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SAT 01:00 Through the Night (b008lwsn)

SAT 05:00 Through the Night (b008lwsp)
Through the Night

SAT 07:00 Breakfast (b008nwmr)

SAT 09:00 CD Review (b008nwms)
Building a Library: Wagner: Die Walküre

SAT 12:15 Music Matters (b008nwmw)

SAT 13:00 The Early Music Show (b008nwmy)

SAT 14:00 Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert (b008nwmz)

SAT 15:00 World Routes (b008nwn1)

SAT 16:00 Jazz Line-Up (b008nwn2)

SAT 17:30 Jazz Record Requests (b008nwn3)

SAT 18:30 Opera on 3 (b008nwn4)
Verdi's Macbeth

SAT 21:45 The Wire (b008nwn5)
The Switch, by Ali Smith

SAT 22:30 Hear and Now (b008nwn6)
Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival 2007
Episode 2


SUN 00:00 The Early Music Show (b008lprb)
Baroque Dance

01 00:01:29 Jean‐Baptiste Lully
Chaconne from Acis et Galatee Act 2
Performer: Monique Zanetti
Ensemble: Les Talens Lyriques
Director: Christophe Rousset
Duration 00:03:59

02 00:07:41 Henry Purcell
Rondeau from The Fairy Queen
Conductor: Roy Goodman
Ensemble: The Parley of Instruments
Duration 00:02:02

03 00:11:09 Sylvius Leopold Weiss
Suite for Lute in D minor - Courante
Performer: Stephen Stubbs
Duration 00:05:14

04 00:23:23 François Couperin
Sarabande la Dangereuse
Performer: Skip Sempé
Duration 00:03:04

05 00:26:31 George Frideric Handel
Sarabande from Almira
Director: Peter Holman
Ensemble: The Parley of Instruments
Duration 00:02:12

06 00:29:10 Jean‐Féry Rebel
Les Characteres de la Danse
Ensemble: Palladian Ensemble
Duration 00:09:14

07 00:39:07 Jean‐Philippe Rameau
Loure grave from La Temple de la Gloire
Orchestra: Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra & Chorale
Conductor: Nicholas McGegan
Duration 00:01:53

08 00:41:30 Johann Sebastian Bach
Suite No 3 in G major BWV1009 - Bouree
Performer: Steven Isserlis
Duration 00:03:19

09 00:45:39 Nicola Matteis
Jigg from Sett of Ayres in D major
Ensemble: Palladian Ensemble
Duration 00:01:33

10 00:47:51 Carl Heinrich Biber
Passacaglia for solo violin
Performer: Andrew Manze
Duration 00:09:42

SUN 01:00 Through the Night (b008nx3y)

SUN 05:00 Through the Night (b008nx3z)
Through the Night

SUN 07:00 Breakfast (b008nx40)

SUN 10:00 Sunday Morning (b008nx41)

SUN 12:00 Private Passions (b008nx42)

SUN 13:00 The Early Music Show (b008nx43)
Utrecht Festival of Early Music 2007

SUN 14:00 Radio 3 Requests (b008nx44)

SUN 16:00 Choral Evensong (b008nx45)

SUN 17:00 Discovering Music (b008nx46)
Mozart Dissonance Quartet

01 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Quartet for strings (K.465) in C major "Dissonance"

SUN 18:30 Choir and Organ (b008nx47)

SUN 20:00 Drama on 3 (b008nx48)

SUN 21:15 BBC Singers (b008nx49)
Wie Ein Kind

SUN 21:30 Sunday Feature (b008nx4b)
Rules of Engagement

SUN 22:15 Words and Music (b008nx4c)
Ode to Gaia


MON 00:00 The Early Music Show (b008lpvc)

MON 01:00 Through the Night (b008nx9w)

MON 05:00 Through the Night (b008nx9x)
Through the Night

MON 07:00 Breakfast (b008nytq)

MON 10:00 Classical Collection (b008nz30)

