The management of the BBC is now reconsidering the future of the BBC Singers.
The petition has now closed, with 150,494 signatures, and is here.
A response from the BBC to musicians (28/03/2023) is on a Twitter feed here.
The threat to reduce the staff of the three English orchestras by 20% is now being reconsidered: see a Guardian article here.

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SAT 19:00 Arctic with Bruce Parry (b00y4894)

Bruce travels to Alaska, America's last great wilderness, where modern-day pioneers are harvesting the vast natural wealth of the seas.

Bruce learns the ropes onboard a salmon-fishing boat, and dives to the bottom of the Bering Sea to look for gold.

In the far north Bruce witnesses the annual whale hunt of the Inupiak people whose ancient tradition is now at odds with the modern world and questions what is more important: the life of a whale or the death of a culture?

SAT 20:00 Sicily: The Wonder of the Mediterranean (b08dzx1h)
Series 1

Episode 2

Historian Michael Scott continues his journey through Sicily, tracing the island's story through the arrival of the Muslim Arabs and then the Normans - times in which religious and cultural tolerance was the order of the day. Michael explores the dark days of the Spanish Inquisition and then delves into the modern world - the unification with Italy and the rise of the Mafia.

Today, Sicily faces a new challenge. The island is on the frontline of Europe's migrant crisis but the Sicilian response, formed in part by their own turbulent history, may well surprise many northern Europeans.

SAT 21:00 Master Cheng (m001hqpx)
Professional chef Cheng arrives in a remote Finnish village with his young son looking for 'Fongtron', but nobody can help him. Sarkki, owner of the local café, offers them a meal and a room. Cheng repays her hospitality by cooking his own food, which soon entrances the locals.

In Finnish, Cantonese and English with English subtitles.

SAT 22:55 Early Doors (b0078s1v)
Series 2

Episode 1

Comedy series set in a small Manchester public house. Forged bank notes are being passed over the counter, but who is the culprit? Phil and Nige are on the case.

SAT 23:25 Early Doors (b0078s51)
Series 2

Episode 2

Comedy series set in a small Manchester public house. Ken the landlord is laid up with the flu as the police arrive to celebrate their successful drugs bust. Duffy is in no mood for celebrating and faces up to the prospect of single life, seeking solace in the bottom of his beer glass.

SAT 23:55 To the Manor Born (b00788t9)
Series 3


DeVere negotiates an important business deal with the beautiful Mademoiselle Dutoit, but when she decides to mix business with pleasure, he invents a wife... Audrey!

SAT 00:25 Michael Palin's New Europe (b0080sp3)
Wild East

From the tiny, breakaway state of Transdniester to the rolling hills of sunny Moldova, across the Carpathians mountains of Northern Romania and through Transylvania to the Danube, this is a journey into some of the poorest and most beautiful parts of south-eastern Europe.

Moved by Tatiana's theatre group, who warn teenagers of the dangers of people trafficking, to lunch with Olga and her mum in the sunny south of Moldova, Michael then passes the Byzantine painted churches of Bucovina, eats pork fat and brandy with lumberjacks in the forests of Maramures, and delights in the Merry Cemetery of Sapanta where the painted tombs are witty celebrations of life.

In Saxon Sighisoara and the imposing Bran Castle, made famous by Bram Stoker's Dracula, the truth behind the Transylvanian hero is unravelled.

In Bucharest he sees for himself Ceausescu's legacy in the People's Palace, but discovers a people who have survived the communist rule and are embracing the freedoms within a united Europe.

Tennis ace Ilie Nastase gives him a very personal view of that period, before National Theatre actor Dan Badarau takes him up the Danube through the famous Iron Gates towards the very heart of Europe.

SAT 01:25 Timeshift (b04c36md)
Series 14

Killer Storms and Cruel Winters: The History of Extreme Weather

If you think Britain has recently been on the end of some of the worst floods and storms ever experienced, think again. So says solar scientist Dr Lucie Green, as she takes a journey back through our most turbulent and dramatic weather history.

