The BBC has announced that it has a sustainable plan for the future of the BBC Singers, in association with The VOCES8 Foundation.
The threat to reduce the staff of the three English orchestras by 20% has not been lifted, but it is being reconsidered.
See the BBC press release here.

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SAT 01:00 Through the Night (b00tqhnm)

SAT 07:00 Breakfast (b00trz8z)
Saturday - Louise Fryer

01 00:03:00 Vittorio Monti

02 00:08:00 Johann Sebastian Bach
Harpsichord Concerto in F minor, BWV 1056

03 00:18:00 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Deh vieni alla finestra (from Don Giovani)

04 00:21:00 Ernesto Lecuona (artist)
Suite Andalucia: Gitanerías; Malagueña; Córdba
Performer: Ernesto Lecuona

05 00:32:00 John Tavener
Two Hymns to the Mother of God

06 00:42:00 Francis Poulenc
Suite Française

07 00:54:00 Astor Piazzolla
Otoño Porteño

08 01:03:00 Felix Mendelssohn
Scherzo from A Midsummer Night's Dream (trans. Rachmaninov)

09 01:08:00 Georg Philipp Telemann
"Corellisierende" Sonata in F major

10 01:16:00 Sigurd von Koch (artist)
In the Month Tjaitra; Of Lotus scent and moonlight
Performer: Sigurd von Koch

11 01:22:00 William Walton
Battle of Britain Suite

12 01:34:00 Henry Purcell
Suite in C (compiled by Crispian Steele-Perkins)

13 01:42:00 Zoltán Kodály
Romance Lyrique

14 01:47:00 Joseph Haydn
Insanae et vanae curae, Hob XXI No 13c

15 01:54:00 Igor Stravinsky
The Firebird (final scene)

16 01:57:00 Frank Bridge
En Fête (from Vignettes de Marseille)

SAT 09:00 CD Review (b00trzbx)
Building a Library: Sibelius: Symphony No 7

SAT 12:15 Music Matters (b00trzc3)
Nino Rota, Niobe, Richard Egarr on the Bachs

SAT 13:00 The Early Music Show (b00trzcf)
Edinburgh Festival 2010: Florilegium

01 Anon. (artist)
Sonata Chiquitanas XVIII
Performer: Anon.

02 Anon. (artist)
Caîma, lyaî Jesus
Performer: Anon.

03 Juan de Araujo
Si el amor

04 Anon. (artist)
Pastoreta Ychepe Flauta (recorder concerto)
Performer: Anon.

05 Anon. (artist)
Sonata Chiquitanas IV
Performer: Anon.

06 Domenico Zipoli
Beatus Vir

07 Anon. (artist)
Don Juanario
Performer: Anon.

SAT 14:00 Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert (b00tp8vj)
Alina Ibragimova, Cedric Tiberghien

SAT 15:00 World Routes (b00qzrv4)
An Appalachian Road Trip
Music from Georgia

Bonnie and Mary
Banning Eyre is in the Northern part of Georgia near the ‘Caroliners’. He meets octogenarian sisters Bonnie and Mary who tell of a life singing traditional songs, many learnt from their father.
Duration 00:06:18

02 00:00:59 Gid Tanner & His Skillet Lickers (artist)
"A Corn Liquor Still in Georgia" (Excerpt)
Performer: Gid Tanner & His Skillet Lickers
Duration 00:00:18

03 00:03:20 Mary Lomax (artist)
The Drowsy Sleeper
Performer: Mary Lomax
Duration 00:02:59

04 00:06:19
Mary Lomax
Mary Lomax tells Banning how she only started singing in public after she was 80. She explains how it never bothered her by focusing on the music. She sings an old hymn, The Way Faring Stranger.
Duration 00:04:23

05 00:07:19 Mary Lomax (artist)
The Wayfaring Stranger
Performer: Mary Lomax
Duration 00:03:23

06 00:10:43
Music of North Georgia
Art Rosenbaum documents traditional American music. He explains the uniqueness of music in North Georgia and lifestyle stories of the ‘golden age’ singers who performed there over two centuries ago.
Duration 00:07:59

07 00:16:31 Art Rosenbaum (artist)
Shout, Lulu
Performer: Art Rosenbaum
Duration 00:02:10

08 00:18:43
The Myers family
The Myers family explain how they continue the 200 year old family music tradition, despite a recent tragedy with the death of two of their sisters. They describe how music filled their farming life.
Duration 00:10:10

09 00:19:21 Ed Teague (artist)
Cumberland Gap
Performer: Ed Teague
Duration 00:01:04

10 00:20:26 The Myers Family and Friends (artist)
On the Sunnyside of the Mountain
Performer: The Myers Family and Friends
Duration 00:03:20

11 00:25:34 The Myers Family and Friends (artist)
Where the Mountain Laurels Grow
Performer: The Myers Family and Friends
Duration 00:03:19

12 00:28:54
Sister Fleeta
Banning meets 96 year old blind Gospel legend Sister Fleeta who sings with 76 year old Rev. Wille Everhardt. They explain that their songs come from the slaves praying for God in the fields.
Duration 00:10:54

13 00:29:45 Sister Fleeta Mitchell (artist)
He is Mine
Performer: Sister Fleeta Mitchell
Duration 00:01:07

14 00:33:33 Sister Fleeta Mitchell (artist)
O let me fly
Performer: Sister Fleeta Mitchell
Duration 00:01:17

15 00:37:32 Sister Fleeta Mitchell (artist)
Amazing Grace
Performer: Sister Fleeta Mitchell
Duration 00:01:57

16 00:39:49
Phil Tanner
Banning meets Phil Tanner who runs a Friday session, where the earliest string band ensembles for the Columbia label used to perform. Phil explains how the tradition started and the ‘Skillet Lickers’.
Duration 00:08:53

17 00:39:49 Gid Tanner & His Skillet Lickers (artist)
"A Corn Liquor Still in Georgia" (Excerpts)
Performer: Gid Tanner & His Skillet Lickers
Duration 00:08:53

18 00:44:28 Gid Tanner & His Skillet Lickers (artist)
The Arkansas Traveller
Performer: Gid Tanner & His Skillet Lickers
Duration 00:06:12

19 00:48:41
Shape Note Singing
Banning discusses Shape Note Singing, a 19th century based sacred music. Richard Delong, who preserves this tradition, explains its history and distinctive musical style.
Duration 00:10:27

20 00:54:17 The 141st Alpharetta June Singing, Alpharetta Courthouse (artist)
Sacred Harp No.47, Idumea
Performer: The 141st Alpharetta June Singing, Alpharetta Courthouse
Duration 00:02:12