MON 12:00 Composer of the Week (b008nz31)
The MacDowell Colony (1907-)
Episode 1

01 Edward MacDowell
To a wildrose

02 Edward MacDowell
To the Sea from Sea Sketches, op 55

03 Edward MacDowell
From a Log Cabin (New England Idylls, op.62)

04 Stewart Wallace (artist)
Prologue to The Bonesetter's Daughter
Performer: Stewart Wallace

05 Aaron Copland
Billy the Kid (suite)

06 Edward MacDowell
Introduction excerpt from to the Haunted House

07 Amy Beach
A Hermit thrust at Eve, op 92

MON 13:00 Afternoon Concert (b008nz32)

MON 17:00 In Tune (b008nz33)

MON 19:00 Performance on 3 (b008nz34)

MON 20:45 Composer of the Week (b008nz31)
[Repeat of broadcast at 12:00 today]

MON 21:45 Night Waves (b008nz35)

MON 22:30 Artist Focus (b008nz36)

MON 23:00 The Essay (b008nz37)
Greek and Latin Voices (Augustine)
Maria Wyke: The Education of a Latinist

MON 23:15 Charlie Gillett (b008nz38)


TUE 01:00 Through the Night (b008nymn)

TUE 05:00 Through the Night (b008nymp)
Through the Night

TUE 07:00 Breakfast (b008nzlw)

TUE 10:00 Classical Collection (b008nzlx)

TUE 12:00 Composer of the Week (b008nzly)
The MacDowell Colony (1907-)
Episode 2

01 Edward MacDowell
In the Woods

02 Edward MacDowell
Legend from Indian Suite (1892)

03 Aaron Copland
Dance from Music for the Theatre

04 The Carter Family (artist)
My Clinch Mountain Home (excerpt)
Performer: The Carter Family

05 Edward MacDowell
Piano Concerto no 2

06 Edward MacDowell
In Autumn

TUE 13:00 Afternoon Concert (b008nzlz)

TUE 17:00 In Tune (b008nzm0)

TUE 19:00 Performance on 3 (b008nzm1)

TUE 20:45 Composer of the Week (b008nzly)
[Repeat of broadcast at 12:00 today]

TUE 21:45 Night Waves (b008nzm2)

TUE 22:30 Artist Focus (b008nzm3)

TUE 23:00 The Essay (b008nzm4)
Greek and Latin Voices (Augustine)
Episode 2

TUE 23:15 Late Junction (b008nzm5)

01 [unknown] (artist)
I don't need no man
Performer: [unknown]

02 00:00:04 [unknown] (artist)
Din Skjonne datter (Your beautiful daughter)
Performer: [unknown]

03 00:00:05 Rysstad (artist)
Soldaten (The Soldier)
Performer: Rysstad

04 00:00:08 Pierre Sandrin, Arr. Shermin (artist)
Doulce memoire
Performer: Pierre Sandrin, Arr. Shermin

05 00:00:11 Diabate (artist)
Elyne Road
Performer: Diabate

06 00:00:20 Balke (artist)
Performer: Balke

07 00:00:24 Barenberg/Douglas (artist)
The Drummers of England
Performer: Barenberg/Douglas

08 00:00:28 Douglas (artist)
Lil' Ro Ro/Little Martha/A Monkey let the hogs out
Performer: Douglas

09 00:00:32 Landes (artist)
Performer: Landes

10 00:00:37 [unknown] (artist)
Kalygym (My People)
Performer: [unknown]

11 00:00:40 Monk (artist)
Walking Song from Volcano Songs (Duet)
Performer: Monk

12 00:00:44 Tobacco (artist)
Copyright the Universe
Performer: Tobacco

13 00:00:49 Alexander Scriabin (artist)
Andante from Sonata No 2 in G sharp minor Op. 19
Performer: Alexander Scriabin

14 00:00:58 [unknown] (artist)
He Govinda
Performer: [unknown]

15 00:01:07 Rautavaara (artist)
Agnus Dei
Performer: Rautavaara

16 00:01:09 Okland (artist)
Performer: Okland

17 00:01:13 Diabate (artist)
Ali Farka Toure
Performer: Diabate

18 00:01:19 Foscarini (artist)
Tasteggiata per la X/ Corrente per la X
Performer: Foscarini

19 00:01:26 Rysstad (artist)
Manestev (Moon stev)
Performer: Rysstad

20 00:01:30 Splashgirl (artist)
Performer: Splashgirl

21 00:01:37 Grassy Park Requiem (artist)
Robbie Jansen and the Sons of Table Mountain
Performer: Grassy Park Requiem