She finds an 18th-century storm surge that killed over a thousand people working in open Somerset fields, a hurricane that drowned a fifth of the British Navy and winters so bitter that the country came close to total shutdown. But she also explores how our reactions to killer storms and cruel winters helped forge a weather science that today allows us to predict - and protect ourselves from - the worst extremes.

SAT 02:25 Sicily: The Wonder of the Mediterranean (b08dzx1h)
[Repeat of broadcast at 20:00 today]


SUN 19:00 Come Dancing (m001hqnr)

Episode 5

Terry Wogan introduces the first semi-final in the 1979 series of the classic interregional amateur dance competition. Midlands and West compete against Home Counties South at the Assembly Rooms in Derby.

Ray Moore provides the commentary. Featuring latin, ballroom, old time, formation and disco.

SUN 19:45 Don Quixote from Birmingham Royal Ballet (m001hqnt)
Birmingham Royal Ballet perform Don Quixote in a production by Carlos Acosta.

Based on Spain’s most famous novel, the classic ballet follows Don Quixote’s extraordinary adventures as he helps young lovers Kitri and Basilio find happiness.

Filmed at the Birmingham Hippodrome, Don Quixote features some of ballet’s most iconic and virtuosic dance moments.

Starring Momoko Hirata as Kitri, Mathias Dingman as Basilio and Tom Rogers as Don Quixote.

SUN 21:45 Margot (b00p510x)
Drama based on events in the life of ballerina Dame Margot Fonteyn. At the beginning of the 1960s, Fonteyn faces retirement from her career as a prima ballerina and a crisis in her marriage to Panamanian 'politician' Tito de Arias. When the much younger Rudolf Nureyev arrives on the scene, he transforms Margot's professional and personal life in a partnership celebrated around the world. But when Tito is shot and paralysed, the dancer faces an agonising choice about her future.

SUN 23:15 Ronald Blythe: Working at Home (m001hqnw)
Writer Ronald Blythe narrates a film essay about his life, work and friends in Suffolk and Cambridge. With extracts from Akenfield and other works.

SUN 23:45 Ancient Worlds (b00w8pwp)
The Greek Thing

Richard Miles explores the power and the paradox of the 'Greek Thing' - a blossoming in art, philosophy and science that went hand in hand with political discord, social injustice and endless war.

He paints a fascinating picture of the internal and external pressures that fuelled this unique political and social experiment, one that would pioneer many of the political systems that we still live with today, from oligarchy to tyranny, from totalitarianism to democracy.

SUN 00:45 Elizabeth I's Secret Agents (b09fb54t)
Series 1

Episode 3

Elizabeth I is dead and King James of Scotland travels south to take the throne at the invitation of Robert Cecil. Meanwhile, John Gerard, a Catholic priest who has dedicated his life to the destruction of the Protestant state that developed in Elizabeth's England, has escaped and made contact with a splinter cell in the Catholic underground containing an extremist called Guy Fawkes, who has a plan to blow up parliament with the king inside.

Cecil hears about the gunpowder plot, but is unaware of when and how they will strike, and his investigation is hampered as he's also trying to manage King James, who has a wildly ambitious idea of unifying Scotland and England in a new kingdom of Great Britain.

SUN 01:45 Storyville (m001hhfc)
Three Minutes: A Lengthening

Three minutes of footage is all that remains of the Jewish community of Nasielsk, Poland, filmed in 1938 by photographer David Kurtz. This Storyville documentary unravels the tales hidden within the celluloid, including insights from the film-maker’s grandson and a boy who appears in the faded footage – one of the few survivors of the decimated village.

Kurtz's footage was made available courtesy of the Steven Spielberg Film and Video Archive in the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

SUN 02:55 Arctic with Bruce Parry (b00y4894)
[Repeat of broadcast at 19:00 on Saturday]


MON 19:00 Great British Railway Journeys (m0002p6c)
Series 10

Warwick to Radley

Michael Portillo embarks on a journey through Edwardian Britain, steered by his early twentieth century Bradshaw’s Guide. In Warwick’s medieval castle he uncovers the scene of an extravagant and scandalous ball, which changed the life of its hostess, Daisy Greville, Countess of Warwick.