21 00:56:30 The 141st Alpharetta June Singing, Alpharetta Courthouse (artist)
Sacred Harp No.45, New Britain
Performer: The 141st Alpharetta June Singing, Alpharetta Courthouse
Duration 00:01:54

SAT 16:00 Jazz Library (b00trzds)
Thad Jones

01 Herb Geller (artist)
Some People
Performer: Herb Geller

02 Count Basie (artist)
H.R.H. (Her Royal Highness)
Performer: Count Basie

03 Thad Jones (artist)
One More Time
Performer: Thad Jones

Charles Mingus - Stormy Weather

05 Thad Jones (artist)
Jumping For Jane
Performer: Thad Jones

06 Thad Jones (artist)
Something To Remember You By
Performer: Thad Jones

07 Thad Jones (artist)
Tip Toe
Performer: Thad Jones

08 Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra (artist)
Tip Toe
Performer: Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra

09 Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra (artist)
A Child Is Born
Performer: Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra

10 Thad Jones (artist)
Instant Blues Disinstant
Performer: Thad Jones

11 The Danish Radio Big Band and Thad Jones (artist)
Old Folks
Performer: The Danish Radio Big Band and Thad Jones

SAT 17:00 Jazz Record Requests (b00trzgj)

01 Wynton Marsalis (artist)
Oh, but on the Third Day (Happy Feet Blues) (JRR Signature Tune)
Performer: Wynton Marsalis

02 Sleepy John Estes (artist)
The Girl I Love, She Got Long, Curly Hair
Performer: Sleepy John Estes

03 Mutt Carey (artist)
The Entertainer
Performer: Mutt Carey

04 The Rhythmakers (artist)
Spider Crawl
Performer: The Rhythmakers

05 Count Basie (artist)
Super Chief
Performer: Count Basie

06 Lol Coxhill (artist)
Burgundy Street Blues
Performer: Lol Coxhill

07 Charlie Christian (artist)
Waitin' for Benny
Performer: Charlie Christian

08 Herb Ellis (artist)
Soft Winds
Performer: Herb Ellis

09 Earle Warren (artist)
Performer: Earle Warren

10 John Scofield (artist)
Not You Again
Performer: John Scofield

11 Charlie Parker's Reboppers (artist)
Performer: Charlie Parker's Reboppers

Duke Ellington & Ella Fitzgerald - Mack the Knife

SAT 18:00 Opera on 3 (b00trzgl)
Mozart's Idomeneo (Edinburgh International Festival)

SAT 21:45 The Wire (b00trzgn)
Lump Boy Logan

SAT 22:30 Hear and Now (b00trzgq)
Matthias Pintscher Focus


SUN 00:00 The Early Music Show (b00p2kn0)
John Stanley

01 John Stanley
Organ Voluntary in A minor, Op 7 No 8

02 John Stanley
Organ Concerto No 2 in D

03 John Stanley
Concerto for strings, Op 2 No 4

04 Maurice Greene
Anthem: Lord Let Me Know Mine End

05 George Frideric Handel
Streams of Pleasure (duet from Theodora)

06 George Frideric Handel
All we like sheep have gone astray (chorus from Messiah)

06 John Stanley
Cantata: The choice of Hercules (overture and march)

07 John Stanley
Arcadia/Shepherd's Wedding (excerpt)

SUN 01:00 Through the Night (b00trzhp)

SUN 07:00 Breakfast (b00trzl8)
Sunday - Louise Fryer

01 00:03:00 Henryk Wieniawski (artist)
Polonaise No. 1 Op 4
Performer: Henryk Wieniawski

02 00:09:00 Thomas Arne
Piano Concerto in B flat major

03 00:23:00 Gabriel Fauré
Libera Me (from the Requiem)

04 00:27:00 Antonio Vivaldi
Sonata for recorder, bassoon, strings and continuo in A minor RV 86

05 00:39:00 George Gershwin
My Man's Gone No (from Porgy and Bess)

06 00:44:00 Herbert Howells
Three Dances for violin and orchestra, Op 7

07 01:03:00 Charles Villiers Stanford
A Reel (from Four Irish Dances)

08 01:07:00 Johann Sebastian Bach
Cantata 181 Leichtgesinnte Flattergeister

09 01:20:00 Edvard Grieg
Allegro scherzando (from Quartet in F – unfinished)

10 01:27:00 Gustav Holst
The Perfect Fool (ballet)

11 01:38:00 Joseph Haydn
Symphony No. 108 in B flat

12 01:54:00 Franz Schubert
Impromptu in E flat major D899 No. 2

13 02:03:00 Maurice Ravel
Daphnis and Chloe – Suite No 2

14 02:20:00 Edward Elgar
The Dream of Gerontius: The Angel's Farewell (Elgar's own version without chorus)

15 02:27:00 Giovanni Gabrieli (artist)
Canzon Duodecimi Toni à 10 (Sacrae Symphonie, 1597, no 9)
Performer: Giovanni Gabrieli

16 02:32:00 Camille Saint‐Saëns
Rapsodie d'Auvergne

17 02:41:00 William Walton
Spitfire Prelude and Fugue

18 02:50:00 Michael Tippett
Nobody Knows; Go Down, Moses; By and By; Deep River from Five Negro Spirituals (from Child

SUN 10:00 Sunday Morning (b00trzlb)
Musical Magpies

01 Gioachino Rossini
'La gazza ladra' Overture

02 Einojuhani Rautavaara
Cantus arcticus, Op 61, i) The Bog

03 Gustav Mahler
Das Lied von der Erde – Der Abschied

04 Johann Sebastian Bach
Violin Concerto in A minor BWV1041, ii Andante

05 Igor Stravinsky
Pulcinella Suite

06 Martin Taylor (artist)
Musette for a Magpie
Performer: Martin Taylor

07 Johannes Brahms
Variations on a Theme of Paganini Book II, Op 35/2

08 George Frideric Handel
Agrippina, "Non hò cor che per amarti"

09 Jimi Hendrix (artist)
Little Wing
Performer: Jimi Hendrix

10 William Byrd
The Bells BK38, The French Coranto BK21a, The Second French Coranto BK21b

SUN 12:00 Private Passions (b00trzld)
Jackie Kay

01 Leos Janáček
'Pozehany' (Blessed) from Lachian Dances JW VI/17

02 Giovanni Battista Pergolesi
'O Quam tristis et afflicta' from Stabat Mater

03 Johann Sebastian Bach
Prelude from Cello Suite no 6 in D major BWV 1012

04 Nina Simone (artist)
Four Women
Performer: Nina Simone

05 Richard Strauss
September' from 'Four Last Songs

06 Ali Farka Touré (artist)
Performer: Ali Farka Touré

07 Franz Schubert
Nacht und Traume

08 Jean Redpath (artist)
Leaving the Land
Performer: Jean Redpath

09 Cole Porter (artist)
Brush Up Your Shakespeare' from 'Kiss Me Kate
Performer: Cole Porter

SUN 13:00 The Early Music Show (b00trzlg)
Ensemble Elyma

01 Anonymous Peruvian transcribed Martinez Compañon (artist)
Cachua al Nacimiento
Performer: Anonymous Peruvian transcribed Martinez Compañon

