franck
Panis Angelicus

05 Ayah Marar (artist)
What shall we do with the drunken sailor,
Performer: Ayah Marar

06 Edmund Hooper (artist)
Edmund Hooper: Flat Service – reconstructed by David Allinson (extract). Performers: Renai
Performer: Edmund Hooper

Traditional - Aide Momi arr. Anastas Naumov

08 Kiril Todorov (artist)
Proshtavai, Mamo
Performer: Kiril Todorov

09 Richard Genée (artist)
Insalata Italiana
Performer: Richard Genée

10 P.D.Q. Bach
Knock, Knock

11 Eric Whitacre
With a Lily in Your Hand

12 Michael Mindingall (artist)
He's Alive
Performer: Michael Mindingall

13 Joseph Horovitz

14 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Marriage of Figaro Overture arr. Ben Parry

SUN 20:00 Night Waves (b00vv7z4)
Free Thinking 2010
Free Thinking 2010

SUN 20:30 Drama on 3 (b00vf5cl)
Free Thinking 2010

SUN 22:15 Words and Music (b00vf5cn)
Free Thinking 2010

01 Bedrich Smetana
Allegro vivo appassionata (from String Quartet No. 1)

02 00:02:00
Algernon Charles Swinburne

03 00:07:30
RS Thomas
The Bright Field

04 00:08:00 Kathryn Tickell (artist)
Performer: Kathryn Tickell

05 00:08:30
Barry McSweeney
Pearl in the Silver Morning

06 00:12:00
Sid Chaplin
The Watchers and the Watched

07 00:12:45
Traditional - Celebrated Working Man

08 00:14:45
Traditional - The Lads of Alnwick

09 00:16:00
William Shakespeare
Henry IV Part One, Act 1, Sc. 3

10 00:18:00
Traditional - Chevy Chase

11 00:19:30 Bede (artist)
Hymnum canamus Domino
Performer: Bede

12 00:21:00
Gerard Manley Hopkins
The Windhover

13 00:22:10 Thomas Tallis
If ye love me

14 00:23:40
The Bible
Song of Solomon

15 00:24:15
William Shakespeare
Sonnet 18

16 00:25:10 Felix Mendelssohn
Andante from String Quartet in D major Op. 44, No. 1

17 00:30:40
William Wordsworth
Grace Darling

18 00:34:00 Edvard Grieg
Ave maris stella

19 00:37:00 Per Nørgård
Pastoral from Babette's Feast

20 00:39:00
Isak Dinesen (Karen Blixen)
Babette’s Feast

21 00:42:30
Jane Grigson
Cherry from Jane Grigson’s Fruit Book

22 00:44:00
Traditional - The Cherry-Tree carol

23 00:46:00
John Cunningham
Newcastle Beer

24 00:48:00
Traditional - Cushie Butterfield

25 00:50:00 Henry Purcell

26 00:53:00
London Evening Post, 29 April 1749
Royal Fireworks in Green Park

27 00:54:30
Newcastle Courant, 1st October 1825
Opening of the Stockton to Darlington railway

28 00:57:00
Traditional - The Stephenson Monument

29 00:59:00
James Kirkup
Charity Carnival from Sorrows, Passions and Alarms

30 01:00:30
Traditional - A U hinny burd

31 01:02:30
Siegfried Sassoon
Everyone Sang

32 01:03:10 Bob Chilcott
Everyone Sang, from Singing by Numbers

33 01:05:40 Brendan Murphy (artist)
Performer: Brendan Murphy

34 01:06:00
Christopher Smart
My Cat Jeoffry

35 01:09:15
Thomas Bewick
A Memoir of Thomas Bewick written by himself

36 01:11:00
Traditional - Wild Hills of Wannies and Cuckold come out of the Amrey

37 01:12:00 Kathryn Tickell, Brendan Murphy (artist)
Performer: Kathryn Tickell, Brendan Murphy

38 01:12:30
Basil Bunting

SUN 23:30 Jazz Line-Up (b00vf5cq)
London Jazz Festival 2010 Preview

01 Soweto Kinch (artist)
A People With No Past
Performer: Soweto Kinch

02 The Charles Lloyd Quartet (artist)
Go Down Moses
Performer: The Charles Lloyd Quartet

03 Cedar Walton (artist)
Suntory Blues
Performer: Cedar Walton

04 Orchestre National de Jazz (artist)
Heart Racing, Racing Heart
Performer: Orchestre National de Jazz

05 The Creole Choir of Cuba (artist)
Performer: The Creole Choir of Cuba

06 Denys Baptiste (artist)
The Kracken
Performer: Denys Baptiste

07 Terence Blanchard Group (artist)
Him Or Me
Performer: Terence Blanchard Group

08 Lambert, Hendricks & Ross (artist)
Performer: Lambert, Hendricks & Ross

09 Brad Mehldau (artist)
Performer: Brad Mehldau

10 Gary Burton (artist)
Performer: Gary Burton

11 Sonny Rollins (artist)
Old Devil Moon
Performer: Sonny Rollins


MON 01:00 Through the Night (b00vf5gh)