At Cowley, Michael marvels at a spectacularly automated state-of-the-art production line producing 1,000 Minis a day and probes the pre-First World War origins of the Morris Oxford. He is delighted to find that cars for export are loaded in Italian Job style on to trains at the factory’s own railhead.

In Oxford, Michael finds how medieval pottery at the Ashmolean Museum inspired TE Lawrence to pursue archaeology in the Middle East, where he was co-opted into British intelligence and helped to mastermind the famous attacks on the Hejaz Railway. And at Radley, Michael hears a song setting by composer George Butterworth, who taught music at Radley College before he and many former pupils were killed in the First World War.

MON 19:30 The Joy of Painting (m000hy13)
Series 1

Daisy Delight

Enjoy 30 minutes in the company of Bob Ross while he paints a majestic stand of evergreen trees overlooking sweet tiny flowers growing on a sloping knoll.

MON 20:00 The Impressionists: Painting and Revolution (b012rvkl)
Gang of Four

Art writer Waldemar Januszczak explores the revolutionary achievements of the Impressionists. In the first episode, Waldemar delves into the back stories of four of the most influential Impressionists - Pissarro, Monet, Renoir and Bazille - who together laid the foundations of the artistic movement. He finds out what social and cultural influences drove them to their style of painting, how they were united and how ultimately they challenged and changed art forever.

Waldemar journeys from the shores of the West Indies, to the progressive city of Paris to the suburbs of South London, where these four artists drew inspiration from the cities and towns in which they lived. Whether it be the infamous spot on the river Seine - La Grenouillere - where Monet and Renoir beautifully captured animated people, iridescent light and undulating water or the minimalist, non-sensationalised illustrations of Pissarro's coarse countryside paintings, Waldemar discovers how the Impressionists broke conventions by depicting every day encounters within the unpredictable and ever changing sights around them.

MON 21:00 Britain's Lost Masterpieces (m0009trk)
Series 4


In the Bodleian Library in Oxford, Dr Bendor Grosvenor identifies a portrait of a fellow of Merton College from the 1750s, George Oakley Aldrich. It is not known who painted the picture, but Bendor believes it is by the most famous painter of British grand tourists that ever lived, Italian artist Pompeo Batoni.

Batoni arrived in Rome at the age of 19 and quickly made a name for himself as one of the most talented painters of both religious, and mythical history, subjects. He found himself in huge demand to paint altarpieces for churches and chapels throughout the city, but after a monumental work for an altar in St Peter’s was rejected by a committee of priests, a furious Batoni turned to portrait painting and was adopted by the British aristocracy.

MON 22:00 Russia 1985-1999: TraumaZone (p0d3kjmp)
Series 1

Part One - 1985 to 1989

What it felt like to live through the collapse of Communism - and Democracy.

Adam Curtis’ immersive history takes you through Russian society as it lived through a cataclysm that wrecked the lives of millions of people and tore apart the foundations of the whole society. What the Russians lived through in the 1990s was not just the end of communism, but the failure of democracy too. They experienced the collapse of the two great ideologies of our time in a period of less than ten years.

By 1999 the word democracy was used as a curse. A curse against your enemies.

It is out of that rage, the violence, the desperation and the overwhelming corruption that Vladimir Putin emerged.

MON 23:00 Russia 1985-1999: TraumaZone (p0d3kkrz)
Series 1

Part Two - 1989 to 1991

President Gorbachev still believes he can save communism. But there are no potatoes in Moscow. People travel to tiny villages to get food. Gorbachev's rival, Boris Yeltsin, decides communism is finished. Things get worse. Then they get much worse as the rational Communist plan runs out of control everywhere. But McDonald’s opens in Moscow. The army and the KGB realise their power is collapsing. They have to stop what is happening.

MON 00:00 Russia 1985-1999: TraumaZone (p0d3knkc)
Series 1

Part Three - 1991

The empire strikes back. The hardliners bring tanks to Moscow. But power slips through their shaking hands. The Oligarchs publish their manifesto for the future. Money will replace all ideologies. It is safer. Yeltsin seizes power and abolishes communism. Parts of the old Russian empire, including Chechnya and Ukraine, demand their freedom too.