02 Anon. (artist)
Angeles, al facistol! (Villancico)
Performer: Anon.

03 Andrés Flores
Tota pulchra es, Maria

04 Roque Jacinto de Chavarria
Allegra, risa, ha!

05 Anonymous transc. Martinez Compañon (artist)
Cachua serranita
Performer: Anonymous transc. Martinez Compañon

06 Roque Jacinto de Chavarria
Silgueritos risueños (Villancico)

07 Roque Jacinto de Chavarria
Pajarillos, madrugad! (Salve)

08 Anonymous transc. Melchior Mercado (artist)
La matutina estrella (Hymn)
Performer: Anonymous transc. Melchior Mercado

09 Roque Jacinto de Chavarria
Oigan las fiestas de toros (Villancico)

10 Anonymous attrib. Blas Tardio de Guzman (artist)
Salve Regina
Performer: Anonymous attrib. Blas Tardio de Guzman

11 Anonymous transc. Martinez Compañon (artist)
Lanchas para bailar
Performer: Anonymous transc. Martinez Compañon

SUN 14:00 Radio 3 Requests (b00trzlj)

01 Franz Schubert
Variations in A Flat on an Original Theme D 813, Op.35

02 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Don Giovanni (Vienna Version) : Aria – Per queste tue manine (Have pity on me. .. you beas

03 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Don Giovanni (Vienna Version) : Aria – Mi tradi quell'alma ingrate (That ingrateful wretch

04 Franz Schmidt
Quintet for Piano, Clarinet, Violin, viola and cello in A Major – final movt: Variation o

05 Adès (artist)
Gefriolsae Me, Op.3b
Performer: Adès

06 Rouders (artist)
Performer: Rouders

07 Johann Sebastian Bach
Cantata BWV 82a Ich habe genug

08 Franz Liszt
Hungarian Rhapsody No.12 in C Sharp Minor

09 Erno Dohnanyi
Piano Concerto No.2 in B Minor Op.42

SUN 16:00 Choral Evensong (b00tp9f5)

SUN 17:00 Discovering Music (b00trzll)
The Planets

SUN 18:45 Drama on 3 (b00trzmf)

SUN 23:00 Words and Music (b00n1n08)
Feasting with Panthers


MON 00:00 Jazz Line-Up (b00trzmh)
Trilok Gurtu, Kit Downes

01 Martin Taylor’s Spirit of Django (artist)
Double Scotch
Performer: Martin Taylor’s Spirit of Django

02 Soweto Kinch (artist)
On The Treadmill
Performer: Soweto Kinch

03 Norma Winstone (artist)
Performer: Norma Winstone

04 John Law/Sam Burgess/Asaf Sirkus (artist)
Still Life
Performer: John Law/Sam Burgess/Asaf Sirkus

05 Kit Downes/Calum Gourlay/James Maddren (artist)
Performer: Kit Downes/Calum Gourlay/James Maddren

06 Kit Downes/Calum Gourlay/James Maddren (artist)
Jump Minzi Jump
Performer: Kit Downes/Calum Gourlay/James Maddren

07 Kit Downes/Calum Gourlay/James Maddren (artist)
Tom's Tune
Performer: Kit Downes/Calum Gourlay/James Maddren

08 Trilok Gurtu/Phil Drummy/Roland Cabezas/Johann Berby/Carlo Cantini (artist)
Performer: Trilok Gurtu/Phil Drummy/Roland Cabezas/Johann Berby/Carlo Cantini

09 Peter Rozsnyoi/Gorgy Orban/Andras Mohay (artist)
A (k)night Out
Performer: Peter Rozsnyoi/Gorgy Orban/Andras Mohay

MON 01:00 Through the Night (b00trzn0)

MON 07:00 Breakfast (b00trznl)
Monday - Rob Cowan

01 00:02:00
Frédéric Chopin - Grande valse brillante, Op 18

02 00:08:00 Gustav Holst
A Fugal Concerto, Op 40 No 2

03 00:17:00 George Frideric Handel
Flammende Rose, Zierde der Erden, BWV210

04 00:23:00 Isaac Albéniz

05 00:31:00 Jean Françaix
Petit quatuor for saxophones

06 00:38:00 Engelbert Humperdinck
Overture: Hansel & Gretel

07 00:46:00 Robert Schumann
Ein Jungline liebt ein Madchen; Am leuchtenden Sommermorgen (Dichterliebe, Op 48)

08 00:50:00 Antonio Vivaldi
Concerto in F minor, RV297 "Winter"

09 01:03:00 Hubert Parry

10 01:07:00 Alexander Glazunov (artist)
Concert Waltz No. 1 in D, Op 47
Performer: Alexander Glazunov

11 01:15:00 Johannes Brahms
Intermezzo in B flat, Op 76 No 4

12 01:18:00 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Flute Quartet in G, K285a

13 01:31:00 Johann Sebastian Bach
Bourree from the Cello Suite No. 3 in C (trans. Godowsky)

14 01:36:00 Wilhelm Stenhammar

15 01:51:00 Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst (artist)
Air de ballet (from Six Polyphonic Studies)
Performer: Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst

16 01:54:00 Robert Schumann
John Anderson, Op 145 No. 4

17 02:00:00 Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (artist)
Polonaise (Eugene Onegin)
Performer: Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky

18 02:05:00 Jean‐Philippe Rameau
La Poule (from Concert No 6)

19 02:10:00 Franz Schubert
Vor meiner Wiege, D927

20 02:16:00 Antonín Dvořák
Symphony No 9 in E minor "New World" (3rd movement: Scherzo)

21 02:25:00 Ludwig van Beethoven
7 Variations on 'Bei Mannern, welche Liebe fuhlen', WoO 46) [from Mozart's "Die Zauberflot

22 02:35:00 Ralph Vaughan Williams
Is my team ploughing (On Wenlock Edge)

23 02:39:00 Johan Helmich Roman
Sinfonia in B flat

24 02:46:00
Frédéric Chopin - Etude in A flat, Op 25 No. 1

25 02:52:00 Johann Sebastian Bach
Fuga ricercata a 6 (Musikalisches Opfer)