MON 07:00 Breakfast (b00vf5gk)
Monday - Sara Mohr-Pietsch

01 00:02:00 Gabriel Fauré
Cantique de Jean Racine

02 00:08:00 Biagio Marini
Passacaglia in g minor Op 22

03 00:16:00
Johann Strauss II - Roses from the South

04 00:25:00 Johann Sebastian Bach
Cello Suite No 1 in G major: Prelude

05 00:30:00 Alexander Borodin (artist)
Petite Suite: Finale
Performer: Alexander Borodin

06 00:39:00 Claudio Monteverdi
Vespers of 1610: Nisi Dominus

07 00:43:00 Maurice Ravel
Pavane pour une infante défunte

08 00:51:00 John Turner-Geoffrey Parsons/Charles Chaplain (artist)
Performer: John Turner-Geoffrey Parsons/Charles Chaplain

09 00:57:00 Ludwig van Beethoven
Turkish march (Ruins of Athens Incidental Music)

10 01:03:00 Johann Sebastian Bach
Cantata 215 (opening chorus) "Preise dein Glücke, gesegnetes Sachsen"

11 01:11:00 Gabriel Fauré
Impromptu No. 3 Op 34 in A flat major

12 01:16:00 Franz Liszt
Mephisto Waltz No 1

13 01:27:00 Franchois Lebertoul (artist)
Las, que me demanderoye
Performer: Franchois Lebertoul

14 01:32:00 Sergey Rachmaninov
Prelude in G minor Op 23 No. 5

15 01:37:00 Malcolm Arnold
Suite from "David Copperfield"

16 01:48:00 Giuseppe Verdi
Il Trovatore: Ah! si, ben mio

17 01:53:00 Joseph Haydn
Symphony No. 6 in D major "Le Matin": Adagio

18 02:01:00 George Gershwin
Rialto Ripples

19 02:04:00 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Horn Concerto No. 3 in E flat major K447

20 02:19:00 Joseph Canteloube
Trois Bourrées (Songs of the Auvergne)

21 02:28:00 Conlon Nancarrow
Study No. 6 for Player Piano

22 02:33:00 Dieterich Buxtehude
Sonata in F major Bux WV 252

23 02:43:00 Gustav Holst
The Planets: Uranus, the Magician

24 02:50:00 George Frideric Handel
Serse: Ombra mai fu

25 02:54:00 Franz Schubert
Auf dem Wasser zu singen

MON 10:00 Classical Collection (b00vf5gm)
Monday - Sarah Walker

MON 12:00 Composer of the Week (b00vr9fl)
Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)
The Father of the Symphony

01 Joseph Haydn
Allegro from 'London' Trio No. 3 in C (HobIV/3)

02 Joseph Haydn
Concerto for Cello and Orchestra No. 1 in C (HobVIIb/1)

03 Joseph Haydn
Symphony No. 101, 'Clock' in D

MON 13:00 Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert (b00vf5gp)
The Emerson Quartet

MON 14:00 Afternoon Concert (b00vf5gr)
Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra
Episode 1

MON 17:00 In Tune (b00vf5gt)

01 00:01:00 Dmitry Shostakovich
Symphony No.10, 2nd movement
Duration 00:04:03

02 00:06:00 Richard Strauss
Radezky March
Duration 00:03:03

03 00:10:00 Tobias Picker (artist)
Awakenings, extract
Performer: Tobias Picker
Duration 00:00:56

04 00:19:00 Tobias Picker (artist)
Awakenings, slow movement
Performer: Tobias Picker
Duration 00:04:08

05 00:30:00 Tobias Picker (artist)
Awakenings, ending section
Performer: Tobias Picker
Duration 00:01:31

06 00:33:00 Giuseppe Verdi
Don Carlo: Ah! più non vedrò la Regina! O don fatale, o don crudel
Duration 00:05:07

07 00:44:00 Giuseppe Verdi
Macbeth, Act 2 – Gran scena del sonnambulismo: 'Vegliammo invan due notti'
Duration 00:13:08

08 01:01:00 Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (artist)
Waltz of the Flowers from The Nutcracker
Performer: Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Duration 00:06:50

09 01:09:00 Johannes Brahms
Piano Quintet in F minor Op. 34
Duration 00:07:15

10 01:24:00 Johannes Brahms
String Quartet in A minor, Op. 51 No. 2, last movement
Duration 00:06:35

11 01:36:00 Franz Schubert
String Quartet No. 14, 'Death and the Maiden', 2nd movement
Duration 00:12:19

12 01:50:00 Matteis (artist)
Performer: Matteis
Duration 00:07:02

MON 19:00 Performance on 3 (b00vf5gw)
Northern Sinfonia - Ives, Mendelssohn, Tchaikovsky

MON 21:15 Night Waves (b00vf5gy)
Free Thinking 2010
Philosopher Angie Hobbs on Heroes

MON 22:00 Composer of the Week (b00vr9fl)
[Repeat of broadcast at 12:00 today]

MON 23:00 The Essay (b00vrb76)
New Histories of the North East
Old Religion, New Ideas