MON 01:00 Peaky Blinders (m0015041)
Series 6

Black Day

Tommy sets off to North America, where the end of Prohibition brings new opportunities. But he faces new danger from an old adversary who is finally making his move.

MON 02:00 Peaky Blinders (m00156p5)
Series 6

Black Shirt

Tommy gets involved in a power game with fascists, freedom fighters and Boston gangsters. As the players plan to double-cross him, Tommy visits an old ally in Camden.

MON 03:00 Peaky Blinders (m0015ffr)
Series 6


Faced with devastating news, Tommy goes on a quest to discover who placed a curse on his family. In Birmingham, Ada takes charge, and Arthur takes on some new recruits.


TUE 19:00 Great British Railway Journeys (m0002p7r)
Series 10

Reading to Taplow

Armed with his Edwardian Bradshaw’s Guide, Michael Portillo picks up his rail journey from Warwick to Rye along the River Thames. In Reading, he traces the origins of education for workers. Messing about in boats is the name of the game in Henley-on-Thames, where Michael slips into a launch to hear about the world-famous regatta. Afternoon tea on the bank offers a chance to hear about four heroes of early 20th-century literary classic The Wind in the Willows.

In the pretty village of Cookham, Michael encounters heaven on earth for the artist Stanley Spencer, and across the river at Cliveden he explores the great Italianate mansion, which once belonged to the Astor family. Michael finds out about one of its most famous members, the first woman to take a seat in Parliament, Nancy Astor.

TUE 19:30 The Joy of Painting (m000hy1g)
Series 1

Hidden Stream

Bob Ross creates another work of art in his series of 30-minute masterpieces, a warm summer idyll complete with a clear blue sky, shady trees and the perfect spot for a swim.

TUE 20:00 To the Manor Born (b007blcs)
Series 3

Connections in High Places

Stately sitcom. Richard's business empire hits a serious crisis.

TUE 20:30 The Mistress (m001hqnf)
Series 1

Episode 4

Comedy series written by Carla Lane. Luke is in a turmoil when Maxine threatens to leave.

TUE 21:00 A History of Britain by Simon Schama (b0074kzy)
Series 1


The British history series continues with the story of Edward I - known by many as the villainous king in the Hollywood film Braveheart - who tried to force English rule on Scotland and Wales, but found the resultant slaughter only served to inspire bold declarations of independence. When the king was eventually forced to listen to the parliament of his own people, England would also learn what it meant to be a nation.

TUE 22:00 Storyville (m001hqnh)
Casa Susanna

In the 1950s and 60s, deep in the American countryside at the foot of the Catskill mountains, there was a small wooden house with a barn behind it called Casa Susanna, a holiday home for one of the first clandestine networks of cross-dressers in the US.

Back then, Diane and Kate used to enjoy weekend visits to the house with their wives and friends. Now in their 80s, Diane and Kate tell a forgotten chapter of some of the early days of trans identity.

TUE 23:30 Ancient Worlds (b00wdpl1)
Return of the King

In Richard Miles's epic story of civilization, there have been plenty of examples of the great men of history, but none came close to the legend of Alexander of Macedon, known to us as 'the Great'. Uniting the fractious Greek city-states, he led them on a crusade against the old enemy, Persia, and in little more than a decade created an empire that stretched from Egypt in the west to Afghanistan in the east.

But it was Alexander's successors, the Hellenistic Kings, who had to make sense of the legacy of this charismatic adventurer. By knuckling down to the hard graft of politics, taxation and public works, they created something far more enduring than a mere legend - they built a civilization.

Richard traces Alexander's battle-scarred route through Turkey, Syria and Lebanon to Egypt and ultimately to the western Punjab, Pakistan, where he discovers fascinating traces of a city where Greek west and Buddhist east were united in an intriguing new way.

TUE 00:30 Peaky Blinders (m0015p1x)
Series 6


Tommy establishes a connection between crime and political power that could alter the course of history. He also receives life-changing news from an unexpected source.

TUE 01:30 Peaky Blinders (m0015xjg)
Series 6

The Road to Hell

In the light of extraordinary personal revelations, Tommy takes a course of action that will change everything. Meanwhile, his enemies’ plans start to fall into place.