MON 10:00 Classical Collection (b00ts1df)
Monday - James Jolly

MON 12:00 Composer of the Week (b00ts1dh)
Isaac Albeniz (1860-1909)
Early Years

01 Isaac Albéniz
Castilla (from Suite Espanola)

02 Isaac Albéniz
Pavana capricho

03 Isaac Albéniz
Suite Española: nos.1-3 and 8

04 Isaac Albéniz

05 Isaac Albéniz
Rapsodia Espanola (for piano and orch) (1886-7)

MON 13:00 Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert (b00ts1dk)
Ilya Gringolts at Wigmore Hall

MON 14:00 Afternoon Concert (b00ts1dm)
Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra
Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra - Monday

MON 17:00 In Tune (b00ts1dp)

01 00:01:00 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Der Hoelle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen - The Magic Flute
Duration 00:02:57

02 00:05:00
Johann Strauss II - Perpetuum Mobile
Duration 00:02:52

03 00:09:00 Kimmo Pohjonen (artist)
Performer: Kimmo Pohjonen
Duration 00:04:22

04 00:20:00 Pekka Kuusisto (artist)
Performer: Pekka Kuusisto
Duration 00:04:17

05 00:29:00 Pekka Kuusisto and Kimmo Pohjonen (artist)
Performer: Pekka Kuusisto and Kimmo Pohjonen
Duration 00:05:05

06 00:35:00 William Byrd
Ave Verum
Duration 00:05:18

07 00:40:00 Scharwenka (artist)
Andante – 2nd mov. Cello Sonata in E minor, Op. 46a
Performer: Scharwenka
Duration 00:06:50

08 00:48:00 James Rhodes (artist)
Danse sacrée & Danse profane, for harp & string orchestra
Performer: James Rhodes
Duration 00:09:30

09 01:01:00 Georges Bizet
Pres des remparts de Séville – Carmen
Duration 00:04:40

10 01:06:00 Johann Sebastian Bach
Suite No.6 in D major, BWV 1012 Allemande
Duration 00:06:23

11 01:16:00 Lutoslawski (artist)
Cello Concerto - cadenza
Performer: Lutoslawski
Duration 00:04:09

12 01:32:00 Johann Sebastian Bach
Suite No.6 in D major, BWV 1012 Courante
Duration 00:04:10

13 01:37:00 Edward Elgar
Dream of Gerontius – Proficiscere, anima Christiana
Duration 00:06:25

14 01:44:00 Ferruccio Busoni (artist)
Turandots Frauengemach (Intermezzo)
Performer: Ferruccio Busoni
Duration 00:03:25

15 01:49:00 Heinichen (artist)
Concerto in F major, Seibel 233
Performer: Heinichen
Duration 00:08:32

MON 19:00 Performance on 3 (b00ts1dr)
Edinburgh International Festival 2010
EIF: Cleveland Orchestra/Welser-Most

MON 21:15 Night Waves (b00ts1dt)
'Should Britain Give up its Delusions of Grandeur?'

MON 22:00 Composer of the Week (b00ts1dh)
[Repeat of broadcast at 12:00 today]

MON 23:00 The Essay (b00nkxmr)
A Five-Day Journey

MON 23:15 Jazz on 3 (b00ts1gc)
Missing Bits

Line up: Kit Downes (piano), Calum Gourlay (bass), James Maddren (drums)

02 Kit Downes Trio (artist)
Performer: Kit Downes Trio

Line up: Django Bates (keyboards and vocals), Marius Neset (tenor saxophone), Michael Mondesir (bass guitar), Martin France (drums)

04 Django Bates’ Human Chain (artist)
Theme From New York, New York
Performer: Django Bates’ Human Chain

Line up: Henri Texier (double bass), Sebastian Texier (reeds), Manu Codjia (guitar), Christophe Marguet (drums)

06 Henri Texier Quartet (artist)
Performer: Henri Texier Quartet

07 Henri Texier Quartet (artist)
Beautiful Love
Performer: Henri Texier Quartet

Line up: Cleveland Watkiss (vocals and electronics)

09 Cleveland Watkiss (artist)
Performer: Cleveland Watkiss

Line up: Tim Berne (saxophone), Hank Roberts (cello), Ethan Iverson (piano), Dave King (drums)

11 Buffalo Collision (artist)
Performer: Buffalo Collision

Line up: David Murray (tenor saxophone and vocals), Rasul Siddik (trumpet), Marius Bonte (ka-drums and vocals), Francois Ladrezeau (ka-drums and vocals), Jaribu Shahid (bass),

Hervé Samb (guitar), Hamid Drake (drums)

14 David Murray (artist)
Southern Skies
Performer: David Murray

Line up: Jan Garbarek (saxophone), Rainer Brüninghaus (piano), Yuri Daniel (bass), Trilok Gurtu (drums & percussion)

16 Jan Garbarek (artist)
Performer: Jan Garbarek

17 Jan Garbarek Group (artist)
Performer: Jan Garbarek Group

18 Jan Garbarek Group (artist)
Solo bass improvisation
Performer: Jan Garbarek Group

Line up: Alexander Hawkins (piano), Orphy Robinson (steel pans and electronics), Hannah Marshall (cello), Javier Carmona (drums), Dominic Lash (bass), Otto Fischer (guitar)

20 Alexander Hawkins Ensemble (artist)
Love In Outer Space
Performer: Alexander Hawkins Ensemble


TUE 01:00 Through the Night (b00ts29n)

TUE 07:00 Breakfast (b00ts29q)
Tuesday - Rob Cowan

01 00:03:00 Jacques Ibert
Hommage a Mozart

02 00:08:00 Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
Rondo No.2 in D minor Wq 61

03 00:15:00 Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (artist)
Hopak from Mazeppa, Act 1
Performer: Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky

04 00:20:00 Antonio Vivaldi
Concerto RV 129 "Concerto madrigalesco"

05 00:24:00 Camille Saint‐Saëns
Symphony No.2 – third movement

06 00:32:00 Edward Elgar
Serenade lyrique

07 00:37:00 Dmitri Kabalevsky
The Comedians – Suite

08 00:44:00 George Frideric Handel
Sono liete, fortunate

09 00:50:00
Frédéric Chopin - Waltz in A flat major KK 4a No. 13

10 00:52:00 Astor Piazzolla
Otono Porteno

11 01:03:00 Edvard Grieg
Hall of the Mountain King from Peer Gynt Suite No.1

12 01:07:00 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Die Zauberflote: "Der Vogelfanger bin ich ja" ("Yes I'm the birdcatcher")

13 01:09:00 Arvo Pärt
Symphony No. 4: first movement (excerpt)

14 01:16:00 Richard Strauss
Ariadne on Naxos: "There is a land, a world untainted"

15 01:23:00 Johannes Brahms
Symphony No. 4: third movement

16 01:32:00 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
La clemenza di Tito: Parto, parto, ma tu, ben mio