MON 23:15 Jazz on 3 (b00vf5h0)
Finn Peters Music of the Mind and Eugene Chadbourne Session

01 Chris Potter (artist)
Performer: Chris Potter


Line up: Finn Peters (Flute/Sax), Tom Skinner (Drums, Electronics), Oren Marshall (Tuba), Lewis Wright (Vibes/Percussion), Matthew Yee King (Computers)

04 Finn Peters (artist)
Performer: Finn Peters

05 Finn Peters (artist)
Performer: Finn Peters

06 Finn Peters (artist)
Performer: Finn Peters

07 Finn Peters (artist)
Performer: Finn Peters

08 Finn Peters (artist)
Sleep Music 1
Performer: Finn Peters

09 Finn Peters (artist)
Popcorn Brain
Performer: Finn Peters

Line up: Eugene Chadbourne (bango & vocals), Roger Turner (percussion)

11 Eugene Chadbourne & Roger Turner (artist)
Easier Said Than Done
Performer: Eugene Chadbourne & Roger Turner

12 Eugene Chadbourne & Roger Turner (artist)
The Old Piano
Performer: Eugene Chadbourne & Roger Turner

13 Eugene Chadbourne & Roger Turner (artist)
Tennessee Fox Hunt
Performer: Eugene Chadbourne & Roger Turner


TUE 01:00 Through the Night (b00vf5jt)

TUE 07:00 Breakfast (b00vf5jw)
Tuesday - Sara Mohr-Pietsch

01 00:03:00 Gioachino Rossini
L'inganno felice- overture

02 00:10:00 Francis Poulenc
Salve regina

03 00:15:00 Franz Liszt
Les Jeux d'eau a la Villa d'Este (annees de pelerinages 3rd book, no.4)

04 00:23:00 Ottorino Respighi
La Primavera (Trittico botticelliano)

05 00:31:00 John Adams
Short ride in a fast machine

06 00:37:00 Antonio Vivaldi
Oboe Concerto RV454

07 00:46:00 Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka
Cavatina and Rondo from Act I, A life for the Tsar

08 00:52:00 Domenico Scarlatti
Sonatas K425; 454

09 01:03:00 Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
The Nutcracker (Act 2) Trépak

10 01:06:00 Franz Schubert
Variations on an original theme in A flat major D813 (excerpt)

11 01:10:00 Dmitry Shostakovich
Symphony No. 10: 2nd movement

12 01:14:00 Antonio Caldara
La Clemenza di Tito: Opprimete i contumaci

13 01:18:00 Frank Bridge
Piano Quintet in D minor H49a: final movement

14 01:25:00 Strauss / Strauss / Shostakovich (artist)
Unter Donna und Blitz
Performer: Strauss / Strauss / Shostakovich

15 01:31:00 Heitor Villa‐Lobos
A Gato e o rato

16 01:34:00 Henry Purcell
Blow up the trumpet in Sion

17 01:41:00 Jean Sibelius
Humoresque No. 5 in E flat Op 89 No. 3

18 01:46:00 Ludwig van Beethoven
12 Variations on Ein Madchen oder Weibchen from Die Zauberflote Op 66

19 01:56:00 Dmitry Shostakovich
Polka for string quartet

20 02:00:00 Antonín Dvořák
Scherzo capriccioso

21 02:14:00 Anton Bruckner
Intermezzo in D minor

22 02:19:00 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Concert Rondo KV382

23 02:28:00 Johann Sebastian Bach
Fugue BWV846

24 02:30:00 Dmitry Shostakovich
Fugue Op 87 No. 1

25 02:34:00 Jacques Ibert

26 02:42:00 Franz Schubert
Winterreise: Fruhlingstraum

27 02:49:00 Aram Khachaturian
Gayane Suite No.1: Dance of the Girls

28 02:52:00 Johann Sebastian Bach
Concerto No. 13 in C major after Duke Johann Ernst BWV 984

TUE 10:00 Classical Collection (b00vf5jy)
Tuesday - Sarah Walker

TUE 12:00 Composer of the Week (b00vrb7s)
Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)

01 Joseph Haydn
Adagio – Allegro from Symphony No. 6 in D major "Le Matin"

02 Joseph Haydn
String Quartet Op. 64 No. 2 (HobIII/64) in B minor

03 Joseph Haydn
Symphony No. 83, 'La Poule' in G minor

TUE 13:00 Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert (b00vf5k0)
Barber Centenary Series
Leon McCawley

TUE 14:00 Afternoon Concert (b00vf5k2)
Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra
Episode 2

TUE 17:00 In Tune (b00vf5k4)

01 Muzio Clementi
Sonata in G, Op.40/1 (4th movement)
Duration 00:05:08

02 00:06:00 Victor Young / Ned Washington (artist)
My foolish heart
Performer: Victor Young / Ned Washington
Duration 00:04:40

03 00:16:00
Jacqueline Dankworth & John Dankworth - The man
Duration 00:02:51

04 00:23:00 Jacqui Dankworth (artist)
Sweet devotion
Performer: Jacqui Dankworth
Duration 00:04:30

05 00:29:00 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Violin Sonata in C, K.303
Duration 00:09:35