TUE 02:30 Peaky Blinders (m00164dc)
Series 6

Lock and Key

A war veteran who fought in the trenches, Tommy Shelby has been a gangster, an entrepreneur, a captain of industry, a spy and ultimately a Member of Parliament. In the course of this odyssey, he has taken on numerous criminal organisations, business adversaries, foreign insurgents and the British Establishment itself.

Now, in the 1930s, as the clouds of the coming storm gather, he faces the consequences of his experiences and his actions.


WED 19:00 Great British Railway Journeys (m0002p8y)
Series 10

Ealing Broadway to South Kensington

Michael Portillo reaches the capital on his rail journey from Warwick to Rye in East Sussex. In the Queen of the Suburbs, Ealing, he finds comedy at the home of British cinema and is transformed for the silver screen by expert hair and make-up.

In Fulham, Michael heads underground to London’s new super sewer, which is taking shape beneath the River Thames. In central London, he visits the London School of Economics and Political Science to hear about its foundation by Fabians at the turn of the 20th century and to meet present day students.

An introduction to Japanese martial arts awaits Michael at the Budokwai dojo in Kensington. Will there be a soft landing?

WED 19:30 The Joy of Painting (m000j44x)
Series 1

Oval Barn

American painter Bob Ross offers soothing words of encouragement to viewers and painting hobbyists in an enormously popular series that has captivated audiences worldwide since 1982. Ross is a cult figure, with nearly two million Facebook followers and 3,000 instructors globally. His soothing, nurturing personality is therapy for the weary, and his respect for nature and wildlife helps heighten environmental awareness.

In this series, Ross demonstrates his unique painting technique, which eliminates the need for each layer of paint to dry. In real time, he creates tranquil scenes taken from nature, including his trademark ‘happy’ clouds, cascading waterfalls, snow-covered forests, serene lakes and distant mountain summits.

Many of Bob’s faithful viewers are not painters at all. They are relaxing and unwinding with Bob’s gentle manner and encouraging words, captivated by the magic taking place on the canvas.

In this segment from the series, Bob paints a happy little winterscape in the shape of an oval, complete with an inviting, cozy barn and lacy bushes.

WED 20:00 Michael Palin's New Europe (b0081kj7)
Danube to Dnieper

Michael Palin explores the countries that were for much of his life hidden behind the Iron Curtain but are now part of the new Europe. On a journey from Budapest to the Ukrainian resort of Yalta, Michael is engulfed in a swimming pool, shows what he can do on the catwalk, and rides pillion on a Harley. On the more serious side, he contemplates the Hungarian Uprising of 1956 and its tragic aftermath, the Orange Revolution in the Ukraine 50 years later, and the Yalta Conference.

WED 21:00 The Magical World of Moss (m001hqth)
Mosses have colonised almost every corner of the earth’s surface. Evolving from oceanic algae that emerged onto the land 450 million years ago, these very first terrestrial plants became one of the main sources of oxygen for our evolving planet, helping to transform it from an arid rock into a lush world.

This documentary travels to some of the most beautiful moss-covered landscapes in the world, including Japan, Iceland, France and Denmark, to meet the experts investigating its astonishing properties and potential.

Science is only beginning to understand the secrets and possibilities of these remarkable plants.

WED 22:00 Fortunes of War (m001hqtk)
The Balkans: September 1939

Drama. War breaks out as newly married Guy and Harriet Pringle set out on a journey across Europe and into the heart of the Balkans, Romania, where an uneasy neutrality reigns.

WED 22:55 Fortunes of War (m001hqtn)
Romania: January 1940

The Pringles arrive in Bucharest. But events take a dark turn after the Iron Guards assassinate the Romanian prime minister. As Guy's importance grows, Harriet wonders if he will find time for her.

WED 23:55 Fortunes of War (m001hqtq)
Romania: June 1940

To Harriet's intense annoyance, Prince Yakimov has taken up permanent residence in the Pringle flat while they secretly shelter Sasha Drucker from the attentions of the Iron Guard.