17 01:39:00 Friedrich Burgmüller (artist)
Symphony No. 2 in D Op 11: Scherzo
Performer: Friedrich Burgmüller

18 01:47:00 Samuel Barber
Adagio for strings Op 11

19 01:56:00 Sergei Prokofiev
Sonata No. 7: third movement

20 02:00:00 Georges Bizet
Carmen Suite No. 2

21 02:19:00 Steve Reich
Nagoya Marimbas

22 02:25:00 Ludwig van Beethoven
Creatures of Prometheus - overture

23 02:30:00 Manuel de Falla

24 02:37:00 Johann Sebastian Bach
Keyboard Concerto in A major BWV 1055

25 02:51:00 Jose de San Juan (artist)
Una noche que los reyes
Performer: Jose de San Juan

TUE 10:00 Classical Collection (b00ts29s)
Tuesday - James Jolly

TUE 12:00 Composer of the Week (b00ts29v)
Isaac Albeniz (1860-1909)
Paris and Fame

01 Isaac Albéniz
Rumores de la Caleta (from Recuerdos de viaje)Guitar duet version

02 Isaac Albéniz
Sonata no.4 (pub 1887)

03 Isaac Albéniz
Torre Bermeja From Douze caracteristiques (Piezas Caracteristicas)

04 Isaac Albéniz
Piano concerto no.1 (Concerto Fantastico)

TUE 13:00 Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert (b00ts29x)
The Sage Gateshead
Episode 1

TUE 14:00 Afternoon Concert (b00ts2bv)
Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra
Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra - Tuesday

TUE 17:00 In Tune (b00ts2by)
Tuesday - Sean Rafferty

01 Isaac Albéniz
El Puerto, Iberia Suite
Duration 00:04:21

02 00:06:00 Robert Lucas Pearsall
Lay a Garland
Duration 00:04:07

03 00:11:00 Johannes Brahms
Intermezzo No.1 in E flat major ('Schlummerlied') from 3 Intermezzi Op. 117
Duration 00:05:26

04 00:21:00 Johannes Brahms
Intermezzo No.2 in B flat minor from 3 Intermezzi Op. 117
Duration 00:04:53

05 00:31:00 Ludwig van Beethoven
Piano Sonata No. 21 in C Op. 53 'Waldstein' (1st movement)
Duration 00:08:44

06 00:41:00 Edward Elgar
Introduction and Allegro Op. 47 for string quartet and string orchestra
Duration 00:13:51

07 00:55:00 Antonín Dvořák
'Songs my mother taught me' from Gypsy Songs, Op. 55
Duration 00:02:12

08 01:01:00 Giuseppe Verdi
Grand March from Aida
Duration 00:06:35

09 01:09:00 James Rhodes (artist)
Prelude, Act II: La chambre magique from Le Martyre de Saint Sebastien
Performer: James Rhodes
Duration 00:04:05

10 01:15:00 Claudio Monteverdi
L'Incoronazione di Poppea (Por ti Miro)
Duration 00:03:30

11 01:24:00 Claudio Monteverdi
L'Arianna (Lamentation of Arianna)
Duration 00:01:34

12 01:32:00 Claudio Monteverdi
Zefiro Torna from the 9th book of Madrigals
Duration 00:03:13

13 01:37:00 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Symphony No. 31, "Paris Symphony"
Duration 00:15:50

14 01:54:00 Johann Sebastian Bach
Herzlich tut mich verlangen BWV. 727
Duration 00:02:34

TUE 19:00 Performance on 3 (b00ts2c0)
Edinburgh International Festival 2010
EIF: Christine Brewer/Malcolm Martineau

TUE 21:15 Night Waves (b00ts2c2)
John Pawson

TUE 22:00 Composer of the Week (b00ts29v)
[Repeat of broadcast at 12:00 today]

TUE 23:00 The Essay (b00nkxz8)
A Five-Day Journey

TUE 23:15 Late Junction (b00ts2cc)
Fiona Talkington

01 Male Instrumenty (artist)
Ostry film zaanga?owany - non camera / Dziadowski blues - non camera, czyli nogami do przo
Performer: Male Instrumenty

02 00:03:00 R.L. Burnside (artist)
See my jumper hangin' on the line
Performer: R.L. Burnside

03 00:06:00 Jenny Hval aka Rockettothesky (artist)
Oh Anna
Performer: Jenny Hval aka Rockettothesky

04 00:11:00 Leos Janáček
Perina (the quilt) from 4 Folk male choruses

05 00:14:00 Howard Skempton
Rest and Recreation

06 00:17:00 Seeta Doraiswamy (artist)
Vatapi Ganapatim
Performer: Seeta Doraiswamy

07 00:23:00 Male Instrumenty (artist)
Jak nauka wysz?a z lasu / Jak to si? dzieje (Out of the woods / How come there's a bear on
Performer: Male Instrumenty

08 00:27:00
Jan Garbarek & The Hilliard Ensemble - Litany / Otche nash / Dostoino est

09 00:42:00 James Blackshaw (artist)
Part 2
Performer: James Blackshaw

10 00:47:00 Fay Hield (artist)
Two Brothers
Performer: Fay Hield

11 00:51:00 The Creole Choir of Cuba (artist)
Performer: The Creole Choir of Cuba

12 00:56:00 Charlie Barber (artist)
Chorda Timpani; Trauermarsch; Fidelio
Performer: Charlie Barber

13 01:04:00 Espen Eriksen Trio (artist)
Performer: Espen Eriksen Trio

14 01:09:00 The Books (artist)
Beautiful People
Performer: The Books

15 01:13:00 Hildur Guðnadóttir (artist)
Performer: Hildur Guðnadóttir

16 01:20:00 Tucker Zimmerman (artist)
Another Normal Day
Performer: Tucker Zimmerman

17 01:24:00 Jason Steel (artist)
Bones are Breaking
Performer: Jason Steel

18 01:26:00 Jason Steel (artist)
Young People Dancing
Performer: Jason Steel

19 01:27:00 Johan Hedin & Gunnar Idenstam (artist)
Diptyque I
Performer: Johan Hedin & Gunnar Idenstam

20 01:32:00 Plaid & Southbank Gamelan Players (artist)
New work by Rahayu Supanggah (extract)
Performer: Plaid & Southbank Gamelan Players

21 01:39:00 Taylor Deupree (artist)
Shoals (looped recordings of gamelan)
Performer: Taylor Deupree


WED 01:00 Through the Night (b00ts2gv)