06 00:39:00 Sergei Prokofiev
The Ugly Duckling
Duration 00:12:23

07 00:53:00 Giacomo Puccini
Tre sbirri, una carrozza (from Act 1, Tosca)
Duration 00:04:13

08 01:01:00 Ralph Vaughan Williams
The Poisoned Kiss (overture)
Duration 00:06:50

09 01:09:00 Camille Saint‐Saëns
Piano Concerto No.2 in G minor (2nd movement)
Duration 00:05:43

10 01:20:00 Jacob Rosenhain (artist)
Concerto in D minor, Op.73 (2nd movement)
Performer: Jacob Rosenhain
Duration 00:06:44

11 01:33:00 Muzio Clementi
Sonata in D, Op.25/6 (3rd movement)
Duration 00:03:39

12 01:37:00 Ivor Gurney (artist)
Five Elizabeth Songs ("Tears" and "Under the greenwood tree")
Performer: Ivor Gurney
Duration 00:04:38

13 01:42:00 Maurice Ravel
Duration 00:10:15

14 01:53:00 Henry Purcell
Suite No. 1 in G major, Z.660
Duration 00:03:57

TUE 19:00 Performance on 3 (b00vf5k6)
Philharmonia - Sibelius, Grieg, Rachmaninov

TUE 21:15 Night Waves (b00vf5k8)
Free Thinking 2010
Comedy or Tragedy

TUE 22:00 Composer of the Week (b00vrb7s)
[Repeat of broadcast at 12:00 today]

TUE 23:00 The Essay (b00vrb7v)
New Histories of the North East
Earl Grey and the Promise of Reform

TUE 23:15 Late Junction (b00vf5kb)
Fiona Talkington

01 Tükrös Zenekar (artist)
Magyarpalatkai menyassonykíséro, czárdás és suru czárdás (featuring Éva Korpás)
Performer: Tükrös Zenekar

02 00:08:00 Bellowhead (artist)
Captain Wedderburn
Performer: Bellowhead

03 00:14:00 Master Musicians of Tanzania (artist)
Performer: Master Musicians of Tanzania

04 00:19:00 Meredith Monk

05 00:29:00 Musicians from South of Dar es Salam, Tanzania (artist)
Marimba (recorded by David Fanshawe)
Performer: Musicians from South of Dar es Salam, Tanzania

06 00:33:00 Jouko Kyhälä with Abdissa Assefa (artist)
Performer: Jouko Kyhälä with Abdissa Assefa

07 00:39:00 Finn Peters (artist)
Performer: Finn Peters

08 00:45:00 Weekend Guitar Trio (artist)
Coco Inca
Performer: Weekend Guitar Trio

09 00:49:00 Ayah Marar (artist)
La Carpinese (Tarantella)
Performer: Ayah Marar

10 00:54:00 Alain Johannes (artist)
Performer: Alain Johannes

11 00:57:00 Traditional Romanian (artist)
Calusari no.22
Performer: Traditional Romanian

12 01:01:00 Stephan Micus (artist)
Performer: Stephan Micus

13 01:05:00 Brian Eno (artist)
Emerald and Lime (feat. Jon Hopkins & Leo Abrahams)
Performer: Brian Eno

14 01:08:00 Prímás Parade (artist)
Harom szeki dal
Performer: Prímás Parade

15 01:15:00 Kalman Balogh & Miklos Lukács (artist)
Román forgatós
Performer: Kalman Balogh & Miklos Lukács

16 01:23:00 Michael Nyman
Yellow Beach

17 01:30:00 The Tsinandali Choir (artist)
Performer: The Tsinandali Choir

18 01:36:00 Odd Sylvarnes Lund (artist)
Langurlåt fr Vik I Sogn
Performer: Odd Sylvarnes Lund

19 01:38:00 Finn Peters (artist)
Sleep Music 2
Performer: Finn Peters


WED 01:00 Through the Night (b00vf648)

WED 07:00 Breakfast (b00vf64b)
Wednesday - Sara Mohr-Pietsch

01 00:02:00 Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (artist)
Polonaise from Eugene Onegin
Performer: Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky

02 00:08:00 Franz Schubert
Die Schöne Müllerin: Morgengrus

03 00:13:00 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
String Quartet KV155

04 00:23:00 Johann Sebastian Bach
Nun komm der Heiden Heiland (chorale prelude)

05 00:31:00 Thomas Arne
Overture No. 3 in G major

06 00:37:00 James Rhodes (artist)
Pour les degrees chromatiques from Book 2 of the Studies for piano
Performer: James Rhodes

07 00:39:00 Johannes Brahms
Hungarian Dance No. 6 in D major

08 00:43:00 Gabriel Fauré
Elegie, Op 24

09 00:52:00 Joseph Haydn
The Creation, The Fifth Day: "Most beautiful appear, with verdure young adorn'd" – "The Lo

10 01:03:00 Emil Nikolaus von Reznicek
Donna Diana – overture

11 01:09:00 Ludwig van Beethoven
Romance for violin and orchestra No. 1 in G major