WED 00:55 Fortunes of War (m001hqts)
Greece: October 1940

Guy's name is on a Gestapo death list, the Pringles' flat is ransacked, and Sasha disappears.

WED 01:55 Great British Railway Journeys (m0002p8y)
[Repeat of broadcast at 19:00 today]

WED 02:25 The Joy of Painting (m000j44x)
[Repeat of broadcast at 19:30 today]

WED 02:55 A History of Britain by Simon Schama (b0074kzy)
[Repeat of broadcast at 21:00 on Tuesday]


THU 19:00 Great British Railway Journeys (m0002pbk)
Series 10

Piccadilly Circus to Gravesend

Michael Portillo hits the West End to explore an exotic store, which was a favourite among Edwardian ladies. At Covent Garden’s Royal Ballet School he hears how in 1909 a Russian ballet company took London by storm and how its prima ballerina inspired the school’s founding choreographer.

Leaving the capital from Charing Cross, Michael heads for Dartford in Kent, where he discovers the origins of netball and gymslips at the North Kent College. He finishes this leg of his journey from Warwick to Rye on the Thames at Gravesend, where he is impressed by the pilots of the Port of London Authority, founded in the early 20th century.

THU 19:30 The Joy of Painting (m000j45p)
Series 1

Lakeside Path

A misty background of evergreens and a cheerful blue sky give Bob Ross the perfect setting for a lovely birch tree painting.

THU 20:00 Princess Margaret: The Rebel Royal (b0bk8xcp)
Series 1

Pleasure vs Duty

This intimate two-part series profiles Princess Margaret, whose life and loves reflected the social and sexual revolution that transformed Britain during the 20th century. With sumptuous archive and revealing interviews, the series follows Margaret's life as she redefined our image of the modern princess.

This deeply personal account reveals how Princess Margaret's character combined the rebellious force of modernity and respect for tradition.

THU 21:00 The Imitation Game (m0016m2k)
During the Second World War, mathematician Alan Turing and his team of cryptographers set out to decipher the German Enigma code.

THU 22:50 Defiance (b013j3cr)
Thriller based on a true story. In 1940s eastern Europe, four Jewish brothers flee to the forest to escape persecution and death at the hands of Nazi forces after their parents are murdered. Once there, they find more refugees are using the forest as a hideout, so they band together to share resources and attempt to outwit the German forces, who are always on their tail.

THU 00:55 Around the World in 80 Treasures (b0078zjh)
Series 1

Jordan to Ethiopia

Dan Cruickshank goes in search of the Ark of the Covenant – the legendary great gold box that held the original Ten Commandments handed down to man by God. His journey takes him from Jordan to the Holy Land of Israel and Palestine and finally to Ethiopia – Africa's Garden of Eden.

His journey has all the hallmarks of an endurance test. The astonishing city of Petra – so fine and intricate in its decoration yet carved directly out of the rock face – must be reached by donkey along a precipitous gorge. Then Dan must get past the Guardian Monk of Ethiopia, who allows no-one to pass, and riskiest of all, he must climb the vertical cliff at Debre Damo to reach the treasures hidden inside the monastery on top of the mountain.

Along the way, Dan encounters prehistoric skyscrapers and the most powerful ruler in Africa, King Lalibela. His ultimate prize is unexpected – to be cleansed of all shame by an ancient relic that wields its mystical powers beneath the Star of David. And the Ark of the Covenant? Maybe he finds it, maybe not, but at least he escapes without being turned into a pile of ashes.

THU 01:55 Princess Margaret: The Rebel Royal (b0bk8xcp)
[Repeat of broadcast at 20:00 today]

THU 02:55 Great British Railway Journeys (m0002pbk)
[Repeat of broadcast at 19:00 today]

THU 03:25 The Joy of Painting (m000j45p)
[Repeat of broadcast at 19:30 today]


FRI 19:00 Top of the Pops (m001hqvf)
Simon Mayo presents the pop chart programme, first broadcast on 17 February 1994 and featuring Saint Etienne, Cappella, Crowded House, Dina Carroll, Sinead O'Connor, The Wildhearts, 2 Unlimited and Mariah Carey.