22 00:01:37 Antartic Leopard Seal (artist)
Sounds of Antartic Leopard Seal
Performer: Antartic Leopard Seal
Duration 01:43:00


WED 01:00 Through the Night (b008nzmf)

WED 05:00 Through the Night (b008nzmg)
Through the Night

WED 07:00 Breakfast (b008nzp5)

WED 10:00 Classical Collection (b008nzp6)

WED 12:00 Composer of the Week (b008nzp7)
The MacDowell Colony (1907-)
Episode 3

01 Macdowell (artist)
Confidence (words MacDowell)
Performer: Macdowell

02 Bauer (artist)
Allegretto (1st movement) from Concertino for Oboe, Clarinet and Strings, op.32B (1939-43)
Performer: Bauer

03 Beach (artist)
String Quartet in One Movement op89
Performer: Beach

04 Talma (artist)
The Ambient Air for Flute, Violin, Cello and Piano (1983)
Performer: Talma

05 Ruth Crawford Seeger (artist)
Suite for Five Wind Instruments and Piano (1927, rev. 1929)
Performer: Ruth Crawford Seeger

06 Talma (artist)
Now I lay me down to sleep from Soundshots for Piano
Performer: Talma

WED 13:00 Afternoon Concert (b008nzp8)

WED 17:00 In Tune (b008nzp9)

WED 19:00 Performance on 3 (b008nzpb)

WED 20:45 Composer of the Week (b008nzp7)
[Repeat of broadcast at 12:00 today]

WED 21:45 Night Waves (b008nzpc)

WED 22:30 Artist Focus (b008nzpp)

WED 23:00 The Essay (b008nzpq)
Greek and Latin Voices (Augustine)
Professor Gillian Clark: What Augustine didn't say

WED 23:15 Late Junction (b008nzpr)

01 [unknown] (artist)
Jerim (My Land)
Performer: [unknown]

02 00:04:00 Oryema (artist)
Performer: Oryema

03 00:10:00 Tarquino Merulo (artist)
Aria di ciaconna; Su la cetra amorosa
Performer: Tarquino Merulo

04 00:15:00 Young (artist)
Out of Night
Performer: Young

05 00:28:00 Karlsen (artist)
Farvel du moder Norge
Performer: Karlsen

06 00:31:00 Gronfors (artist)
Suuret on surujen pellot, niin pitkat on kaihojen pientareet
Performer: Gronfors

07 00:33:00 Vapaassa Tilassa (artist)
Timo Alakotila and Johanna Juhola
Performer: Vapaassa Tilassa

08 00:40:00 Robert Carver
O bone Jesu

09 00:53:00 Angell (artist)
Performer: Angell

10 00:57:00 Sylvain Chauveau (artist)
Pauvre Simon
Performer: Sylvain Chauveau

11 00:59:00 Karen Tweed (artist)
Timos Jigs
Performer: Karen Tweed

12 01:04:00 Dyers (artist)
Performer: Dyers

13 01:11:00 Francisco Geurau (artist)
Performer: Francisco Geurau

14 01:20:00 Dråm (artist)
Performer: Dråm

15 01:23:00 Ross Daly (artist)
Improvisation with Rababa and Sarangi
Performer: Ross Daly

16 01:33:00 Judith Weir
Arise arise you slumbering sleepers

17 01:36:00 Irene Becker (piano); Yu Jun (guzheng); Charlotte Halberg (flute) (artist)
Lullaby for Emilio
Performer: Irene Becker (piano); Yu Jun (guzheng); Charlotte Halberg (flute)


THU 01:00 Through the Night (b008nzwt)

THU 05:00 Through the Night (b008nzwv)
Through the Night

THU 07:00 Breakfast (b008nzww)

THU 10:00 Classical Collection (b008nzwx)

THU 12:00 Composer of the Week (b008nzwy)
The MacDowell Colony (1907-)
Episode 4

01 Moravec (artist)
The Time Gallery (excerpt from Bells: Devotional Hours)
Performer: Moravec

02 Rorem (artist)
Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening (Robert Frost)
Performer: Rorem

03 George Gershwin
excerpt from Act 2, Porgy and Bess

04 Harris (artist)
3rd Symphony
Performer: Harris

05 Moravec (artist)
2 movements from Tempest Fantasy
Performer: Moravec

06 Moravec (artist)
Tempest Fantasy (excerpt from Prospero)
Performer: Moravec

07 Rorem (artist)
Performer: Rorem

THU 13:00 Afternoon Concert (b008nzwz)