12 01:17:00 Claudio Monteverdi
Zefiro torna

13 01:24:00 Francis Poulenc
Figure Humaine: Liberte

14 01:33:00
Alexis Emmanuel Chabrier - Joyeuse marche

15 01:35:00 Edward Elgar
Sea Pictures: Sea Slumber Song

16 01:41:00 Franz Schubert
Fantasie in F minor for piano duet D.940

17 02:01:00 George Frideric Handel
The King Shall Rejoice

18 02:12:00 Giacomo Puccini

19 02:18:00 Dieterich Buxtehude
Toccata in D minor

20 02:26:00 Johann Sebastian Bach
Trio sonata No. 2 in E minor BWV 526 (originally C minor, organ)

21 02:38:00 Franz Liszt
Paganini Etude No. 3 in A minor: La Campanella

22 02:42:00 George Gershwin
Rhapsody in Blue (piano and jazz band

WED 10:00 Classical Collection (b00vf64d)
Wednesday - Sarah Walker

WED 12:00 Composer of the Week (b00vrb8t)
Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)
In the Name of the Lord

01 Joseph Haydn
The Seven Last Words of our Saviour on the Cross – Il Terremoto

02 Joseph Haydn
Te Deum for the Empress Marie Therese in C for chorus, orchestra and organ

03 Joseph Haydn
Sonata for Keyboard No. 20 in C minor (HobXVI/20)

04 Joseph Haydn
Symphony No. 30 in C major, 'Alleluja'

WED 13:00 Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert (b00vf64g)
Barber Centenary Series
Hakan Vramsmo, Gary Matthewman

WED 14:00 Afternoon Concert (b00vf64j)
Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra
Episode 3

WED 16:00 Choral Evensong (b00vf64l)

WED 17:00 In Tune (b00vf64n)

01 00:01:00 Georg Philipp Telemann
Suite in D for 2 trumpets, kettledrums, strings and caontinuo TWV 55 D:18
Duration 00:03:52

02 00:06:00 Michael Tippett
A Spiritual of Anger: Go Down, Moses from A Child of Our Time
Duration 00:02:49

03 00:09:00
Joaquín Rodrigo - 1st mvt: Allegro con spirito from Concierto de Aranjuez
Duration 00:06:08

04 00:19:00 Isaac Albéniz
Capricho Catalan from Suite Espana, Seis Hojas de Album, Op 165
Duration 00:04:02

05 00:27:00
Joaquín Rodrigo - Invocation and Dance
Duration 00:07:11

06 00:35:00 Johann Sebastian Bach
Wer sich selbst erhohet, der soll erniedriget warden BWV 47 Opening Chorus
Duration 00:05:13

07 00:41:00 Edward Elgar
Meditation from The Light of Life
Duration 00:07:22

08 00:50:00 Ruggero Leoncavallo
Vesti la giubba from Leoncavallo
Duration 00:03:42

09 01:01:00 David Arnold
A Grand Grand Overture
Duration 00:07:12

10 01:09:00 Anon. (artist)
Antiphon: Ubi caritas preceeded by Annunciation bells.
Performer: Anon.
Duration 00:04:01

11 01:14:00 Franz Schubert
Auf der Donnau
Duration 00:02:49

12 01:21:00
Hugo Wolf - Grenzen der Menschheit
Duration 00:05:48

13 01:33:00 Charles Ives
In Flanders Fields
Duration 00:02:10

14 01:35:00 Emin Khachaturian (artist)
Adagio of Spartacus and Phrygia from Spartacus
Performer: Emin Khachaturian
Duration 00:09:49

15 01:46:00 Ayah Marar (artist)
Maria (sopra la Carpinese) – La Visione
Performer: Ayah Marar
Duration 00:05:22

16 01:53:00 Samuel Barber
Excursions Op 20: Nos 3&4
Duration 00:04:41

WED 19:00 Performance on 3 (b00vf64q)
Jonas Kaufmann - Die Schone Mullerin

WED 21:15 Night Waves (b00vf64s)
Free Thinking 2010
Can the Government Make You Happy?

WED 22:00 Composer of the Week (b00vrb8t)
[Repeat of broadcast at 12:00 today]

WED 23:00 The Essay (b00vrb8w)
New Histories of the North East
Hadrian's Wall - Across the Divide

WED 23:15 Late Junction (b00vf64v)
Fiona Talkington

01 Ream Daranoi (artist)
Fai Yen ('Cold Fire')
Performer: Ream Daranoi

02 00:05:00 Meredith Monk

03 00:06:00 Oren Marshall (artist)
Performer: Oren Marshall

04 00:17:00 Kalman Balogh & Miklos Lukács (artist)
Calusul for Two
Performer: Kalman Balogh & Miklos Lukács

05 00:22:00 Sigrid Moldestad (artist)
En raud raud rose
Performer: Sigrid Moldestad

06 00:25:00 Mats Eilertsen (artist)
Performer: Mats Eilertsen

07 00:28:00 anne lebaron (artist)
Funeral Bells for Harry Partch
Performer: anne lebaron

08 00:37:00 György Kurtág
Duo for violin and cimbalom no.4

09 00:38:00 Enno Poppe (artist)
Untroubled, wide awake and calm from Interzone
Performer: Enno Poppe