FRI 19:30 Top of the Pops (m001hqvk)
Bruno Brookes presents the pop chart programme, first broadcast on 24 February 1994 and featuring Level 42, Ace of Base, Bryan Adams with Rod Stewart and Sting, Suede, Gabrielle, Beck and Mariah Carey.

FRI 20:00 Top of the Pops (m0002704)
Janice Long and John Peel present the pop chart programme, first broadcast on 5 February 1987 and featuring The Blow Monkeys, Randy Crawford, The Smiths, Curiosity Killed the Cat, Michael Crawford, and Aretha Franklin with George Michael.

FRI 20:30 Top of the Pops (b052zxhk)
Steve Wright presents the pop chart programme, first broadcast on 7 February 1980 and featuring The Tourists, Cliff Richard, The Chords, The Regents, Queen, The Selecter, AC/DC, The Buggles, The Specials and Legs & Co.

FRI 21:00 Rock Goes to College (b0074t31)
The Police

Classic early live performance from The Police at Hatfield Polytechnic from 1979, including the first performance of Message in a Bottle. Other songs include Roxanne, So Lonely and Can't Stand Losing You.

FRI 21:40 Guitar, Drum and Bass (m0001y8k)
Series 1

On Drums... Stewart Copeland!

Stewart Copeland explores the drums as the founding instrument of popular modern music. Beats that travelled from Africa via New Orleans and across the world are the consistent force behind musical evolution.

Stewart plays with some of the most inspiring drummers of the last 50 years, including John Densmore of The Doors, Chad Smith of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Prince’s musical director Sheila E, New Order’s Stephen Morris and Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins. He goes dancing in New Orleans, builds his own bass drum pedal and checks out hot new bands on Santa Monica beach.

FRI 22:40 The Old Grey Whistle Test (b011pxlv)
Police in the East

Documentary-style film of The Police's tour of Japan, Hong Kong, India, Egypt and Greece in 1980. Anne Nightingale accompanies the band and interviews its members during the tour. Includes concert footage and behind-the-scenes sequences of the band.

FRI 23:35 Stewart Copeland's Adventures in Music (m000db8k)
Series 1

Episode 1

Stewart Copeland explores the power music has to bring people together and to bond them in ways that are fundamental to our evolution and existence.

His travels take him from the southern German cave where a 40,000-year-old bone flute was discovered to the modern-day mass singalong of New York’s Choir! Choir! Choir! Along the way he gets to play with a Memphis marching band, join a song circle led by Bobby McFerrin, deconstruct the sexiness of 'Relax' with its producer Trevor Horn, discuss the art of songwriting with his old colleague Sting and learn how to create dance floor unity with international star DJ Honey Dijon.

FRI 00:35 Reel Stories (m0012kcq)

Multi-award-winning artist Sting joins Dermot O’Leary for an in-depth interview about his remarkable life and career.

From his very first TV appearance on The Old Grey Whistle Test in 1978, to performing at Live Aid in 1985, to his reunion tour with the Police in 2007, Sting’s career has been well documented on screen. The appearances are so numerous that there is much he hasn’t seen – until now.

Prompted by this abundance of archive footage, Sting shares his memories and stories with Dermot and reminisces about his musical journey that now spans five decades.

FRI 01:20 Top of the Pops (m001hqvf)
[Repeat of broadcast at 19:00 today]

FRI 01:50 Top of the Pops (m001hqvk)
[Repeat of broadcast at 19:30 today]

FRI 02:20 Top of the Pops (m0002704)
[Repeat of broadcast at 20:00 today]

FRI 02:50 Top of the Pops (b052zxhk)
[Repeat of broadcast at 20:30 today]

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A History of Britain by Simon Schama 21:00 TUE (b0074kzy)

A History of Britain by Simon Schama 02:55 WED (b0074kzy)

Ancient Worlds 23:45 SUN (b00w8pwp)

Ancient Worlds 23:30 TUE (b00wdpl1)

Arctic with Bruce Parry 19:00 SAT (b00y4894)

Arctic with Bruce Parry 02:55 SUN (b00y4894)