WED 07:00 Breakfast (b00ts2gx)
Wednesday - Rob Cowan

01 00:03:00 Jacques Offenbach
La vie parisienne, Overture

02 00:09:00 Isaac Albéniz
Seguidillas (Castilla) from Cantos de Espana

03 00:12:00 Heinrich Schütz
Psalm 100

04 00:17:00 Ludwig van Beethoven
Romance No. 2 in F major Op 50

05 00:25:00 Johann Sebastian Bach
Prelude and Fugue in C sharp major BWV 872

06 00:32:00 Camille Saint‐Saëns
Allegro appassionato Op 70

07 00:38:00 Richard Strauss
Schlagende Herzen Op 29 No. 2; Ich wolt'ein Straubein binden Op 68 No. 2

08 00:44:00 George Frideric Handel
Concerto Grosso Op 3 No. 5 in D minor

09 00:55:00 William Runyan (artist)
Great is thy faithfulness
Performer: William Runyan

10 01:03:00 Igor Stravinsky
Finale from The Firebird Suite

11 01:07:00 Dieterich Buxtehude
Praludium in a BuxWV 174

12 01:13:00 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Divertimento in E flat K.113

13 01:23:00 Jean‐Baptiste Lully
Passacaglia for Cello and Cembalo

14 01:31:00 Juan García de Zéspedes
Convidando está la noche

15 01:36:00
Johann Strauss II - Kaiser-Waltzer Op 437

16 01:47:00 Gabriel Fauré
3 Romance Sans Paroles

17 01:54:00 Robert Schumann
Carnaval Op 9

18 02:01:00 Joseph Haydn
Piano Trio No. 22 Op 73 (Hob. XV:24)

19 02:16:00 George Gershwin
Someone to watch over me
Performer: Sir Thomas Allen
Performer: Stephen Higgins

20 02:20:00 Johann Sebastian Bach
Concerto in A major BWV 1055 for oboe d'amore, strings and basso continuo

21 02:36:00 George Frideric Handel
Thine be the Glory

22 02:40:00 Robert Schumann
Mit Humor, Il Langsam and Nicht Schnell from Funf Stucke im Volkston Op 102

23 02:53:00 Giovanni Domenico del Giovane da Nola
Madonna voi me fare una charisma

WED 10:00 Classical Collection (b00ts2gz)
Wednesday - James Jolly

WED 12:00 Composer of the Week (b00ts2h1)
Isaac Albeniz (1860-1909)
Opera collaborations with Francis Money-Coutts

01 Isaac Albéniz
Tango in D: 'Quisiera olvidar tus ojos' (Beniamino Gigli)

02 Isaac Albéniz
Malagueña (from Six Feuilles d'Album)

03 Isaac Albéniz
Mallorca (Barcarola)

04 Isaac Albéniz
Henry Clifford (1893-5) End of Act II

05 Isaac Albéniz
Córdoba (from Cantos de España/Chants d'Espagne)

06 Isaac Albéniz
Pepita Jimenez End of Act II

WED 13:00 Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert (b00ts2h3)
The Sage Gateshead
Episode 2

WED 14:00 Afternoon Concert (b00ts2h5)
Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra
Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra - Wednesday

WED 16:00 Choral Evensong (b00ts2h7)

WED 17:00 In Tune (b00ts2h9)

01 00:01:00 Ottorino Respighi
La Boutique fantasque – Galop (finale)
Duration 00:04:50

02 00:06:00 Gerardo Matos Rodríguez
La Cumparsita
Duration 00:04:12

03 00:11:00 Steffani (artist)
Niobe, Regina di Tebe – Sinfonia
Performer: Steffani
Duration 00:05:00

04 00:22:00 Steffani (artist)
Aria 'Miratemi begli occhi' (Niobe, Regina di Tebe, Act 1)
Performer: Steffani
Duration 00:03:01

05 00:30:00 George Frideric Handel
Die ihr aus dunkeln Grüften (from Nine German Arias)
Duration 00:04:55

06 00:36:00
Frédéric Chopin - Barcarolle in F sharp minor Op.60
Duration 00:08:51

07 00:45:00 Geoffrey Burgon
Brideshead Revisited
Duration 00:02:00

08 00:52:00 Geoffrey Burgon
Nunc dimittis
Duration 00:03:00

09 01:01:00 Michael Haydn
Allegro Molto for Horn and Trombone (from Serenade in D)
Duration 00:06:24

10 01:08:00 Modest Mussorgsky
Boris Godunov – Coronation Scene
Duration 00:06:24

11 01:16:00 James Rhodes (artist)
L'apres midi d'une faune (extract)
Performer: James Rhodes
Duration 00:02:31

12 01:32:00 Richard Strauss
Till Eulenspiegel
Duration 00:02:56

13 01:29:00 Igor Stravinsky
The Firebird – ending
Duration 00:03:30

14 01:44:00 Pietro Locatelli
Concerto No.9 in G major
Duration 00:15:15

15 01:52:00 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Fantasy in D minor K397
Duration 00:05:38

WED 19:00 Performance on 3 (b00ts2hc)
Edinburgh International Festival 2010
EIF: Royal Concertgebouw, Jansons

WED 21:15 Night Waves (b00ts2hf)
Marilynne Robinson, Irish Poetry, Progressive

WED 22:00 Composer of the Week (b00ts2h1)
[Repeat of broadcast at 12:00 today]

WED 23:00 The Essay (b00nky3q)
A Five-Day Journey

WED 23:15 Late Junction (b00ts2hh)
Fiona Talkington

01 Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band (artist)
Bat Chain Puller
Performer: Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band

02 00:06:00 Henry Cow (artist)
Performer: Henry Cow

03 00:13:00 Aphex Twin (artist)
Petiatil Cx Htdui
Performer: Aphex Twin

04 00:18:00 Guiot de Dijon
Chanteria por mon corage

05 00:22:00 Montserrat Figueras (artist)
Cancao de Ambalar – Jose embala o menino (Portugal anonymous)
Performer: Montserrat Figueras

06 00:28:00 Peter Gabriel (artist)
Performer: Peter Gabriel

07 00:33:00 Rain Tree Crow (artist)
Rain Tree Crow
Performer: Rain Tree Crow

08 00:35:00 Randy Newman (artist)
Laugh and Be Happy
Performer: Randy Newman

09 00:38:00 Penguin Cafe (artist)
Giles Farnaby's Dream
Performer: Penguin Cafe

10 00:41:00
Ali Farka Touré with Ry Cooder - Gomni

11 00:48:00 Tom Waits (artist)
What's he building in there
Performer: Tom Waits

12 00:51:00 John Cale (artist)
Performer: John Cale

13 00:56:00 Brad Mehldau (artist)
We'll cross the river together
Performer: Brad Mehldau