10 00:42:00 Antony and the Johnsons (artist)
Performer: Antony and the Johnsons

11 00:48:00 Giuseppe Verdi
Pater Noster

12 00:55:00 Trygve Seim & Andreas Utnem (artist)
Performer: Trygve Seim & Andreas Utnem

13 00:58:00 Maroa (artist)
La Soledad
Performer: Maroa

14 01:02:00 Mandingo Y Su Familia (artist)
Culo é pulla
Performer: Mandingo Y Su Familia

15 01:06:00 The Incredible String Band (artist)
Performer: The Incredible String Band

16 01:11:00 Washington Phillips (artist)
Lift him up that's all
Performer: Washington Phillips

17 01:15:00 Stephan Micus (artist)
Winter Dance
Performer: Stephan Micus

18 01:20:00 Antony and the Johnsons (artist)
The Great White Ocean
Performer: Antony and the Johnsons

19 01:25:00
Andrew Cronshaw & Tigran Aleksanyan - She Sleeps

20 01:29:00 Scanner (artist)
Raso, Trona, Rosa
Performer: Scanner


THU 01:00 Through the Night (b00vf9yy)

THU 07:00 Breakfast (b00vfb0c)
Thursday - Sara Mohr-Pietsch

01 00:02:00 James Rhodes (artist)
Images oubliees No. 3: Tres vite
Performer: James Rhodes

02 00:07:00 William Byrd
Cantiones sacrae No.18: Cantate Domino

03 00:09:00 Alexander Borodin (artist)
Polovtsian Dances from Prince Igor
Performer: Alexander Borodin

04 00:22:00 Johann Sebastian Bach
Sarabande from French Suite No. 5 in G BWV 816

05 00:31:00 Franz Schubert
Rosamunde - ballet

06 00:37:00
Hugo Wolf - Auf eine Christblume I (Tochter des Walds): Möricke-Lieder (no.20)

07 00:41:00 Joseph Haydn
Symphony No. 1

08 01:03:00 Enrique Granados
Spanish Dance, Op 37 No. 5 "Andaluza"

09 01:08:00 Antonio Vivaldi
La Tempesta di Mare: violin concerto in E flat, Op 8 No. 5 RV 253

10 01:17:00 Ludwig van Beethoven
Creatures of Prometheus - overture

11 01:22:00 Brad Mehldau (artist)
Performer: Brad Mehldau

12 01:31:00 George Frideric Handel
No, di voi non vo' fidarmi

13 01:39:00 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Adagio in F major K580a

14 01:44:00 Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (artist)
The Voyevoda
Performer: Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky

15 01:56:00 John Sheppard (artist)
In manus tuas II
Performer: John Sheppard

16 02:01:00 Johann Sebastian Bach
Brandenburg Concerto No.3

17 02:14:00 Igor Stravinsky
Scherzo a la Russe (symphonic version)

18 02:19:00 Ludwig van Beethoven
Sonata for violin and piano No. 4 in A minor Op 23

19 02:36:00 Jean‐Philippe Rameau
Les Indes Galantes – overture

20 02:40:00 John Adams
China Gates

21 02:46:00 Johannes Brahms
Academic Festival Overture

22 02:57:00 The Creole Choir of Cuba (artist)
Se Lavi
Performer: The Creole Choir of Cuba

THU 10:00 Classical Collection (b00vfb0f)
Sarah Walker

THU 12:00 Composer of the Week (b00vrb9g)
Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)
The Shakespeare of Music

01 Joseph Haydn
Finale: Vivace from 'London' Trio No. 1 in C (HobIV/1)

02 Joseph Haydn
Kyrie from Mass No. 11 in D minor, 'Nelson Mass' (HobXXII/11)

03 Joseph Haydn
Keyboard Trio No. 25, 'Gypsy Trio' (HobXV/25) in G

04 Joseph Haydn
Symphony No. 104, 'London' in D

THU 13:00 Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert (b00vfb0h)
Barber Centenary Series
Paul Watkins, Huw Watkins

THU 14:00 Afternoon Concert (b00vfb0k)
Thursday Opera Matinee
Rameau - Les Indes galanates

THU 17:00 In Tune (b00vfb0m)
Thursday - Petroc Trelawny

01 Gabriel Fauré (artist)
Agnus Dei (from Requiem)
Performer: Gabriel Fauré
Duration 00:05:40

02 00:06:00 Andy Sheppard (artist)
Performer: Andy Sheppard
Duration 00:05:55

03 00:13:00 Francesco Cilea
Io son l'umile ancella (Adriana Lecouvreur, Act 1)
Duration 00:02:50

04 00:22:00 Francesco Cilea
La dolcissima effigie (Adriana Lecouvreur, Act 1)
Duration 00:02:09

05 00:32:00 Francesco Cilea
No, la mia fronte (Adriana Lecouvreur, Act 4)
Duration 00:05:20

06 00:38:00 George Gershwin
Brazilian Dance & Tango (from Improvisation on 'Someone to Watch Over Me')
Duration 00:06:41