THU 17:00 In Tune (b008nzx0)

THU 19:00 Performance on 3 (b008nzx1)

THU 20:45 Composer of the Week (b008nzwy)
[Repeat of broadcast at 12:00 today]

THU 21:45 Night Waves (b008nzx2)

THU 22:30 Artist Focus (b008p06h)

THU 23:00 The Essay (b008p06j)
Greek and Latin Voices (Augustine)
Dr James J O'Donnell

THU 23:15 Late Junction (b008p06k)

01 Le Vent du Nord (artist)
Au Bord de la Fontaine
Performer: Le Vent du Nord

02 00:07:00 [unknown] (artist)
Triple Polonaise
Performer: [unknown]

03 00:15:00 Sir James MacMillan
Mitte manum tuam from Strathclyde Motets

04 00:19:00
Sam Amidon - O Death

05 00:24:00 Salvatore Sciarrino
Perduto in una citta d'acque

06 00:34:00 Julie Fowlis (artist)
Hug air a' Bhonaid Mhoir
Performer: Julie Fowlis

07 00:37:00 Chris Thile (artist)
Stealing Second
Performer: Chris Thile

08 00:41:00 Chris Thile (artist)
Alderaanian Melody
Performer: Chris Thile

09 00:44:00 Martin Destrée (artist)
Performer: Martin Destrée

10 00:50:00 Sir James MacMillan
In splednoribus sanctorumfrom Strathclyde Motets

11 00:58:00 John Cage
"Quietly Flowing along" from String Quartet in 4 parts

12 01:01:00 Nils Økland (artist)
O sjel. Du som tumler omkring I verdens stromme
Performer: Nils Økland

13 01:05:00 Knut Reiersrud (artist)
God Don't Never Change
Performer: Knut Reiersrud

14 01:10:00 Cath & Phil Tyler (artist)
Wether Skin
Performer: Cath & Phil Tyler

15 01:15:00 Stephan Micus (artist)
Flying Horses
Performer: Stephan Micus

16 01:24:00 William Byrd

17 01:29:00 Fribo (artist)
Pa Snei (Crooked Hat); Port a Beul
Performer: Fribo

18 01:33:00 Electre (artist)
Eple Trio
Performer: Electre

19 01:39:00 Aurora Curtains (artist)
Performer: Aurora Curtains


FRI 01:00 Through the Night (b008p51j)

FRI 05:00 Through the Night (b008p51k)
Through the Night

FRI 07:00 Breakfast (b008p51l)

FRI 10:00 Classical Collection (b008p51m)

FRI 12:00 Composer of the Week (b008p51n)
The MacDowell Colony (1907-)
Episode 5

01 Aaron Copland
The Story of Grover's Corners (Music for Movies)

02 Ernst Toch (artist)
String Quartet no 11, opus 34 (2nd movement, Vivace molto)
Performer: Ernst Toch

03 Aaron Copland
Symphony no 3 movement; 4th mvt

04 Virgil Thomson (artist)
Fugue Boy fights alligator (Louisiana Story)
Performer: Virgil Thomson

05 Leonard Bernstein
Mass (excerpt)

06 Lukas Foss (artist)
O Mensch, gib Acht (Time Cycle)
Performer: Lukas Foss

FRI 13:00 Afternoon Concert (b008p51p)

FRI 17:00 In Tune (b008p51q)

FRI 19:00 Performance on 3 (b008p51r)
Judith Weir: Telling The Tale. Natural History

FRI 19:50 Twenty Minutes (b008qs98)
Judith Weir: Stories From Life

FRI 20:10 Performance on 3 (b008qs99)
Judith Weir: Telling The Tale. Natural History

FRI 21:00 The Verb (b008p51s)

FRI 21:30 BBC Singers (b008p523)
Judith Weir: Telling the Tale. Legends and Sagas

FRI 22:30 Composer of the Week (b008p51n)
[Repeat of broadcast at 12:00 today]

FRI 23:30 Jazz on 3 (b008p545)
Richard Galliano and Michel Portal