14 01:09:00 Robert Wyatt (artist)
Performer: Robert Wyatt

15 01:17:00 Simon Jeffes (artist)
Piano Piece #2
Performer: Simon Jeffes

16 01:19:00 Penguin Cafe (artist)
Scherzo and Trio
Performer: Penguin Cafe

17 01:27:00 Björk (artist)
Anchor Song (Black Dog remix)
Performer: Björk

18 01:31:00 Radiohead (artist)
Everything in its right place
Performer: Radiohead

19 01:36:00 Lhasa (artist)
Soon this space will be too small
Performer: Lhasa

20 01:41:00 Radiohead (artist)
Motion Picture Soundtrack
Performer: Radiohead


THU 01:00 Through the Night (b00ts2jz)

THU 07:00 Breakfast (b00ts2k1)
Thursday - Rob Cowan

01 00:03:00 Edvard Grieg
Rigaudon from From Holberg's Time Suite Op 40

02 00:08:00 Johann Sebastian Bach
Prelude & Fugue, No. 11 in F major, BWV880 (The Well Tempered Klavier – Book 2: 24 Prelude

03 00:14:00 Herbert Howells
All my hope on God is founded (text by Joachim Neander, translated by Robert Bridges)

04 00:17:00 Isaac Albéniz
El albaicin, Iberia Suite

05 00:24:00 George Frideric Handel
Te Deum HWV 278: Soli and Chorus: 'The glorious company of the Apostles: praise thee.'

06 00:31:00 Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (artist)
Mazurka, Act III, Swan Lake
Performer: Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky

07 00:36:00 Edward Elgar
O Happy Eyes

08 00:41:00 Georges Bizet
Gypsy Dance, from the Carmen Symphony (trans. MSgt Donald Patterson)

09 00:46:00 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Divertimento in D major K.136: II - Andante

10 00:55:00 Jean Sibelius
Valse, No. 3 from Five Pieces. Op 31

11 01:03:00
Richard Wagner - Dance of the Apprentices and Entry of the Masters

12 01:10:00 Franz Schubert
An Die Musik, D. 547

13 01:14:00 Manuel de Falla
The Three-Cornered Hat: Final Dance

14 01:21:00 Johann Sebastian Bach
Air (Andante) from Suite from orchestral works by J.S. Bach

15 01:31:00 Henry Purcell
Sonata for Trumpet and Strings, Z850

16 01:35:00 Edvard Grieg
Intermezzo in A Minor

17 01:40:00 Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (artist)
Finale. Symphony No. 4
Performer: Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky

18 01:49:00 Gioachino Rossini
Cessa di Piu Resistere

19 01:57:00 Hubert Parry
Dear Lord and Father of Mankind
Lyricist: John Greenleaf Whittier

20 02:02:00 Dmitry Shostakovich
Tahiti Trot (Tea for Two)

21 02:07:00 Robert Schumann
Kinderszenen Op 15

22 02:27:00 Gilbert Vinter
Hunter's Moon

23 02:35:00 Georg Philipp Telemann
Fantasie No. 8 in E major

24 02:40:00 Aaron Copland
Clarinet Concerto

25 02:57:00
Frédéric Chopin - Waltz No. 18: Sostenuto

THU 10:00 Classical Collection (b00ts2k3)
Thursday - James Jolly

THU 12:00 Composer of the Week (b00ts2k5)
Isaac Albeniz (1860-1909)

01 Isaac Albéniz
The Caterpillar

02 Isaac Albéniz
Yvonne en visite!

03 Isaac Albéniz
Merlin (extract)

04 Isaac Albéniz
La Vega

05 Isaac Albéniz

THU 13:00 Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert (b00ts2k7)
The Sage Gateshead
Episode 3

THU 14:00 Afternoon Concert (b00ts2k9)
Thursday Opera Matinee
Thursday Opera Matinee - Chabrier's L'Etoile

THU 17:00 In Tune (b00ts2kc)
Thursday - Sean Rafferty

01 00:01:00 Gioachino Rossini
La Cenerentola (Overture)
Duration 00:08:07

02 00:09:00 Robert Schumann
Marchenerzahlungen (Fairy Tales) Op. 132
Duration 00:03:24

03 00:13:00 Anatoly Konstantinovich Lyadov
Prelude in B minor (Op. 11, no.1)
Duration 00:01:50

04 00:16:00 Anatoly Konstantinovich Lyadov
Prelude in B major (op.39, no.2)
Duration 00:02:04

05 00:24:00 Eduard Tubin
Three Preludes (1928, Prelude No. 1)
Duration 00:01:49

06 00:31:00 Oskar Lindberg
Four Preludes (no.3)
Duration 00:02:30

07 00:34:00 Henning Mankell (artist)
Three Preludes (Op. 56, 'Summer')
Performer: Henning Mankell
Duration 00:03:12

08 00:45:00 Maurice Ravel
La Valse
Duration 00:11:47

09 00:55:00
Frédéric Chopin - Mazurka in G Sharp minor, Op.33 No.1
Duration 00:01:41

10 01:02:00 Leos Janáček
The Excursions of Mr Broucek Suite for Orchestra (Procession of the Victors)
Duration 00:03:52

11 01:06:00 Claudio Monteverdi
Laudate Dominum omnes gentes (Primo)
Duration 00:04:10

12 01:11:00 Robert Schumann
Sonata for violin and piano no. 1(Op.105, 1st movement)
Duration 00:06:18

13 01:22:00 Robert Schumann
Romanze op.28 in F sharp
Duration 00:03:16

14 01:31:00 Robert Schumann
Widmung (Liszt transcription)
Duration 00:03:43

15 01:36:00
Richard Wagner - Tannhauser (Song to the Evening Star)
Duration 00:06:18

16 01:52:00 Johann Sebastian Bach
Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme (BWV645)
Duration 00:04:58

17 01:40:42 Georg Philipp Telemann
Concerto in D for trumpet, 2 oboes, strings and continuo
Duration 00:11:31

THU 19:00 Performance on 3 (b00ts2kf)
Edinburgh International Festival 2010
Episode 7

THU 21:15 Night Waves (b00ts2kh)
Downton Abbey, the Limits of Science, Krapp's Last Tape, Serge Diaghilev

THU 22:00 Composer of the Week (b00ts2k5)
[Repeat of broadcast at 12:00 today]

THU 23:00 The Essay (b00nky5x)
A Five-Day Journey

THU 23:15 Late Junction (b00ts2kw)
Fiona Talkington

01 Johan Hedin & Gunnar Idenstam (artist)
Halling IV
Performer: Johan Hedin & Gunnar Idenstam

02 00:04:00 Pierre Bastien (artist)
Visions of Shanghai
Performer: Pierre Bastien

03 00:08:00 Hornroh (artist)
Performer: Hornroh

04 00:11:00 Baaba Maal (artist)
Tabakaly (featuring Mansour Seck)
Performer: Baaba Maal