07 00:45:00 Franz Schubert
Concerto for violin and orchestra in D major
Duration 00:10:32

08 01:01:00 Andy Sheppard (artist)
Les Mains d'Alice
Performer: Andy Sheppard
Duration 00:03:15

09 01:04:00 Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (artist)
Symphony No.6 'Pathetique' – 3rd movement
Performer: Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Duration 00:08:40

10 01:14:00 Kurt Weill
The Ballad of Mac the Knife
Duration 00:03:03

11 01:23:00 John Parricelli (artist)
Performer: John Parricelli
Duration 00:04:21

12 01:33:00 Andy Sheppard (artist)
Les Mains d'Alice
Performer: Andy Sheppard
Duration 00:04:31

13 01:38:00 Pietro Locatelli
Sonata in A (Op.8 No.10)
Duration 00:10:06

14 01:53:00 Edward Elgar
Three Characteristic Pieces, Op. 10 No.1 – Mazurka
Duration 00:03:10

15 01:53:00 George Butterworth
Is my team ploughing?
Duration 00:03:40

THU 19:00 Performance on 3 (b00vfb0p)
City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra 90th Birthday

THU 21:15 Night Waves (b00vfb0r)
Free Thinking 2010
What Acting Can Teach You in Life

THU 22:00 Composer of the Week (b00vrb9g)
[Repeat of broadcast at 12:00 today]

THU 23:00 The Essay (b00vrb9j)
New Histories of the North East
Inheritance Tracks

THU 23:15 Late Junction (b00vfb0t)
Fiona Talkington

01 Kenneth Benfield (artist)
Golden Slippers
Performer: Kenneth Benfield

02 00:03:00 Matthew Herbert (artist)
One life
Performer: Matthew Herbert

03 00:08:00 Brian Eno (artist)
Complex Heaven (feat. Jon Hopkins & Leo Abrahams)
Performer: Brian Eno

04 00:12:00
Ballaké Sissoko & Vincent Ségal - Oscarine

05 00:18:00 Trygve Seim & Andreas Utnem (artist)
Performer: Trygve Seim & Andreas Utnem

06 00:23:00 Tükrös Zenekar (artist)
Kakukktojás – kolozsi legényes, csárdás és sebes (Dances from Kolozs)
Performer: Tükrös Zenekar

07 00:31:00 Cheo Hurtado (artist)
El Prisionero
Performer: Cheo Hurtado

08 00:35:00 AfroCubism (artist)
Mali Cuba
Performer: AfroCubism

09 00:40:00 Mamukueno (artist)
Rei do Palhetinho
Performer: Mamukueno

10 00:44:00 Tenores di Bitti "Mialinu Pira" (artist)
Performer: Tenores di Bitti "Mialinu Pira"

11 00:47:00 Paolo Angeli & Hamid Drake (artist)
Performer: Paolo Angeli & Hamid Drake

12 01:08:00 Roscoe Holcomb (artist)
I am a man of constant sorrow
Performer: Roscoe Holcomb

13 01:11:00 Roscoe Holcomb (artist)
Combs Hotel burned down
Performer: Roscoe Holcomb

14 01:13:00 Cheo Hurtado (artist)
Registro del pajarillo I
Performer: Cheo Hurtado

15 01:18:00 Puma (artist)
Bison Woven
Performer: Puma

16 01:23:00 Olivier Messiaen
Apparition de l'eglise eternelle

17 01:33:00 Aleksandr Kastalsky (artist)
Radiant Light
Performer: Aleksandr Kastalsky

18 01:37:00 Scanner & the Post Modern Jazz Quartet (artist)
Cuts and Shadows / Shadow Splice
Performer: Scanner & the Post Modern Jazz Quartet


FRI 01:00 Through the Night (b00vfb1n)

FRI 07:00 Breakfast (b00vfb1q)
Friday - Sara Mohr-Pietsch

01 00:03:00 Manuel de Falla
Ritual Fire Dance from El amor brujo

02 00:07:00 Joseph Haydn
Variations in G on Gott erhalte

03 00:13:00 Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka
Waltz Fantasia

04 00:22:00 Alessandro Scarlatti
Cara Tomba from Mitridate

05 00:31:00 Camille Saint‐Saëns
The Swan from Carnival of the Animals

06 00:35:00 Johann Sebastian Bach
Ricercata No. 2 from A Musical Offering

07 00:42:00 Richard Strauss
Serenade in Eb Op 7 for winds

08 00:54:00 Anon (artist)
Performer: Anon

09 01:03:00 George Gershwin
Selections from Girl Crazy

10 01:10:00 Felix Mendelssohn
Verlieh uns frieden

11 01:16:00
Frédéric Chopin - Waltz in Ab, Op 34 No. 1

12 01:22:00 Gioachino Rossini
Serbami ognor from Semiramide

13 01:31:00 Johann Pachelbel
Jauchzet dem Herrn

14 01:38:00
Richard Wagner - Lohengrin: Prelude to Act 1

15 01:48:00 James Rhodes (artist)
Toccata from Pour le piano
Performer: James Rhodes