Around the World in 80 Treasures 00:55 THU (b0078zjh)

Britain's Lost Masterpieces 21:00 MON (m0009trk)

Come Dancing 19:00 SUN (m001hqnr)

Defiance 22:50 THU (b013j3cr)

Don Quixote from Birmingham Royal Ballet 19:45 SUN (m001hqnt)

Early Doors 22:55 SAT (b0078s1v)

Early Doors 23:25 SAT (b0078s51)

Elizabeth I's Secret Agents 00:45 SUN (b09fb54t)

Fortunes of War 22:00 WED (m001hqtk)

Fortunes of War 22:55 WED (m001hqtn)

Fortunes of War 23:55 WED (m001hqtq)

Fortunes of War 00:55 WED (m001hqts)

Great British Railway Journeys 19:00 MON (m0002p6c)

Great British Railway Journeys 19:00 TUE (m0002p7r)

Great British Railway Journeys 19:00 WED (m0002p8y)

Great British Railway Journeys 01:55 WED (m0002p8y)

Great British Railway Journeys 19:00 THU (m0002pbk)

Great British Railway Journeys 02:55 THU (m0002pbk)

Guitar, Drum and Bass 21:40 FRI (m0001y8k)

Margot 21:45 SUN (b00p510x)

Master Cheng 21:00 SAT (m001hqpx)

Michael Palin's New Europe 00:25 SAT (b0080sp3)

Michael Palin's New Europe 20:00 WED (b0081kj7)

Peaky Blinders 01:00 MON (m0015041)

Peaky Blinders 02:00 MON (m00156p5)

Peaky Blinders 03:00 MON (m0015ffr)

Peaky Blinders 00:30 TUE (m0015p1x)

Peaky Blinders 01:30 TUE (m0015xjg)

Peaky Blinders 02:30 TUE (m00164dc)

Princess Margaret: The Rebel Royal 20:00 THU (b0bk8xcp)

Princess Margaret: The Rebel Royal 01:55 THU (b0bk8xcp)

Reel Stories 00:35 FRI (m0012kcq)

Rock Goes to College 21:00 FRI (b0074t31)

Ronald Blythe: Working at Home 23:15 SUN (m001hqnw)

Russia 1985-1999: TraumaZone 22:00 MON (p0d3kjmp)

Russia 1985-1999: TraumaZone 23:00 MON (p0d3kkrz)

Russia 1985-1999: TraumaZone 00:00 MON (p0d3knkc)

Sicily: The Wonder of the Mediterranean 20:00 SAT (b08dzx1h)

Sicily: The Wonder of the Mediterranean 02:25 SAT (b08dzx1h)

Stewart Copeland's Adventures in Music 23:35 FRI (m000db8k)

Storyville 01:45 SUN (m001hhfc)

Storyville 22:00 TUE (m001hqnh)

The Imitation Game 21:00 THU (m0016m2k)

The Impressionists: Painting and Revolution 20:00 MON (b012rvkl)

The Joy of Painting 19:30 MON (m000hy13)

The Joy of Painting 19:30 TUE (m000hy1g)

The Joy of Painting 19:30 WED (m000j44x)

The Joy of Painting 02:25 WED (m000j44x)

The Joy of Painting 19:30 THU (m000j45p)

The Joy of Painting 03:25 THU (m000j45p)

The Magical World of Moss 21:00 WED (m001hqth)

The Mistress 20:30 TUE (m001hqnf)

The Old Grey Whistle Test 22:40 FRI (b011pxlv)

Timeshift 01:25 SAT (b04c36md)

To the Manor Born 23:55 SAT (b00788t9)

To the Manor Born 20:00 TUE (b007blcs)

Top of the Pops 19:00 FRI (m001hqvf)

Top of the Pops 19:30 FRI (m001hqvk)

Top of the Pops 20:00 FRI (m0002704)

Top of the Pops 20:30 FRI (b052zxhk)

Top of the Pops 01:20 FRI (m001hqvf)

Top of the Pops 01:50 FRI (m001hqvk)

Top of the Pops 02:20 FRI (m0002704)

Top of the Pops 02:50 FRI (b052zxhk)