05 00:22:00 Douglas Benford (artist)
Museum Piece
Performer: Douglas Benford

06 00:29:00 David Sylvian (artist)
Five Lines (featuring Dai Fujikura)
Performer: David Sylvian

07 00:32:00 Spin Marvel (artist)
Trilling Scars
Performer: Spin Marvel

08 00:36:00 Fay Hield (artist)
The Looking Glass
Performer: Fay Hield

09 00:39:00 Steve Reich
Double Sextet – 2nd movement (slow)

10 00:47:00 Giya Kancheli
Silent Prayer

11 01:14:00
Pandit Shivkumar Sharma & Zakir Hussain - Mishra tilang in Keharwa Tal

12 01:22:00 Supersilent (artist)
Performer: Supersilent

13 01:26:00
Laurie Anderson - Strange Perfumes (featuring Antony Hegarty)

14 01:33:00
Jan Garbarek & The Hilliard Ensemble - We are the Stars

15 01:37:00 Hildegard Westerkamp
Fantasie for Horns II


FRI 01:00 Through the Night (b00ts2lj)

FRI 07:00 Breakfast (b00ts2lm)
Friday - Rob Cowan

01 00:03:00 Ludwig van Beethoven
Egmont Overture

02 00:12:00 Claudio Monteverdi
Ohime, dov'e il mio ben?

03 00:18:00 Robert Schumann
Arabeske in C major, Op.18
Performer: Freddy Kempf

04 00:24:00 Jean Sibelius
Karelia Suite - Alla marcia

05 00:31:00 Antonio Vivaldi
Concerto for violin and orchestra (RV.293) (Op 8 No. 3) in F major "L'Autunno"

06 00:43:00 Antonín Dvořák
Slavonic dance No. 10 [series 2 No. 2] in E minor

07 00:50:00 Felix Mendelssohn
May Breezes

08 00:53:00
Béla Bartók - Mikrokosmos Bk 6 Nos 1-4

09 01:03:00 Franz Schubert
Die Schone Mullerin - song-cycle (D 795): No. 1 Das Wandern

10 01:07:00 Bedrich Smetana
From Bohemia's woods and fields (Ma Vlast)

11 01:21:00 Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber (artist)
Sonata for violin and continuo in A major "La Pastorella"
Performer: Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber

12 01:26:00
Frédéric Chopin - Nocturne for piano (Op.posth) in C sharp minor [1830]

13 01:32:00 Jean‐Philippe Rameau
Hippolyte et Aricie: Air du rossignol (Nightingale song)

14 01:38:00 James Rhodes (artist)
Prelude - La Puerta del vino (bk 2, no.3)
Performer: James Rhodes

15 01:42:00 Malcolm Arnold
Tam O'Shanter - Overture

16 01:51:00 Josquin des Prez (artist)
Ave Maria
Performer: Josquin des Prez

17 01:56:00 Gavin Bryars
New York (excerpt)

18 02:02:00 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, K525, IV Rondo: Allegro

19 02:07:00 Jean Sibelius
Humoresque No. 5 in E flat major

20 02:12:00 Maurice Ravel
Pavane pour une infante defunte

21 02:19:00 Ottorino Respighi
Fountains of Rome

22 02:36:00 Charlie Chaplin (artist)
Smile (from Modern Times)
Performer: Charlie Chaplin

23 02:42:00 Robert Schumann
Schon Rohtraut Op 67 No. 2

24 02:45:00 Johann Sebastian Bach
Suite No. 3: Sarabande; Bourree 1 and 2

25 02:52:00 Edward Elgar
Characteristic pieces for orchestra (Op 10): No. 1 Mazurka; No. 3 Contrasts

FRI 10:00 Classical Collection (b00ts2lp)
Friday - James Jolly

FRI 12:00 Composer of the Week (b00ts2lr)
Isaac Albeniz (1860-1909)

01 Isaac Albéniz
Evocación (Iberia)

02 Isaac Albéniz
Corpus Christi en Sevilla (Iberia)

03 Isaac Albéniz
El Puerto, Eritaña (Iberia)

04 Isaac Albéniz
El Albaicín, Triana, Rondeña (Iberia) - arranged by Steve Gray

FRI 13:00 Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert (b00ts3kn)
The Sage Gateshead
Vilde Frang, Milana Chernyawska

FRI 14:00 Afternoon Concert (b00ts3kq)
Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra
Episode 4

FRI 17:00 In Tune (b00ts3ks)

FRI 19:00 Performance on 3 (b00ts3kv)
Halle, Elder

FRI 21:15 The Verb (b00ts3kx)
Daljit Nagra, Peter Blegvad

FRI 22:00 Composer of the Week (b00ts2lr)
[Repeat of broadcast at 12:00 today]

FRI 23:00 The Essay (b00nkycn)
A Five-Day Journey

FRI 23:15 World on 3 (b00ts3kz)
Lopa Kothari

01 Phuzushukela (artist)
Intombi Ibhinca Isiwaba
Performer: Phuzushukela

02 Flora Matos & Stereodubs (artist)
Pai da Familia
Performer: Flora Matos & Stereodubs

03 Bonga (artist)
Agua rara
Performer: Bonga

04 Jorge Humberto (artist)
Forca de Tambor
Performer: Jorge Humberto

05 Alèmu Aga (artist)
Abatchin (Our Father)
Performer: Alèmu Aga

06 Alèmu Aga (artist)
Medina Zlesgna (futility of life)
Performer: Alèmu Aga

07 Brian Henneman (artist)
Just one more Mountain
Performer: Brian Henneman

08 Paul Armfield (artist)
Sloe Gin
Performer: Paul Armfield

09 Kouyaté-Neerman (artist)
Performer: Kouyaté-Neerman

10 Chico Correa & Electronic Band (artist)
Eu Pisei na Pedra
Performer: Chico Correa & Electronic Band

11 Julien Jacob (artist)
Lehe Lehe
Performer: Julien Jacob

12 Alèmu Aga (artist)
Performer: Alèmu Aga

13 Alèmu Aga (artist)
Alayenin – Belu (we have not seen)
Performer: Alèmu Aga

14 Fool’s Gold (artist)
Ha Dvash
Performer: Fool’s Gold

15 Omar Sosa (artist)
Promised Land
Performer: Omar Sosa

16 Tulipa Ruiz (artist)
Performer: Tulipa Ruiz

17 Ego Lemos (artist)
Tebe Hamutuk
Performer: Ego Lemos

18 Heidi Talbot (artist)
Tell me truly
Performer: Heidi Talbot

19 Jorge Drexler (artist)
Toque de queda
Performer: Jorge Drexler

20 Mini Box Lunar (artist)
Performer: Mini Box Lunar

21 Lobi Traoré (artist)
Performer: Lobi Traoré