16 01:52:00 Joseph Haydn
Quartet in G minor, Op 20 No. 3: last movement – Allegro di molto

17 02:04:00 George Frideric Handel
Concerto Grosso in B minor Op 6 No. 12

18 02:11:00 Robert Farnon (artist)
Portrait of a Flirt
Performer: Robert Farnon

19 02:15:00 Johann Sebastian Bach
Sarabande from BWV1012

20 02:19:00 Johannes Brahms
Tragic Overture

21 02:35:00 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Rondo for violin and orchestra in Bb K269

22 02:43:00 Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (artist)
1812 Overture
Performer: Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky

FRI 10:00 Classical Collection (b00vfb1s)
Friday - Sarah Walker

FRI 12:00 Composer of the Week (b00vrbbp)
Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)
Long Live Papa Haydn

01 Joseph Haydn
Divertimento in C major Hob. II:11 'Der Geburtstag' – 1. Presto

02 Joseph Haydn
The Seasons – Der Frühling (Spring)

03 Joseph Haydn
Symphony No. 94 in G major, "Surprise"

FRI 13:00 Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert (b00vfb1v)
Barber Centenary Series
The Heath Quartet

FRI 14:00 Afternoon Concert (b00vfb1x)
Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra
Episode 4

FRI 17:00 In Tune (b00vfb1z)

01 00:01:00 Henryk Mikołaj Górecki
Wislo Moja, Wislo Szara
Duration 00:04:20

02 00:11:00 Johann Sebastian Bach
Trio Sonata BWV 527 D Minor (1st movement)
Duration 00:03:38

03 00:15:00 Leonard Bernstein
Something's Coming (L. Bernstein arr. McCormack)
Duration 00:06:15

04 00:27:00 Andrew McCormack (artist)
Performer: Andrew McCormack
Duration 00:04:58

05 00:38:00 Jason Yarde (artist)
Thank You 4 2Day/Dark 2 Bright
Performer: Jason Yarde
Duration 00:06:21

06 00:47:00
Richard Wagner - Venusberg ballet scene (L'istesso tempo – Molto moderato)
Duration 00:10:35

07 01:01:00 Henryk Mikołaj Górecki
Symphony No. 3 (2nd movement)
Duration 00:09:20

08 01:22:00 Henryk Mikołaj Górecki
String Quartet No. 3, Op. 67 (4th movement extract)
Duration 00:04:38

FRI 18:30 Performance on 3 (b00vrbbr)
RSNO - Saariaho, Rachmaninov, Nielsen

FRI 20:30 The Verb (b00vfb21)
Free Thinking 2010
The Verb at Free Thinking

FRI 21:15 Composer of the Week (b00vrbbp)
[Repeat of broadcast at 12:00 today]

FRI 22:15 The Essay (b00vrbbt)
New Histories of the North East
A Landscape for Everyman

FRI 22:30 Jazz on 3 (b00vrbbw)
London Jazz Festival 2010
Live from Ronnie Scott's

Line up: Yussef Dayes (drums), Wayne Francis (sax and vocals), Kareem Dayes (bass and vocals), Ahmad Dayes (trombone and vocals)

02 United Vibrations (artist)
Oh What Giant Steps
Performer: United Vibrations

03 United Vibrations (artist)
My Way
Performer: United Vibrations

04 United Vibrations (artist)
No Space No Time
Performer: United Vibrations

05 Geri Allen (artist)
Feed the Fire
Performer: Geri Allen

Line up: Chris Potter (saxophone), Adam Rogers (guitar), Scott Colley (bass), Nate Smith (drums)

07 Chris Potter (artist)
Small Wonder
Performer: Chris Potter

08 Chris Potter (artist)
Performer: Chris Potter

09 Herbie Hancock (artist)
Space Captain
Performer: Herbie Hancock

Line up: Colin Stetson (saxophone)

11 Colin Stetson (artist)
Performer: Colin Stetson

12 Colin Stetson (artist)
The Righteous Wrath of and Honorable Man
Performer: Colin Stetson

13 The Bad Plus (artist)
Anthem for Earnest
Performer: The Bad Plus

14 Soweto Kinch (artist)
Good Nooyz
Performer: Soweto Kinch

Line up: Damion Francois (tuba), Derrick Moss (bass drum), Erion Williams (saxophone), Lumar LeBlanc (snare drum), Marcus Hubbard (trumpet), Corey Payton (trombone), Julian Omari Gosin (trumpet)

16 Soul Rebel Brass Band (artist)
Performer: Soul Rebel Brass Band

17 Soul Rebel Brass Band (artist)
Performer: Soul Rebel Brass Band

18 Soul Rebel Brass Band (artist)
Performer: Soul Rebel Brass Band

19 The Trio (artist)
Green Walnut
Performer: The Trio

Line up: Gretchen Parlato (vocals), Aaron Parks (piano), Otis Brown III (drums), Alan Hampton (bass)

21 Gretchen Parlato (artist)
Performer: Gretchen Parlato

22 Gretchen Parlato (artist)
Performer: Gretchen Parlato

23 Gretchen Parlato (artist)
I Can't Help It
Performer: Gretchen Parlato